Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition

Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat

Author: [unknown]

Table of Contents

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The CELT edition as a single file

Year U1379

p.2 fol. B 74c

Year U1380

p.4 fol. B 74c

Year U1381

p.6 fol. A 78b

Year U1382

p.8 fol. A 78c

Year U1383

p.10 fol. A 78c

Year U1384

p.12 fol. A 78d

Year U1385

p.14 fol. A 78d

Year U1386

p.16 fol. A 79a

Year U1387

p.18 fol. B 75b

Year U1388

p.18 fol. A 79b

Year U1389

p.20 fol. B 75c

Year U1390

p.22 fol. A 79c

Year U1391

p.24 fol. B 75d

Year U1392

p.24 fol. A 79d

Year U1393

p.26 fol. A 79d

Year U1394

p.28 fol. B 76b

Year U1395

p.28 fol. A 80a

Year U1396

p.32 fol. A 80b

Year U1397

p.32 fol. A 80b

Year U1398

p.38 fol. B 77a

Year U1399

p.42 fol. B 77b

Year U1400

p.42 fol. B 77b

Year U1401

p.44 fol. B 77c

Year U1402

p.46 fol. A 81b

Year U1403

p.48 fol. B 77a

Year U1404

p.50 fol. B 78a

Year U1405

p.52 fol. B 78b

Year U1406

p.54 fol. B 78b

Year U1407

p.56 fol. B 78c

Year U1408

p.56 fol. B 78c

Year U1409

p.58 fol. B 78c

Year U1410

p.58 fol. B 78d

Year U1411

p.58 fol. A 82b

Year U1412

p.60 fol. B 79a

Year U1413

p.64 fol. B 79b

Year U1414

p.66 fol. B 79c

Year U1415

p.68 fol. B 79c

Year U1416

p.68 fol. B 79d

Year U1417

p.72 fol. A 83b

Year U1418

p.74 fol. B 80b

Year U1419

p.78 fol. B 80c

Year U1420

p.82 fol. A 84a

Year U1421

p.88 fol. B 81b

Year U1422

p.90 fol. B 81c

Year U1423

p.92 fol. B 81d

Year U1424

p.94 fol. B 82a

Year U1425

p.96 fol. A 85a

Year U1426

p.100 fol. A 85b

Year U1427

p.102 fol. A 85b

Year U1428

p.104 fol. A 85c

Year U1429

p.106 fol. B 82d

Year U1430

p.108 fol. A 85d

Year U1431

p.112 fol. B 83b

Year U1432

p.118 fol. A 86c

Year U1433

p.124 fol. B 84a

Year U1434

p.130 fol. A 87c

Year U1435

p.134 fol. A 87d

Year U1436

p.140 fol. A 88b

Year U1437

p.142 fol. B 85a

Year U1438

p.142 fol. B 85a

Year U1439

p.144 fol. A 88c

Year U1440

p.146 fol. B 85b

Year U1441

p.146 fol. A 88d

Year U1442

p.150 fol. B 85c

Year U1443

p.150 fol. A 89a

Year U1444

p.152 fol. A 89a

Year U1445

p.154 fol. A 89b

Year U1446

p.156 fol. A 89b

Year U1447

p.158 fol. B 86a

Year U1448

p.162 fol. A 89d

Year U1449

p.162 fol. A 89d

Year U1450

p.164 fol. B 86b

Year U1451

p.170 fol. A 90b

Year U1452

p.172 fol. B 86c

Year U1453

p.178 fol. A 91a

Year U1454

p.178 fol. B 86d

Year U1455

p.182 fol. A 91b

Year U1456

p.186 fol. A 91c

Year U1457

p.188 fol. B 87b

Year U1458

p.194 fol. A 92a

Year U1459

p.198 fol. A 92b

Year U1460

p.200 fol. B 87c

Year U1461

p.202 fol.A 92d

Year U1462

p.206 fol. A 93a

Year U1463

p.208 fol. A 93a

Year U1464

p.210 fol. B 88a

Year U1465

p.212 fol. B 88a

Year U1466

p.214 fol. A 93c

Year U1467

p.216 fol. B 88b

Year U1468

p.218 fol. A 93d

Year U1469

p.222 fol. A 94a

Year U1470

p.228 fol. B 88d

Year U1471

p.236 fol. B 89b

Year U1472

p.244 fol. A 95c

Year U1473

p.248 fol. A 95d

Year U1474

p.248 fol. B 89d

Year U1475

p.252 fol. A 96a

Year U1476

p.258 fol. A 96c

Year U1477

p.260 fol. B 90b

Year U1478

p.262 fol. A 96d

Year U1479

p.266 fol. A 97a

Year U1480

p.268 fol. A 97a

Year U1481

p.274 fol. A 97c

Year U1482

p.278 fol. A 97d

Year U1483

p.280 fol. A 98a

Year U1484

p.284 fol. A 98b

Year U1485

p.290 fol. A 98d

Year U1486

p.300 fol. A 99c

Year U1487

p.312 fol. A 100c

Year U1488

p.326 fol. B 93b

Year U1489

p.336 fol. A 102d

Year U1490

p.344 fol. A 103d

Year U1491

p.350 fol. A 104c

Year U1492

p.358 fol. B 94d

Year U1493

p.366 fol. A 106b

Year U1494

p.378 fol. A 107b

Year U1495

p.384 fol. B 96a

Year U1496

p.398 fol. A 109b

Year U1497

p.412 fol. A 111a

Year U1498

p.426 fol. A 112c

Year U1499

p.438 fol. B 98c

Year U1500

p.444 fol. A 114b

Year U1501

p.450 fol. B 99b

Year U1502

p.458 fol. B 99d

Year U1503

p.462 fol. B 100a

Year U1504

p.466 fol. A 116b

Year U1505

p.472 fol. A ends

Year U1506

p.478 fol. B 101b

Year U1507

p.482 fol. B 101d

Year U1508

p.484 fol. B 102a

Year U1509

p.488 fol. B 102b

Year U1510

p.490 fol. B 102c

Year U1511

p.494 fol. B 103a

Year U1512

p.496 fol. B 103b

Year U1513

p.504 slip B

Year U1514

p.512 fol. B 104b

Year U1515

p.516 fol. B 104c

Year U1516

p.520 fol. B 104d

Year U1517

p.524 fol. B 105b

Year U1518

p.528 fol. B 105d

Year U1519

p.530 fol. B 106a

Year U1520

p.532 fol. B 106c

Year U1521

p.534 fol. B 107a

Year U1522

p.536 fol. B 107c

Year U1523

p.548 fol. B 109a

Year U1524

p.550 fol. B 109b

Year U1525

p.556 slip B

Year U1526

p.560 fol. B 109c

Year U1527

p.564 fol. B 110d

Year U1528

p.568 Slip B

Year U1529

p.574 fol. B 110d

Year U1530

p.574 fol. B 111c con

Year U1531

p.576 fol. B 111d

Year U1532

p.580 fol. B 112b

Year U1533

p.588 fol. B 113b

Year U1534

p.592 fol. B 113d

Year U1535

p.596 fol. B 114b

Year U1536

p.604 fol. B 114d

Year U1537

p.614 fol. B 115d

Year U1538

p.616 fol. B 116b

Year U1539

p.624 fol. B 117a

Year U1540

p.628 fol. B 117c

Year U1541

p.632 fol. B 118b

Year U1542

p.634 fol. B 118b

Year U1543

p.634 fol. B 118b

Year U1549

p.634 fol. B 118d

Year U1551

p.634 fol. B 118b

Year U1564

p.634 fol. B 118b

Year U1580

p.634 fol. A 77a

Year U1584

p.636 fol. B 117b

Year U1586

p.636 fol. B 117d

Year U1588

p.636 fol. B 107d