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Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat

Author: [unknown]

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Electronic edition compiled by Donnchadh Ó Corráin , Beatrix Färber

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Professor Marianne McDonald via the CELT Project.

2. Second draft, revised and corrected.

Proof corrections by Philip T. Irwin, Bart Jaski

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[In this digital edition we have used Mac Airt & Mac Niocaill's edition (1983) of the annals for volume 1. We have omitted their edition (pp 2–36) of the Pre-Patrician or Irish World-Chronicle which is best treated as a separate text. Their edition extends from AD 431 to AD 1131.2 when both manuscripts become lacunose. For the remainder of the text (AD 1155 to the end) we have had to use Mac Carthy's very unsatisfactory edition. His codicological information is obscure, his citation of variants is patchy, and he makes many unnecessary or wrong-headed attempts at emendation. It is not, however, possible to produce a satisfactory digital edition from Mac Carthy's ragged apparatus. The current edition contains the text from AD 1379 to AD 1588.]


    Manuscript sources
  1. Dublin, Trinity College Library, MS 1282, olim H. 1. 8, siglum H, earlier A; vellum; s. xv 2/xvi in; for a description of the MS see Abbott and Gwynn, Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in Trinity College Library (Dublin 1921) 20 and B. Mac Carthy, Annals of Ulster iv (Dublin 1901) ii-iii; scribe Ruaidhri Ó Luinín (to AD 1489), additional hands to 1504, 1510 (?); ends imperfect). There are lacunae for the years 1102-8, 1115.4-1162.3, and 1374-8. The first lacuna may be supplied from MS (ii); part of the second, viz. from 1115.5 to 1131.2 and from 1155 to 1162.3, may again be supplied from MS (ii); but for 1131.3 to late 1155 both MSS are lacunose. Literature: TCL Ir Cat 20; B. Mac Carthy (ed.) Annals of Ulster, iv (Dublin, 1901) pp. ii-iii.
  2. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson B 489, siglum R, earlier B; vellum; s. xvi 1; patron Ruaidhrí Mac Craith of Termonmagrath. There are two main scribes: (i) Ruaidhrí Ó Casaide, archdeacon of Clogher (died 1541) who wrote from the beginning to f. 32ra9 (AD 952); and (ii) Ruaidhri Ó Luinín, ollam to Maguire (died 1528) who continued the work to f. 107vb12 (AD 1507). A third scribe, whose name is not known, began on f. 107vb (the annal for 1507) continued, alternating from time to time with a fourth. Many hands appear in later folios, among them that of Matha Ó Luinín (died 1588) grandson of Ruaidhri Ó Luinín. MS (ii) is a fair copy of MS (i) but with supplementary entries, and it preserves some text lost by mutilation in MS (i) as detailed above. Lacunae: 1131.3-1155, 1307-15. Literature: Oxford Cat i 153-63; B. Mac Carthy (ed.) Annals of Ulster, iv (Dublin, 1901) pp. iv-vi; Francis John Byrne, 1000 years of Irish script (Oxford: Bodleian Library 1979) paragraph 19.
  3. (a) London, British Library, Additional 4795, olim Clarendon xlix; paper; s. xvii; many hands. The text extends from AD 431 to 1132.1 and 1156 to 1307. (b) London, BL, Additional 4789, olim Clarendon xliii, 318a-321b; paper; s. xvii?. The text extends from AD 1486 to 1504. The siglum for these two MSS is C. This is a translation into English of the greater part of the Irish text. Where original Latin occurs, it is retained. This text has some notice of events not recorded in the Irish original. Literature: B. Mac Carthy (ed.) Annals of Ulster, iv (Dublin, 1901) pp. vi-vii.
  4. London, British Library, Additional 4784, olim Clarendon xx, ff. 21a-32b, siglum D; paper. This is a translation into Latin of the Irish text, AD 1200-96, with some material from other sources. Literature: B. Mac Carthy (ed.) Annals of Ulster, iv (Dublin, 1901) pp. vi-vii.
  1. W. M. Hennessy & B. Mac Carthy, Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat: a chronicle of Irish affairs from A.D. 431 to A.D. 1540. 4 vols. (Dublin, 1887-1901, repr. [with fresh introduction and bibliography, ed. Nollaig Ó Muraíle] Dublin, 1998). Volume i, AD 431–1056; volume ii, 1057–1378; volume iii, 1379–1588; volume iv, introduction and indexes. W. M. Hennessy edited volume 1; B. Mac Carthy edited volumes 2-3, and compiled volume 4 (the introduction and index). MS 1 (excluding the so-called Pre-Patrician Annals, f. 12r–14v) is printed with intermittent distinction of hands (by parentheses, brackets, textual footnotes) and omission of some interlinear interpolations; readings from MS 2 are sometimes cited in text or in footnotes, and text lost in MS 1 is supplied from MS 2. MSS 3 and 4 are occasionally cited in footnotes, in the translation (s.a. 1132 for example), and in the text. Expansions of manuscript abbreviations are not indicated.
  2. Seán Mac Airt & Gearóid Mac Niocaill, (ed. & trans.) The Annals of Ulster (to A.D. 1131) (Dublin 1983). Text from MS 1 (including f. 12r–14v, the so-called Pre-Patrician Annals) with distinction of the main hand and the hands of successive interpolators and glossators; additional material from MS 2 is printed and distinguished. Expansions of manuscript abbreviations are indicated.
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    The editions used in the digital edition
  1. Annala Uladh. Annals of Ulster, otherwise, Annala Senait, Annals of Senait; a chronicle of Irish affairs A.D. 1379-1541.. B. Mac Carthy (ed), First edition [637, plus four pages of Corrigenda and Addenda] Lord Commissioner of Her Majesty's Treasury under the direction of the Council of the Royal Irish Academy (Her Majesty's Stationery Office)Dublin (1895)


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CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts

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The present electronic text represents pages 2-636 of vol. iii of Mac Carthy's edition, with entries from AD 1379 to 1588. All the editorial preface, list of contents, introduction, historical notes, codicological notes, and inconsequential variants have been omitted. Editorial corrigenda are integrated into the electronic edition. Missing text supplied by the editors in the body of the work is tagged SUP. Editorial and scribal corrections entered in the body of the work are tagged CORR and the original reading is kept in the SIC attribute. In the case of some unusual forms not commented by the editors of the hard copy the manuscript reading is tagged SIC, without further comment by the makers of the electronic edition. Because of the unsatisfactory nature of Mac Carthy's edition, additions by hands other than the main hand are simply marked with ADD or ADDSPAN and the attribute late. Strictly codicological annotations in the apparatus criticus that do not appear to affect the meaning have been ignored.

Editorial Declaration


Text has been thoroughly checked and proofread twice. It is very difficult to create an electronic edition of a text as long, as complex, and as varied as the Annals of Ulster. There will be errors and ambiguities in this text as there are in the original editions. Readers are invited to submit corrections and emendations both of this electronic edition and of the editions on which it is based. Improved manuscript readings and corrections of scribal errors and errors of transcription and interpretation that may have escaped previous editors are also sought. Any improvements will be credited to the scholars who submit them.


The electronic text represents an edited version of the hard-copy editions, with some minor conventional changes. In the electronic text, "idon" is rendered .i. In Roman numerals, especially common in AD dates, the suprascript o has not been retained.

Otherwise, normal CELT conventions have been applied in regard to text divisions, word segmentation, and capitalization in proper names.


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Names (of persons, groups, dynasties, peoples, lineages, places) are tagged. Social roles, offices and titles (king, lord, abbot, erenagh, coarb, sage, etc.) are tagged. Some numbers are tagged. Terms (including astronomical and meteorological events) are tagged.

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Created: By mostly unknown authors in Irish monastic scriptoria and medieval Irish clerics. Date range: c. 550-c. 1588, various and mostly unknown.

Use of language

Language: [LA] A large portion of the earlier part of the annals is in Latin.
Language: [EN] The witness list and some titles are in English.
Language: [GA] Most of the later annals are in Old, Middle, and Early Modern Irish with very many Latin words and formulae.

List of hands

H [main] Ruaidhri Ó Luinín

H1 [interpolator/glossator] unknown

H2 [interpolator/glossator] Cathal Mac Maghnusa

H3 [interpolator/glossator] unknown

H4 [interpolator/glossator] unknown

LATE [otherwise unidentified interpolator/glossator (vols 2-3)] unknown

Revision History

Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition: G100001C

Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat: Author: [unknown]

List of witnesses



Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. x., Anno Domini M. ccc. lxx. ix.


In Dalatunach (.i. Pilib) d'eg.


Firbisigh Mac Firbisigh d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. senchai maith.


O Duinn, .i. taisech O Riagan, do marbadh a fell da braithribh fein.


Ricard Mac Cathmail do marbadh la Pilib Mag Uidhir, .i. rí Fer Manach & la Domnall h-Ua Neill.


Maidm na Dreiche do tabairt do h-Ua Neill (.i. do Niall Mhor) ar Pilib Mag Uidhir & ar Domnall h-Ua Neill, du i trochair Tadhg Mag Uidhir & da mac Maghnusa & Toirrdhelbach, mac Donnchada Meg Uidhir & Brian, mac Mic Raith Meg Uidir & Muircertach, mac Milchon et alii, pridie Kalendas Iuni.


h-Ua h-Eilidhe d'eg, .i. Brian h-Ua h-Eilidhe.


Mac in Caich h-Ui Raighillaigh do marbadh la mac Annaidh h-Ui Raighillaigh.


Cu Mara Mac Conmara, .i. taisech Clainne Cuilen, do marbadh a feall da braithribh fein.


Cu Chonnacht, mac Pilib Meg Uidhir, do marbadh le Clainn Domnaill Clainni Ceallaigh, .i. adbur righ Fer Manach ar uaisli & ar einech.


Finnghuala, ingein Ui Cheallaigh, .i. bean Mic Uilliam Burc, d'eg.


Semus h-Ua Conghalaigh, prior Daiminnsi, obiit pridie Nonas Ianuarii.



Flaithbertach h-Ua Mongan, aircinnech Rosa Oirrtir, mortuus est Kalendis Maii.


Kal Ian. i.f., l. xxi., Anno Domini M. ccc. lxxx.


Seaan h-Ua Domnaill ri Tiri Conaill & Mail Sechlainn Dubh, a mac, do marbadh a Mainistir Esa Ruaidh la Toirrdelbach, mac Neill h-Ui Domnaill & la clainn Cathail Oig h-Ui Concobuir & la Muinntir Duirnin.


Maidm mor do thabairt ar Gallaibh & ar Oirrteraibh le Mag Aengusa (.i. Art). & h-Ua h-Anluain do marbadh ann, .i. ri Oirrter et alii multi.


Tadhg, mac Muircertaigh h-Ui Briain, do marbadh la Brian h-Ua m-Briain.


Ruaidhri, mac Aedha Breifnigh h-Ui Concobuir, do thecht as greis ar Muinntir Ruairc & e fein do marbadh uírre.


An Moirtimerach do thecht a n-Erinn in bliadhain-si & uaisli Gaidhel do techt ina thech fa adhbur righ Erenn, .i. fa Ni[acute ]all h-Ua Neill. Art Mag Aengusa, .i. ri O n-Eathac Uladh, do gabail a feall a tigh in Moirtimeraigh & do ghabadur Gaidhil Erenn ecla {fol. A 78b} roime o sin amach, indus gur' sechnadur e & Gaill Erenn archeana.


Art, mac Gérailt Caemanaigh, do marbadh le Gallaibh.


Maidm do thabairt leis h-Ua n-Domnaill & le Henri h-Ua Neill ar h-Ua n-Dochartaigh & ar Conchobur Óg h-Ua n-Domnaill & ar Clainn t-Suibhne. & do gabadh ann, maille re' r' marbadh, Eoin Mac Suibne & Murchadh Mac Suibne, .i. da brathair Mic Suibne.


Art, mac Gerailt, mic Tomais Fhinn, do marbadh la Mac Murchadha, ri Laighen.




la Pilib O Raighillaigh & la Clainn Muircertagh cona coimtinol a m-Breifne Ui Ruairc & Tomas Mac Dorchaidh do marbadh leo. O Ruairc do breith orra & a cur ar sibal dó & eich & daine do milliudh umpo don turus-sin.


Art Mac Murchadha d'éc i sext Kallann Iuni.


Domnall h-Ua Leannan, prioir Lesa Gabail, d'eg i sext Kallann Aprilis.


Kal. Ian. iii. f., l. ii., Anno Domini M. ccc. lxxx. i.


Toirrdelbach, mac Risderd h-Ui Raighillaigh, d'eg.


Dubchablaigh, ingen Mic Diarmata, ben Meg Raghnaill Ruaidh, d'eg.


Lasairfina, ingen Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Concobuir, ben Meg Raghnaill Duibh, d'eg.


Cathal Dubh, mac Con Muidhe h-Ui Cathain, d'eg.


Uilliam, mac Donnchadha Muimnigh h-Ui Cheallaigh, .i. ri h-Ua Maine, d'eg & a mac do righadh ina inad, .i. Mailechlainn.


Diarmait Mag Carrthaigh, .i. adbur righ Desmuman do marbadh do Ibh Mathgamna in Fhuinn Iartharaigh a fheall.


Caislen Atha Luain do ghabail don Moirtimerach & mac Ricaird an t-Sonnaigh do marbadh ann.


Ruaidhri h-Ua Concobuir, .i. ri Connacht, do dhul co h-Ath Luain & a meic righ do dhul uadh a n-Iarthar Midhe & crecha mora do gabail doib. Gaill do breith orro & maidm do thabairt orra & mac Ui Conchobuir do marbadh ann, .i. Seaan Laighnech & Aedh Caech h-Ua Concobuir do ghabail ann & Uilliam, mac Donncadha, mic Ruaidhri h-Ui Ceallaigh, do marbadh ann & moran aile nach airmither sunn.


Raghnailt, ingen Meg Bradaigh, .i. ben Meg Dhorchaidh, d'eg.


Sluagh mor la Niall h-Ua Neill a


n-Oirghiallaibh & creacha mora do denum doibh. & breisim {fol. A 78c} do thabairt ar deredh an t-sluaigh & Donnchadh, mac Maghnusa Meg Mhathgamna, do marbadh ann.


Delbh Muire Celle Moire a Tir Briuin do labairt co h-ingantach an bliadhain-si.


An Moirtimerach d'eg, .i. an dara bliadhain ar techt a n-Erinn dó & tar eis fhill Meg Aengusa do dhenum do.


Cathal, mac Ruaidri h-Ui Concobuir, .i. mac aird-righ Connacht, do ghabail le clainn mic Fheidhlimthe h-Ui Concobhuir, an bliadhain-si.


Kal. Ian. iiii. f., l. x.iii., Anno Domini M. ccc. lxxx. ii.


Labras Diuid do marbadh do clainn h-Ui Ferghail.


Ferghal, mac Donnchadha Meg Eochagain, taisech Cenel Fiachaigh Mic Neill, do marbadh do Feraib Ceall.


Taisigh Connacht do ghabail do righ Connacht ina oirechtus fein, .i. do Ruaidhri h-Ua Conchobuir: .i. h-Ua h-Ainlidhe & h-Ua Birn & Mac Ceithernaigh & Imur h-Ua h-Ainlidhe: .i. fis fuair sé orru, co rabadur ag denum raínn & comaenta ina adhaigh le slicht mic Feidhlimthe h-Ui Concobuir.


Mac Ualann do marbadh la Muínntir Raghallaigh & araile.


Diarmait h-Ua Domnaill d'eg, .i. adbur righ Thire Conaill.


Rughraidhe, mac Seaain, mic Briain h-Ui Ferghail, d'eg.


Muircertach, mac Mathgamna h-Ui Briain, .i. mac righ Tuadhmuman, d'eg a prisun & Domnall, a derbrathair, d'eg fós.


Toirrdelbach, mac Diarmata h-Ui Briain, d'eg.


Brian, mac Diarmata h-Ui Briain, do clainn Briain Ruaidh, d'eg.


Aine, ingen Echmarcaigh, mic


Magnusa, .i. airdbiatach & cenn fine a cinidh fein, ben in Maighistir Moir h-Ui Eogain, .i. Matha, mac Concobuir h-Ui Eogain (.i. in aircidheochain, & do bi in Matha-sin ceithri bliadhna deg i n-Oxanphort co contineidech ag denum leighinn), a h-eg in bliadhain-si, pridie Nonas Seibtimbris.


Bean Midhe, ingen Mic Maghnusa, .i. in Caillech Dubh, d'eg Nonis Marcii.


Kal. Ian. u. f., l. xx.iiii., Anno Domini M. ccc. lxxx. iii.


Ruaidhri, mac Airt Meg Uidhir, do marbadh la mac Donnchadha Meg Uidhir (.i. la Domnall, mac Donnchadha Docair, quinto Kalendas Ianuarii).


Finnguala, ingen Airt Meg Uidhir, obiit.


Tadhg Mac Donnchaid, rí Tire h-Oilella, d'eg, .i. Aine in Cesta.


Diarmait, mac Concobuir Mic Diarmata, .i. adbur righ Muighi Luirg, d'eg.


Seaan, mac Domnaill h-Ui Ferghail, .i. taisech na h-Angaile, d'eg.


Epscop h-Ua Mochain do eg an bliadhain-si, 1383.


{fol. B 75a}Sluaighedh mór {fol. A 78d} la Niall h-Ua Neill cona clainn & co maithibh in Coicidh uime. An Tuaiscert uile do mhilliudh & do loscadh & do creachadh leo. Aedh Og h-Ua Neill & Raibilin Sabais do tegmail da cheile ar imruagadh & da buille da craiseachaibh do thabairt ar a ceile doibh. Raibilin do dhul beoloiti da thigh & mac Eoin Bised da athmarbadh & Aedh Óg do testail aco ar tres trath iardain & araile. Seinicin Finn, .i. mac Eoin Bised, do marbadh do


muinntir Raibilin i n-oirechtus in t-Shabhaisigh.


Muircertach h-Ua Flannacain, taisech Tuaithi Ratha & Maghnus, mac Dauith & Cormac, mac Airt Meg Uidhir & Seaan, mac Gaffraigh, brathair abbad Lesa Gabail, arna marbadh Nonis Aprilis.


Murchadh h-Ua Briain d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Anno Domini 1383.


(Iohannes de Lygnano obiit hoc anno, die 16 mensis Februarii et sepultus est in ecclesia Sancti Dominici in Bononia.)


Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. u. Anno Domini M. ccc. lxxx. iiii.


Pilib h-Ua Raghallaigh (.i. mac Gilla Isa Ruaidh h-Ui Raigillaig, ri Breifne) do eg.


Uilliam, mac Sar Emaind A Burc, d'ec.


Mailir, mac Mic Uilliam, do marbadh d'escur.


Oirechtus do ghabail do h-Ua Flaithbertaigh & do h-Ua Maille re ceile & Eogan h-Ua Maille & Cormac Cruinn do marbadh ann.


Nert mor do ghabail do h-Ua Neill ar Gallaibh in bliadhain-si.


Diarmait, mac Mailechlainn Meg Raghnaill, taisech Muinntire h-Eoluis, do marbadh do clainn Raghnaill Meg Raghnaill i feall.


Ruaidhri h-Ua Mail Muaidh, .i. ri Fer Cell, d'éc.


Muircertach, mac Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir, ri h-Ua Failghi, d'ec.


Ruaidhri, mac Toirrdelbaigh, mic Aedha, mic Eoghain h-Ui Concobuir, .i. aird-righ Connacht ar einech & ar eghnum & ar deilb, d'eg. & da h-Ua Concobuir do dhenum i Connachtaibh


ina diaigh in bliadhain-si: .i. Toirrdelbach Óg, mac Aedha, mic Toirrdelbaigh, mic Aedha, mic Eogain & Toirrdelbach Ruadh, mac Aedha, mic Feidhlimthe, mic Aedha, mic Eogain.


Lucia, ingen h-Ui Taichligh, ben Muiris Meg Raith, .i. comarba Termuinn Dabeog, d'ég.


Ioseph (no Oisep) Mag Sgoloigi mortuus est.


Maighister Seoan Mac Gille Coisgli, aircinnech & persun Airigh Brosga, leghtoir sollumanta gacha dlighidh & co h-airighe an dlighid canonta, mortuus est decimo Kalendas Iulii.


(Losgadh Chairge Ferghusa le Níall h-Ua Neill hoc anno, a uighil na Casg.)


Kal. Ian. i. f., l. xui., Anno Domini M. ccc. lxxx. u.


Daibith, mac Emaind, mic Hoiberd, do ghabail la h-Aedh h-Ua Concobair.


Magh Lúirg do loscadh la Clainn Donnchaidh & la h-Ua Ruairc in bliadhain-si.


Concobur Óg, {fol. A 79a} mac Donnchadha Mic Diarmata, do ghabail ar cin aidhche do-rinni fein ar Clainn Donnchaidh & Cathal Cairbrech Mac Donnchaidh do marbadh la Concobur.


Crecha mora la Clainn Donnchaidh a Cera. Clann Cathail Oig Ui Concobuir do breith orra & Sdondunaigh & moran aile leo. A creacha do marbadh doibh & a cur fein a Cill Conduibh.


Maidm la h-Ua Conchobuir Failghi ar Ghallaibh in bliadhain-si, .i. la Murchadh h-Ua Concobhuir & Seirriam na Midhe do marbadh ann et alii multi.


Gilla Crist Mac Gilla Fhinnen, taisech Muinntire Peodachain, obiit pridie Kalendas Iuini.




h-Ua Corcrain, .i. mac in Espuic h-Ui Corcrain, noiteir coitchenn o udaras Imper, obiit Nonis Nouimbris.


Donn Mag Uidir, mac in righ, .i. mac Flaithbertaigh, d'eg Kalendis Iuili.


{fol. B 75b} Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. xx. uii., Anno Domini M. ccc. lxxx. ui.


Sluagh mor la Domnall, mac Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir, a crich Mic Baitin & a mílliudh uile leo. Ocus Mac Roiberd Duinn Domnainn do marbadh ann & moran aile nach airmither sunn.


Aine, ingen Mic Donnchaidh, d'eg, .i. ben h-Ui Ruairc, sai mna.


Niall Mag Eochagain do marbadh do mac Uilliam Dalatun, .i. adbur taisigh Cenel Fhiachaigh.


Eirimon h-Ua Mailechlainn do marbadh do Dalatunachaibh & do Mag Amhalghadha.


Domnall Mag Cochlain, .i. ri Delbna, do ég.


Maidm le Mac Murchadha, .i. ri Laighen, ar Gallaibh Osraighi, dú i torchair moran do Ghallaibh.


Fíngin, mac Ruaidhri Meg Eochagain & Donnchadh, mac an t-shacairt Megdem,do marbadh.


Concobur, mac Taidhg h-Ui Briain, do marbadh ar cagadh Clainni Uilliam.


Caislen Milís Dalatun do ghabail do clainn Concobuir, mic Cathail


h-Ui Ferghail & a thabairt do Tomas, mac Cathail h-Ui Ferghail.


Clann Sheaain h-Ui Ferghail & Dalatún do dhenum pairti cogaidh a n-aghaidh clainni Murchadha h-Ui Ferghail. Longport h-Ui Ferghail d'innsaighidh do Clainn t-Sheaain & ingin Mic Uilliam do ghabail ann, .i. ben h-Ui Ferghail.


Raghnall Mac Con Uisgi d'eg.


Kal. Ian. iii. f., l. ix., Anno Domini M. ccc. lxxx. uii.


Indsaighidh le Clainn t-Sheaain h-Ui Ferghail ar Tomas, mac Cathail h-Ui Ferghail & ben Tomais do ghabail, .i. Nualaith, ingen h-Ui Ferghail (Murchadha, mic Gilla na Naem, mic Braein h-Ui Fergail), ben rob' ferr einech & crabadh do bí i comghar dhi.


Tech do dhenum a n-Emhain Macha la Níall {fol. A 79b} Óg h-Ua Neill do dhil dam Erenn ann.


Sadbh, ingen Aedha h-Ui Neill, ben mic Eoin Bised, do eg iar m-breith buadha o domun & o dhemhun.


Mac Uilliam Uachtarach, .i. Ricard Og, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Goffraigh Find h-Ua Dalaigh, .i. ollam Erenn re dán, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Ruaidhri h-Ua Cianain d'eg, .i. sai sheanchaidh gan uiresbaidh.


Eoin Mac Domnaill, rí Innsi Gall, d'ég.


Finemain, ingen h-Ui Eogain, d'eg.


Domnall mac Donnchadha Docair Meg Uidhir & Matha Mac Conlega do marbhadh i Cill Naaile i quint Kallann Marcii.


Kal. Ian. iiii. f., l. xx., Anno Domini M. ccc. lxxx. uiii.


Domnall h-Ua Concobuir do dhul ar Macaire Connacht & Ard in Caillin & Innsi Locha Caircin


do loscadh leis. & Domnall Óg, mac Mic Domnaill, do marbadh don toisc-sin.


Clann h-Ui Cuirnin do marbadh do Ghallaibh Cundae Osraidhe, .i. Sigraidh & Cairpri & Gilla Padraig, meic Adaimh. Esbaidh mor don eladhain in bas-sin Sigraidh.


Crecha fill do denamh la h-Ua Concobuir Ruadh & la Mac n-Diarmata ar h-Ua Concobair n-Donn. Mac Donnchaidh Thire h-Oilella do dhul uime sin, sluagh mor, a coínne h-Ui Concobuir Dúinn co Magh Luirg & Magh Luirg do loscadh leo, eter tighibh & arbur, don turus-sin. Cormac Mac Donnchaidh do marbadh la Mac Diarmata & le clainn mic Fheidhlimithe h-Ui Conchobuir/, .i. in t-en mac righ rob' ferr einech & eghnum do bi ina aimsir.


Muircertach {fol. B 75c} Bacach, mac Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir, do dul a faslongport Mic Donnchaidh fa fhaslongport h-Ui Domnaill a Mainistir Esa Ruaidh. Daine imda do marbadh leo fa clainn h-Ui Baighill cona braithribh. Mac Suibhne & a mac do ghabail ann don turus-sin.


Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. i., Anno Domini M. ccc. lxxx. ix.


Niall Og h-Ua Neill do ghabail le Gallaibh in bliadhain-si.


Muiris Mael h-Ua Concobuir do marbadh d'en urchur soighde Dia Domnaigh ic tempoll Cluana Da Thorc le h-Ib Cellaigh Leighi.


Maelechlainn Cam h-Ua Lochlainn, rí Corcu Mruadh, do marbadh da derbrathuir fein h-i fell 'sa Domnach re feil Míchíl.


Gilla Isu


Mag Uidhir, taisech Muinntire Pheodachain, obiit quarto Idus Decembris.


{fol. A 79c}Pilib, mac Gilla Isu Meg Uidhir, do marbadh i tert Kallann Februarii.


Nemeas h-Ua h-Eogain, bicair Innsi Cain for Loch h-Erne, mortuus est quarto Kalendas Februarii.


Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. x.ii., Anno Domini M. ccc. xc.


Cogadh mor in bliadhain-si eter Thigernan h-Ua Ruairc, .i. rí Breifne & Tomas, mac Mathgamna h-Ui Raighillaigh, .i. ri Muinntiri Mail Mordha & Maghnus h-Ua Ruairc do beth in trath-sin i l-laim ag h-Ua Raghallaigh a Cloich Locha h-Uachtair. An rath-sin i l-laim ag h-Ua Raghallaigh a Cloch do tholludh dó & a elodh aisti & a dhul co caislen Locha in Sguir & Clann Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir da leanmuin & a marbadh leo ag fagbail in Locha.


h-Ua Ruairc do leanmuin clainni Muircertaigh a Teallach n-Dunchadha & maidm caeraidhechta do buain eistib & a Teallach Dunchadha, .i. o Ath Daire Dubain co Sliabh Cairbri.


Ferghal h-Ua h-Eaghra, ri Luighne, d'eg.


Tomas h-Ua Raighillaigh, .i. ri Breifne, d'eg in bliadhain-si fa buaidh ongtha & aithrighe & Seaan, {fol. B 75d} mac Pilib h-Ui Raighillaigh, do ghabail righi na Breifne i n-diaidh Tomais & araile.


Brian Mac Aedhagain, ollam breithemhnuis na Breifne, quieuit in Christo.


Niall h-Ua Taichligh, cananach coradh Clochair & comorba Daím Innsi, d'eg.


Petrus h-Ua h-Eogain, deganach Locha h-Eirne, obiit sexto Kalendas




Parrthalon h-Ua Conghaile, cananach & sacrisda Mainistrech Lesa Gabail, d'eg Nonis Iulii.


Kal. Ian. i. f., l. xx. iii., Anno Domini M. ccc. xc. i.


h-Ua Ruairc, .i. Tigernan Mor, do dhul a coinde h-Ui Raighillaigh, .i. Sheaain, co Druim Lethan & fer ar fichit a lin. Clann Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir, mar do chualadur h-Ua Ruairc do dul, becan daine, h-i coinde h-Ui Raighillaigh, iad fein do dhul roime, coicer ar fichit, ar Belach in Crinaig. Do bris h-Ua Ruairc le n-a rath an Bealach ar Clainn Muircertaigh & do marbadh annsin Seaan, mac Mathgamna h-Ui Conchobuir & mac mic Aedha in Chleitigh & drem da lucht leanmana ina farrudh & an cuid aile do dhul a maidm dibh.


Tadhg h-Ua h-Uigind, ollam dingmala re dán, d'eg.


Domnall Og Mág Carrthaigh,{fol. B 76a}.i. rí Desmuman, d'eg & a mac do rigadh ina inadh for Dhesmumain, {fol. A 79d} .i. Tadhg Mag Carrthaigh.


Mac Gille Muire, .i. ri h-Ua n-Derca Cein, do marbadh da brathair fein.


h-Ua h-Anluain do marbadh da brathair fein i feall.


Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. iiii., Anno Domini M. ccc.xc.ii.


Diarmait Mag Eochagain, .i. taisech Chenel Fiachaigh, d'eg.


Enri (Aimreidh), mac Neill Mhoir h-Ui


Neill, .i. adhbur aird-righ Erenn, d'eg fa fheil Brenaind.


Domnall, mac Enri h-Ui Neill, do ghabail la Toirrdhelbach h-Ua n-Domnaill, .i. ri Cenel Conaill.


Sluagh mor la Niall h-Ua Neill co maithibh in Coicidh uime cum Gall an t-Sradbhaile & nert Gall do ghabail do don turus-sin & Seifin Fait do marbadh don turus-sin.


Finnghuala, ingen Maghnusa, mic Cathail h-Ui Conchobuir, do eg in bliadhain-si.


Kal. Ian. iiii., f., l. x.u., Anno Domini M. ccc.xc.iii.


Aedh, mac Conchobuir Mic Diarmata, ri Muighi Lúirg, d'eg & Cathal, a mac, do bathadh ag Inis Daighre for Loch Ce.


Emonn Mag Raghnaill, .i. adbur ard-taísigh Muinntiri h-Eoluis, d'eg.


Indsaighidh do dhenum do clainn Mic Diarmata ar Mac Diarmata Og & troid do thabairt doibh da cheile & Domnall Dubh Mac Diarmata do marbadh ann & Concobur Mac Diarmata do ghabail ann & Ruaidhri Dub Mac Diarmata do gabail ann & Ferghal, mac Donnchadha Riabaigh & a cur a caislen Baile in Tobair & a elogh ass in bliadhain cetna.


Aedh Mac Aedha, .i. saer, d'h-eg.


Matha h-Ua h-Eogain, .i. caipellan Innsi Cain, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si quinto Idus Octobris.


Brian, mac Mhailechlainn h-Ui Cheallaigh, .i. adhbur righ h-Ua Maine, d'eg.


Ferghal Mag Shamradhain, .i. taísech Teallaigh Eathach, .i. sai coitcenn do chliaraibh & do dhamaibh Erenn, a dul d'eg eter Caisc & Bealltaine in bliadhain-si. & fa {fol. B 76b}


cumthach, brónach dama on bás-sin.


Raghnailt, ingen Aedha, mic Feidhlimthe h-Ui Conchobuir, .i. sai mna, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Edain, ingen Cathail Óig Ui Conchobair, ben Briain, mic Mailechlainn h-Ui Chellaigh, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Domnall & Emonn, .i. da mac Mailechlainn h-Ui Ceallaigh, d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. righ h-Ua Maine.


{fol. A 80a} Kal. Ian. u. f., l. xx.ui., Anno Domini M. ccc. xc. iiii.


Brian Mac Caba, Consabla Oirgiall, d'eg.


Tadhg h-Ua Flannagain, taisech Thuaithi Ratha, do marbadh do clainn Daibeid h-Ui Fhlannagain.


Ri Saxan (.i. Ricardus) do thecht a n-Erinn a Foghmur na bliadhna-sa & Iarla Maireis do thecht leis.


Mac Siurtan, .i. tigherna baile Atha Leathain, do marbadh do clainn Sheaain d'Eisetra a feall.


Gilla Domnaigh h-Ua h-Eoghain, oiffitsel Locha h-Eirne (.i. in t-Oifficel Riabach) & persun & aircinnech Innsi Cain, do eg in bliadain-si.


Matha Mac Gilla Coisgli, bicair Clain Innsi, obiit septimo Kalendas Maii.


Lucas Mac Sgolóigi, bicair Achad Lurchaire per quadraginta quatuor annos, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Tomas Og Mag Uidhir (.i. ri Fer Manach), .i. mac an Gilla Dhuibh, natus est hoc anno.


Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. uii., Anno Domini M. ccc. xc. u.


Pilib Mag Uidhir (.i. Pilib na Tuaigi) do eg in bliadhain-si: .i. ri Fer Manach (re h-en bliadhain deg ar fichid), .i. fer einigh & eghnuma & cosanta a


criche ar comursunnaibh. Ocus fa lan Eire & Alba da chlu & da airium. A eg fa buaidh ongtha & aithrighi decimo septimo Kalendas Aprilis.


h-Ua Maile Duin Luirg, .i. Domnall, do ghabail do clainn Airt Meg Uidhir a feall a Termonn Dabeoig & a thoitim isin laimdeochus-sin leo.


An Gilla Dubh Mag Uidhir, .i. Tomas, mac Pilib Meg Uidir, do ghabail righi Fer Manach an bliadhain-si.


Concobur Ruadh, mac AedhaRuaidh Meg Uidhir, do ghabail leisin n-Gilla n-Dubh Mag Uidhir & le h-Aedh Mag Uidhir, .i. derbrathair in Gilla Duibh. Concobur Ruadh d'elogh uatha in bliadhain cetna.


Domnall, mac Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir, .i. tigerna Sligigh & Ichtair {fol. B 76c} Connacht uile, d'eg in bliadhain-si a caislen Sligigh, .i. sechtmain ria Nodluig, iar m-buaidh ongtha & aithrighe.


Cablaigh Mor (.i. Port na Tri Namat), ingen Cathail h-Ui Conchobuir, .i. ingen righ Connacht

.i. ben toictheach, tromconaigh h-i, do bi ag feraibh uaisli, .i. Niall h-Ua Domnaill, rí Tire Conaill & Aedh h-Ua Ruairc, ri Breifne & Cathal, mac Aedha Breifnigh h-Ui Concobuir, ridamna Connacht & fir aili nach airmhither sunn — a h-eg in bliadhain-si, ar m-buaidh n-aithrighi & a h-adhlacudh a Mainistir na Búille.



{fol. A 80b}Una, ingen Taidhg h-Ui Conchobuir, .i. ben Aedha Meg Uidhir, do eg in bliadhain-si.


Seaan, mac Airt Meg Uidhir, do marbadh in bliadhain-si ar Finntracht Droma Bairr decimo nono Kalendas Septembris.


Pilip, mac an Gilla Duibh Meg Uidhir, natus est hoc anno.


Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. x. uiii., Anno Domini M. ccc. xc. ui.


Irial h-Ua Lochlainn, .i. tigherna Corcu Mruadh, do marbadh i feall le mac Mic Girr an Adhasdair da oirecht fein, a n-dighail a derbhcomalta, .i. Mailechlainn h-Ua Lochlainn, do marb san roime-sin.


Concobur, mac Eogain h-Ui Maille, do dhul ar innsaighidh a n-Iarthur Connacht, lucht luinge: an long do línadh doibh do mainibh na h-echtra-sin & a m-bathadh eter Erinn & Araind.


Matha h-Ua Luinin, .i. aircinnech na h-Arda, .i. fer cerdach, ealadhnach eter dhan & shenchus & sheinm & leighinn & ealadhnaibh ailibh, a ég í sext Idus Februarii.


Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. xx.ix., Anno Domini M. ccc. xc. uii.


Ricard, mac Ricaird A Burc, do eg a tus Erraigh na bliadhna-sa.


Sluaghadh mor le Mac Donnchaidh Thire h-Oilella co Machaire Chonnacht do chungnum le h-Ua Conchobuir n-Donn & do ghabadur longport a Cuirrech Cinn Eitigh uile cona caeraidecht. Mar do cualadh h-Ua Concobuir Ruadh sin & Mac Uilliam BurcMac Donnchaidh cona chaeraidhecht do dhul co Cuirrech Cinn Eitigh — do cruinnighedur a n-ein inadh, .i. h-Ua Concobuir Ruadh & Mac Uilliam (Burc), .i. Tomas &


clann Cathail Oig h-Ui Conchobuir & clann Aedha Mic Diarmata {fol. B 76d} & coimtinol galloglach Connacht faru. Tucadur innsaighidh ar longport h-Ui Concobuir Duinn & ni raibe h-Ua Concobuir fein ann in tan-sin. Nir' mhothaidh imorro Mac Donnchaidh an sluaigh-sin noco tainic h-Ua Concobuir Ruadh sonn, mor marcsluagh, chuigi 'san inadh a roibhe 'na longport. Do marbadh imorro Mac Donnchaid annsin & Aedh Caech, mac Aedha, mic Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Concobuir & Diarmait Mac Donnchaidh, .i. adhbur righ O n-Oilella & da mac Ruaidhri, mic Mail Ruanaigh Mic Donnchaidh & Art, mac Cathail Cleirigh Mic Donnchaidh & Cu Aithne, mac Con Aithne h-Ui Concobuir & Mac Suibhne, .i. Consdabla Connacht o shliabh sis & Donnchadh Mac Suibhne & Donn Sleibe Mac Suibne, .i. da derbraithair Mic Suibhne, & Concobur Mac Suibhne & echta imdha aili nach fetur a n-airim ar a linmuirecht. & ni fetur rim no airimh ar na h-edalaibh frith ann do buaibh & d'echaibh & d'eidedh. Mur do cualadh O Concobuir Donn in maidm do thabairt & Mac Donnchaidh do marbadh & a faslongport fein do dul da treoir, do-cuaidh fa chaeraidhecht h-Ui Concobuir Ruaidh & clainni mic Fheidhlimthe & ni fetur airimh na creich-sin do-righne, ar a linmuirecht. & ar troscadh na cet fheile Muire d'Fhogmur do-ronadh na gnima-sa.

Feidhlimidh, mac Cathail {fol. A 80c} h-Ui Concobuir & Dubhghall Mac Domnaill do thecht tareis in mhadma-sin co tech I Domnaill & sgela in mhadhma d'indisin do & h-Ua Domnaill


d'iaraidh leo i Cairpri. h-Ua Domnaill cona tinol do thecht le clainn Cathail Óig. Cairprigh & Oilellaigh do tinol ina n-aghaidh. h-Ua Domnaill cona shluaigh do dhul co h-ictar Tire h-Oilella & gusan Aenach. Tighi & arbanna do loscadh leo ann & mac Cormaic, mic Ruaidhri, d'argain doibh. Mael Ruanaigh Mac Donnchaidh do ghabail tighernuis Thire Oilella in tan-sin. Cor & cengal do dhenum do Mac Donnchaidh & do h-Ua Domnaill re ceile & do clainn Cathail Oig & d'h-Ua Dubhda & do h-Ua Eaghra. h-Ua Domnaill do dhul da thigh fein don turus-sin & clann Cathail do techt a Cairpri ar a cor-sin & Muinnter Duirnin & Mac Domnaill Galloglach cona clainn.

Muircertach Bacach, mac Domnaill, do beth a Fasa Caille in tan-sin & an meid tainig do galloglachaibh Mic Shuibhne beo o mhaidm Cuirrigh {fol. B 77a}Cinneitigh faris annsin, fa Domnall Mac Suibne & fa h-Ua n-Eaghra iartharach. Indsoighidh do dhenum do Muircertach Bacach & doibh-sin uile ar clainn Cathail Óig co Lis in Doill & co Bun Brenoigi. h-Ua Domnaill do thecht, becan buidhne, a cenn clainni Cathail & troid do thabairt doibh fa Bun Brenoigi & an troid do brisedh ar clainn Chathail. & Marcus Mac Domnaill do marbadh innti & a mac, .i. Dubghall Mac Domnaill & Eoin Mac Sithig do marbadh ann fos & moran do ghalloglachaibh nach airmither


annso. Crecha mora do dhenum do clainn Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir, ar clainn Cathail Oig h-Ui Concobuir & clann Cathail do cur tar Eirne anunn aris. Ar troscadh na feile Muire moire do-ronadh na gnima-sa uile.


Niall (Niall Mor h-Ua Neill), mac Aedha Mhoir h-Ui Neill, aird-righ Uladh & imcosnumach Erenn, do ég in bliadhain-si, iar m-buaidh onghta & aithrighe. & a mac do righadh 'na inadh, .i. Niall Og h-Ua Neill.


(Art (.i. Art Cuile), mac Philib na Tuaidhe Mheg Uidhir, do mharbadh d'urchur shaighde septimo Kalendas Ianuarii, .i. la fheile Stephain, 1397 Anno Domini, le cloinn Mheg Shamhraghain.)


Kal. Ian. iii. f., l. x, Anno Domini M. ccc. xc. uiii.


Daibith h-Ua Duibgennain, ollam uasal re seanchas, do eg a tosuch Erraigh na bliadhna-sa.


Sloghadh mor le Niall Óg h-Ua Neill, .i. ri Uladh, docum h-Ui Domnaill & nir' an don turus-sin no gu rainig Mainistir Esa Ruaidh & do airg siad an Mainistir fa na h-innmus & fa na h-ellaighibh & Tir {fol. A 80d}Aedha do mhilliudh leis don turus-sin. Drem do muinntir h-Ui Domnaill do thabairt tochair don t-shluagh & Aedh, mac Ferghail h-Ui Ruairc, do gabail don turus-sin. & h-Ua Neill do thecht da thigh.


Sluaghadh le Mac Uilliam Burc, .i. Tomas A Burc & leis h-Ua Concobuir Ruadh & le clainn Cathail Oig & le clainn Mic Diarmata & techt a crich Mic


Donnchaidh doibh & an tir do mhilliudh co leir leo. Conchobur Og Mac Diarmata & a brathair do dhul do chuartachudh a Muigh Luirg on t-sluagh-sin. Mac Diarmata do techt an oidhci-sin co Mainistir na Buille & a fuair se do biadh innti do chur ar Carraig Locha Ce. Lorg na fedhna d'fhagail do clainn Mic Diarmata & a lenmuin doibh ar a lorg co h-Ech {fol. B 77b}Druim Tire Briuin & tempoll Ech Droma do loscadh leo ar Mac n-Diarmata. & a brathair do marbadh ann, .i. Concobur Mac Diarmata & moran do muinntir Mic Diarmata do marbadh leo & a n-eich & a n-eidigh do buain dibh. & a n-imthecht tar a n-ais mar aroibe in sluagh cetna & araile.


Indsaighidh do dhenum do Muircertach h-Ua Concobuir ar h-Ua n-Domnaill a Tir Aedha & ni ruc se ar edail in tan-sin. & a n-inntodh, o nach rucadur, co h-Es Ruaidh. Aedh h-Ua Duirnin do breith orra ann sin & imruagadh do thabairt doibh fa Bel Atha Senaigh co crodha, cosgarach. Do loitedh each Aedha ann sin & do leagadh e fein & ruc tiubh an t-sluaigh air ann sin & do marbadur e.


Murchadh ban h-Ua Ferghail, .i. sai mic taisigh, d'eg in bliadhain-si ina tigh fein, air buaidh n-aithrighe.


Iarla Desmuman d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Geroid & fa lan Eire da egaine.


Ruaidhri, mac Aedha Meg Uidhir, d'eg.



Kal. Ian. iiii. f.,l. xx. i., Anno Domini M. ccc. xc. ix.


Ri Saxan do thecht a n-Erinn an bliadhain-si.


Indsoighidh do dhenum le h-Ua Concobuir Ruadh & le Mac n-Diarmata ar Clainn Donnchaidh Tire h-Oilella & a n-dula co Mag Tuiredh. Crecha mora do dhenum doibh andsin. Clann Donnchaidh do breith orra & Muircertach, mac Domnaill h-Ui Concobuir & maidm mor do thabairt forro (.i. for h-Ua Concobuir) andsin & Somairle Buidhe Mac Domnaill do marbadh ann cona muinntir.


Iarla Desmuman do bathudh, .i. Seoan Iarla, isin Siuir.


Tomas, mac Cathail h-Ui Ferghail, do marbadh 'na baile fein le Gallaibh & le Barun Dealgna (no, Delbhna) & araile.


Cathal, mac Ruaidhri Meg Uidhir, do marbadh la h-Eogan, mac Neill Oig h-Ui Neill, in bliadain-si, duodecimo Kalendas Augusti.


{fol. A 81a} Kal. Ian. u. f. l. ii., Anno Domini M. cccc.


Brían h-Ua Bríain, .i. rí Tuadhmuman, d'eg in bliadhain-si. Toirrdelbach, mac Murchadha h-Ui Briain, .i. lethtroman Tuadhmuman, d'eg isin Samhradh-sa.


Aedh h-Ua Donnchadha, d'eg, .i. rí Eoganachta Locha Lein.


Toirrdelbach, mac Mail Muire Mic Shuibhne, .i. tigherna Fanat, d'ég.


{fol. B 77c}Cu Uladh h-Ua Neill, .i. mac Neill Moír, mic


Aedha h-Ui Neill, d'eg i Foghmur na bliadhna-sa.


Feidhlimidh, mac Cathair h-Ui Conchobuir, d'eg, .i. adbur righ h-Ua Failghi, .i. a tigh h-Ui Raighillaigh, 'sa bliadhain-si.


Domnall, mac Gilla Isu Ruaidh h-Ui Raighillaigh, d'eg.


Seaan, mac Briaín, mic Murchadha h-Ui Ferghail, .i. taisech Muinntire h-Anghaile, d'eg.


Seann h-Ua Cianain, aircinnech ferainn Muinntiri Cíanain i Clain Inis Locha h-Erne & senchaidh onorach, d'h-eg.


Amhlaim, mac Pilib, mic Amhlaim, mic Duinn Charraigh Meg Uidhir, .i. taisech Muinntire Peodachain, d'eg pridie Nonas Maii.


Eua, ingen in comarba h-Ui Taichligh, nobilis puella, obiit.


Domnall, mac Seainn, mic Domnaill h-Ui Ferghail, do ghabail taisighechta na h-Anghaile in bliadhain-si.


Tadhg h-Ua Cerbaill do ghabail d'Iarla Urmuman an bliadhain-si.


Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. x.iii., Anno Domini M. cccc .i.


Aedh h-Ua Mail Muaidh d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. ri Fer Ceall.


Ruaidhri, mac Airt Meg Aengusa, .i. rí h-Ua n-Eathach Uladh, do marbadh le clainn Con Uladh h-Ui Neill & le a derbrathair fein, .i. Catbharr Mag Aengusa.


Tadhg h-Ua Cerbaill, .i. ri Eile, do elogh o Iarla Urmuman a Belach Gabrain.


Sluagh mor le Niall Og h-Ua Neill, .i. le righ Uladh, a Tir Conaill, gur' mill se moran d'arbannaibh an tire. & eich & daine do buain de don turus-sin.



Mac Maghnusa Meg Uidhir, .i. Gilla Patraig (& da n-goirthi in Gilla Buidhe), d'eg do chuslinn do ligedh n-deredh lai: .i. sai coitcenn, ciallconaigh sin dob' fherr einech bidh & dighi do bhi ina aimsir & araile.


Seaan, mac Pilib, mic Gilla Isa Ruaidh h-Ui Raighillaigh, .i. ri Breifne, .i. fer {fol. A 81b} einigh & eghnuma & a uaisli fein do conngbail, a eg ina imdaigh fein a Tulaigh Mongain do bidhg & a adlacudh in aidhci cetna isin Caban. Sechtmain ar mhis ria Nodluic sin.


Kal. Ian. i. f., l. xx.iiii., Anno Domini M. cccc. ii.


Coinne do denamh do h-Ua Neill, .i. do Níall Og & d'h-Ua Domnaill ar Cael Uisci & sith do denum etorra. & h-Ua Domnaill do thabhairt {fol. B 77a} umla do h-Ua Neill don dul-sin.


Maileachlainn, mac Uilliam h-Ui Cellaigh, .i. ri h-Ua Maine, .i. fer lan d'einech & d'aithne & d'fhirinne, a eg iar m-buaidh n-aithrighi. Sith do dhenum do Sil Cellaigh re ceile an tan sin & tighernus h-Ua Maine do thabairt do Concobur h-Ua Cellaigh.


Cormac Mac Branain, .i. taisech Corco Achlann, do marbadh da braithribh fein a fell.


Cogadh mor eter (Toirrdelbach) h-Ua n-Domnaill, ri Tiri Conaill & Brian, mac Enri h-Ui Neill. Brian do chur sluaigh i


n-ein inadh & indsoighidh do thabairt for foslongport h-Ui Domnaill & maidm do thabairt a tosach lai ar h-Ua n-Domnaill do & mac Neill, mic Neill h-Ui Domnaill, do marbadh ann & moran do Chonallchaibh & Mailechlainn, mac Flaithbertaigh h-Ui Ruairc, do marbadh ann. h-Ua Domnaill & a clainn & Muinntir Duirnin do tinol 'sa lo cetna & Brian h-Ua Neill do thegmail doib, becan fedhna, a n-diaigh a muinntiri d'inntogh on mhaidm & crech Enrí h-Ui Gairmleghaidh roime & Enri fein do marbadh roime-sin leis. Brian do beith, uathadh daine, annsin & h-Ua Domnaill, cona clainn & cona muinntir do marbadh Briain annsin & araile.


Mac Uilliam do dhenum d'Uilliuc A Burc in bliadhain-si & Mac Uilliam aile do denum do Baiter A Burc. & tighernus uadha do Mac Uilliam Uachtarach.


Carrag Locha Ce do ghabail do clainn Ferghail Mic Diarmata & daine imda do marbadh & do bathudh 'na timcell.


Donnchadh, mac Maghnusa Meg Uidhir, d'eg (septimo Kalendas Marcii).


Mac Raith, mac Maghnusa, d'eg pridie Idus Marcii.


{fol. A 81c} Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. u., Anno Domini M. cccc. iii.


Cogadh mor eter Iarla Urmuman & Iarla Desmuman isin bliadhain-si & da mac Uilliam Burc cona coimtinol do thecht do chungnum le h-Iarla Urmuman.


Fergal, mac Aedha h-Ui Ruairc, .i. mac righ Breifne


& adbur righ Breifne — .i. fer beodha, deigh-einígh — do marbadh 'na tigh fein do clainn Mic Caba cona muinntir: .i. caicidhis ria Casc do-ronadh an gnim-sin.


Muircertach, mac Donnchadha h-Ui Dubhda, do ég 'sa Samradh-sa.


Niall Og h-Ua Neill, aird-righ Uladh & fer crodha, cumachtach, .i. fer do shaileadur damha & deoraigh Erenn do ghabail righi Erenn ar crodhacht a lamh & ar uaisli a fhola, .i. fuil Neill Noighialláigh & ingine righ Saxan & ar febhus a {fol. B 78a} einígh fos, a eg isin Foghmur iar m-buaidh ongtha & aithrighi. Brian, mac Neill h-Ui Neill, .i. adbur righ Coigidh Uladh, d'eg in bliadhain cetna.


Pilib, mac Briain Moir Meg Mathgamna, .i. aird-righ Oirgiall, do eg in bliadhain-si & Ardghal Mag Mhathgamna do rigadh ina inadh.


Mac Cinaith an Triucha do marbadh da brathair fein i feall.


Cu Connacht, mac Maghnusa h-Ui Raighilligh, d'ég.


Mac Raith, mac Maghnusa, mortuus est pridie Idus Marcii.


Kal. Ian. iii. f., l. x.ui., Anno Domini M. cccc. iiii.


Maghnus h-Ua Cathain d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Tadhg, mac Cathail Óig h-Ui Concobuir, .i. mac righ crodha, lan d'einech & d'egnum co la a bais, do marbadh do mac in Abbaidh h-Ui Concobuir & do clainn h-Ui Concobuir Duinn.


Concobur h-Ua Ceallaigh, .i. rí h-Ua Maine, d'eg i Samhrad na bliadhna-sa.


Finnguala, ingen h-Ui


Concobuir, .i. ingen aird-righ Connacht, .i. Toirrdelbach, mac Aedha, mic Eoghain h-Ui Concobuir, d'ég in bliadhain-si: .i. ben Mailechlainn h-Ui Cheallaigh, ri h-Ua Maine; .i. feichemh coitchenn mna do damaibh Erenn h-i. A eg fo buaidh onghta & aithrige & araile.


Sluaghadh do denum do h-Ua Concobuir Donn & do Muircertach, mac Domnaill h-Ui Concobuir, a n-Ibh Maine & a Sil n-Anmcadha do ghabail tighernuis h-Ui Madaghain ar eigin. h-Ua Madaghain do thecht astech cuca & a thighernus do tabairt do h-Ua Conchobuir don dul-sin. & do-cuadur as sin a Clainn Ricaird do chungnum le Mac Uilliam & do chocadh ar h-Ua Cellaigh. {fol. A 81d} Do ghabhadur tren h-Ui Cheallaigh don dul-sin & do-chuadur imshlan da tighibh.


Muircertach Bacach, mac Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir, d'eg in bliadhain-si a caislen Sligigh iar m-buaidh aithrighi & Brian, mac Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir, do ghabail a ínaid.


Domnall, mac Enri h-Ui Neill, do ghabail righi Uladh in bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 78b}Enri Mac Gille Fhinnein, taisech Muinntire Peodachain, do eg in bliadhain-si, sexto Kalendas Ianuarii.


Gilla Patraig, mac in Espuic Mic Cathmhail, .i. mac Airt Mic Cathmhail, d'eg pridie Kalendas Iulii.


Kal. Ian. u. f., l. xx.uii. Anno Domini M. cccc. u.


Gilla Duibin Mac Cruitin do eg in bliadhain-si: .i. ollam h-Ui Briain, .i. sai re sheinm & re senchus & re h-oirrdercus Erenn.


Cerball h-Ua Dalaigh, .i. ollam Corco Mruadh, d'eg.


Uilliam h-Ua Deoradhain, .i.


ollam Laighen re breithemus, do éc.


Fingin, mac Eogain Meg Carrthaigh, d'eg in bliadhain-si: .i. sai cinnfheadhna.


Donnchadh Ban h-Ua Mail Conaire, .i. ollam Sil Muiredhaigh re seanchus, do eg in bliadhain-si.


Innsoighid do denum do Mac Diarmata Muighi Luirg, .i. do Tadhg Mac Diarmata, ar h-Ua Concobuir n-Donn. h-Ua Concobuir cona ghalloglachaibh do breith orra & eich & daine do marbadh atorra & Mac Diarmata do lot do shoighit don turus-sin & a eg dhe.


Mac Cathmail, .i. taisech Cenel Feradhaigh, do marbadh le Feraibh Manach.


Kal Ian. ui. f., l. ix., Anno Domini M. cccc.ui.


Ferghail, mac Cormaic Mic Donnchaidh, .i. adbur righ Thire h-Oilella, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Gilla na Naem, mac Ruaidhri h-Ui Cianain, .i. sai shenchaidh, d'eg in bliadhain-si i m-Bealach Caille Finntain 'sa n-Enghaile & a adhlucadh a n-Inis Moir Locha Gamna.


Mael Ruanaigh, mac Taidhg Mic Donnchaidh, .i. ri Thire h-Oilella, d'ég in bliadhain-si.


Toirrdelbach, mac Aedha h-Ui Concobuir, .i. lethri Connacht, .i. cenn cogaidh & crodhachta Connacht uile, a marbadh 'sa bliadhain-si a Clainn Connmaigh, ag techt o thigh Mic Fheorais le Cathal n-Dubh h-Ua Conchobuir & le Seaan, mac mic {fol. A 82a}Hoiberd. & do marb h-Ua Conchobuir Seaan ar in lathair cetna {fol. B 78c} d'aen buille cloidhim. Caicidhis ria Nodlaig sin.



Kal. Ian. uii. f.,l. xx., Anno Domini M. cccc. uii.


Seaan, mac Taidhg h-Ui Ruairc, .i. adbhur righ Breifne, d'eg a Muigh Luirg & a thabairt as sin co Druim Leathan & a adhlucadh indti.


Maidm mor do thabairt an bliadhain-si le Gallaibh a Callaidh ar Uater A Burc, .i. mac mic Iarla Uladh & ar Thadhg h-Ua Cerbhaill: dú inar' marbadh Tadhg fein, .i. feichemh coitchenn dob' ferr do bi i n-Erinn ina aimsir fein. & do gabadh Uater isin maidm-sin.


Maidm do thabairt do h-Ua Conchobuir Ruadh & do Thadhg h-Ua Ceallaigh & do Ruaidhri Mac Diarmata ar Mac Uilliam Clainni Ricaird & ar Cathal h-Ua Conchobair. Cathal fein do ghabail ann & daine imdha do ghabail & do marbadh ann.


Aedh Mag Uidhir (.i. mac Pilib na Tuaighi), .i. tanusti Fer Manach, do ghabail a m-baile Cathail Buidhir h-Ui Ruaisc i feall & mac Maghnusa Mheg Uidhir, .i. Conchobur, do gabail faris ann & moran do dainibh maithibh ailibh. & le Conallchaibh, ar tarraing Breifneach, do-righnedh in ghabail-sin & de sin goirter Aidhighecht na Duibe o sin anuas.


Kal. Ian. i. f., l. i., Anno Domini M. cccc. uiii.


Cathal h-Ua Conchobuir, .i. adbur righ h-Ua Failghi, do marbadh le Clainn Fheorais.



Kal. Ian. iii. f., l. x.ii., Anno Domini M. cccc. ix.


Cos Risderd A Burc do brisedh le coin do bi ina rith ar mil & a eg de sin.


Sluaghadh mor in bliadhain-si {fol. B 78d} le clainn Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir & le Clainn Donnchaidh Thire h-Oilella do chur bidh a caislen Rosa Comain d'ainndeoin Connacht & siat tinoilti a timcell an caislein. & do-cuiredar an biadh annsin d'aindeoin & do-cuadur fein dia tighibh don turus-sin.


{fol. A 82b} Kal. Ian. iiii. f., l. xx.iii., Anno. Domini M. cccc. x.


Raghnall Mag Raghnaill, .i. taisech Muinntiri h-Eoluis, d'eg in bliadhain-si. Cumhsgrach Mag Raghnaill do ghabail taisighechta 'na dhiaigh & a ec a cinn caicidhisi ann sin.


Domnall h-Ua Neill, .i. ri Coicidh Uladh, do gabail do Brian Mag Mhathgamna & Brian da thabairt d'Eogan h-Ua Neill in bliadhain-si.


Tadhg, mac Mailechlainn, mic Uilliam, mic Donnchadha Muimnigh h-Ui Ceallaigh, .i. ri h-Ua Maine, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Kal. Ian. u. f., l. iiii., Anno Domini M. cccc. x. i.


Siuban, ingen Iarla Desmuman, .i. ben Meg Carrthaigh Moir, .i. Tadhg Mag Carrthaigh, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Domnall, mac Concobuir h-Ui Briain, .i. adbur h-Ui Briain, do marbadh don Barrach Mhor.


Eogan, mac Murchadha h-Ui Madaghain, .i. ri Sil n-Anmchadha, d'eg.


Cobthach h-Ua Madaghain, .i. adbur righ & espuic ar a dhuthaidh, d'h-ec in bliadhain-si.


Muircertach, mac Con


Uladh h-Ui Neill, d'eg in bliadhain-si: .i. adbur righ Uladh.


Iarla Desmuman d'innarbadh da brathair fein, .i. do Shemus, mac Geroid & gur' chuir se an t-Iarla a h-Erinn amach: .i. Tomas, mac Seaoin Iarla.


h-Ua Suillabhain Mor do gabail in bliadhain-si & a mac do marbadh le Domnall n-Dubh h-Ua Suillabhain a feall.


Mael Mordha h-Ua Raghallaigh (.i. mac Con Connacht, mic Gilla Isu Ruaidh), .i. ri Breifne, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Mailechlainn, mac Briain Meg Tigernain, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. adhbur taisigh Tellaigh Dunchadha.


{fol. B 79a}Concobur h-Ua Cathusaigh, aircinnech Ferainn Muinntiri Cathusaigh i n-Daim Inis, d'h-eg.


Iohannes Mag Sgoloigi, aircinnech a ferainn fein i Ros Oirrthir, obiit. (Croch Naomh Ratha Both d'ferthainn fhola da chrechtaibh an bliadhain-si & teghmanna & eslainti imda d'fhoiridhin di.)


Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. x.u., Anno Domini M. cccc. x. ii.


Ricard Baired do techt ar creich i Cuil Cernu & daine uaisli in tire do breith air & a chur cum na Muaidhe & a bhathudh uirre & moran da muinntir do bhathudh & do marbadh.


Tigernan Og, mac Tigernain Moir, mic Ualgairg h-Ui Ruairc, d'h-eg: {fol. A 82c} .i. sai mic righ & adbur righ Breifne gan fhrasabra. & a adlucadh a Sligeach.


Domnall, mac Neill h-Ui Domnaill, d'h-eg.


Cu Connacht Mag Tighernain, .i. taisech Theallaigh


Dunchadha, do marbadh d'Feraibh Manach ina tigh fein ar Cruachan, ar greis aidhce. & tucadur ár ban & fer & leanam and & do loiscedar baile Meg Tigernain don dul-sin & tangadur dia tighibh slan on turus-sin.


Cocadh mor ag h-Ua Ferghail, .i. Domnall h-Ua Ferghail & a g Gallaibh na Midhe. & Fabur do loscadh leo & daine imda do ghabail & do marbadh leo.


h-Ua Cathain & clann Sheaain h-Ui Domnaill do dhenum innsaighidhi ar h-Ua Domnaill & ceithri fir deg do muinntir h-Ui Domnaill do marbadh.


Dealbh Muire Atha Truim do dhenum mirbuile mor 'sa bliadhain-si.


Aedh, mac Enri h-Ui Neill, d'elogh a h-Ath Cliath arna bheith deich m-bliadhna a laim ann & tuc moran do braighdibh ailib leis.


Eda Leis & mac Iarla Cille Dara do thecmail le cheile a Cill Mo Chelloig & a toitim le cheile.


Sluaighedh mor le Brian, mac Domnaill h-Ui Concobuir, a n-Gailengaibh & a Cera & a Clainn Cuain & a Conmaicne. & ruc leis Clainn Muiris cona caeraidhecht annsa crich. & do tinoileadur Clann Uilliam A Burc & h-Ui Flaithbertaigh & Muinnter {fol. B 79b} Maille, eter Gall & Gaidhel & Clann Goisdelbh & Clann Shiurtain d'Eisreta & Bairedaigh a n-aghaidh Briain & a sluaigh.


& do loiscedh leis a m-bailti puirt, .i. Caislen in Bharraigh & in Leth Innsi & Loch Mesca & do gherr a n-guirt uile & do chuir Clainn Muiris tar a n-ais 'na tir fein. & do ben Brian sidh a Gallaibh & a Gaidhelaibh Connacht don turus-sin.


Donnchadh, mac Domnaill, Mac Gille Finnein, d'h-eg.


Kal. Ian. i. f., l. xx.ui., Anno Domini M. cccc. x. iii.


Hannri Baired do ghabail le Mac Baitin a tempoll Airigh & a breith ar eigin as & in baile do sharughadh do. & ni roibhe Mac Baitin, .i. Roibert Mac Baitin, en aidhchi nach tarfas Tigernan Oiridh do, .i. naem an baile, ag tabhach na braighed air, no co fuair a h-aiseg. & tuc Mac Baitin cethroime ferainn do Thigernan Oirigh a n-eraic a sharaighthi & araile.


Conchobur h-Ua Dochartaigh, .i. taisech Arda Midhair & tigherna Indsi Eoghain, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Cathal, mac Eogain h-Ui Madagh{fol. A 82d}ain, tigherna Sil n-Anmchadha, d'h-eg.


Muinnter Raighillaigh & Clann Caba do dul ar innsoighidh 'sa Midhe in bliadhain-si & loiscti mora do denum doibh. & Goill do breith orra annsin & Mathgamain Mac Caba do marbadh ann & Lochlainn Mac Caba & moran da muinntir do marbadh an & Tomas Og h-Ua Raighillaigh do lot & a beith bacach osin ale.


Tuathal h-Ua Maille do dhul a Coicidh Uladh ar buannacht & a beith bliadhain ann & a techt ar ais, lucht secht long. Gaeth mor d'eirghi doibh & m-breith budh tuaidh laim re h-Albainn. & Donnchadh, mac Eogain Connachtaigh Mic Suibhne, {fol. B 79c}


do beith ann & Domnall Ballach, mac Suibne Ghirr. & a m-bathudh uile cona muinntir, eter mnai & fher. & da mac Thuathail cona muinntir & Tuathal fein do thecht a tir ar eigin i n-Albainn don turus-sin.


Be Bind, ingen Ruaidhri, mic Tomaltaigh Mic Donnchaid, .i. ben Eogain, mic Domnaill h-Ui Concobuir, d'h-eg.


Hoc anno natus est Carolus iuuenis, filius Caroli magni, Mac Magnussa, scilicet, A.D. 1413.


Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. uii., Anno Domini M. cccc. x. iiii.


Indsoighidh do dhenum do clainn Enri h-Ui Neill ar Eogan h-Ua Neill & Eogan do ghabail doibh a n-gill ris h-Ua Neill do bi ag Eogan i l-laim roime-sin. & do leigedh amach iad araen.


Maidm mor do thabairt do h-Ua Concobuir Fhailghi (.i. don Calbhach) ar Ghallaibh in bliadhain-si, & braighdi imda do ghabail doibh & ár mor do thabairt leis.


Cogadh mor eter Mac Murchadha & Goill na Cunntae Riabcha & mac Mic Murchadha do ghabail doibh, .i. Geralt Caemanach & h-Uí Droghna do loscadh & d'argain doibh. & Donnchadh Caemanach do tabairt ruaga don Chunntae & braighdi imda do ghabail do.


Iarla Desmuman do thecht a n-Erinn an bliadhain-si & nert Saxanach do thecht leis do milliudh na Muman.


Mag Carrthaigh Cairbrech do eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Domnall.


Mainister Shligigh do loscadh a n-Errach na bliadhna-sa co lom le coinnill.


Mael Ruanaigh, mac


Ferghail Mic Diarmata, .i. righ Muighi Luirg, arna athrighadh do clainn Aedha Mic Diarmata roime-sin & arna innarbadh.


Domnall h-Ua h-Eogain, deaganach Locha h-Eirne & bicair Insi Cain, .i. in Deganach Mael, d'eg in bliadhain-si, tertio Nonas Octobris.


Kal. Ian. iii. f., l. x.uiii., Anno Domini M. cccc. x .u.


Saxanaigh do thecht a n-Erinn in bliadhain-si, .i. Loard Furnumal. & do airg se {fol. A 83a} moran d'aes dana Erenn, .i. h-Ua Dalaigh Mídhe & Aedh Og Mac Raith & Dubthach Mac Eochadha & Muir{fol. B 79d}gis h-Ua Dalaigh.


Crecha mora do dhenum do h-Ua Maille in bliadhain-si ar Diarmait h-Ua Maille. Diarmait do gabail oilein h-Ui Maille. h-Ua Maille do dhul a n-iarmhoracht ar Diarmait: Diarmait do thegmail doibh & brisedh leis ar h-Ua Maille. & a marbadh annsin le Diarmait & Concobur h-Ua Maille & mac Tomais h-Ui Maille & Domnall, mic Diarmata h-Ui Maille. h-Ua Maille do dhenam do Dhiarmait h-Ua Maille annsin.


Bean Midhe, ingen h-Ui Glennain, ben Gilla Tigernaigh Mic Gilla Martain, obiit tertio Idus Nouembris.


Kal. Ian. iiii. f., l. xx.ix., Anno Domini M. cccc. x. ui.


Seaan Mac Goisdelbh do dhul ar creich cum Emaind in Mhachaire & e fein do marbadh d'en urchur shoighdi.


Tuathal h-Ua Maille do marbadh in bliadhain-si do clainn Dubghaill h-Ui Maille, .i. do clainn a derbrathar fein.


Cocadh mor d'eirghi eter Muinntir


Ruairc & Fheraibh Manach fa cuis Cathail, mic Aedha h-Ui Ruairc. & tucadh ruaig do muinntir Aedha Mheg Uidhir & do Cathal h-Ua Ruairc le Tadhg h-Ua Ruairc & le Domnall h-Ua Ruairc, d'ar' marbadh Tadhg, mac Ferghail & nonmur d'Feraibh Manach. Indsoighidh aile le h-Aedh h-Ua Ruairc & le Tadhg h-Ua Ruairc & le Mac Caba a Muinntir Pheodachain. & Fir Mhanach o Loch siar do breith orra & clann h-Ui Ruairc do beith a n-eigin mhor ar Sliabh Da Chon & do fhuilngeadur an anbhuain-sin no co rangadur a n-edurnaigh. & do inntodur clann h-Ui Ruairc & Clann Caba ar in toraigh & tucadur ruaig d'Feraibh Manach d'ar' marbadh ochtar ar fichit dibh. & do marbadh da mac Mailechlainn, mic Flaithbertaigh h-Ui Ruairc, .i. Donnchadh Ruadh & Seaan. & do marbadh echta {fol. B 80a} maithi eile do Mhanchachaibh ann.


Domnall, mac Tigernain Moir h-Ui Ruairc, .i. adbur righ Breifne, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si don galur breac.


Mac Fheorais do ghabail d'Emainn A Burc.


Ingen Muircertaigh, mic Cathail, mic Aedha Breifnigh, d'h-eg: .i. ben Ruaidhri Mic Diarmata.


Cocadh mor d'eirghi eter Clainn Donnchaidh Tire h-Oilella fein in bliadhain-si fa ferann & fa creachaibh moraibh do-rinnedur ar {fol. A 83b} a cheile. Mac Donnchaidh cona chlainn & Cormac Mac Donnchaidh do beith d'en taibh & Tomaltach Mac Donnchaidh & clann Mail Ruanaigh Mic Donnchaidh don taebh aili. Imruagadh do tegmail atorra & da mac Mail Ruanaigh Mic Donnchaidh do marbadh ar in imruagadh,


.i. Muircertach & Aedh. & Cormac Og Mac Donnchaidh do marbadh in la cetna.


Maidm mor do thabairt do Mac Murchadha, .i. Art Mac Murchadha, ar Ghallaibh na Cunndae Riabcha in bliadhain-si, d'ar' marbadh & d'ar' gabadh secht fichit dibh.


Cu Meadha, mac Seaain Mec Con Mara, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. adhbur taisigh Clainni Cuilein. & cenn cogaidh & imresna na Muman h-e.


Ardghal, mac Briain Moir Mheg Mathgamna, .i. ri Oirgiall, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si & a mac do ghabail a ínait ina dhiaigh, .i. Brian.


Gormlaith, ingen Neill Moir h-Ui Neill, .i. ben Seaain h-Ui Domnaill, d'h-eg, .i. sai mhná.


Cormac Dubh Mac Branain, .i. adbur taisigh Corco Achlann, do marbadh da brathair fein a fell a n-Oil Finn.


Cu Connacht, mac Mic Raith Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si (i n-Id Ianuarii).


Aedh Bacach, mac in Aircinnich, .i. mac Nícoíl Fhinn, mic Conchobuir, .i. in Arcideochain, fer daennachta moire do Muinntir Innsi Cain Locha h-Erne, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, octauo Kalendas Septimbris.


Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. x., Anno Domini M. cccc. x. uii.


Mac Murchadha, .i. ri Laighen, .i. Art, mac Airt Caemanaigh, .i. in coicedhach dobh' ferr einech & eaghnum & derc do bi ina aimsir fein, d'h-eg ina longport fein in bliadhain-si, iar m-buaidh ongtha & aithrighe.


Ruaidhri, mac Domnaill h-Ui Dubhda, .i. ri h-Ua Fiachrach, d'eg ina longport fein iar m-buaidh aithrighe.


Diarmait Laimderg, mac Airt Caemanaigh,


.i. mac righ Laighen, d'h-eg.


Ruaidhri, mac Murchadha h-Ui Fhlaithbertaigh, {fol. B 80b} .i. mac righ Iarthair Connacht & mac Diarmata Duibh h-Ui Flaithbertaigh do bathadh & se fir deg d'Uib Flaithbertaigh do bathadh faru ar Cuan Umaill.


Maighister Seoan, mac in Airchideochain Móir, .i. persun Daim Innsi Locha h-Erne, d'eg in bliadhain-si, sexto Kalendas Octobris.


{fol. A 83b}Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. xxi., Anno Domini M. cccc. x. uiii.


Tigernan, mac Ualgairc h-Ui Ruairc, .i. ri Breifne, d'éc in bliadhain-si: .i. fer do cosain a dhuthaidh ar na coicrechaibh & dob' ferr einech & eghnum & derc do bi ina aimsir. & a adlucadh a Mainistir Shligigh.


Brian Ballach, mac Aedha, mic Fheidhlimthe h-Ui Conchobuir, .i. adhbur righ Connacht — an mac righ nar'ér duine riam im duais, no im derc — a eg ina longport fein.


Tadhg, mac Cathail, mic Taidhg Meg Fhlannchadha, .i. taisech Dartraighi, d'h-eg.


Eogan, mac Tigernain h-Ui Ruairc, .i. adbur righ Breifne, do bathadh ar Loch Finnmhuighe in bliadhain-si. Aedh Buidhe h-Ua Ruairc do ghabail righi na Breifne a n-diaigh a athar, .i. Tighernain Moir h-Ui Ruairc.


Crecha mora do dhenum do Ghallaibh na Mídhe ar Aedh, mac Airt Meg Aenghusa. Innsoighidh do denum do Mhag Aenghusa & do Mac h-Ui Neill Buidhe ar lorg Gall & na creach-sin. & ni h-urusa a rim, no a airim, a med do gabadh & do marbadh do Ghallaibh ar an toraidhecht-sin. &


a toidhecht fein dia tigh don turus-sin fa buaidh testa & n-edala & araile.


Caislen na Mallacht do dhenum la h-Uilliam h-Ua Ceallaigh in bliadhain-si ar aghaidh caislein móir Rosa Comain, do chur re n-a ghabail. Sluagh mor le clainn Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir & le h-Ichtur Connacht uile do chur bidh a caislen mór Rosa Comain & do-cuiredur lon ann d'ainndeoin a roibe 'na n-aghaidh. & do-rinnedur faslongphurt a timcell an chaislein big & nír' fhedadur ní do don turus-sin.


Risderd, mac Tomais (mic Mathgamna), mic Gilla Isa Ruaidh h-Ui Raighilligh, .i. ri Breifne, do dhul a coiti ar Loch Sighleann a coinne Gall & a bathadh don turus-sin & a mac og, .i. Eogan & da maighistir da muinntir & a bean, .i. ingen Meg Raghnaill, .i. Finnguala. & tainig si as ar toradh a snama. Eogan, mac Seaain, mic Pilib h-Ui Raighilligh, do ghabail righi na Breifne a n-diaigh Risderd.


Eogan, mac Con Connacht Meg Thigernain, .i. adhbur taisigh Thellaigh Dunchadha, d'eg.


Tomas Og, mac Tomais eile Meg Uidhir (.i. in Gilla Dubh), do ghabail in bliadhain-si ar Baile h-Ui Grada le Brian Og, mac Briain, mic Enrí h-Ui Neill & le Seaan, mac Pilib {fol. B 80c} na Tuaidhe Meg Uidhir.


Augustin h-Ua Conghaile d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, pridie Kalendas Iunii.



{fol. A 83d} Kal. Ian. i. f., l. ii. Anno Domini M. cccc.x. ix.


Cocadh mor eter h-Ua Neill, .i. Domnall, mac Enri h-Ui Neill, in bliadhain-si & Eogan, mac Neill Oig h-Ui Neill, .i. adhbur aird-righ Uladh. h-Ua Neill d'innarbadh ar ín cocadh-sin le h-Eogan & le Toirrdelbach h-Ua n-Domnaill, .i. rí Tire Conaill & le Brian Mhag Mhathgamna, .i. ri Oirghiall & le Tomas Mag Uidhir, .i. ri Fer Manach. Sluagh mór le Brian, mac Domnaill h-Ui Conchobuir cona caeraidhecht & Murbach do loscadh leis, .i. longport h-Ui Domnaill & Tir Aedha uile do milliudh leis don turus-sin.


Tómas Bacach mac mic Iarla Urmuman, do dhul do congnum le righ Saxan in bliadhain-si & moran d'uaislibh Erenn do dhul leis 'sa Fraíngc ar an cocadh-sin.


An Calbach h-Ua Conchobuir, .i. ri h-Ua Failghi, do ghabail a fell la mac Libined A Freimne & a reic dó re fer-ínaid righ Saxan, .i. Loard Furnumal. & in trath do gabadh é, in duine do bi a n-glas an Calbaigh d'elogh leis dia thigh fein.


Feircert h-Ua h-Uigind d'h-eg: .i. sai fhir dána & fer tighi n-aidhedh co coitcinn d'feraibh Erenn.


Mac Murchadha, .i. rí Laighen, .i. Donnchadh Caemanach, do ghabail do Ghallaibh in bliadhain-si & a breith a Saxanaibh dhoibh.


Muircertach, mac Briain h-Ui Fhlaithbertaigh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si — .i. feichemh coitcenn do chliaraibh & do dhamaibh Erenn, .i. ri Iarthair Connacht — fa buaidh o doman.


Seaan, mac Cathail Meg Uidhir, do marbadh in bliadhain-si, decimo quarto Kalendas Iuini.


Aedh h-Ua Flannagain, prioir


Daim Innsi, obiit i feil Martain na bliadhna-sa.


Sluagh mor leis h-Ua Cellaigh Maine in bliadhain-si & le h-Uilliam h-Ua Ceallaigh & le Mac Uilliam Búrc & le Cathal n-Dubh h-Ua Conchobuir & le Mac Diarmada Muighi Luirg, .i. Tomaltach. & a ceitherna galloglach do breith leo, .i. Mac Dubgaill & Toirrdelbach Mac Domnaill & a n-dula don turus-sin a Clainn Ricaird da milliudh & d'innarbadh Mic Uilliam a Clainn Ricaird amach. Sluagh mor eile do beith ag Mac Uilliam Clainni Ricaird ar a cinn, .i. Tadhg, mac Briain & a braithrecha & maithi Tuadhmuman uile & Domnall Mac Suibne. Tarrla imorro in da shluag-sin ar a ceile a m-bel Atha Lighean a n-Uachtar Clainni Ricaird & tucadur troid da ceile {fol. B 80d} annsin. & do marbadh Mac Dubgaill annsin & a dhis mac & a galloglaich uile. Toirrdelhach Mac Domnaill & a mac do dhul asan troid-sin slan & a muinnter do marbadh ann uile. & do gabadh h-Ua Ceallaigh, .i. Donnchadh h-Ua Ceallaigh & Uilliam Garbh, mac Daibith, tigherna {fol. A 84a} Clainni Connmaigh. & Uilliam h-Ua Ceallaigh do dhul 'n-a aenur asan maidm-sin & moran do maithibh h-Ua Maine do marbadh & do gabail 'sa n-ár. & ni fetur cinnedh na comairim ar med an mhadma-sin, na ar med edala Clainni Ricaird & na Muimnech, d'echaibh & d'eidedh & do braighdibh maithibh & araile.


Aedh Buidhe, mac Tigernain h-Ui Ruairc, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si a tus a ratha 'na longport fein. Tadhg, mac Tigernain h-Ui Ruairc, do righadh ina inad ar in m-Breifne in bliadhain




Diarmait Ruadh h-Ua Conchobuir d'h-eg.


Cathal, mac Aedha, mic Philib Meg Uidhir, d'eg in bliadhain-si (quarto Nonas Decimbris): .i. ogmacamh dob' ferr clú & einech & airemh do bhí da dhuthaidh ina aimsir fein. & a adlucadh a Lis Gabhail.


Tomas Bacach Buitiller d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. mac Iarla Urmuman, ar m-breith buadha airme & oirrdercuis.


Domnall, mac Enri h-Ui Neill, .i. ri Coicidh Uladh, d'innarbadh in bliadhain-si do comairle Uladh fa Eogan h-Ua Neill & a chur ar Galltacht Uladh fa esonoir mhóir.


Finemhain, ingen h-Ui Manchain, ben genmaich, duthrachtach, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Aine, ingen Henri Mic Caba, mathair clainni abbad Leasa Gabail, .i. Tomas, abb, .i. mac in Airchideochain Moir d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Anno Domini M. cccc. x. ix.; alias, Anno Domini M. cccc. xx.


Clann Airt Meg Uidhir do marbadh le h-Aedh Og Mag Uidhir in bliadhain-si a n-Inis Cain Locha h-Eirne.


Maidm Machaire h-Ua n-Damain in bliadhain-si le h-Aedh Mag Uidhir ar clainn in Ghilla Dhuib Meg Uidhir, .i. Pilib, & Tomas Og, du inar' marbadh Domnall Carrach, mac Aedha Meg Uidir, le Tomas Og Mag Uidhir (.i. a frithguin).


In Samradh te & Foghmur na cno n-imdha in bliadhain cetna & araile.


Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. x.iii., Anno Domini M. cccc. xx.


Caislen Bona Drobaisi do dhenum in bliadhain-si le Brian,


mac Domhnaill h-Ui Conchobair. Sluagh in Coicidh do thecht an tan-sin do bhacail na h-oibri. Do cruinnigh Brian sluagh aile 'na n-aghaidh-sin fa a braithribh & fa Mac Donnchaidh & fa h-Ua Ruairc, .i. Tadhg. & nír' lamh in sluagh Ulltach dul tar an Ursgathaigh siar cuca don dul-sin. Conallaighdo beith, moran daine, fa cuan Easa Ruaidh an tan-sin. Clann h-Ui Domnaill do thecht, marcshluagh, ar in magh, .i. Niall & Domnall & Nectain. Clann Brian h-Ui Conchobuir do dhul, marcshluagh mor cuartaighthi, in tan-sin co Bel Atha Seanaigh & imruaghadh mor d'eirghi atorra. Conallaigh do breith orra annsin & ruaig do thabairt atorra ann do Chairbreachaibh, d'ar' marbadh Seaan, mac Briain h-Ui Concobuir & Aedh Buidhe Mac Donnchaidh & Cathail, mac Diarmata, mic Cormaic, mic Ruaidhri {fol. B 81a} & Eogan h-Ua Dubhda. Brian h-Ua Conchobuir do dhul & Cairbrigh ar Magh Eine in tan-sin fa na sgelaibh-sin. Eogan h-Ua Concobuir & Toirrdelbach Carrach {fol. A 84b} do dhul a cenn coic n-oidhce iar sin co h-Es Ruadh. Clann h-Ui Domnaill do beth don taebh tall don Es, a Port na Long, iar n-ol fina. & a fhis-sin d'fhaghbail d'Eogan & a n-índsoighidh doibh & Domnall h-Ua Domnaill, .i. adbur righ Thire Conaill, do marbadh leo & daine eile nach airimter annso. & Niall h-Ua Domnaill do dhul uatha a luing Saxanaigh do bhi ar an cuan in tan-sin. & Eogan d'inntogh don turus-sin co Drobhais cetna & araile.


Tadhg, mac Fergail h-Ui Eaghra, .i. lethri Luighne, d'h-eg.


Clann t-Sheaain h-Ui Eaghra do thecht ar sluaighedh cona cairdibh d'innsoighidh clainni h-Ui Eaghra Oirrtheraigh.


Do bí Eogan, mac Domnaill h-Ui Concobuir, 'na fhir comairce & coimeda ag clainn Taidhg h-Ui h-Eaghra. Crecha mora & marbtha daine do denum do clainn t-Sheaain in tan-sin. Eogan do breith orra annsin & na crecha d'iaraidh orra do do thoradh comaind, & do coimed a éinígh. & ní fhuair &, o nach fuair, do cumnigh ar a uaisli fein & do-chuaidh a toraidhecht na creichi. Clann t-Sheaain & Clann Muiris do madhmachadh le h-Eogan & le mac Mic Donnchaidh & le clainn Taidhg h-Ui Eaghra. & Mac Muiris do ghabail ann & Emann Mac Muiris do marbadh ann & Seaan, mac Ricaird Mic Muiris & Uilliam, mac Seaain Oig h-Ui Eaghra & Tadhg h-Ua Eaghra & moran eile nach airmither sunn. & creacha do buain dibh annsin le h-adh Eogain.


Uilliam, mac Mailechlainn h-Ui Cheallaigh, .i. adbur aird-righ h-Ua Maine & in t-aen mac uirrigh ro bo mó tren & test & dob' ferr d'fher chogaidh & do bo mhó cuíd oidhchi do bí i n-Erinn ina aimsir fein, a ég ina longport fein iar m-buaidh aithrighe.


Comfhuaslúcudh do dhenum in tan-sin ar Chathal h-Ua Conchobuir do bhi i l-laim ag Mac Ulliam re ré fhada d'{fol. B 81b} aimsir a n-gill re caislen Rosa Comain & ar h-Ua Ceallaigh do bí ag Mac Uilliam Clainni Ricaird & ar h-Ua Conchobuir do bí i l-laim Uilliam.


Fergus (no, Gilla Fergusa) h-Ua Congalaigh, duthchusach do Muinntir Rois Oirrthir & fer daenachtach, d'h-eg.


Maighistir Matha h-Ua Banain, persun & oirchinnech


Daire Maelain, d'h-eg 6 Idus Septimbris.


Goffraigh h-Ua Daimhin d'h-eg 13 Kalendas Iulii & a adhlucadh ag cuirr cle altora Mainistrech Lesa Gabail.


{fol. A 84c}Kal. Ian. iiii. f., l. xx.iiii., Anno Domini M. cccc. xx. i.


Tomas Og h-Ua Raighilligh d'h-eg.


Murchadh h-Ua Concobuir, .i. ri h-Ua Failghi, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Ruaidhri, mac Aedha Mic Diarmata, .i. rí Muighi Luirg, .i. an nar' diult re daim, na re deoraidh & nar' eithigh nech um ní riam, a eg ina longport fein iar m-buaidh aithrighi.


Nicol Mag Bradaigh, .i. espuc na Breifne, d'h-eg: .i. sai a crabadh & a n-einech.


Cocadh mor d'eirghi an bliadhain-si eter h-Ua Ruairc & Mac Donnchaidh. h-Ua Ruairc do tinol sluaigh moir a n-ein inadh, .i. Connallaigh o Eas Ruaidh co Daire & Aedh, mac Pilib Meg Uidhir, cona tinol & Breifnígh fein. & a n-dul a Tir Oilella don turus-sin & moran don tír do loscadh leo & Cathal, mac Mic Donnchaidh, do marbadh doibh & a toighecht dia tighibh fa buaidh coscair.


Eogan, mac Ruaidhri h-Ui Conchobuir, .i. mac righ Connacht, d'eg in bliadhain-si i caislen Rosa Comain.


Mor, ingen Briain h-Ui Briain, .i. ingen {fol. B 81c} righ Tuadhmuman, ben Baiter A Burc & do bi 'na mnai ag Tadhg h-Ua Cerbhaill, .i. an eín ben dob' ferr aithne & einech, ciall & crabadh do bi a n-Erinn ína h-aimsir fein, a h-eg an bliadhain-si fo buaidh ongtha & aithrighe & araile.



Cormac na Coille Mag Carrthaigh do marbadh le clainn Eogain Meg Carrthaigh: .i. an t-en mac righ dob' ferr einech & eghnum do bi do Mumneachaibh 'n-a aímsir fein.


Meic mic Airt Meg Uidhir do marbadh in bliadhain-si le h-Aedh Og Mag Uidhir a n-Inis Cain Locha h-Eirne: .i. Eogan Cam & Tadhg Riabhach & Ruaidhri Buidhe, maille re moirseisiur laech dia muinntir, an la roimh feil Brenainn.


(Maidm Machaire O n-Daman in bliadhain-si a Faghmur na cno n-imda ria n-Aedh Meig Uidhir ar clainn Tomais Moir Meig Uidhir, .i. Tomas Occ & Filib, du inar' marbadh Domnall Carrach, mac Aedha, a frithguin le Tomas Og.)


Gilla Patraig h-Ua h-Eogain, prioir Leasa Gabhail, mac in oirchinnigh d'ar' bo comainm Nicol Finn, mac Conchobhuir, .i. mac in Aircideochain, obiit§.


Kal. Ian. u. f., l. u., Anno Domini M. cccc. xx. ii.


Eogan, mac Neill Oigh Ui Neill, do fhuaslucudh da clainn fein & da mhnai o Mac h-Ui Neill Buidhe an bliadhain-si.



h-Ua Conchobuir Corcu Mruadh, .i. Rughraidhe h-Ua Concobuir, do marbadh da braithribh fein, .i. do clainn Feidhlimthe h-Ui Concobuir, a n-dorus Caislein na Damcha, .i. a m-baile h-Ui Concobuir fein.


An Cosnaighi Og Mac Aedhagain, .i. ollam h-Ui Concobuir Failghi re breithemnus, do marbhadh d'en urchur soighdi le clainn h-Ui Mailechlainn.


Sluagh mor le h-Eogan, mac Neill Oig h-Ui Neill & leis h-Ua n-Domnaill & le Mac h-Ui Neill Buidhe & re maithibh an Coicidh o sin amach a Connachtaibh. & Cairpri do loscadh leo don turus-sin. Ruaidhrigh mor do thabairt d'Eogan, mac Concobuir, doibh a Sligech & do Thoirrdelbach {fol. A 84d} Carrach h-Ua Concobuir & do h-Ua {fol. B 81d} Ruairc. Seisur do marbadh doibh don t-shluagh don ruaig-sin. An sluagh do dul assin a Tir Oilella & millti mora do dhenum doibh innti. & a m-beith aidhchi a caiseal Locha Dergain & a techt iar sin tridh an m-Breifne do ched h-Ui Ruairc dia tighibh.


Mac Maghnusa Meg Uidhir, .i. Concobur, mac Gilla Padraig, mic Matha, mic Gilla Padraig, mic Maghnusa, .i. fer saidhber, daenachtach, a eg in bliadhain-si 7 Idus Iuilii.


(Iohannes de Platea, famosissimus legis Doctor, obiit hoc anno decimo tertio die mensis Maii et sepultus est in ecclesia Sancti Dominici in Bononia.)


Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. x.ui., Anno Domini M. cccc. xx. iii.


Caislen Atha Senaigh do dhenum in bliadhain-si le Niall, mac Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Domnaill.


Toirrdelbach, mac Neill Gairbh h-Ui Domnaill, .i. ri Tire Conaill, d'eg in bliadhain-si, a m-bert manaigh, iar


m-buaidh ongtha & aithrighi.


Sluaghadh mor do dhenum leis h-Ua Neill, .i. Domnall & le h- Eogan h-Ua Neill & leis h-Ua n-Domnaill, .i. Níall & le Gaidhelaibh Uladh archena cum Gall. & do-cuadur co Lughmadh an tan-sin & assin cum an t-Sradbhaile & tucadur troid don dul-sin do Gallaibh na Midhe & do Gallaibh Mhachaire Oirgiall & an t-Sradbhaile & d'fher-ínaid righ Saxan. Maidm mor do thabairt leo ar Ghallaibh an tan-sin & do marbadur in ridere do bo cenn troda do Ghallaibh annsin & moran do Ghallaibh ailibh maille fris. & fuaradur edala mora don turus-sin & do-ronadur sith re Gallaibh fós don dul-sin & do fhaghbadur an Sradbaile & Gaill uile fa chis & fa comtachaibh o sin amach & araile.


Muiris, mac Matha, mic Osgair Meg Uidhir, .i. airchideochain Clochair (an t-Aircideochain Mor) & persun Achaid Urchaire & tigherna Claín Indsi & Rossa Oirrter, obiit 6 Kalendas Maii.


Mag Raith Termoinn Dabheoig, .i. Marcus, mac Muiris Meg Raith, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si & {fol. B 82a} comorba do dhenum da brathair ina inadh, .i. do Sheaan Mhor Mhag Raith.


Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. xx.uii., Anno Domini M. cccc. xx. iiii.


Gilla Isa, mac Briain Meg Tigernain, .i. adhbur taisigh Teallaigh Dunchadha & fer einigh do dhamaibh & do dheoraidhaibh e, & a ég fa buaidh on t-saegal.


Ri h-Ua Maine, .i. Donnchadh, mac Mailechlainn h-Ui Ceallaigh, do marbadh d'en urchur shoighde, ag edraín a muinntire fein ar a cheile.


Cocadh mór eter Muinntir


Ruairc a n-diaigh Aedha Buidhe h-Ui Ruairc: .i. Tadhg, mac Tigernain h-Ui Ruairc do denum sidha re Muinntir Raighilligh, .i. re h-Eogan, mac Seaain h-Ui Raighilligh & righi na Breifne do Thadhg co h-imshlan.


Mailechlainn Mac Caba, .i. Consabla in da Breifne & Fer Manach & Oirgiall, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si don plaidh. & sgel adh{fol. A 85a}bul, mhor é d'aes ealadhan Erenn.


Gilla Crist h-Ua Feradaigh (.i. mac in Cerda) obiit.


Mael Padraig h-Ua h-Eogain, .i. mac in Maighistir Moir, .i. Matha, mac Conchobuir h-Ui h-Eogain, obiit.


Kal. Ian. ii. f.,l. ix., Anno Domini M. cccc. xx. u.


An Mortimer do thecht a n-Erinn an bliadhain-si: .i. Iarla o Mairsi & moran do Shaxanachaibh do thecht leis. & is ag an Iarla-sin do bí coimed righ Saxan & urmhoir na Fraíncci & na n-Gall Erennach uile. Uair is 'n-a leanm ro fagadh ri Saxan & is ag Iarla o Mairsi do bí a cosnum & a coiméd. Tangadur dino moran do maithibh Erenn co tech in Iarla-sin & tangadur uadha fa aenta & fa onoir mhoir. Do-cuadur imorro maithi in Coicidh Ulltaigh co tech in Iarla-sin: .i. h-Ua Neill & Eogan h-Ua Neill & Nechtain h-Ua Domnaill & Mac h-Ui Neill Buidhe, .i. Brian Ballach. & do-cuaidh Mac Uibhilín ann ar leth leis fein. Ar n-denum a n-uírighill risin Iarla, do eg in t-Iarla don plaidh ni is luaithi ina thangadur san asa Mídhe. Goill na Mídhe


& Saxanaigh do lenmuin na n-Gaidhel-sin & n-gabail uile & daine maithi eile da n-oirechtaibh araen ríu. h-Ua Neill & Mac h-Ui Neill Buidhe & Mac Uibilin do dhul fa breith Gall & a légan amach. Innlach imdha & aimlesa mora do breith ar Eogan & ar mac h-Ui Domnaill & a congbail a laim trid-sin. & dob' adbur cogaidh moir a Coicedh Uladh uile na gabhala-sin.


Ruaidhri Ruadh h-Ua h-Uiginn d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. sai fhir dána.


{fol. B 82b}Tadhg h-Ua Fallamain, .i. taisech Clainni h-Uadach, do marbadh a fell 'na caislen fein le mac derbrathar a athar fein.


Gormlaith, ingen Domnaill h-Ui Conchobuir, .i. ben Tighernain h-Ui Ruairc, .i. in ben dob' ferr delb & aithne da fine fein, d'h-eg do bhas aithrighi in bliadhain-si.


Doinenn mor 'sa bliadhain-si & a beith ann o Samain co Belltaine, co taraing ár mor ar buaibh & dith trebtha ar Erinn uile & dith daine.


Muiredach Sdibhard, .i. prinnsa na h-Alban, do mhilliudh & a mac, .i. Ualtar & a mac eile & Mormaer Leamna do milliudh a fell lé righ Alban. & Semus Sdibhard d'ínnarbadh a n-Erinn.


Brian (.i. Brian Ballach) Mac h-Ui NeillBuidhe, .i. in t-en mac righ dob' ferr einech & aithne ar {fol. A 85b} gach uile ealadhain da cluinedh, a marbadh in bliadhain-si a feall a Carraig Fhergusa le bathlachaibh anuaislib na Cairgi fein. & Seaan, mac Enri h-Ui Neill, do marbadh ar in lathair cetna a fochair Mic h-Ui Neill (no, gumadh ar an m-bliadhain-so t-shuas budh choir Brian Ballach do beith.).



Matha h-Ua Leannain, .i. cananach do bhi o Lis Gabail i Ros Oirrthir, obiit 3 Kalendas Maii.


Eogan h-Ua Diarmata, saer cananach Lesa Gabail, obiit Idibus Ianuarii.


Kal. Ian. iii. f., l. xx., Anno Domini M. cccc. xx. ui.


Feidhlim, mac Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


h-Ua Concobuir Ruadh d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. Toirrdelbach, mac Aedha, mic Fheidhlimthe h-Ui Conchobuir: cocthoir & cosantach Connacht é ar conghleachaibh & ar cathruagaibh & ar aithne & ar eolus; a ég fa buaidh aithrighe.


Concobur h-Ua Briain (.i. mac Mathgamna, mic Muirchertaigh, mic Thoirrdhelbaigh, mic Thaidhg, mic Conchubhair na Sibhdaine h-Ui Bhriain) d'eg in bliadain-si, ri Tuadhmuman. & Tadhg, mac Briain h-Ui Briain, do righadh 'na inadh.


Mac Mathgamna Bodhur, .i. rí Corco Baiscinn, .i. Toirrdelbach, do marbadh & do loscadh lena brathair fein ar greis oidhci.


Concobur Crom, mac Taidhg h-Ui Ruairc, d'h-eg.


Ruaidhri, mac Aedha Meg Aenghusa, do marbadh 'na tigh fein a feall do Brian Mag Aengusa.


Enri Mac h-Ui Neill Buidhe do dhalladh le clainn Mic h-Ui Neill Buidhe.


h-Ua Duibgeannain Cille Ronain d'h-eg: .i. Pilib h-Ua Duibgeannain.


Brian, mac


Taidhg h-Ui Eogain, .i. mac in Oiffidsel, obiit 5 Kalendas Nouembris.


Lucía, ingen Mic Donnagain, d'eg.


Gilla Tighernaigh h-Ua Fialain d'h-eg Kalendis Marcii.


Tadhg Og Mac Gilli Finnein & a mac (.i. Aedh) do marbadh 'na tigh fein le h-Art, mac Eogain h-Ui Neill, 15 Kalendas Ianuarii.


{fol. B 85c} Kal. Ian. iiii. f., l. i., Anno Domini M. cccc. xx. uii.


Gillebert h-Ua Flannagain, tigherna ar trian Tuaithi Ratha, fer clumar, deighbesach, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Caislen Edain Daire i n-Uíb Failge do brisedh le Gallaibh in bliadain-si.


Murchadh, mac Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Briain, do marbadh a feall da derbrathair fein.


Diarmait h-Ua Mathgamna, .i. rí an Fhuind Iartharaigh, .i. sai deighéinígh nar' eitig nech riamh, a eg an bliadhain-si fa buaidh aithrighi.


Cormac Og Mac Diarmata d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


{fol. A 85c}Una, ingen Aedha Megh Uidhir, .i. bean h-Ui Ruairc, .i. Taidhg — .i. an ben dob' ferr eineach & crabadh & derc do bi i n-Ichtur Connacht ina h-aimsir fein — a h-eg iar m-buaidh aithrighe.


Aine, ingen Cormuic h-Ui Birn, .i. ben Meg Raghnaill, .i. t-Sheffraigh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Loard Graidhe do thecht a n-Erinn & Mac Murchadha, .i. ri Laighen, do thabairt leis a Saxanaibh da fhuaslughadh.


Ferghal Mac Tigernain d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: adbur taisigh Tellaigh Dunchadha.


Brian, mac Ferghail Meg Samradhain, .i. mac taisigh Tellaigh Eathach, .i. sai


daennachtach, deigheinigh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si fa buaidh aithrighi.


Sibhan, ingen in Espuic Mic Cathmhail, ben Muiris, .i. in Airchideochain Mhoir, Mheg Uidhir, obiit 13 Kalendas Februarii; noch ig a raibh tech aidhedh ic Clain Inis & i Ros Oirrtir re se bliadhna deg & da fichit co nosmur, daenachtach, dercech.


Brian h-Ua Daimín, taisech Thire Cennfhada, obiit 8 Idus Ianuarii.


Caiterfhina, .i. ingen Ardghail Mheg Mathgamna, ben h-Ui Neill, .i. Eogain, mic Neill Oig h-Ui Neill, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si i n-Noin Iuin.


Kal. Ian. u. f. l. x.ii., Anno Domini M. cccc. xx. uiii.


Comhorba Caíllín d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. Roiberd, comorba.


Mac Con Mara d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. taisech Clainni Cuilein; .i. sai derchec, deigheinigh ; .i. mac Con Mic Con Mara. & is e in mac Con-sin tuc sogh & sith a Clainn Cuilein ar tus & do coisc sladaighecht & droch chuinghill 'na dhuthaidh & araile.


Aedh, mac Pilib Mheg Uidhir, do dhul da oilithri co cathair San Sem, .i. mac urrigh dob' ferr einech {fol. B 82d} ína aimsir fein & is mo adubradh a n-Erinn. & a eg in bliadhain-si ar n-glanadh a pecadh a cathair San Sem. & an aidche thainig a n-Erinn fo thir, a eg a Cinn t-Shaile, fa bhuaidh n-aithrighe, 3 Idus Augusti. & Tomas Og, mac Meg Uidhir, do bi faris, da breith assin co Corchaigh & a adlucadh leis innti.


Cormac h-Ua Birn,


.i. taisech Thire Briuin, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Aedh Og Mhag Uidhir do marbadh le clainn Donnchadha Ballaigh Meg Shamradhain a tigh Mic Gilli Finnein in bliadhain-si.


Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. xx.iii., Anno Domini M. cccc. xx. ix.


h-Ua Flannagain Tuaithi Ratha, .i. Gilla Isu, dho marbadh in bliadhain-si le clainn Aedha Meg Uidhir 'n-a thigh fein, ar greis aidhce.


Cocadh mor d'eirghi in bliadhain-si eter h-Ua Ruairc, .i. Tadhg & h-Ua Raighilligh, .i. Eogan. & clann Mathgamna h-Ui Raighillaigh & Gaill na Midhe d'eirghi a n-aghaidh h-Ui Raighilligh & baile h-Ui Ra{fol. A 85d}ighilligh do loscadh leo. h-Ua Raighilligh do thabairt h-Ui Neill chuige & Oirgiall & Fher Manach. & a caeraidhecht do gluasacht do leis h-Ua Neill & leisna maithibh-sin co h-Achaidh Cille Moire. h-Ua Ruairc & clann Mathgamna & Barun Dealbhna & Mac Caba do thecht, sluagh mor, cucu ar Achaidh Cille Moire. An da shluagh do dhul a coinne a cheile ar in Achaidh-sin. h-Ua Neill & a clann & a galloglaich & Fir Mhanach & h-Ua Raighilligh & a braithri do dhul chuca annsin co sona, senamhail & maidm Achaidh Cille Moire do thabairt orra. & Barun Delbhna do ghabail ann & Mac Caba & Enri Mac Caba & Diarmaid h-Ua Ruairc & daine aili nach airmiter sunn do ghabail & do marbadh ann. h-Ua Neill & na maithi-sin do thoighecht co cosgurach dia tighibh don turus-sin.


Donnchadh Mac Gille Fhinnein obiit pridie Kalendas Decimbris.



(Hoc anno natus est, ut fertur, h-O Dhomnaill, rí Thire Conaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh, mac Neill, mic Toirrdealbaigh, mic Neill Ghairbh h-Ui Dhomnaill.


Pol, mac Gilla na Naem, mic Gilla Caba h-Ui Caiside, .i. liaigh clumar, athasach do bhigh ag Conchubhar Ruadh Mhag Uidir & ag Rugraidhe Mhag Mhathghamhna gu h-onorach, rimhiadhach & fear subhaltach, suairc, d'h-eg an bliadhain, scilicet, 1429 Anno Domini.)


Kal. Ian. i. f., l. iiii., Anno Domini M. cccc. xxx.


Sluagh mor le h-Eogan, mac Neill Oig h-Ui Neill, co Gallaibh Machaire Oirgiall. Ro h-airgedh imorro & ro lom{fol. B 83a}radh & ro loiscedh Galltacht Machairi Oirgiall leis & ro loisc an Sradbhaile don turus-sin. & ro fhagaibh in Sradbhaile fo chis co h-umail do & tainig fein dia thigh co m-buaidh cosgair & araile.


Sluagh mor la Eogan cetna, mac Neill Oig, co maithibh an Coicidh uime 'sa n-Anghaile & a dola gus an Senlongport & a thoighecht iar sin co Caill Salaigh & a m-beith sealad ann ina comhnaighi & do-chuaidh co Fremhainn Midhe. Ro bai imorro comdhail mor ag Gaidhelaibh in Deisceirt, .i. h-Ua Concobair Fhailghi, .i. in Calbach & h-Ua Mail Mhuaidh & h-Ua Madaghain & Mag Eochagain & h-Ua Mailechlainn, a coinne an Eogain-sin. & tangadur sin uile co Fremainn do ghabhail tuarustail an Eogain-sin. & do loisgedh Iarthar Midhe uile leisna sluaghaibh-sin fa Cill Bhisgidh. Tainig dono Barun Delbhna & Pluingcedaigh & Oiribertaigh & Goill Iarthair Midhe co


comcoitcinn a coinne an Eogain-sin, dia reir & dia onorughadh tar cenn a tirthedh fein. Eogan do thoighecht dia thigh don turus-sin iar m-buaidh cosgair. & mac Domnaill Buidhe h-Ui Ferghail, .i. mac h-Ui Fherghail, do breith leis co Dun n-Gennainn do braghaid, tar cenn tighernuis h-Ui Ferghail & araile, — .i. Emann, mac h-Ui Ferghail.


Mag Uidhir do eg in bliadhain-si (.i. Idibus Nouembris); .i. ri Fer Manach, .i. Tomas (.i. in Gilla Dubh ), mac Pilib, mic Aedha Ruaidh: .i. fer einigh & eaghnuma Iarthair Eorpa {fol. A 86a} an Tomas-sin & fer do cumdaigh reiglesa & tempaill & mainistrecha & crocha naemdha & dealba Muire co meinic & tuc sith a ceallaibh & a tuathaibh & do chosain a crich ar a comursannaibh. & do bhi se bliadhna deg ar fichit a righi Fer Manach. & ro badar sruithi & senoraigh tuatha & eclusa 'ga adhradh & 'ga onorughadh ar a fhebhus ro fhollamhnaigh fein a righi & a fhlaithus. & a eg iar m-buaidh ongtha & aithrighi. & a mac do righadh ina ínadh, .i. Tomas Og, dho thoil De & le tuathaibh Fer Manach & le ceallaibh & le sruithibh & le h-ollamnaibh & le brugadhaibh & le biatachaibh co h-aentadhach & araile.


{fol. B 83b}Niall, mac Enri h-Ui Neill, mortuus est.


Cocadh mor in bliadhain-si iter Mag Carrthaigh Riabach & in t-Iarla. Caisdel Cille Britain do ghabail lesin Iarla, .i. Semus, ar Mag Carrthaigh Riabach & tuc an t-Iarla e do Dhonnchadh Mag Carrthaigh, .i. derbrathair Mheg Carrthaigh, do bhi faris fein ag toghail


in chaisdeil-sin & araile.


Sluaghadh la Mac Uilliam Clainni Ricaird & la Mac Donnchaidh Thire h-Oilella & la mac Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Conchobuir, a Conmaicne Cuile. Loiscthi mora do denum leo & Aedh, mac h-Ui Concobuir Ruaidh, do marbadh leo & Cairbri, mac Briain h-Ui Birn. & a toighecht dia thigh iar m-buaidh choscair.


Caislen Tuillsgi do ghabail do Chathal, mac h-Ui Conchobuir Ruaidh, ar clainn Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Conchobuir in bliadhain-si.


Brian, mac Tighernain Oig h-Ui Ruairc, do marbadh le clainn Mailechlainn Megh Raghnaill a Maethail Mhanchain. & Donnchadh, mac Tighernain, do chur don ruaig-sin a Mainistir Mhaethla co maithibh a muinntiri uime. Donnchadh fein do thoighecht amach tar cenn a muinntire a richt Meg Radhnaill. Sith do dhenum atorra & eraic Briain do íc.


Gilla na Naem h-Ua Leannain, cananach & sacrista Mainistrech Leasa Gabhail, d'h-eg pridie Kalendas Septimbris.


Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. xu., Anno Domini M. cccc. xxx. i.


Mac mic Iarla Cille Dara do crochadh & do tharraing la Gallaibh Atha Cliath in bliadhain-si.


Barrdubh, ingen h-Ui Ruairc (.i. ben h-Ui Raighilligh, .i. Eogain), .i. ben eínígh & crabaidh, do eg iar m-buaidh aithrighe.


Mag Raghnaill do eg in bliadhain cetna: .i. Seffraigh, fer einigh & egnuma.


Aine, ingen h-Ui Ru{fol. A 86b}airc, .i. ben h-Ui Fergail, mortua est.


Seaan, mac Con Connacht, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir, do marbadh le Tellach n-Eathach: idon, fer eínígh & egnuma & crabaidh & tighi


aidhedh do bochtaibh & do dhamaibh & do dheoradhaibh. & a dul chuca ar a n-icht fein ina tir fein. Brian Caech, mac Meg Samradhain, do fhell air & Brian fein do thoitim an la-sin le Seaan & sochaidhe da muinntir a n-digail a n-drochcuingill. & ní roibhe Seaan ann sin act moirsheisur & do bi Brian, da fichit, no tri fichit, ann. Mag Uidhir do dhul, sluagh mór, a Tellach n-Eathach, .i. Tomas, mac Tomais, do dighail a brathar forra. Do h-innradh & do loisgedh tra in tir co toirtemhail leis & do loiscedh baile Meg Samradhain don turus-sin leis & daingnecha ín tire fós. & do marbadh moran do maithibh in tire don turus-sin le Mag Uidhir. Mag Uidhir do inntogh dia tir fein don dul-sin, iar m-buaidh cosguir & comaidhmhe & araile.


Crecha mora & ár daine le Maghnus Mag Mhathgamna ar Ghallaibh in bliadhain-si.


h-Ua Concobuir Corcu Mruadh, .i. Muircertach, do marbadh do clainn a derbrathar fein.


Conn h-Ua Mailechlainn, .i. adbur righ Midhe, do marbadh le h-Anghailechaibh & le Gallaibh Iarthair Midhe in bliadhain-si.


Geralt Caemanach, .i. fer eínígh & eghnuma & adbur righ Laighen gan fhrasabra, d'h-eg.


Uáter Mac Fheorais do eg in bliadhain-si.


Sluagh mor le h-Eogan h-Ua Neill & le h-Oirgiallaibh & le Mag Uidhir & le h-Ua Raighilligh cum Mic Uibhilin dia indradh. Crich Mic Uibhilin do creachad & do loscadh leo. Eogan & a sluagh do beith co cenn caicidhisi ar mís annsa Rúta & a chaeraidhecht faris, ag milliudh a n-arbhann & ag loscadh a m-bailtedh. Eogan do thoighecht dia tigh don turus-sin & araile.


{fol. B 83c}Enrí, mac Eogain h-Ui Neill, do ghabail le Nechtain h-Ua n-Domnaill. Coinne do gabail d'Eogan h-Ua Neill & do Nechtain fria ceile & sith do dhenum doibh


& Enrí do legan amach.


Plaidh do thoidhecht a Feraibh Manach in bliadhain-si. & Aughustin h-Ua Carmaic d'h-eg di: .i. ollamh sairsi Fer Manach uile & fer tighi aidhedh co coitchenn. Mathgamain h-Ua Carmaíc do eg don plaidh cetna.


Marcshluagh Gall do thoidhecht d'iaraidh creichi a Clainn in Caich h-Ui Raighilligh. Maghnus Mag Mhathgamna, .i. mac Ardghail, do dhul in la cetna d'iaraidh creichi ar Ghallaibh & fis an mharcshluaigh Ghall d'fhaghail do. Maghnus da lenmhuin asa lorg & a faghbail ar sgur do, oc foraire {fol. A 86c} forsan creich. Magnus do dhul futha co sona, senamail & a maithi do ghabail do & an chuid aile do marbadh dib. & Magnus do thoidhecht dia thigh don turus-sin fa buaidh cosgair & araile.


Nechtain h-Ua Domnaill do dhul co caistel Locha Laeghuiri ar indsoigidh & a ghabail ar Thoírrdelbach h-Ua n-Domnaill & a fuair ann do mainibh do breith leis dia tigh & araile.


Sluaghadh do dhenum do Mac Uilliam Clainni Ricaird, .i. Uileag, co comaentaidh moir leis, a Conmaicni Chuile. & anbhain innti caicidhis, og loscadh a n-arbann & a m-bailtedh & a thoighecht dia thigh don turus-sin & araile.


Tadhg h-Ua h-Eogain, .i. Oifidhsel Locha h-Erni, .i. fer lan d'egna & do leighinn, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Eogan h-Ua Fialain, saí fhir dana, d'eg in bliadhain cetna.


Gillibert h-Ua Duibhgennain d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Domnall, mac Daibith h-Ui Tuathail, .i. feichemh coitcenn do damaibh & do cliaraibh Erenn co la a eca, mortuus est.


Domnall Mac Gilla Patraig, .i. mac righ Osraighi, mortuus est.


Domnall Riabach, mac Briain, Mac Maghnusa obiit 8 Idus Ianuarii.




Carmaic Fer Manach, .i. Gilla Patraig & Muircertach, mac Pilib Mic Carmuic, do marbadh co lochtach le Donnchadh Mag Carmuic & lena companachaibh mailisechaibh, 6 Nonas Iulii.


Simon Mag Archain, cananach & grainseoir do Muinntir Lesa Gabail, d'h-eg 9 Kalendas Marcii.


Kal. Ian. iii. f., l. xxui., Anno Domini M. cccc. xxx. ii.


h-Ua Neill do marbadh in bliadhain-si la h-Oirecht h-Ui Cathain, .i. iter da Nodlaic do shonnradh: .i. Domnall, mac Enri h-Ui Neill, .i. a dul cuca ina tir fein; Domnall h-Ua Cathain & Aibne h-Ua Cathain, .i. da mac Diarmata h-Ui Chathain, do gabail tighi for h-Ua Neill & {fol. B 83d} a marbadh ann don turus-sin & sochaidhe dia muinntir. Eogan, mac Neill Oig h-Ui Neill, do rigadh 'sa Coicidh co comaentadhach. & a dola co Tulach Og & a rigadh ar leic na righ ann do dheoin De & daine, aespoc & olloman.


Crecha mora, meinci & ár daine le Maghnus Mag Mhathgamna ar Gallaibh in bliadhain-si & no beredh leis cinn Danur & escarad gusan Lurgain, .i. co longport Maghnusa. & do berthi na cinn-sin for garrdha in bhaile, indus gur' adhuathmur le damaibh & le deoradhaibh Erenn beith ag fegain garrdha baile Magnusa, ar a mhed do bhidh do chennaibh a namad & a escarad fair.


Coinne do ghabail do {fol. A 86d} h-Ua Neill, .i. do Eogan,


ar Chael Uiscii re clainn Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Conchobuir. h-Ua Domnaill do chur a muinntire do choimed an Chail, ar egla na coinne do rochtain a cheile. h-Ua Neill & Mag Uidhir, do dol ar in Cael. Muindter h-Ui Domnaill do thegmail doibh & soighdeoracht do beith atorra. Fir Manach do dul a tir forro: ruaig Mibuilg do buain astu & daine imda do lot & do marbadh dibh. Clann Domnaill do thoigecht an la-sin mur aroibhe h-Ua Neill & a lama do thabairt ína laim & araile.


Domnall h-Ua Neill, .i. mac d'Eogan, mic mac Neill Oig h-Ui Neill, do eg don fhilun i cinn caicidhisi iar feil Patraig in bliadhain-si: .i. adbur righ Uladh ar einech & ar eghnum é.


Eogan, mac Meg Carrthaigh Riabaigh, do dhul ar creich ar Cinn Saile. Eogan do marbadh do lucht Cinn t-Shaile d'en urchar dho ga & araile.


Cogadh mor in bliadhain-si eter h-Ua Neill & h-Ua n-Domnaill. Mac h-Ui Neill, .i. Enri, do dhul co Sligech ar cenn clainni Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir. h-Ua Domnaill & h-Ua Ruairc & clann Aedha Mheg Uidhir do beith a foraire rompo re h-edh na coic sechtmain do bi Enri th-shiar. Enrí & Cairbrigh do toighecht for Magh n-Eíne. Mag Uidhir, .i. Tomas Og, do dola, coblach, for Cael Uisgi a coinne Enri & Chairbrech & a toighecht slan dia tig don turus-sin.


Sluaghadh mor do denamh d'Ua Neill & da do Mag Uidhir & do Mac h-Ui Neill Buidhe i Ceinel Moghain for bru h-Ui Domnaill. Echta imda & loiscti mora do denum leo for Thir Conaill & baile h-Ui Domnaill & baile Nechtaín do loscadh leo & guirt ímdha do


mhilliudh leo. & do badur o fheil Cros co Lughnusadh for an toisg-sin & a toighecht dia tigh gan sith do dhenum & araile.


Mag Mathgamna, .i. Brian, mac Ardghail, do dhul a n-aghaidh h-Ui Neill & a n-aghaidh a braithrech fein, .i. Rughraidhe & Maghnus. Mag Mhathgamna do dhul guna caeraidhecht ar Galltacht. Sluagh Gall do tinol & a toighecht le Mag Mathgamna a n-Oirgialla. & Dartraighi Coinn Innsi do losgadh leo & a n-dol don turus-sin co Machaire Arda Macha & imenna Arda Macha do buain asna templaibh doibh & a loscadh ar faighthi in baile. Comadha mora do buain do sruithibh an baile doib do cinn gan a da loscadh. Gaill & Mag Mathgamna do dhul dia tighibh don turus-sin.


Espuc Clochair do eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Art Mac Cathmail, .i. la Sant Labras do shonnradh: .i. fer einigh & crabadh & tighi aidhedh do bochtaibh & do damaibh & do dheoradhaibh. & a dhola fa buaidh o domhain & o demhon & araile.


{fol. A 87a}Mailechlainn Mainech Mac Con Mara, .i. taisech Clainni Cuilein, mortuus est.


Tadhg Mac Mathgamna, .i. adbar righ Corco Baiscind, mortuus est.


Maol Mordha Óg h-Ua Raighilligh mortuus est.


Sluagh Gall do thoighecht a n-Eilibh h-Ui Cherbaill & caislen Baile an Britaigh & cais{fol. B 84a}del Cluain h-Ui Cínaith do loscadh & do brisedh leo don turus-sin & araile


Ingnadh mor do fhaghhail a Feraibh Manach in bliadhain-si: .i. gobur do breith uain ghil & an cetna a n-uraidh.


Grighair, mac Seaain h-Ui Mail Conaire, .i. adbur suadh re senchus, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si a tigh Mic Aedhagain


Urmumhan, & se for sgolaidhecht.


Uater A Búrc, .i. mac mic Iarla Uladh, do eg ín bliadhain-si: .i. Gallmacamh dob' ferr eínech & eghnum & aithne ar gach uile cerd da roibe ina aimsir.


Toirrdelbach, mac Seaain h-Ui Raighilligh, mortuus est.


Cathal, mac Tomais h-Ui Ferghail, mortuus est.


h-Ua Duibgennain Cilli Ronain, sai ollaman a senchus, mortuus est.: .i. Matha Glas, mac Ferghail Muimnigh.


Cíthruadh Mac Rithbertaigh do marbadh in bliadhain-si, 12 Kalendas Augusti.


Gormlaith, ingen h-Ui Seghannain, mortua est.


Kal. Ian. u. f., l. uii. Anno Domini M. cccc. xxx. iii.


Cocadh mor d'eirghi eter Mag Raghnaill ín Magha in bliadhain-si, .i. Concobur & clainn Mailechlainn Meg Raghnaill. Clann Mailechlainn do thabairt clainni Mathgamna Mic Caba chuca ar buanacht & a n-dola ar indsoighidh 'sa Magh & baile Cathail Meg Raghnaill do loscadh leo. Toír mhor do breith orra ag a fhagbail. Clann Mathgamna & a n-gallóglaich d'anmuin ar deredh na fedhna. Toír mor do breith orra gan fis da fedhain. Triur do clainn Mathgamna do marbadh an la-sin & fer do ghabail & sé lethmharbh, .i. Eogan, a sinnser. Rossa & Donnchadh & Brian do marbadh—.i. sechtmain re feil Cros sin — co sochaidhibh da muinntir maille ríu. Clann sin arna n-gabail a m-bel a n-Erinn ar a febhus do clainn athar & mathar—.i. Una, ingen t-Sheaain h-Ui Raighilligh, a mathair—& ar febhus a neirt & a n-eínigh & a n-egnuma & a n-ínill gusan la-sin. An coicedh mac do thoighecht slan an la-sin


dibh, .i. Toirrdelbach Ballach & araile.


Cocadh mor eter h-Ua Neill & h-Ua n-Domnaill, .i. Níall Garb, mac Toirrdelbaigh. h-Ua Neill & Eogan do dhol, {fol. A 87b} sluagh mór, a lenmuin h-Ui Domnaill & Mic Uibilin 'sa Duibh Trian. Mac Domnaill na h-Alban do thoighecht, coblach mor, a n-Erinn a comdail h-Ui Neill do cumnum leis. h-Ua Domnaill & Mac Uibilin & Roiberd Sabhais do lenmuin doibh 'sa Duib Trian & an caeraidhecht do buain dib uile & a marbadh leisna h-Albanchaibh. Ar dermair & dith daine do thabairt leo ar Mac Uibilin, gu nach terna acht a beg leis dia muinntir asan Duib Trian: an meid terna, ro thoitset ag fersait an Caisdeil Núa. h-Ua Neill & Enri, .i. mac h-Ui Neill & Mac Domnaill na h-Alban cona sluaghaibh do dhula co h-Aird Glais & a loscadh leó don turus-sin. Mac Domnaill & a sluagh do dul ína longaibh o Aird Glais co h-Inis Eoghain & h-Ua Neill do thir ina airrchis, do innradh Thire Conaill . Nechtain h-Ua {fol. B 84b}Domnaill & ingen h-Ui Conchobuir Failghi, .i. ben h-Ui Domnaill & meic righ Conallaigh olceana do toighecht ina comdhail co h-Inís Eoghain & sith do denum atorra gan ched do h-Ua Domnaill. h-Ua Domnaill & Mac Uibhilin do dhul ar Galltacht na Midhe & rann do dhenum ríu a n-aghaidh h-Ui Neill. & fer-ínaid in righ do tabairth shluaigh moir leo co Machaire Arda Macha & a n-dola fa Mainistir na m-Brathar m-Bocht a n-Ard Macha. Ro inntódur dia tighibh don turus-sin gan nert do ghabail. Mac Uibhilin do choinnmedh le Gallaibh Machaire Oirgiall iar na innarbadh d'Ua Neill. h-Ua Domnaill do dhola timcell


na Midhe siar co h-Ath Luain & a dol assin a n-Ibh Maine. Sibhal oidhche do dhenum dó tarrsna ín Machaire a cenn Mic Diarmata Muighi Luirg & assin a cenn h-Ui Ruairc h-Ua Ruairc da innlacudh tar Eirne anunn. h-Ua Neill & Mag Uidhir do dol ar Cael Uisci a coinne h-Ui Domnaill & sith do denum leis.


Da ghairm coitcenna do thabairt do Mhairgreig, ingen h-Ui Cerbaill, an bliadhain-si — .i. ben an Calbaigh h-Ui Concobuir, .i. rí h-Ua Failghi — do damaibh Erenn & do chliaraibh & araile.


Mac Maghnusa Meg Uidhir, .i. Cathal Mor Mac Maghnusa (mac an Ghille Buidhe), do eg an bliadhain-si, .i. la fheili Michil do shonnradh: .i. fer tighi aidhedh coitcinn do dhamaibh & do dheoradhaibh & do chliaraibh Erenn & Alban, gur' lin clu an Chathail-sin Eire & Alba. & a mac do thoghadh ina inadh, .i.


Cathal Og, do h-Ua Neill & do Mhag Uidhir & araile.


Eigneacan {fol. A 87c} h-Ua Domnaill do dol ar creich ar a derbrathair fein, .i. ar Donnchadh h-Ua n-Domhnaill. Donnchadh do dul a toraidhecht na creiche & Eignechan do marbadh don turus-sin & araile.


Samhradh gortach do techt an bliadhain-si, .i. Samradh na Meraithne do goirthi dhe; uair ni aithned neach caem, no cara, ann la med na gorta.


Aedh h-Ua Corcrain, .i. sai cruitire, do eg in bliadhain-si.


Mac h-Ui Concobuir Ruaidh .i. Cathal Dubh, do eg in bliadhain-si: .i. adhbur righ Connacht ar crodhacht & ar uaisle fhola & araile.


Gilla Crist h-Ua Droma, .i. sgolog maith do bi i n-onoir mhoir ag Cathal mor Mac Maghnusa, obiit 5 Kalendas (alias, Nonas) Maii.


Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. x.uiii., Anno Domini M. cccc. xxx. iiii.


h-Ua Brain Laighen do eg in bliadhain-si.


Mac Cruitin d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. Sencha Mac Cruitin, .i. ollamh h-Ui Briain re senchus.


h-Ua Neill do dhul, sluagh mor, in bliadhain-si do milliudh Gall na Midhe, .i. sechtmain re feil Michil & h-Ua Domnaill guna sluagh faris h-Ua Neill don toisc-sin & sluagh an Coicidh {fol. B 84c} uile coleir faris. Gaill an t-Sradbaile do thoighecht a coinne h-Ui Neill & a cis do thabairt do & moran aile do comthachaibh d'fhaghbail do don turus-sin. Sliabh Breagh do loscadh leo & Machaire Oirgiall uile. & do-chuaidh iarum clann h-Ui Neill do loscadh


na h-Oibri, .i. Enri & Aedh. in tan iarum ro badur oc a loscadh, beris fer-inait ín righ forro & ro ghabh ag toraidhecht forra. Anais Enri & Aedh ar deredh a muinntire & rucadur leo iad co sona, senamail an la-sin. Ro-cuaidh iarum h-Ua Domnaill & a mac, .i. Toirrdelbhach, .i. adhbur righ Tire Conaill & Mac Cathmhail d'iarraidh edala in la cetna. Marcshluagh Gall do thegmhail doibh & cumusc do thabairt da cheile doibh & h-Ua Domnaill do ghabail le Gallaibh in la-sin & Mac Cathmhail & Toirrdelbach h-Ua Domnaill do marbadh doibh & Aedh, mac in Espuic Mic Cathmhail. h-Ua Neill do inntogh an la arna mharach dia thigh & araile.


Cathal Bodhar h-Ua Ruairc mortuus est.


h-Ua Ruairc d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. Tadhg, mac Tigernain Moir h-Ui Ruairc, .i. fer einigh & egnuma.


Sicc mor do tinnsgnadh a n-deredh na bliadhna-sa (bliadhain na seici moire): .i. coic sechtmuine ria Nodlaig & a beith co cenn secht sechtmuine ina diaigh. & no imthighdis tainti bo & eich ímdha & daine & capaill primhlochanna Erenn. {fol. A 87d} & tucadh ar mor for enlaith Erenn forsan sic sin & araile.


Donn Cathanach Mag Uidhir d'h-eg 8 Kalendas Marcii.


Maighister Deinis Mac Gilla Choisgle obiit 5 Idus Maii.


Lucas h-Ua Leannain, prioir Leasa Gabail, mortuus est 15 Kalendas Nouembris.


(Matha O Congaile, oircinneach Rosa Oircis, saoidh mic leighinn d'h-eg.)



Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. xx.ix., Anno Domini M. cccc. xxx. u.


h-Ua Neill do dhul, sluagh, a Feraibh Manach in bliadhain-si & longport do gabail do for Craibh h-Ui Fhuadachain & a beith tri h-oidhci forri. Fir Manach do chor a n-imirced for Loch siar & ni rabhadur arrtraighi aco, acht en leac-oidhredh for an Loch. & do-chuadur a m-ba uile & a capaill marclaigh for Loch siar. Mag Uidhir do tinol shluaigh moir re h-aghaidh h-Ui Neill & sith do dhenum atorra fa deredh & Mag Uidhir do dhol a cenn h-Ui Neill. h-Ua Neill do dul assin a Tir Conaill da h-innradh. Loisgthi mora do denum doibh don turus-sin & Seaan, mac Domnaill h-Ui Domnaill, do marbadh leo d'en urchur soighde. h-Ua Neill do thoighecht dia thigh don turus-sin.


Domnall, mac Eogain Meg Carrthaigh, .i. feichemh coitcinn rob' ferr do bi a n-Erinn ína aimsir, do thoitim le Tadhg, mac Cormaic, mic Diarmata Meg Carrthaigh.


Cundais Desmumhan do eg in bliadhain-si: .i. ingen Mic Uilliam Burc, .i. ben Shemais Iarla.


Donn, mac Con Connacht Meg Uidhir, do eg in bliadhain-si {fol. B 84d} iar m-buaidh aithrighi: .i. fer eínigh & eghnuma. & a dhol a n-Ord Chananach Cluana Eois, ar cur an t-shaeghail de ar gradh an Coimdhegh & araile.


Comaenta cogaidh do dhenam do Brian Og h-Ua Neill & do Nechtain h-Ua Domnaill a n-aghaidh h-Ui Neill (.i. Eoghain), & a clainni. h-Ua Neill — & a clann (.i. Henri & Aedh) do gluasacht a caeraidhechta — do dhol a


Cinel Moein a coinde Briain & Nechtain. Longport h-Ui Neill do ghabail isna Rasaibh an tan-sin. Mur do chuala Nechtain & Brian Og sin, do tinoiledur a sluaigh a n-ein inadh do thabairt amais longpuirt for h-Ua Neill & tangadur rompo, no co rangadur na Rasa. h-Ua Neíll do chor asa longport da aindeoin doibh an oidhci-sin & longport do ghabail doibh fein an oidhci-sin isna Rasaibh. h-Ua Neill & a clann & Mac Domnaill Galloglach do dhol a comairle cidh do dhendaís an oidhci-sin. Is i imorro comuirle do ronsadur {fol. A 88a} .i. innsoighidh longpuirt do thabairt for an sluagh. Enri h-Ua Neill do denum tengtha maithi re Mac n-Domnaill & rena braithribh fein & rena lucht leanamna, .i. meanma maith do beith acu cum a namad. Ni dubadh oidhche & ní banadh gnuise do-ronsat no h-uaisle fa' n aithesg-sin & do gluaisedur rompo as a aithle-sin co tai, tosdadhach, no co rangadur an longport. Do-cuaidh imorro Enri h-Ua Neill rompo co crodha, cosgurach & co laidir, lancalma, co rangadur ar lairmedhon a namad. Do buail imorro Mac Domhnaill Galloglach & Mac Suibne Fanad ar a cheile annsin.


& do badur laich ag a leadragh atorra ar gach leith dib. Ni aithnighdis dono na caraid & na namaid a cheile isin gleo-sin, tre dhorchacht na h-oidhce & tre dlus na laechraidhe. Do sgeinndis dono caertha teinedh do cheinnbertibh na curadh & do luirechaibh na laech. Tarrla dono Aedh h-Ua Neill & Brian Og h-Ua Neill 'sa n-irghail-sin fri a cheile. Aedh do thabairt buille sleighi ar Brian, gur' tromloit h-e. Brian & Nechtain do elogh rompo an oidhci-sin & a n-galloglaich d'fhagbail doibh tareis na toraind-sin. Ni roibe iarum fis a n-esbadha ag fedain dhibh an oidhchi-sin. Mar fuair Mac Suibne fis Nechtain & Briain Oig da fhagbail fein, 's edh imorro comuirle do-roine: sgiath tar lorg do ghabhail & elogh gan fhis d'h-Ua Neill. Enri & a braithri d'fhaghail a fesa-sin & Mac Suibne do lenmuin doibh & Maidm Shleibe Truím do buain asdu. Mac Suibhne fein do gabail ann co sochaidhe dia muinntir. h-Ua Neill don turus-sin co cosgurach & araile.


Neachtain h-Ua Domnaill do thabairt caisdeil Atha Senaigh do Brian Og h-Ua Neill air comaentaidh cogaidh a n-aghaidh h-Ui Neill. Brian imorro do fhell ar Nechtain & dul do cum h-Ui Neill doridhisi & bardai do fhagbail h-i c-caislen Atha Senaigh.


h-Ua Neill do ghabail Briain Oig h-Ui Neill in bliadhain-si & cos & lamh do buain de & dias mac do Brian (.i. Aedh[...]) do cirrbadh leis fos & araile.


h-Oiberd, mac Uilliam h-Ui Ferghail, do marbadh in bliadhain-si: .i. sai chinn-fheadhna, le Mailir, mac h-Oiriberd & araile.


Mag Raith Termainn Dabeoig do eg in bliadhain-si: .i. Seaan Mor Mag Raith, .i. fer tighi aidhedh co coitchinn


& araile.


Toirrdelbach Mac Domnaill, sai galloglach, {fol. A 88b} mortuus est.


h-Ua Ferghail do eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Domnall h-Ua Ferghail, .i. taisech na h-Anghaile.


h-Ua Domnaill do breith do Ghallaibh leo a Saxanaibh in bliadhain-si: .i. Níall, mac Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Domnaill.


Kal. Ian. i. f., l. x., Anno Domini M. cccc. xxx. ui.


{fol. B 85a}Concobur, mac Seaain h-Ui Raighilligh, .i. mac righan da Breifne, do eg in bliadhain-si, .i. fer einigh & egnuma.


Niall, mac Eogain h-Ui Neill, do mharbadh ar greis oidhci ina tigh fein do Clainn Cinaith in Triucha & moran dia muinntir & araile.


Crannog Locha Laeghairi do ghabhail le clainn Briain Oig h-Ui Neill in bliadhain-si. h-Ua Neill & Enri h-Ua Neill do dol a timcell an Locha & fis do chur uatha ar cenn Meg Uidhir, .i. Tomas Og Mag Uidhir, .i. ri Fer Manach. & do badur ag denum coitedh do ghabail na crannoigi for clainn Briain Oig. Is h-i imorro comuirle do-ronsad clann Briain: in crannog do thabairt d'h-Ua Neill & sith do denum. h-Ua Neill & Mag Uidhir do dul ar innsoighidh co Tir Aedha. Crecha mora & airgthi imdha & eachta daine do dhenum leo don turus-sin. Seaan Mac Gilla Martain, .i. doirrseoir Meg Uidhir, do marbadh don turus-sin lesin toraidh (.i. clann Tuimilin h-Ui Ghallcobair). h-Ua Neill & Enri h-Ua Neill & Mag Uidhir do thoighecht dia tigh don turus-sin & araile.



Kal. Ian. iii. f., l. xx.i., .Anno Domini M. cccc. xxx. uii.


Maeileachlainn h-Ua Mail Conaire do eg in bliadhain-si.


Gilla Padraig h-Ua Carmuic, .i. mac Concubair h-Ui Carmuic, mortuus est 13 Kalendas Decimbris.


Cathal h-Ua Tresaigh do eg 6 Idus Octobris.


Kal. Ian. iiii. f., l.ii., Anno Domini M. cccc. xxx. uiii.


Concobur Mac Aedhagain do eg in bliadhain-si: .i. ollam Clainni Ricaird, .i. sai breithemnuis & araile .


Donnchadh, mac Sigraigh h-Ui Cuirnin, do eg in bliadhain-si: .i. sai le sencus.


An t-espuc h-Ua Gallcobhuir (.i. Lochloinn) do eg an bliadhain-si.


Pilib, mac {fol. A 88c} Tomais Mheg Uidhir (.i. mac an Gilla Duib), do ghabhail lena braithribh fein: .i. Tomas Og, ri Fer Manach & Ruaidhri & Domnall do dhenum comaenta chuigi & a ghabhail doibh a caisdel Mheg Uidhir.


h-Ua Dalaigh Breifne (.i. Aedh) do eg in bliadhain-si: idon, ollam h-Ui Raighilligh re dan.


Prioir Chille Maighnenn do eg in bliadhain cetna.


Aedh, mac in abaidh Mic Gillu Fhinnein (.i. Aengus), d'eg in bliadhain-si. Gilla Patraig, mac ín abaidh Mic Gilla Fhinnein & Cathal Dub, mac Concobuir Mic Gilla Fhinnein, id est, germani Abbatis, occissi sunt pridie Kalendas Maii.


(Hic natus est Carolus Iuuenis, filius Caroli Iuuenis, nepos, scilicet, Caroli Magni Mic Magnusa, scilicet, Anno Domini 1438, mense Februarii.)



Kal. Ian. u. f., l. x.iii., Anno Domini M. cccc. xxx.ix.


{fol. B 85b}Mag Uidhir do ghabail in bliadhain-si (.i. im fheil Patraig) le Domnall m-Ballach Mag Uidhir, a caislen Meg Uidhir fein & Pilib Mag Uidhir do légan amach an la cetna do Domnall. An tan iarum ad-chuala Enri h-Ua Neill Mag Uidhir do beith i l-laim, ro tinoil sochaidhe imdha & tainíc co Port Abla Faelain a coinne Pilib & Domnaill & Mag Uidhir a laim acu. Mag Uidhir do legan amach an la-sin & braighdi do thabairt as, .i. a mac fein, Emann Mag Uidhir & ingen Meg Eochagain, .i. bean Mheg Uidhir & braighdi imda eile. & caislen Indsi Ceithlenn (.i. Indsi Sgeillenn) do thabairt do Domnall Ballach Mag Uidhir & araile.


h-Ua Domnaill (.i. Niall) d'h-eg ina laimdechus ag Gallaibh & a m-Breatnaibh testa se & Nechtain h-Ua Domnaill do righadh for Tir Conaill & araile.


Mor, ingen Aedha Meg Samradhain, .i. ben mic Briain Mic Maghnusa, obiit 4 Nonas Februarii.


Seaan Cam, mac Maighister Seoain Meg Uidhir, .i. nepos Airchidiaconi Magni Mheg Uidhir, persun Chulmaine, obiit 8 (alias, 5) Idus Ianuarii.


Gilla in Coimdegh h-Ua h-Eogain obiit.


Henri Ruadh, mac Briain Mic Gilla Fhinnein (.i. taisech Muinntiri Peodachain, Brian), d'eg 7 Kalendas Aprilis.


Brian h-Ua Maelagain obiit.


Sadhb, ingen h-Ui Corcrain, obiit.


Tadhg Caech, mac Aedha, mic Pilib na Tuaidhe Mheg Uidhir, obiit.


Mailir, mac Mic Fheorais, do eg in bliadhain-si don teidm: .i. oide eínígh & aesa h-eladhna & araile.


Feradhach, mac Duind, mic Con Connacht Meg Uidhir, do marbadh in bliadhain-si le h-Oirghiallaibh.



{fol. A 88d} Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. xx.iiii., Anno Domini M. cccc.xl.


Mac Uilliam A Burc (.i. Uilliam) d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Brian, mac Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Choncobuir, d'h-eg.


Duibgenn Gruamdha h-Ua Duibhgennain d'h-eg, .i. sai senchaidhe.


Domnall h-Ua Breislen, .i. sai breithemhan & adbur ollaman Fer Manach, d'h-eg.


Maghnus Eoganach Mag Uidhir (.i. mac Pilib na Tuaidhe) do eg in bliadhain-si.


Caiterfhina, ingen Duinn, mic Con Chonnacht Meg Uidhir, .i. ben Mic Magnusa Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Art, mac Briain Mic Maghnusa, obiit Nonis Aprilis.


Ros, mac Seaain Meg Uidhir & Feidhlimidh Ruadh, mac Donnchadha Ruaidh Meg Uidhir, do marbadh in bliadhain-si.


Mag Raith, comorba Termoind Dabeoig, .i. Matha, mac Marcuis Mheg Raith, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si & comorba do dhenum do Seaan Bhuidhe, mic Seaain Mhoir Mheg Raith, in bliadhain cetna.


Maghnus, mac Domnaill, mic Toirrdelbaigh in Fhina Ui Domnaill, do marbadh in bliadhain-si.


([gap: cut from MS]m-Bhallaigh, mic Aedha, mic Aedha, mic Duinn, scilicet, 15 Kalendas Maii 1440.)


Kal. Ian. i. f., l. u., Anno Domini M. cccc. xl. i.


Mac Domnaill Clainni Ceallaigh (.i. Aedh) do marbadh le clainn Duinn, mic Con Chonnacht Meg Uidhir,


in bliadhain-si.


Creacha mora do dhenum le Mag Uidhir, .i. Tomas Óg, for clainn Annaidh Mic Domnaill & mac do mac Emainn Mic Domnaill do marbadh leis don turus-sin.


Conchobur Óg Mhag Uidhir, do eg in bliadhain-si, iar cur an t-saeghail de, fa buaidh o doman & o deman.


{fol. B 85c}h-Ua Mail Conaire do eg in bliadhain-si: .i. Mailín, mac Tanaidhe, ollam Sil Muiredhaigh re senchus & cenn cadhais & onóra Erenn ína aimsir fein, a ég fa fheil Beraigh & araile.


Piarus Cam h-Ua Luinín d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. sai senchaidhe & fer dana & oirchinnech na h-Arda & Trin Airigh Maelain & fer cadhais & onora moire & fer da tuc Dia aibh & grasa co mór, a eg fa buaidh o doman & o dhemhon & araile.


Mac Donnchaidh Thiri h-Oilella do eg ín bliadhain-si iar m-buaidh aithrighe: .i. Concobur Mac Donnchaidh, feichem coitchenn do cliaraibh Erenn ina aimsir fein e.


Gilla na Naem Mag Sgoloigi, biccair Clain Innsi, obiit 15 Kalendas Maii.


Brian Riabach Mac Gilla Fhinnein & Cathal h-Ua Maileigen do eg 16 Kalendas Decimbris.


Medbh, ingen in Abbaidh Mic Gilla Fhinnein, d'eg.


Gilla Patraig h-Ua Mael Uidhir, abb Clochair, do eg ii. Kalendas Ianuarii.


Isibél, ingen in Airchideochain Moir, obiit 5 Kalendas Ianuarii.


Bean Muman, ingen Meg Dhorchaidh, bean Meg Confraich, obiit 5 Idus Ianuarii.


Muircertach (an t-Airchideochain), mac Cathail Moir Mic Maghnusa, .i. airchideochain


Clochair & persun Airigh Mhaelain, cléirech maith & fer deigheinigh, daenachtach, obiit 12 Kalendas Marcii.


(Aine, ingen Emainn Meg Samhradhain, d'eg.)


{fol. A 89a} Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. xui., Anno Domini M. cccc. xl. ii.


Seaan Mag Uidhir & Donn Mag Uidhir, .i. da mac do Pilib Mag Uidhir, do righ Fer Manach, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Brian, mac Ardghail Meg Mathgamna, .i. ri Oirghiall, do eg in bliadhain-si iar m-buaidh aithrighe.


Mag Uidhir, .i. Tomas Og, do thabairt caislein Innsi Ceithlinn (Innsi Sgeithlinn) do Pilib Mag Uidhir tareis Emainn, mic Tomais Oig, do legan amach.


Enri, mac Eogain h-Ui Neill, do dhul ar Galltacht & Gaill do thabairt leis don turus-sin. & h-Ua Neill, .i. a athair, do toighecht, sluaigh linmura, a comdhail Enri & Gall co caislen na Finne. h-Ua Domnaill do toighecht cuca, .i. Nechtain & sith do dhenum ris h-Ua Neill dó & an caislen do thoirbert d'h-Ua Neill & Cinel Moein uile & cis Indsi h-Eogain. & Enri d'fhagbail barda 'sa caislen. h-Ua Neill & Enri co thoighecht dia tigh don turus-sin & araile.


Cerball h-Ua Corcrain do eg in bliadhain-si.


Donnchadh, mac mic Taidhg, d'h-eg.


Kal. Ian. iii.f.,l. xx.uii., Anno Domini M. cccc. xl. iii.


Maghnus (.i. mac Ardghail) Mag Mathgamna d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. adbur righ Oirgiall ar einech & ar eaghnum & ar feicemhnus coitchend do damaibh Erenn & Alban.


An t-ab (.i. Aengus) Mac Gilla Fhinnein do eg (15 Kalendas Octobris) an bliadhain-si: .i. ab Lesa Gabail for Loch Eirne.


Eimher Mag


Mathgamna do marbadh leis h-Ua Neill an bliadhain-si, .i. Eogan h-Ua Neill.


Solum h-Ua Diarmata, saer, obiit.


Kal. Ian. iiii. f., l. ix., Anno Domini M. cccc. xl. iiii.


Mathgamain h-Ua Briain do dhalladh an bliadhain-si & a athrighadh lena derbrathair fein, .i. Toirrdelbach h-Ua Briain & Toirrdelbach fein do righadh for Tuadhmuman.


Taisech Clainni Cuilein d'h-eg: .i. Sida Cam Mac {fol. B 85d} Con Mara.


Aedh Buidhe h-Ua Neill do marbadh in bliadhain-si: .i. feichemh coitchenn do damaibh Erenn & Alban e: .i. a lot a sechtmuin na Paisi & a eg in Estate huius anni.


Gilla Michil h-Ua Tresaigh d'h-eg.


{fol. A 89b}Eoghan, mac Domnaill mic Muircertaich h-Ui Concubair, do marbhadh um feil Brenainn na bliadhna-sa d'urchur do shaighid.


Maidm Bealaigh Curdhit ar Eogan, mac Neill Oig h-Ui Neill, le cloinn Mic h-Ui Neill Bhuidhe, inar' marbadh Mac Domnaill Galloglach, Consabla h-Ui Neill (Ballaigh), .i. Toirrdelbach, mac Mic Domnaill & inar' gabad braighde imdha eile.


Graine, ingen Domnaill h-Ui Daimin, companach Maigister Deinis Mic Gilla Coisgle, d'h-eg, .i. cananach coradh Clochair, 5 Kalendas Iulii.


Dubchablaigh, ingen Tomais Meg Uidhir, .i. ri Fer


Manach, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. ben Eogain Mic Cathmhail, cenn derci & daenachta imorro in ben-sin


Matha Mac Gilla Lasair, .i. an Cleirech Ruadh, d'h-eg 5 Kalendas Nouembris.


Cathal Garbh Mac Gille Fhinnein obiit pridie Kalendas Nouembris.


Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. xx., Anno Domini M. cccc. xl.u.


Sluaghadh mor do dhenum d'h-Ua Domnaill co Sligech & do Pilib Mag Uidhir & do clainn Aedha Meg Uidhir le clainn Eogain h-Ui Concobuir. Sligech do loscadh leo don turus-sin for Toirrdelbach Carrach h-Ua Concobuir, .i. mac Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir & Mac Donnchaidh Thire h-Oilella do marbadh leo, .i. Tomaltach Mac Donnchaidh, & a toighecht dia tigh don turus-sin fa buaidh cosgair & comaidhme.


Ruaidhri, mac Tomais Meg Uidhir, .i. mac do righ Fher Manach, do eg in bliadhain si (.i. 4 Idus Februarii) do bidg.


Taisech na h-Anghaile (h-Ua Fergail) d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. Uilliam h-Ua Ferghail & araile.


Donnchadh Ballach Mag Samradhain d'eg in bliadhain-si: .i. adbur taisigh Thellaigh Eathach.


Mac Gilla Finnein d'eg in bliadhain-si: .i. Brian Mac Gilla Fhinnein, taisech Muinntiri Peodachain, .i. fer einígh & egnuma & cosanta a tire ar a comursannaibh, obiit 8 Idus
[gap: illegible/extent: 1 word]


Mac Goffraigh Ruaidh Meg Uidhir do eg


an bliadhain-si: .i. Ardghal, .i. fer beodha, deigheinigh, daenachtach & araile.


Tomas h-Ua Leannain, cananach & sacrisda Mainistrech Lesa Gabail, d'h-eg.


Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. i., Anno Domini M. cccc. xl. ui.


Rughraidhe (.i. mac Ardgail) Mag Mhathgamna, .i. ri Oirghiall d'ég in bliadhain-si: .i. fer einigh & eghnuma.


Diarmaid Ruadh, mac Taidhg h-Ui Concobair, do mharbadh le clainn Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Conchobuir & araile.


Tadhg Mag Fhlannchadha do marbadh la Cormac, mac h-Ui Fhlannagain.


Brian h-Ua Dubda do marbadh le Tír Amhalghaidh.


Emonn, mac Mic Muiris Ciaraidhe, do marbadh le Cormac, mac Eogain Meg Carrthaigh.


{fol. A 89c}Greas do denum ar Toirrdealbach Mag Uidhir a Muinntir Pheodachain le cloinn Mic Gilla Finnein & bean Thoirrdhealbaigh, .i. ingean Tighernain, mic Taidhg h-Ui Ruairc, do losgadh ann & Colla, mac Con Chonnacht, mic Seaain, mic Con Chonnacht Meg Uidhir, do mharbadh ann, 1446 Anno Domini. & cuid do Shlicht Gilla Finnein do crochadh le Toirrdhealbach trid-sin.


Feidhlim, mac Seaain h-Ui Ruairc, do marbadh le cloinn Lochlainn h-Ui Ruairc.


Donnchadh, mac Airt Mic Diarmata, do marbadh le Branachaibh.


{fol. B 86a}Mac Daibith Ruaidh Puidher d'h-eg: .i. Gallmacamh dob' fherr eínech do Muimnechaibh.


h-Ua Cobhthaigh, .i. Domnall, do marbadh le clainn mic Airt h-Ui Mailechlainn ar Cro Ínis Locha h-Ainnind: .i. sai fhir dana & saí cinn-fhedhna.


Adhamh[lt ], mac Matha (Moir) h-Ui Luinin,


do eg in bliadhain-si — .i. fer binn, ealadhnach — 3 Nonas Maii.


Fínemhain, ingen Mic Tomais, caillech dubh craibdhech, d'eg.


Eoin h-Ui Leannain, prioir Mainistrech Lesa Gabhail, d'eg 4 Idus Septimbris.


Domnall h-Ua Mailigen, .i. duine bocht, duthrachtach do Dhia, d'h-eg.


Gilla Patraig h-Ua Leannain d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Kal. Ian. i. f., l.x.ii., Anno Domini M. cccc. xl.uii.


Domnall Ballach Mag Uidhir, .i. mac Tomais, mic Pilib Mheg Uidhir do marbadh (.i. 4 Idus Februarii) le Donn, mac Pilib (na Tuaidhe) Meg Uidhir & le macaibh Airt Mheg Uidhir & le macaibh Mic Oirghiallaigh & le machaibh h-Ui Daimin, secht la roim fheil Beraigh na bliadhna-sa. & Domnall ag tect a Breiffne h-Ui Raighilligh & ní roibhe sé ann acht lucht coiti do macaibh mic Daibheid Meg Uidhir & do dainibh ailibh & se ag dul co baile Enri h-Ui Neill & sé i n-easaenta rena braithribh fein, .i. re Tomas Óg, ri Fer Manach & re Pilib, .i. tanusti in tire. & ro ghabsadur o Loch soir tre Barr na Cuile & tarrla Donn & clann Airt cuca & ro marbsat Domnall annsin do shoighdibh. & do bi an oidhci-sin a muigh & do h-adhlaiced arna mharach a Mainistir Lesa Gabhail h-é.


Aedh, mac Tomais


Oig Meg Uidhir, .i. mac righ Fer Manach, d'h-eg don fhilun in bliadain-si.


Borgaill, ingen Mic Duarcain, d'h-eg 16 Kalendas Nouembris.


Mac Caba Breifnech d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. Cormac, mac Gilla Crisd, Mac Caba & Enri Mac Caba, a derbrathair, do thogadh do Shil Raighilligh & do Clainn Chaba archena ina Consdabla 'sa Breifne & araile.


Comhorba Fidhnacha do eg in bliadhain-si, .i. fer tighi aidhedh co {fol. A 89d} coitcenn.


An bliadhain-si do cuiredh cenn Frangcach le Tomas Óg Mag Uidhir, .i. ri Fer Manach, ar tempoll Achaidh Urchaire a n-onoir Dhé & Tighernaigh & Ronain. & as e do-roine an beann soir don tempoll ar a anmain fein & araile.


Feidhlim, mac Seaain, mic Pilib h-Ui Raighilligh, .i. adbur righ Breifne ar einich & ar eaghnum, do ghabail a fell a m-baile Atha Truim le Furnafal, .i. fer-inait righ Saxan a n-Erinn, ar n-dul do ar a icht fein. & plaidh mor do thecht an tan-sin a m-baile Atha Truim & Feidlim do eg di iar m-buaidh ongtha & aithrighi: .i. tri sechtmuine re Samain & a adhnucal a Mainistir na m-Brathar a n-Ath Truim & araile. & mac mallacht ar urchoit & diabal ar olcaibh in Furnafal sin & as ed aderid eolaigh Erenn ris, nach tainic o Iruath, ler' cesadh Crist, anuas a comolc ar drocgnimradhaibh.


Eogan, mac Pedrais, mic Saerdalaigh h-Ui Breislen, .i. ollam breithemhan Fer Manach & ard airchinnech Airigh Mhaelain, do eg an bliadhain-si.



Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. xx.iii., Anno Domini M. cccc. xl. uiii.


Cu Connacht, mac Pilib Meg Uidhir, do eg in bliadhain-si, .i. mí iar m-Belltaine, fo buaidh aithrighe & adhlacudh a tempoll Achaidh Urchaire.


h-Ua h-Uiginn d'eg an bliadhain-si: .i. Tadhg Og, .i. oide sgol Erenn & Alban a n-dan & a foghluim & fer tighi aidhedh do cliaraibh & do dheoradhaibh Erenn co coitcenn. A eg iar m-buaidh aithrighi & Tuathal h-Ua h-Uiginn d'fhollomnughadh ina inadh & araile.


(Brian Mac Gilla Coisgle & Caterina Inni Ceallaigh, a companach, do bathadh ar purt Arda Ui Luinin an bliadhain-si, 8 Idus Februarii.)


Kal. Ian. iiii. f., l. iiii., Anno Domini M. cccc. xl. ix.


Eogan, mac Seaain h-Ui Raighilligh, .i. rí an da Breifne, do eg an bliadhain-si ím fheil Patraig: .i. fer do chosain a cricha ar a comursannaibh co comlan. A eg fo buaidh aithrighi & a adhnucal i Mainistir an Chabhain. Da righ do dhenum 'sa Breifne a n-aghaidh a cheile in bliadhain-si: .i. Ferghal, mac Tomais Mhoir {fol. A 90a} h-Ui Raighilligh, do righadh do Ghallaibh & do Domnall, mac Seaain h-Ui Raighilligh, & Seaan, mac Ui Raighilligh, do righadh d'Ua Neill & do Mag Mathgamna & araile.


Donnchadh, mac Tigernain h-Ui


Ru{fol. B 86b}airc, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Brian Og h-Ua Neill do eg in bliadhain-si.


Espuc Clochair do shacrail in bliadhain-si le h-airdespuc Arda Macha a n-Droiched Atha: .i. Rosa, mac Tomais Oig Meg Uidhir (.i. ri Fer Manach). & ider da Nodlaig do-ronadh & ni dernad co minic riam bainnsiughadh la h-espuc bud mo ina 'n bainnsiughadh-sin do-roine Ros Mag Uidhir a n-Droiched Atha & araile.


Mor, ingen Aedha, mic Pilib na Tuaidhe Mheg Uidhir, .i. ben Airt, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, d'h-eg.


Emonn, mac Briain Bailbh, mic Osgair, do eg Idibus Maii.


Maghnus Buidhe, mac Cairpri, mic Duinn Mheg Uidhir, obiit 5 Kalendas Iunii.


Maghnus Buidhe, mac Gilla Phadraig, mic Mhatha Mic Maghnussa, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Kal. Ian. u. f., l. x.u., Anno Domini M. cccc. l.


& bliadhain na n-Gras isin Roim h-i; .i. an Dorus Ordha d'fhoslugadh isin Roim. Mag Uidhir do dhul cum na Roma in bliadhain-si, .i. ri Fer Manach, .i. Tomas, mac Tomais, mic Pilib na Tuaidhe. & ba bronach damha & filedha & lucht uird Erenn ina diaigh. Uair nir' fhagaibh tar a eis a n-Erinn nech ro bo mo comain orra sín inás é & nech is mo ro cennaigh do


dhán & d'eladhain. & mí re Lughnusadh do fhagaibh se a baile fein do dul as ín turus-sin. & sechtmuin a n-diaígh a imtechta, tainic Donnchadh Dunchadhach Mag Uidhir, .i. mac athar do Mhag Uidhir, d'innsoighidh Cathail Meg Uidhir, .i. mac do Mag Uidhir (.i. do Tomas Og, in Cathal-sin). & do gabh se h-e ina thigh fein a Cnoc Ninte & ruc leis h-e & a crech on Cnoc co Gort an Fheadain & ro marb se annsin e tre fhinghail. & ro-cuaidh fein a Teallach n-Dunchadha & ro boi a cocadh ar Emonn Mag Uidhir & ar Donnchadh Mag Uidhir. Emonn & Donnchadh do dhul a sort coinde re Donnchadh Dunchadhach & sith do denam doibh fri aroile. & Emonn do ghabail Donnchadha Dunchadhaigh a n-Gabail Liuin & tuc leis h-e co h-Achaidh Urchaire & do bean cos & lamh de a n-íc a drochcuingill fein, .i. marb{fol. A 90b}tha Cathail Meg Uidhir. Do moladh imorro an dighail-sin do-rinne Emonn a n-eraic na finghaile-sin do-rinne Donnchadh Dunchadhach & araile.


h-Ua Flannagain (.i. Muircertach) Tuaithi Ratha do dhul cum na Roma in bliadhain-si & a eg isin Roim don plaidh, .i. sechtmain iar feil Brighde, fa buaidh aithrighe. & do-ronadh taisech da derbrathair for Tuaith Ratha ina inadh, .i. Cormac h-Ua Flannagain & araile.


Pearsun Daim Innsi Loca h-Eirne (.i. Nicolas), .i. in


persun h-Ua Flannagain, do eg isin Roim don turus-sin & araile.


Sluaghadh do denamh d'Enri h-Ua Neill & d'Art h-Ua Neill, .i. meic Eogain h-Ui Neill (.i. ri in Coiced), ar Trian Conghail do cumnam le Mac Uibhilin.


Niall, mac Enri, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, do dhul d'iaraidh creiche ar Muircertach Mac h-Ui Neill Buidhe. An creach do gabail do Niall & da muinntir. Mac h-Uí Neill Buidhe do breith ar Niall & Eogan, mac Briain Oig h-Ui Neill. Do cuiredh annsin a muinnter do cenn Neill. Tuc dino Eogan, mac Briain Oig, mic Briain Moir, mic Enrí aimreidh h-Ui Neill, da buille sleighi ar Niall & ro marb e & ro h-adhlaiced a n-Ard Macha an Niall-sin & araile.


Sith do dhenum do Sheaan, mac Eogain h-Ui Raighilligh, & do Domnall Ban h-Ua Raighilligh re ceile. & Ferghal, mac Tomais Moir h-Ui Raighilligh, d'athrighadh doibh & righi na Breifne, uile do Sheaan, mac Eogain & Ferghal do ghabail tuarrustail Seaain & araile.


An t-espuc Mag Uidhir do eg in bliadhain-si (id est, in nocte Sancti Nicholai): .i. espuc Clochair, .i. Piarrus a ainm & do cloinn Osgair, mic Lachlainn Meg Uidhir, do & a eg for Oilen Locha Iamhrugan a Claín Inis Muinntiri Cianain for Loch Eirne & a adlucadh a Lis Gabhail, mí ria Nodlaic & araile.


Tadhg, mac Pilib, mic Tomais Mheg Uidhir, do marbadh le cloinn Cormaic Meg Samradhain mí ria Nodlaic & a adhlucadh a Lis Gabhail.


Gilla Patraig, mac in Airchideochain Moir Meg Uidhir, .i. mac


Muiris, mic Matha, obiit 5 Idus Nouembris.


Anrias h-Ua Droma, .i. mac Gilli Crisd h-Ui Droma, do eg in bliadhain-si: .i. fer treidhech, cogusach, iar techt on Roim bliadhain na n-gras, in 55 anno sue etatis.


h-Ua Caiside Cuile, .i. Tadhg, mac Oisep, mic Taidhg Moir, mic Gilla na n-Aingel h-Ui Caiside, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. ollam Fer Manach re leighis & araile.


{fol. A 90c} Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. xx.ui., Anno Domini M. cccc. l. i.


Mag Uidhir do thoighecht on Roim i tosach na bliadhna-sa, .i. Tomas Og, mac Tomais. & ba failigh imorro Gaill & Gaidhil Erenn & dama & deoraidh archena tria na toighecht a n-Erinn.


{fol. B 86c}Mairgreg, ingen h-Ui Cerbaill, .i. ingen righ Eile, ben h-Ui Concobuir Fhailghi, .i. in Calbach, mac Murchaidh h-Ui Concobuir—bean is ferr tainíc ina h-aimsir í n-Erinn & tuc si da gairm coitcenna da roib re h-iaraidh spreidhe a n-Erinn & a n-Albain—a h-eg fa feil Brigde na bliadhna-sa fa buaidh n-aithrighe. & fuair a mac bas in sechtmain cetna, .i. Feidhlim, mac h-Ui Conchobuir & araile.


Mainistir in Chabhain do losgadh in bliadhain-si (.i. sa fheil Brenainn).
[gap: erasure/extent: 9 lines]



Mairgreg, ingen Briain, mic Enri h-Ui Neill, .i. ben Ruaidhrí Caich, mic Tomais Moir Mheg Uidhir, d'h-eg 4 Nonas Iulii.


Mac taisigh Muinntiri Peodachain, .i. Eogan, mac Concobair Mic Gilli Fhinnein & Gilla Patraig, mac mic Cathail Buidhe Mic Gilli Fhinnein, do marbadh le Coin Connacht, mac Seaain, mic Con Connacht Meg Uidhir, 6 Idus Februarii.


Brian Balbh, mac Osgair, d'h-eg 5 Kalendas Aprilis.


Kal. Ian. uii. f. l. uii., Anno Domini M. cccc. l. ii.


Sgel mor do dhenum a Tir Chonaill in bliadhain-si, .i. h-Ua Domhnaill, .i. Nechtain, do marbadh (.i. oidci feil Brenainn) le clainn Neill h-Ui Domnaill (.i. Domnall & Aedh Ruadh), .i. clann a derbrathar fein (& le clainn Aedha Ballaigh, mic Domnaill), iar na n-innarbadh do a Tir Conaill. Cocadh mor d'eirghi eter Enri, mac Eogain h-Ui {fol. A 90d} Neill & Ua Domnaill. Enri do ghabail le clainn Neill h-Ui Domnaill. Clann Neill & cuit do muinntir Enri do dhul ar innsoighid a Tir Conaill


& fuaradur brath ar O n-Domnaill do beth a n-Dubhrun an aidhchi-sin, .i. aidhci feil Brenaind do shonnrudh. Clann Neill do dhul fa 'n m-baile & h-Ua Domnaill do marbadh doibh, co sochaidhe dia muinntir maille fris & araile. Sluaighedh mor do dhenum iar sin d'Enri h-Ua Neill, co mathaibh an Coicid uime, a Tír Conaill le clainn Neill h-Ui Domnaill. Rugraidhe h-Ua Domnaill do tinól ína n-aghaidh, .i. mac Nechtain. Sith do dhenum d'Enri eter Rughraidhe & clainn Neill: .i. O Domnaill do dhenum do Rughraidhe & leth Thire Conaill do clainn Neill h-Ui Domnaill. Cínel Móeín & caisdel na Finne & cis Innsi h-Eogain do thabairt d'Enri don toisc-sin. Enri do thoighecht dia tigh don turus-sin & araile.


Fear-inaid righ Saxan a n-Erinn do eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Iarla Urmuman.


Mac Donnchaidh Tire h-Oilella d'eg, .i. Seaan, mac Concobuir Mic Donnchaidh.


Sluaghadh do denum do h-Ua Neill, .i. Eogan h-Ua Neill, isna Feadhaibh do chocadh ar Ghallaibh Machaire Oirghiall & Mag Uidhir do dhul do cumnum leis h-Ua Neill. Mac h-Ui Neill, .i. Eogan Óg h-Ua Neill & muinnter

Meg Uidhir do dhul d'iaraidh creichi ar Ghallaibh co Cloich an Bodaigh & an creach co thabairt leo


ína longport. Toír mor da lenmhuin, .i. Gaill & muinnter Meg Mathgamna & a m-braithri. h-Ua Neill & a muinnter d'eirghi amach, .i. Mag Uidhir & Mac Domnaill Gallóglach & sochaidhe imdha aile leis. Mac Domnaill do marbadh don turus-sin, .i. Somairle Mór & moran da muinntir do gabail & do marbadh le Gallaibh & le muinntir Meg Mathgamna. h-Ua Neill do dul ina longport an oidhci-sin co ferg moir. Enri, mac do dul Eogain, .i. mac h-Ui Neill fein, do toighecht mur a roibh h-Ua Neill & Mag Mathgamna do thoighecht mur a roibe h-Ua Neill & a clann & sith do denum doibh fri aroile & eric Mic Domnaill do thabairt doibh & eric do h-Ua Neill ína esonoir & araile.


Fergal Ruadh, mac Ferghail Meg Eochagain, .i. sai cinn-fedhna beogha, ceinnsealaigh, deigheinigh, do marbadh le Barun Delbhna & lena mac, .i. le Semus & le cuid do Dhalatunachaibh, scilicet, 13 Kalendas Ianuarii, (quam plura Domini) exeunte & 9 pro Aureo Numero.


Da mac {fol. A 91a} Ruaidhri Anmhuind, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir, do marbadh in bliadhain-si le h-Oirghiallaibh, .i. Tadhg & Feidhlim.


Sadhbh, ingen Mhic Gaffraigh, .i. ben Cathail Moir Mic Magnusa, .i. sai mna gan uiresbaidh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, 8 (alias, 7) Idus Maii.


Maidm Sgriboigi in bliadhain-si le Seffraigh, mac Emuind, mic Tomais h-Ui Ferghail, ar Laisech, mac Rosa & ar cloinn h-Ui Ceallaigh, du in ro marbadh Concobur, mac Conlaich Mic Muiris & tri fir deg ar fichit maille ris.


Eogan, mac Domnaill Bain, mic Seaain h-Ui Raighilligh, do eg in bliadhain-si.


Aedh, mac Aedha Big, mic Aedha, mic Pilib na Tuaidhi


Meg Uidhir, do marbadh i caislen h-Ui Ruairc, .i. Tigernain, mic Taidhg, mic Tigernain h-Ui Ruairc, le Brian, mac Donnchaidh, mic Aedha Meg Uidhir, 6 Idus Aprilis.


Concobur Mac Gille Fhinnein, taisech Muinntire Peodachain, mortuus est 6 Kalendas Aprilis.


{fol. B 86d} Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. x.uiii. Anno Domini M. cccc. l. iii.


Mac Carrthaigh Riabhach do eg an bliadhain-si: .i. Donnchadh, feichem coitchenn d'fheraibh Erenn & Alban. & Diarmait an dunaidh do righadh ina inadh & araile.


Mag Mathgamna do eg in bliadhain-si: .i. Aedh Ruadh, mac Rughraidhe, .i. fer cunnaill, craibtech, rob' ferr einech & eghnum dia thir & rob' ferr aitne ar gach eladhain da cluinedh, a eg oidhci Casc ina thigh fein 'sa Lurgain & a adhlacadh a Cluain Eóis. & Feidhlimidh, mac Briain Moir Megh Mathgamna, do righadh ina inadh ar Oirghiallaibh & araile.


Cormac, mac in Gilla Duibh, mic Aedha, mic Pilib, mic Amlaim, mic Duinn Charraigh Meg Uidhir, obiit 16 Kalendas Iulii.


Kal. Ian. iii. f., l. xx.ix., Anno Domini M. cccc. l. iiii.


h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Rughraidhe, mac Nechtain h-Ui Domnaill, do marbadh do Domnall, mac Neill (Gairbh) h-Ui Domnaill. & is amhlaidh so ro marbadh e: .i. h-Ua Dochartaigh do gabail Domnaill a feall


& a cur a chaislen Indsi. Muinnter h-Ui Dochartaigh, .i. lucht coimeda Domnaill, do fheall {fol. A 91b} for h-Ua n-Dochartaigh: .i. é fein do gabail & Domnall do legan amach. Mar do chuala h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Rughraidhe, Domnall do ghabail leis h-Ua n-Dochartaigh, do tinoil se sluaigh chuigi & do-chuaidh se a timceall caislein Innsi & h-Ua Domnaill aile fo sgáil ann, .i. Domnall & h-Ua Dochartaigh a laim ann ag a muinntir fein & ag Domnall. Rughraidhe & Mac Uibilin do beith a gabhail in chaislein ar Domnall. Domnall imorro do dhola ar barr an caisdeil & cloch do bualadh amach uadh (Nonis Aprilis) ar h-Ua n-Domnaill (.i. Rughraidhe) & do marbh e don urchur-sin. & tainic fein amach iarum fa buaidh coscair & ro lean an sluagh & do-rindi édail mor orra. & ro gab fein Tir Conaill co h-imshlan o sin amach & araile.


Domhnall, mac Seaain h-Ui Raighilligh (.i. Domnall Ban O Raighilligh), do eg in bliadhain-si.


Lasairfhina, ingen Mic Maghnusa, .i. ingen Cathail Oic, mic Cathail Mhoir, ben h-Ui Fhialain, .i. Sheaain, mic Eogain h-Ui Fhialain, .i. ben daenachtach, deighbesach, obiit 6 Idus Iunii .


Seaan Buidhe Mac Amhlaim, .i. mac Briain, mic Amhlaim, mic Pilib, mic Amhlaim, mic Duinn Charraigh


Mheg Uidhir & Gilla Patraig Riabhach, a derbrathair aile, do marbadh a feall le Níall, mac Cormaic, mic an Gille Dhuibh, mic Aedha —a quo Clann Aedha Cloinne Amhlaim— mic Pilib, mic Amhlaim, mic Duinn Carraigh Meg Uidhir, 5 Idus Maii.


Graine, ingen Conchobair Mic Maghnusa, maigden deighbesach, obiit 6 Idus Ianuarii.


Seanmoir do radha in bliadhain-si ar in Cloich Chuirr i Fhearaibh Manach do Thadhg h-Ua Dhonnchadha, .i. la San Laurais. & as uime do sgrib me sin, ar son gurab' aithnidh dham gu b' fhuil an t-shenmoir-sin na Cloiche Cuirre 'na h-aireas ag a lan do dhainibh.


Kal. Ian. iiii. f., l. x., Anno Domini M. cccc. l. u.


Cumsgrach, mac Conchobair h-Ui Raighilligh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Cogadh mor d'eirghi eter Pilib, mac Tomais Meg Uidhir, .i. adhbur righ Fer Manach & Mag Shamradhain. Pilib do dhenam fhoslongpuirt ag Beinn Echlabra. Clann Philib do dul, becan fedhna, a Teallach Eathach, .i. Brian & Toirrdelbach. & ní rabadur d'fheaghain ar in {fol. A 91c} sibal-sin acht secht fichit coisidhe & da fher deg marcach. Baile Meg Shamradhain do loscadh leo & an tir uile co h-imslan. Mac Meg Samhradhain do marbadh don turus-sin, .i. Mailechlainn Dubh & mac Eogain Meg Shamradain & moran


aile dia muinntir. Clann Pilib do thoighecht dia tigh don turus-sin fa buaidh cosgair & comaidhme & araile.

Toirrdelbach cetna, mac Pilib Meg Uidhir, do dhola co Loch Meilghi & crannog Meg Fhlannchadha do ghabail & do airgain leis don turus-sin & a toighecht fein dia thigh fo buaidh cosgair.


h-Ua Neill do rigadh an bliadhain-si for Ulltaibh, .i. Enri, mac Eogain, mic Neill Oig h-Ui Neill, .i. mí re Lughnasadh do shonnradh. h-Ua Cathain & Mag Uidhir & Mag Mathgamna & Clanna Neill uile & Comarba Patraig do dhola leis co Tulach Og & a righadh ann leo co h-onorach do dheoin De & daine & araile.


Maine, mac Mailechlainn Mic Caba, do eg an bliadhain-si, .i. adhbur Consabla in da Breifne & Oirgiall & Fer Manach ar einech & ar eaghnum & araile.


Logadh na n-uile pecadh an bliadhain-si ag ab na h-Uaamha, .i. ag Seon Bul, ag a thabairt amach a Mainistir na h-Uaama, in festo Pentecostes.


h-Ua Caisidi Cuile d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Diarmait Ruadh, mac Neill Ruaidh, mic Oisep h-Ui Chaiside & araile.


Nualaigh, ingen Cathail Moir Mic Maghnusa, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Biccair Chuile Maine, .i. Conchubar, mac Nicoil, mic


Murchaidh (.i. in Maigister Mor) Mic Gilla Chalma, d'h-eg hoc anno, scilicet, iii. Idus Aprilis, A.D. 1455.


{fol. B 87b} Kal. Ian. u. f., l. xx.i., Anno Domini M. cccc. l. ui.


Sgel mor a n-Erinn an bliadhain-si, .i. h-Ua Neill d'eg, .i. Eogan, mac Neill Oig, mic Neill Moir, .i. athair Enri (.i. h-Ua Neill).


Cogadh mor d'eirghi eter h-Ua Neill & ri Thire Chonaill, .i. Domnall, mac Neill h-Ui Domnaill. O Neill, .i. Enri & Mag Uidhir do dhul, sluagh mor, a n-Inis Eogain & longport do ghabail doibh gairid o chaislen Chuil Mic an Trein. h-Ua Domnaill & Aedh Ruadh h-Ua Domnaill, .i. derbrathair h-Ui Domnaill & Mac Suibne Fanad do thecht ar tri h-eachaibh asa sluagh fein do breith sgel h-Ui Neill leo & tangadur ar faichthi Cuil Mic an Trein. Clann h-Ui Neill, .i. Toirdelbach Ruadh & Ruaidhri, do thecht an trath-sin gairid on chaislen. & adconncadur an triur marcach & do leanadur iad & do marbadh h-Ua Domnaill



Donnchadh, mac Gilla na Naem Meg Sgoloigi, .i. maighister sgoile do bi a Lis Gabail, quieuit.


Nicol Mag Arachain d'h-eg.


Graine, ingen Aedha, mic Ardghail, buime in abbaidh oig Lesa Gabail, .i. Briain, mic Gilla Patraig, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. ii., Anno Domini M. cccc. l. uii.


Brian, mac Pilib na Tuaidhe Mheg Uidhir, do eg, .i. mac do rígh Fer Manach, iar m-buaidh onghta & aithrighe maithi.


Cogadh mor in bliadhain-si eter Mag Uidhir (.i. Tomas) & clainn Rughraidhe Meg Mathgamna. Mag Uidhir do tinol a thire chuige & mur do chualadur clann Meg Mhathgamna sin, do-chuadur ar a n-daingneachaibh, .i. ar Eoganaigh & fa Sliabh Mughdorn.


Mag Uidhir & Pilib Mag Uidhir do dhul, sluagh mor, a n-Dartraighi Con Innsi &, o nach rucadur ar chaeraidhecht, do loisgedur Dartraighi uile & baile Eogain, mic Rugraidhe Meg Mathgamna, .i. Lis na n-Gabur & a toighecht dia tigh don turus-sin fo buaidh cosgair & araile.


Pilib, mac Tomais Meg Uidhir, .i. adbur righ Fer Manach & a clann do dhul, sluagh mor, a m-Breifne h-Ui Ruairc. h-Ua Ruairc d'fhaghbail fhesa rompo & do cur a caeraidhecht a n-daingen. Pilib do dhul co baile h-Ui Ruairc & an baile do loscadh lais & an tír uile archena. Pilib & a shluagh do inntogh. O Ruairc do breith ar Philib & imruagadh do thabairt do. Ru{fol. A 92a}aig mhor do thabairt do chlainn Pilib an tan-sin ar h-Ua Ruairc, .i. ar Tigernan, mac Taidhg h-Ui Ruairc & mac Maghnusa Grumhaigh, mic Cathail Buidhir h-Ui Ruairc, do marbadh leo don turus-sin & moran aile nach airmiter sunn. Pilib do thoighecht dia tigh don turus-sin fo buaidh cosgair.



Cogadh mor in bliadhain-si eter Mag Uidhir, .i. ri Fer Manach & h-Ua Ruairc, .i. Lochlainn, mac Taidhg h-Ui Ruairc. Mag Uidhir & h-Ua Ruairc do ghabail coinne fri a cheile os cinn Atha Conaill. Mag Uidhir & Brian, mac Pilib Mheg Uidhir, do dola, becan daine, a coinne h-Ui Ruairc, .i. seisur marcach & tri fichit coisidhe. Mur do chuala h-Ua Ruairc & Tellach Eathach & Teallach Dunchadha Mag Uidhir do beth, becan fedhna, tucadur amus coinne fair. Mur do connaic Mag Uidhir an feall do dhenum air, tainic roime co Gort an Fhedain. Is annsin ruc corachadh ceitirne do muinntir h-Ui Ruairc & corughadh galloglach air annsin. Is annsin do innto Mag Uidhir & Brian Mag Uidhir orra, an seisur do badur ar eachaibh & na tri fichit ceithernach & do maidmaidhedur muinnter h-Ui Ruairc co h-athusach & co h-adhmur in tan-sin & tucadur maidm Atha Conaill & na Graine forra, .i. abhann fil eter Feru Manach & an Breifne. Do innto Mag Uidhir annsin & a muinnter co h-edalach, athusach. & tucadar ceithern Meg Uidhir se cinn deg leo do uaislibh muinntire h-Ui Ruairc co baile Meg Uidhir & do cuiredh ar cuaillech garrdha Meg Uidhir iat & araile.



Glaisne, mac Concobair Oig Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Toirrdelbach, mac Domnaill h-Ui Gallcubair, .i. mac h-Ui Gallchobair, do marbadh fare clainni Pilib Meg Uidhir ar sleibtib Cinel-Luachain, le Mac an Taisigh.


Lasairfhina, ingen Tomais Moir, Mic Briain Mic Maghnusa, ben Domnaill h-Ui Ceothain, obiit 14 Kalendas Iunii.


Kal. Ian. i. f. l. x.iii., Anno Domini M. cccc. l. uiii.


{fol. B 87b}h-Ua Concobuir Fhailghi d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. in Calbach Ua Concobuir, iar forba a aise uile; .i. fer as mo do bean do Gallaibh Erenn da n-ainndeoin ocus is mo do tinnlaic do damaibh & d'fhiledaibh Erenn archeana. & a mac fein do righadh ína ínadh, .i. Conn h-Ua Concobuir & araile.§


Mag Samradhain do eg in bliadhain-si, iar caithemh a aisi uile re maitius mór, .i. Tomas, mac Ferghail Meg Samradhain.


h-Ua Ruairc d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Lochlainn, mac Taidhg h-Ui Ruairc, .i. lethri na Breifne, iar caithemh a aisi uile.


Sluaghadh mor do dhenum do h-Ua Neill, .i. Enri & d'h-Ua Domnaill & do Mhag Uidhir i Connachtaibh & tuc braighdi Ichtair Connacht leis don turus-sin. & do loisc baile h-Ui


Ruairc, .i. Druim Da Thigher & araile.


Art h-Ua Neill d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. mac Eogain, mic Neill Oig h-Ui Neill, .i. cenn eínígh & egnuma & araile.


Mac Uilliam a Búrc d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Emann a Búrc.


Sémus Nuindsind d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. mac Baruin Delbhna, .i. cenn fedhna rob' fherr do bi isin Mídhe.


Mac Diarmata Muighi Luirg d'h-eg: .i. Tomaltach, mac Concobair Mic Diarmata, feichemh coitchenn do damaibh Erenn. & a mac d'h-eg in bliadhain-si fós, .i. Cathal Mac Diarmata, .i. adhbur righ Muighi Luirg gan fhrasabhra. & Aedh Mac Diarmata do righadh ina ínadh & araile.


Seffraigh, mac Emainn, mic Tomais h-Ui Ferghail, do marbadh le Seaan, mac h-Ui Fherghail, .i. mac Domnaill, mic Seaain, mic Domnaill h-Ui Fherghail & le clainn Concobair, .i. le Laisech, mac Rosa, & araile: scilicet, 9 Kalendas Augusti.


Una, ingen Tomais Meg Uidhir, obiit.


Gilla Patraig, mac Aedha h-Ui Fhialain, .i. fer fonnmur, binn, subhaltach, d'eg in bliadhain-si, 16 Kalendas Septimbris.


Aedh Dall Mag Diarmata, .i. daillín do ghabadh moran dana & fer cuimne ro moire ar gach ní da chluineadh & co h-airighe ar aesaibh & ar airísaibh na n-daine, obiit 4 Kalendas Septimbris.


Tempoll Achaidh Beithi do loscadh in bliadhain-si & moran do lebraibh maithibh do loscadh ann on Oifficel Mac Mathgamna, .i. o Níall, mac Mic Craith Mic Mathgamna.



Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. xxiiii., Anno Domini M. cccc. l. ix.


{fol. A 92c}h-Ua Briain, .i. rí Tuadhmuman, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Toirrdelbach h-Ua Briaín.


Maidm mor do thabairt le h-Iarla Cille Dara ar h-Ua Concobhair Fhailghi, .i. Conn, mac an Calbaigh h-Ui Conchobuir, dú inar' gabadh é fein & inar' marbadh mac mic Uilliam h-Ui Cheallaigh, .i. Uilliam, mac Emuind, mic Uilliam, mic Maileachlainn, mic Uilliam, mic Donnchaidh Muimnigh h-Ui Cheallaigh & moran dia muinntir & araile.


h-Ua Birn d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Brian h-Ua Birn, .i. taisech Thire Briuin, iar caithemh a aisi gu mór.


h-Ua Cuirnin do eg in bliadhain-si .i. Maghnus h-Ua Cuirnin, .i. ollam h-Ui Ruairc, .i. sai re senchus.


Seaan Cam, mac Con Uladh, Mac an Bhaird, d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. sai fhir dana.


Crecha Cinel Duachain (alias, Luachain) do dhenam le Brian, mac Pilib mic Tomais Meg Uidhir, in bliadhain-si.


Crecha Muighi Slecht do dhenum le Mag Uidhir an bliadhain cetna, .i. le Tomas Óg Mag Uidhir, & baile Meg Samradhain do loscadh leis don turus-sin.


Glaisne, mac Concobuir h-Ui Raighilligh, do marbadh le clainn {fol. B 87c} Rugraidhe Meg Mathgamna an bliadhain-si.


h-Ua Neill, .i. Enri do thabairt sluaigh Gall leis co caisdel na h-Oghmaidhe da ghabail ar clainn Airt h-Ui Neill & sith do dhenum doibh don turus-sin & araile.


Ferghail mac Tomais h-Ui Raighilligh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, iar forba a aisi.


Mael Muire, mac Taidhg, h-Ua Cianain d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. adbhur suadh i senchus & a n-dan.


Mairgreg, ingen h-Ui Breislen, .i. mathair Phiarusa, mic an Abaidh, obiit Kalendis Februarii.



Kal. Ian. iii. f., l.u., Anno Domini M. cccc. lx.


Mag Samradhain d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Eogan Mag Samhradhain.


Tomas Nuinnsenn do eg in bliadhain-si, .i. mac Uilliam Nuinnsenn, .i. Gallmacámh sona, sénamail.


An t-espuc h-Ua Briain, .i. espuc Chille Da Lua, do marbadh le Brian an Choblaigh, mac Donnchaidh, mic Mathgamna h-Ui Briain, a n-Inís Cluana Ramfhoda, in bliadhain-si.


Mac Caba do eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Enrí Mac Caba, .i. sai Consabla ar eínech & ar eghnum & ar crabadh. & fa lan Eire da maithius & araile.


Maidm mor do thabairt ar Ghallaibh an bliadhain-si leis h-Ua Concobuir Fhailghi, .i. Conn, mac an Calbaigh, du i torchair Barun Galatruim & moran aile do Ghallaibh nach airmither sunn.


Maidm {fol.A 92d} mor do thabairt ar h-Ua Raighilligh le Ghallaibh in bliadhain-si & h-Ua Raighilligh (.i. Seaan) do marbadh ann 3 Nonas Septimbris & Aedh h-Ua Raighilligh & Eoghan Caech, mac Mathgamna Mic Caba. & ní tainig o Cathal Croibhderg h-Ua Conchobhair sgel Connachtaigh budh mo ina 'n sgel-sin, .i. Seaan, mac Eogain, mic Seaain, mic Pilib, mic Gilla Isa Ruaidh h-Ui Raighilligh. & do bi Eire uile lan do cumaidh an righ-sin an da Breifne & do badur dama & deoraidh Erenn & deibléna bochta co cumthac ina dhiaigh & a n-diaigh a derbrathar, .i. Aedh h-Ua Raighilligh.


Cathal h-Ua Raighilligh do righadh 'sa Breifne an tan-sin, .i. mac Eogain h-Ui Raighilligh.


Aedh Ruadh mac Neill h-Ui Domnaill, do légan as a laimdechus do h-Ua Neill, .i. Enrí, in bliadhain-si.


Concobur Ruadh Mac Caba 13 Kalendas Ianuarii obiit.


h-Ua Caiside Cuile d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Cormac, mac Ruaidhri, mic Tadhg Moir h-Ui Chaisidi.


Kal. Ian. u. f., l.x.ui., Anno Domini M. cccc. lx. i.


Aedh Ruadh h-Ua Domnaill & a braithrecha, .i. Eogan & Conn, do dhola o Thir Aedha tar sliabh soir a Tir Conaill. h-Ua Domnaill & a braithri, .i. Toirrdelbach Cairbrech, mac Nechtain h-Ui Domnaill, do thegmail doibh & cumusg do thabairt da cheile doibh. Aedh Ruadh & a braithri do briseadh ar h-Ua n-Domnaill & a ghabail leo. & a derbrathair do marbadh don turus-sin leo, .i. Maghnus h-Ua Domnaill. & do beanadur cos & lamh do h-Ua Domnaill fein. Aedh Ruadh do righadh ar Tir Conaill iar sin leis h-Ua Neill & le comarbadhaibh Tire Conaill co h-aentadhach, do thoil De & daine & araile.



{fol. B 87b}Feidhlim, mac Eogain mic Neill Oig h-Ui Neill, do eg do bidhg ina leabaidh fein in bliadhain-si: .i. fer einigh & egnuma & cenn damh & deoraidh Erenn & nech is mo ro cennaigh do dhan & d'eladhain & ro bo mo duanaire do bi i n-Erinn ina aimsir. & fa bronach dama Erenn ina dhiaigh dia cumaidh.


h-Ua Concobhuir Connacht do eg in bliadhain-si; .i. Aedh, mac h-Ui Concobuir Duinn.


Tadhg, mac Cormaic, mic Diarmata Meg Carrthaigh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Aenghus Mag Craith d'eg, .i. sai fir dana.


Cath, no a dó, mor do thabairt eter ri Saxan & Diuice Oderca. An Duic dono do marbadh isin cath si & ri Saxan {fol. A 93a} fein do innarbadh le mac an Duice & é fein do righadh for Shaxanaibh ina ínad & araile.


Maghnus, mac Briain, mic


Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir, do eg in bliadhain-si, .i. tigherna Sligigh & araile.


Mac Cathmail d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Brian Mac Cathmail & Mac Cathmail do denum d'Eogan Mac Cathmhail & araile.


Kal. Ian. ui. f., l.xx.uii., Anno Domini M. cccc. lx. ii.


Cogadh mór d'eirghi eter h-Ua Neill (.i. Enri) & h-Ua Domnaill .i. Aedh Ruadh, mac Neill h-Ui Domnaill & clainn Airt, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill. h-Ua Neill do dhul, sluagh mor, a Tir Conaill, .i. h-Ua Cathain & Mag Uidhir, .i. Tomas Óg. & do bi h-Ua Neill (.i. Enri) don turus-sin da oidhci a Fanaid ag a loscadh & ag a milliudh & da oidhci aile a Cloinn (no n-Gleand) Eidhile.


Graíne, ingen Tomáis Oig Mheg Uidhir, .i. ri Fer Manach, do eg in bliadhain-si, .i. ben Mic Maghnusa Mheg Uidhir (.i. Cathal). & sgel mor a n-Erinn ég na deghmná-sin & araile.


Brian, mac Pilib Meg Uidhir, do marbadh (.i. caicidhis roim Nodlaig) le Ruaidhri, mac Airt h-Ui Neill. & fa lan Eire uile do clu & d'airimh & d'egnum & d'einech an Briain-sin. & Emann Ruadh, mac Seaain Meg Uidhir, do marbadh leisin Ruaidhri cetna-sin in lo roim Brian do marbadh leis.


Maínístir Brathar Minúr do thinsgnadh in bliadhain-si a Muinechan re linn Feidhlím, mic Briain, mic Ardghail Meg Mathgamna, do bheith ina righ ar Oirghiallaibh.



Tomás Cuisin do beith a n-Ard Macha & sgol aigi in bliadhain-si, .i. maighister dligidh rob' ferr do bi a n-Erinn ina aimsir.


Matha h-Ua h-Eogain, aircinnech Innsi Cain for Loch Eirni, .i. mac in Oifficel Riabaigh, .i. Gilla Domnaigh, mac Matha (.i. in Maighister Mor), d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Prioir Daim Innsi (.i. Parrtolon, mac Aedha h-Ui Fhlannagain) d'eg in bliadhain-si ar Loch Dearg .


Niall, mac Cormuic, mic an Ghilla Dhuibh, mic Aedha, do bhathadh ar Port Cluana an t-Shnaigh in bliadhain-si, .i. Purt na Teinedh Aeil.


Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. ix., Anno Domini M. cccc. lx.iii.


Iarla Desmuman d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Semus, mac Geroit Iarla.


Tadhg, mac Eogain h-Ui Concobuir, d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. tigherna Sligigh.


Mac Donnchaidh Thire h-Oilella d'eg, {fol. A 93b} .i. Tadhg Mac Donnchaidh.


Enri, mac Feidhlimthe h-Ui Raighilligh, do marbadh le Donnchadh Mhag Uidhir (.i. mac Tomais Óig)in bliadhain-si.


Cu Coicriche, mac Ferghail Ruaidh h-Ui Uiginn, d'h-eg.


{fol. B 88a}An bliadhain-si do chuir ri Saxan an tidhlacudh docum h-Ui Neill, .i. Enri, mac Eogain: .i. ocht slata & da fichit do sgarloit & idh oir & araile.


Tuc h-Ua Neill, (.i. Enri, mac


Eogain), tuarastal do righ Tuadhmuman an bliadhain-si, .i. Tadhg, mac Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Briain.


Tómas, mac Cathail, mic Tomais h-Ui Ferghail, .i. sai cinn-fhedhna do Muigh Breghmuine, do marbadh le clainn Concobhair in bliadhain-si.


Brian Og Mhag Mhathghamhna, .i. mac Briain, mic Ardgair, do mharbadh le macaibh Meg Murchaid hoc anno.


Aedh, mac Gilla Patraig, mic an Airchideochain Meg Uidhir, obiit.


Graíne Ballach, ingen Aedha Meg Uidhir, d'eg 13 Kalendas Aprilis.


(Tadhg Dubh [...])


(Toirrdhealbach, mac Marcuis Mheg Rath, quieuit)


Kal. Ian. i. f., l. xx., Anno Domini M. cccc. lx. iiii.


Mac Caba d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Mathgamain, mac Enri Mic Caba.


Mathgamain, mac Toirrdelbaigh Ballaigh, mic Matha Mic Caba, do marbadh le Gallaibh in bliadhain-si.


Espuc in da Breifne d'h-eg in bliadhoin-si, .i. Fersithi Mag Uibne, 5 Kalendas Decimbris.


Domnall, mac Lochlainn, mic Taidhg h-Ui Ruairc, d'h-eg.


Tadhg, mac Toirrdelbhaigh Ruaidh h-Ui Concobuir, .i. lethri Connacht, d'h-eg.


Conn, mac Neill h-Ui Domnaill, do marbadh le h-Eignechan, mac Nechtain h-Ui




Mac Uilliam h-Ui Ceallaigh d'h-eg, .i. Mailechlann.


Da mac h-Ui Ceallaigh do marbadh le Gallaibh in bliadhain-si, .i. da mac Aedha, mic Briain h-Ui Cellaigh.


Tomas Grennach & Domnall, .i. da mac Duinn Mheg Uidhir, do marbadh lena n-derbrathair fein, .i. le Ruaidhri Glas.


Kal. Ian. iii. f., l. i., Anno Domini M. cccc. lx. u.


Ben h-Ui Neill (.i. Enri) d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Gormlaith Caemánach, ingen Mic Murchadha, .i. ingen righ Laighen.


Ben Mic Cathmhail (.i. Eogan) d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Una, ingen h-Ui Neill (.i. Enri).


Mac Rithbertaigh d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Cu Chonnacht, ollam Meg Uidhir re dan.


Tomas, mac Muiris, mic Matha, .i. ab Leasa Ghabail, d'eg 6 Kalendas Iulii.


Art, mac Seaain Mhóir, mic Muiris Meg Raith, d'h-eg, .i. decanach Locha h-Erne.


Aenghus, mac Domnaill Ballaigh Mic Domnaill, do marbadh a nn-Earrach na bliadhna le h-Eoin, mac Alexandair. & Domnall, mac an n-Easbuig Mic Domhnaill, do buail h-e d'en buille cloidhim, .i. Anno Domini 1465, alias, 1465 1.


{fol. A 93c}Feall do dhenum do Domnall, mac Taidhg h-Ui Ruairc, ar Mac Conshnama in bliadhain-si, .i. é fein, & a


mac do marbadh oc aiffrenn Dia Domnaigh & moran dia muinntir.


Ir Mag Raghnaill d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Enri, mac Briain Ballaigh h-Ui Neill, d'h-egh hoc anno.


Seaan Dubh, mac Donnchaidh, mic Aedha Mag Uidhir, do marbadh le Seaan, mac Pilib Meg Uidhir & le clainn Briain, mic Pilib Mheg Uidhir.


Eoin, mac Alasdair, mic Eoin Mhoir Mic Domnaill, do marbadh le Conn, mac Aedha Buidhe h-Ui Neill, la roimh fheil Michil & moran eile maille ris A.D. 1465, alias, 1465 2.


{fol. B 88b} Kal. Ian. iiii. f., l.x.ii., Anno Domini M. cccc. lx. ui.


Maidm mor do thabairt ar Ghallaibh in bliadhain-si leis h-Ua Conchobuir Failghi, .i. Conn, mac in Chalbaigh, dú inar' marbadh Seaan, mac Mic Tomais, .i. sai cinn-fedhna. & ní fetar a rim, no a airim, ar' gabadh do braighdibh maithibh Gall ann, fa ab Atha Truim & fo Uilliam Óg Nuinnsenn & fa Cristoir Pluingced et alii multi.


Ri Tuadhmuman d'eg, .i. Tadhg, mac Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Briain.


Aine, ingen Meg Eochagain, .i. ben Tomais Oig Meg Uidhir, righ Fer Manach, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Maidm mor do thabairt ar Gallaibh Machaire Oirghiall le h-Aedh, mac Eogain h-Ui Neill.


Maidm do thabairt ar Mag Mathgamna le Gallaibh na Midhe, du inar' gabadh Aedh Og Mag Mathgamna & Mac Donnchaidh Clainni Ceallaigh et alii.


Ri Oirgiall d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Feidlim, mac Briain Meg Mathgamna.


Brian, mac Amhlaim Meg Uidhir, cenn a aicme fein & tigherna Clainni h-Amhlaim, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


h-Ua Mael Patraig d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Maghnus h-Ua Mael Patraig.



Lochlainn Mor, mac Aedha, mic Pilib, d'h-eg.


Brian, mac Gilla Patraig, mic an Airchideochain Moir (Meg Uidhir), .i. abb Lesa Gabail, d'h-eg 3 Idus Ianuarii.


Domnall h-Ua Leannain, .i. cananach do Muinntir Lesa Gabail, d'h-eg, .i. fer aenda, nemurchoideach. Obiit Nonis Maii.


Cu Mara (.i. in Gilla Gruamda), mac Alaxandair, mic Somairle Mic Caba, do marbadh Nonis Iunii.


Tadhg Dubh, mac Briain Mic Gilla Choisgle, d'h-eg an bliadhain si: .i. fer urrais mhoir i n-Erinn & i n-Edaill; oir as e do tabaidh innsa Roim eruic Chon Culainn ar Chonnachtachaibh.


{fol. A 93d} Kal. Ian. u .f., l. xx. iii., Anno Domini M. cccc. lx. uii.


Ri Oirgiall d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Eogan, mac Rughraidhe Meg Mathgamna & Remann, mac Rughraidhe, do righadh ina inadh for Oirgiall.


Toirrdelbach Ruadh, mac h-Ui Neill (.i. mac Enri), d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


An Gilla Dubh, mac Pilib, mic Con Connacht Meg Uidhir do marbadh le muinntir Donnchaidh, mic Meg Uidhir, an bliadhain-si.


h-Ua Ferghail d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. Domnall Buidhe, mac Domnaill h-Ui Fherghail, .i. taisech na h-Anghaile, d'h-eg.


Maidm mor (.i. Maidm Chroisi Mhaighe Croinn) do thabairt le Mac Uilliam Clainni Ricaird ar Ricard a Búrc, dú inar' marbadh Uilliam Caech a Burc


& ocht fichit Galloglach, maille re sochaidhe ímdha aile & araile.


Mac Cathmail d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Eogan, fer einigh & egnuma & araile.


Sluaghadh mór do dhenum leis h-Ua Neill in bliadhain-si, .i. Enrí, mac Eogain, a n-Oirecht h-Ui Chathain. & don turus-sin do marbadh Tomas, mac Pilib Meg Uidhir (scilicet, 9 Kalendas Octobris): .i. fer a aisi dob' ferr tainig da duthaidh ina aimsir fein & araile.


h-Ua Ceallaigh Maine d'eg in bliadhain-si — .i. Aedh, mac Briain h-Ui Ceallaigh — iar forba a aisi & h-Ua Ceallaigh do dhenum do mac Uilliam h-Ui Ceallaigh.


h-Ua Raighilligh d'eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Cathal, mac Eogain, mic Seaain, h-Ui Raighilligh & Toirrdelbach, mac Seaain h-Ui Raighilligh, do righadh ina inadh.


h-Ua Cleircen d'h-eg, .i. Conaing, mac Uilliam, h-Ua Cleircen, sai re senchus & fer tighi aidhedh co coitchinn.


Niall, mac Mic Craith Mic Mathgamna, .i. Oifficel Locha h-Erne & persun Innsi Cain, d'eg in bliadhain-si ii. Kalendas Ianuarii.


Edain, ingen Pilib Meg Uidhir, .i. ben Cormaic Meg Samradhain, d'h-eg.


Donn, mac Cairpri Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 88c} Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. iiii., Anno Domini M. cccc. lx. uiii.


Gnim mor do denum a n-Droiched Atha in bliadhain-si: .i. Iarla Desmuman do dhicennadh, .i. Tomas, mac Semuis, mic Geroid Iarla. & ní aithrisid


eolaigh co roibhe a n-Erinn riam Gallmacamh rob' ferr ínas é. & a mharbadh a fell le h-Iarla Saxanach & araile.


{fol. A 94a}Mac Donnchaidh Thire h-Oilella d'h-eg, .i. Ruaidhri.


Mag Raghnaill d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Cathal & taisech do dhenum da mac, .i. do Tadhg.


h-Ua Ruairc d'h-eg, .i. Tigernan, mac Taidhg h-Ui Ruairc.


Baile h-Ui Raighilligh do loscadh & maínistir an Cabhain in bliadhain-si le Gallaibh & leisin Saxanach ler' dichennadh Iarla Desmuman & araile.


Maidm mor i m-Beinn Uama do tabhairt le Conn, mac Aedha Buidhe h-Ui Neill, dú ínar' marbadh in Sabhaísech.


Indsaighidh do dhenum le Donnchadh, mac Tomais Meg Uidhir, ar Pilib, mac Con Connacht Meg Uidhir, a Tír Cennfhoda & crecha mora do thabairt leis. Muindter Donnchaidh do dhola leisna crechaibh a Clainn Ceallaigh & Donnchadh do fhágbail doibh ar deredh na crech, becan daine. Mac Con Chonnacht do breith air & toraidhecht maith do dhenum dó. Donnchadh do inntogh re mac Con Chonnacht & é fein & a mac do marbadh don turus-sin le Donnchadh. Donnchadh do toighecht dia tigh don turus-sin fo buaidh coscuir & comaidhmhe & araile.


h-Ua Cathain d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Maghnus h-Ua Cathain.


h-Ua Mail Conaire d'h-eg, .i. Torna,


ollam h-Ui Concobuir Connacht.


Mac Goffraigh Ruaidh Meg Uidhir d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Ruaidhri.


Mailechlaind, mac Donnchaidh Mic Gaffraigh, quieuit in Christo,


Moran do Cloinn Gaffraigh do marbadh in bliadhain-si le clainn Aedha, mic Pilib na Tuaidhi Mheg Uidhir, um Mac Gaffraigh fein (.i. Donnchadh, mac Donnchaidh Dona) & um a mac, .i. Feidhlím, & im a derbrathair, .i. Eoin & a mac sin, .i. Diarmait, mac Eoin & triur aile imaille riu, scilicet, Idibus Augusti.


Aiffric, ingen h-Ui Banain, .i. in ben do bí re h-athaidh d'aimsir ag Pilib Mag Uidhir — .i. Pilib, mac Tomais, mic Pilib na Tuaidhe Meg Uidhir — d'h-eg 7 Idus Iulii.


Aedh, mac Philib, mic Tomais Mheg Uidhir, do marbadh in bliadain-si le cloinn Aedha, mic Philib na Tuaidhe Mheg Uidhir.


Kal. Ian. i. f., l. x.u., Anno Domini M. cccc. lx. ix.


Indsoighidh do denum do clainn Philib Meg Uidhir & d'Emonn, mac Tomais Oig Meg Uidhir, ar clainn Aedha Meg Uidhir a Mibolg & crecha mora do thabairt leo don turus-sin. & mac Donnchaidh, mic Aedha Meg Uidhir, do marbadh leo, .i. Brian Mainech.


Indsoighidh eile do dhenum do clainn Pilib Meg Uidhir ar clainn Aedha cetna a long & Eogan, mac Aedha Meg Uidhir, do marbadh leo don turus-sin (.i. aidhci feil Cros) & Flaithbertach, a mac & {fol. A 94b} Cormac h-Ua Manchain.


Risdeard Óg h-Ua Raighilligh d'h-eg in bliadhain-si i cinn mís do Shamradh.


Sluaighedh mor do dhenum in bliadhain-si leis h-Ua n-Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh, mac Neill h-Ui Domnaill, a n-Ichtar Connacht. & braighdi Ichtair Connacht do ghabail do don turus-sin & h-Ua Domnaill do breith sluaigh Ichtair Connacht leis a cenn Mic Uilliam a Burc, .i. Ricard, mac Emainn Burc. & a n-dul assin d'innsoighidh ar Clainn Ricaird. & in Machaire Riabhach & Baile in Clair, .i. baile Mic Uilliam, do loscadh leo don turus-sin. & Mac Uilliam & Sil m-Briain do breith orra & {fol. B 88d} mac h-Ui Conchobuir Corcu Mruadh do marbadh leo. & h-Ua Domnaill do toighecht dia tigh don turus-sin fo buaidh cosgair & comaidme.


Ricard, mac Tomais A


Búrc, do marbadh le clainn t-Sheaain A Burc in bliadhain-si.


h-Ua Gadhra do eg in bliadhain-si, .i. sai gan uiresbaidh, .i. Eogan & a mac, .i. Eogan Óc.


h-Ua Cianain d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Tadhg, .i. sai senchaidh & fer tighi aidhedh, ar m-breith buadha o doman & o demhon.


Mac an t-Shabhaisigh, .i. Patraig Og Sabhais, do ghabail le Faitechaibh & tigernus Leithi Cathail do ghabail do Patraig Fait maille re cungnum h-Ui Neill (.i. Enri) & Mic Uibilin. & ar' mhair do Shabhaisechaibh do cur ar innarbadh doibh.


Domnall, mac Briain, mic Pilib, mic in Ghilla Duibh Meg Uidhir & Gilla Isu, mac Cormaic, mic Gilla Isu h-Ui Flannagain, do marbadh le clainn Aedh Mheg Uidhir & le Muinntir Manchain a purt Achaidh Inbhir, 9 Kalendas Septimbris.


Mairgrég, ingen Pilib mic in Gilla Duibh Meg Uidhir, .i. ben Mic Gilla Fhinnein, .i. Taidhg, mic Briain Mic Gilla Fhinnein, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Toirrdelbach, mac Cathail Oig Mic Magnusa Meg Uidhir, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Tadhg Dubshuilech, mac Mic Craith Meg Uidhir, do marbadh le clainn Aedha Meg Uidhir in bliadhain-si.


Diarmaid Bocht, mac Duinn Cathanaigh Mic Maghnusa Meg Uidhir, obiit.


Tomas Mag Sgoloigi obiit.


Seaan Buidhe, mac Seaain Moir Mheg Raith, .i. comorba Termoinn Dabheoig, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si & comorba do dhenum ina inadh do Dhiarmuid, mac Marcuis, mic Muiris Meg Raith.



Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. xx.ui., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxx.


Pilib Mhag Uidhir do eg in bliadhain-si, .i. mac Tomais, mic Pilib, mic Aedha Ruaidh; .i. mac uirrigh rob' ferr deirc & daenacht & rob' ferr d'fer cogaidh do bhi ina aimsir & adhbur righ Fer Manach gan frasabra & araile.


{fol. A 94c}Sluaighedh mor in bliadhain-si leis h-Ua Neill, .i. le Enri, mac Eogain h-Ui Neill, a Clainn Aedha Buidhe a cenn Mic Uibhilin 'sa Duibh Trian. & Mac Ui Neill Buidhe & Clann Aedha Buidhe do dhul ar creich ar Mac Uibhilin & h-Ua Neill & Mac Uibhilin do breith orra & troid do thabairt doibh da cheile deredh lai. & briseadh ar Clainn Aedha Buidhe. & Aedh Og, mac Aedha Buidhe, do gabail ann & Mac Suibne na Cailledh & Eoin Ruadh Mac Suibne do gabail ann. Art, mac Domnaill Cail h-Ui Neill, do marbadh ann & caisdel Sgathdergi do gabail don turus-sin d'h-Ua Neill, & a thabairt a laim Mic Uibhilin da choimed. & h-Ua Neill do toigheacht dia thigh don turus-sin fo buaidh cosgair & comaidhmi.


pladh mor a Feraibh Manach an bliadhain-si, .i. Airaing3 & h-Ua Flannagain (.i. Cormac, mac Gilla Isu) Tuaithi Ratha d'eg di & moran aile nach airimhter.


Cogadh mor d'eirghi eter h-Ua Neill & clainn Airt h-Ui Neill in bliadhain-si & clann Airt do dul ar innarbadh a Trian Congail & Conn, mac Aedha Buidhe, do gabail leo a n-aghaidh h-Ui Neill.


Cogadh mor d'eirghi eter Mac Uibilin & Mag Aenghusa & Mag Aengusa do breith a chaeraidhechta a Leith Cathail & coinne


do gabail do re Mac Uibilin. Innsoighidh do denum do Mac Uib{fol. B 89a}ilin ar Mag Aengusa ina inadh coinne & maidm do thabairt air. & Mag Aengusa do lot & do gabail ann & a dias mac do ghabail ann, .i. Brian & Conn. & ni lugha ina ocht fichit do marbadh isin maidhm-sin & caeraidhecht Meg Aengusa do chur rompo doibh. Aedh Mag Aengusa da leanmhuin & maidm do thabairt do ar in Ruta & Seinicin Carrach Mac Uibilin, do ghabail leis & Seinicin Ruadh, mac Teboid Mic Uibilin, do ghabail ann & moran do gabail & do marbadh ann. & comfhuaslucudh do dhenum atorra ar na braighdibh-sin, leth ar leth & sith do dhenum doibh & araile.


Clann Airt h-Ui Neill & clann Bríain Oig do thocht ar innsoighidh a Tir Eogain & mac Ui Neill do theagmhail an oidhchi-sin i Tobran, .i. Ruaidhri h-Ua Neill. & clann Airt & slicht Enri do thocht fa' n m-baile 'san oidhci & mac h-Ui Neill do marbadh leo (.i. a tig h-Ui Corra Dhobrain) & moran eile nach airimhter sunn.


{fol. A 94d}Sluaighedh mor do dhenum leis h-Ua Neill (.i. Enri) a Trian Conghail co maithibh in Coicid uime: .i. h-Ua Domnaill & Fir Manach & Oirecht h-Ui Chathain & Mac Uibhilin. & a m-beth tamall ar in Coill Ichtaraigh


ag milliudh arbhann & ag loscadh tighedh. & a n-dul tairis ar fersaid Bona Tuama & a n-dul trid in Fidhbadh & a m-beth oidhci ar in Riasc Mhor & a n-dul assin co h-Edan Dubchairrgi, .i. co baile Cuinn, mic Aedha Buidhe & a m-beth da oidhchi ann. & Enri, mac Briain Ballaigh h-Ui Neill & Feilim, mac mic h-Ui Neill Buidhe & Brian, mac Neill Ghallta, do tocht asteach cum h-Ui Neill. & umla & freghra d'fhaghail do uatha uile & sith do chengal do atorra & Mac h-Uibilin. & h-Ua Neill do dul assin a Rinn Sibhne & a bheth ann re sealad ag loscadh arbha & tighedh.

& mac Aedha Buidhe, .i. Brian, do dhul a n-Aird Uladh & crecha mora do breith leis a timceall in t-sluaigh isin Fidbadh. h-Ua Neill do dul le Mac Uibilín a n-Ard Uladh & a thecht assin dia baile fein. Conn, mac Aedha Buidhe & clann Airt h-Ui Neill & slicht Enri do thecht a Tir Eogain & creacha mora do dhenum doibh ar clainn Fheidhlimthe h-Ui Neill.


Raibhilin Carrach Sabhais & mac Seoain Sabhais do


dhul ar sibhal oidhchi a Leith Cathail & techt doib a timcell an tighi a roibe in Sheinisgal, .i. Patraig Fait & e fein & cuid da braithribh do gabail doibh & mac in t-Shabhaisigh, .i. Patraig Og, d'fhaghail doibh as na braighdib-sin. & Leith Cathail & seinisgalacht Gall Uladh do thabairt do mac in t-Shabhaisigh aris.


h-Ua Domnaill do dul, sluagh, co Bel Atha Conaill a coinne h-Ui Raighilligh & imruagadh do beith atorra. & mac Aedha h-Ui Raighilligh (.i. Emand) do marbadh ann & mac in espuic h-Ui Gallcobair do marbadh ann don leith aili & eich & daine do marbadh ann. & h-Ua Domnaill do tocht dia tigh don turus-sin.


Clann Airt h-Ui Neill do thecht ar coilltibh Sila Baidhill & ar dhaingnech a ferainn fein & creacha mora do denum doib ar clainn h-Ui Neill.

Clann h-Ui Neill do dhul ar cuartughudh fa cheanntar Sila Baidhill & clann Airt & clann Briain Oig do thegmail doib a timceall in Atha Leathain. & clann h-Ui Neill do brisedh ar clainn Airt & maidm mór do thabairt forra. & Enri, {fol. A 95a}mac Airt h-Ui Neill, do marbadh ann, .i. sai cinn-fhedna & fer do bi lan d'aithne & d'eineach & do derc & do daenacht. & a brathair aile do marbadh ann, .i. Brian, mac Airt h-Ui Neill. & Toirrdhealbhach Ruadh, mac Briain Oig h-Ui Neill & moran da braithribh do marbadh ann.



h-Ua Neill & a clann do dhul fo caislen clainni Airt, .i. caislen na h-Oghmaidhe. Eogan h-Ua Domnaill & clann Nechtain h-Ui Domnaill do ghabail le clainn Airt a n-aghaidh h-Ui Neill.


Creacha mora do denum do clainn Fheidhlimthe h-Ui Neill ar clainn Muircertaigh Oig h-Ui Neill. Gres do dhenum do clainn Muircertaigh Oig ar clainn Feilim & Seaan, {fol. B 89b} mac Feidhlim & Feidhlimidh Og, mac Feidhlimthe, do marbadh leo, .i. da barraigh a fine fein 'mun am sin. & mac aile d'Feidhlim d'eg 'sa sechtmuin cetna, .i. Niall h-Ua Neill.


Creacha mora do denum do Conn, mac Aedha Buidhe, ar clainn Feidhlim h-Ui Neill.


Mac Donnchaidh in Chorainn, .i. Brian, mac Taidhg Mic Donnchaidh, do marbadh le Tadhg, mac Briain Mic Donnchaidh, a toraidheacht creiche & a mac do marbadh ann, .i. Aedh.


Ruaidhri h-Ua h-Eaghra, .i. mac h-Ui Eaghra Buidhe, do marbadh le mac Mic Donnchaidh in Chorainn, .i. le Muircertach, mac Taidhg Mic Donnchaidh.


Seaan, mac Domnaill Ballaigh Meg Uidhir, do marbadh le Ruaidhri, mac Briain, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir, pridie Idus Aprilis.


Clann Donnchaidh, mic Aedha Meg Uidhir & clann Cormaic, mic Aedha cetna, do dhenum creichi ar Cathal Og Mac Maghnusa a Rinn Airigh.


Diarmait Mac Mathgamna obiit 6 Idus Aprilis.


Caterfhina, ingin Concubair Moir Meg Ualghairg, bean Diarmada Meg Raith, moritur.


Kal. Ian. iii. f., l. uii., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxx. i.



Caislen na h-Oghmuidhe do ghabail leis h-Ua Neill in bliadhain-si, .i. le Henri, mac Eogain. & is amlaidh so do gabadh e: .i. cumusc do thabairt do clainn h-Ui Neill & do clainn Airt da cheile a t-tosuch an gheimridh, mur ta romaim annso. & brisedh ar clainn Airt & da mac Airt do marbadh ann & moran aile leo. & clann h-Ui Neill do dul assin a timceall an caislein & h-Ua Neill do thecht cuca. & Sile, ingen Neill Gairb Ui Domnaill, bean Neill, mic Airt Ui Neill, do beth isin chaislen & Níall fein & in chuid aile da braithribh {fol. A 95b} do dhul i cenn Ui Domnaill & Conallach. & h-Ua Neill do beith fa' n caislen o thus an geimridh co deredh erraigh. Clann Art do thecht astech cum Ui Neill & in caislen do thabairt do & h-Ua Neill da thabairt da mac fein, .i. do Conn & e fein d'imtecht dia thigh fo buaidh cosgair & comaidhme & araile.


Sluaighedh mór in bliadhain-si le Mac Uilliam Burc a n-Ichtar Connacht do cumnum le mac Briain h-Ui Conchobuir & dul doib fo caislen Sligidh & clann Eogain h-Ui Conchobuir do beth i cenn Ui Domnaill & Domnall, mac Eogain, do dul 'sa caislen. & tor in doruis do brisedh le Mac Uilliam & sith do denum doib.


Trian Conghail uile do gabhail le Conn, mac Aedha Buidhe, in bliadhain-si & a techt astech chuige, .i. mac h-Ui Neill & Mac Uibhilin & Enri, mac Briain Bhallaigh.


Cogadh mor in bliadhain-si a n-Ibh Failgi eter h-Ua Concobuir &


Tadhg h-Ua Concobuir. & Tadhg do dhul a cenn Gall & sluagh Gall do breith leis a n-Ibh Failghi & in tir do mhilliudh doibh co leir.


Iarla Cille Dara & Gaill na Midhe do denum innsoighthi a Fern Mhuighi & crecha mora do dhenum ar Mag Mathgamna. & Mag Mathgamna do tinol a tire & airgti & loiscthi mora & ár daine do thabairt ar Gallaibh do, a n-dighail na creach-sin.


Muircertach, mac Eogain h-Ui Neill, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Indsoighidh do denum do Brian, mac Fheidhlimthe h-Ui Raighilligh, i Clainn in Chaich ar Ferghal, mac Sheaain h-Ui Raighilligh & creacha do cur rompo doibh. & Fergal do breith orra & imruaghadh do beth atorra. & Cathair, mac Iriail, mic Fheidhlim, do marbadh ann & Fergal do ghabail don taib aili.


Ruaidhri, mac Donnchaidh, mic Aedha Meg Uidhir, do marbadh le Colla, mac Aedha Meg Uidhir & lena clainn ag tech Meg Raith i n-Allt Ruaidhin i Termonn. & Donnchadh Og, mac Donnchaidh, mic Aedha Mag Uidhir, do lenmuin Colla & Colla do marbadh do & a mac do


marbadh faris in la arna mharach isin inadh cetna, tre innechudh Dé & Dabeoig im sharughudh in Termuinn.


Sluaghadh do dhenam leis h-Ua Neill a Tir Bresail & Tir Bresail uile do loscadh leis. & mac righ Thire Conaill uile & clann Airt h-Ui Neill do breith air. & h-Ua Neill do thecht da tigh don turus-sin fo buaidh cosgair & comaidhmhe.


Mag Uidhir, .i. Tomas Og, mac Tomais Meg Uidhir, do chur a tighernais de ar gradh De, ar caithimh urmoir a aisi re derc & {fol. A 95c} re daenacht & re cennus-fedna & re feicemhnus coitchenn do damaibh & d'eigsibh Erenn. & tighernus Fer Manach do thabairt da mac, .i. d'Emonn Mag Uidhir & a mac aile d'fhagbail ina thanuisti ar Feraibh Manach, .i. Donnchadh & mac aile a n-espucoid Clochair, .i. Rosa.


Emonn, mac espuic Clochair, .i. espuc Piarus, neoch do bi ina aircideochain i Clochar & ina persun & ina airdtigerna i Clain Inis — fer subhaltach, sochraidh, deghinnsgnech — d'eg in bliadhain-si, 18 Kalendas Maii. & dob' e-sin Domnach Casg in tan-sin.


Aedh, mac Briain, mic Pilib na Tuaidhe Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg 16 Kalendas Marcii.


Samhradh te in bliadhain-si.


Caitilín, ingen Gilla Isu Oig Mic Ghilla Dhuibh, .i. bean Eoghain h-Ui Dhalaigh, d'h-eg a Samhradh na bliadhna-sa.


Tadhg h-Ua Conchubhair, .i. mac in


Chalbhaigh, mic Murchaidh h-Ui Conchubhair, .i. sai chinn-fheadhna, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Clann Glaisne, .i. Conchubar[...] do ghabhail le Brian Ruadh, mac Cathail h-Ui Raighilligh gu maithibh a Samhradh na bliadhna-so & a leigin amach in bliadhain chedna gan fuaslagadh.


[gap: cut from MS]Philippii et Iacobi, Anno Domini 1471.


{fol. B 89c} Kal. Ian. iiii. f. l.x.uiii., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxx. ii.


Emonn Mag Uidhir do rigadh a Feraibh Manach an bliadhain-si.


Mathgamain, mac Toirrdelhaigh h-Ui Briain, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. tanusti Tuadh Mhuman.


Ruaidhri, mac Maghnusa h-Ui Cathain, (.i. h-Ua Cathain) .i. sai cinn-fhedhana, do marbadh a feall le Mac Uibilin, .i. le Seinicin Carrach Mac Uibilin.


Sluaghadh do denum le Conn, mac Aedha Buidhe h-Ui Neill & le Goffraigh h-Ua Cathain, .i. derbrathair do Ruaidhri, docum in Ruta do dhighail mic h-Ui Cathain (.i. Ruaidhri) orra. & imruagad do beith atorra & Goffraigh h-Ua Cathain do marbadh d'en urchur do gha la Rughraidhe Mac Uibilin: .i. fer do bi lan d'einech & do dherc & do chennus-fedna in Goffraigh-sin. Indsoighidh do dhenamh in la arna mharach do mac Aedha Buidhe ar in Ruta & maidm mor do thabairt do orra & Mac Uibilin do marbadh ann,


.i. Cormac, .i. sai cinn-fhedhna gan uiresbaidh. Mac Uibilin do dhenum do Rughraidhe Mac Uibilin & sith do denum do re mac Aedha Buidhe & coinne do ghabail doibh re h-Oirecht h-Ui Cathain. Ocus Mac Uibhilin do dul i coiti boc ar bun na Banna do dul i cenn h-Ui Cathain & drem d'Oirecht h-Ui Cathain do tegmail do ag dul a tir do & a marbadh & a bhathadh air in m-Banna & araile.


Donnchadh Mag Uidhir (mac Tomais Oig) do {fol. A 95d} ghabail an bliadhain-si le Mag Uidhir, .i. le h-Emann, mac Tomais Oig, i na baile fein & fuaslucadh mor do buain as d'eachaibh & d'eidedh & do buaibh.


Clann Meg Raghnaill, .i. Conchobur & Maileachlainn, do marbadh le slicht Maileachlaind Meg Raghnaill: .i. da mac taisigh dob' ferr eineach & cennus-fedna do bi i Connachtaibh.


Coinne do gabail eter h-Ua Neill (.i. Enri) & h-Ua n-Domnaill (.i. Aedh Ruadh) & imruagadh do beith atorra. Ocus h-Ua Neill do brisedh ar h-Ua n-Domnaill co sona, senamail & maidm mor do thabairt fair ag bel Átha an Caislein Mhaoil. Ocus Mac Suibne (Fanad, .i. Mael Muire) do marbadh ann maille re moran aile & araile.


Brian, mac Feilim, mic Duinn, mic Con Connacht Meg Uidhir, do marbadh le clainn Seaain Buidhe Meg Mathgamna & le Clainn Domnaill Clainni Ceallaigh & araile.


Rois, ingen Concobuir, mic Concobuir aili Mic Maghnusa, .i. ben Maghnusa, mic Briain, mic Concobuir Oig Meg Uidhir, quieuit in Christo 7 Idus Decembris.



Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. xx. ix., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxx. iii.


Maidm mor do thabairt le Mag Ragnaill, .i. le Tadhg, ar slicht Maileachlainn Meg Raghnaill, du inar' marbadh ceithre fir deg d'uaislibh slechta Mailechlainn maille re moran aile.


Edbhard, mac Baruin Dealbna, {fol. B 89d} do ghabail a feall le mac a derbrathar fein, .i. le Cristoir, mac Semuis Nuinnsenn & a breith do co Baile Atha Cliath & a milledh and.


Donnchadh, mac Aedha Meg Uidhir, d'eg in bliadhain-si: .i. sai cinn-fhedhna & fer do bhi lan do derc & d'aithne & do daenacht. A eg ina tig fein, iar m-buaidh o doman & o deamon.


Tomas, mac Meg Uidhir, .i. mac Emainn, mic Tomais, do marbadh le clainn Cathail Meg Uidhir a fheall.


Art, mac Domnaill Ballaigh Meg Uidhir, d'eg ina tigh fein fo buaidh Ongtha & aithrighe.


Ruaidhri, mac Airt h-Ui Neill, d'h-eg in bliadhain si.


Sile, ingen Rughraide Meg Mathgamna, obiit pridie Kalendas Ianuarii.


Cathal Riabhach, mac Duinn Cathanaigh, mic Maghnais Meg Uidhir, d'eg in bliadhain-si 18 Kalendas Octobris.


Hoc anno d'h-eg [...]


{fol. A 96a} Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. x., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxx. iiii.


Donn Ruadh, mac Con Connacht Meg Uidhir, do marbadh le mac Ricaird Mic Cathmhail a trodan.

Flaithbertach Mag Uidhir (
g Eocagain)
d'h-eg ina tigh fein iar m-buaidh Ongta & aithrighe.



Creacha mora do denum do h-Ua Domnaill ar muinntir h-Ui Neill, .i. ar Aedh m-Ballach, mac n-Domnaill.


h-Ua Concobair Fhailgi d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Conn, mac in Calbaigh & a mac, .i. Cathair, do righad ina inadh.


Edbard Pluingced, .i. Gallmacam rob' ferr cennus-fedna & daenacht do bi 'sa Midhe, d'eg in bliadhain-si, iar m-breith buadha o doman & o dheamon.


Fergal, mac Seaain h-Ui Raighilligh, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Cogadh mor in bliadhain-si eter h-Ua Neill & h-Ua n-Domnaill. Ocus mac Aedha Buidhe h-Ui Neill & h-Ua Neill do dhul ar sluaighedh a Tir Conaill. Ocus Tir Aedha do loscadh leis do 'n turus-sin & techt slan dia tigh.


Indsoighidh do dhenum do h-Ua Neill (.i. Enri) ar mac Aedha Buidhe & ar clainn Airt h-Ui Neill 'sa Tuaiscert & creacha mora do chur rompo doibh. Ocus Trian Congail uile do breith orra & h-Ua Neill do breith na crech leis dia n-aindeoin & techt dia tigh imshlan.


An Gilla Dub h-Ua h-Eaghra do marbadh le na derbrathair a feall, .i. le h-Eogan h-Ua h-Eaghra.


Maidm mor do thabairt in bliadhain-si leis h-Ua Ceallaigh ar h-Ua Concobuir n-Donn, .i. Feidhlim, mac Toirrdelbaigh & h-Ua Concobuir do marbadh ann & Mac Suibne cona dhis mac do marbadh ann & moran aile nach airimter annso.


Mairgreg, ingen Aedha Ruaidh Meg Mathgamna, .i. bean Donnchaidh, mic Tomais Oig Meg Uidhir .i. bean rob' ferr crabadh & eineach ro bi 'na h-aimsir — a h-eg Dardain roim Nodlaig & a h-adlucadh a Cluain Eois, fo buaidh Ongtha & aithrighe.



Mag Tigernain Teallaigh Dunchadha, .i. Tadhg, d'h-eg in bliadhain cetna.


Rughraidhe Og Mag Mathgamna d'h-eg in bliadhain-si iar m-breith buadha o doman & o deaman & araile.


Brian, mac Feilim h-Ui Raighilligh, do ghabail in bliadhain-si le Seaan, mac h-Ui Raighilligh (.i. mac Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Raighilligh) & le clainn Aedha h-Ui Raighilligh.


Uilliam Mac Gaffraigh, .i. duine maith oirecht do mhuinntir clainni Pilib Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, 5 Nonas Marcii.


{fol. A 96b} Kal. Ian. i. f., l. xx.i., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxx. u.


4Cogadh mor in bliadhain-si eter Mag Mathgamna, .i. Remann, mac Rughraidhi & clainn Aedha Ruaidh Meg Mathgamna. Imirci neirt do dhenum do clainn Aedha Ruaidh a Fern Mhuighi & sluagh Gall do thecht ina n-aircis. Ocus Mag Mathgamna do techt astech fa Eoganaigh & a dhul amach aris i Fern Mhuigh & clann Aedha do dhul ar Galltacht. Mag Mathgamna do dhul ar sibhal ar Ghallaibh & clann Aedha Ruaidh & Goill Machaire Oirghiall do breith orra. Ocus maidm mor do thabairt ar Mag Mhathgamna & h-e fein do ghabhail ann & Brian, mac Rughraidhe Mheg Mhathgamna, do ghabail ann & moran aile do ghabail & do marbadh and.



Mac an t-Shabhasaigh & Feilim, mac mic h-Ui Neill, do {fol. B 90a} gabail le Conn, mac Aeda Buidhe & mac an t-Shabhaisigh d'elogh uadha ina diaigh-sin.


Sluaighedh mor do dhenum leis h-Ua n-Domnaill in bliadhain-si, .i. le h-Aedh Ruadh, mac Neill Gairbh h-Ui Domnaill, do thabhach Briain, mic Feilim h-Ui Raighilligh, ar h-Ua Raighilligh. Ocus techt do co Bel Atha Conaill & sith do dhenum do ris h-Ua Raighilligh annsin. Ocus a dul assin 'sa n-Anghaile do chungnum le clainn Iriail h-Ui Ferghail do bi ina cairdibh aigi. Ocus nert do ghabhail ann do annsin & dul assin a n-Uibh Fhailghi do chocadh ar Gallaibh a n-eraic a athur do tuit le Gallaibh roime-sin. Ocus moran do 'n Midhe do milliudh leis & baile caislein Delbhna do loscadh doibh & sith do dhenum do re Gallaibh ina diaigh-sin. Clann Cholmain & Calraighi d'eirghi doibh 'sa n-Gairbh Eisgir & Galloglaigh & Erennaigh do buain dibh annsin & h-Ua Domnaill & Toirrdelbach Mag Uidhir do inntodh ar in toraidh taebh t-shiar do baile Meg Amalgaidh & brisedh ar coimtinol na tirthadh-sin & moran do buain dibh da n-dainibh, a timcell mic Meg Amhalgaidh. Ocus ni fhuaradur en urchur o 'n toraidh & o sin amach. Ocus dul do assin do cungnum la na cairdibh a n-Uib Maine & assin a Clainn Ricaird & dul do assin a Conmaicne Cuile & assin n-Ichtar Connacht & a thoighecht dia thigh do 'n turus-sin fo buaidh cosgais & comaidhme.


Barun Dealbna d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. sai cinn-fhedna & fer dob' ferr derc & daenacht & dob' ferr aithne ar gach eladhain do bi do


Ghallaibh Erenn ina aimsir. A eg iar m-buaidh o doman & o dhemon.


Aedh h-Ua Neill d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Aedh, mac Eogain, mic Neill Oig h-Ui Neill: .i. fer do bi lan d'aithne & d'eineach & do chennus-fhedna. A eg ina thigh fein iar m-buaidh Ongtha & aithrighi.


Aedh h-Ua Domnaill, .i. mac Nechtain h-Ui Domnaill, do bathadh in bliadhain-si a coiti bic ar bun na Banna.


h-Ua Ferghail d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Seaan, mac Domnaill h-Ui Ferghail.


{fol. A 96c}Mac Briain Mic Maghnussa, .i. Tomas Og, mac Tomais, mic Pilib, mic Briain, mic Mhail t-Sheachlainn, mic Mhaghnusa, mic Ruaighri, mic Duinn Mhoir Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg hoc anno im Shamuin.


h-Ua Ceallaigh, .i. Tadhg Caech, mac Uilliam h-Ui Ceallaigh, do cur an t-saegail de an bliadhain-si.


Edain Og, ingen Maigister Seoain Meg Uidhir, .i. bean Eogain, mic Eogain h-Ui Breislen, obiit 15 Kalendas Maii.


Cu Connacht, mac Briain Duibh, Mac Mhaghnusa d'h-eg.


Ruaidhri Glas Mag Carmuic, fer suairc, subaltach & fer denta rann Oglachais, obiit 6 Idus Maii.


h-Ua Neill, .i. h-Enri, mac Eogain h-Ui Neill, do dhul, sluagh, a Fhearaibh Manach an bliadhain-si & teach Toirrdhealbaidh, mic Pilib Mheg Uidhir do loscadh leis ar Srath Fhear Luirg, a cois na h-Arna.


Hic nata est Catherina, filia Caroli Iuuenis Mic Magnussa,
[gap: illegible]



Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. ii., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxx. ui.


Tadhg, mac Emainn (.i. Meg Uidhir), mic Tomais Meg Uidhir, do marbadh a fheall le na derbrathair fein, .i. Ruaidhri Mag Uidhir.


Donnchadh Mag Uidhir, .i. mac Tomais Oig, mic Tomais, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir, d'eg in bliadhain-si: .i. fer do bi lan d'einech & do derc & do chennus-fedna & d'aithne ar gach eladhain da cluinedh & adbur righ Fer Manach gan fresabra. A eg fo buaidh ongtha & aithrighi an bliadhain-si.


h-Ua h-Uiginn, .i. Brian, mac Fergail Ruaidh {fol. B 90b} h-Ui Uigind, d'eg in bliadhain-si: .i. sai fhir dana & oide sgol Erenn & Alban re dan & araile.


Mac Gilla Ruaidh, .i. Domnall Mac Gilla Ruaidh, d'eg in bliadhain-si & a mac ina inadh, .i. Brian.


Indsoighidh do dhenum do h-Ua Neill (.i. Enri) ar Oirghiallaibh & clann Meg Mathgamna, .i. clann Remuind Meg Mathgamna & Brian, mac Rughraidhe & Oirghiallaigh uile o Eoganaigh astech do theicheadh siar fa Machaire Tulcha. Ocus crecha mora & airgthi imdha do breith d' Ua Neill uatha o Machaire Thulcha & o chenntar na Breifne. Ocus h-Ua Neill do techt dia thigh do 'n turus-sin fo buaidh cosgair & comaidhme.


Sluaghadh mor leis h-Ua Neill (.i. Enri) docum mic Aedha Buidhe h-Ui Neill & dul do fo caislen Beil Feirsdi & an caislen do gabail & do brisedh leis & a thoighecht dia tigh fo buaidh cosguir.


Tuathal, mac Aedha h-Ui Neill, do marbadh le Gallaibh Machaire Oirgiall.


h-Ua h-Eaghra Riabhach d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Uilliam, mac in Espuic.


Mac Donnchaidh an


Chorainn, .i. Seaan, mac Taidhg Mic Donnchaidh, do ghabail a fheall le clainn Conchobuir Mic Donnchaidh & le slicht Tomaltaigh Oig Mic Donnchaidh, arna cur amach da derbcomalta fein a caislen Baile in Muta.


Seaan, mac h-Ui Anluain, do marbadh le a derbrathair fein a feall.


Graine, ingen Uilliam, mic an Espuic Meg Uidhir, obiit Idibus Decimbris.


Hic natus est Carolus Iuuenis, filius Caroli Iuuenis


{fol. A 96d} Kal. Ian. iiii. f., l. xiii., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxx. uii.


Cogadh mor a Tir Conaill an bliadhain-si eter h-Ua n-Domnaill & clainn Nechtain h-Ui Domnaill. Ocus Niall, mac Domnaill h-Ui Domnaill & Feilim, mac Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Domnaill, do marbadh le clainn Nechtain ar in cogadh-sin & moran dighbala do denamh atorra.


h-Ua Neill (.i. Enri) do dul ar sluaghadh a Tir Aedha & Tir Aedha do milliudh & do loscadh leis & a thecht dia tigh fo buaidh cosgair.


Eachaidh, mac Eogain Meg Mathgamna, do ghabail le Brian, mac Remuinn Meg Mathgamna, a feall.


Aedh, mac Donnchaidh, mic Tomais Meg Uidhir, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Brian, mac Concobuir Oig Meg Uidhir, .i. fer do bi lan d'einech & do deirc & do daenacht, a eg oidci Nodlaig, fo buaidh Ongtha & aithrighe.


Ruaidhri, mac Emuinn Meg Uidhir, do marbadh le Coin Connacht, mac Remuinn Riabhaigh, mic


Duinn, mic Con Connacht Meg Uidhir, a feall.


Matha h-Ua Luinin d'eg in bliadhain-si: .i. oirchinneach na h-Arda & sai re sencus & a tuigsi gaca h-ealadhna.


Aillbhe, ingen Aedha Meg Uidhir, ben tuc h-i fein & a maithius bliadhain re m-bas do Mainistir Lesa Gabail, obiit 6 Kalendas Decimbris.


Donn, mac Eogain, mic Aedha Meg Uidhir, do marbadh le Donnchadh Og, mac Donnchaidh, mic Aedha cedna, 5 Kalendas Iulii.


Hic nata est Caterina, filia Caroli Iuuenis, in festo Sancti Patricii.


Kal. Ian. u. f., l. xx. iiii., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxx. uiii.


Barun Dealbhna d'eg in bliadhain-si (do 'n plaidh): .i. Cristol, mac Semais, mic Risderd Nuinnsenn, .i. og macamh dob' ferr do Ghallaibh ina aimsir fein.


Gaeth mor do thecht a n-diaigh Notlaig in bliadhain-si, d'ar' milledh moran d'eallach Erenn & d'ar' brisedh moran do mainistrechaibh & do teamplaibh & do thighibh ar fut Erenn co coitcenn.


Mac Rithbheartaigh d'eg in bliadhain-si: .i. Cithruadh, ollomh Meg Uidhir re dan; .i. fer socraidh, subhaltach, daenachtach & araile.


h-Ua Cobhtaidh, .i. Muircertach Bacach, d'h-eg.


Tadhg Finn h-Ua Luinin d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. sai re leighus & re senchus.


{fol. B 90c}Plaidh mor do techt le luing ar cuan Esa Ruaidh & leathnughudh do 'n plaidh sin ar fud Tire Conaill & a Feraibh Manach & isin Coicid co coitcenn. Ocus dighbala mora do dhenum doibh & Mac an Baird


Thire Conaill, .i. Goffraigh, d'h-eg di.


Cormac Mag Carrthaigh do sbochadh in bliadhain-si le clainn Diarmada an Dunaigh Meg Carrthaigh & le Cormac, {fol. A 97a} mac Taidhg, mic Cormaic: .i. mac righ dob' ferr einech do bi i n-Erinn ina aimsir fein & araile.


An Gilla Dubh, mac Briain, mic Fheidlim h-Ui Raighilligh, d'eg.


Gilla Padraig, mac Airt Mic Maghnusa, d'eg in bliadhain-si, A. D. 1478.


h-Ua Breislen d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Tadhg, mac Eogain h-Ui Breislen, ollam Meg Uidhir re breithemhnus & fer tighi aided co coitcenn.


Bicair Achaidh Urcaire d'eg, .i. Tomas Dubh h-Ua Cairpri, fer eagna & crabad & araile.


Indsoighidh do denum d'Aedh Og Mag Mhathgamna 'sa Lucht Tighi ar Brian, mac Remaind Meg Mathgamna & crecha mora do denum do. Ocus Brian fein do ghabail a toraidhecht na creichi.


Emann, mac Uilliam Abaidh, mic espuic Piarais, mic Muiris Airchideochain, d'h-eg 3 Idus Octobris.


Niall Ruadh, mac Aedha Leith h-Ui Manchain (6 Nonas Marcii) & a ben, .i. Nualaith, ingen Ainnrias h-Ui Droma, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si (3 Kalendas Aprilis).


Barrdubh, ingen Eogain h-Ui Fhialain, ben Concobuir h-Ui Breislen, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Tadhg, mac Cathail Duibh, mic Aedha, d'h-eg 3 Nonas Aprilis.




mac Emuinn, mic Risdeard Buitiller do marbadh le Fingein Ruadh, mac Fingein Mic Gilla Padraig, i n-dorus Cille Cainnich.


'Sa bhliadhain-si do gabadh Mac Maghnusa, .i. Cathal Og[...]


Ocus plaidh mor ar Senadh Mic Maghnusa a Foghmhar na bliadhna-sa bheos.


Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. u., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxx. ix.


Cogadh mor eter h-Ua Neill & h-Ua n-Domnaill in bliadhain-si & clann Airt h-Ui Neill do dhul a Tir Conaill do cogadh ar h-Ua Neill & dighbala mora do denamh atorra. h-Ua Neill do dul ar innsoighidh a Tir Conaill & creacha mora do thabairt leis o Conallaibh & o clainn Airt do 'n turus-sin.


Aiffric, ingen Emaínn, mic Tomais Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg, .i. ben Cairpri, mic Aedha h-Ui Neill: .i. sai mhna gan uiresbaidh.


Brian, mac Feilim h-Ui Neill, do ghabail leis h-Ua Neill (.i. Enri) in bliadhain-si, & a legan amach aris & fuasluicthi mora do buain as & a dias mac do braigdib tairisi fos. Ocus Brian do dul a cenn h-Ui Domnaill do cocadh ar h-Ua Neill aris.


Piarus, mac Nicolais h-Ui Fhlannagain — neoch do bi ina chananach choradh i Clochair, ina persun & ina prioir Cheilé n-De & ina shacrisda i n-Daimh Inis & ina oífficel ar Loch Eirne — d'h-eg in bliadhain-si — .i. macamh subaltach, daennachtach, deigheiníg & sai cleirigh — ar m-breith buadha o domain & o dhemhon & araile.



Finnghuala, ingen in Airchideochain (.i. Emonn, mac in Espuic) Meg Uidhir, .i. ben Domnaill, mic Conchobair h-Ui Breislen, d'h-eg 9 Kalendas Marcii.


Eoin Bocht h-Ua Carmuic d'h-eg Kalendis Nouembris.


Matha h-Ua Mail Ruanaigh d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. ollam cerda Meg Uidhir — .i. Tomais Oíg, mic Tomais Moir — & fer tighi aidhedh co coitcinn in Matha-sin & sai oircerda fos & araile.


Ricard, mac Emuinn A Burc, .i. Mac Uilliam Ichtarach, do marbadh d'easgar in bliadhain-si A. D. 1479.


Hic natus est Eduardus, filius Caroli Iuuenis, in festo Sancti Patricii.


{fol. A 97b} Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. x. ui., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxxx.


Mag Uidhir d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Tomas Og, mac Tomais Moir, mic Pilib, mic Aedha Ruaidh: .i. fer do bo mo deirc & crabadh & eineach do bi ina aimsir fein & fer do cosain a crich ar a comarsannaibh & fer do cumdaigh tempaill & mainistrecha & coiligh-aiffrind & do bi 'sa Roim ag a oilithri & fo dho a Cathair Sang Sem. Ocus fa lan Eire & Alba do clu in Tomais-sin. Ocus a adhlucadh a Mainistir an Cabain, ar toga do innti.


Mac Maghnusa Meg Uidhir d'eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Cathal Og, mac Cathail Moir, mic Gilla Patraig (.i. an Gilla Buidhe) Mic Maghnusa, .i. brughaidh dob' ferr do bi a n-Erinn ina aimsir fein. Ocus fa lan {fol. B 90d} Eire & Alba do clu an


Cathail-sin. Ocus a eg iar m-buaidh Ongtha & aithrighi & araile (in uigilia Natiuitatis Iohannis Baptistae).


Magnus Ruadh h-Ua Domnaill do mharbadh le clainn Feilimidh Riabhaigh h-Ui Domnaill.


h-Ua Neill do dhul ar innsoighidh a Tir Conaill & loiscthi mora & dighbala imdha do (no, leis).


h-Ua Domnaill do dhul ar innsoighidh a Cinel Feradhaigh & clann Airt h-Ui Neill & clann Fheilim h-Ui Neill ina fharradh. Ocus creacha mora do dhenum doibh ar Mac Cathmail. Brian, mac Toirrdelbaigh Rúaidh, maic h-Ui Neill (.i. Enri), do marbadh leo & mac Mic Cathmail, .i. Semas Mac Cathmhail, do marbadh leo. Ocus cuid do chlainn h-Ui Neill & Mac Cathmhail da leanmhain & Eogan, mac Neill, mic Airt h-Ui Neill, do marbadh leo, .i. sai cinn-fedhna & araile.


Remonn Riabhach, mac Duinn, mic Con Connacht Meg Uidhir, d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. ferr beogha, daenachtach, Kalendis Augusti.


Mac Gilli Fhinnein d'eg in bliadhain-si (scilicet 10 Kalendas Marcii), .i. Tadhg, mac Briain Mic Gilli Finnein: .i. taisech ro bo beodha & rob' fherr tech n-aidhedh ina comfhogus.


Eogan h-Ua Domnaill do marbadh le clainn Nechtain h-Ui Domnaill a Cluain Laegh in bliadhain-si, & Eogan Caech, mac Maghnusa h-Ui Concobhair, do marbadh faris ann & mac Toirrdelbaigh Carraigh h-Ui Concobuir do gabail ann. Rughraidhe, mac Rughraidhi, mic Nechtain h-Ui Domnaill, do marbadh le clainn Neill h-Ui Domnaill ar an cogadh cetna.


h-Ua Domnaill do gabail coinne re clainn Nechtain & re Conn h-Ua Neill fa caislen na Finne & sith do dhenum doib re cheile & tanustecht Tire Conaill do tabairt d'Eigneachan h-Ua Domnaill.


Cormac, mac mic Airt Cuile Meg Uidhir, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Pilib Riabhach


Mac Amhlaim Meg Uidhir (.i. cenn cuibrinn ar a fine fein in Pilib-sin) d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Art, mac Rughraidhe Meg Mathgamna, do marbadh ar deredh creichi (oidhce) do-rinne fein isna Fedaibh, .i. a ferann Con Uladh, mic Aedha h-Ui Neill.


Cogadh mor an bliadhain-si eter clainn Aedha Ruaidh Meg Mathgamna & clainn Remuinn Meg Mathgamna & crecha mora do denum ar clainn Remainn & a c-cur isin m-Breifne i cenn h-Ui Raighilligh.


Fergal Mac Eochadha d'eg, .i. sai fhir dana.


{fol. A 97c}h-Ua h-Eogusa d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Aenghus, mac Seaain h-Ui Eoghusa, .i. sai fhir dana & foglainnti & fhir liubair & araile.


Cumusc crodha eter clainn Emaind a Burc & clainn Ricaird a Burc & brisedh do cur ar clainn Emuinn & mac Mic Dubgaill na h-Alban do marbadh ann d'en urchur saighde, .i. Colla, mac Mic Dubgaill. Ocus Daibith Mac in Oirchinnigh & daine maithi aili do marbadh ann.


Sluagh Gall do techt a Tir Eogain in bliadhain-si le Conn h-Ua Neill fo chaisdel Sheaain Buidhe h-Ui Neill: .i. Iarla Cille Dara, fer inaid righ Saxan a n-Erind & Goill na Midhe. Ocus Seaan Buidhe fein do beth 'san chaisdel & an caislen do congbail do d'ainndeoin in t-sluaigh. Ocus an sluagh d'imthecht & Seaan Buidhe do dhenum sithi ris h-Ua Neill & araile.



Seaan Mac Gilla Fhinnein, .i. mac Briain Mic Gilla Fhinnein & tri fir deg do muinntir clainni Briain, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir, do marbadh ag Bealach h-Ui Mithighen le clainn h-Ui Ruairc, .i. clann Tighernain, mic Taidhg, mic Tighernain h-Ui Ruairc, .i. le Tighernan & le Brian Ruadh, ii. Kalendas Marcii.


Sorcha, ingen Con Connacht, mic Donnchaidh Meg Mathgamna, .i. ben taisigh Muinntiri Peodachain, .i. ben Toirrdelbaigh, mic Briain Mic Gilli Fhinnen, obiit 6 Kalendas Augusti.


Mag Bhradaigh, .i. Toirrdhealbhach Ruadh, mac Cormaic, mic Donnchaidh Mheg Bradaigh, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 91a} Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. xx. uii., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxxx. i.


Brian, mac Feilim h-Ui Raighilligh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. cenn damh & deoradh & nech ro bo mo aithne & einech & tech n-aidhedh do bí ina aimsir fein, a eg iar m-buaidh Ongtha & aithrighe.


Toirrdelbach, mac Pilib, mic Tomais Meg Uidhir, do marbadh in bliadhain-si (scilicet, in crastino Sancti Francisci, scilicet, 3 Nonas Octobris), a feall ina caislen fein, le Donnchadh Og, mac Donnchaidh, mic Aedha Meg Uidhir: .i. mac uirrigh rob' ferr einech & cennus-feadhna & rob' ferr aithne ar gach eladhain & ro bo mo tucsi & is mo ro chennaig do dhan do bi i n-Erinn ina aimsir fein in Toirrdelbach-sin. Ocus fa bronach eigsi & ollamain Erenn uile ina diaigh. Ocus a adlucadh a Mainistir Duin na n-Gall iar togha do innti.



Cogadh mor d'eirghi in bliadhain-si a Tir Eogain eter h-Ua Neill & Seaan Buidhe h-Ua Neill. Ocus clann Airt h-Ui Neill & clann Fheilim h-Ui Neill do beth in aghaidh h-Ui Neill ar in cogadh-sin. Ocus clann Airt do denum creichi ar clainn h-Ui Neill & clann h-Ui Neill do denum creichi, no a do, ar Sheaan m-Buidhe. Ocus clann Sheaain da lenmuin {fol. A 97d} & Aedh, mac Cathail, mic Feilimidh h-Ui Concobuir, do marbadh duibh & mac Gilla Patraig Mic Cathmail & daine aili nach airimter sunn.


h-Ua h-Anluain do marbadh in bliadhain-si le clainn Aedha h-Ui Neill: .i. Feidhlim h-Ua h-Anluain, .i. sai cinn-fhedhna.


Mac Con Midhe d'eg, .i. Concobur Ruadh, .i. sai fhir dana & fhogluinntigh & oide.


Mac an t-Shabhaisigh do gabail le Conn, mac Aedha Buidhe, .i. Patraig Sabhais & a dhalladh & a sbochadh annsa laim-sin.


Cathair Caemanach, .i. mac Mic Murchadha, do marbadh leisin Cundae Riabaigh.


Slaine, ingen h-Ui Briain, .i. ben Mic Uilliam Clainni Ricaird .i. feichem coitcenn do damaib Erenn & Alban & ben dob' ferr derc & daenacht do bi ina h-aimsir — a h-eg iar m-breith buadha o doman & o dheman.


Conn, mac h-Ui Neill (.i. Enri), do gabail le Clainn Aedha Buidhe h-Ui Neill in bliadhain-si & a tabairt illaim h-Ui Domnaill.


Cu Connacht mac Seaain, mic Con Connacht Meg Uidhir, obiit 7 Idus Iannarii.


Feidhlim, mac Duinn, mic Con Connacht, mic Pilib na Tuaidhe, mic Aedha Ruaidh Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si im fheil Cros.


Gilla Patraig Ruadh, mac Uilliam, mic in


Deganaigh Mail (.i. Domnall) h-Ui Eogain, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si 3 Idus Ianuarii.


Cormac, mac an Abaidh Meg Uidhir, .i. mac Tomais, mic Muiris airchideachain, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Mael Mithigh h-Ua Caiside d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Semus, mac Maeil Ir Mic Oiribeart, do marbadh le Geroid, mac Emuinn Gheancaigh Mic Oiribeart, a fheall in bliadhain-si.


Kal. Ian. iii. f., l.ix., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxxx. ii.


Conn, mac Aedha Buidhe h-Ui Neill, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. sai cinn-fedhna & cenn cosanta & cogaidh an Coicidh & feichemh coitcenn do chliaraibh Erenn & Alban, a eg iar m-buaidh aithrighe.


Murchadh, mac Taidhg Meg Raghnaill (.i. Mac Raghnaill), do marbadh d'en urcur soighdi.


Enri, mac Con Uladh, mic Aedha, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, do marbadh le Gallaibh in Estate.


Art, mac Donnchaidh Meg Uidhir, d'eg 'sa bliadhain-si.


Mael Mordha, mac Cathail h-Ui Raighilligh, do marbadh le clainn Aedha h-Ui Raighilligh in bliadhain-si, .i. fer einigh & eghnuma & sai cinn-fhedhna gan uiresbaidh. Ocus clann Aedha h-Ui Raighilligh do thocht astir aris ar sith. Ocus clann Cathail d'innsoighidh orra & tech do gabail orra & da mac Aedha (.i. Feilim & Cathal) do marbadh & da mac Fheilim, {fol. B 91b} mic Aedha & moran do maithib a muinntire faru.


Brian, mac Feilim, mic Eogain, mic Neill Oig h-Ui Neill, do marbadh in bliadhain-si le h-Eogan, mac Cuinn, mic Aedha Buidhe h-Ui Neill & le slicht Enri Aimreidh: .i. sai cinn-fhedna & nech dob' ferr einech & eghnum & is mo ro cennaig duain & is mo do-righne do crechaibh coicrich do bí ina aimsir in Brian-sin. Ocus bennacht


na h-eigsi & na h-eladhna ar a anmuin & araile.


{fol. A 98a}Croch naemh mirbuilech do thogbail chind in bliadhain-si ar bord locha a m-Baile in Chuilind & ferta & mirbuileadha mora do denamh dhi.


Donnchadh, mac Donnchaidh, mic Aedha Meg Uidhir, an fer le' r' marbadh Toirrdealbach, mac Pilib Meg Uidhir, a feall, do marbadh d'en urchur saighdi.


h-Ua Mael Chonaire d'h-egh an bliadhain-si, .i. Urard, .i. sai i cleircecht & i fhilidhecht & i senchus.


Gilla Crisd O Fiaich, bicair Airigh Brosca, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si: .i. sai clerich & fer tighe aidheadh re h-aimsir fada, .i. per xl. annos, go h-imshlan (Obiit, scilicet, x. Kalendas Maii).


(Hoc anno in Estate natus est Cormacus, filius Caroli Iuuenis.)


(Maileachlainn, mac Briain, mic Emuinn, mic Tomais h-Ui Fergail, do marbadh le Uilliam Garbh, mac Muiris, mic mic Phiaruis Dalatun, mí re Nodluig, feria 5 & le Laiseach, mac Seaain h-Ui Ferghail, scilicet A. D. 1482).


Kal. Ian. iiii. f., l. xx., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxxx. iii.


Espuc Clochair d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Ros, mac Tomais Oig Mheg Uidhir: .i. neach dob' ferr egna & crabadh & tech n-aidhedh & dob' ferr aithne ar gach ealadhain da tainig ina aimsir. Ocus a adhlucadh a teampall Achaidh Urchaire iar togha do ann.


Conn h-Ua Neill d'fhuaslucadh an bliadhain-si da athair & da braithribh & in Conn-sin do righadh ar Thir Eogain


do thoil a athar & Tire h-Eogain uile.


Cogadh mor eter h-Ua Neill & h-Ua n-Domhnaill in bliadhain-si.


Nicolas Pluingced (.i. mac Cristoir) d'h-eg in bliadhain-si d'easgur: .i. Gallmacamh dob' ferr daenacht & aithne & uirighill do bi ina aimsir fein & noch do bo mo íul & araile.


h-Ua Fialain d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Seaan O Fialain; ollamh clainni Pilib Meg Uidhir re dan & oirchinnech Both in fer cetna.


Uilliam, mac in Espuic Meg Uidhir, .i. abb Leasa Gabail, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


O Cianain d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Ruaidhri, ollam Meg Uidhir re senchus.


O Ferghail d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Cu Mhara, mac Uilliam h-Ui Ferghail.


An Sradbaile do loscadh an bliadhain-si leis h-Ua n-Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh, mac Neill Gairbh & le h-Aedh Og, mac Aedha Buidhe h-Ui Neill. Ocus an Giustis & Goill do breith orra & Mac Uibhilin & mac Toirrdelbaigh Charraigh h-Ui Conchobuir do buain dibh le Gallaibh do 'n dul-sin.


Eogan Mac Gilla Coisgle d'h-eg, .i. mac cleireach onorach do muinntir Cathail Mic Maghnusa.


Pilib Buidhe, mac Poil Ui Caiside, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


{fol. A 98b}Airgthi mora in bliadhain-si leis h-Ua n-Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh, mac Neill Gairb, ar Seaan, mac Pilib Meg Uidhir & le Domnall h-Ua Neill an la arna mharach.


Maidm Fhaichthi Ciarain in bliadhain-si le h-Art, mac Cuind, mic in Chalbaigh h-Ui Conchobuir, ar Conn, mac Airt, mic Cuind h-Ui Maileachlainn, dú inar' marbadh da mac Ruaidhri Carraigh h-Ui Cearbaill & moran aile maraen riu.


Donnchadh, mac h-Ui Cheallaigh, d'eg in bliadhain-si.



(Mairgreg, ingen Briain, mic Conchubhair Oig Meg Raghnaill, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. an ben do bi ag Feidlim Mac Maghnusa.)


h-Ua Cianain Claein Innsi, .i. Gilla na Naem, mac Seaain, mic Gilla na Naem, mic Ruaighri Mhoir h-Ui Cianain, d'eg an bliadhain-si, 1483 Anno Domini.)


(Hoc anno ante festum Brigidae (nata est)
[gap: illegible]
filia Caroli Iuuenis.)


{fol. B 91c}Kal. Ian. u. f., l. i., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxxx. iiii.


Cogadh mor in bliadhain-si eter h-Ua Neill, .i. Conn, mac Enri h-Ui Neill & h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh & digbala mora do dhenum atorra.


Gilla Patraig, mac Emuind, mic Tomais Oig Meg Uidhir, do marbadh a feall (scilicet, 6 die mensis Aipprilis) an bliadhain-si lena coicer derbraithrech a cois altora tempuill Achaidh Urchaire: .i. Donn & Seaan & Emonn Og & Art Carrach & Aedh. Ocus da Mhag Uidhir do gairm an bliadhain-si a n-adhaigh Emuind, mic Tomais Oig Meg Uidhir: .i. Seaan, mac Pilib, mic Thomais Moir Meg Uidhir & Tomas, mac Tomais Oig, mic Tomais Moir Meg Uidhir.


Crech do denum an bliadhain-si le Mag Uidhir Og, .i. le Seaan, ar clainn Donnchaidh, mic Thomais Meg Uidhir, .i. ar Pilib & ar Fheidhlim. Ocus Gilla Padraig, mac Tomais, mic Donnchaidh & mac Feidhlim, mic Donnchaidh Meg Uidhir, do marbadh ann & daine eile nac airimther sunn. Ocus Mac Gilla Ruaidh, .i. Brian, mac Domnaill Mic Gilla Ruaidh & da mac Mic Domnaill Clainni Ceallaigh — .i. Cormac & Art — & daine imdha aili do ghabail ann fos: scilicet, 13 Kalendas Septimbris, De h-Aine, hoc factum


fuit. Ocus do innto Seaan an la-sin fo buaidh & fo edail.


Flaithbertach, mac Tomais, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir, do marbadh le Tomas Og, mac Tomais Oig, mic Tomais Moir Meg Uidhir, d'en urchur do gha a purt Airigh Brosca.


Maidm Mona Lagraidhe (8 Kalendas Octobris) in bliadhain-si le cloind Emuind Meg Uidhir ar Mag Uidir Og, .i. Seaan & ar cloind Briain, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir, {fol. A 98c} du inar' marbadh tri mic Briain, .i. Cathal & Cu Connacht & Emonn & Aedh, mac Airt, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill & Eogan, mac Toirrdealbaigh, mic Pilib na Tuaighi Meg Uidhir & a mac, .i. Toirrdhealbach & Remunn, mac Gillibert, mic Cormaic h-Ui Fhlannagain et alii multi & inar' gabadh Pilib, mac Toirrdhealbaigh, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir & Pilib, mac Briain, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir & Gilla Padraig, mac Cathail Oig Mic Magnusa Meg Uidhir. Ocus daine imdha aili, .i. tricha fer, eter gabail & marbadh, — .i. fiche ro marbadh & deichneabur ro gabadh ann.


Remund Mag Mathgamna, ri Oirghiall, d'h-eg a n-Droiched Atha a n-diaigh Samna in bliadhain-si ina laimdechus.


Mailechlainn, mac Concobhair h-Ui Gairmleghaigh & Concobur a derbrathair & cethrur, no coicur, da muinntir do marbadh le cloind Eogain, mic Neill h-Ui Domnaill, a n-díaigh Samna.


Brian Ruadh, mac Cathail, mic Eogain, mic Seaain h-Ui Raighilligh, d'h-eg caicidhis ria Nodlaig.


Mac h-Ui Concobuir Fhailghi, .i. Murchadh, mac Cathair, mic Cuind, mic an Chalbaigh h-Ui Concobuir, do marbadh d'urchur soighdi le clann Emuind Dairsidhe a Crich na


Cetach, an Cetain re Nodlaig.


Teampall Cuile Maine do loscadh a n-diaigh Samna.


Seiser do mhuinntir Gilla Patraig, mic Pilib, mic Con Connacht Meg Uidhir, noch do bí co h-easonorach re h-eaglus Tigernaigh, .i. Daire Maelain & risna h-eaglusaibh archeana, do marbadh isin oidhche, tre ínneachadh De & Tighernaigh, a n-Daire Maelain fein, le da mac Emuinn Meg Uidhir (.i. Mag Uidhir), .i. Art Carrach & Brian.


Easpuc Daire d'h-eg gairid roim Nodlaig, .i. Sar Nicol Uasdun.


Níall, mac an Comarba Meg Mhathgamna, d'h-eg ag techt o 'n Roim in Estate.


Aedh Mag Aengusa, secundus de h-Uibh Eathach, do ghabail le righ Oirrther, .i. le h-Emond Ruadh h-Ua n-Anluain, timchell na Samna.


An t-Eidhre & Eoin Cathanach, a mac, do ghabail & in mac dob' fherr aigi, .i. Alexandair Ruadh, do marbadh felonice le h-Aedh Óg, mac Aedha Buidhe, mic Briain Ballaigh h-Ui Neill.


h-Ua Caiside {fol. B 91d} d'h-eg, .i. Tomas, mac Taidhg, mic Oiseb, mic Taidhg Moir, mic Gilla na n-Aingel h-Ui Chaiside.


Uilliam, mac Gilla Patraigh h-Ui Fhialain, d'h-eg 7 Kalendas Iulii.


Seaan h-Ua Fairchellaigh, .i. cananach do Muinntir Droma {fol. A 98d} Lethain, d'h-eg in Estate. Brian Mor h-Ua Faircheallaigh, neoch do tinnsgainn cloch angcaire do dhenum ag tempoll mor Droma Lethain, mortuus est in eadem Estate.


Hoc anno obiit Magister Nicholas O Droma & Ydus Iulii.



Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. x. ii., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxxx. u.


Aedh Og, mac Aedha Ruaidh, mic Rughraidhe, mic Ardghail Meg Mhathgamna, do righadh ar Oirghiallaibh an bliadhain-si.


Baile Chon Uladh, mic Aedha h-Uí Neill, do loscadh le Brian, mac Eogan h-Ui Neill, .i. Brian na Coilledh, in bliadhain-si. Baile & ferann in Briain cetna-sin do loscadh an la arna mharach leisin Coin Uladh cetna-sin & le cloind Remuind, mic Rughraidhe Meg Mhathgamna, .i. Glaisne & Brian & le mac Meg Mathgamna Oig-sin, .i. le Gilla Patraig. Ocus Cu Uladh Mac Cernaighi do marbadh leo ann, .i. duine maith oirecht & araile.


Aedh Óg, mac Aedha Buidhe, mic Briain Ballaigh h-Ui Neill, do dul ar creich a Leith Cathail & breith air ann & a marbadh d'en urchur do gha: .i. macamh dob' ferr einech & cennus-fedhna do bí ar Trian Conghail in tan-sin.


Olíuer, mac Cristoir Pluíngced, d'eg an bliadhain-si.


Slicht Mhail Mordha in Mhullaigh ar innarbad asa n-duthaidh fein & clann Glaisne h-Ui Raighilligh ar n-denam caislein ina ferann. Ocus arna suighiughudh orra, iad san do tharraing Iarla Cille Dara, .i. Geroid, mac Tomais Iarla, ar cloinn Glaisne & cuíg buailte deg bo do buain dib a creich & Gilla Isa, mac Glaisne, do ghabail ann.


Mac Uilliam Clainni Ricaird, .i. Uilliug, in bona senectute quieuit & a mac, .i. Uilliug eile, do oirdnedh ina inadh & in t-Uilliug Óg sin do dhul, sluagh, isin Mumain & cuid do Crich Roidsech do loscadh leis.


h-Ua Conchobuir Ciaraidhe & a bean & h-Ua Conchobuir Corcu Mruadh & h-Ua Concobuir Dond, .i. Eogan Caech, mac Feidlime Geangcaigh, mic Toirrdhealbaigh Oig, mic Aedha, mic Toirrdhelbaigh, mic Aedha, mic Eogain; an {fol. A 99a} Barrach


Mor; h-Ua Suilleamhain (no, Suillabhain) Beirre, .i. Domnall —omnes hii hoc anno quieuerunt.


Brathair Minur a Crich Cuirsech isin Mumain, .i. Emunn Cursa — & dochtuir annsa diaghacht e — do dhul a seilbh espucoide Clochair an bliadhain-si, acht nach tangadur a litrecha o Roim chuigi an tan-sa.


Cogadh mor eter h-Ua Neill, .i. Conn & h-Ua n-Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh & acland Airt h-Ui Neill, .i. Niall & a braithre, do thaebh Ui Domnaill & clann Nechtain h-Ui Domnaill, .i. Eignechan & a braithre, do thaebh h-Ui Neill, ar an cogadh-sin.


Dias, no triur, do muinntir Eogain, mic Briain Carraigh h-Ui Neill, do marbadh do cair theinedh. An t-Eogan-sin, mac Briain, .i. duine maith oirecht do muinntir h-Uí Neill do shlonnadh ar snechta ag dul o bhaile h-Ui Neill cum a tighi fein & a eg dhe.


h-Ua Baighill, .i. Toirrdelbhach, do chur a tighernuis de an bliadhain-si & a mac, .i. Níall, do gabail a inaidh.


Feidhlim, mac Glaisne, mic Concobuir h-Ui Raighilligh, a n-diaigh fheil na Croichi isin Foghmur mortuus est do 'n plaidh.


h-Ua Raighilligh, .i. Toirrdelbach, mac Seaain, mic Eogain, do dhul, sluagh mor, a Teallach Eatach in Mairt roim fheil Mícheil & baile Meg Shamradhain do loscadh leis, .i. baile Feilim, mic Tomais, mic Ferghail & baile a derbrathar do loscadh leis, .i. Donnchaidh. Mag


Shamradhain & {fol. B 92a} a braithri & gach comluadur da fuaradur do dhul a toraidhecht ar an sluagh an la arna mharach & 16 uiros eter gabail & marbadh & da cet each do buain do 'n t-shluagh. Mac Caba & tri mic Toirrdelbaigh Ballaigh Mic Caba, .i. Remunn & Donnchadh & Maileaclainn, do ghabail ann & Gilla Crisd, mac Toirrdelbaigh Ballaigh Mic Caba & Alaxandair, mac Connla, mic Lochlainn & Failghi, mac Glaisne, mic Aedha Mic Caba, do marbad ann.


An Peitidech, .i. Seonin Peitid & a mac, .i. Geroid, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


An Cosnaidhe, mac Aedha, mic Neill h-Ui Mael Muaidh, do dhenum creiche ar Émund Peitid & impodh do ar in toraidh & a n-gar do fichit {fol. A 99b} do marbadh di leis, .i. Ainntriu, mac an Gilla Ghuirm Duid & dias marcach da muinntir & Semus, mac Con Connacht, mic Espuic Concobuir h-Ui Ferghail et alii multi.


Conn, mac mic Seaain, mic Domnaill, mic Seaain, mic Domnaill, h-Ui Fherghail, do lot gu guasachtach ina crob deas an Satarn a n-diaigh fheil na Croiche 'san Fogmur (le clainn Cathail, mic Eogain, mic Seaain h-Ui Raighilligh, .i. Eogan Ruadh & Pilib & la Aedh h-Ua Raighilligh & mac h-Ui Ferghail).


Mac Domnaill, .i. Consabul (no, Consal) galloglach h-Ui Neill, .i. Colla Mac Domnaill, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, uel anno precedente.


Clann og Emuind Meg Uidhir, .i. Aedh & Art & Gilla Isu & clann Toirrdealbaigh Meg Uidhir, .i. Tadhg & Pilib & an Gilla Dub, do dhenam creiche ar Domhnall, mac Gilla Padraig, mic Emuinn Meg Uidhir, in Mairt roim fheil Michil. Ocus Domnall fein do marbadh a toraidhecht na creiche le Maelechlainn Mac Geibinnaigh d'en sathadh do sgin. Ocus Maelechlainn fein do marbadh ar in lathair cetna. Mag


Uidhir, .i. Seaan, mac Pilib, mic Tomais Meg Uidhir, do dhenum urtha & airgthegh a Midhbolg ar clainn Donnchaidh, mic Aedha Meg Uidhir & ar clainn Mheg Ualghairg fa dhó. A sechtmhuin na feile Míchil sin.


h-Ua Neill, .i. Conn, mac Enri, do dhul, sluagh mor, a Tir Conaill tareis fheile Michil & dighbhala mora do dhenum a Tir Aedha leis & baile Mic an Baird (.i. Aedh) do loscadh le Raghnall Mac Domnaill, .i. cenn-feadhna galloglach do muinntir h-Ui Neill an Raghnall sin. Ocus sith do denam do h-Ua Neill & do h-Ua Domnaill re cheile an trath-sin. Ocus Brian Dorcha, mac Eogain h-Ui Again, do marbadh le Níall, mac Airt h-Uí Neill, do 'n dul-sin.


Feidhlim, mac Donnchaidh Meg Uidhir, do lot & do gabail & Donnchadh Og, a brathair, mur an cetna, le Mac Gilla Ruaidh (.i. Brian) & le da mac Emuinn Meg Uidhir, .i. Aedh & Gilla Isu. Ocus Gilla Padraig, mac Maghnusa, mic Domnaill Aird h-Ui Mailigein & Cathal Buidhe, mac Aedha Citaigh, h-Ua Timaín do marbadh ann leó. Mac Seaain Mic Gilla Ruaidh (.i. Gilla Padraig) do marbadh 'na diaigh-sin ar greis oidhci leisin Feidhlím-sin, mac Donnchaidh & le Muinntir Maelagain & le Muínntir Timain & araile.


Mac h-Ui Concobuir Fhailghi, .i. Art, mac Cuinn, mic an Calbaigh, nech do n-goirthi Art an Bogain, do marbadh lena derbrathair fein d'en urchur do gha, .i. leis h-Ua Concobuir, .i. le Cathair, mac Cuinn


{fol. A 99c} mic an Chalbaigh, gairid a n-diaigh Samna.


Ri Saxan, .i. Cing Risderd, do marbadh a cath & 5 cet deg do marbadh isin cath-sin, & ri do dhenamh do mac Breatnaigh, neoch le tucadh in cath & nar' mhair ar slicht na fola righ in tan-sin acht en macamh og, neoch tainig ar innarbadh in bliadhain ar cinn a n-Erinn. Ocus a tosach an Fhoghmuir tucadh in cath-sin.


Remunn, mac Glaisne, mic Remuinn Meg Mathgamna, do dhul ar Galltacht Machaire Oirghiall gairid roim Nodluig & mac do 'n Taa, .i. Seon Taa, do mharbadh leis & Conn, mac Maghnais h-Ui Connalaigh & mac Cormaic h-Ui Connalaigh & mac mic Ardghail do marbadh uime & a 4, no a 5, d'eachaibh do buain de fein & da muinntir. Ocus Cathair, mac Iriail, mic Philib, mic Eogain, mic Semuis & mac Eachadha Moir Meg Mathgamna do ghabail ann & Eogan d'elogh a n-diaigh Nodlaig.


Brian h-Ua h-Uid, .i. fer dana righmiadhach do Trian Conghail, do marbadh in bliadhain-si le mac Mic Eogain, .i. le Seaan, mac Eogain Mic Eogain.


Mac Oliuer Pluingced do marbadh le mac Risderd Pluingced eter da Nodluig.


(Gilla Padraig h-Ua h-Uiginn, .i. mac Briain, mic Maileachloinn h-Uí Uigind, .i. saidh dana & fer tighe n-aidheadh gu coitcheann do threnaibh & do throgaibh, a eg um fheil Michil an bliadhain-si, ar m-breith buadha o


domhan & o dheman.)


(Hic natus est Connactius, filius Caroli Iuuenis, 5 Kalendas Februarii, feria 6.)


Kal. Ian. for Domnach l. xx. iii., Anno Domini M. cccc. lxxx. ui.


Art, mac Mic Domnaill Clainni Ceallaigh, .i. mac Cormaic, mic Airt Mic Domnaill, do marbadh a Cluain Eois a trodan do-righne se re cleircib la Nodlag beag (.i. le Semas, mhac Philib, mic in Comhorba Meg Mathgamna & le mac Donnchaidh Meg Mathgamna, .i. an Persun & le Gilla Padraig O Connalaigh, .i. an t-Abb).


Tuathal, mac Neill Carraigh, mic Muircertaigh Oig h-Ui Neill, do marbadh le Tomas, mac Aibhne h-Ui Cathain, isin Coill Ichtaraigh a n-diaigh Nodlaig.


Eogan, mac Ir Meg Radhnaill, do ghabail a feall le cuid do clainn Mael Ruanaigh Meg Raghnaill i n-diaigh Nodlaig.


Clann óg Emuind Meg Uidhir, .i. Aedh & Art Carrach & Pilib, do gabail le clainn {fol. B 92b} Toirrdelbaigh Meg Uidhir, .i. le Tadhg & le Pilib, 15 Kalendas Marcii, per dolum.


Crech mor le Brian, mac Remuind, mic Rughraidhe Meg Mathgamna, ar cloind Emuind, mic Thomais Oig Mheg Uidhir & ar Emund fein ar Cuil na n-Airther 7 Kalendas Marcii. Ocus Emunn Og, mac Emuinn Meg Uidhir, do mharbadh leo a n-Daire Chenainn & araile.


Clann Muiris, mic Mic Murchaidh an t-Shleibhe, .i. Domnall & Muiris & Feradhach, do marbadh a feall {fol. A 99d} le clainn Concobair, maic Mic Murchaidh, .i. le clainn derbrathar a n-athar, ina n-oirechtus fein & uilc imdha do thecht assin an bliadhain cetna.


Geroid, mac Iarla


Deasmuman, .i. mac Semuis, mic Geroid, mic Muiris, mic Tomais Iarla, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Emunn, mac Tomais Greannaig, mic Duinn, mic Pilib na Tuaidhe Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si. Ocus a derbrathair aile-sin, .i. Eogan, mac Tomais Grennaigh & Maghnus, mac Mael Duin & Rughraidhe, mac Conchobuir, mic Duinn Mheg Uidhir, do marbadh ar baile a n-oirecht le Feidhlim, mac Donnchaidh Meg Uidhir, ar greathlaigh oidhce.


Prioir Maethla, .i. Ferghal, mac Raghnaill, mic Roiberd, mic an Priora Meg Raghnaill, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si la Casg.


Caitilin, ingen h-Ui Ferghail, .i. ingen Domnaill Buidhe, mic Dhomnaill, mic Seaain, mic Domnaill h-Ui Ferghail, .i. bean Mic Maghnusa Meg Uidhir, .i. ben Cathail Oig, mic Cathail Moir, hoc anno, 7 Idus Maii, quieuit.


Remunn, mac Glaisne Meg Mathgamna, do dul ar Galltacht Machaire Oirghiall & eich & daine do buain de & Fer Dorcha Magormain do marbadh uime, a tus an t-Shamhraigh.


Brian, mac Rughraidhe, mic Ardghail Meg Mathgamna (.i. tigherna Dartraighe), do marbadh le Gallaibh Machaire Oirghiall 8 Idus Iunii.


Donnchadh, mac Tomais, mic Ferghail Meg Samhradhain, .i. tanusti Teallaigh Eathach, d'h-eg i Samradh na bliadhna-sa.


Mac Diarmada Muighi Luirg, .i. Ruaidhri, mac Ruaidhri Caich, d'h-eg.


Maileachlainn Og Mac Caba do dhul le clainn h-Ui Ruairc, .i. le clainn Tighernain, mic Taidhg, mic Tighernain h-Ui Ruairc, .i. Tighernan & Brian Ruadh, do cumnadh le clainn Ir Meg Raghnaill a n-aghaidh clainni Mhailechlainn


Meg Raghnaill. Ocus Mailechlainn Og do marbadh le clainn Maileachlainn, Nonis Iulii & da mac Gille Eooin do marbadh faris ann, .i. Ruaidhri & Alún et alii quidam. Ocus duine maith oirecht do muinntir clainni h-Ui Ruairc do marbadh in la cetna, .i. Uilliam Dubh, mac Briain, mic Seaain, Mic Muireadhaigh.


Mag Raghnaill, taisech Muinntiri h-Eoluis, .i. Tadhg, mac Cathail, mic Cathail Ruaidh Meg Raghnaill, obiit 17 Kalendas Aprilis.


Caibidil coitchinn i n-Droichid Ata ag airdespuc Arda Macha, {fol. A 100a} .i. Octauianus Italícus & ag espucaibh & ag cleirchib Thuaisceirt Erenn, 5 Idus Iulii. Domnall h-Ua Fallamhain, .i. Brathair Minur de Obseruancia & senmontaigh as mo do-rinne d'fhoghnumh do Erennchaibh o do bi Padraig i n-Erinn, do beth ar in Caibidil-sin ag solathar a litreach d'fhuaslughudh ar espucoid Daire & si arna gnothughudh chuige in tan-sin o Roim.


Ocht m-baile fiched do Galldacht Machaire Oirgiall do losgadh le Mag Mathgamna, .i. le h-Aedh Og, mac Aedha Ruaidh, mic Rughraidhe, in Estate huius anni.


Mailechlainn & Ruaidhri, da mac Mic Donnchaidh Tire h-Oilella, do marbadh le clainn Domnaill Caim, mic Mic Donnchaidh.


Seaan Buidhe, mac Eogain, mic Neill Óig h-Ui Neill, mortuus est hoc anno, circa festum beati Patricii.


Domnall Og Mac Cartain, .i. fer


deigheínígh, daenachtach, quieuit eodem tempore.


Art Ruadh, mac Gilla Padraig, mic Emuínn Meg Uidhir, do marbadh d'urchur do saighidh le clainn Toirrdhealbaigh, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir.


Caisdel Beil Fersdi do ghabail le Feidhlím, mac mic h-Uí Neill Buidhe & le mac an t-Shabhaisigh, .i. Roiberd, mac Seínicin Sabhais & le cloinn Neill Gallda, mic Briain Ballaigh, ar bardaibh Briain, mic Aeda Buidhe, mic Briain Ballaigh, in Estate.


Aedh, mac Neill, mic Aedha, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, hoc anno quieuit.


Emunn Og, mac Emuinn, mic Con Uladh h-Ui Neill & Cormac, mac Airt Charraigh, mic Mailechlainn h-Ui Neill, do marbadh in principio Estatis.


Eogan, mac Ir Meg Radhnaill, do elogh asa laimdechus.


Clann Meg Uidhir, .i. clann Emuinn, .i. Aedh & Art Carrach, do fhuaslugadh an Luan a n-diaigh Samna. Ocus Mag Uidhir, .i. a n-athair, do legan a tighernuis de an la cetna-sin cum Seaain, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir (.i. a n-Inis Finnrach do-ronad sin.)


Gilla na Naem, mac Iriail h-Ui Ferghail, do gabail leis O Fergail, .i. le Rughraidhe, mac Cathail h-Ui Fherghail & a thabairt do 'n Iarla, .i. do Geroid, mac Tomais Iarla, .i. Iarla Cille Dara.


Donn, mac Emuinn, mic Tomais Oig Meg Uidhir, do marbadh a fell a n-dorus reilgi Achaidh Urchaire le cloinn Tómais Oig {fol. A 100b} Meg Uidhir, .i. Tomas & Conchobur & Ruaidhri & le clainn Flaithbertaigh, mic Tomais Oig, .i. Gilla Padraig & Cu Connacht & Brian Crosach, Kalendis Septimbris, luna 4.


Mac Padraig Cursa do ég.


An Barrach Mor do marbadh le mac mic Donnchaidh Meg Carrthaigh, .i. cenn fine do Clainn Carrthaigh.


Ocus an Barrach ar n-dul ar creich air la Nodlaig, .i. Seaan Barra.


Ubla imdha a n-garrgadaibh & a coilltibh in bliadhain-si.


h-Ua Concobuir do denum i Connachtaibh in bliadhain-si le Mac Uilliam Burc & lena rainn fein i Connachtaibh do Aedh, mac Aedha, mic Toirrdelbaigh Oig, mic Aedha, mic Toirrdhelbaigh, mic Aedha, mic Eogain.


{fol. B 92c}Sgainner crodha ider h-Ua n-Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh, mac Neill Gairbh & Mac Uilliam Ichtarach fa bel atha Áird na Riadh i Connachtaibh, Nonas-is Septimbris, in ro marbadh tuillodh ar ched do muinntir Mic Uilliam Burc & in ro gabadh Seaan, mac Mic Shiurtain & Uilleag, mac Risderd, mic Thomais a Burc et alii multi.


Eogan, mac Lochlainn, mic Taidhg h-Ui Ruairc, obiit iii. Idus Septimbris.


Sgainnear ider Teallach Eathach fein, in ro marbadh Feidhlim, mac Ferghail Meg Shamhradhain.


Mairsil, ingen t-Seaain, mic Domnaill, mic Sheaain, mic Domhnaill h-Ui Fherghail, .i. bean Concobuir, mic Glaisne h-Ui Raighilligh, do bathadh, no do mhuchadh, i n-Ath na Boirne: gidh b' e adhbur, no gidh b' e do-righne.


Rughraidhe, mac Iriail h-Ui Fherghail, do ghabhail le Brian Buidhe, mac h-Ui Fherghail, .i. le mac Rughraidhe, mic Cathail h-Ui Fherghail, isin Fhoghmhar.


h-Ua Neill, .i. Conn, mac Enri, mic Eogaín h-Ui Neill, do dhul, sluadh, ar Machaire Oirghiall & millte mora & loisgthe imdha do dhenam ann leis roim Samhuin.


Pilib, mac in Comorba Meg Mathgamhna, .i. mac Semuis, mic Rugraidhe, mic Ardghail Meg Mathgamna, .i. in t-e do bi ina chananach coradh a Clochur & ina comorba Tigernaigh i Cluain Eois & ina persun a n-Dartraighi & ag a roibhe d'urmhor cethramna espuic Oirghiall uile &


fermerecht priora Lughbaidh & Fern Muighi, obiit in festo Sancti Iohannis Apostoli et Euangeliste.


Geroid, mac Fherghail, mic Sheaain Ui Raighilligh, do marbadh le clainn Maghnusa, {fol. A 100c} mic Aedha Ruaidh Meg Mathgamna & le cuid do mhuinntir Baruin Slainge, gairid roim Nodluig, a Cloinn an Chaich h-Ui Raighilligh.


Tacha mor shalainn in bliadhain-si & in bliadhain eile-si romainn i n-Erinn, innus gur' ceannchadh co méiníc in carta salaind ar bonn isin Midhe & co rabadur lucht magaidh ag denum a marbhnaide, ar son nach faghbhaidhthea re n-a chennach h-é.


Mag Raghnaill do ghairm in bliadhain-si do Conchobur, mac Murchaidh Meg Raghnaill, do shlicht Mailechlainn.


Mac Domnaill, .i. consabul galloglach h-Ui Neill, do dhenum do Raghnall, mac Eoin, mic Donnchaidh Doichligh Mic Domnaill, in bliadhain-si.


Dairsi mor ar caiplibh in bliadhain-si a Coiced Uladh & in bliadhain eile-si romainn, innus gur' cennchedh co meinic colpach capuill ar loilghich & ar bhiraich.


Tigernus Dartraighi & h-í féin do thabairt do chlainn Eogain, mic Rughraidhe Meg Mathgamna, in hoc anno.


Mainistir Brathar Mínur do Obseruancia do thinnsgnadh in bliadhain-si le mac Sar Edbard Iustas, .i. le Rolan, ar bord abann Liffe.


In Dalatunach, .i. Emunn, mac Piarais Dalatun, do legan a tighernuis de cum a mic fein, .i. cum Tomais Dalatun, in bliadhain-si.


(Hic natus est Magonius, filius Caroli Iuuenis, 18 die Augusti, feria 6.)



Kal. Ian. for Luan, l. 84, Anno Domini 1487.


Mac Aedhagain na h-Anghaile, .i. Tadhg mac Gilla na Naem Mic Aedhagain, do marbadh le clainn Uaithne, mic Iriail h-Ui Ferghail, .i. le Tadhg, mac Uaithne & araile.


Ruaidhri Glas & Donn Og, da mac Dúinn, mic Pilib na Tuaidhe Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si a n-diaidh Nodlaig.


Tadhg Dubh, mac Fínghin mic Gilla Padraig, tanusti Osraighi, d'h-eg.


Niall, mac Seaain Buidhe, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, do ghabail le Niall, mac Toirrdelbaigh Ruaidh, mic Enri, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, arna fhaghbhail ag fagbhail baile h-Ui Neill, .i. Cuinn, mic Enri h-Ui Neill, i cenn mis d'Erruch.


Gaeth mór in bliadhain-si, 6 Kalendas Marcii, ler' nochtadh tighi & templa imdha & ler' briseadh croinn & coitidha & garrghadha & araile.


{fol. B 92b}Brian Ruadh h-Ua Ruairc, .i. mac Tighernain, mic Taidhg, mic Tighernain h-Ui Ruairc—.i. cenn-fedhna is ceinnsealaighi do bí a n-Ichtar Connacht in tan-{fol. A 100d}sin — do ghoin le soighid, 6 Idus Marcii & a eg di. Ocus le h-Eogan, mac h-Ui Ruairc, .i. mac Feidhlim, mic Donnchaidh, mic Tighernain Oig, do-righnedh in marbadh-sin. h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh, do dhul trid an marbadh-sin um chaislen h-Ui Ruairc (.i. Feidhlim) & a gabail do & triur do muinntir h-Ui Ruairc do marbadh ann, ím Brian, mac Cathail, mic Tighernain h-Ui Ruairc, neoch do marbadh


le Goffraigh, mac Aedha Gallda h-Ui Domnaill, d'urchur do ghunna. Ocus in caisdel cedna do brisedh gairid beag iarsin.


Sgainner eter clainn Meg Uidhir, .i. clann Emuinn, mic Tomais Óig Meg Uidhir — .i. Aedh & Art & Brian — & clainn Tomais Óig Meg Uidhir, .i. Tomas & Conchobur. Ocus Fearadhach, mac Emuind Oig, mic Emuind Mheg Uidhir, do marbadh ann & Aedh, mac Duinn, mic Emuind & moirsheiser eile ina timceall do marbadh and & coicer, no seiser, eile da muinntir do ghabail ann.


Aillbhe, ingen in Gilla Duibh Meg Uidhir (.i. Mag Uidhir), .i. bean Concobuir Mic Maghnusa, mortua est. (Ocus Conchubar Mac Maghnusa fein d'h-eg hoc anno.)


Creacha mora in bliadhain-si leis h-Ua Cathain, .i. le Seaan, mac Aibhne h-Ui Cathain, isin Choill Ichtaraigh & dis, no triur, ar do dainib do marbadh ann leis. Ocus Brian Carrach, mac Aedha, mic Briain Meg Uidhir, do marbadh ann do 'n turus-sin.


h-Ua Ruairc, .i. Feidhlím, mac Donnchaidh, mic Tighernain Oig h-Ui Ruairc, d'ínnarbadh asa dhuthaidh leis h-Ua n-Domnaill, .i. le h-Aedh Ruadh, mac Neill Gairbh & a chur a Fearaibh Manach in bliadhain-si.


Cathal Dubh, mac Domnaill, mic Eogain h-Ui Conchobuir, do marbadh in bliadhain-si le Gaileangachaibh & é féin & clann Toirrdelbaigh Carraigh h-Ui Concobuir ar n-dul ar creich orra.


Coblach mor do Shaxanachaibh do thecht a n-Erinn an bliadhain-si d'ínnsoighidh mic Diuíci Odhearc5 do bí ar innarbadh in tan-sin a cenn Iarla Cille Dara, .i. Geroid, mac Tomais Iarla. Ocus nar' mhair ar slicht na fola righ in trath-sin


acht in mac-sin in Díuíce & rígh do gairm dhe Domnach in Spiruta Naeim, a m-Baile Atha Cliath an tan-sin. Ocus a ímtecht soir leisin cobhlach & moran do Erenncaibh do dhul leis soir, im derbrathair Iarla Cille Dara, .i. im Tomas, mac in Iarla & im Edbhard Pluingced, .i. Edbard Óg.


Creacha mora do dhenum do Choin Uladh, mic Aedha h-Ui Neill, & da braithribh & do clainn Remuinn Meg Mathgamna an bliadhain-si ar h-Ua n-Anluain, .i. ar Emunn Ruadh h-Ua h-Anluain.


{fol. A 101a}Doínenn mor fherthana i Samhradh na bliadhna-sa, amail gheimhredh n-doíneannta, innus gur' meathadh moran d'arbhannaibh Erenn le.


Tighernan Dubh, mac Donnchaidh, mic Tighernain Oig h-Ui Ruairc, do marbadh leis h-Ua n-Domnaill, .i. le h-Aedh Ruadh, in bliadhain-si.


Tighernan Carrach, mac Tighernain, mic Taidhg, mic Tighernain h-Ui Ruairc, do marbadh a Muinntir Eoluis le clainn Ruaidhri Mic Diarmada & le mac Mic Diarmada Ruaidh. Ocus Feradhach, mac Sean Toirrdelbaigh Meg Uidhir, do marbadh ann & Domnall, mac Duinn, mic Domnaill, mic Airt Meg Uidhir, do marbadh ann in la cedna & Domhnall Bernach Mag Samradhain do ghabail ann fos & araile.


h-Ua Ruairc, .i. Feidhlim, do dhul ina thir fein & sith do dhenum do ris h-Ua n-Domnaill, .i. le h-Aedh Ruadh.


Pilib Bocht, mac Cuinn Crosaigh h-Ui Uiginn, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. Brathair Minur {fol. B 93a} de Obseruancia, nech is mó & is ferr duanaire diadhachta 'san aimsir deigheanaigh.


h-Ua Raighilligh, .i. Toirrdelbach, mac Seaain, mic Eogain h-Ui Raighilligh, do eg do bidhg ina chaislen féin i Tulaigh Moghain (no Mongain), in cet la do mhi Seiptimbir na bliadhna-sa. Ocus O Raighilligh do dhenamh da mac ina ínadh, .i. do Sheaan h-Ua Raighilligh, in


treas la deg do 'n mhí cetna-sin.


Brian, mac Briain Ballaigh, mic Aedha, mic Fheidhlimthe h-Ui Conchobuir, do eg isin Earruch in bliadhain-si.


Bicair Clain Ínnsi, .i. Brian, mac mic in Espuic h-Ui Corcrain, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Tomas Mag Uidhir, .i. mac Tomais Oig, mic Tomais eile (.i. in Gilla Dubh), do ghabail a n-Achadh Beithi le Mag Uidhir Óg, .i. la Seaan mac Pilib, mic Tomais Meg Uidhir & ochtar d'a muinntir do ghabail maille ris ann & ocht n-eich do buain dibh — & isin naemadh Kalainn do mhí Octimber do-ronadh sin — & loscadh doimhliag Achaidh Beithi do neamthoil Meg Uidhir an la-sin.


Emun, mac Cathail Oig Mic Maghnusa, do bathudh a purt Tamnaighi Riada & a adhlucadh i Mainistir Leasa Gabhail 8 Kalendas Augusti.


Cath do thabairt eter in dá righ do bi i Saxanaibh in tan-sa .i. an ri do bí do Breatnaibh ann & in macamh óg a dubrumar romaínn, d'ar' goiredh a m-Baile Atha Cliath — & in cath do chur ar in macamh óg-sin. Ocus nach rainig a suim, no a comairemh ca do marbadh do mhíltibh annsin. Ocus urmhor a n-deachaidh do Erennchaibh soir, do marbadh ann, im Tomas, mac Iarla Cille Dara {fol. A 101b} & im moran do Gallmacamhaibh uaisle ailibh. Ocus a timcheall na féili Cros tucadh in cath-sin & araile.


h-Ua Maeil Conaire, .i. Sigraidh, mac Seaain Ruaidh h-Ui Mail Conaire, d'h-eg, .i. ollam h-Ui Concobuir Connacht re senchus.


h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh, do dhul, sluagh, i Muigh Luirg & tighi & arbanna do loscadh leis ann. Ocus cuid do Muigh Luirg fein, .i. Ruaidhri an Daire, mac Muirghisa, mic Aedha Mic Diarmada, do sharughudh na ceall Braighi Uallaighi &


edala mora do breith eisti & h-Ua Domnaill do aisig na n-edala do shagartaibh an teampaill ro sharaighedh ann.

h-Ua Domnaill cetna do dul i Muigh Luírg fecht aile i Foghmur na bliadhna-sa & tighi ímdha & arbanna do loscadh leis & teampoll Droma Conaille do loscadh ann le Ferghal Carrach, mac Domnaill, mic Taidhg h-Ui Ruairc. Ocus, mur nach rug h-Ua Domnaill ar Ferghal Carrach fein da thoirbert isin n-gnim-sin, mac Mic Tighernain na Buannaide do thoirbirt do cleirchibh an teampaill ar son in loiscthi-sin & araile.


Mac Uilliam Clainni Ricaird, .i. Uilleag, mac Uilleg, do dhul, sluagh, ar tarraing h-Ui Concobuir Duinn (.i. Aedh, mac Aedha, mic Toirrdelbaigh Duinn), isna Cluaintibh ar Feidlimidh Fhind, mac Taidhg, mic Toirrdelbaigh Ruaidh. Ocus baile Feidhlimidh Fhind do loscadh leo & a mac do marbadh, .i. Ros, mac Feidhlim Fhind & an tir uile do loscadh leo & do loisgedur & do mhilleadur an meid do bo rann d'Fheidlim Fhinn & do clainn mac Fheidhlim do Chorca Achlann & do Thir Briuin & do 'n Leath Tuaith. Ocus clann Feidlime Fhind, .i. Aedh & Toirrdelbhach & Conn, do dhul ar coir in t-shluaigh & mac Domnaill, mic Toirrdhelbaigh Doill, mic Toirrdelbaigh Duinn h-Ui Concobuir, do marbadh leo ag Ros Comain.


h-Ua Ceallaigh, .i. Uilliam, mac Aedha, mic Briain h-Ui Ceallaigh, do ghabail a tús Foghmuir na bliadhna-sa lena braithribh fein, .i. le Mailechlainn & le Concobur & le Ceallach & le h-Emunn.


Aedh, mac Donnchaidh h-Ui Cheallaigh, do marbadh le clainn h-Ui Ceallaigh, .i. le clainn Uilliam, mic Aedha.


h-Ua Mailechlainn, .i. Laighnech, mac Cuirc


h-Ui Mailechlainn, do marbadh le Conn, mac Airt, mic Cuinn, mic Cormuic Ballaigh h-Ui Mailechlainn, in bliadhain-si.


{fol. A 101c}Feidhlim, mac Mic Maghnusa Meg Uidhir, .i. mac Cathail Oig, mic Cathail Moir mic Maghnusa, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, la Sang Lúcas Suibiscel, feria 5. Ocus dob' fher brighmur, beogha, daenachtach, dercach in Feidhlím-sin.


Ingin Mathgamna h-Ui Briain, .i. ben h-Ui Lochlainn, d'elodh le h-Emund, mac Ricaird a Burc, i tús Fhoghmuir na bliadhna-sa.


Creach do denum do mac h-Ui Domnaill, .i. do Chonn, mac Aedha Ruaidh h-Ui Domnaill, la Sang Fronseis ar Shemus mac Pilib Meg Uidhir, a Cuil Meg Thighernain, ar osadh do ghabail eter Fheraibh Manach & Conaillaibh in trath-sin. Ocus coicer, no seiser, do muinntir mic h-Ui Domnaill do marbadh le muinntir Shemuis & nach rug Semus féin orra.


h-Ua Neill, .i. Conn, mac Enrí h-Ui Neill, do fhuaslughudh Neill, mic Sheaain Buidhe h-Ui Neill, o Níall, mac Toirrdelbaigh Ruaidh h-Ui Neill & a breith leis cum caislein clainni Seaain Buidhe a n-doigh co fuighedh an caisdel as. Ocus, o nach fuair, faslongport do denum d'h-Ua Neill & da braithribh & da galloglachaibh a timcell an caisdeil ó fheil Cros co cet fheil Muire d'Fhoghmur. Ocus foirm shidha do chengal atorra ar a fuighedh h-Ua Neill an caislen & an fhoirm do dul o cheile aris. Ocus clann Sheaain Buidhe & marcsluagh clainni Meg Mathgamna, .i. Glaisne & Briain, do dhennm creiche a ferand clainni Toirrdelbaigh na Mart h-Ui Neill, ar a rucadur da cet, no tri, bó leó & do marbadur daine.


Toirrdelbach, mac Feradhaigh, mic Duinn, mic Con Chonnacht Meg Uidhir & Ruaidhri, mac Goffradha, mic Domnaill Mic Gilla Ruaidh, do marbadh an bliadhain-si le


clainn Mic Domnaill Clainni Ceallaigh, .i. Gilla Padraig & Cormac.


Deínis Mac Gilla Coisgle, .i. airchinnech & bicair Airigh Brosca, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Tadhg, mac Briain Mic Amlaim Mheg Uidhir, nech do bi ina persun a m-Bothaibh ar tús & ina bicair a Cill Lasair & Maire, ingen Rughraidhe, mic Ardgail Meg Mhathgamna, nech do bí ina mnai ag Brian, mac Pilib Meg Uidhir & Una, ingen Domnaill Bain h-Ui Raighilligh, in bean do bi ag Toirrdelbach, mac Pilib Meg Uidhir & Ferghal h-Ua Mael Padraig & Maghnus Buidhe, mac Maghnusa Buidhe, mic Cairbri & Maghnus Buidhe, mac Cathail Riabaigh, mic Duinn {fol. A 101d} Cathanaigh & Cathal, mac Ruaidhri Caich Meg Uidhir—omnes quieuerunt hoc anno.


Seaan, mac Conchobuir mic Aedhagain, .i. ollam breithemhan Mic Uillaim Clainni Ricaird, d'h-eg.


Cloch Locha h-Uachtair do ghabail in bliadhain-si le clainn Domnaill Bain h-Ui Raighilligh, .i. Ferghal & Emunn. Ocus Ferghal féin {fol. B 93b} d'h-eg in bliadhain-si in Satharn ria Nodlaig & a adlucadh a n-Druím Lethan.


h-Ua Neill, .i. Conn, do dhul ar creich a n-Oirghiallaibh ar Glaisne, mac Remuínn Meg Mathgamhna, la feil Sdeabhtain & in creach do breith leis & Art, mac Neill, mic Seaain Buidhe h-Ui Neill, do marbadh leis ann. Ocus cuid do galloglachaibh h-Ui Neill do marbadh ann um mac Eímhir Ballaigh Mic Somairle, .i. Dubgall & mac eili do Eímhir Ballach do ghabail ann, .i. Seínícin & mac Mic an Ghirr do marbadh ann, .i. Art.


Aedh, mac Briain, mic Ferghail Ruaidh h-Ui Uiginn, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si isin Foghmur.


Iarla Desmuman, .i. Sémas, mac Tomais, mic Semais, mic Geroid, mic


Muiris Iarla, do marbadh a feall a n-deredh na bliadhna-sa, ím trathaibh na Nodlaig, le Seann Manntach [gap: extent: one line] & Iarla do dhenum da derbrathair aile, .i. do Mhuiris. Ocus Seaan Manntach do thuitim a cetoir isin n-gnim-sin leisin Iarla Óg-sin, .i. le Muiris.


h-Ua Ceallaigh, .i. Uilliam, mac Aedha, mic Briain h-Ui Ceallaigh, d'h-eg ina laimdechus & da h-Ua Ceallaigh do denum a n-adhaigh a cheile in h-Uíbh Maine, .i. Mailechlainn, mac Aedha, mic Briain h-Ui Cellaigh & Donnchadh, mac Breasail, mic Donnchaidh h-Ui Ceallaigh.


Mac Goisdelbh d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Seaan.


An Dalatunach, .i. Emunn, mac Piaruis Dalatun, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


(Gearoid, mac Emuinn Gheancaigh Mic Oiribeart, do marbadh le Seaan, mac Semuis, mic Maeil Ir Mic Oiribeirt, a n-dighailt a athar & le dha mhac Mic Oiribeirt, .i. Maeil Ir & Emunn, .i. da mac Fhir Dorcha, mic Maeil Ir Mic Oiribeirt).


Kal. Ian. iii. f., l. 15, Anno Domini 1488.


Abb Atha Truim d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Domnall, mac Domnaill, mic Neill Gairb h-Ui Domnaill, do ghabail i múr Mainisthrech Esa Ruaidh le clainn Aedha Gallda, mic Neill Gairb, in bliadhain-si, iii. Idus Ianuarii. Ocus a crochadh {fol. A 102a} an la arna mharach leisin muinntir


cetna & le h-Aedh, mac h-Ui Domnaill & le Concobur, mac Feidlímidh Riabaigh, mic Neill Gairbh, do comairle h-Ui Domnaill, .i. Aedha Ruaidh.


Brian, mac Briain Buide Mic Gilla Fhinnein d'h-eg.


h-Enri h-Ua Sealbaigh, .i. canntaire dob' fherr a n-Gaidheltacht Leithe Cuinn, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Donn, mac Domnaill Ballaigh Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Crech mor do denum ar h-Ua Neill in bliadhain-si, .i. ar Conn, mac Enrí, le clainn Meg Mathgamna, .i. le Glaisne & le Brian. Ocus Colla, mac Mic Domnaill, do argaín doibh ann & mac Briain (.i. Cathal), mic Rughraidhe Meg Mhathgamna, do marbadh umpo-san leisin toraidh & daine aili nach airimhter sunn.


Rémunn, mac Pilib Mheg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, 7 Kalendas Marcii, iar martra fhoda.


Domhnall Gorm, mac Alexandair, mac Mic Domnaill, do marbadh i tús an Earraigh le clainn in Abbaidh mic Alexandair, do Clainn Domnaill fein.


Uaithne, mac Mael Ruanaigh h-Ui Cerbaill, tanusti Eile, d'h-eg.


Feradhach, mac Mic Domnaill Gallóglach, .i. mac Raghnaill Mic Domnaill, do marbadh le Coin Uladh, mac Seaain Buidhe h-Ui Neill, in bliadhain-si, i tús in Earraigh, ar greiss oidce.


h-Ua Ceallaigh, .i. Mailechlainn, mac Aedha, mic Briain h-Ui Ceallaigh, d'h-eg i cinn leth-raithi tar eis a rightha.


h-Ua Flannagain Tuaithi Ratha, .i. Toirrdelbach, mac Gilla Issu h-Ui Fhlannagain, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si & h-Ua Flannagain do dhenum ina ínadh do Ghillibert mac Cormuic, mic Gilla Isu h-Ui Fhlannagain.


h-Ua Tuathail, .i. Emunn h-Ua Tuathail, do marbadh a feall le clainn Taidhg h-Ui Braín roim Nodlaig.


Mac h-Uí Murchadha, .i. mac tigherna h-Ua-Feilme, .i. Mathgamain, mac


Taidhg h-Ui Murchadha, do marbadh a feall le mac tigherna h-Ua Ceinnsealaigh, .i. le Donnchadh, mac Airt, mic Donnchaidh.


Seaan Buidhe (no, Óg) h-Ua h-Eadhra & a mac do marbadh le clainn h-Ui Eadhra (.i. le Ruighri & le h-Aedh) in bliadhain-si.


Tadhg, mac Aedha, mic Toirrdelbaigh Carraigh h-Ui Conchobuir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si oidhchi Chasg.


Mairghreg Dalatun, ingen Ainntriu Dalatun, .i. bean h-Ui Fherghail, .i. ben Domnaill Buidhe, mic Domnaill, mic Sheaain, mic Domnaill h-Ui Fhergail, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Seaan Caech, mac Maghnusa, mic Eogain h-Ui Conchobuir, do marbadh in bliadhain-si, a n-diaigh Nodlaig, le clainn Feidhlimthe, mic Eogain h-Ui Conchobuir.


Tadhg, mac Mailechlainn, {fol. A 102b} mic Tighernain h-Ui Ruairc, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


h-Ua Neill (.i. Conn) do ligen Neill, mic Seaain Buidhe h-Ui Neill, asa laimdechus in bliadhain-si, im fheil Brenaind. Ocus braighde eile do ghabail as, ím a dhís mac fein & im mac eile Seaain Buidhe, .i. Enrí.


Domhnall, mac Neill h-Ui Neill, do marbadh a Fínntamhnach le Rughraidhe, mac Airt h-Ui Neill & le clainn Neill, mic Airt h-Ui Neill.


h-Ua Ferghail do ghairm in bliadhain-si do Conmac, mac Seaain, mic Domnaill, mic Seaain, mic Domnaill h-Ui Fherghail, i n-adhaigh Rughraidhi, mic Cathail h-Ui Fherghail.


{fol. B 93c}Brian, mac Aedha Buidhe, mic Briain Ballaigh h-Ui Neill, d'h-eg do 'n galur breac i n-Earruch na bliadhna-sa.

Mairia, ingen Domnaill Ballaigh Mic Domnaill, .i. in bean do bi ag Conn, mac Aedha Buidhe h-Ui Neill, d'h-eg do 'n ghalur cetna.


Ri Fer Manach d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i.


Emunn, mac Tomais Óig Meg Uidhir, 4 Nonas Iulii.


Caipidil na m-Brathar Minur do Obseruancia do beith i n-Dun na n-Gall in bliadhain-si um fheil Pedair.


Mac an Baird Oirghiall d'h-eg an bliadhain-si: .i. Nuadha Mac an Bhaird & a mac do ghabail a ínaidh, .i. Aedh.


Diarmaid, mac Seaain Luirg, mic Toirrdelbaigh an Fina h-Ui Domnaill, d'h-eg i tús Fhoghmuir.


Conchobur, mac Dubhthaigh h-Ui Duibgeannain, do bathadh ar Loch Bradain i Muinntir Eolais in bliadhain-si.


Bean h-Ui Fergail (.i. Chonmaic), .i. Mauda, ingen Mic Fheorais (.i. Seaan), d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Mailechlainn, mac Meg Fhlannchaidh, do marbadh in bliadhain-si le clainn Taidhg, mic Cathail, mic Tigernain Oig h-Ui Ruairc.


Maidm do thabairt ar h-Ua m-Briaín, .i. ar Concobur, mac Toirrdelbaigh, le h-Iarla Desmuman, .i. le Muiris, mac Tomais, mic Shemuis, mic Geroid Iarla, ar tarraing Toirrdelbaigh, mic Taidhg h-Ui Briain.


Caisdel clainni Muircertaigh Meg Eochagain, .i. caislen Bile Ratha, do brisedh le h-Iarla Chille Dara.


Mac Maghnusa do dhenum in bliadhain-si do Chathal Óg, mac Cathail Oig, mic Cathail Móir Mic Maghnusa, le Mag Uidhir, .i. le Seaan, mac Pilib Meg Uidhir & le maithibh Fer Manach archeana. Ocus Mac Briain Mic Magnusa do ghairm in bliadhain cetna do 'n Gilla Dubh, mac Tomais Óig, mic Briain, .i. in cethrumhadh la do mhí August. (Ocus do bhi inad chinn-fine aige re h-ocht m-bliadhna roime 's a leth.)


Eogan, mac Ir Meg Radhnaill, do marbadh {fol. A 102c} lena derbrathair fein, .i. le h-Uilliam, mac Ir & lena mac & le Maghnus, mac Ir,




Uilliam in Fhedha, mac mic Mic Fheorais, .i. mac Seaain, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Mac Mic Fheorais fein, .i. Seaan, tigherna Clainni Feoruis, .i. fer suairc, daenachtach, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Cu Uladh, mac Seaain Buidhe h-Ui Neill, do marbadh le h-Art, mac Enri, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, i Foghmur na bliadhna-sa.


Bean righ Alban, .i. bean Semuis Sdibhard, .i. ingen righ Lochlann, do chur cum bais in bliadhain-si le neim. Ri Alban fein, .i. Semus Sdibhard, do marbadh i cath ina dhiaigh-so in bliadhain cetna lena mac fein, .i. Semus Óg Sdibhard. Ocus moran do tighernaibh uaislibh Alban do marbadh maille fris ann, ar son nar' thairber sé do 'n mac an dream ar ar' liamnadh neim do thabairt dia mhathair.


Da mac Neill, mic Seaain Buídhe h-Ui Neill, .i. Eogan & Aedh, do crochadh le h-Ua Neill, .i. le Conn, mac Enri, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, gairid roim fheil Michil.


Art, mac Neill Charraigh, mic mic Muircertaigh Oig h-Ui Neill, do marbadh le clainn Enri, mic Enri, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, ar greis oidhce, .i. Emunn & Feilim.


Eogan, mac h-Ui Ruairc, .i. mac Feidhlím, mic Donnchaidh, mic Tighernain Oig, mic Tighernain Moir h-Ui Ruairc, do marbadh ar osadh le h-Eogan, mac h-Ui Ruairc aili, .i. mac Tighernain, mic Taidhg, mic Tighernain Moir h-Ui Ruairc, in bliadhain-si.


h-Ua Neill, .i. Conn, mac Enri, do dhul co teach h-Ui Domnaill in bliadhain-si a n-diaigh Samhna & Meg Uidhir, .i. Seaan, mac Pilib, mic Tomais Meg Uidhir, do dul leis ann & sith tairisi, cairdeamail do denum d'h-Ua Neill &


d'h-Ua Domnaill re ceile.


Sith do dhenamh do h-Ua Neill & do clainn Sheaain Buidhe h-Ui Neill timceall na Samna in bliadhain-si.


h-Ua Conchobuir do dhenum in bliadhain-si le h-Ua n-Domnaill, .i. le h-Aedh Ruadh, d'Fheidhlimidh Finn, mac Taidhg, mic Toirrdhelbaigh Ruaidh h-Ui Concobuir & lena raind fein i Connachtaibh.


h-Ua Raighilligh, .i. Seaan, mac Toirrdelbaigh, mic Seaain h-Ui Raighilligh, do loscadh baile Emuind, mic Domnaill Bain h-Ui Raighilligh, in bliadhain-si i n-diaigh Shamhna.


Eogan, mac Mail Mhordha h-Ui Raighilligh, .i. tigherna Mhullaigh Laighill, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Mag Aengusa, .i. Brian, mac Airt Meg Aenghusa, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si & a derbrathair, .i. Aedh, do oirdneadh ina inadh.


Mag Raghnaill d'h-eg {fol. A 102d} in bliadhain-si, .i. Conchobur, mac Murchaidh Meg Raghnaill, do slicht Mailechlainn & Mag Raghnaill do denum ina inad do Mhailechlainn, mic Uilliam Meg Raghnaill, do 'n t-shlicht cetna.


Toirrdelbach, mac Taidhg Mic Mathghamhna, .i. fer is innraca, shasta, deghordaighi do fhollamhnaigh a thighernus do bí 'sa Mumain, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Ruaidhri, mac h-Ui Conchobuir Dhuinn, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Mac an t-Shabhaisigh d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Patraig Sabhais.


Mael Muire, mac Taidhg Oig h-Ui Uigind, .i. sai fhir dana, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


(Ruaighri, mac Tomais, mic Gilla Crisd, .i. tigherna h-Ua Dhrona, d'eg um Epiphain na bliadhna-so, .i. Anno Domini 1488.)


{fol. B 93d} Kal. Ian. for Dardain, l. xx. ui., Anno Domini 1489.


Mac Uibhilin, .i. Seinícin Ruadh, mac Risdeard Mic Uibhilin, do marbadh a feall le Ualtar, mac Cormuic, mic Sheínícín Mic Uibhilin, in la-sin fein.



Maghnus, mac Aedha Ruaidh mic Rughraidhe Meg Mathgamna, d'h-eg in la cetna in bliadhain-si.


Conchobur, mac Glaisne h-Ui Raighilligh, d'h-eg do bidhg i Ceanantus in bliadhain-si.


Remunn, mac Uaithne, mic Ferghail, mic Tomais, mic Mathgamna, mic Gilla Isu Ruaidh h-Ui Raighilligh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si do 'n plaidh, im fheil Brighde.


h-Ua Gobhann d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Mathgamain, mac Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Gobhann.


Mac Mael Mhartain d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Seaan.


Dá mac Maine Buidhe Mic Caba do marbadh le clainn Toirrdelbaigh Ballaigh Mic Caba in bliadhain-si, i n-diaigh fheili Brighde, .i. Failghi & Toirrdelbach & mac Glaisne, mic Aedha Colaich Mic Caba, .i. Aedh.


Maileachlainn, mac Muircertaigh, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, do marbadh le clainn Briaín (.i. Brian na Coilledh), mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, i tús Earraigh na bliadhna-sa.


Connla h-Ua Maelatuile, .i. fisigi h-Ui Raigilligh, d'h-eg im fheil Brighde na bliadhna-sa.


Rughraidhe, mac Daibhith h-Ui Mordha, .i. tanusti Laighisi, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. in Cetain ria m-Bealltaine.


Siuban, ingen Emuinn, mic Risderd Buitiller, .i. ben Mic Murchadha, righ Laighen, {fol. A 103a} .i. Murchaidh Bhallaigh, mic Airt Caemanaigh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Mac an Bhulbaigh, .i. tigherna Criche Bulbach a cois Berbha, d'h-eg in bliadhain cetna.


Mac Gilla Phadraig, ri Osraighe, .i. Seaffraigh, mac Finghin Mic Gilla Padraig, iar na beth dall aimsir roime-sin, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si a n-diaigh Nodlaig.


Creach do dhenam do chloind Cuinn, mic Aedha Buidhe, mic Briain Bhallaigh h-Ui Neill, (.i. Niall & Art) ar


Enri, mac Enri, mac Eogain h-Ui Neill & Cathair h-Ua Concobhair do mharbadh ann, .i. marcach maith do muinntir Enri, sechtmhuin a n-diaigh Bhealltaine.


Athairne h-Ua h-Eoghusa d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. mac Seaain h-Ui Eoghusa, .i. fer dana & fogluinnti maith & macamh onorach eter Gallaibh & Ghaidhealaibh & bud bhinn lamh & bel.


h-Ua Neill d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Enri, mac Eogain, mic Neill Oig h-Ui Neill, ar caithim a aisi gu sona, sénamail, aithesach, oirbertach, 17 Kalendas Iulii.


h-Ua Cerbuill d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Seaan, mac Mail Ruanaigh h-Ui Cerbhuill, ri Eile.


Feidhlimidh Og, mac Feidhlim, mic Ferghail, mic Tomais, mic Mathgamna, mic Gilla Isu Ruaidh h-Ui Raighilligh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si do 'n phlaidh.


Ros, mac Uaithne h-Ui Mhordha, do marbadh le Cathair, mac Laisich, mic Cathair h-Ui Dhimasaigh.


Bicair Daim Innsi for Loch Eirne d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Nicolas, mac Nicolais h-Ui Cathusaigh.


Mac h-Ui Chathain do ghabail le h-Ua Neill (.i. Conn) in bliadhain-si, .i. Goffraigh, mac Seaain, mic Aibhne, mic Diarmada h-Ui Cathain.


{fol. A 103b}h-Ua Neill, .i. Conn, mac Enrí, do dhul a n-Oirecht h-Ui Cathain & millti mora do dhenum ann & braighdi do thabairt uaidhibh.


h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Aedh, mac Neil Ghairbh, do dhul ar Trian Conghail a n-deredh Fhoghmuir na bliadhna-sa. Ocus creacha mora do dhenum do isin Ruta ar Mac Uíbilin & mac h-Ui Domnaill do lot ann, .i. Conn & caisdel Beil Fersdi do ghabhail leis h-Ua n-Domnaill do 'n dul-sin & techt slan dia thigh.


h-Ua Raighilligh, .i. Seaan, mac Toirrdhelbaigh, mic Seaain h-Ui Raighilligh & h-Ua Ferghail, .i. Conmac, mac Seaain, mic Domnaill, mic Sheaain, mic Domnaill h-Ui Ferghail, do dhenum


creichi a Muigh Breghmhuine a n-deredh Fhoghmuir na bliadhna-sa & Donnchadh, mac Briain Caich, mic Domnaill Bhuidhe h-Ui Fherghail, do mharbadh umpa.


Tomaltach, mac Briain Mic Donnchaidh do mharbadh a n-diaigh Shamna in bliadhain-si le h-Aedh, mac Domnaill Chaim Mic Donnchaidh & lena clainn.


Aedh, mac h-Ui Conchobuir, .i. mac Fheidhlime Fhinn, mic Thaidhg, mic Toirrdelbaigh Ruaidh, do ghabail le clainn h-Ui Cheallaigh in bliadhain-si.


Toirrdelbach, mac h-Ui Concobuir, .i. mac Fheidhlim Fhinn, do marbadh an bliadhain-si a n-diaigh Samna le mac Mic Dhiarmata, .i. le Tadhg, mac Ruaidhri Mic Diarmada.


Eogan, mac Feidhlime, mic Eogain, mic Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Conchobuir, do marbadh leisin Calbach Caech, mac Domnaill, mic Eogain h-Ui Conchobhair, a tus Geimridh na bliadhna-sa. Ocus da mac Muircertaigh, mic Eogain h-Ui Conchobuir, .i. Muircertach Og & Seaan, do marbadh isna laithibh cetna lena comghael fein.


{fol. A 103c}Maghnus, mac Cathail Oicc mic Maghnusa Meg Uidhir, (.i. Mac Maghnusa) do eg in bliadhain-si, fiche oidche ria Nodlaig: .i. mac bruigaidh lan do eslabra & do deirc & do tegh n-oidhedh.


Bresim madma for Art, {fol. B 94a} mac Ui Neill (.i. mac Cuinn, mic Enri), les h-Ua Cathain (.i. Seaan, mac Aibhne, mic Diarmada) & lena derbrathair aile, .i. Tomas, du i torchair Diarmait, mac Maghnussa, mic Maghnusa, mic Diarmata h-Ui Cathain, la forgabhala Briain, mic Domnaill Ui Neill & marbtha sochaidhe do ceithern & la h-airitin araile. Sechtmain ría Nodlaigh insin.


Colman h-Ua Mailechlainn (.i. mac Airt, mic Cormuic Bhallaigh) do marbadh i n-Gemridh inna bliadhna-sa la Cond, mac Airt, mic Cuinn, mic Cormuic Ballaigh h-Ui Moilechlainn.


h-Ua Baighill, .i. Toirrdelbach, do ecc &


gar ria Nodhlaigh atbail.


An Calbach, mac h-Ui Domnaill (.i. mac Aedha, mic Neill Gairbh), do abhailt eter da Notlaigh, 14 anno sue etatis.


Emann Coech, mac Baiter, mic Uilliam Mic Feorais, .i. dalta Briain, mic Fergail Ruaidh Ui h-Uiginn, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Maurchadh, mac Ruaidhri Mic Suibne, do marbadh la h-Iarla Desmuman, .i. le Muiris, mac Tomais, mic Semais & a derbhrathair, .i. Moel More, do airitin ann beos: .i. i nd-Eli Ui Cerbaill do-ronath in sin.

Diarmait, mac Taidhg, mic Domnaill Oig Meg Carrthaigh (.i. mac Meg Carrthaigh Moir), do marbadh in bliadhain-si lasind Iarla cetna h-isin.


Tomas Butillir, .i. mac Risderd Bua{fol. A 103d}licc, do marbadh le Seáan, mac Emainn, mic Risdertt Butiller, in bliadhain-si.


Paitricin, mac in Ridere Ciarraigh (.i. mac Seaain), do mharbadh la Mác Carrthaigh Mor in bliadhain-si, .i. Tadhg, mac Domnaill Oig.


h-Ua Fialain do ec in bliadhain-si, .i. Eogan, mac Eogain Ui Fialain, .i. in la arna barach tareis feili na Croiche ind Fhogmair.


Risderd, mac Felim, mic Fergail h-Ui Raighilligh, do marbadh la mac Seon Oicc Pluingced, da la taréis fésta na Croiche noim isind Fhoghmur.


(Torrdealbhach Ua Buighell (.i. O Buigell) & Torrdealbach ele, a mac, d'eg isan bliadhain-so.)


Kal. Ian. 6a feria, l. uii., Anno Domini 1490.


Concobur Ruadh, mac Gilla Padraicc, mic Emainn Meg Uidhir, do abailt oidhchi feli Brigti.


Caiterfhina, ingen


Concobuir, mic Cathail Meg Raghnaill, .i. ben Taidhg, mic Toirrdelbaigh Meg Uidhir, do abailt a cinn 10 la do 'n Errach.


Remann, mac Seon, mic ind Iarla, d'h-eg i tus na bliadhna-sa.


{fol. A 104a}Bicair Leth Ratha, .i. Matha Mag Conaing & an cananach Mag Tighernain do sheanadh Dromma Lethan & Oed, mac ind Epscoip Meg Bradaigh, .i. Brathair Minur occ, d'h-eg a cinn 7 la d'Errach a tríur.


h-Ua Caiside Cule, .i. ollamh legha Fer Manach, d'h-eg — .i. Condla, mac Cormaic, mic Ruaidhri, mic Taidhg Moir, mic Gilla na n-Aingel — an 14 la d'Errach na bliadhna-sa.


Eogan Carrach, mac Concobuir Mic Maghnusa, d'eg.


An Dilmuinech, .i. Emann, mac Tomais, mic Risderd, a ecc atbath um feil Micheoil.


Toirrdelbach, mac Toirrdelbaigh Ui Buighill, do marbadh la h-escur oc coimling for imuire Murbaigh Cedaine Luaithredh na bliadhna-sa: .i. tanusti Muinntire Buighill.


Catilin, ingen Briain, mic Concobuir Óig Meg Uidhir, ben Tomais, mic Concobuir Mic Maghnusa, d'h-eg 12 Kalendas Aprilis.


h-Ua Concobuir Connacht do abailt ind Errach na bliadhna-sa: .i. Fedhlim Find, mac Taidhg, mic Toirrdelbaigh Ruaidh, mic Aeda, mic Feidhlimthe, mic Oedha, mic Eogain h-Ui Concobuir.


Fergus, mac Eoin, mic Matha, .i. in Maighistir Mor, mac Concobuir, .i. an t-airchidechain, h-Ua h-Eogain — .i.


fer do bi ina angcaire fa deredh a n-Inis Caín an Fergus h-isin — d'h-eg in bliadhain-si a n-Id Aprilis.


Ruaidhri, mac Philip, mic Con Connacht Meg Uidhir, do marbadh la Beltaine la cloind Briain, mic Concubuir Oicc Meg Uidhir & la slicht Concubuir airchena.


Margreg, ingen t-Semais, mic Mic Balront, .i. bean Tomais, mic Glaisne Ui Raghalligh, do marbadh, quarto Nonas Maii le mac Tomais fesin: .i. ben bui ina legnidh i l-Ladin & i m-Berla & i n-Goidhilc.


{fol. A 104b}h-Ua Cathain, .i. Seaan, mac Aibhne, mic Diarmata h-Ui Cathain, do airitin la luing tainic a h-Alpain, no a h-Inber Air, a m-mi Iúin isin bliadhain-si.


Oed, mac Moil Mhorda, mic Seain h-Ui Raghalligh, do gabail la clainn Glaisnne, mic Concobuir h-Ui Raghalligh, iar n-orcain baile Tomais, mic Glaisni leis.


Semus Occ Sabhais do marbadh in bliadhain-si la clainn in t-Senescail t-Sa{fol. B 94b}bais a fhiull.


Castel Edain Daubchairrgi, .i. castel Neill, mic Cuinn, mic Oeda Buidhe, do ghabhail & do brisedh la Fedhlim, mac mic h-Ui Neill Buidhe (i n-Noin Mai).


Felimidh, mac Rughruidhe, mic Seinicin Mic Uibhilin, do marbadh i nd-Oentrumha la clainn Briain, mic Oeda Buidhe.


Colla, mac Rughruidhe, mic Ardgail Meg Mathgamna, do marbadh la slicht Con Uladh, mic Neill Moir Uí Neill, in t-oenmad Kalainn dheg do 'n mí Iuin & in Satharnn ar ai laithi sechtmuine.


Edbhard, mac Nicolais, mic Cristoir Pluingced, do gabail & do creachadh i n-Noin Iuin la clainn Cathail, mic Eogain, mic Seaain Ui Raghalligh.


Tadhg, mac Toirdelbaigh, mic Filip Meg Uidhir, do scathadh l' a bhraithribh fesin in bliadhain-si, a prid Id Iuin.


Crecha mora in bliadhain-si la Fedhlim, mac


mic Ui Neill Buidhe, ar clainn Cuinn, mic Oeda Buidhe & Gofraidh h-Ua Moil Croibe do mharbhadh leis ann.


Clann Donnchaidh, mic Oedha Meg Uidhir, do orcuin an bliadhain-si gar ria Nodlaig la mac Ui Domnaill, .i. la h-Oedh n-Occ, mac Oedha Ruaidh, mic Neill Gairb. Ocus an creach do breith lais docum Atha Senaigh {fol. A 104c} & a marbadh ann doraith, .i. cccc. bo. Ocus bardo an casteoil, .i. clann Oedho Gallda Ui Domnaill ar tabairt in casteoil d'Aedh d'aimdheoin Ui Domnaill (.i. Aedh Ruadh).


h-Ua Dalaigh Brefne (.i. Seaan, mac Uilliam, mic Aedha) do ebhailt, sai h-i m-bairdne, caicthiges ria Samain in t-sainreth.


Ben h-Ui Ruairc, .i. Mor, ingen Eogain h-Ui Neill, do marbadh a fill do cethernach da muinntir fesin, .i. mac Cathail Ui Ardlamaigh & se fein do loscadh iarum.


h-Ua Neill & h-Ua Domnaill a n-dib scoraib for enech araile o Shamhfhuin co Nodlaig: .i. h-Ua Neill isin Cairrcín & h-Ua Domnaill a n-Druim Bo & cin sith, cin osadh, cin cogadh do denam doib, acht mur sin.


h-Ua Gairmleghaidh do h-eg in bliadhain-si: .i. Muircertach, mac Enri, mic Concobuir h-Ui Gairmleghaidh, tareisi Samhna.


Mac Mic Domnaill na h-Alpan (.i. Aengus), .i. nech d'á n-gairthi an Tigerna Aacc, do marbadh a fill le fer-ted Erendach, .i. Diarmait h-Ua Cairpri. Ocus a n-Inber Nis do marbadh h-e.


Kal. Ian. for Satharnn, l. xuiii., Anno Domini M. cccc. xc. i.


Eogan, mac Muircertaigh, mic Eogain, mic


Neill Oig h-Ui Neill, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si eter Nodlaic & feil m-Brighdi.


Seaan, mac Ruaidhri Caich Meg Uidhir, do h-eg gar iar Notlaic.


h-Ua Cathain, .i. Seaan, mac Aibhne, mic Diarmata h-Ui Cathain, do legen as a laimdecus an bliadhain-si {fol. A 104d} & a coeraigecht do bein do clainn Magnusa h-Ui Cathain lais suil do fitir nech da thír fein a legen.


Muircertach, mac Airt, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si i n-deredh ind Erraich.


Feidhlimidh, mac Oeda, mic Eogain Uí Neill, do marbadh la Brian, mac Remainn, mic Rughruidhe Meg Mathgamna, tareisi feli Brenainn. Ocus mac aile Aeda, .i. Art h-Ua Neill, do denam creichi a Teallach n-Geluccain ind oidhchi cetna ina dighail. Ocus do loiscedh & do marbadh daine ann beos.


Brian, mac Meg Raghnaill, .i. mac Taidhg, mic Cathail Meg Raghnaill, do marbadh a fill la Tadhg, mac Concobuir Meg Raghnaill & la dha mac Mailechlainn Meg Raghnaill & caistel clainni Taidhg Meg Raghnaill (.i. caistel Liath Droma) do buain dibh for in lathair-sin do 'n muinntir cetna.


Sile, ingen Toirrdhelbaigh Ui Raghalligh, ben Glaisne, mic Remainn Meg Mathgamna, d'h-eg roim feil Cros.


{fol. B 94c}Cathal, mac Mailechlainn, mic Cathail Meg Raghnaill, do marbadh 'sa caistel cetna (.i. caistel Liath Droma), .i. le mac ele Taidhg Meg Raghnaill & le mac Mic Diarmata Ruaidh & le Tomaltach, mac Tomaltaigh Mic Diarmata. Ocus an castel fesin do airitin doib a Faghmur na bliadhna-sa &


Eogan, mac Tighernain, mic Taidhg, mic Tighernain Uí Ruairc do bein an caisteil cedhna amuigh isin Foghmur cedhna ar cendach & do leth egen.


Aodh, mac Iriail h-Ui Ferghail, do riaghadh l' a dis derbhbrathar fesin, .i. Rughraidhe, & Gilla na Naem, isind Errach.


Cocadh anbhail eter h-Ua Neill, .i. Conn, mac Enri & h-Ua n-Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh, mac Neill Gairbh & a n-dul aroen a {fol. A 105a} Foghmur na bliadhna-sa do luaghaill a n-aghaidh a cheile co teach Iarla Cille Dara — neoch do bi i n-a Iustis a n-Erinn an tan-so — & a techt as gan sith, gan ossadh ar a roib greim.


Brian, mac Aedha Gallda, mic Neill h-Ui Domnaill, do marbadh ar in cogadh-sin le h-Enri, mac Enri h-Ui Neill. Ocus do coimed an fer cetna-sin, .i. Enri, an tir co maith an fad do bi h-Ua Neill a tigh Ghall.


Eachmhiledh, mac Mheg Aenghusa, .i. mac Aedha, mic Airt Mheg Aenghusa, do marbadh ina thigh fein ar greis oidhche, da la & sechtmuin re Samain, le cloinn Mailechloinn, mic Muircertaigh, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill.


Fliuch dhoínenn mor a Samradh na bliadhna-sa uile d'urmhor & a leitheid cetna i Foghmur na bliadhna cetna, co nach frith inntshamail do med na doíninn-si o dho fer an dile for an doman, innus gur' mheath arbur Erenn uile, achtmad bec & co h-airidhi a Feraib Manach.


Bean an Dalatunaigh, .i. bean Tomais, mic Emuinn, mic mic Piarais Dalatun, d'imthecht le mac h-Ui Mheachair an bliadhain-si.


h-Ua Raighilligh d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Seaan, mac Toirrdhealbaigh, mic Seaain h-Ui Raighilligh, .i. macamh óg oirrderc, a tús a ratha & a adhlucadh a Mainistir an Cabhain 25 die mensis Nouembris, .i. la fheili Caitrechfhina.


Ocus h-Ua Raighilligh do dhenum do Sheaan, mac Cathail, mic Eogain h-Ui Raighilligh.


Cathal, mac Toirdelbaigh h-Ui Raghalligh, do tarraing Iarla Cilli Dara ar O Raghalligh n-Óc-sin & ar a braithribh & digbail arband & spreidhe do deuam lesin sluagh n-Gall do 'n tir. Ocus mac Mic Balronta do gabail la cloinn Cathail um an t-sluagh n-Gall & dias marcach aile do bádhadh impa & mac Emainn, mic Tomais, mic Feidhlim h-Ui Raighilligh, do marbadh lesin sluagh, .i. [gap: erasure/extent: half-line]


Crecha mora an bliadhain-si le Semus, mac Tomais Iarla, ar cloinn n-Glasne, mic Concobuir h-Ui Raighilligh.


Goeth adbalmor an bliadhain-si ar lo co n-oidchi na feili a n-diaidh Nodlaic.


Comorba & cend fine do denamh in bliadhain-si, gar bec ria Nodlaic, do Ruaidri, mac Diarmada, mic Marcais Meg Raith.


Aedh & Ruaidhri, da mac Domnaill, mic Oedha Oic, mic Aedha, mic Raghnaill, mic Donnchaidh Alainn Mec Craith, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Maurchadh, mac Eogain Mec Craith, d'h-eg.


Hanri, mac Hoberd, mic Semuis Dilmain, do marbadh a athar feisin, .i. Hoiberd, do erchur do scin & se fein do ascnam docum {fol. A 105b} na Romha ina dhiaidh-sin.


{fol. B 94d}Tadhg h-Ua Siriden do h-eg fa feil ina Croche 'san Fogmur, .i. cerd dob' ferr i l-Leith Cuind in tan-sin.


Moilechlainn, mac Uilliam, mic Aedha, mic Briain h-Ui Cellaigh, do airitin a fell la Tadhg, mac n-Donnchaidh h-Ui Cellaigh, .i. prioir Tighi Eoin & se arna breith cuigi ar fuirecc fleide. Ocus a dias derbcomaltadh do gabhail fariss, .i. da mac Taidhg Caich h-Ui Maindín, .i. Aedh & Seaaan & a tairbert dia marbadh do slicht


Magnusa Caim h-Ui Cellaigh. Ocus a derbhbrathair fein, .i. Brian & Muinnter Mainnin do tabhach Mailechlainn dar eigin & ar fuasluccudh.


Kl. Ienair for Domnuch an bliadhain-si, l. xx.ix.. Ocus bliadhain Bisex h-í. Anno Domini M. cccc. xc. ii.


Cocadh adbalmor in bliadhain-si iter h-Ua Raighilligh Occ, .i. Seaan, mac Cathail, mic Eogain & Cathal, mac Toirrdhelbaigh, mic Seaain, mic Eogain h-Ui Raighilligh. Crecha mora lasin Cathal-sin for h-Ua n-Gabann (.i. Seffraidh) & O Gabann fesin dia lenmain & a eg suil do impo.


Ossadh iter O Neill (.i. Conn) & O n-Domnaill (.i. Aedh Ruadh) co Beltaine.


Tomas, mac Seaain, mic Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Raighilligh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, xii. anno sue etatis.


Barun Slaine, .i. tigerna mor do Plemannachaibh, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si (20 die mensis Marcii) do 'n plaidh allais neoch tanic co nua i nd-Erinn in tan-sin, .i. Semus Plemend.


Cuid do craind na Croiche Naim d'faghail isin Roim adlaicthi a talmain in bliadhain-si: .i. in clar boi os cind Crist ina m-bai scriphtha a n-aimsir na Paisi: IHESUS NAZARENUS, REX IUDEORUM. Ocus arna faghail scriphtha isin inadh cetnai gur' b' í Elena, mathair Constantin Impir, do fagaib a folach annsin in clar-sin.


Conn, mac Airt, mic Cuinn h-Ui Concobuir, do marbadh la muinntir Iarla Cilli Dara ar son urchair cuailli tuc se ar sugradh ar in Iarla.


Cend inna sleighi le' r' loit Longinus taebh Crist do


cur docum na Roma an bliadhain-si do tigherna na Turcach.


{fol. A 105c}Hoiberd, mac Mail Ruanaigh, mic Conchobair, mic Cathail Ruaidh Meg Raghnaill, do mharbadh in bliadhain-si, in 14 la deg do mhí Mharta, h-i Cill Srianain h-i Muinntir Eolais, le h-Eogan, mac Tigernain, mic Taidhg, mic Tighernain Moir h-Ui Ruairc. Ocus do loiscedh tempoll an baile cetna an la-sin, .i. Cille Srianain & do loiscedh sé duine dheg ann, itir fhiru & mhna, leisin Eogan cetna-sin & moran maithesa eile.


Crecha mora an bliadhain-si le Cathal, mac Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Raighilligh & le clainn Meg Mathgamna (.i. Remuun), .i. Glaisne & Brian & le Gilla Padraig, mac Aedha Oig Meg Mhathgamna, ar tharraing Cathail h-Ui Raighilligh, ar h-Ua Raighilligh, .i. ar Sheaan, mac Cathail, mic Eogain h-Ui Raighilligh & ar a braithribh archeana, a n-deredh an t-Samhradh.

Crecha mora eile fa na trathaibh cetna-sin leis h-Ua Raighilligh ar Clainn Glaisne h-Ui Raighilligh & mac Seaain Buidhe Meg Mathgamna, .i. Eogan, do marbadh a toraidheacht na crech-sin le clainn Glaisne & Geroid, mac Emoinn, mic Thomais, mic Fheidhlím h-Ui Raighilligh, do gabail ar an toraidhecht cetna leo.


Domhnall, mac an Pearsuin Ui Fiaich, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Seaan Buidhe, mac Eogain Meg Mathgamna (.i. mac Eogain, mic Rugraide, mic Ardgail), .i. tigherna Dhartraighi, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, im fheil Tighernaigh.


Domnall, mac h-Ui Neill, .i. mac Enri,


mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, do ghabhail in bliadhain-si, im fheil Tighernaigh. Ocus Mac Cath{fol. B 95a}mhail, .i. Emunn, do marbadh & Gilla Padraig Mac Cathmhail do ghabhail & daine eile nach airimter annso do ghabail & do mharhadh ann fos le cloind Remuind Meg Mhathgamna, .i. Glaisne & Brian. Ocus Domnall do elogh a caislen Muinechain a cind {fol. A 105d} t-seachtmaine a n-diaigh a ghabala.


Conn, mac h-Ui Domnaill, do gabail leis h-Ua n-Domnaill fein in bliadhain-si.


Cormac, mac Diarmada Mic Diarmada & a mac do marbadh le clainn Ruaidhri Mic Diarmada & Brian, mac Concobair, mic Ruaidhri, do shin lamh dho & do dhithcenn h-e.


Gilla Patraig Mac Cathmail do lígen as a laimdechus & Mac Cathmail do dhenum dhe a n-inad a brathar.


Brian, mac mic Emuind Mic Domnaill & a mac do marbadh le clainn Meg Mathgamna & le clainn Sheaain Buidhe Mheg Mhathgamna in bliadhain-si.


Mac Cairpri h-Ui Neill, .i. Seaan, do mharbadh le clainn h-Ui Anluain & le clainn Remuind h-Ui Anluain annsa Sradbaile, 12 Kalendas Iulii an bliadhain-si.


Ascalt mor a n-Erinn in bliadhain-si.


Samhradh tirim an bliadhain-si; .i. bliadhain ar fichit o 'n t-Samradh the roime.


Feidlim, mac Toirrdhelbhaigh, mic Aedha h-Ui Neill, do marbadh a Samhrad na bliadhna-sa le h-Enri, mac Briain (.i. Brian na Coille), mic Eogain h-Ui Neill.


Cormac, mac Aedha, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si im Lughnasadh.


Colla, mac Donnchaidh mic Domnaill, do marbadh ina thigh fein do chaeir teinedh & an teach do loscadh & triur, no cethrar, aile do leathmarbadh ann do 'n caeir cetna.


Goffraigh h-Ua Cathain do marbadh an bliadhain-si le Ualtar Mac Uibilin, ar tarraing Tomais h-Ui Chathain. Ocus Seoan Gallda, a derbrathair aile, do marbadh ann fos: .i. da mac h-Ui


Cathain, .i. da mac Sheaain, mic Aibhne, mic Diarmada h-Ui Cathain.


Caiterfhina, ingen Toirrdhealbaigh Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Mac Gilla Fhinnein d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Toirrdelbach, mac Briain, mic Enri Crossaig. Ocus a eg im Chaisc na bliadhna-sa.


{fol. A 106a}Feidhlimidh Ruadh, mac Donnchaidh Mic Gilla Finnein, d'h-eg a Foghmhar na bliadhna-sa.


Comarba Termaind Da Beooig (.i. Mag Raith), .i. Diarmait, mac Marcais, mic Mhuiris, mhic Nícoil, mic Anrias Meg Raith, d'h-eg a n-dereadh Fhoghmhair na bliadhna-sa.


Aengus Mac an Ulltaigh, .i. Brathair Minur de Obseruancia & seanmontaighe maith, clumhar, in Aptumno obiit.


Pilib, mac Uilliam, mic an Esbuig Meg Uidhir, do marbadh an bliadhain-si le mac h-Ui Cathalain a m-baile Risderd, mic an Ridere Bheille.


Iarla Cille Dara do chur na Iustisechta de an bliadhain-si & do chur barantais Ghall na Midhe dhe, ar son nach fuair se uatha chur leis a n-adhaigh mic Iarla Urmuman. Ocus uilc mora do thecht do Ghallaibh dhe sin: .i. Gaeidhil da creachadh & da loscadh gu coitcend ar gach aird ina timchell.


An t-Oifficel h-Ua Duibhidhír, .i. Aedh, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Toirrdelbach Ballach, mac h-Ui Chonchobair Fhailghe, .i. mac Cuinn, mic an Chalbaigh, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, do ghalur tri n-oidche, a tus an Geimhridh.


Mac Con Mara, .i. Cu Medha, mac Seaain Mic Con Mara, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si roim Nodluig.


An Calbach, mac h-Ui Conchobair Fhailghi, .i. mac Cathair, mic Cuind, mic an Chalbaigh, do mharbadh le cuid do mhuinntir mic Iarla Urmuman, .i. Shemuis, mic Sheaain, mic Shemais Buitiller, .i. le Maighistir


Gart. Ocus Maighistir Gart fein do ghabail ar in lathair cetna le h-Iarla Cille Dara in Hyeme.


Clann Donnchaidh Meg Uidhir, .i. an Gilla Dubh & {fol. A 106b} Pilib & mac an Gilla Duibh, .i. Emonn, do dhul ar innsoighidh ar Seanadh Mic Magnusa & creach do denam doibh and & dias sgolog nemhurchoidech do mharbadh leo. Sed ipsi comprehensi sunt in superbia sua et Dominus uisitauit iniquitatem eorum. Et uersi sunt in fugam, ac xiiii. de electis ipsorum submersi sunt quasi plumbum in aquis, et descenderunt sicut lapis in profundum. Et, quia Dominus non erat cum eis, cum insurrexerunt homines in ipsos, sine dubio aqua absorbuit eos, ut ait Psalmista. Quia misit Dominus iram suam, quae deuorauit eos. Ocus do gabadh ann Emonn, mac an Gilla Duibh & dias da muinntir & do beanadh an chreach dhibh. Ocus a n-deired na bliadhna-sa do-ronadh so, .i. an Sathairn roim Nodlaig.


(Hoc anno natus est Carolus Iuuenis,
filius Betani, scilicet, Thome
, in festo, scilicet, la feil, Beraid.)


Kal. Ian. f. iiii., l.x., Anno Domini M. cccc. xc. iii.


Mairgreg, ingen Meg Uidhir, .i. ingen Tomais Oig, mic an Gilla Dhuibh Meg Uidhir, .i. bean Mic Gilla Ruaidh, .i. Domnaill, mic Mail t-Shechlainn, mic an Gilla Bhallaigh Mic Gilla Ruaidh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si a n-diaighodlaig.




mac Eogain, mic Eogain, mic Neill Oig h-Ui Neill, do marbadh le cuid do muinntir Airt, mic Cuind, mic Enri h-Ui Neill, an bliadhain-si.


h-Ua Neill, .i. Conn, mac Enri, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, {fol. A 106c} do marbadh 6 Idus Ianuarii lena derbhbrathair fein, .i. le h-Enri {fol. B 95b} Óg, felonice. Ocus Colla, mac Somairle Moir Mic Domnaill, do marbadh ar an lathair cedna a fochair h-Ui Neill.


Ruaidhri, mac Briain, mic Taidhg Mic Donnchaidh & Daibith, mac Mail Ir, mic Emaind an Mhachaire Mic Goisdelbh, do mharbadh le cloind h-Ui Eaghra Buidhe, .i. le Seaan & le Cormac & le Maghnus.


Brian, mac Neill Gallta, mic Briain Ballaigh h-Ui Neill, do marbadh le Brian, mac Muircertaigh Meg Aengusa, a Foghmhur na bliadhna-sa, a n-dighail a athar.


Uilliam, mac Cathail h-Ui Fherghail, do mharbadh le Barun Dealgna im Samhain na bliadhna-sa.


Iarla Cille Dara, .i. Geroid, mac Tomais, do dhul do teach righ Saxan an bliadhain-si maille re culaidh & re bredacht mhoir a n-diaigh Samhna.


Rughraidhe, mac Feidhlime h-Ui Raighilligh, d'h-eg.


Conchobar, mac h-Ui Dhalaigh Breifnígh, d'h-eg, .i. mac Sheaain h-Ui Dhalaigh.


h-Ua Manchain, .i. Aedh Ruadh, mac Aedha Leith & a derbhbrathair eile, .i. Tadhg Find, d'eg roim Chaisc.


Troid eter Cinel Feradhaigh fein a Clochar (h-Ua n-Daimhín) & Aedh, mac Mic Cathmail, .i. mac Emaind, mic Briain Mic Cathmail, do marbadh ann & Brian, mac Toirrdhealbaigh, mic Aengusa, mic an Ghirr, do marbadh ann fos, .i. an Domnach roim Bealltaine.


Mac Con Midhe, .i. Tadhg, mac Concobair Ruaidh, mic Echmarcaigh, .i. sai


fhir dana & fhoghlainntigh, do marbadh in la roim fheil Brenaind a purt Rosa Gabraidh, ag Inis Sgeillind, le bodach da muinntir fein, .i. mac h-Ui Clumain. (Ocus mac h-Ui Clumhain do crochadh la [gap: illegible/extent: 1 word] ar in lathair-sin fein, .i. le Seaan, mac Filib).


Mac Uibilin, .i. Geroid, mac Risderd Mic Uibilin, do marbadh le [gap: left blank], mac Seinicin Charraigh Mic Uibilin & Mac Uibilin do dhenam do Ualtar, mac Cormaic, {fol. A 106d}mic Seinicin Mic Uibilin.


Conn, mac Feidlimidh Fhinn, mic Taidg, mic Toirrdhelbaigh Ruaidh h-Ui Conchobair & Tomaltach Og, mac Tomaltaigh Mic Diarmada, do marbadh, an Luan re m-Bealtaine, le clainn Ruaidhri Mic Diarmada.


Gearalt Bacach, mac Seaain, mic Mic Tomais, do marbadh le Mac Murcadha.


Aedh, mac Domnaill Caim, mic Mic Donnchaidh, do marbadh le Gailengachaibh.


Caiterfhina, ingen Aedha Ruaidh Meg Mathgamna, do eg, .i. bean h-Ui Raighilligh, .i. bean Toirrdelbaigh, mic Sheaain, mic Eogain h-Ui Raighilligh & araile.


h-Ua Neill do denam do Enrí Occ, mac Enri leis h-Ua Cathain & leis h-Ua Mellain a n-aghaidh Domnaill, mic Enrí h-Uí Neill, a shinnserbrathar budein, da n-derna h-Ua Domnaill tigherna roime-sin.


Cuntae Cille Dara & Ceall Dara fein do loscadh le mac Iarla Urmuman in bliadhain-si.


An t-Officel h-Ua Luchairen, .i. Eogan, saí cleirigh gan uiresbaidh, do ég in bliadhain-si.


Ua Mordha, .i. Conall, mac Daibith h-Ui Mhordha, do marbadh an bliadhain-si fa caislen Baile na m-Bathlach a Crich Bulbach le cuid do muinntir Iarla Cille Dara, .i. Geroid, mac Tomais ampersir; h-Ua


Mordha do dhenam do Niall, mac Domnaill h-Ui Mhordha.


{fol. B 95c}An da h-Ua Neill, .i. Domnall mac Enri, mic Eogain, mic Neill Oig h-Ui Neill & a derbhbrathair eile, .i. Enri, mac Enrí, mic Eogain, do thegmhail da cheile & tachar atorra ag an Glasdrumaind (4 Kalendas Iulii, scilicet, in uigilia Petri Apostoli) & brisedh ar Domnall cona muinntir. Ocus Mac Domnaill, .i. consabul galloglach h-Ui Neill, do marbadh ann, .i. Raghnall, cona triur mac, .i. Somairle & Ruaidhri & Tuathal & Emunn, mac Mic Domnaill Moir, .i. mac Colla, mic Toirrdealbaigh, mic Gilla Espuic & mac Ruaidhri, mic Aedha Ballaigh Mic Domnaill, .i. Colla & Feradhach, mac Domnaill Mic Domnaill & da mac Donnchaidh Mic Domnaill, .i. Dubgall & Donnchadh Og {fol. A 107a} & fos Emonn, mac Seaain Buidhe h-Ui Neill & Aedh Breifnech, mac Seaain, mic Airt h-Ui Neill & h-Ua h-Aedha, .i. Fer Dorcha, mac an Ballaigh h-Ui Aedha & da mac an Persuin h-Ui Aedha, .i. Pilib & Toirrdhelbach & Seaan, mac Mailechlainn h-Ui Aedha & moran eile nach airimther sunn & co h-airighi do Clainn Domnaill & do Muinntir Aedha. Ocus do gabadh ann: .i. Niall, mac Seaain Buidhe h-Ui Neill & Aedh, mac h-Ui Neill, .i. mac Domnaill, mic Enri & Donnchadh, mac Mic Cathmhail, .i. mac Briain, mic Con Muide Mic Cathmhail, & moran aile maille friú.


h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh, mac Neill Gairbh, do dhul, sluadh mor, a Trian Conghail a Foghmur na bliadhna-sa & Ichtar Chonnacht uile do dhul leis ann, fa Domnall, mac Eogain, mic Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Conchobuir & fa h-Ua Ruairc, .i. fa Fheidhlim, mac Donnchaidh, mic


Tighernain Oig h-Ui Ruairc & fa Eogan, mac Tighernain, mic Taidg h-Ui Ruairc. Ocus a dhul a Claind Aedha Buidhe & a Leth Cathail & a n-Oirrtheraibh & a n-Uibh Eathach. Ocus sluaidh di-airmidhe do breith fair & d'eirghe dho roime & 'na dhiaigh, im h-Ua Neill, .i. ím Enri, mac Enri, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, & fa Mag Mhathgamna, .i. Aedh Og, mac Aedha Ruaidh, mic Rughraidhe Meg Mathgamhna & fa Mag Aenghusa, .i. fa Aedh, mac Airt, mic Aedha Meg Aenghusa. Ocus h-Ua Domnaill d'imchar & d'fhulang an anfhorlaind-sin gu calma, cobhsaidh & impodh do orrthaibh sin & tri fir dheg do mharbadh leis dibh, fa marcach maith do muinntir Meg Mathgamna, .i. Seaan Ruadh, mac Donnchaidh, mic Eimhir Meg Mathgamna. Ocus, muna beth foigsi na h-oidhci doibh, ro badh sraenmhaidm roim h-Ua n-Domnaill. Ocus h-Ua Domnaill do theacht dia thigh do 'n turus-sin co cosgurach, acht nach tuc sith, no osadh, no umla lais.


h-Enri, mac Maeílechlainn, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Neill & Muircertach, mac Coirpri, mic Aedha h-Ui Neill, do dhul ar greis ar Enri, mac Briain, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill & sé 'na luighi a n-uthar a choissi do brisedh roime-sin. Ocus Enri, mac Briain h-Ui Neill & a bean, .i. ingen Con Uladh h-Ui Neill, do marbadh leo ann & Enrí, {fol. A 107b} mac Mhaeilechlainn & Muircertach, mac Cairpri h-Ui Neill, do marbadh an oidhche chetna, suil do sgarsad frisin n-greis-sin & daine eile nach airimter sunn do thuitim etorru. (Ocus, ge do bhi cos Einri, mhic Briain, bristi, acc dul d'Einri, mac Mhaoilechlainn, chuigi chum a mharbhtha, is dearbh c-cur' coimhnigh se in tan-sin ar a uaisli fein, amhail ro coimnicc c-cu minic roime-sin a n-am aigh & iorcchuili


uili, .i. tucc leim luthmhar, lanmhear c-cu ferccach, forniatta do 'n chleith ar a raibh a n-urthus a coissi & do ghab in sgein sccothger ina laimh c-cu luthmar & tuc sathadh sanntach, sarchalma ina bhanbhruinne do Einri, mac Maoilechlainn, di & ro ba marbh fa chétoir h-é: .i. gur' b' í sin tuitim in da Einri-si re ceile.)


Mac h-Ui h-Anluain do marbadh, .i. Seaan h-Ua h-Anluain, le clainn Aedha h-Ui Neill a toraidhecht creiche in bliadhain-si.


Gilla Padraig, mac Pilib, mic Con Chonnacht Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg.


Finnghuala, ingen h-Ui Conchobair Fhailghi, .i. ingen an Chalbaigh, mic Murchaidh h-Ui Conchobair, bean Neill, mic Thoirrdelbaigh an Fhina h-Ui Domnaill & do bi ina diaigh-sin ag Aedh Buidhe, mac Briain Ballaigh h-Ui Neill & do coimed a fedhbacht co maith ina dhiaigh-sin re naí m-bliadhna co h-innraic, craibdhech, onorach, a h-eg a tus Fhoghmhair na bliadhna-sa.


Mac Cartain d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Padraig, mac Aedha Ruaidh Mic Cartain.


Brisedh ar h-Ua Conchobair Fhailghi, .i. ar Chathair, mac Cuinn, mic an Calbaigh, le Mag Eochagain, .i. le Semus, mac Connla, mic Aedha Buidhe. Ocus mac h-Ui Conchobhair, .i. Tadhg, mac Cathair & mac Toirrdelbaigh Ballaigh h-Ui Conchobair & mac Airt h-Ui Conchobair & da mac Aedha h-Ui Maenaigh do ghabail ann & ceithri fichit each do buain dibh.


Toirrdelbach, mac Taidgh h-Ui Conchobhair & Cathal, mac Muircertaigh, mic Fheidhlim h-Ui Concobuir, do crochadh leis h-Ua Conchobhair, .i. le Cathair, mac Cuinn, mic an Calbaigh, a n-diaigh Lughnasaidh.


Niall, mac Seaain Buidhi h-Ui Neill, do eg ina laimdeachus.


h-Ua h-Anluain,


.i. Emunn Ruadh, mac Murchaidh h-Ui Anluain, do marbadh le clainn Aedha, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill & araile.


{fol. A 107c} {fol. B 95d}Kal. Ian. f. 4., l. xxi. Anno Domini M. cccc. xc. iiii.


Eogan, mac Domnaill Ballaigh Meg Uidhir, do eg a n-Earrach na bliadhna-sa.


Brian, mac Diarmada h-Ui Dubda, do ég.


Mac Ruaidhri, mic Toirrdelbaigh Carraigh h-Ui Concobuir, do marbadh le Seaan, mac Mic Siurtain, a toraidhdeacht creiche.


Domnaill, mac Eogan h-Ui Conchobair, tigherna Slighidh & o Shliabh anuas, do mharbadh le clainn Ruaidhri, mic Toirrdelbaigh Charraigh h-Ui Conchobuir, .i. le Seaan & le Brian, ar greis oidhce a m-badhun chaislein Bona Fhinne, aidchi Aine roim fheil Padraig.


Tuathal, mac Toirrdelbaigh na Mart h-Ui Neill & tri fir deg ina timchell & Murchadh h-Ua Lorcain do mharbadh a n-diaigh Chasc le Cloinn Chana & le cloinn Briain na Coilledh, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill.


Mac Iarla Urmuman do dhul a h-Erinn co teach righ Saxan an bliadhain-si a n-diaigh Nodlaig, a leanmuin Iarla Chille Dara & do chur ina adhaigh th-shoir.


Toirrdelbach, mac Donnchaidh, mic Thomais Meg Samhradhain, do marbadh le cloinn Eogain, mic Thomais Meg Samhradhain & le Fergal, mac Tomais, mic Tomais Meg Samradhain, d'urchur saighdi im Bealltaine. Ocus Emann Mac Sitriug (.i. ceithernach) do cuir an t-saighed.



Mag Samradhain, .i. Feidlim, mac Tomais Meg Samhradhain, do ghabail le cuid do clainn Briain Meg Uidhir, .i. Ruaidhri & Brian Og & le Pilib, mac Toirrdelbaigh Meg Uidhir & le clainn Remainn Meg Uidhir, .i. Donnchadh & Aedh, ar tarraing derbrathar Meg Samradhain fein, .i. Domnall Bernach. Ocus Fergal, mac Tomais, mic Tomais Meg Samradhain, do marbadh ann & Mael Mordha, mac Failgi, mic {fol. A 107d} Domnaill Bain h-Ui Raighilligh, do ghabail leo ar an lathair cetna, scilicet, 4 Nonas Iunii. Mag Samradhain do ligen as a laimdechus 4 Nonas Iulii.


h-Ua Ferghail, .i. Conmac, mac Seaain, mic Domnaill, mic Sheaain, mic Domnaill, do eg an bliadhain-si, la Sang Mairgreg, Dia Domnaigh: .i. an dara taisech do bi 'sa n-Anghaile an tan-so.


Eoin Bernach, mac Maeil Muire Mic Suibne, do marbadh le Tadhg, mac Cuind, mic Domnaill, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill & le h-Aedh Ruadh, mac Glaisne, mic Remuinn, mic Rughraidhe Meg Mathgamna & moirsheiser galloglach maille fris & a n-adhnacadh a n-Ard Macha.


Maidm for Gallaibh in bliadhain-si le Mag Mhathgamna, .i. Aedh Og, mac Aedha Ruaidh & le h-Ua Raighilligh, .i. Seaan, mac Cathail, mic Eogain, mic Sheaain h-Ui Raighilligh, do inar' marbadh tri fichit do uaislibh Gall la braighdibh & aidiribh imdaibh eile.


Semas, mac


Mic Magnusa, do marbadh d'urchur saighde le clainn Cormaic Meg Samradhain & Emonn, mac Maghnuis, mic Cormaic, do chuir an t-shaiged.


Mac Mic Maghnusa Meg Uidhir d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, an 7.madh Kalainn do mhi Septimbir, .i. Cathal Og, mac Cathail, mic Cathail Oig eile, mic Cathail Moir, mic Gilla Padraig, ar coimlinadh ocht m-bliadhna deg & secht la fichet a aisi.


Gilla Padraig, mac Mic Maghnusa Meg Uidhir, .i. mac Cathail Oig, mic Cathail Moir, d'h-eg 14 Kalendas Octobris & a adhlucadh a n-Dun na n-Gall in tres la iar n-a eg.


h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh mac Neill Gairbh, do beth fa caislen Sligigh a n-deredh Samhraidh & a tus Foghmair na bliadhna-sa. Ocus Eogan, mac Cormaic Carraigh h-Ui Gallchobhair & Uilliam, mac h-Ui Gallchobhair, .i. mac Emuind, mic Domnaill, mic Lochlainn h-Ui Gallcobhair & Domnall Arannach, .i. cenn-fedhna Albanach, do bí a fochair h-Ui Domnaill — a marbadh sin le muinntir an caislein, .i. le Brian Caech, mac Taidgh, mic Eogain, mic Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobuir & leisin Calbach Caech, mac Domnaill, mic Eogain & le muinntir Airt.


Geroid Deisi do eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Gallmachamh maith do muinntir baruin Dealbhna.


{fol. A 108a} {fol. B 96a}Alaxandair, mac Gilla Espuic Mic Domnaill, .i. fer inaid Mic Domnaill, do marbadh hoc anno le h-Eoin Cathanach, mac Eoin, mic Domnaill Ballaigh, a prid Id October, a n-Ormhansa.


Iarla Cille Dara, .i. Geroid, mac Tomais do Geraltachaibh & mac mic Iarla Urmuman, .i. Sémus, mac Seaain, mic Shemais Buitiller, do theacht o thigh righ Saxan a n-Erínd im


Samhain na bliadhna-sa. Ocus ridire Saxanach do thecht leo a n-Erinn ina iustis ar Gallaibh Erenn, .i. Edbard Ponynill. Ocus sith etorra fein.


Cu Uladh, mac Aedha, mic Eogain, mic Neill Oig h-Ui Neill, do eg a n-deredh Foghmhair na bliadhna-sa.


Ingen h-Ui Domnaill, .i. ingen Aedha Ruaidh, mic Neill Gairbh, mic Torrdelbaigh an Fhina, .i. bean Neill, mic Cuind, mic Aedha Buidhe h-Ui Neill, .i. an Ingen Dubh d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Seaan, mac Eogain h-Ui Domnaill, do crochadh le mac h-Ui Domnaill, .i. le Conn, mac Aedha Ruaidh, mic Neill Ghairbh, caicidhis ria Nodlaig.


Mac Mic Uilliam Burc, .i. Uilliam, mac Ricaird, mic Emaind, mic Tomais a Burc, do marbadh fa caislen Sligigh a Samhradh na bliadhna-sa.


Kal. Ian. u. f., l.ii., Anno Domini M. cccc. xc. u.


Cormac, mac Taidhg, mic Cormaic Meg Carrthaigh, do mharbadh lena brathair fein, .i. le h-Eogan, mac Taidhg, mic Cormaic Meg Carrthaigh, a tus na bliadhna: .i. fundubair Mainisdrech Cille Creidhe.


Férghal, mac Seaain Mic Donnchaidh Thire Oilella, do marbadh ar greis.


Eoin Cluasach, mac Eoin Mic Alaxdrainn, .i. macam uasal do Clainn Domnaill na h-Alban, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Mac an Ghirr, .i. Gilla Padraig, mac Gilla Padraig eile, mic Con Uladh Mic an Girr, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


{fol. A 108b}An Pearsun h-Ua h-Aedha, .i. Sar Padraig, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Mag Samradhain, .i. Feidhlim, mac Tomais, mic


Ferghail, mic Tomais, mic Briain Breghaigh, .i. taisech Teallaigh Eathach, do bathadh ar loch crannoigi Caille an Mhuilinn, la feil Bearaigh, Dia Domnaigh, in bliadhain-si & Mag Samradhain do dhenamh da derbrathair eile, .i. do Domnall Bearnach.


Mac Toirrdelbaigh Charraigh h-Ui Conchobair, .i. tigherna Sligigh & o Shliabh anuas, d'h-eg. Ocus da thigherna do dhenum a n-aghaidh a cheile, .i. do [lt ]Ruaidhri Og, mac Ruaidhri Ballaigh, leis h-Ua n-Domnaill & d'Fheidhlim, mac Magnusa, mic Briain.


Iarla Cille Dara, .i. Geroid, mac Tomais, do Geraltachaibh, do ghabail a m-Baile Atha Cliath leisan Giustis Saxanach, 3 Kalendas Marcii, Dia h-aine & a chur a luing, Diardain ar cinn, a n-Droiched Atha dia breith a Saxanaibh.


Ruaidhri, mac Meg Uidhir, .i. mac Tomais Oig, mic Tomais Moir (.i. an Gilla Dubh) Meg Uidhir, do marbadh an dechmhadh la do 'n mhi Marta na bliadhna-sa, Dia Mairt, le cloind Airt h-Ui Neill.


Uilliam Glas, mac Phoil h-Ui Caisidi, .i. liaigh maith, aitheasach do bi ag Pilib Mag Uidhir & ag a clainn, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Mag Tighernain Ichtarach d'h-eg, .i. Gormgal, mac Briain Meg Thighernain.


Seaan, mac an Espuicc Mheg Uidhir, .i. mac Piarais, mic Muiris airchideochain, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, ui. die mensis Maii, scilicet, in festo Iohannis ante Portam Latinam, .i. persan Daire Maelain & aircindech Clain Indsi & fer tighi aidheadh gu coitchenn.


Mag Bradaigh d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Feidhlim, mac Murchaidh Meg Bradaigh.


Cathal, mac Taidhg, mic an Chalbaigh


h-Ui Conchobhair, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 96b}Coirpri, mac Oedha, mic Eogain, mic Neill Oicc {fol. A 108c}h-Ui Neill, do eg in bliadhain-si, in Luan re m-Bealtaine.


Nicolas Dalatun, .i. mac Emaind, mic Piarais Dalatun, do mharbadh le Fergus, mac Emainn, mic Laighsig, mic Rosa h-Ui Fherghail & le slicht Hanri Dalatun.


Torrdealbhach, mac Seaain, mic Toirrdelbaigh, mic Seaain, mic Eoghain h-Ui Raghalligh & Aedh, mac Maeil Mordha, mic Seaain, mic Eogain h-Ui Raghalligh, do marbadh ar aen lathair an bliadhain-si, scilicet, 6 Kalendas Iunii, feria 4, le Coin Connacht, mac Maghnusa, mic Maeil Mordha an Mhullaigh. Ocus Cu Connacht fein do marbadh d'urchur do gha ar an lathair cetna-sin leisin Aedh cetna. Ocus an ga le' r' thuit Aedh fein, tríd ina crois ag tabairt an urchair-sin do. Ocus ar cunntabairt gu roibe a n-Erinn an tan-so comaesa an Toirrdelbaigh-sin dob' ferr do dhuine & do chenn-fhedhna inas é. Caislen Tulcha Moghain do ghabail leis h-Ua Raighilligh, .i. le Seaan, mac Cathail, mic Eogain h-Ui Raighilligh, a cinn caicidhisi a n-diaigh an marbtha-sin & slicht Mail Mordha in Mhullaigh do theacht gu n-a chaeraidhecht a cenn h-Ui Raighilligh deis an marbtha-sin.


Maghnus Mael, mac Remuinn Riabaigh, mic Duind, mic Con Connacht Meg Uidhir, do marbadh an bliadhain-si felonice le Pilib, mac Emuind Meg Uidhir & leisin n-Gilla m-Ballach, mac Con Chonnacht Mic Gaffraigh, 6 Kalendas Iulii.


Creacha mora a Samhradh na bliadhna-sa ar h-Ua Cathain, .i. ar Sheaan, mac Aibne, mic Diarmata h-Ui Cathain, le Mac Uibilin, .i. le Ualtar, mac Cormaic, mic Seinicin Mic Uibílin.


h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh, mac Neill Gairbh h-Ui Domnaill, do dhul co tech righ Alban an


bliadhain-si, mí ria Lughnasadh.


Mac an Baird Tire Connaill, .i. Aedh Mac an Baird, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Gilla Padraig, mac Remuind h-Ui Anluain, do marbadh an bliadhain-si le mac Meg Aengusa, .i. le Feidhlim, mac Aedha, mic Airt, mic Aedha Meg Aenghusa.


Geroid Mised, .i. Gallmacamh {fol. A 108d} maith do muinntir Alastraind, mic Tomais Pluinced, do marbadh an bliadhain-si & Emund, mac Aintríu, mic an Ghilla Guirm Díuid.


Mag Mathgamna & a clann & a braithre do denam imirce a ferann cloinne Remuind Meg Mhathgamna & a losgadh leo & nar' impo siad, no gu fuaradur braigdi o chloind Meg Mhathgamna.


Mac h-Ui Domnaill, .i. Conn, mac Aedha Ruaidh, mic Neill Gairbh, do shuidhe fa chaislen Sligigh in bliadhain-si ím trathaibh na Lughnasadh. h-Ua Domnaill do theacht cum a bhaile fein, .i. co Dun na n-Gall, o baile righ Alban, an Aine iar Lughnasadh & imtheacht Dia Sathairn dó a leanmuin a mic co Sligeach. Ocus nír mor gur' bhean sé fai annsa bhaile, an trath do h-innisidh do sluagh Ichtair Connacht do beth cum an bhaile — ar tarraing Briaín, mic Taidhg, mic Eogain h-Ui Conchobair — & an Calbach, mac Domnaill, mic Eogain h-Ui Conchobuir, do chur mic h-Ui Domnaill o 'n chaislen. Ocus nir' shailedur h-Ua Domnaill fein do beith ni budh ghoire doibh ina teach rig Alban. Ocus ni time, no teichedh do-rinne h-Ua Domnaill leisna sgelaibh-sin, acht do thogaibh leis a roibe dia muinntir fa 'n caislen, eter choir & each & do bhuail a n-aghaidh an t-sluaigh & do brisedh leis orra gu sona, senamhail. Ocus do marbadh ann Brian, mac Taidhg, mic Eogain h-Ui Concobuir


& Tadhg, mac Domnaill, mic Eogain, & Mac Donnchaidh Tire h-Oilella, .i. Tadhg, mac Briain, mic Conchobair Mic Donnchaidh & h-Ua Dubhda, .i. Eogan Caech, mac Ruaidhri h-Ui Dubda. Ocus do gabhadh ann h-Ua Gadhra, .i. Diarmait, mac Eogain & do bascadh ann uile, eter gabhail & marbadh & bathadh: .i. x.-neamar & tri fichid. Do marbadh ann a frithghuin, .i. Tadhg, mac h-Ui Bhaidhill, .i. mac Neill, mic Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Baidhill.


Mac Uilliam Clainni Ricaird, .i. Uilleag, mac Uilleag, mic Uilleag, do thecht, sluagh, ar tarraing an Chalbaigh Chaeich, mic Domnaill, mic Eogain, do chur h-Ui Domnaill o chaislen Sligigh & h-Ua Domnaill d'fhagbail an chaislein & Mac Uilliam do milliudh a fuair se do rainn h-Ui Domnaill a n-Ichtar Connacht & caislen clainni Aedha, mic Domnaill Caim Mic Donnchaidh, do loscadh leis & u. duine deg, eter fear & mhnaí, do mhuchadh ann le deataigh. Ocus macamh og sgiamach {fol. A 109a} dob' inghean d'Aedh, mac Domnaill Caim, do mhuchadh ann.


Mac Donnchaidh do dhenam do Thadhg, mac Domnaill Caim Mic Donnchaidh, in bliadhain-si.


h-Ua Neill, .i. Domnall, do dhenum creiche moire gu beogha, aithesach ar h-Ua Neill eile, .i. ar Enri & ochtar, no naenmhar, do marbadh ann, timcheall mic Eogain Boicht h-Ui Neill.


h-Ua Neill, .i. Enri & Mag Aengusa, .i. Aedh, mac Airt, mic Aedha Meg Aengusa & h-Ua h-Anluain .i. Maeilechlainn, mac Feidhlím h-Ui Anluain & mac Meg Mathgamna, .i. Gilla Padraig, mac Aedha Oig, mic Aedha Ruaidh Meg Matgamna,


do dhul, sluagh, a Feraibh Manach. Ocus baile Mic Gilla Ruaidh do losgadh leo co h-imshlan & do-chuadur assin d'innsaighidh Meg Uidhir & do bagradair, muna faghbadais sith o Mag Uidhir, gu millfidis a thír gu baile h-Ui Fhlannagain. Ocus ní h-amhla tarla doibh, acht do badur da oidhchi do 'n taebh th-shoir do Loch ar Druim Ralach & nir' lamhadar dul tairis sin a tigherntus Meg Uidhir. Ocus do marbadh marcach maith do muintir Gilla Padraig Meg Mathgamna annsin dibh & do marbadh marcach eile do muinntir Meg Aengusa fos. Ocus tuc h-Ua Neill, .i. Enri Og, a breath fein do shith do Mhag Uidhir do 'n turus-sin.


Brian, mac Somairle Mic Caba, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 96c}Tighernan h-Ua Doibhelen d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


h-Ua Breislen d'h-eg, .i. Eogan, mac Eogain, mic Pedrais, mic Saerdhalaigh, .i. breithim Meg Uidhir & oirchinnech ar trian Daire Mhaelain. A eg ím fheil Mícheil & h-Ua Breislen do denamh do Domnall, mac Conchubair, mic Uilliam, mic Airechtaigh, mic Shaerdhalaigh h-Ui Breislen.


Mac Gilla Ruaidh, .i. Brian, mac Domnaill, mic Maeil t-Shechlainn Mic Gilla Ruaidh, do marbadh le clainn Briain, mic Feidhlim h-Ui Raighilligh & le slicht Duind & Seaain Még Uidhir a n-Doire Laegh, ar tarraing clainni Emaind Mheg Uidhir, .i. Aedh & Gilla Isu.


An Cundais, .i. ingen Rolain, mic Sar Edbard Iustas, bean Iarla Chille Dara, d'h-eg im Shamain.


Gilla Espuic Bec, mac Mic Domnaill, do marbadh maille re fichid, no dhó, d'a muinntir le Mac Uibhilín, .i. le Ualtur, mac Cormaic, mic Seinícin Mic Uibhilin & le h-Aengus, mac


Domnaill Guirm Mic Domnaill.


{fol. A 109b}Ruaidhri Óg, mac Ruaidhri Ballaigh, mic Muircertaigh Baccaigh, mic Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh h-Ui Concobhair, do marbadh gairid roim Nodlaig — .i. an dara tigherna do bi ar Shligeach & o Shliabh anuas an tan-so — leisin tigherna eile do bi ann an trath-so, .i. Feidhlim, mac Maghnusa, mic Briain, mic Domnaill, mic Muircertaigh & lena braithribh eile. Ocus derbrathair Feidhlim do marbadh ann le Ruaidhri ar an lathair-sin, .i. Muircertach Caech, mac Maghnusa, mic Briain h-Ui Conchobair & Toirrdelbach, mac Ruaidhri, mic Briain & Seaan Óg, mac Seaain, mic Ruaidhri Ballaigh, ar an lathair cetna.


Toirrdelbach, mac Cuinn, mic Domnaill, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, .i. Brathair Minur do choimtinol Airde Macha, do marbadh annsa Chabhan lena each féin do phreib.


An Giustis Saxanach d'fhagbail Erenn an bliadhain-si roim Nodlaig.


Da mac h-Ui Anluain, .i. Murchadh Ruadh & Gilla Padraig, .i. clann Fheidhlim h-Ui Anluain, do marbadh le clainn Aedha, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill & le clainn Cairpri, mic Aedha h-Ui Neill.


An Dalatunach, .i. Tomas, mac Emaind, mic Piarais, mic Piarais eile Dalatun, do gabail & h-Anri, mac Seaain, mic mic Piarais Dalatun, do marbadh im Shamhain le Conn, mac Airt, mic Cuind h-Ui Mhaeilechlainn & le Mael Ruanaigh, mac h-Ui Cerbaill.


Dá mac Shemais, mic Mic Balronta, do marbadh in bliadhain-si, .i. Seon & Remunn Riabhach — .i. Seon, le clainn Muiris Bailis & Remunn, le sgológaib — ar bord Atha Cliath.


Cian, mac Eogain, mic Tomaltaigh h-Ui Gadhra, d'h-eg co h-obann an bliadhain-si & firt filedh sin.



{fol. A 109c} Kal. Ian. f. ui., l. xiii., & bliadhain Bisex h-í, Anno Domini M. cccc. xc. ui.


Glaisne, mac Remaind, mic Rughraidhe Meg Mhathgamna, do marbadh ina thigh féin a Muinechan le Gilla Padraig, mac Meg Mhathgamna, .i. mac Aedha Oig, mic Aedha Ruaidh, mic Rughraidhe, tercio Idus Ianuarii, annsa n-aidhche & lena derbrathair eile, .i. le Rughraidhe. Ocus ní thangadar acht se sgológa deg do dhenam an marbtha-sin. Ocus do gabadh Ros, mac Maghnusa, mic Aedha Ruaidh Meg Mathgamna, leo annsa tigh cetna an oidchi-sin.


Brian, mac Remaind Meg Mhathgamna & clann Glaisne, mic Remaind {fol. A 109d} Meg Mathgamna, do dhul ar creich ar Mag Mathgamna & ar a clainn, seachtmain a n-diaigh Glaisne fein do marbadh & an crech do breith leo & Seon, mac Con Uladh, mic an Chaeich, do marbadh leo ann & coicer, no séiser, marcach do marbadh ann, timcheall Sheoin. Ocus mac Toirrdelbaigh, mic Ardghail, do marbadh fa lucht na creiche, .i. Seaan.


Caislen Atha Seanaigh do ghabail a n-diaigh Nodlaig ar bardaibh h-Ui Domnaill le mac h-Ui Domnaill fein, .i. le h-Aedh.


Sith do dhenamh do h-Ua Domnaill re Cairbrechaibh & tigerntus d'fhuirech ag Feidlim, mac Maghnusa, mic Briain & caislen Sligigh d'fhuirech ag an Calbach Caech, mac Domnaill, mic Eoghain h-Ui Conchobair.


h-Ua Cuirnin d'h-eg, .i. Ruaidhri h-Ua Cuirnin.


Eogan Og, mac Eogain, mic Aedha h-Ui Dhalaigh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Florinnti h-Ua Corcráin & a bean


d'h-eg a cais{fol. B 96d}len h-Ui Raighilligh, .i. sai cruitire & fhir thed & fer budh roibhind do bel & do laim.


h-Ua Dubda d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. [gap: erasure/extent: half-line]


h-Ua Neill, .i. Domnall, mac Enri, mic' Eogain' & a dhías mac, .i. Brian & Eogan, do dhul ar creich ar h-Ua Neill eile, .i. ar Enri Og, mac Enri, mic Eogain & Niall, mac Toirrdelbaigh Ruaidh h-Ui Neill & dias marcach eile do marbadh leo ann & mac h-Ui Meallain do ghabail leo, .i. Rughraidhe, mac Eogain h-Ui Meallain & an creach do thabairt leo gu beodha o Chreig baile h-Ui Shercaigh. Ocus as i sin an cethramadh crech fichet do-rigne Domnall ar Enri & ar ar' gabh leis o dho do marbadh h-Ua Neill eile, .i. Conn. Ocus an Satharn a n-diaigh fheile Brighde do-ronadh sín.


h-Ua Gailmredhaigh d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Brian.


h-Ua Flannagain Tuaithi Ratha, .i. Gillibert, mac Cormuic, mic Gilla Isu h-Ui Fhlannagain, d'h-eg a tús Earraigh na bliadhna.


Mag Samradhain, .i. Domnall Bernach, mac Tomais, mic Ferghail Meg Samradain, do marbadh a feall le Maghnus, mac Tomais, mic Tomais, mic Ferghail Meg Samhradhain & le clainn Aedha, mic Eogan, mic Tomais, mic Ferghail & le clainn mic Briain Theallaigh Eathach, .i. Tadhg & Pilib, .i. clann Fheidhlim, mic Briain. A Tempoll an Puirt do-ronadh sin la fheile Beraigh, a ceann bliadhna o 'n la do bathadh a derbrathair eili & a chenn-fine.


{fol. A 110a}An Giustis Saxanach d'fhagbhail Erenn in bliadhain-si.


An Dalatunach, .i. Tomas, mac Emaind, mic Piarais Dalatún, d'fuaslugadh ar tri cet


marg & ar ceithri fichit dheg bo a n-gill ar thuaith Baile na n-Gedh o Chonn, mac Airt, mic Cuinn h-Ui Maeilechlainn & o mac mic h-Ui Cerbuill.


h-Ua Dalaigh Breifne, .i. Lochlaind, mic Uilliam, mic Aedha h-Ui Dhalaigh, d'h-eg do na cnedhaibh tucadh air an oidchi do marbadh Glaisne Mag Mathgamna a tigh Glaisne féin.


h-Ua Ferghail, .i. Rugraidhe, mac Cathail, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si. Rughraidhe, mac Iriail h-Ui Fherghail, .i. lethtaisech eile na h-Anghaile, do ghabail le h-espoc na h-Anghaile, .i. le h-Uilliam, mac Donnchaídh, mic Uilliam h-Uí Ferghail, & h-Ua Ferghail do ghairm do 'n espoc fein an bliadhain cetna. h-Ua Ferghail aile do ghairm ina adhaigh-sin do Cetach, mac Tomais, mic Cathail, mic Thomais h-Ui Ferghail.


Mac Sar Edbard Iustas (Eustace), .i. Rolan, d'h-eg a n-deredh na bliadhna-sa, eter da Nodlaig: .i. an t-e le n-dernadh Mainistir Cille Cuilind.


h-Ua Dubda d'h-eg an biadhain-si, .i. Uilliam, mac Domnaill Ballaigh, mic Maeil Ruanaigh, mic Ruaidhri h-Ui Dubhda. Ocus h-Ua Dubda do dhenam ina ínadh do Brian Og, mac Briain h-Ui Dhubda.


h-Ua Dochartaigh, .i. Brian, mac Domnaill h-Ui Dochartaigh, d'h-eg. Ocus h-Ua Dochartaigh do dhenam do Sheaan h-Ua Dochartaigh leis h-Ua Domnaill, .i. le h-Aedh Ruadh.


Eimar, mac Briain, mic Neill Ghallta h-Ui Neill, do marbadh a feall & a derbrathair eile, .i. Eogan, do sgathadh an la cetna lena n-dias derbrathar eile, .i. le Conn Ruadh & le Feilim, a tus an t-Samraidh.


Baile Meg Mhathgamna do {fol. A 110b} losgadh, .i. baile Aedha Oig, mic Aedha


Ruaidh, mic Rughraidhi, le Brian, mac Remainn, mic Rughraidhi, a tus an t-Shamhraidh.


Gilla Padraic, mac Meg Mathgamna, .i. mac Aedha Oig, mic Aedha Ruaidh, mic Rughraidhe Meg Mathgamna, do marbadh a feall leis h-Ua n-Anluain, .i. le Maeilechlainn, mac Feidhlim h-Ui Anluain & lena braithribh, .i. le h-Ardgar & araile, isin coicedh Kalainn do mhí Iuin & a derbrathair eile, .i. Eimher, do ghabhail in la cetna. Ocus Mag Mathgamna & a caeraidhecht & clann Maghnusa Meg Mathgamna do dul a ceann h-Ui Raighilligh & Gall, le denam an mharbhta-sin & Brian, mac Remuinn & clann Glaisne, mic Remaind Meg Mathgamna, do breith a caeraidhechta leo a Fern Mhuighibh, .i. a ferainn Mheg Mathgamna & Ghilla Padraig.


{fol. B 97a}Doinenn mor in bliadhain-si, innus gu roibhe ár adhbul ar bhuaibh & ar na h-uile eallaighibh archena.


Tachaisi mhor i n-urmhor Erenn in bliadhain-si & toirmesc mor ar tighedus na bliadhna.


h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh, mac Neill Gairbh, do dhul a n-Oirghiallaibh do chungnum le Brian, mac Remuind Meg Mathgamna & a n-dul le cheile assin a leanmhuin Mheg Mathgamna a m-Breifne h-Ui Raighilligh & an meid do imchedar do 'n tir & cuid h-Ui Raighilligh do 'n Chabhan do loscadh leo & crecha & millti do denam doibh ar Galltacht Machaire Oirghiall arís.


h-Ua Briain, rí Tuadhmuman, .i. Conchobur, mac Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Briain, d'h-eg in hoc anno & a derbrathair eile, .i. an Gilla Dubh h-Ua Briain, do righadh ina inadh.


Mag Uidhir, .i. Seaan, mac Pilib, mic Thomais Mheg Uidhir,


do dhul ar tarraing Aedha, mic h-Ui Domnaill, do chur Cuinn, mic h-Ui Domnaill, o chaislen Atha Senaigh & Conn do chur o'n chaislen doibh Mag Uidhir da leanmuin co Dun na n-Gall & Dun na n-Gall do loscadh a tús laei. {fol. A 110c} Conn & eirghi-amach Thire Conaill & Innsi h-Eogain & Dartroighi Meg Fhlannchadha do ímpodh a toraidhecht ar Mag Uidhir & ar Aedh co Termonn Da Beóoig. Ocus Mag Raith, .i. Ruaidhri, mac Diarmata, mic Mharcuis Meg Raith, .i. comarba an Termaind, do theagmail doibh annsa Termann & h-é da fhogra do Conn & do Chonallcaibh gan a chomairce fein, na comairce an Termaind, do brisedh ar Mag Uidhir. Ocus nír' fhaemhadur san sin & Mag Uidhir & a muinntir d'imthecht ar eigin, no gu tarla a n-eich uile a criathrach bhog mhointigh, inar' fhagaibh siad deich n-eich ar cet each. Ocus brisedh ar muinntir Meg Uidhir leissin & Mag Uidhir do ghabail a comairce an Termaind & Meg Raith & da fer dheg do marbadh ann, timcheall Briain Oig, mic Briain, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir, do marbadh an la arna marach la clainn Aedha Meg Uidhir ina ferann fein & timchill Emaind Carraigh, mic an Airchideochain Mic Magnusa & Donnchaidh, mic Duinn, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir & Gilla Padraig, mic h-Ui Flannagain, .i. mac Gillibert, mic Cormaic h-Ui Flannagain & Airt, mic Taidhg Dubshuiligh, mic Mic Craith Meg Uidhir & araile.



Coinne eter h-Ua Raighilligh, .i. Seaan, mac Cathaal, mic Eogain, mic Sheaain h-Ui Raighilligh & Mag Mathgamna, .i. Aedh Og, mac Aedha Ruaidh, mic Rughraidhe & clann Maghnusa, mic Aedha Ruaidh, mic Rughraidhe, do thaebh ann & Brian, mac Remaind, mic Rughraidhe & clann Glaisne, mic Rémuinn, mic Rughraidhe, do 'n taebh eile. Ocus sith do dhenam annsa choinne eter Oirghiallaibh fein & cead tóraidhechta d'fhagbhail do Bhrian & do clainn Ghlaisne ar h-Ua Raighilligh & ar Mag Mathgamna & ar clainn Maghnusa. Ocus mac Caba do marbadh ar an toraidhecht-sin, .i. Mathgamain, mac Maeilechlainn Mic Caba, le Tuathal, mac Edbhard mic Rughraidhe Meg Mhathgamna, xi. die mensis Augusti.


Emonn, mac Domnaill Bain h-Ui Raighilligh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Finnghuala, ingen Mheg Uidhir .i. ingen Tomais Oig, mic Tomais Moir (.i. an Gilla Dubh) Meg Uidhir, .i. ben Mheg Mathgamna, .i. Aedha Oig, mic Aedha Ruaidh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Mag Mathgamna do dhenum do Brian, mac Remaind, mic {fol. A 110d} Rughraidhe, in bliadhain-si a n-inadh Aedha Oig, mic Aedha Ruaidh, mic Rughraidhe, la fheile Mo Laissi & Aedh Og arna dhalladh roime-sin.


Doinenn romhor a Foghmur na bliadhna-sa le' r' milledh cach uile gu coitchenn fa n-a n-arbannaibh & gu h-airighi a Feraibh Manach.


Iarla Cille Dara, .i. Geroíd, mac Tomaís, mic Seoin Chaím, do thecht a n-Erinn an bliadhain-si, sechtmuín re feil Mícheíl, ina Ghíustís ar Gallaib na h-Erenn & fa onóir mhoir o righ Saxan & ingen deirbhseathar an righ fein do mhnai leís, .i. íngen abbaidh Glaisbeirigh.


Mac Suibhne Thíre Bagaine d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Mael Muíre.



h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh, mac Neill, mic Torrdelbaigh an Fhina & a mac, .i. Conn, do ligen Mheg Uidhir as a laimdechus, an Satharn re Samain, do Mhag Raith & do 'n Termunn. Ocus dar le cach nar' imshlann do reidhigset re Da Beaog, no frisin Termand, ar son cor' bh' eicen do met eigin fuaslaicthi do thabairt uadha fein as re for Tomais Meg Uidhir bhai a n-gobang il bliadhna occa do thabairt as i l-laim Ui Domnaill & a mic, .i. Cuind.


Mag Mathgamna Og, .i. Brian, mac Remaind & slicht Remaind airchena d'fagbail an Lochta Tighi & a n-dul a Fern Maigi & slicht Aedha Ruaidh do dul ar an Lucht Tigi a n-diaigh Samna isin bliadhain-si.


Mag Mathgamna, .i. Aedh Og, mac Aedha Ruaidh, do eg iar na dalladh athadh roimhe-sin; .i. la feile Muire isin Geimredh at-bail iar m-buaidh Ongtha & aithrighe.


Tigernan, mac Cobthaigh, mic Airt h-Ui Ruairc, do marbadh a feall la Fergal, mac Cathail Ballaigh, mic Airt h-Ui Ruairc {fol. A 111a} & le clainn Uaithne, mic Cathail Ballaigh.


Mac Daibhith Clainni Connmhaigh d'h-eg in bliadhain-si & in Mac Daibhith do-righned ina inadh do marbadh le clainn Ruaidhri mic Diarmada, .i. Tadhg & araile & leisin Calbach Caech, mac Domnaill, mic Eogain, h-Ui Conchobair.


Mac Goisdealbh do ghabail in bliadhain-si le clainn Ruaidhri Mic Diarmada.



Fínghein h-Ua Mathgamhna d'h-eg in bliadhain-si eter da Nodluig; no sechtmuin re Nodluig: .i. fer tuigsech, treidhech, ealadhnach & eolach i sgelaibh in domain th-soir & abhus.


{fol. B 97b} Kal. Ian. i.f., l. xx.iiii, Anno Domini M. cccc. xc. uii.


Maidm do thabairt ar h-Ua Ferghail, .i. ar Cetach, mac Thomais, mic Cathail, mic Thomais & ar a braithribh le Seaan Ruadh, mac Cairpri, mic Laisich, du inar' marbadh Cetach féin & a mac, .i. Laiseach & Domnall, mac in Espuic, .i. mac Seaain, mic Briain, tigherna Clainni h-Amlaim & mac Aedha Oig, .i. Geralt, tigherna Muighi Treagha & a derbrathair eile, .i. Geroid, mac Cormaic & Tadhg, mac Uaithne, mic Briain, mic Emaind, mic Tomais. Ocus ochtar & da fichat do marbadh ann uile ina timceall-sin. Ocus a tus an Earraigh do-ronadh, Dia h-aine do shunnradh.


Flann Mac Casurlaigh, .i. fear dana maith, do marbadh le Ferghus, mac Emainn, mic Laisich, mic Rosa.


Mac Diarmada Muighi Luirg, .i. Concobur, mac Cormaic, mic Tomaltaigh Mic Diarmata, do marbadh le cloind Ruaidhri Mic Diarmata & Mac Diarmata do denam do Thadhg, mac Ruaidhri Mic Diarmata, ina inadh.


Feidhlim, mac Muircertaigh Ruaidh, mic Briain Bhallaigh h-Ui Neill, do marbadh seachtmhuin {fol. A 111b} roim fheil Patraig, le Domnall, mac Aedha Oig, mic Aedha Buidhe, mic Briain Bhallaigh h-Ui Neill.


Eignechan, mac Neachtain, mic Toirrdhelbaigh


an Fhina h-Ui Domnaill, do marbadh in bliadhain-si a faslongport h-Ui Domnaill fein, .i. Aedha Ruaidh mic Neill Gairbh, mic Toirrdelbaigh an Fhina, le Conn, mac h-Ui Dhomnaill, .i. mac Aedha Ruaidh & le Geralt, mac Domnaill, mic Fheidhlim h-Ui Dochartaigh & le Brian, mac Mheg Flannchaidh & le cloinn Donnchaidh, mic Aedha Mheg Uidhir, .i. Cathal & Rughraidhe, & le cloinn Eogain, mic Aedha Mheg Uidhir, .i. Emunn & Cathal & le Seaan, mac Maghnusa, mic Aenghusa h-Ui Gallchobair. Ocus ochtar, no naenmur, do dhainibh maithibh Conallach do mharbadh ann maille ris, timchell mic Toirrdelbaigh Gallta h-Ui Domnaill (.i. Eoghan) & mic Aedha, mic Toirrdelbhaigh Ghallta & Eogain, mic Aedha, mic Donnchaidh na Cailledh h-Ui Domnaill & Fheidhlim, mic an Ghilla Duibh, h-Ui Gallchobuir & Toirrdelbaigh, mic Cathail, mic an Gilla Duibh h-Ui Gallchobuir & Donnchaidh Bailbh h-Ui Fhirghil. Ocus seachtmuin roim fheil Padraig do-ronadh sin uile.


Mac Donnchaidh an Choraind d'h-eg i n-Errach na bliadhna-sa, .i. Brian, mac Mael Ruanaigh, mic Tomaltaigh Mic Donnchaidh.


Glaisne, mac Seaain h-Ui Anluain, do marbadh le clainn h-Ui Brain.


Da mac Meg Mhathgamna, .i. Eimhear & Tuathal, .i. da mac Aedha Oig, mic Aedha Ruaidh, mic Rughraidhe, do mharbadh le h-Oirrtheraibh & ceithri fir x. da muinntir do mharbadh ann maille riu & x. neamar, no da fher x., do Oirrthearaibh do marbadh leosan, timceall Maghnusa Riabaigh h-Ui Anluain & timcheall Maeilechlainn, mic Maghnusa Óig h-Ui Anluain. Ocus ansa sechtmad Id do 'n mhi Aipril do-ronadh sin.


Clann Shiurtain Moir Mic Shiurtain do mharbadh {fol. A 111c} a n-Earrach na bliadhna-so le Mac Siurtain a fell, .i. le Tomas & lena chloinn.


Murchadh, mac Conmhuic, mic Sheaain


h-Ui Fherghail, do marbadh le Brian Buidhe, mac Rughraidhe mic Cathail h-Ui Fhearghail.


Uaim Purgodoire Patraig ar Loch Ghearg do briseadh in bliadhain-si le Gairdian Duin na n-Gall & le lucht-inaid espuic a n-deg{fol. B 97c}antacht Locha h-Eirne, a h-udaras an Phapa, im fheil Padraig na bliadhna-sa, arna thuigsin do chach a coitcinne as sdair an Ridire & a seinlebraibh eile nachar' h-i soín an Purghadoir fuair Padraig o Dhia, ge do bhadur cach ag gnathugadh uaithi.


Sith do dhenamh do 'n dá h-Ua Neill a n-deredh Earraigh na bliadhna-sa, .i. Domnall & Enri Og & mac Domnaill h-Ui Neill do legan amach, .i. Aedh, gan fhuasluccadh & comadha mora aili d'eachaibh & d'eidedh & do medughadh gacha h-ínmhechuis archena do thabairt do Domnall do chinn anma tigherna do legan de.


O Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh, mac Neill Gairbh, do chur a thigernuis de isin sechtmadh Kalainn do mhí Iuin na bliadhna-sa a Cárna Thermaind Meg Craith Dia h-aine ar aí laithi sechtmaine & h-Ua Domnaill do dhenam dia mac Día Mairt iar sin, .i. do Chunn.


Mag Mhathgamna


.i. Brian, mac Remuinn, mic Rughraidhe, do dhul for tarraing Seifín Fait, do chur Meg Oengusa & a clainni — .i. Aedh, mac Airt Mheg Oenghusa — o caislen na h-Oirenchi ar eigin. Ro bud fherr doibh na dechdais, uair do marbadh Mag Mathgamna ann & do baithedh & do marbadh maithi a muinntiri & do gabadh Seifin Fait ann & moran aile do Ghallaibh & do Ghaidhelaibh. Tercio Nonas Iulii, Dia cetain, do-ronait na gnima mora-sin. Mag Mathgamna do dhenamh do Rosa, mac Maghnusa, mic Aedha Ruaidh, mic Rugh{fol. A 111d}raidhe, Dia Mairt iardain.


Mac mic Iarla Urmuman, .i. Sémus, mac Seoin, mic Shemuis Iarla, do mharbadh la Piarus Ruadh, mac Shemais, mic Emuinn, mic Risderd Buitiller, 16 Kalendas Augusti.


Abbadh Cluana h-Eois d'h-eg, .i. Domnall, mac an Espuic (.i. Rosa), mic Thómais Oig, mic Tomais Meg Uidhir, .i. la Sang Mairgrég in bliadhain-si.


Cathal, mac Toirrdelhaigh, mic Sheaain, mic Eogain h-Ui Raighilligh, d'h-eg do shaithi fhiluin im Lughnasadh.


Aedh Buidhe, mac h-Ui Ruairc, .i. mac Feidhlim, mic Donnchaidh, mic Tighernain Oig h-Ui Ruairc, do marbadh la clainn Taidhg, mic Cathail, mic Tighernain Ui Ruairc, roim Lughnasadh na bliadhna-sa.


Uater, mac Ricaird a Burc, do dula, cablach, do chongnom leis O n-Domnaill Ócc, .i. Conn, mac Aedha Ruaidh, a n-agaidh a derbrathar aili, .i. Aedha h-Ui Domnaill. Aedh do theagmhail do 'n chablach & urmhór a n-arm & a n-eidigh & a loín do buain dibh. Iar Lughnasadh do-ronadh in sin. Aedh féin do ghabail leis O n-Domnaill, .i. le Conn, la, no dha lá, iar sin & a chur da coimed a


Connachtaibh le Uater, mac Ricaird a Búrc.


h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Conn, do dhul, sluagh mór, ar Mac n-Diarmata Muighi Luirg, .i. Tadhg, mac Ruaidri Mic Diarmata. Maidm mor do thabairt ar O n-Domnaill innsin & moran braghad do buain do 'n t-shluagh & do h-Ua Domnaill a timcheall an dá Mac Shuibhne, .i. Mac Suibhne Fanat (.i. Ruaidhri), & Mac Suibhne Baghainech, .i. Eogan & timcheall Donnchaidh, mic h-Ui Domnaill, re raiter Donnchadh na n-Ordóg & da mac Tuathail h-Ui Ghallchobuir, .i. Eoin & Toirrdelbach & da mac Domnaill Mic Suibhne Fanat, .i. Eoin & Domnall Óg & da mac Mic Shuibhne Badhanaigh, .i. Níall & Eogan Ruadh & Geralt, mac Domnaill, mic Feidhlím h-Ui Dochartaigh & fisigi h-Ui Domnaill, .i. mac Eogain Ulltaigh. Ocus daíne ilímdha aili do ghabhail & do mharbadh ann. Nono Kalendas Octobris do-radagh an maidm-sin. Ocus ro beanadh {fol. A 112a} an Chathach Coluim Cille dib annsin & do marbadh a maér ar in maidm cetna. Ocus moran aile do Chonallchaibh do ghabail & do marbadh ann.


Slicht Aedha Ruaidh Mheg Mathgamna do dhul a Fern Mhuighi an bliadhain-si & slicht Remuind do dhul ar in Lucht Tighi doridhisi.


Conn, mac Cuind, mic Neill h-Ui Domnaill, d'ég re feil Brighde hoc anno.


Mainistir na m-Brathar Minur a Carraig Fherghusa do ghnothughadh o 'n Roim, ar furailemh Neill, mic Cuind, mic Aedha Buidhe, docum na m-Brathar Minur de Obseruancia


& se brathri dec do Coimthinol Duin na n-Gall do dhul 'na seilb a uigil na cet fheile Muire isin Foghmur hoc anno, ar n-dul breithi leo ínnti.


Gorta dofhulaing, dermair ar fud Erenn uile in bliadhain-si, da nach facadur lucht na h-aimsiri-si fein séd no samail; uair fa terc {fol. B 97d} cuil no cernn a n-Erinn uile nach dechaidh moran do dhainibh d'ég do 'n nuna sin. Ocus do ceannchaidedh a coitchinne annsa Midhe an peici cruithneachta ar chuig uingi & an galún leanna ar sé pinginibh & do cennchaithidh eter Ghaidhelaibh an beart cael coirci ar boin dára, no x. meadhair coirci ar in m-boin cetna & an mart ar mharg & an loilgech ar dá bha dara & ar sgilling, no ní is mó.


O Neill, .i. Enri Óg, mac Enri, mic Eogain, do dhul, sluagh mór, a Tir Conaill an bliadhain-si & millti móra do denum a Fanaid doibh ar tús & h-Ua Domnaill Óg, .i. Conn, mac Aedha Ruaidh, d'eirghi do 'n t-shluagh taréis Fhanaid d'fhagbail doibh, .i. ag Bel Atha Daire. Ocus maidm do thabairt ar O n-Domnaill annsin & h-é fein do marbadh ann & os cind ocht fichit do marbadh ann ímaille fris & a dhis derbrathar do ghabail ann, .i. Niall Garbh & Domnall & mac Mic Shuibhne & sé fir x. ímaille friu do ghabail ann. Is iat so imorro na daine uaisle do marbadh h-i fochair h-Ui Domnaill isin maidm h-isin: .i. Domnall, mac Maghnusa Ruaidh, mic Domnaill, mic Neill Gairb h-Ui Domnaill & Emann, mac Feidhlim Riabaigh, mic {fol. A 112b}Neill Gairbh h-Ui Domnaill & Brian,


mac h-Uí Baighill, .i. mac Toirrdelbaigh, mic Neill h-Ui Bhaighill & Domnall mac Tuathail h-Ui Ghallchobuir & Emonn, mac Donnchaidh, mic Thomaltaigh h-Ui Ghallchubuir & Conchubur, mac Seaain, mic Concobuir h-Ui Domnaill & Concobur, mac Murchaidh Mic Shuibhne d'Fheraibh Fanad & Uilliam, mac an Easpuic h-Ui Ghallchubhair & Concubur, mac Aedha, mic Conchobair na Laime h-Uí Buighill & Níall, mac Conchobuir, mic Feidhlimthe Riabaigh h-Ui Domnaill & mórán aile nach airimther sunn. Ocus O Neill do ghabail chaisdeil na Dergi ag sódh tar a ais & a fhagbhail ag Niall h-Ua Neill. Ocus O Neill do thoighecht dia thigh co h-aithesach, h-edalach do 'n t-shibhal-sin. Xiiii. Kalendas Nouembris do-radadh in maidm h-i sin & Dia dardain ar aí laithi sechtmhaine.


Eilénóra, ingen Iarla Chille Dara, .i. ingen Tomais, mic Sheoin Chaim, an bean do bui ag h-Ua Neill, .i. ag Cunn, mac Enri, mic Eogain, d'eg in bliadhain-si, 14 Nouembris.


Brian, mac Con Uladh, mic Aedha, mic Eogain, mic Neill Óig h-Uí Neill, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Gráinne ingen Cathail Óig, mic Cathail Óig aili Mic Maghnusa, d'h-eg: .i. ben Maghnusa, mic Goffraigh Óig Mic Goffraigh, a teirt Noin Nouember.


Maghnus, mac Tomais, Mheg Samradhain, do marbadh le slicht Eogain Meg Shamradhain 7 Idus Nouembris.


Aedh, mac h-Ui Domnaill, .i. mac Aedha Ruaidh, mic Neill Gairbh, mic Toirrdelbaigh in Fhina, do leigin as a laimdechus hoc anno, 7 Idus Nouembris & Uater, mac Ricaird a Burc, do thocht leis co Dun na n-Gall.


Muircertach, mac Aedha Óig, mic Aedha Buidhe h-Ui Neill, do marbadh


le cloind Fheidhlim, mic Muircertaigh Ruaidh, mic Briain Ballaigh, isin bliadhain-sí.


Domhnall, mac Aedha Óig, mic Aedha Buidhe, mic Briain Ballaigh h-Ui Neill & a derbrathair aile, .i. Eimhear, do marbadh an bliadhain-si a n-deoigh Shamna la Seaan Dubh, mac mic Domnaill Chail h-Ui Neill & lena cloinn & lena braithribh aircheana a m-Baile na Scrine.


{fol. A 112c}Maghnus, mac Mic Mhaghnusa Mheg Uidir, .i. mac Cathail Óig, mic Cathail Óig aili, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Uilliam Og, mac Uilliam Mic Gilla Ruaidh, .i. sai fhir théd, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Niall, mac h-Uí Neill, .i. mac Enri, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, do eg ider da Notlaig do 'n galur bhric, in bliadhain cetna.


h-Ua Maeil Mhuaidh d'h-eg, .i. in Cosnamhaigh.


{fol. B 98a} Kal. Ian. 2 f., l. u., Anno Domini M. cccc. xc. 8.


Aibhilin, ingen Mic Mhaghnusa, .i. ingen Cathail Oig, idon ben Pilib, mic Emaind Meg Uidhir (.i. Mag Uidhir), d'h-eg in crastino Circumcissionis Domini, feria iii.


Niall, mac h-Ui Domnaill, .i. mac Aedha Ruaidh, mic Neill Ghairbh, d'h-eg ina laimdechus, xx. oidhci re feil Brighde.


Conn, mac Muircertaigh, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, do marbadh le clainn Briain Bacaigh, mic Emuind Ruaidh h-Ui Anluain, caicidhis iar Nodlaig bec.


Maine, mac Maeilechlainn, mic Matha Mic Maghnusa, do marbadh a m-Bothaibh Muinntiri Fialain la Muinntir Gallcubuir, .i. clann Cathail h-Ui Gallchubuir, an bliadhain-si.


Donnchadh, mac h-Ui Domnaill & da mac Tuathail h-Ui Ghallchubuir, .i. Eoin ampersir; Toirrdhelbach & Art, mac Cuind h-Ui


Domnaill, do fhuaslucadh ó Mac Diarmata.


Tomas Óg, mac Tomais Iarla, mic Geroid Iarla & Cormac Óg, mac Corbmaic, mic Taidhg Meg Carrthaigh, do leanmuin Eogain, mic Taidhg, mic Corbmaic Meg Carrthaigh, a tóraidhecht & Eogan fein & a dhías mac do marbadh leo ann & O Suileabhain Beirre do marbadh leo ann, .i. Pilib, mac Diarmada h-Ui Shuilleabhain & a mac-sin, .i. Tadhg in Chaennaigh O Suilleabhain, & da mac Dhuibhdhara Mic Shuibhne, .i. Emann & araile {fol. A 112d} & Brian Og, mac Briain Mic Shuibhne & daine imda aili.


Slaine, ingen Mic Con Mara, .i. ingen Shida Chaim Mic Con Mara, ben Mic Uilliam Clainni Ricaird, .i. Uilleag, mac Uilleag aili, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, a tus an Erraigh.


Scél mór i n-Erinn uile isin bliadhain-si: .i. so sís. Mac Maghnusa Mheg Uidhir do ég in bliadhain-si: .i. Cathal Og, mac Cathail, mic Cathail, mic Gilla Padraig, mic Matha & araile; neoch bui ina bhiatach for Seanadh & ina chanánach coradh i n-Ard Macha & i n-espucoidecht Clochair & ina dheganach for Loch Eirne & ina persun a n-Inís Cain Locha h-Erne & do buí a n-degántacht Locha h-Erne ina fer-inaid espuic fri u. m-bliadhna x. ria n-a eitsecht. Ind leacc loghmur imorro & in gem gloine & in retla sholusta & cisti taiscedha ind ecnai & craebh cnuasaigh na Canoine & topur na desherci & na cennsa & na h-ailgine & in coluim ar gloine cridhe & in turtuir ar endca & in nech d'ar' buidhighi dama & deoraidh & deiblein bochta Erenn & in nech & buí lan do


rath & do ecna i n-gach uile eladhain co h-aimsir a eitsechta eter dlighedh & diaghacht, fhisigecht & fhellsaime & ealadhain Gaeidhilgi airchena & nech & ro chumdaigh & ro theglaim & ro thinoil AN LEABUR-SA a leabhraibh ilímdaibh ailibh. Ocus a ég do 'n galur bric in x. madh Kallainn do mhí April, Dia h-aine ar ai laithi sechtmuine, lx. anno etatis sue. Ocus tabrad gach nech dia leghfa ind lebur-sa & dia foighena, a bennacht for an anmain-sin Mic Mhaghnusa.


Domnall, mac Nechtain, mic Toirrdelbaigh, mic Neill Gairbh h-Ui Domnaill, d'h-eg do 'n galur bric in bliadhain-si.


Sadhb, ingen Airt h-Ui Neill, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si .i. in ben do bi ag Rémunn, mac Pilib Meg Uidhir, re h-aimsir fhada.


Caiterfhína, ingen Sheaain, {fol. B 98b} mic in Espuic Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Mairgreg, ingen Domnaill Ballaigh Meg Uidhir, .i. ben h-Ui Fhlannagain Tuaithi Ratha, .i. Gillibert h-Ua Fhlannagain, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si. Ocus leisin lanamhain-sin ro cumdaighedh seipel a n-onoir & Muire ar in Achaidh Mhór, bhaile h-Ui Fhlannagain. Ocus a h-adlucadh a n-Dun na n-Gall iar m-buaidh aithrighi.


Ri Francc, .i. Carolus octauus, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, quadragesimali tempore.


Cormac Mag Coscraidh, sái cleirigh a Lex & a Canoin, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Cormac, mac Eogain, mic an Easpuic Meg Cochlain, oifficel Cluana Mac Nois & sai chleirigh, in Christo quieuit.


Innsoighidh do dhenum do h-Ua Domnaill, .i. d'Aedh Ruadh, ar clainn Airt h-Ui Neill & clann Airt & é fein do theagmhail d'a cheili & brisedh ar clainn Airt & Maeilechlainn, mac Neill, mic Airt, do marbadh leis h-Ua n-Domnaill


& a leanmuin coruigi an Caislen Mhael & an caislen do ghabail & uii. m-bertenna x. eidigh do bhuain ass & u. braighde x. do ghabail ann, fe dha mac Ruaidhri Bhachaigh, mic Enri, mic Eogain h-Uí Neill, .i. Feidlím & Aedh & fa Nechtain, mac Eogain h-Uí Domnaill & fa mac Eignechain h-Ui Domnaill.


O Neill do marbadh in bliadhain-si: .i. Enrí Óg, mac Enri, mic Eogain, a tigh Airt, mic Aedha, mic Eogain h-Uí Neill, a Tuaith Eachadha le da mac Cuinn (.i. h-Ua Neill), mic Enri, mic Eogain, .i. Toirrdelbach & Conn, .i. clann ingine an Iarla. Ocus is leis in Enrí Óg-sin do-thuit athair na deisi-sin, u. bliadhna roime-sin, felonise. In dara Kallainn x. do mhi August do-ronadh in marbadh-sin Enri Oig.



Domnall, mac Enri, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, .i. neach d'ar' goired O Neill roime-sin, do tinol a charad & a chleamhnad co h-ein ínadh, .i. slicht Remuind Mheg {fol. A 113b} Mathgamhna & innsoighidh doibh co Dun Genaind & beth seal ím an caislen & beth doib oidhci Mairti ar sin ar in Crois Caidhbeanaigh. Feilim, mac h-Uí Neill-sin do marbadh, .i. mac Enrí Óig, do tarraing Neill, mic Airt h-Ui Neill & gacha coimtinoil aili da fuair orra isin maidin Dia Mairt. Ocus a faghail ina codladh & ina luighi doibh & fuar-duscadh namat do thabairt orra & maidm mor do thabairt annsin & moran do mhaithibh in Chuigidh do mharbadh ann, fa mac in Domnaill-sin h-Ui Neill, .i. fa Enri & fa Mac Cathmhaeil, .i. Gilla Padraig Mac Cathmaeil & fa Fheilim, mac Remuinn Meg Mathgamna & fa dha mac Shemais, mic Echadha Moir Meg Mathgamna & fa Mhaeilechlainn, mac Feilím Ruaidh, mic Cuind Meg Mathgamna & fa moran d'oirecht maith & d'aes-gradha sleachta Remuinn Meg Mathgamna. Ocus Aedh, mac Meg Mathgamna, .i. mac Briain, mic Remuinn, do ghabhail ann & a n-eich & a n-eidedh uile d'fhorgla do buaín dibh. Ocus an Feilim feissin, neoch do-righne an tarraing-sin, do lot ina cinn do buille do gha a frithghuin an mhadhma-sin & ég a ceann nomaidhe.


Mac an Baird Oirghiall d'h-eg do 'n plaidh in bliadhain-si, .i. Aedh.


O Cathain, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Seaan, mac Aibne h-Ui Cathain, secthmain ria feil Cros.


Mac Maghnusa do dhenam an bliadhain-si do 'n Oiffisel Mac Maghnusa, .i. do Thomas, mac Cathail Oig, mic Cathail Oig aili, mic Cathail Moir Mic Maghnusa, le Mag Uidhir, .i. le Seaan, mac Pilib Meg Uidhir & le Tomas, mac Tomais Oig Meg Uidhir, .i. le tanusti Fher Manach in tan-sin & le maithibh an tire archena, eter cill & tuaith. Ocus an Cetain ria feil Michil do-righnedh sin a n-Inis Sgeillínd.


h-Ua Cuirnin d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Concobur Carrach.


Pilib, mac Toirrdelbaigh, mic Pilib Mheg Uidhir, do dhul ar innsoighidh a Teallach Eathach & clann Emaind


Meg Uidhir & clann Gilla Padraig Meg Uidhir do dhul leis ann & {fol. A 113c} an tír do shiubhal doibh gu Snam na n-Each. Ocus baile Mheg Shamhradhain do loscadh leo & impodh doibh ar a n-ais & ni rucadur ar chreachaibh, no ar édail. Ocus rucadur orra maithi {fol. B 98c} an tire ar an impodh-sin co toir rotruim & do impódar na h-uaisli-sin ar an toraigh & do briseadur orra co sona, senamail annsin & do marbadur triur ar fichit do 'n tóraidh ar in ruaig-sin, fa dha mac Aedha, mic Eoghain Meg Shamradhain, .i. Tadhg & Maghnus (.i. in Cleirech). Ocus an cuid aile dib do Clainn Imhair & do Clainn Mic an Taisigh & d'oirecht Teallaigh Eathach archena. Ocus do marbadh fós o Feraibh Manach a frithguin na ruaga-sin, .i. Flaithbertach, mac Duinn, mic Emaind Mheg Uidhir. Ocus troscad laei fheil Michil do shunnradh do-ronadh na gnima-sin.


Caislen Duna Genaind do ghabail in bliadhain-si le fer-ínaid righ Saxan a n-Erinn, .i. Iarla Cille Dara, ar tarraing Toirrdelbaigh, mic Cuind h-Ui Neill. Ocus urmor Gaeidheal deisceirt Erenn a fochair an Iarla ar an tarraing-sin & h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh & Mag Uidhir, .i. Seaan, mac Pilib, mic Thomais Mheg Uidhir, ina fhochair ar an tarraing cetna. Ocus Domnall h-Ua Neill cona clainn & cona chairdibh uile do dhul, sluagh di-airmidhe, a coinne an Giustis docum an caislein cetna & a ghabail le gunnadhaibh doibh arna mharach. Ocus moran braghad do buain as, fa mac h-Uí Domnaill do bi bliadhain illaim roime-sin & fa Art, mac h-Uí Neill Moir


(.i. Enri) & fa n-a dhias mac & fa Aedh m-Balbh, mac h-Ui Neill (.i. Enri) & fa mhoran braghat & edala aile, eter eachaibh & eidigh. Ocus Conn, mac Eogain, mic Toirrdelbaigh Ruaidh h-Ui Neill, do marbadh ann bheós. Ocus an caislen do thabairt do Dhomnall h-Ua Neill ina dhiaigh-sin & araile. Ocus an sluagh Gall & na Gaeidhil-sin do dul assin co caislen na h-Oghmaighe & Niall, mac Airt h-Ui Neill, do thecht ina cenn & braighdi do thabairt doibh a n-gill re sith ar scath a thire & a chasdeoil. Ocus na sluagha-sin do impodh dia tighibh fo bhuaidh cosguir.


(O Briain d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. an Gilla Dubh, ri Tuadhmumhan.)


(Thomas Mortel do breith an bliadhain-si. Ocus Diarmuid Sbruan, do muinntir Cheanna Sáli, do marbadh in bliadhain-si ar cumusc. Ocus tri h-ordlaighe do bhuain do bhod Emain Moirtla, .i. athair Tomais Mortla, d'orcar do gunna andsa cumusg cetna-sin & tuilledh ar fichid do clainn do breith dho 'na dhiaigh-sin.)


{fol. A 113d} Kal. Ian. 3 f., l. xui., Anno Domini M. cccc. xc. ix.


Maidm mor an bliadhain-si leis h-Ua m-Briain ar Phiarus Ruadh Buitiller dú inar' marbadh Suifrin Cille-Cainnigh & moran do muinntir an Phiaruis-sin & inar' beanadh 6 xx. deg luírech dibh, ut dicunt quidam.


O Domnaill .i. Aedh Ruadh, do dul ar Galltacht an bliadhain-si a cinn fhir-ínaid righ Saxan, .i. Geroid, mac Tomais Iarla (& mac an Iarla do thabairt dho leis do dalta, .i. h-Anri).




Mheg Raith .i. Ruaidhri, .i. comarba Termuinn Da Bheoig, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Graine, ingen in Priora h-Ui Fhlannagain.


Maghnus mac Goffraigh Oig, mic Goffraigh Ruaidh Meg Uidhir, do marbadh in bliadhain-si le Teallach Eathach.


Caisdel Bona Drobhaisi do ghabail in bliadhain-si le mac h-Ui Domnaill (.i. Aedha Ruaidh), .i. le Donnchadh na n-Ordóg, ar bardaibh h-Ui Domnaill fein & Aedh, mac h-Ui Domnaill, do shuidhe fa 'n caislen cetna & Pilib, mac Toirrdelbaigh Mheg Uidhir, do dul le Mág Uidhir i furtacht h-Ui Domnaill & a mic, .i. Aedha. Ocus Donnchadh na n-Ordog do thegmhail da cheile & Pilib, mac Toirrdelbaigh & iadh do bualadh a cheile & ech Donnchaidh na n-Ordog do marbadh & é féin do trascradh & a ghabail le Pilib ar an lathair-sin co senamail & a thoirbert d'O Domnaill. Ocus an caisdel do buain de in la cetna {fol. B 98d} & Donnchadh do thoirbeirt aris do Mhag Uidhir & a thabairt leis día tigh & tri fichit bó do mac Toirrdelbhaigh uadh h-Ua n-Domnaill & araile.


Mac Domnaill Cloinni Cheallaigh d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Cormac, mac Airt Mic Domnaill, fer daenachtach, deigheinigh & a adlucadh a Cluain Eois iar m-buaidh aithrighe.


Mac mic Phiarruis Buítiller d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Emonn, mac Semais, mic Piarruis Buitiller, sai cinn fheadhna & fer tigi aidhed gu coitchenn.


Bicair Cuile Maine d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Lochlainn Mac Gilla Chalma, .i. fer cleirchighi daenachtach subaltach.


Mac Gilla Fhindein (.i. Enri) do ghabail in bliadhain-si la Dartraighe Mheg Fhlannchaidh.


Brian mac Mheg Uidhir, .i. mac Seaain, mic Pilib Meg


Uidhir, do ghabail {fol. A 114a} le clainn Briain Mheg Uidhir a tus Shamhraidh na bliadhna-sa.


Sile, ingen an Espuic Meg Uidhir, .i. Ros Espuc, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Donn, mac Conchobuir, mic Aedha Meg Uidhir, do marbadh le Feraibh Luirg in bliadhain-si, .i. le clainn Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Mhaela Duin.


Cormac Dubh, mac Taidhg h-Ui Caiside, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Maeilechlainn, mac Murchaidh, mic Taidhg Meg Raghnaill, do ghabail le Conn Carrach, mac Taidhg, mic Tighernain h-Ui Ruairc & le Seaan, mac Tighernain & a tabairt leo ar Inis Ochta ar Loch Mic Nén. Ocus Rughraidhe, mac Toirrdhelbaigh Meg Uidhir, d'innsoighidh an Locha orra & an da mac-sin h-Ui Ruairc do marbadh leis & mac an Caeich Mheg Fhlannchaidh & a mac-sin & mac Murchaidh do thabairt leis dia tigh. Ocus h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh, da fuaslucadh uadha & caislen Liath Droma do thabairt do h-Ua Domnaill arís o mac Murchaidh.


Gnim mor do denamh a n-Albain an bliadhain-si le righ Alban, .i. le Semus Sdibhard, .i. Eoin Mor Mac Domnaill, ri Innsi Gall & Eoin Cathanach, a mac & Ragnall Ruadh & Domnall Ballach do-riagadh a n-aen croich ina triur, mi re Lughnasadh.


Sluaighedh mor leis in Giustis in bliadhain-si, .i. le h-Iarla Cille Dara, .i. Geroid, mac Tomais, mic Sheoin Chaim, co h-Ath Luain tar Sinainn. Annsein ar fud Connacht, gur' gabh se ceithri caisteoil do 'n chur-sin, .i. caislen Beil Atha Liag & Ros Comain & Tuillsci & an Caislen Riabhach.


Mac Diarmada Muighi Luirg d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Tadhg, mac Ruaidhri Mic Diarmada & a derbrathair do oirdneadh ina ínadh, .i. Cormac, mac Ruaidhri


Mic Diarmata.


Mag Thighernain Teallaigh Dunchadha d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Seaan Mag Thighernain.


h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Aedh Ruadh, do dhul, sluagh, ar Mac n-Diarmada Og in bliadhain-si, .i. ar Cormac, mac Ruaidhri Mic Diarmata & gabail docum an Bealaigh Buidhe & Mac Diarmada do chothugadh an bealaigh-sin ris. Ocus dul assin co caislen Liath Troma & Mac Diarmada do thocht ina choínne and {fol. A 114b} & sidh do dhenum doib ri aroile. Ocus an Chathach, do bí re da bliadhain roime-sin a fegmhus h-Uí Domnaill & braighde aili do bí uadha a Muig Luirg, do thabairt do & Mac Diarmada do thabairt chisa cosanta d'h-Ua Domnaill ar Muigh Luirg o sin amach.


Creacha mora an bliadhain-si le Brian, mac h-Ui Neill (.i. Domnall), ar Mac Domnaill Clainni Ceallaigh, .i. ar Gilla Padraig.


{fol. B 99a} Kal. Ian. 4 f., l. xxuii., Anno Domini M. d.


Ocus bliadhain na n-gras isin Roim h-i: .i. an dorus ordha d'fhoslucudh & bliadhain Bisex beos h-í.


O Ruairc d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Feidhlim, mac Donnchaidh, mic Tighernain & Eogan, mac Tighernain, mic Taidhg h-Ui Ruairc, do righadh ina ínadh.


Tadhg Og, mac Taidhg, mic Tighernain h-Ui Ruairc, d'h-eg.


O Banain (.i. Nicolas) Airigh Maelain d'h-eg in bliadhain-si i Clainn in Chaeich h-Ui Raighilligh, .i. neach do bí ina bhicair i n-Daire Mhaelain & ina airchinnech ar trian in baile cetna.


Feradhach, mac Duinn Oig, mic Duinn Moir Meg Uidhir & Brian, mac Seaain, mic Domnaill Ballaigh Meg Uidhir, do marbadh le clainn Chuinn h-Uí


Neill a m-Bel Atha na Marclach.


{fol. A 114c}Gilla Crist, mac Eoin Fhinn Mic Caba, do marbadh ar greis oidchi ina thoigh fein le h-Aedh, mac Seaain Buidhi Meg Mathgamna, & crech an baile do denum do fos.


Da mac Donnchaidh Oig, mic Donnchaidh Moir, mic Aedha Meg Uidhir, .i. Sémus & Remunn, do marbadh le h-Eogan, mac Donnchaidh Mhoir, mic an Aedha cetna.


Slicht Duinn, mic Con Connacht Mheg Uidhir, do dhul ar ínnsoighidh ar baile Mic Gilla Ruaidh & an Gilla Dubh (.i. Mag Uidhir), mac Concobuir, mic Tomais Oig Meg Uidhir, do marbadh leo & Domnall Caech mac Gilla Ruaidh & a mac & Ruaidhri, mac Domnaill Ghirr (no, an t-Sracaidh) Mic Gilla Ruaidh & daine aili & a u., no a sé, d'eachaibh maithibh do breith leo doib.


Eoghan, mac Feradhaigh Bailbh, mic Feradhaigh, mic Duinn, mic Con Connacht Meg Uidhir, do marbadh le Goffraigh Mac Gilla Ruaidh.


Caislen do thinnsgnadh le Pilib mac Briain, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir, an bliadhain-si ar Carraig Locha an Tairbh ina duthaidh fein.


Gilla Padraig, mac Flaithbertaigh, mic Tomais Óig Meg Uidhir, do mharbhadh le Niall, mac Airt h-Ui Neill & lé n-a clainn & creacha mora do breith leo o chloind Fhlaithbertaigh in la-sin.


Brian Caech, mac Neill, mic Seaain Buidhe, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, do marbadh le Domnall, mac Seaain Buidhi h-Uí Neill, & le muinntir Aedha an bliadhain-si, a n-dorus caislein Cinn Aird.


Fliuchaimsir do shir & doínenn dermair an bliadhain-si, o fheil na Croiche 'sa Foghmhur co h-eis fheile Padraig, innus gur' toirmisc moran do 'n tighedhus & co h-airighi an cruithnecht.


Tomas, mac Aédha, mic Briain, mic Pilib


na Tuaidhe Meg Uidhir, do marbadh in bliadhain-si le Tadhg, mac Tomais, mic Tomais Oig Meg Uidhir & le Muinntir Mhucaidhen. Ocus dob' fher binn, subaltach in fer-sin.


Sluaghadh leis h-Ua n-Domnaill (.i. Aedh Ruadh) a Tir n-Eogain an bliadhain-si, gur ro loisc baile h-Uí Neill, .i. Dun Ghenaind & gur ro bris an Seanchaislen & gur ro loisc crannoc Locha Laeghuiri & a impodh imshlan do 'n turus-sin dia tigh.


Caislen clainni Seaain Buidhe h-Uí Neill, .i. caislen {fol. A 114d}Cinn Aird, do ghabail leisin Giustis, .i. le h-Iarla Chille {fol. B 99b} Dara, .i. le Geroid, mac Tomais Iarla & a thabairt ainnsein do Thoirrdelbach, mac Cuinn h-Ui Neill. Ocus an Toirrdelbach h-ísin do ghabail leis h-Ua Neill, .i. le Domnall h-Ua Neill, a caislen h-Ui Neill fein a cinn lethraithi iartain & a caeraidhecht do buain de & cogadh mór d'eirghi isin Coicidh de sin.


O Ferghail do marbadh an bliadhain-si, .i. Rughraidhe, mac Iriail h-Ui Ferghail, le Semus, mac Ruaidhri, mic Cathail, mic Uilliam h-Ui Ferghail (neoch do bi ina braghaid ag h-Ua Ferghail fein. Ar Inís Moir Locha Gobhna do-ronadh sin.)


O Brain Laighen, .i. Cathair, mac Duinluing h-Ui Brain, do marbadh an bliadhain-si le cuid da braithribh fein.


Sorcha, ingen Pilib, mac Tomais Meg Uidhir (.i. an Gilla Dubh), d'heg in bliadhain-si.


Baile na Gaillbe hoc anno ex maiore parte cremata est.


Goffraigh Óg, mac Goffraigh Ruaidh Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


An Barrach Mor do marbadh an bliadhain-si le n-a derbrathair fein, .i. le Dabhidh Barra, .i. airchideochain


Cluana & Corcaighe. Ocus Dabhidh Barra do marbadh le Tomas a Barra & le Muinntir Cellachain & Iarla Desmuman do thogbail cuirp Dabhidh a cinn fichit-et la & min & luaith do dhenum de.


An Sinnach Muinntiri Tadhgain, .i. Cairpri Sinnach, do marbadh an bliadhain-si le Conn, mac Airt, mic Cuinn h-Uí Mailechlainn.


Espuc Daire d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Domnall h-Ua Fallamhuin, Brathair Minur de Obseruancia, neoch do bi gu saethrach, adhmur ag senmóir ar fud Erenn re xxx. bliadhain roime-sin.


Maeilechlain Bradach, mac Taidhg, mic Mhaghnusa h-Ui Fhlannagain, do crochadh an bliadhain-si le Mag Uidhir, .i. le Seaan, mac Pilib Meg Uidhir, a Corgus na bliadhna. Ocus do adaimh an fear-sin (.i. Mailechlainn Bradach), leth amuigh do martaibh, no do mhucaibh, no do chaerchaibh, u. capaill x. ar fichit do ghoid o chill & o thuaith nar' tógbadh & nar' taibhdegh fair co h-aimsir a bhais, leth amuigh d'ar' togbadh & d'ar' taidhbedh guruigi sin air. Ataim ag tuitim m' o codhladh.


(Hoc anno, per duas noctes ante festum Natalis Domini, nata est Graniota, filia Boetani, scilicet, Thomae.)


{fol. A 115a} Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. ix., Anno Domini M. d. i.


Mac Meg Uidhir do mharbadh an bliadhain-si, .i. Tomas, mac Tomais Oig Meg Uidhir, mic an Gilla Duibh (.i. Mag Uidhir), ar Sliabh Beathadh le clainn Briain, mic Remuinn Meg Mathgamna, co n-ar di-airnidhe ina timcell. Ocus is iad so na maithi ro marbadh ann ina fhochair: .i. Gilla Isu, mac Emuínn Meg Uidhir


& Tomas, mac Duinn, mic Emuind Meg Uidhir & Cormac, mac Seaain, mic Emuínn, cetna & Ruaidhri Buidhe, mac Emhuinn Oig Meg Uidhir & Ruaidhri, mac Emuind, mic Tomais Greannaigh Meg Uidhir & Emund, mac Aedha, mic Briain Meg Uidhir, & Maghnus Eoghanach, a derbrathair-sin. Ocus do marbadh and da mac Taidhg, mic Dhaibheid, mic Gilla Bhuidhe mic Maghnusa, {fol. B 99c} .i. Brian & Dondchadh & aile do 'n cinedh cetna. Ocus do marbadh ann morseisear & dá fhicheat do 'n cuairt-sin.


Rughraidhe, mac Ui Concobuir Failghi, .i. mac Cathair, mic Cuind, mic an Calbaigh, d'h-eg.


Rughraidhe, mac Meg Mathgamna (.i. mac Brian, mic Remaind), dó marbadh le clainn Meg Aengusa an bliadhain-si.


Mac Caba d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Ruaidhri, mac Enri Mic Caba.


Ruaidhri, mac Aedha Ballaigh Mic Domnaill, d'h-eg, .i. ceand coirighti galloglach do muinntir Ui Neill.


Niall, mac Airt, mic Eogain Uí Neill, d'h-eg mí ria Nodlaic: .i. saí cinn-fedhna.


Somhairli, mac Alastrainn Oig, mic Alastrainn Moir Mic Caba, d'h-eg gar ría Nodlaig.


Ingen Mic Mhaghnusa d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Mór, ingen Cathail Oig, mic Cathail Mhoir Mic Maghnusa, .i. ben h-Ui Fhialain, .i. Fherghail; saí mhna gan fhrasabhradh.



Caislen Sligigh do ghabail le dreimiribh seólta as a bharr anuas an bliadhain-si le clainn {fol. A 115b} Ruaidhri, mic Thoirrdelbaigh Charraigh h-Ui Conchobuir & le clainn Feidhlím, mic Toirrdelbaigh Charraigh. Ocus an Calbhach Caech, mac Domnaill, mic Eogain h-Ui Concobuir, do marbadh ann & Seaan, mac Ruaidhri, mic Toirrdelbaigh Carraigh Ui Choncobuir, do thuitim leisin Chalbach ar an lathair cetna.


Aibne, mac h-Ui Cathain, .i. mac Seaain Ui Cathain, do marbadh in bliadhain-si l' a derbrathair feisin, .i. Brian Find.


Crecha mora la clainn Aedha Ui Neill for Mag Mathgamna, .i. Ros, mac Maghnusa, in bliadhain-si.


Gilla na Naem Mac Domnaill (.i. Mac Domnaill Clainni Ceallaigh, .i. mac Cormaic, mic Airt, mic Domnaill) do marbadh la Feidhlim, mac Donnchaidh, mic Tomais Oig Meg Uidhir, a tus Samraidh na bliadhna-sa.


Cocadh eter Oirgiall fein: .i. slicht Aedha Ruaidh & slicht Remaind. Mag Mathgamna (.i. Rosa) do breith a chaeraighechta leis for an Lucht Tighi & slicht Remaind do cur asin tir amach a cenn Uí Neill. Mag Mathgamna do innsaighidh for slicht Remaind co Muinechan & tegmhail da cheli doibh fa Ath an Coleir & Toirrdelbach (.i. mac ingine an Iarla), mac Cuinn,


mic Enri Ui Neill, do beth ag congnam la slicht Remaind. Toirrdelbach imorro — .i. mac righ a aesa fodein rop' ferr do 'n fhuil Gaidhelaigh — do marbadh annsin la Mag Mathgamna & Eoin, mac Colla Mic Domnaill, .i. mac Mic Domnaill Galloclach, do marbadh ann et alii multi.


Seaan, mac Rosa Espuic, mic Tomais OicMeg Uidhir, nech do bi ina cananach coradh i Clochar & ina persun & ina aircindech i nd-Achaidh Urchuire, d'h-eg {fol. B 99d} i n-Id Iuin na bliadhna-sa, mane die Dominico: .i. aen macamh ro ba shuarca, shubaltaighe a Leth Cuinn & ro pa treighidhe i n-gach ealadhain, iter leigheann & Gaidhilg & a treighibh tuatta airchena & fer thighi aidhedh coitchinn.


Maidm mor i n-Ard Macha in bliadhain-si (.i. la feili Padraig do shunradh) for Albanchaibh: .i. tri fichit do marbadh dib le slicht Aedha h-Ui Neill & le h-Art, mac Aedha h-Ui Neill & lena braithribh . Ocus is iad dob' fhearr do marbadh ann, .i. mac an tigherna Aíg & tri mic Colla, mic Alaxandair Mic Domnaill, .i. Toirdelbach & Donnchadh & Ludar.



{fol. A 115c} Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. xx., Anno Domini M. d. ii.


Indsoighidh leis O Raighilligh, .i. le Seaan, mac Cathail h-Ui Raighilligh, ar Pilib, mac Toirrdelbaigh Meg Uidhir & eachreidh an tire os cind Clainni h-Amhlaim do shibal & do loscadh leo & Emonn, mac Pilib Riabhaigh Mic Amhlaim, do marbadh leo &, no, aile. Ocus do marbadh fa 'n sluagh, .i. mac h-Uí Raighilligh, .i. Domnall an Mhagha & mac Mic Mheol Mhartain, .i. Concobur.


Mac Mic Rithbertaigh, .i. Maelechlainn, mac Con Chonnacht Mic Rithbertaigh, .i. mac olloman Meg Uidhir re dan, do marbadh a feall le h-Emonn Carrach, Mac Briain Mic Maghnusa & le mac Mic Rusteil an bliadhain-si.


Toisc le mac Seaain Buidhe Mheg Mathgamna & le clainn Emuind Meg Uidhir ar clainn Flaithbertaigh Mheg Uidhir, d'ar' crechadh iad, achtmadh bec & d'ar' gabadh Brian Crosach, mac Flaithbertaigh & h-e buailti. Ocus Toirrdelbach, mac Flaithbertaigh, d'fhágbail a richt duine mairbh & Concobur, mac Taidhg h-Ui Chaiside (.i. sai leagha), do tromlot ann & a ég dhe.


Donnchadh (.i. mac Meg Uidhir), mac Concobuir, mic Tomais Óig Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si da lot: .i. a lot roime-sin a maidm Shleibhe Beatha & a eg di fa dheoigh. Ocus dob' uasal, deigbesach in mac-sin.


O Baighill, .i. Niall h-Ua Baighill & a dhias mac do marbadh le clainn Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Baighill an bliadhain-si.


Art, mac Enri, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill, d'a marbadh an bliadhain-si le h-Art, mac Cuinn, mic Enri, mic Eogain cetna & Eogan, mac Aedha, mic Airt


h-Ui Neill, do marbadh le h-Aedh, mac Cuinn h-Ui Neill, 'sa sechtmuin cetna.


Mainistir an Chabhain do ghnothughadh o 'n Roim in bliadhain-si leis O Raighilligh, .i. le Seaan, mac Cathail h-Ui Raighilligh, do na Braithribh de Obseruancia a n-aghaidh na m-Brathar de Communi Uita.


Eogan Bocht, mac Neill, mic Enri h-Ui Neill, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Cathal, mac Mailechlainn Duibh Meg Shamradhain, do marbadh an bliadhain-si le clainn h-Ui Raighilligh (.i. le clainn Sheaain, mic Cathail), ar tarraing mic Briain & a chloinne.


{fol. A 115d}Da abb do bi fada a coinntinn fo abdaine Essa Ruaidh, .i. Art, mac an espuic h-Uí Ghallchubair & Eoin h-Ua Laisdi, {fol. B 100a} a n-eg fa dha ló gu n-oidhci a n-diaigh a cheile.


Ingen Ruaidhri Caeich Meg Uidhir d'ég in bliadhain-si, .i. Medbh, in ben do bí ag Tadhg Mac Gaillghile & rug clainn do 'n abb og.


Comhorba Cluana Eois d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Sémus, mac Rughraidhe Meg Mhathgamna, in xc.a annorum senectute.


Tadhg, mac Cuinn, mic Domnaill h-Ui Neill, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Domnall, mac Feidhlím h-Ui Neill, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Donn, mac Pilib Mheg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Domnall, mac Briain Ui Uigind, oide scol Erenn & Alban re dán, d'h-eg.


Doinenn dermar isin bliadhain-si, gur' mairbh urmhor eallaigh Erenn & gur' tairmisc frecar na talman um na treabtachaibh.


Ruaidhri, mac Muircertaigh Ui Fhlannagain, do marbadh la slicht Aedha Ui Ruairc.


Indsaighidh la Mag Uidhir (.i. Seaan) & la h-Aedh h-Ua n-Domnaill a n-Dartraighi Conindsi for mac Seaain Buidhi Meg Mathgamna &


baile mic Seaain Buidhe & an tir uile do lomloscadh leo & spreidh an tire do theithedh rompa & Oirghialla o abhaind na h-Eogancha astech do breith forra & slicht Feidhlimidh Ui Raighilligh & slicht Donnchaidh Meg Uidhir. Mag Uidhir & mac Ui Domnaill do imtecht ar eigin co h-aithesach orra sin uili & marbadh do denamh doib ar an tóraigh, fa mac Concobuir, (.i. Feidhlim) mic Feidhlimdh Ui Raighilligh et alia.


{fol. A 116a} Kal. Ian. i. f., l. i., Anno Domini M. d. iii.


Mag Uidhir d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Seaan, mac Pilib, mic Tomais Moir (.i. an Gilla Dubh) Meg Uidhir: en rogha uirrigh Erenn 'mun am-sin & an t-aen Ghaeidhel do bo mo trocaire & daenacht do bi ina aimsir & is ferr do chothaigh & do chosain a thir & a thalmain fein ar nert coicrich & dob' ferr smacht & riaghail a cill & a tuaith. A eg ina morlongport fein a n-Inis Sgeillind, 'sa sechtmadh Kallainn do mhí Aipril fa buaidh Ongtha & aithrighe, Dia Domnaigh do shunnradh, iar n-eitsecht n-uird Aiffrinn do. Ocus a adhlucadh a mainistir Duin na n-Gall, iar togha dó innti & araile.


Mac Uilliam Burc d'eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Teaboid, mac Uater a Búrc.


Mac h-Ui Domnaill, .i. Donnchadh na n-Ordog, do ghabail le clainn Cuinn h-Ui Neill in bliadhain-si. Ocus Albanaigh do bi ag clainn Cuinn da breith leo a cenn h-Ui Domnaill fein & Domnall, mac h-Ui Domnaill, do sgathadh Donnchaidh do 'n chur-sin & a ég dhe & araile.


Brian, mac Aedha Mheg Uidhir, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Emunn, mac Eogain, mic Aedha Mheg Uidhir, {fol. B 100b} do marbadh


ar greathlaigh oidhchi le clainn Briain, mic Aedha Mheg Uidhir & mac Emuinn fesin do marbadh ann & mac Cormaic, mic Aedha Meg Uidhir & mac Toirrdelbaigh h-Ui Maela Duin do marbadh fos ann, aidhchi Mairti iar Caisc.


Ben righ Saxan d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. ingin Cing Edbard & Isibel a h-ainm: ben do bo mó deirc & daenacht o Eadail co h-Erinn. Ocus inghin righ na Caislen do thabairt ina h-inadh do 'n righ.


Gairm o righ Saxan ar an Giustis an bliadhain-si, .i. ar Iarla Cille Dara, .i. ar Geroid, mac Tomais Iarla & a dhul a luing an Domnach ria m-Beltaine a m-Baile Atha Cliath.


Mac Domnaill Galloglach, .i. Eoin, mac Somuirle Mhoir mic Domnaill, do marbadh an bliadhain-si le clainn Colla Mic Domnaill & Mac Domnaill do ghairm do Cholla fein ina dhiaigh-sin.


An Mabach do mharbadh in bliadhain-si ina chaislen fein le cloinn Emuinn, mic Glaisne h-Ui Raighilligh & cogadh mor d'eirghi eter Ghallaibh is Ghaidhelaibh de sin & dighbhala mora ar Ghallaibh fos do 'n chogadh-sin & mac Símain do marbadh o Ghaeidhelaibh & araile.


Mac h-Ui Chathain, .i. Risderd, do sgathadh lena derbrathair fein, .i. le Domnall Cleirech O Cathain.


An Giustis, .i. Iarla Cille Dara, .i. Geroid, mac Tomais, {fol. A 116b} do thecht fa onoir mhoir ó righ Saxan a n-Erinn in bliadhain-si, a cenn sechtmaine d'Fhoghmur. Ocus a mac, do bi ocht m-bliadhna a Lunnaind a m-braighdenus tairisi uadha ag an righ, do thabairt leis dó & ben do thabairt da mac t-shoir, .i. ingen Iarla.



Mac Tomais Pluingced d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Alaxandair, fer dighníte moire & Gallmacamh dob' ferr ina aimsir fein. Ocus a eg isna laithib a tanaig in t-Iarla & araile.


Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. xii., Anno Domini M. d. iiii.


Prioir Locha Derg d'h-eg in bliadhain-si .i. Toirrdelbach, mac in espuic Meg Uidhir, ar tuitim do do sdaighri cloch a m-Baile Atha Buidhe & a adhlucadh i mainistir in Chabhain. Ocus rob' fhear suairc, subaltach, moirealadhnach an Toirrdelbach-sin & do bi se ina chananach coradh a Clochar & ina persun a n-Doire Mhaelain & 'na prioir ar Loch Derg a n-ein-fhecht. Ocus fa fheil Padraig ad-bath.


{fol. B 100c} O Caiside Cuile d'eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Piarus, mac Tomais h-Ui Chaiside, .i. ollam leagha Mheg Uidhir & sai derbtha i l-leighind & a fisigecht & a teoreicecht & a praiticecht & fer tighi aidhedh gu coitchenn do cach. Ocus a eg do chluichi an righ. Mailechlainn, mac Aithirne h-Ui Eoghusa d'h-eg in bliadhain-si do 'n galar cetna.


Ainnrias Mag Raith d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. mac comarba Termuinn Da Beooig. Ocus ni roibe re n-a linn fein a n-Erinn an tan-sin mac termonnaigh budh mho cáta & onoir & dob' ferr tech aidhedh innas e.


Mac Mic Diarmata Muighi Luirg do marbadh an bliadhain-si, .i. Concobur, mac Ruaidhri Mic Diarmata, le Mael Ruanaigh, mac Tomaltaigh Mic Diarmata.


Art, mac Cairbri, mic Aedha h-Ui Neill & a mac & a derbrathair do marbadh le slicht Remuinn Meg Mhathgamna in bliadhain-si.


{fol. A 116c}Somairle Aneloigh,


mac Aenghusa Mic Domnaill, .i. ceand coirighthi Albanach do bi ag Mag Uidhir (.i. ag Conchobur), do gabail in bliadhain-si le h-Aedh, mac Seaain Buidhe Meg Mathgamna & moran do na h-Albanchaibh do ghabail & do marbadh leis fos.


Brian, mac Mheg Uidhir, .i. mac Seaain, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Bicair Cluana Eois d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Ruaidhri, mac an Comarba Moir Meg Mathgamna.


Abb Cluana Eois d'eg in bliadhain-si (do cluichi in righ), .i. Gilla Padraig, mac Enri h-Ui Chondalaigh, ar n-gnothughadh espocoide Clochair do.


Abb Cenanntais d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Pilib, mac an Espuic h-Ui Raighilligh & a derbrathair aile (.i. Eogan), .i. cananach do bi 'sa baile cetna, do cluichi in righ sin fos.


Sluaighedh lesin n-Giustis, .i. Iarla Cille Dara, .i. Geroid, mac Tomais Iarla & urmor Gaidel Erenn maille fris, .i. O Domnaill & O Raighilligh & Mag Mhathgamna & O Ferghail & O Conchobuir Fhailgi & Gaeidhil Lethe Cuinn uile, achtmadh O Neill amhain, ar Mac Uilliam Clainni Ricaird. Ocus O Briain a foiridin Mic Uilliam. Ocus teagmhail d'a cheile doib a Clainn Ricaird ar Cnoc Tuagh & gnithir cath croda etorra da na frith inntshamhail 'sa n-aimsir n-deighenaigh. Co clos co fada o na fedhnachaibh-sin cathais na cathmiledh & fedhmanna na feinnedh & ruathar na ridhamna & torann na triath & broscar na m-buidhin ag a m-baeghlughadh; mellghal & menmanrad na macraidhe & na maethoglach & athmhairecht na treinfer ag a tescadh & imurcraidh na n-uasal arna h-uirislibh. Maidigh tra in cath ar {fol. B 100d} Mac Uilliam & ar h-Ua m-Briain


& cuirter a n-ár. Ocus an baile irrabadur na noi coirighthi galloglach ina cipi comdaingin catha, ni terno i m-beathadh dib acht aen chorúghadh uiresbach nama.

Ocus ni rainig airim ar mharcachaibh, no ar troightheachaibh ann,

gur' aimreidhigheadur an fhaighthi o na h-echtaibh-sin re h-imad na craisech & na cloidhim & na cathsciath & na colann crosbuailti comarthach & na slaedoglach sinti, secmharbh & na n-gillaidhe namulchach, n-eidighi 'n-ait-breghdha. Gur' cuireadh ár na Muimnech in móir-ghliaidh-sin & co n-dorcradar sochaidhe imdha d'anradhaibh in Iarla do 'n leth aili. an t-Iarla, imorro, do impodh dia thigh do 'n turus-sin fo buaidh cosgair & cethrur do cloinn Mic Uilliam a laim leis, .i. dias mac & dias ingen, beos.


Fuabairt fheille ar h-Ua & Neill (.i. ar Domnall) in bliadhain-si lena muinntir fein, .i. le Tadhg h-Ua n-Ogain & lena cloinn a caislen h-Ui Neill fein & an caislen do ghabail doibh. Ocus Dia do impodh forro-sum 'sa n-uair-sin fein & an baile do buain dibh & Tadhg féin & dis da chloinn do chrochadh & an tres fer do sgathadh {fol. A 116d} dib 'san lo cedna.


Greis oidhce le Pilib, mac Emuinn Meg Uidhir, a Lucht Tighi Meg Mathgamna & Eogan Ruadh, mac Cuinn, mic Magnusa Meg Mhathgamna, do marbadh leis & derbrathair aile do. Ocus toir trom do leanmuin


Pilib & ser le h-ochtar da mhuinntir do buain de, a timcell mic Remuinn (.i. Donn), mic Briain, mic Anrigh Meg Uidhir & daine aili nach airimter sunn. Ocus imthecht ar eigin do Philib fein & do chuid aile dia muinntir co h-aithuseach & araile.


Tomas Ruadh, mac an Abad (.i. ab Lesa Gabail), .i. mac Uilliam, mic an Espuic Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Flaithbertach, mac Failghi, mic Briain Mic Caba, do marbadh an bliadhain-si le Brian, mac Alaxandair Oig Mic Caba a trodan.


Mag Samradhan d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Emonn Mag Samradain.


O Cianain, d'h-eg, .i. Gilla Padraig, mac Taidhg Ui Cianain.{fol. A ends}


Kal. Ian. for Cetain, l. xxiii., Anno Domini M. d. u.


Mag Carrthaigh Riabach d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Fingin Mag Carrthaigh.


{fol. B 101a}Abb mainistrech Muighi Cosgain, .i. an t-Ab O Cathain, do crochadh le Ruaidhri, mac Magnusa h-Ui Cathain, in bliadhain-si.


Cairpri, mac Briain h-Ui Uiginn d'h-eg do bidhg in bliadhain-si.


O Domhnuill d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Aedh Ruadh, mac Neill Gairb, mic Toirrdelbaigh an Fhina h-Ui Domnuill. Ocus ni thainig o Brian Borumha, no o Cathal Croibderg, anuas ri, no tigherna, dob' ferr smacht & riagail & do bo mo nert ina 'n rí-sin. Ocus is e do chosain tighernus o Sliabh anuas ar Chonnachtaibh do Conallchaibh & cis Innsi h-Eogain & buannacht Cinel Modhain o Clannaibh Neill. Ocus is leis do cumdaighedh maínister Brathar Mínur de Obseruancia a Tir


Conuill, .i. a n-Dun na n-Gall. Innus gur' diles August Iarthair-tuaisceirt Eorpa uile do radh ris. Ocus a eg iar m-buaidh Ongtha & aithrighi ina longport fein a n-Dun na n-Gall, i quint Id Iuil, isin ochtmadh bliadhain sechtmogat a aisi & isin cethramadh bliadhain cethorchad a fhlaithusa, sexta feria & a adhnacal Dia Sathairn a mainistir Duin na n-Gall.


Prioir Fobhair d'h-eg, .i. Emunn Dorcha, do shlicht an Ridere, .i. an t-Simunaigh.


Feidhlim, mac Neill, mic Airt h-Ui Neill, do marbadh la clainn (Briain, mic Aedha Meg Uidir).


Sluaighedh le mac h-Ui Domnaill, .i. Aedh Og, mac Aedha Ruaidh, a Tir n-Eogain & baile h-Ui Neill (.i. baile Domnaill h-Ui Neill) do loscadh leis & baile Aedha, mic Domnaill h-Ui Neill & baile Briain, mic Domnaill Ui Neill & o Abhuind Mhor astech do imthecht leis gan frithbert, gan imresain. Ocus suide fa caislen na Dergi do ar a ímpudh & an caislein do ghabail do & a barda fein d'fhagbail ann & a dhul assin co Cill Mic n-Enain & ainm righ do gairm dhe for Thir Conaill do thoil De & daine & araile, 2 die mensis Augusti.


Sluaighedh leis h-Ua Neill, .i. le Domnall, a n-Dartraigi Oirgiall & an tir do milliudh & do crechadh leis & Aedh, mac Seaain Buidhe, mic Eogain Meg Mathgamna, do marbadh ann & araile. Ocus O Neill do toighecht dia tigh do 'n turus-sin fo buaidh cosgair.



Domnall, mac Airt h-Ui Neill, do marbadh le Brian, mac Cuinn h-Ui Neill.


Mac Domnaill Galloglach, .i. consabal h-Ui Neill, do marbadh a feall a n-Ard Macha, .i. Colla, mac Colla aile, le clainn Gilla Espuic, mic Somairle Ruaidh Mic Domnaill.


Ingen Iarla Cille Dara (.i. Geroid Iarla), .i. ben baruin Slaine (.i. Sar Uilliam Bailis), d'h-eg do 'n plaidh. Ocus an bean do bi ag an bharun mor d'h-eg do 'n chas cetna.


Fliuchaimsir do shir an bliadhain-si, innus gur' mill arbannu Erenn d'urmhor & co h-airighi a Feraibh Manach.


Padraig O Feidhil d'h-eg .i. Brathair Minur de Obseruancia & {fol. B 101b} senmontaighi oirrderc, onorach a n-Erinn & a n-Albain. Ocus a eg a mainister Tegh Molaigi & a adhlucadh innti.


Eogan, mac Emuinn Meg Uidhir, do marbadh le cloind Gilla Padraic Meg Uidhir a toraidhecht creichi. Ocus Fergus Mor Mac Caba do marbadh o cloind Gilla Padraic ar an cumusc cetna.


Prioir Daim Innsi d'h-eg, .i. Labrais, mac an Priora Moir h-Ui Flannagain.


Cormac, mac Cormaic h-Ui Fhlannagain, d'h-eg.


Concobur Riabach O Caiside d'h-eg, .i. fer daenachtach, deghsolathair & maighistir saethair maith, fer tighi aidedh & araile.


Eogan Dubh Mac Amlaim mortuus est.


Mac Meg Uidhir, .i. Toirrdelbach, mac Seaain mic Pilib Meg Uidhir & da mac Taidhg Mic Gaffraig & Tadhg Óg Mac Gaillghille, ocht n-duine deg, do bathudh a n-en choiti ar Finnloch in bliadhain-si.


O Fedhaigh Machaire


Tulcha d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Aedh O Fedhaigh.


Seaan a Burc do marbadh le cloind Uilleg a Burc.


Ingen Meg Samradhain, .i. Una, ben Fhailghi, mic Domnaill Bain h-Ui Raighilligh, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


In Gilla Gruamdha, Mac an Caeich h-Ui Raighilligh, do marbadh ina tigh fein la ceirbach dia cinedh fein d'en urchur do sgin, aidhci Luain Chasc.


Uilliam Og Mag Treinfher d'h-eg an bliadhain-si do uthar a choisi.


Isibel, ingen Ghilla na Naem h-Ui Droma, mortua est.


Kal. Ian. u. f., l. iiii., Anno Domini M. d. ui.


Mac Meg Uidhir, .i. Aedh, mac Emuinn, mic Tomais Oig Meg Uidhir, do marbadh an bliadhain-si le cloind Cuind h-Ui Neill & le Pilib, mac Gilla Padraig Meg Uidhir, a toraidhecht creiche do-rinne mac h-Ui Neill, .i. Aedh, mac Cuinn Ui Neill, ar Cuil na n-Airther.


Mac Goffraigh Ruaidh Meg Uidhir d'h-eg, .i. Magnus.


Mac Briain Theallaigh Eathach d'h-eg, .i. Feidhlim.


Semus, mac Pilib, mic an Gilla Duibh Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg.


Tomas, mac Oiliuer Pluingced do marbadh le cloind Mathgamna h-Ui Raighilligh, idon leisin Calbaigh, mac Feidhlím & lena cloind. Ocus cogadh Gall & Gaeidhel d'eirghi trid-sin.


Paidin h-Ua Mael Conaire, en rogha Erenn a filidhecht & a senchus, do abailt do bidhg, aidhchi Luain Minchaisc & araile.


{fol. B 101c}Mac h-Ui Cathain, .i. Brian Finn, mac Seaain h-Ui Cathain, do marbadh le Domnall, mac Neill, mic Enri, mic Eogain h-Ui Neill. Ocus mac do 'n Brian-sin, .i. Maghnus h-Ua Cathain, do marbadh le Donnchadh h-Ua


Cathain 'sa raithi cetna.


Tomas Buidhe Mag Coscraigh, .i. aircinnech Cluana Eosain, d'h-eg.


Mac Uibhilin, .i. Ualtar, mac Cormaic, mic Séinicin Mic Uibhilin, do marbadh leis O Cathain, .i. le Tomas, mac Aibne h-Ui Cathain & le cloind t-Sheaain h-Ui Cathain, .i. le Donnchadh & le Domnall Cleirech. Ocus do marbadh maille fris ann da mac Tuathail h-Ui Domnaill & da mac h-Ui Ara & tri mic h-Ui Buighellain & da mac h-Ui Chuinn. Acht cena, do-thuitetur ceithri fir dec do mhaithibh a muinnteri mailli fris. Ocus troscadh laei Lughnasadh do-ronait insin.


Baile Atha Truim do loscadh do 'n leth tall d'uisce d'urmor de teinidh diiait hoc anno.


Aedh Ruadh, mac Glaisne Meg Mathgamna, do marbadh leis O Raighilligh, .i. le Seaan, mac Cathail h-Ui Raighilligh & lena cloind in bliadhain-si.


Mag Murcaidh do marbadh an bliadhain-si ag buain creichi de do glac se a Fern Muigh.


Rughraidhe, mac Toirrdelbaigh Meg Uidhir, do lot gu guasachtach ina shuil do urchur do shaighid a tóraidhecht creichi do-rinne Emunn, mac Philib, mic Briain Meg Uidhir ar cuid do Teallaigh Eathach.


Cogadh mor & dighbala ímdha eter in da Philib trid-sin, .i. Pilib, mac Toirrdelbaigh Meg Uidhir & Pilib, mac Briain Meg Uidhir & araile.


Roinn duthaigi do luadh eter slicht Pilib Meg Uidhir in bliadhain-si. Ocus Ruaidhri, mac Briain Meg Uidhir & a clann do beth ag iarradh na ronna-sin & Pilib, mac Briain, do thabairt Albanach chuige, .i. Somairle Aneloigh, cona muinntir & crech do dhenum doibh air Ruaidhri. Ruaidhri, imorro, & Pilib, mac Toirrdelbaigh Meg Uidhir, do dhul a tóraidhecht na creiche. Mac Toirrdelbaigh do beth ag iarradh gan an tóraidhecht do dhenum an la sin &


sidh do denum. Ruaidhri do dul tar comairle & an crech do lenmuin doibh. Albanaigh do impodh friu & brised forro & Ruaidhri do ghabail annsin {fol. B 101d} & a mac do marbadh, .i. Seaan Mag Uidhir. Ocus Pilib, mac Toirrdelbaigh Meg Uidhir, do gabail ann & a lot gu guasachtach ina cois & a legan amach gu luath iar sin. Ocus milledh an tire uile do thecht de sin, eter cill & tuaith, mar nach tainig re h-aimsir fhada roime-sin & araile.


Domnall O Craidheain, .i. cennaigi onorach, cogúas, a eg do bidhg ag eistecht Aiffrinn a mainister Duin na n-Gall an bliadhain-si.


Mac Briain Mic Magnusa d'h-eg (.i. aidchi Nollaig móir) .i. Murchadh; nech da n-goirthi an Gilla Dubh, mac Tomais Oig, mic Tomais Mhoir, mic Briain, ar caithim morain da ais re tegh n-aidhedh & araile.


Maghnus Mac Amlaim d'h-eg, .i. mac Briain, mic Amlaim Meg Uidhir.


Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. xu., Anno Domini M. d. uii


h-Enri, mac Aodha Uí Néill, saí chinn-fhedhna & duine dob' fherr aithne ar gach ealadhain ina aimsir féin, d'h-eg an bliadhain-so im fhéil Cros.


O Flannagain d'h-eg do bhidhg a tus Erraigh na bliadhna-so; .i. Muircertach, mac Muircertaigh Uí Fhlannagain.


Ingen Mhég Uidhir, .i. Gráine, ingen Emhuinn Mhég Uidhir, ben Pilib, mic Toirrdelbaigh Mhég Uidhir, d'h-eg an bliadhain-so: .i. ben dercach, daonachtach, chogusach, deigheinigh.


Mainister Clochair do loscadh an bliadhain-so im fhéil Padraig.


Feilimidh Mhág Uínsennain d'h-eg, .i. breithemh Uí Dhomnaill & Oiffiscel Thíri Conaill & saí clerigh & duine do badh mo cogus &


derc ina aimsir.


Niall, mac Cuinn, mic Aodha Buidhi, mic Briain Bhallaigh Uí Neill, do ghabail le muinntir Chairrgi Ferghusa an bliadhain-so & a beth tamall a laim & sé braighdi dheg do bhuain ass 'g á léigin amach. Ocus an caislen cetna-sin do ghabail do Niall, mac Cuinn & méra {fol. B 102a} an bhaile do ghabail ann.


Tempoll Achadh Beithi do loscadh an bliadhain-so & urmhór maithisa in tíri uile do loscadh ann. Ocus bliadhain tésta do coicait bliadhan o 'n cet loscadh guruigi sin & fiche bliadhan o 'n loscadh tanuisti bheós.


Emann, mac Tomais Óig, mic Tomais aile Még Uidhir, d'h-eg an bliadhain-so do thinnis en oidhchi.


Mág Raith, .i. Tomas & Mac Con Mhidhi, .i. Solamh & h-Ua Cuill, .i. Cenn Faolaigh & h-Ua Dalaigh Fínn, .i. Gaffraigh & h-Ua Dalaigh Cairbrech, .i. Aonghus & h-Ua Gerain, .i. Seaan — hii omnes poete hoc anno in Christo dormierunt.


Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. xxui., Anno Domini M. d. uiii.


Mac Még Mhathgamna, .i. Remann Óg, mac Rémainn aile Mheg Mhathgamna do mharbadh a n-domnach Muighi Dá Claine, lá fheili Padraig, lé mac Mhég Uidhir, .i. lé Pilib, mac Emhainn Mhég Uidhir, an bliadhain-so. Ocus mar so tharrla sin, .i. Pilib do dhul a n-onóir Padraig d'eistecht serbhise do 'n bhaile &, mar do bhádur ag estecht an Aithfrinn 'sa tempoll, Rémunn Óg do thecht, fedhan mór, fa 'n tempoll & téinnti do adhuint doibh a cethri ardibh an tempuill. Ocus mac


Még Uidhir gu sona, senamail d'á rádh nach léigfedh sé tempoll Padraig do loscadh & a muinntir do brosdughudh docum maithe do dhenum. Ocus Pilib & a braithri do dhol amach a n-ainm Dé & Padraig & Remonn Óg do trascart d'á eoch & a mharbadh & a comdalta do marbadh fáraon ris, .i. mac Briain Ruaidh mic Ghilla Bhrighdi & braighdi do gabail ann fós. Ocus do moradh ainm Dé & Padraig trit-sin.


Donnchadh (.i. Donnchadh Caoch), mac Briaín, mic Pilib Mhég Uidhir, d'h-eg an bliadhain-so.


Pilib, mac Briain, mic Feidhlimthe Ui Ragalligh, .i. cenn-fedhna & fer tighi aidedh & duine dob' {fol. B 102b} fherr aithne ar gach ealadhain d'á roibhi a n-Gairb Trian an am-sin, a ég an bliadhain-si, Aine Chasc mór do sunnradh, iar m-buaidh Ongta & aithridhe.


O Domnaill, .i. Aodh, mac Aodha Ruaidh Uí Domnaill, do thecht, loingis, ar Loch Érne an bliadhain-so & caislen Ínnsi Scillinn d'fagbail dó ó Ruaidhri Mhág Uidhir. Ocus O Domnall do thabairt an chaislein isin do Pilib, mac Toirrdelbaigh Mhég Uidhir. Ocus braighdi an tíri d'faghbail dó fós. Ocus O Néill (.i. Domnall) & Mag Uidhir (.i. Concabur) do thecht gu h-Ínís Sceillinn & a ríarughudh doibh & Pilib, mac Briain Mhég Uidhir, do brisedh a chaislein féin ar egla Ui Domnaill & clann Briain d'fhágbail an tíri, .i. Ruaídhri, a cend Uí Ruairc & Pilib, a cend Airt Óig, mic Cuinn Uí Neill. Ocus


cogadh mór eter shlicht Pilib Meg Uidhir de sin.


Mac Uí Ruairc, .i. Tighernan Óg, mac Eoghain, mic Tighernain aile, do marbadh le Seaan, mac Tighernain Fhínn Ui Ruairc, an bliadhain-si.


Insoighidh le cloinn Donnchaidh Mhég Uidhir, .i. le Tomas & le Pilib & le Féidhlimidh & le Clainn t-Sheaain Bhuidhi Még Mhathgamna ar Mag Uidhir, .i. ar Conchabur. Ocus Mag Uidhir do breith orra & brisedh dó orra & Feidhlimidh, mac Donnchaidh, do marbadh leis & Brian, mac Seaain Bhuidhi Még Mhathgamna, do bualadh & do ghabail leis.


Somairli Bacach, mac Somairle aile Mic Domnaill, cend cóirighthe galloglach do muinntir Uí Néill, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Crecha mora le h-Art, mac Cuinn Uí Neill, ar Cheinel Feradhuigh & Eoghan Ruadh, mac Uí Neill, do breith air clainn mic Cathmhaíl & Aonghus, mac Somairle Bhacaigh Mic Domnaill, do mharbadh fa Art & Art fein d'imdhecht ar éigin & na crecha do breith leis dó.


Níall, mac Alaxdrainn Mic Caba & Enrí, mac Briain Mic Cappa, d'h-ec an bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 102c} Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. uii., Anno Domini m. d. ix.


O Neill, tigherna Tire h-Eogain, .i. Domnall O Nell, d'fagbail báis an bliadhain-si & Art, mac Aodha Uí Neill, do righadh 'na ínadh.


O Baíghill, .i. Emann Buidhe, mac Néll, do marbadh le Concobur Óc O m-Baíghill d'en urcar do gha sa 'n oidche.


Pilib, mac Briain, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg ím fheil Brighdi na bliadhna-sa, saí chinn-fedhna.


Eoghan mac Cuinn, mic Aodha Buide Uí Neill, d'h-eg in bliadhain-so.


Donnchadh Mhág Ruaidhri,oirchinnech Machaire na Croisi, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Mac Uí Neill, .i. Art, mac Cuinn, mic


Enrí, mic Eogain Uí Néill, do ghabail a feill le h-Art an Chaislein, mac Neill, mic Airt, mic Eogain Ui Néill & secht cairdis Crisd dó ris & a thabairt ar ciaredh chuigi ina caislen fein & a thabairt a laim Uí Domnaill.


Mac Uilliam Chloinni Ricaird d'h-eg an bliadhain-si; .i. Uilleg, saí cinn-fhedhna, fer einigh & eghnuma.


Sluaighedh leisin n-Giústis, .i. lé h-Iarla Chilli Dara, a Tír n-Eoghain ar tarraing clainni Cuinn Uí Néill & caislen Duine Genainn, .i. caislen Uí Néill, d'faghbail do chlainn Chuinn suil tanaic an t-Iarla uime & an t-Iarla do dhul assin fa caislen na h-Oghmuighe & a ghabail leis. Ocus Toirrdhealbach, mac Néill, mic Airt Uí Néill, do ghabail ann & Eoghan Ruadh Mac Suibhne fós do ghabail ann, nech do shín lámh d'Art, mac Cuinn, 'g á ghabail 'sa caislen cetna. Ocus in caislen do brisedh leisin Iarla 'na dhiaigh-sin & in t-Iarla do impód día tigh do 'n turus-sin.


Tomas, mac Remuinn Mhég Uidhir, do marbadh ar sluagh Uí Dhomnaill a Muigh Luirg.


Ocus innsoighidh le Brian, mac Cuinn Uí Neill, ar shlicht ingine Mic Murchadha ar bord Locha Laoghaire & Enrí Óg, mac Enrí Óig aile Uí Néill & da mac Néill Bernaigh Uí Néill, .i. Eoghan & Brian, do marbadh ann & cethri h-eich ar coichait ech do bhuain dib a cetoir.


{fol. B 102d} Kal. Ian. iii. l. f., xuiii., Anno Domini M. d. x.


Sluagh la Geroid, Iarla Cilli Dara .i. Giústis Erenn, a Cuiced Muman co maithibh Gall & Gaidhel Laighen leis, d'ár' cumdaigh caislen d'aindeóin Gaidhel Muman a


Carraic Cital. Ocus lenais h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Aodh, mac Aódha Ruaidh, tresan Midhe 'sa Mumain é, ar began buidhne & tíaghait araon ar siubhal a n-Ellaib & gabait caislen Cinn Tuirc & airgit an tír & tiaghait iarum a n-Desmumain Móir & gabait Caislen na Pailisi & caislein Coisi Maingi co léir & ticit slán tar a n-ais a Cunntae Luimnigh. Doníat iarum a t-tinol sluaigh íar sin & cruinnighit Geraltaich na Muman im Shemus, mac Iarla Desmuman & Goill Muman arcena & Mag Carrthaigh Ríabach, .i. Domnall, mac Diarmata, mic Fingin & Cormac Óc, mac Cormaic, mic Taidg & Goill & Goidil Midhe & Laighen & tíagait co Luimnech. Ocus tinóilit Toirrdhelbach, mac Taidg Ui Briain, ri Tuaghmuman & Mac Con Mara & Sil Aodha & Clann Ricaird morshluagh ina n-aghaidh. Ocus téid an t-Iarla cona t-slúagh trid Bealaigh na Fadhbaighe & trid Belaigh an Gamna no co raínic droichet romaith croind do-rinded les O m-Briain tar Sinainn & brisis an droichet & anais oidhci a faslongpurt andsa tir. Ocus doní O Briain cona t-sluagh faslongport ré n-a toeb, indus co cluineadh gach cuid dib a comrádh, no an scélaighacht doníthi do 'n leth eile. Iarna mharach iarum ordaighis in t-Iarla a t-shluagh & cuiris Goill &


Goidil Muman ar tus & cuiris Goill Midhe & Atha Cliath ar deredh a t-sluaigh. Toirrloingis O Domnaill an becan buidhne do bí & anais ar deredh amesc Gall. Gabait an athgirre docum Luimnich trid Moin na m-Brathar & innsaighit na sluaigh sin t-Sil m-Briain an sluagh Gall & marbthar léo and Barún Cint & Bearna Bhalach Circistoún & dóine maithi eile nach airimter sund. Ocus imighit an sluagh Gall a cóir madhma & impait an sluagh-sin t-Sil m-Briain iar n-aithes & iar n-edalaibh imdhaibh. {fol. B 103a} Ocus ni raibe do Ghallaibh na do Ghaidhealaibh do 'nd da thaob-sin en lámh bud mó clú an la-sin aná O Domnaill, ac breith deridh t-shluaigh Gall leis.


Mac an Baird Tire Conaill, .i. Eoghan Ruadh, do dhol d'éc a n-Indsi Mic an Duirn an bliadhain-si.


O Fialáin, .i. Ferghal, mac Eoghain, sai ré dan, & re daónacht, d'fhagbail báis.


Eoghan, mac Briain Uí Uiginn, oide Connacht re dan, do dul d'h-ec.


h-Ua Domnaill, .i.Aodh, mac Aodha Ruaidh, tigerna Tíre Conaill & Ichtair Chonnacht & Ceniuil Moain & Innsi h-Eoghain & Fer Manach, do dhol a lár a aisi & a neirt, d'aindeoin gach aín, d'á oilithre docum na Romha.


O Ragalligh d'h-ec in bliadhain-si, .i. Seaan, mac Cathair Uí Raghalligh. Ocus is leis do cumdedh in t-Ord Minur de Obseruancia 'sa Cabhan.


Kal. Ian. iiii. f., l. xx. ix., Anno Domini M. d. xi./p[gt ]


Art Oc, mac Cuinn Ui Neill, do bí a laim ag O Domnaill ag imtecht dó, do ligen do Mhaghnus, mac Ui Domnaill, as a braighdenus can chead d'O Domnaill & a mac, idon Níall Óc, do thecht 'na inadh a n-gill ré comhall.


O Concobuir Fhailghe, .i. Cathair, mac


Cuinn, mic an Calbaigh, an Gaidhel dob' ferr einech & engnum, clú & oirbert do bi a n-Erinn re a lin, do mharbadh do clainn Taidg Ui Concobuir & do clainn t-Sheaain Ballaigh Uí Concobuir, laim re Mainister Fheórais. Ocus an tír uile andsen do beth fo chumacht Iarla Cilli Dara da éis-sin.


Sluaighedh lais O Néll, .i. Art, mac Aódha, a Tír Conaill, d'ár' loisc Glend Finne & Tir Énna & an Lacan. Ocus téid iarum co h-Innsi & gabhais tennes roger é & impaís día thig & beris braighde Uí Dochartaigh leis.


O Domnaill, .i. Aodh, do thecht o 'n Roim, iar faghail morain cunntaberta ar muir & ar tir & ar faghail grás mór & loghaid na n-uile pecad o 'n Pápa. Ocus fuair a cuairt co h-onorach ac dul & ac teacht ac rígh Saxan & fuair tinnlaici móra; óir ní minic fuair nech d'ár' fhácaib Éire lethéd na h-onora fuair o 'n rígh. Ocus tainic a tír a Cairlind & sé tend o fhiabrus & do bí a fad 'na {fol. B 103b} luighi 'sa Midhe & tic slán da thigh a cenn bliadhna co leth o 'n uair fá' r' imdhigh.


Cenel Feradhaigh do creachadh le Maghnus h-Ua n-Domnaill & crecha mora eile do dhenamh ar t-slicht Toirrdelbaigh Carraig Uí Concobuir leis beós an bliadhain-si.


O Dochartaigh d'h-ec in bliadhain-si, .i. Seaan, mac Domnaill, mic Concabuir & O Dochartaigh do denam do Concabur Charrach.


Kal. Ian. u. f., l. x., Anno Domini M. d. x. ii.


Niall, mac Cuinn, mic Aódha Buide, mic Briaín Ballaigh Ui Neill, tigerna Trin Conghail & fer einich coitcenn d'écsib & d'aós ealadhna & fer médaighthi Ord & eclus & gach maithesa arcena & ana Oirrthir Erenn, do dul d'h-ec


a Carraic Fergusa iar Comna & iar Sacarbaic. Ocus a annlacadh co h-onorach a mainistir na m-Bráthar Minúr.


Sluaighedh la Geroit, Iarla Cilli Dara, .i. Giústis Erenn, ar Trian Congail, dá' r' ghab caislen Beóil Fersti & da' r' bris caislen Mic Eoin & dá' r' airg Na Glinne & moránn do 'n tír. Ocus tuc mac Neill, mic Cuinn & braighde eile leis fós a n-gill re n-a breth féin.


Coccadh mor iter O n-Domnaill, .i. Aódh & O Neill, .i. Art, mac Aodha & coccadh eile fós iter O n-Domnaill & Mac Uilliam Burc, .i. Emann, mac Ricaird. Ocus fostais O Domnaill coic cet déc túagh a n-Ichtar Connacht & a Tír Conaill & a Feraibh Manach. Gluaisidh O Domnaill o Doiri, becán marcach & gabais caislen Beoil in Clair a cocrich Ghaleng & facbais bhardan ann & tét tar ais a Tír Fhíacrach. Cruinnighis Mac Uilliam Burc & tét fa 'n m-baile & arna cloistin sin d'Uá Domnaill, indsaighis an baile arís & fácbais Mac Uilliam an baile dó & téit do chur lóin & barda a caislen Escrech Abhann a Tír Fhiachrach. Ar n-á cloistin sin d'Uá Domnaill, leanais O Domnaill h-é tarsna Shléibhe Gamh. Ar n-a airiughudh sin do Mac Uilliam, fácbais a mac annsa baile & bharda eile & gabhais fein roime docum Aird {fol. B 103c} na Riagh. Beridh O Domnaill radharc fair & legar amach fair & tegair ider Mac Uilliam & an t-áth & téid Mac Uilliam fá t-shnámh 'na [gap: left blank/extent: 4 letters]n-aindeoin? ass, uaíthedh & lentar an chuid d'á muinntir tar Muaídh & bertar morán ech & édidh díb


& do imdigetar féin a coír madma. Suidis O Domnaill fa caislen Escrech Abhann & gabais an baile fa cend cetri lá & brises é as a h-aithle & gabais mac Mic Uilliam (.i. Uillec) & an barda uile & tic slán d'á thigh.


Sluaighedh lais O n-Domnaill a Tír Eogain go maithibh Ichtair Connacht leis, dá' r' loisc do gach taobh no co ráinic Dún Ghenaind. Sídhaighis O Néill ris iar m-beth sechtmain 'sa tír dó & tic assin ar an Oghmaigh. Cumdaighis caislen re sechtmain and do brised roime-sin le h-Iarla Cille Dara & fácbais barda and.


Sluaighedh la Geroit, Iarla Cille Dara, Giústis Erenn, tar Áth Luain a Connachtaibh: crechais & loiscis Cluain Conninn & gabhais Ros Comain & fácbus barda ann. Tét assin a Muigh Luirg & gabais caislen Baile na h-Uama & millis mórán do 'n tír. Tic O Domnaill, sluagh mór, d'á cois tresan Corr Shliabh do comrádh risin Iarla & fillis tarais an oidci cetna & tuc ced tóraighechta do 'n tír air & marbthar drong d'á muinntir fa Belaigh Buide, can echt oirrderc. Ocus suidhis annséin sá n-Shligech & do mill duthadh t-sleachta Briain Uí Concobuir.


Mairgréc, ingen Concobuir Uí Briain, bantigerna Ichtair Connacht o t-Sliab anúas ar tús & ben Uí Ruairc iarum — an en ben dob' ferr clú & einech & tighedhus & do ba shaidbri d'ór & d'aircet & do gach uile maith d'á raibhe a n-Erinn 'na h-aimsir — d'fhaghail báis & a h-annlacadh a n-eclus croind do-rinne fen do na Brathrib Minúra laim re Druim dá Ethiar.



Art, mac Cuinn Uí Domnaill, d'fhaghail bháis co h-obann do thaom thinnis a mainistir Dúin na n-Gall.


O Cleírich, .i. Túathal, ollam Uí Domhnaill re senchus, mortuus est.


Pilib, mac Toirrdhealbaigh Mhég Uidhir & a chlann & Tomas, mac Mhaghnusa Mhég Samradhain, do dhul ar ínnsoighidh a Teallaigh Echach & crech do dhenam dóibh ar Thoirrdealbach, mac Aodha Mheg Samradhain. Ocus Toirrdhealbach feisin, nech do bhí 'na thanaisti 'sa tír, do mharbadh a toraighecht na creichi-sin. Ocus a n-dul assin fa crannóig Mhég Samradhain & an 6 {slip A } crannóg do ghabail leó. Ocus Mag Samradhain feisin do ghabail leó & é tínn & a fhágbail dóibh mar nár' fhédadur a thabairt leó. Ocus mac Uí Raghalligh, .i. Emann Ruadh, mac Cathail, mic Aodha Uí Raghalligh, do bhreth ar na Manachaibh-sin & ar mac Maghnuis & brisedh dó orra. Ocus Donnchadh, mac Rémuinn, mic Pilib Még Uidhir, do marbadh leó & Pilib, mac Eogain, mic Domnaill Ballaigh Mhég Uidhir & Aodh, mac Eogain, mic sen Toirrdelbaigh Mhég Uidhir & Muircertach Ruadh Mag Murchaidh & morán aile do bhuain dibh.


Clann Pilib, mic Briain Mhég Uidhir, d'eirghi do Ghilla Phadraig, mac Pilib, mic Toirrdelbaigh Meg Uidhir. Ocus O Flannagain, .i. Maghnus, mac Gilbert & a chlann & a braithri, ag idhlucudh mic Pilib. Ocus síad do dhul fa cheili & brathair Uí Flannagain, .i. Gilla Isu & mac Uí Fhlannagain, .i. Sémus, do lot & a n-ég araon a cend a naomuidhi. Ocus días do muinntir chlainni Pilib, mic Briain, do marbadh ann, .i. Toirrdelbach Bernach, mac Cathail, mic Airt & Feradhach Buidhe Mhág Samradhain.


Innsoighidh le Domnall, mac Briain, mic Domnaill Uí


Neill, ar Ghilla Padraic, mac Pilib, mic Toirrdelbaigh Mhég Uidhir. Ocus slicht {slip B } Flaithbertaigh Meg Uidhir faraon re mac Briain. Ocus a n-dola ar baili Bona Obhann & crech do ghlacadh dóibh. Ocus brisedh orra & creach do bhuain díbh & cuid da muinntir do bhathadh & do marbadh a timchill mic Maghnusa, mic Briain, mic Concabhair Oig Még Uidhir, eter baile Bona Abhann & Inís Móir. Ocus mac Briain féin do ghabail a Tomnuigh an Réta i ferann na h-Arda Muinntire Luinín & fer lé h-ochtar da muinntir do bhathadh a Caraidh Muinntire Banain in lá cétna.7


{fol. B 103d} Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. xxi., Anno Domini M. d. x. iii.


Rosa, mac Maghnusa Meg Mathgamna, tigerna Oirgiall, mortuus est.


Tadg, mac Maileclainn Uí Cellaigh, tigerna O Maine, mortuus est.


Maighister Muiris O Fithcellaigh, doctúir díadacht & Brathair Minúr, an t-en clérech bud mó clú & oirrdercus do bí th-soir na abhus ré a linn, taréis a beth da fichit bliadhan 'sa 'n Edáill dó ag légtóracht & ag denam ghluasand ar an Scribtúir, tic a tír a n-Gaillimh & é 'na airdespuc a Tuaim & loghad na n-uile pecadh aige do gach aon do bíadh 'g á Aifrend an cet la do rachadh co Tuaim. Ocus ar n-ordughudh laí arithi chuige-sin & fir Eirenn d'urmór ag triall 'na comdhail, fuair bás a n-Gaillimh, maille re tuirsi b-fer n-Erenn do beth


'na dhíaid.


Octouianus de Spinellis, .i. primfhaid Arda Macha, in Christo quieuit.


Geróit, Iarla Cilli Dara, .i. fer inaid an rígh, an t-en macgoill dob' ferr & bud mó nert & clú & oirrdercus & is mó do-rinde do ghabhaltus ar Gaídealaibh & is lía do cumdaigh do chaislenaibh do Ghallaibh & do bris do chaislenaibh Goidhel & dob' ferr recht & riagail & is mó tuc d'á arneis fen d'feraib Eirenn, d'fhagail báis Ongtha & aithrighe a Cill Dara. Ocus a adhnacal a tempull Crist a m-Baile Atha Cliath, maille re tuirsi urmóir Gall & Gaidhel Erenn 'na dhíaidh.


Sluaighedh la Piarus, mac Semais Buitilér, a n-Uí Mic Coille 'sa Mumain, d'ar' crech & d'ár' loisc an tír. Sluaighedh aile lais im O Cerbaill & im claind Mic Murchadha, d'ár' loisc Baile an Gharrgha O Conaill & móran eile do 'n tír.


O Domnaill, .i. Aodh, mac Aodha Ruaidh, do dul, becan fedhna, a n-Alpain lé h-iarradh rígh Alban maille re litrechaibh air, d'á fuar onóir & tidlaici mora o 'n rígh. Ocus, ar m-beth raithi faris an rígh dó & ar cláochlódh comhairle do rígh Alpan im thecht a n-Erinn, tic O Domnaill slan d'a thigh ar fagháil cunntaberta moire ar fairci.


Sluaighedh les O Néill, .i. Art, mac Aoda, a Trian Conghail, d'ar' loisc Magh Line & d'ar' crech na Glinne. Ocus beris mac Néll, mic Cuinn & Mac Uibhilín ar chuid do 'n t-sluagh & marbthar Aod, mac Uí Nell, do 'n cur-sin. Teagmaidh an sluagh & an toír da cheile arna mharach & marbthar Mac Uibhilín, .i. Risderd, mac Rugraidhe & scaí Alpanach. Ocus tic O Néll slán da thigh iarum.


{slip C }O Breislén d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Domnall,


mac Concabuir Uí Bhreislén, .i. ollam bretheman Mhég Uidhir.


Mac Mhég Uidhir, .i. Domnall, mac Seaain Mhég Uidhir, do ghabail leisin comarba Mhág Uidhir gairid ría Nodlaig & Donn, mac Concabuir, mic Con Connacht Meg Uidhir, do marbadh ar an lathar-sin fós.


Innsoighidh le Conn, mac Neill, mic Airt Uí Neill, a Clainn Conghail & crecha mora do dhenum leis & Art, mac Aodha, mic Domnaill Uí Neill, do ghabail leis & Seaan, mac Neill, mic Briain Buidhe Uí Neill & da mac Mic Cinath do mharbadh leis.


O Ceallaigh Maine d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Donnchadh, mac Mhaílechlainn Uí Cheallaigh.


Dá mac Pilib, mic Briain Mhég Uidhir, .i. Emann & Remann, do marbadh lé clainn Uí Fhlannagain a n-éruic a m-braithrach do mharbadur san roime-sin.


{fol. B 104a}Sluaighedh lá rígh Alpan co maithibh Alpan uimé d'á raibhe tri fichit mili fer coganta a crich t-Shaxan. Loiscis & airccis an tír do gach leth. Cruinnighis Loard Seomuirlín & a mac & cliar t-Shaxan & cumín t-Shaxan 'na n-aghaidh. Tucsat cath d'á céile & muighidh for Albanchaibh & marbtar ri Alpan ann & Mac Calín & airdespuc Sangct Andriás & mórán do thigernaibh ailibh Alban & mórán nuimer di-airmidhe do doínibh ar gach taob. Ocus berthar corp and righ co Lundain.


Art, mac Nell, mic Airt Uí Nell, d'fhagail báis & a andlacadh co h-onorach a n-Dún na n-Gall.


Art, mac Aodha Ui Nell, tigherna Tíre h-Eogain & duine aithnech, deigeinech bud mór clú & uáisle, d'fhaghail báis Ongta & aithrighe a n-Dún Ghenainn & Art Óc, mac Cuinn Uí Nell, do ríghadh 'n-a inadh les O Catháin & lé h-urmór Ciniuil Eogain a


Tulaigh Óc & caislen Dúin Genaind d'fagail dó o cloinn Airt, mic Aoda & Iarla Cilli Dara do thecht, sluagh, co Dúin Ghenainn do congnam leis.


Caislen Duin Libsi do ghabail d'O Domnaill ar cloinn Geroíd Mic Uibhilín & a thabairt do cloinn h-Ualtair Mic Uibilín.


Alustar, mac Ualtair Mic Uibilín, do crochadh le Domnall Clerech O Catháin a Cuil Rathain.


Cathal Óc, mac Domnaill, mic Eogain Uí Concobuir, an mac rígh dob' ferr einech & engnam & glicus do bí a n-Íchtar Connacht, do marbadh da derbrathair fen, .i. d'Eogan, mac Domnaill, a feall, laim re baile Uí Gillgain. Ocus techt do breithemhnus direch Dé Eóghan féin do crochadh d'O Domnaill fá cend tri lá tresan n-gním-sin.


Foslongport do dhenam d'O Domnaill timchill t-Shliccigh o fheil Brighde co Cingcís. Ocus ní dechaidh aige fair & do marbadh ann duine úasal do Cloinn t-Suibne Fhanat, .i. Níall, mac Erimhoin Mic t-Suibne.


Emann (.i. Mac Uilliam Burc), mac Ricaird a Burc, tigherna Conmaicne Cuile, do marbadh le cloind Uáter a Búrc a feall a mainistir Rátha Brannduibh.


Eogan O Maille do thecht, lucht tri long, fa na Cella Beca {fol. B 104b} 'sa n-oidhci & maithe an tíre ar eirghi amach an uair-sin. Airgit & loiscit an baile & gabait mórán brághat ann & anait a n-imeal an tíre re doininn moír ruc orra & doniat teinnti a focus da longaib. Ocus beridh orra macámh óc do cloinn Mic t-Suibne, .i. Brian & clann Briain, mic an Espuic Uí Ghallcubuir & buidhen lercach & scolóc. Ocus cuirit chuca &


marbtar ann Eogan O Mailli & coic fichit, no a sé, maille ris & bentar da luing dib & na braighde do ghabhatar, tre mhírbailibh De & Caiterfhína 'sa baile rosháraighset roimhe.


Mac Mic t-Suibne Tíre Boghuine, .i. Eogan Ruadh, do marbadh do cloinn a derbrathar fén & do mac Toirrdelbaigh Ui Buíghill.


Kal. Ian. i. f., l. ii., Anno Domini M. d. x. iiii.


Caislen na Cuilentraighi do brisedh & an Coill Mór do gerradh & d'argain d'Iarla Cilli Dara, .i. do Geroid mac Geroit, ar Laíghis Uí Mórdha.


Mac Toirrdelbaigh Óic, mic Mic Domnaill, do marbadh la Laíghis, .i. Consapal gallóglach an Iarla.


Caislen Cúil Rathain do gabail & do brisidh d'O Domnaill (.i. Aod) a n-eraic a t-shlána do bris Domnall O Catháin.


Caislén na h-Oghmaighe do brised les O Neill, .i. la h-Art Óc.


Maidm do thabairt les O Neill ar cloinn Domnaill Uí Neill & ar cloinn Airt Uí Neill & móran d'echaibh & d'étedh & do daínibh do buaín dib.


Sluaighedh la h-Iarla Cilli Dara, .i. Geroit, mac Geroit, Giustis Erenn, ar O Raighilligh d'ar' bris caislen an Chabáin & d'ar' n-iadmaidh O Raighilligh & d'ar' marbadh é, .i. Aod, mac Cathail Ui Raighilligh & moran do maithibh a thíre maille ris. Ocus gabthar Mac Cába and.


Sluaighedh le Semus, mac Iarla Desmuman & les O Cerbaill ar Píarus Buitilér. Loiscit an Trían


Medhonach co h-imlán & beirid Piarus Buitiler, lín a t-sluaigh, orra & clann Tomaís, mic Iarla Cilli Dara & gallóglaich & marcsluagh an Iarla maille friu & imdighit slan d'á n-aindeoin.


{fol. B 104c} Crecha móra do dhenamh d'O Domhnaill a n-Galenga d'ár' loisc & d'ár' airg an tír co Crúachán Gaileng & marbtar O Ruádhan les & a lán aile.


Maidm do thabairt d'O Neill (.i. Art Óc) ar Aod, mac Domnaill Uí Neill & ar Conn, mac Neill, mic Airt, d'ar' marb & d'ár' ghab moran d'a muinntir & dar' ben a n-eich & a n-éidedh dib & d'ar' ainfainnigh iat, innus gur' an tigernus Tire h-Eogain can imresain aige o shin amach.


Coccadh ar n-erghi ider O n-Domnaill (.i. Aod) & O Neill (.i. Art Oc) & moran doíne d'fhostadh gacha taoba doib & a m-beth a fad a faslongport ar comair a cheile. Ocus a techt do rath an Spirita Naim & do comairle na n-deghdaine síth cairdemail do denam doib & a n-dol a cend a celi ar droicheat Arda Sratha & cairdes-Crist do denam dóib ré ceile. Ocus cartacha nuaídhe, maille ré daingniughudh na sencartach, do thabairt la h-Ua Neill d'Ua Domnaill ar Ceniul Moain & ar Innis Eogain & ar Feruibh Manach. Ocus O Domnaill do thindlacudh a mic d'O Neill, .i. Niall O Neill, do bí a fad roime-sin a n-gill ré tairisecht.


Clann Geróit Mic Uibilín do marbadh a feall do cloinn Bhaltair Mic Uibilín & an tír do crechadh & do loscadh do mac Neill (.i. Aod), mic Cuind, tresan marbadh-sin.


Sloghadh la h-Iarla


Cilli Dara, .i. Geroit, mac Geroit, Giústis Erenn, 'sa Mumain d'ár' loisc Uí Conaill ar mac Iarla Desmuman, .i. Semus. Cruinnighis mac an Iarla lín a thinoil & tic O Briain, .i. Toirrdelbach, mac Taidg, co maithibh a dúthaidhe do chungnum lé Semus, mac an Iarla. Ocus do imdigh Iarla Cilli Dara co sona, senamail sul rucsat na sluaigh-sin ar a céli.


Coblach long fada & bhád do tharraing d'O Domnaill ar Loch Erne & beth 'na chomnaidhe a fad ar Inis Sgeillend. Airgis & loiscis oilein Chuil na n-Oirthear & do ní sith riú n-a dhiaidh-sin ar cur a cumhachta orra.


Mac Uilliam Burc do mharbadh an bliadhain-si, .i. Seaan, mac Ricaird, lé n-a braithribh féin a feall.


Sluaighedh leisin n-Giustis, .i. lé Geroit Óg, mac Geroit aile, 'sa m-Breifne gairid ría Lughnusadh & dith mhór do denum 'sa m-Breifni do 'n turus-sin, .i. O Raghalligh, .i. Aodh, mac Cathail Uí Raghalligh do marbadh lais, (&) Pilip, a derbrathair & mac do Philip & Geroitt, mac Emainn, mic Tomáis Uí Raighilligh. Achtmadh en ní, do marbadh cethre fir décc d'uaislibh & d'ardmaithibh Muinntire Raghailligh, cenmothá sochaidhe dia muintir. Ro gabhadh ann beos Mág Caba, .i. Maine, mac Mathgamhna.


{fol. B 104d} Kal. Ian. ii. f., l. xiii., Anno Domini M. d. x. u.


Crecha móra do denam d'O Domnaill ar Cloinn Diarmata Ruaidh a n-imel Coillted Concobuir, co tuc boruma n-di-airmidhe. Ocus loiter cos Uí Domnaill le ga do bí ina laim féin ag maruscálacht choda d'on t-sluagh & tegait slán acht sin.


Sluaighedh les O Nell


(.i. Art Óc) a Cloind Aoda Buidhe, tar sárugudh a shlána leth ris O n-Domnaill 'sa síth ar a rabhatur Cland Aoda Buidhe & O Domhnaill a n-othrus an luit remráiti. Loiscis & crechais cuid mór do 'n tír & tic mac Nell (.i. Aod) mic Cuinn, a cend Uí Neill & gabais tuarustal Uí Neill & impais slán da thigh iarum.


Crecha mora do denam d'O Domnaill ar t-shlicht Briain Meg Uidhir & a n-ithe aca fein & síth do denam riú as a h-aithle.


Caislen Aíne do ghabail ar t-Seaan, mac Iarla Desmuman, do t-Semus, mac Iarla Desmuman & suidhis annsen fa caislen Locha Gair & do bí a cumgach mór aigi, no gur' cuir Sil m-Briain & Sil Cerbhaill & Sil Aoda uaid h-é.


Aódh, mac Néll, mic Cuinn, tigerna Trín Conghail, do dol ar siubal 'sa Coill Ulltaigh & crecha do gabail dó. Lenais Niall, mac Briain, mic Neill Gallda, .i. tigerna na Coille Ulltaighi — neoch do bí a n-imreasain fa tigernus Trín Conghail — a tóraighecht iat & marbthar mac Briain & airgter an Coill co h-imshlan & anaidh nert an tíre ag mac Nell o t-shin amach.


Espuc Ratha Both, .i. Menma Mac Carmaic, in Christo quieuit.


Mac Ui Domnaill, .i. Domnall, mac Aoda Ruaidh, tanusti Tíre Conaill, do marbadh le h-Aod m-Buidhe, mac Aoda, mic Aoda Ruaidh, 'sa Tuaith Bladhaigh & a breth tromloiti do thigh Mic t-Suibni Fhánat & bás d'fhagail annsin dó iar n-Ongad & iar n-aithrighi.


Semus, mac Tomais Ruaidh, mic in n-Abaidh Meg Uidhir, do marbadh leisin comarba


Mág Uidhir a b-ferann Claínn Ínnsi.


Tadhg, mac Toirrdhealbaigh Mhég Uidhir, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Espuc Clochair, .i. Eogan, mac Airt, mic Eogain, mic Airt aile Mic Cathmail, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Ben Mic Mhaghnusa Mheg Uidhir d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Siubhan, ingen an Espuicc Mhég Bhráduigh.


{fol. B 105a} Kal. Ian. iii. f., l. xx. iiii., Anno Domini M. d. x. ui.


Coccadh mór ar n-eirgi iter h-Ua n-Domnaill & O Neill & fostadh mór daíne do denam doib araon & creacha móra do dénam la Maghnus h-Ua n-Domnaill ar mac Uí Neill, .i. Enrí Balbh & urmhór an tíre uile do loscadh o t-Shliabh astech d'Ua Domnaill. Crecha aili beós do denamh do Brián, mac Cuinn Ui Neill, a Ciniul Moain.


Coccadh d'érge iter t-Seaan, mac Cuinn Uí Neill & slicht Aoda Uí Neill.


Cenglus Seaan ris O n-Domnaill arson Uí Neill do beth le slicht Aoda. Téid O Domnaill, sluagh, a Tír Eogain & loiscis Cenel Feradhaigh & cois Úna.


Ridere Frangcach do thecht d'á ailithri docum Purgatora Patraic an bliadhain-si.


Cenglais O Domnaill cumann ris & tic leis da thigh & doni onoir mór do & tuc eich & fal Afracha dó & tindlaicis slán docum a luinge h-é. Tic do cumand Uí Domnaill ris, gur' chuir long lán d'ordanás & do ghunnaidhib bristi caislein, ar costus fhir-inaid rígh Alpan, docum Uí Domnaill. Tairrngis O Domnaill an long les go Sligech & téid fen & cuid d'á t-shluagh & suidhis fa 'n m-baile. Ocus O Néll a coccadh ris 'n-a diaid & Mac Diarmata & o t-Shliabh anúas a coccadh


ris roime. Brisis cethramha do 'n baile & gabais é ar an treas lá & do-ber einech do 'n bharda. Ocus téid assin a Tír Oilella & gabais caislen Cul Maile & caiseal Locha Dergain & Dún na Mona an lá-sin & fácbus bharda a cuid dib & do-ber braighde leis o 'n chuid eile. Ocus tic slan d'á tigh iar m-buaidh.


Mac Donnchaidh Baili in Muta & mac Mic Donnchaidh do marbadh, ac techt a cenn fhaslongpuirt Uí Domnaill, lé Donnchadh, mac Toirrdelbaigh Uí Baíghill.


Sluaighedh le Geroit, Iarla Cilli Dara, .i. Giústis Erenn, co maithibh Gall & Goidhel Midhe & Laighen uime, a n-Eile Uí Cerbaill & tic Semus, mac Iarla Desmuman, co maithibh Gall & Gaidhel Muman & Píarus Builter, lin a t-shluagh, a n-a comdail. Loiscit & millit an tír do gac thaob, no co ráncatur Lém Uí Banain (.i. caislen Uí Cerbaill). Ocus shuidhit fa 'n m-baile & brister co talmain é & elóit {fol. B 105b} an bharda. Ocus ge do bí athair an Iarla-sin sechtmain roimhe fá 'n m-baile-sin, ní dechaidh aigi fair & nír 'cumhaing ní dó. Ocus fácbait na sluaigh-sin an tír & tíaghait assin co cathair Duine h-Iascighe & do-berar oigri Tómais, mic Emaind Builter, a n-gill re n-a breth fen do 'n Iarla. Teit an t-Iarla assin co Cluain Meala & do ber Sofráe an baile & daíne maithe aili a laim les & tic slán d'á tigh.


O Dochartaigh, .i. tigerna Innsi h-Eoghain, .i. Cu Connacht Carrach, mac Briain Ui Dochartaigh, mortuus est.


O Gallcubuir, .i. Toirrdelbach, mac Briain Uaíthne, d'fhagbail báis an bliadhain-si.


Mac Briain Caích, mic Taidhg, mic Eoghain Ui Concobuir, do marbadh a feall do mac Taidc na Túaighe,


mic Fheilimthe, mic Eoghain & do t-shlicht an Cerrbaigh.


Síth do denam d'O Domnaill & d'O Neill. O Domnaill ar Machaire an t-Sencaislein & O Neill a Carraic na Fiach fá t-shlánaibh Dé & fa mhinnaibh na h-ecluse & fá t-shlánaib maithe Conallach & Eóghanach ar anmhain co suthain mar a déradh Iarla Cilli Dara & maithe Comairrle an rígh. Ocus do ghellatur fa na minnaibh cetnaibh dol a cend an Iarla fá mi o 'n uair-sin. Gluaisidh O Domnaill & tét co h-Áth Cliath a cend Comairle an rígh & do bí sechtmain co h-onorach and & do cengail a cairdes riú. Ocus ní dhechaidh O Nell, ná duine úaidh, ann & tic O Domnaill slán da thigh.


Cep mór Brathar an Chabhain do bhathadh for Loch Éirni & cupla Brathar de Obseruancia ann, .i. Seaan, mac Tomais Charraigh Meg Raith & Nícól O Cathain & daine aili maille friú.


Mac Con Midhi, .i. Brian Óg, mac Briain Ruaidh Mic Con Midhe & a bhen d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Greis oidhchi do dhenam le h-Aodh Caoch, mac Neill, mic Airt Uí Neill, a bh-Fínntonach & cethrar marcach do muinntir Einrí Bailbh Uí Neill do marbadh leis.


Remann, mac Ruaidhri, mic Briain Meg Uidhir, do lot & do ghabail le cloind Mhaghnusa Mhég Uidhir & a ég do 'n lot-sin a m-baile mac Maghnusa.


{fol. B 105c} Kal. Ian. u. f., l. u., Anno Domini M. d. x. uii.


Clann Fheilimthe, mic Toirrdelbaigh Carraigh Uí Concobuir, tar sárughudh a min & a síthe, d'imtecht a Cairpri & a caóraighecht & íat féin do dul a Muigh Luirg & a caislen fén do losccadh & do brisedh ar tús doib. Ocus crecha & loiscthi do denam ar múr Sliccigh & ar cell


Cairpri doib & a m-beth ar innarbadh an bliadhain-sin.


Caibidil generalta do beth ansa Roim an bliadhain-si ag Braithrib Minúra na Cristaighechta co h-uilidhi tre rath an Spiruta Naim & tre fhulair an deicmaidh Leo Pápa. Ocus, iter gach ní d'ar' crichnaigedh annsin, do fácbadh Menistir na m-Brathar de Obseruansie do beth os cind na m-Brathar co h-uilidhi & can acht Bicair no Maighistir do beith os cind na m-Brathar de Comúne Uita. Ocus gach mainister de Comúne Uita ag a m-biad dá trían a coimithinoil d'én aonta lena beth de Obseruancia, a beth d'fhiachaibh ar mheinistir na m-Brathar de Obseruancia a gabail chuige & a beth fa n-a umhla féin o shin amach.


Crecha di-airmidhe do dhenam les O Domnaill ar O Neill, ar tarraing Cuinn, mic Neill, mic Airt & techt slán co m-boruma romhoír.


Sloighedh les O n-Domnaill, co maithibh Ciniuil Conaill uima, d'ár' loisc Tír Eógain roimhe, no co ráinic an Coill Ichtarach. Ocus, ar m-beth coic oidchi annsin dó ag feithim ar mac Néll, mic Cuind & O Néll a cruinniugad t-slúaigh an fedh-sin, loiscis O Domnaill an tír ag impód dó, no co rainic Dún Ghenand. Ocus fácbais O Neill an baile dó & loiscter an baile iarum co h-imshlán & assin astech co slíabh & tic slán d'á thigh. Ocus, ar m-beth sechtmain do Cloinn Aoda Buidhe a Tír {fol. B 105d} Conaill maille ris O n-Domnaill, téid annsein d'á n-innlacudh & teid gach cuid dib slán día tighibh.


Sluaighedh lá


Geroit, Iarla Cilli Dara, .i. Giústis Erenn, a Coiced Uladh, d'ár' bris caislen Duin Droma & d'ar' mhill ar' ghab le Feilimidh Mag Aongusa d'Uib Echach & d'á tug ben Fheilimthe & mac Meg Aongusa & braighde an tíre co h-imshlán leis. Ocus, ar n-impódh dó, téit co Dún Ghenaind & brisis an caislen & loiscid an tír & tét slán da thigh.


Seaan, mac Cuinn Ui Néll, tánusti Tíre n-Eogain & rídhamhna a cinidh gan chunntabairt & nech dob' ferr glicus & uaisli d'fhuil Eogain, d'fhagail báis Ongtha & aithrighi a Cend Aird an bliadhain-si.


Mac Aódha, mic Domnaill Uí Neill, .i. Art, do marbadh la mac Cuinn, mic Neill, mic Airt Uí Neill.


Donnchadh, mac Toirrdelbaigh Ui Baighill, do tríall, lucht báid, a Toraigh & gaóth d'á fuadach 'sa fairci síar & nach fríth én fhocal d'á sgelaibh o t-shin.


Pilib, mac Toirrdealbaigh Mhég Uidhir, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si Aine Casc mór; .i. sai cinn-fedhna & duine aithesach.


Pilib, mac Seaain Buidhi Meg Mathgamna, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si; .i. sai chinn-fhedna & mac mic righ do bo mó caithim & cuid oidhchi 'sa Cuigedh ré na lín féin.


Art, mac Aodha, mic Domnaill Uí Neill, do marbadh le Niall, mac Cuinn, mic Neill, mic Airt Uí Neill. Ocus do bo saí chinn-fedhna an t-Art-sin.


{fol. B 106a} Kal. Ian. ui. f., l. xui., Anno Domini M. d. x. uiii.


An Deganach Mag Uidhir d'h-eg an bliadhain-si; .i. Aodh, mac an Espuic Mhég Uidhir, .i. mac Rosa, mic Tomais Oíg Mhég Uidhir, .i. nech do bi 'n-a


cananach coradh a Clochar & 'na persun a n-Achadh Lurchairi & 'na persun a Clain Ínís for Loch Éirne & do bo duine suairc, subhaltach & do bo sai clerigh, maille re beth deigheínigh & deghaithnech ar gac ealadháin d'á cluinedh co h-aimsir eitsechta.


Mac Suibhne Fánad d'h-eg an bliadhain-si; .i. Ruaidhri, mac Mail Muire Mic Suibhne.


Domnall, mac Seaain, mhic Pilib Mhég Uidhir, do crochadh leisin Comarba Mag Uidhir an bliadhain-si.


h-Ua h-Eoghusa d'h-eg an bliadhain-si; .i. Cithruadh, mac Aitheirne Uí Eoghusa, saí fhir dhána & foghlunntech maith & fer tighi n-aidhedh.


Feidhlimidh, mac Briain, mic Concabuir Oíg Mhég Uidhir, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si ar t-fhilled dó ó Chathair San Sem tareis a turais bliadhan na n-gras & a annlucadh a Mainister Muinechain. Duine dob' uaisle & do budh daonachtaighi d'á fine an Feidhlimidh-sin.


Innsoighidh le Pilib, mac Emainn Mhég Uidhir, a Tir Cendfhada ar Enri m-Balb O Néill & oilén Clabaigh do ghabhail leis & braighdi do bi ag Enrí do breth leis dó, .i. Aodh Balbh, mac Cuinn Uí Neill & mac Aodha Mic Gabhfraigh, do bí o Philib fein ann. Ocus Cathal, mac Duinn, mic Emuinn Mheg Uidhir, do mharbadh o Pilib do 'n turus-sin.


Mac Uí Neill, .i. Aodh Balbh, mac Cuinn Uí Néill, d'h-eg a n-deredh Fhoghmuir na bliadhna-si.


{fol. B 106c} Kal. Ian. uii. f., l. xxuii., Anno Domini M. d. x. ix.


O Néll, .i. Art Óc, mac Cuinn, nech budh mór clú & einech na mac rígh na thigherna, d'fhagail báis a lár a inmhe & a aísi, in hoc anno.


Feilimidh, mac Maghnusa Uí Concabuir, tigherna o t-Shliab anuas, mortuus


est a n-irr a aisi.


Espuc Doiri, .i. Semus, mac Pilib, mic Semuis, mic Ruaidhri Meg Mathgamna, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Innsoighidh le cloinn Uí Néill, .i. le cloinn Domnaill, mic Enrí Uí Neill, ar mac Uí Neill, .i. ar Brian, mac Cuinn Uí Neill & crecha mora do ghabail dóibh ar Slíabh this. Rabadh d'fhaghbail do Brian & coimthinol mor do beth aigi ar a cend & é da lenmhuin a toraighecht. Ocus brisedh do Brian ar chloinn Uí Neill a h-aithle a muinntire d'imdhecht leis na crechaibh. Ocus dá mac Uí Neill do ghabail ann, .i. Aodh & Eogan & Mac Cathmail do mharbadh ann, .i. Cu Uladh, mac Emuinn & Tomas, mac Emainn & dá mac Gilla Phadraic mic Cathmail, .i. Emann & Brían.


Mac Uí Neill, .i. Brian, mac Cuinn, mic Enrí, mic Eógain Uí Neill, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si. Ocus do ba sai chinn-fhedhna an Brian-sin, gan choigill do chill no do thuaith aigi & fa terc fer a egaine 'sa Cuiccedh.


Da mac Ruaidhri, mic Briain Mhég Uidhir, do ghabail leisin g-Comarba Mhág Uidhir an bliadhain-si; .i. Ros & Tadhg.


Ab Esa Ruaidh d'h-eg an bliadhain-si; .i. Emann Dubh O Duibhír, saí duine.


{fol. B 107a} Kal. Ian. i. f., l. ix., Anno Domni M. d. xx.


Mac Mhég Uidhir, .i. Pilib, mac Emainn & Gilla Padraic, mac Pilib, mic Toirrdhealbaigh Meg Uidhir, do dhul ar ínnsoighidh ar mac Pilib Uí Raghalligh, a n-Ichtar Tire. Ocus crech do ghabail dóibh & toír trom do


breth orra — .i. slicht Briain Uí Ragalligh & clann mic Cathail Uí Ragalligh, .i. Fergal & Mael Mórdha & clann Domnaill na Con Ínnsi — & brisedh doibh ar mac Meg Uidhir & ar mac Pilib, mic Toirrdhealbaigh Még Uidhir. Ocus mac Még Uidhir, .i. Pilib & a mac, .i. Tomas, do mharbadh ann & Gilla Padraic, mac Pilib, mic Toirrdhealbaigh & a brathair aile, .i. Emann, do mharbadh ann. Ocus do marbadh & da bathadh deichneabhar ar fichit ar an lathair-sin a timchill na n-daine uaisle-sin. Ocus Cétain an Braith & lá féile Tigernain do shunnradh do-ronadh na gnimha-sin.


Persun Daim Ínnsi d'h-eg an bliadhain-si; .i. Niclas, mac Píarusa Uí Fhlannagain.


O Caiside d'h-eg an bliadhain-si; .i. Feidhlimidh, mac Taidg Ui Caisidi, ollamh legha shlechta Pilib Mhég Uidhir & liaigh clumur, deghaithnech an Feidhlimidh-sin.


Plaigh mhor a bh-Feraibh Manach an bliadhain-si, d'á n-dechaidh Rughraidhi, mac Donnchaidh, mic Aodha Mhég Uidhir, .i. saí chinn-fhedhna & duine maith greannmar & Mailechlainn O Cíanain: sai re senchus & re filidecht & re dán an fer-sin.


Iarla o Suirrigh & Saccsanaigh do thecht a n-Erinn an bliadhain-si & nert mór do ghabail doibh ínnti & adobhradh nach tainic a n-Erinn riam mac Saxanaigh dob' fherr do dhuine ina an t-Iarla-sin.


{fol. B 107c} Kal. Ian. iii. f., l. xx., Anno Domini M. d. xx. i.


Mág Mathgamna d'h-eg an bliadhain-si im Caisc, .i. Remand, mac Glaisne, mic Rémuinn, mic Rughraidhi Mhég Mathgamna & Mág Mathgamna do dhenum d'á mac, .i. do Ghlaisne Óg.


Mág Aongusa, .i. Domnall, mac


Aodha Mhég Aongusa, d'h-eg im fhéil Padraic na bliadhna-só.


Mág Aonghusa aile, .i. Feidhlimidh, d'h-eg ím fheil Cros na bliadhna-so & Mag Aongusa do dhenam d'Emann Bhuidhe Mhág Aongusa.


Donnchadh mac Ruaidhri, mic Briain Mhég Uidhir, do marbadh an bliadhain-si le macaib Meg Samradhain, .i. lé h-Uaithne, mac Maghnusa Meg Samradhain & lé Domnall Óg, mac Domnaill Bernaigh Még Samradhain. Ocus ní roibhi fer a inmhe a n-Erinn dom' doigh dobh' ferr eineach ina an Donnchadh-sin.


O Cathain d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Tomas, mac Aibhne Uí Cathain. Ocus do ghabh Donnchadh O Cathain é roime-sin & do ben sé ainm righ & tighernuis de ar eígin.


Prioír Daim Ínnsi d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Remann, mac persuin Innsi Muighi Samh, .i. fer cleirchi daonachtach. Ocus a ég fa buaidh Ongta & aithrighe.


Maol Muire, mac Cithruaidh, mic Aitheirne Uí Eoghusa, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Domnall, mac Domnaill, mic Airt, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Mág Carmuic, .i. Adham, do mharbadh le Coin Connacht mac an Gilla Duibh, mic Toirrdelbaigh Mhég Uidhir, a tus Erraigh na bliadhna-sa.


Gráine, ingen Tomais Uí Eogain, .i. mathair Mhég Uidhir, d'h-eg a tus Erraigh na bliadhna-sa. Ocus ní roibhi 'sa Cuigedh, d'ar n-dóigh, ben do budh saidhbhre inas í.


{fol. B 108a} Kal. Ian. for Cetain l. i., Anno Domini M. d. xx. ii.


Coccadh adhbal ar n-erghe an bliadhain-si a rainn iartharach na h-Eorpa eter chinelaibh na Cristaighechta, .i. Romanaich & Etallaich & Almainniich, Prusainnich & Saxsanaich d'én rainn & d'en leth a n-aghaidh rígh


Francc 'na aonur, achtmadh Albanaich amháin d'én rainn & Frangc. Ocus ní rancatur d'á cungnum do thabairt dó an bliadhain-si acht en slúaighedh do-ronsat a n-imeal t-Shaxsan do mhilliudh an tíre. Ocus snadmad sithi do dhenam doib annsen co h-aimsir airithe. Ocus, ger' calma na cinidh & ger' bh' imda ré n-airemh iat a n-aghaidh na Frangcach, is amhlaidh do geibter o lucht sgailti na scél & chuartaighthi na cuan gur' ab' ag Frangcachaibh do an buaídh an báire & calmacht an coccaidh-sin a n-aghaidh na n-ilcenel.


Coccadh romór ar n-ergi a n-Erinn an bliadhain-si & co h-airithi ider h-Ua n-Domnaill, .i. Aód & O Néll, .i. Conn, mac Cuind. Ocus do chuir O Neill sluagh mór a n-aín inad, .i. a chined & a combraithri fen & orrígha Uladh, .i. Mág Aongusa cona bráithribh & Mág Mathghamna co maithibh Oirgiall & O h-Annluain & Mag Uidhir & O Cathain & cuid do Ghallaibh na Midhe & feacht Albanachmac Mic Domnaill, .i. Aluster Carrach & mórán gallóglach aile do Cloind Domnaill & do Cloind t-Sithigh. Ocus ar tinol an t-sluaigh móir-sin, do ghluasetar a Tír Conaill & do batur féin & O Domnaill a n-goiri do t-shechtmuin a foslongport ar aghaidh aroile, acc breth fhailli ar a chéile. Ocus ni dernadh dith oirrderc etarra in fedh-sin, acht ruaíc tucadh do barr in t-shluaigh Conallaigh a m-Beól Atha na Pucán ar Finn & mac Uí Neill, .i. Niall, mac Airt Óic, da tromlot ar a chois and. Dala Ui Neill iarum, do léic air impód a Tír


Eoguin & do ghabh chois Dergi & do na Termannaibh & taínic a Tír Aodha & do loisc & do mhill móran do 'n tír & do gab caislen Beóil Atha Senaigh & do mharbh doíne imdha and, .i. mac Mic t-Shuibne Tire Boghuine, .i. Brían an Cobhlaigh & buidhen galloglach d'a muinntir {fol. B 108b} & mac Ui Dhuibidhir, .i. Gilla Padraic & buidhen d'á chinedh & días mac Domnaill, mic an Esbuig Uí Gallcubuir & tuilledh d'á cinedh. Do gabadh ann in Gilla Dub, mac Con Connacht Meg Uidhir & do marbadh buidhen maith marcach tarrla maille ris and. Do marbadh ann fós duine maith ealadhna — .i. Diarmait, mac Taidc Caim Uí Cléirigh, sai re sencus & fer dána maith — tarrla 'sa bhaile an uair-sin féin, ag feithim ar thecht a cend Ui Neill. Ocus do marbadh ann fós mac Mic an Baird ar an cor cetna, .i. Aodh, mac Aodha Mic an Baird, adhbur maith fhir dána. Ocus tucsat scemhledh Muighi h-Eni arna márach & tarrla mac Uí Ruairc rompa, .i. Brian & tucsat rúaic dó & do benadh días maith marcach de re h-ucht Drobhaisi, .i. Rugraidhe, mac Gofraid, mic Aoda Gallta Uí Domnaill & mac Méc Cellaigh. Ocus do loiscit Bun Drobaísi & Dún Cairbri & Bél Leíce & do legsat & do loiscsit Droichet na h-Erne. Ocus do fhácbatur an tír arna márach & do-chúadur co h-Innis Sceillend & fúaratur braighde o 'n Comarba Mág Uidhir, .i. a mac & a brathair & do ghell umlugudh d'O Néll. Ocus do fhill


an sluagh-sin fo buaidh & cosgur do 'n chur-sin, can díth do dhenam dóib, acht buidhen Alpanach do benadh dib a n-dúthaidh Uí Fhlandacáin.

Ocus ní fada 'na díaidh-sin gur' cruinnich O Neill an sluagh cetna-sin & tancatur a Tír Conaill & do mill mórán do 'n tír co n-dechaidh a n-Glend Éile & rucsat ar creich a Cinn Maghair. Ocus ó 't-chuala O Domnaill & maithi Conallaigh sin, do cruindighetar a cend a cheile & is í comairle do-ronnsat, — dul a Tir Eógain. Ocus do fhácbatur O Domnaill & cuid d'á ghalloglachaibh a foslongport & do ghlúais Maghnus O Domnaill & an chuid eile do 'n t-shluagh & Conn, mac Neill, mic Airt Uí Néll, a b-fhad amach a Tír Eogain. Ocus fuaratur crecha & caóraighachta móra ré cur rompa, indus nar' b' urusa dóibh imaín dóibh ar mhed na boruma do bí and. Ocus tancatur slán iar marbadh a láin do daínib & iar crechadh {fol. B 108c} móráin do 'n tír. Ocus arna cloistin sin d'Ua Néll & d'á t-sluagh, do fhilletar fó tuaruscbáil na crech-sin, ar milliudh móráin do 'n tír & can dít orrdairc do denamh dó do 'n dul-sin.


Coccadh mór eile ar n-erghe ar O n-Domnaill in bliadhain-si a Cúiccedh Connacht, do thaob t-sheólta & t-shlighedh Uí Néll, .i. an dá mac Uilliam & Mac Diarmata & gach rand d'á fúaratur ar cengal ré ceile a n-aghaidh Uí Domnaill & slúagh romhór ar n-á cruinniugudh leó thimcell Mic Uilliam Cloinne Ricaird, .i. Ricard, mac Uillec, mic Uillec. Ocus táinic O Cerbaill, .i. Maol Rúanaigh & maithi a dhúthaidhe ar an sluaighedh-sin & Mac Uilliam Búrc & Mac Diarmata & O Concabuir Donn & Mac Fheorais & Mac Muiris & O


Cellaigh & clann Ui Bríain, .i. Donnchadh & Tadg & an t-Espuc Óc O Briain & cuid do t-Sil Cennétich. Ocus ar rochtain dóibh a cend a céile, tancatur gan toirmesc co Sligech an Aíne re cet fheil Muire. Ocus do cruinnich O Neill slúagh mór aile fá 'n am-sin do thecht a coinne an t-slúaigh Connachtaigh; óir issé féin do bí d'á tarraing & do gellatur beth a coinne a céle im cet fheil Muire a n-dúthaidh Ui Domnaill. Scela Ui Domnaill & Ceniuil Conaill: do batur ac tinol a cenn a chele risin re-sin, óir do treicatar a rand & a cairde cocriche íat. Ocus, mar rugatur féin ar a chéle, is í comairle do-ronsat, — íat féin do thabairt ar son a tíre & a talman. Ocus do-chuatur fó én daingen, co tibhraitís bualadh lae no oidhci do t-shluagh Uí Neill. Ocus ar n-éirge amach do 'n t-sluagh-sin Ui Neill, tancatur a Cenel Moain & do ghabatur foslongport ac Loch Mónann. Ocus ó 't-chúlatur Conallaigh sin, dob' h-í crích a comhairle a n-innsaighidh an oidchi-sin; oir do fháchbatur a n-eich uile, ardaígh comad lughaiti no bíadh menma theithmi no fhillti tar a n-ais aca. Ocus do brethnaighetar, o do ba lía in slúagh eile ina íat fén, an oidchi do beth do chungnum aca {fol. B 108d} & co fuighdís gan rocomét íat. Ocus ní h-amhlaidh do bátur, oír fúaratur raibthi deimhni & do bátur dí-chreitmech orra lá mét a n-dí-umais. Gidhed, do-chúatur ar a coimét: .i. do-chúaidh O Néll & a mharcslúagh a cathais tamall o 'n fhoslongport & do fhácbatur cuid mór do mhaithibh a n-gallóglach & a n-Albanach a n-ordughudh ar druim an fhoslongpuirt do 'n taob aile. Ocus andar leó féin do badh mór an sonus dóib a naimde do chur chuca 'sa 'n ordughudh-sin. Dála Uí Domnaill & maithi Connallach: ar


n-glúasacht dóib, do choírgetur íat féin & do-chuatur a n-ordughudh, .i. O Domhnaill & Maghnus O Domnaill, a mac, rídhamhna in tíre & an chuid eile d'á cloind do bí inchúganta & na tri Mic t-Suibne & O Baíghill & Muinnter Dochartaigh & began d'Íchtar Connacht. Ocus, ó rángatur a n-gar d'foslongport Ui Neill, tugatur an dá t-shluagh-sin gáirthe aidhbhle d'ároile, innus co n-dechaidh an sluagh Conallach asan ordughudh & co rabhatur fein & sluagh Uí Neill ar fut a céile athaidh fhada a comarbadh a chele, amail fá mían leó. Acht en ní chena, do-chuaidh ag an t-slúagh Conallach ar fhoslongport Uí Neill & do brisedar ar a tarrla riú and & do an foslongport co n-édálaibh imdhaibh aca. Ocus do chaithetar a raibi rompa do 'n oidhci ré marbadh & re fodhbadh a námhat. Ocus o 't-chualadh O Neill láthair a fhoslongpuirt 'gá escairdib, do imdhichas, an ordughudh a raibhe, & an chuid do len de d'á daínib. Ocus nír' licc díth a n-each do 'n t-sluagh Conallach an marcshluagh do lenmain, amail bud mían leó. Ocus ar techt t-shoillsi an lai chuca, do ba dofhaisnéisi a raibhe marbh a n-áit an fhoslongpuirt ó urrlaidhe na h-oidci-sin, maille ré h-echtaibh imdhaibh do Cloinn Domnaill & do Cloind t-Shithigh & d'Albainchaibh & d'Oirgíallaibh & d'feraibh Midhe. Conadh ferrde {fol. B 109a} Tír Conaill re lind an líne-sin a rainic d'étaíl an madma-sin iat d'echaibh & d'arm & d'éted & d'étach & do lón & do gac ní do b' imchubaidh do beth ar slúagh. Imthúsa an t-shluaigh Conallaigh: do fhilletar tar a n-ais do comhfhurtacht caisléin t-Shliccigh ar an t-shluagh Connachtach-sin do shuid 'na timcheall. Ocus o 't-chúaladh an dá Mac Uilliam & an slúagh mór sin do bí ac freagra dóibh dáil Uí Domnaill cuca & é ar n-denamh a áithis ar an t-sluagh-sin eile, do elótar féin o 'n bhaile & do imghidhetar a coír madhma, gen gur' cuiredh chuca. Ocus tainic O Domnaill & a t-shlúagh


slan can díghbail, oirrderc do dhenam doib.


Mac Uí Catháin, .i. Domnall Clerech, mac Seaain Uí Catháin, fer einich & uaísle & duine tuicsech, tréighach do taob Latne & Gaídilce & adhbur tigerna Oirechta Catháin gan chunntabairt, do mharbadh do cuid do 'n Rúta.


Mág Cormáin, .i. Mailechlainn, an t-é dob' ferr tuicsi & tegh n-aíghedh d'aós grádha Túaghmumhan, do dhul d'éc in hoc anno.


Domnall, mac Donnchaidh Uí Ruairc, duine maith, uásal 'na dhúthaich féin, do marbadh le cloind Félimthe Ui Ruairc.


Mac Uí Neill, .i. Brian, mac Domnaill, mic Enrí; Uí Neill, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Prióir Lesa Gabhail, .i. Rémann Ruadh, mac an Aba Óig Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Maighister Feidhlimidh O Corcráin, saí chleirigh a Canoin & a rannaidhacht & a n-gramaduigh & saí duine, a ég a n-deredh Erraigh na bliadhna-sa ag t-fhilledh dhó o Droiched Átha & a adhlucudh a Lughbaidh.


Rugraidhi, mac Aodha Óig, mic Aodha Ruaidh Meg Mathgamna, d'h-eg; saí chind-fhedhna.


{fol. B 109b} Kal. Ian. for Dardain, l. xii. Anno Domini M. d. xx. iii.


Doinend adhbal a tús na bliadhna-sa & cogadh mór ar fud an domain ar mur & ar tír & co h-airithe ider h-Ua n-Domnaill & h-Ua Neill. Ocus O Domnaill do beth a foslongport ré h-edh an Earraigh-sin a n-Glind Fhinde. Ocus Maghnus O Domnaill do dol a n-Alpuin & techt slán iar forbadh a chuárta & O Domnaill do dul a Tír Eogain ar slúagh fa dó an bliadhain-si & techt slán iar loscadh & iar milliudh móráin do 'n tír. Ocus síth do denamh d'O Neill & dó féin deredh Foghmair & can gnímha oirrderca etarra, acht mar sin,


in hoc anno.


O Catháin, .i. Donnchadh, mac Seaain, fer do ba mór clú & einich & uaísle, do dol d'éc & dá tigerna do ghairm a n-aghaidh a chéile 'na inadh, .i. Gofraidh, mac Gofraidh, mic t-Sheaain Uí Cathain & Seaan, mac Tomáis Uí Catháin & íat aráon a coccadh re céile.


Mac Uí Briain, .i. Tadg, mac Toirrdelbaigh, mic Taidg Uí Briain, fer a aósa dob' ferr einech & engnum & rer' mó ecla a escarat & is lugha do dhiúltfadh re dreich n-duine im ní d'á n-íarrfadh, do mharbadh co mírathmur d'én urchur do ghunda, mar as gnáth saí d'fagail anaisgaidh.


Mac Gilla Eaain, .i. Lachlann, mac Echainn, nech budh mor clú & bud crúaidh láimhe, do mharbadh a feall lesin Ridere, mac Mic Cailín, a m-baile in righ.


Iarla Cilli Dara, .i. Geroit Óg, mac Geroid aile, nech do bi fa ríasta ag righ Saxan iiii. bliadhna roime-sin a Luinnuin, do thecht día thigh.


h-Ua Mordha d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Cetach, mac Laighsigh Uí Morda.


Aodh Buidhi, mac Cuinn, mic Neill, mic Airt Uí Neill, do mharbadh in bliadhain-si le Ruaidhri Carrach, mac Cormaic, mic Aodha Meg Uidhir.


Mac Con Midhi d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Maeilechlainn, saí re dan & re foghluim.


Ros, mac Ruaidhri, mic Briain Mhég Uidhir, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 110a} Kal. Ian. for Aíne & bisex fuirri, l. xxiii. Anno Domini M. d. xx. iiii.


Doinend mór & ár for spreid a tús na bliadhna-sa.


Dis mac Uí Domnaill, .i. Níall Garbh & Eoghan, do chengal re céile do choccadh ar O n-Domnaill & a m-beth tamall mar sin d'én comhairle


& do neamhcomhairli Uí Domnaill, no gur' cuired fúthaib fén dol a n-aghaidh a chéile & gur' ghab Eoghan baile Néill, .i. crannóc Locha Bethach & é taob ris féin. Ocus do-chuaidh Niall a Muigh Luirg andseín & tuc innsaigheth fhada ar an m-baili & cur amach 'g a dhenamh dó air & do bí a celg a comfhocus dó. Ocus fuair Eoghan a fhis-sin & táinic, lín bud lía do daínib, fá 'n coill a raibhi Níall & tarrla d'á cheile íat & do búailetar a cheile can choicill. Ocus do marbadh Eogan do láthair & do búailedh builli do cloidim ar Níall da fuair bás co lúath iar sin. Ocus ní h-urusa co tainic lucht a n-aósa do Cinel Conaill budh mó d'echtaib ina in días-sin.


Mac Ui Bríain, .i. Diarmuit, mac an Ghilla Duibh, coindeal ghaiscidh & einich Dáil Cais, mortuus est.


Sluaighedh les O n-Domhnaill a Tir Eoghain an Samradh-sa, d'ar' loisc & d'ár' imdigh echrédh an tíre & techt slán.


Sluaighed lesin n-Gíuistís, .i. Geróid, mac Geróit & les O Neill, .i. Conn, mac Cuind, do thecht a Tír Conaill & foslongport do ghabail dóibh ag Port na Tri Námhat. Ocus O Domnaill & maithi Conallaigh & fecht mór Alpanach do bí aca do beth, slúagh mór eile, cois Finde & Maghnus O Domnaill & drong do na h-Albanachaibh do dhul do chaithimh airm ré sluagh an Iarla, san oidchi. Ocus mac Bruin do marbadh leó, .i. an Calbach, mac Bruin, mic Taidg, écht mór 'na dúthaidh féin. Ocus síth dó denam etarra arna márach gan poind do mhilliudh 'sa tír & filledh tarais a Tír Eóghain. {fol. B 110b} Ocus fuaratur Aodh, mac Néll, mic Cuinn, tigerna na Trín Conghail, slúagh mór, ag milliudh an tire & nír' fhiú leis imthecht co h-oband & rug tiugh an


t-slúaigh air & do marbadh é. Ocus nír' ingnad d'á escairdib a commaidm; oír dob' eisein cenn liter a cinid & fírthobur na fele & cenn uidhe an uird fhiledh & relta t-soluis t-sithchánta t-shlechta Aodha Buide Uí Neill. Ocus ní forband ré rádhadh nar' fhácaib sé Gall na Gaidhel a n-Erinn as mó do dhíghbáil d'á fuil re h-ealadhain an' é fén 'na enar.


Mac Carrthaigh Ríabuch, .i. Domnall, mac Finghin, do ghabail le lucht Ghlenna Flesgi & cuid d'á muinntir do marbadh.


Mag Raghnaill, .i. Cathal Óc, mac Cathail, do marbadh a fell lé cloind Uí Mhail Míadhaigh.


Cumhaighe Ballach, mac Domnaill Uí Cathain, duine maith, uásal, do marbadh lesin Rúta.


Cumuighi, mac Briain Fhinn Uí Catháin & Fer Dorcha, mac Ruaidri an Rúta, do marbadh an bliadhain-si.


Aód Carrach, mac Uí Dochartaigh Iarter & drong da muinntir do marbadh les O Cathain, .i. Gofraid.


Mac Suibni Tíre Bóghuine, .i. Níall, mac Eogain, cónsapal bud cruaídh lámh & bud maith tech n-aighedh & bud mór muirer, d'fhagbail báis Ongtha in hoc anno.


Ingen Ui Domnaill, .i. Gormlaith, ingen Aódha Ruaidh, ben Aóda, mic Neill, mic Cuind, .i. ben einich coitcend & clú sháoghalta & do ba mó cumaín ar ordaib & ar aós ealadhna 'na h-aimsir, mortus est a Carraic Ferghusa.


Inghen Ui Briain, .i. Mór, ingen Toirrdelbaigh, mic Taidg, ben tánusti Tuadmumain, do dul d'éc in hoc anno.


Ben Uí Concobuir Ciarraidhi, .i. Aibhilín, ingen Ridere an Ghlenda, ben t-shona, t-saidhbir & einich


coitcenn, mortús est.


{Slip A } Ruaidhri, mac Bríain, mic Pilib Mhég Uidhir, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. sai chinn-fhedhna.


Seaan Buidhi, mac Aínnrias Mhég Raith, .i. mac termonnuigh do bo mó cáta a Cuigedh Uladh & do bo mó acmhaing, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Mac Mhég Uidhir, .i. Concabur, mac Seaain, mic Pilib, do mharbadh le slicht Airt Uí Néill.


Brían, mac Gilla Padraig, mic Aodha Óig Mhég Mathgamna & Ardghal, mac Rughraidhi, mic Aodha Óig, do marbadh a feall {slip B } le Brian na Mochéirghi Mhag Mathgamna, ag fágbail baile Mhég Mathgamna doíbh.


Mac Rithbertaigh d'h-eg an bliadhain-si; .i. Cu Connacht, mac Con Connacht eile.


{fol. B 109c} Kal Ian. for Domhnach. l. iiii. Anno Domini M.d. xx u.


O Domnaill, .i. Aod & O Néll, .i. Conn, do dul docum na Comairli móire co h-Ath Cliath a cenn an Ghiústís: & lucht comairli and rígh & maithi Gall & Gaídhel d'urmór andsin. Ocus, taréis saótraighti doib & móráin tagra do denamh d'á cairdib Gall & Gaidhel a n-aghaidh a chéile & doib féin, nír' cuired a crich síth do denamh etarra, acht techt d'á tighib. Ocus O Domnaill do dol, slúagh, fá dó a Tír Eogain, an bliadhain-si & móran do mhilliudh dó innti & can tegmail ris uime-sin. Ocus cengal sithe do denamh dóibh tús fogmair & gelladh anmhain mar adéradh Iarla Cilli Daru & Maghnus O Domnaill.


Gnímh h-úathmar arna dhenamh a n-Erinn an bliadhain-si: .i. Espuc Lethglinne do mharbadh a mebail lé mac an apad, mac Mic Murchadha & h-é fáris féin maille


ré gaol & re grádh. Ocus an chuid ar a ruc Iarla Cille Dara du lucht lámhaigthi an gnimha-sin, ruc leis íat 'san áit a n-dernadh an drochgním & tuc fo dera a fendadh beó ar túss & a n-apaighe & a n-inathair do búain asta & a loscadh annsein 'na fhíadnise.


O Cathain, .i. Seaan, mac Tomáis, fer cocthach, cosnumach ar a dhuthaidh fén, do mharbadh lé cuid d'á cinedh féin a n-greis oidci; .i. le mac Ruaidri an Rúta & le mac Gofraigh Uí Catháin do-rónadh sin adhaigh Lughnusa.


Easpac Cille Dá Luá, .i. Toirrdelbach, mac Mathghamna Uí Bríain, do dol d'éc. An t-én Gaidhel as mó fuair & do scaíl do 'n t-shaóghal 'na aimsir féin & is lugha do cruinnigh tar a chaithem é & fer einich coitcenn do gach aón an t-espuc-sin & cosanta a chóra a tír & a cocrich do dheóin & d'aindeóin & fer chuirthi sluaigh móir co minic á cend a chele do mhilliudh a escarad. Co nach raibhe a comhfhocus dó 'na dúthaidh féin, na a n-duthaidh aile, en duine maith, ná cenn-fedhna nar' ghabh a thúarastal. Ocus ní eile fós: dob' é an t-espuc-sin an t-écht ós gach écht & an esbaid os gach esbaidh d'á tarrlá ré h-ealadhain a n-aen aimsir ris.


An Deganach, mac Briain Ruaidh Mic Con Midhe, fer tighe n-aighed coitcend do cách & a mac, .i. Cerball, do dul d'éc in hoc anno.


Mac Gofraigh Ruaidh d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Ruaidhri.


Mag Raghnaill do mharbadh a fell, .i. Cathal Óg, mac Cathail aile, le Cloinn Uí Mhail Mhíadhuigh.


Inghen Még Uidhir, .i. Rois, ingen t-Sheaain, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Inghen Meg Mathgamna d'h-eg an bliadhain-si; .i. Siubhan, ingen Briain Még Mathgamna; .i. an ben do bhí ag Seaan, mac an Espuic Meg Uidhir.



{fol. B 110c} Kal. Ian. for Luan, l. xu. Anno Domini M. d. xx. ui.


Mac Uí Ruairc, .i. Tadg, mac Eogain, do marbadh a fell le muinntir a dherbrathar fein.


O Nell, .i. Conn & mac Uí Domnaill, .i. Maghnus, do dhul a cenn Iarla Cille Dara, .i. Geroit, mac Geroít, Gíustis Erenn, a n-Errach na blíadhnu-sa do denamh t-shithi Conallach & Eóghanach. Ocus ar tinol mórain do maithib Gall & Gaidheal d'á sídhugad, nír' snadmad shith an uair-sin etarra, acht techt slán da tighibh.


O Raighilligh, .i. Eóghan, do dhul d'éc in hoc anno & coccadh mór itir a chinedh fá tighernus an tíre, no cur' goiredh O Raighilligh d'Fergal, mac Seaáin Uí Raighilligh, do mholadh an Ghiústís & moráin do maithibh Gall & Gaidheal, ge do bátar daíni bud shine ana e a cur cuigi.


Coccadh mór ar n-eirgi a n-Íchtar Connacht an bliadhain-si: .i. a n-urmór uile do cengal a n-agaidh Ui DomnaillBrian, mac Féilimthe, mic Maghnusa Uí Concabuir & fá mac Cathail Óic Uí Concabuir & fá t-slicht Cormaic Mic Donnchaidh. Ocus creacha mora do denamh leó a n-Ichtar Carpri ar an lucht do an 'sa tír. Ocus O Domnaill do brised caislein na Graínsighe 'na éraic-sin & dul dó 'na diaidh-sin a Muigh Luirg & an tír do loscadh & do milliudh dó & techt slán dó féin & d'á t-shlúagh iarum.


O Néll, .i. Cond, do thecht, slúagh, do thoirmesc oipri caislein do thindscain Maghnus O Domnaill do denamh a Port na Trí Námhat. Ocus O Domhnaill an Íchtar Connacht & cuid do marcsluagh Maghnusa Uí Domhnaill do breth ar barr an t-slúaigh & mac Seaain, mic Cuinn Uí Neill, .i. Enrí, do gabail


and. Ocus O Nell d'fhilliudh tar ais gan díth orrdhairc do denam dó, na do denam leis, acht mar sin. An t-Sil Concabuir-sin & an Cland Donnchaidh do bí a coccadh ris O n-Domnaill, tancatur timcill caislein t-Shligigh do mhilliudh gort & do chur cum an baile. Ocus fuair O Domnaill méid éicin scel ar a m-beth andsin & do ghluaís chuca & ruc orra & do madhmaighedh leis iat & do benad dib mac Mic Donnchaidh & morán eile nách airimhter sund. Ocus do benad mórán ech & airm & eididh dib fós.


O Catháin, .i. Gofraid, mac Gofraid, do marbadh lé Níall, mac Airt Oíc Uí Neill, a n-ucht Bealaigh an Camain & Niall féin do ghabail fá aimsir aithgirr 'na díaid-sin leis O Néll.


{fol. B 110d} Mac Uí Catháin, .i. Gofraid, mac Donnchaidh, do dul ar siubhal creichi a n-Glend Concadhain & a fhácbail ann, .i. iter dá Notluic. Ocus can fis a báis d'fhagbail assin co deiredh Corghuis ár cind (.i. a corp d'fagail annsin can marbadh airm air). Ocus Enrí, mac Briain, tigerna Baile na Brághat, do marbadh and & morán d'á muinntir do lethadh & do marbadh maille ríu.


Maidm do tabairt le mac mic Píarais ar cloinn Emainn, mic Tomais Builter, dú inar' marbadh morán marcshluaigh & galloglach. Ocus do marbadh and Concabur Óc, mac Concabuir Caích Uí Domnaill, do bí 'n-a consapal gallóglach & 'na laim maith co minic & co h-airithe an lá-sin, oír nír' léc med a menman & feabus a laimhe do anacál do gabail an lá-sin arna thairccsin dó co minic.


O Dochartaigh, .i. Echmarcach, tigerna


Indsi h-Eogain, do dol d'éc á n-eirr a aisi & cogad mór iter a cined im cendus-fine. Ocus tigerna do ghairm do Geralt, mac Domnaill, mic Feilimthe Uí Dochartaigh.


Sloghadh les O n-Domnaill a Tír Amalghaidh do cungnum le slicht Ricaird a Búrc. Coérthandan & Cros Mailína do ghabail & do brisedh dó & braigde & édala imda do thabairt asta. Ocus filledh tarais & foslongport do dhenamh fá caislen Culmaile & braighde do buain do t-slicht Cormaic Mic Donnchaidh a n-gill re n-a breith féin.


An Prióir Mág Aongusa, .i. fer tigernais móir a cill & a tuaith & do bí trénsaidhbir, do mharbadh le cuid da cined féin.


{fol. B 111a} Kal. Ian. for Mairt, l. xx. ui. Anno Domini M. d. xx. uii.


Mac Donnchaidh Tíre h-Oilella, .i. Cormac, mac Taidc, mic Briain, d'fhagail báis & coccadh mór ider a chinedh fá tigernus an tíre & Mac Donnchaidh do ghairm d'Eogan, mac Dondchaidh, mic Murchaidh.


Brían, mac Feilimthe, mic Magnusa Uí Concabuir & Domnall, mac Féilimthe, mic Toirrdelbaigh Carraigh Ui Concabuir, d'fagail báis an bliadhain-si.


Sith do dhenam ider O n-Domnaill & O Néll, amail do ordaigh Maghnus O Domnaill: .i. roind do chis Chois Derge & Luirg do thabairt d'O Néll & ó Loch soir d'Feraib Manach fós can imresain.


O Cleirigh (.i. in Gilla Ríabach), .i. ollamh Uí Domnaill re sencus, mortuus est.


Domnall, mac an Esbaic Ui Ghallcubuir, do mharbadh a m-bruighin le cuid dh' á cined fén.


An Doctúir, mac Eoghain Ulltaigh, saí fhisici &


andsna h-ealadhnaibh eile d'urmór, do dhul d'éc in hoc anno.


Mág Uidhir (.i. Concubur) do dol d'éc an bliadhain-si & Mág Uidhir do ghairm do 'n Comarba Mág Uidhir.


Toirrdelbach, mac Ecnecháin Ui Domnaill & Feilimidh, mac Seaáin Luirg Uí Domnaill, do dol d'éc in hoc anno.


Sluaighedh les O n-Domnaill, .i. Aodh, a Muigh Luirg & an tír co h-imshlán do loscadh & do milliudh, eter arbhar & fhorgnem. Ocus in Caislen Mór & caislen an Bhennota do gabail do & caislen an Calaidh & Baile na h-Úamha & an Caislen Riabach do gabail & do brised dó & marcach maith do 'n t-shluagh do marbadh a n-ucht an Bealáigh Buide, .i. Aod Buidhe, mac An Dubhaltaigh Uí Ghallcubuir.


Caislen do denam le Maghnus O n-Domnaill an bliadhain-si ac Port na Tri Námhat & a crichnughudh le bloidh m-bic do 'n t-Sanmradh, iter obar croind & cloiche.


Maghnus O Domnaill do dol ar creich a n-Glenn Eile ar Aod m-Buidhe O n-Domnaill, & días ócmarcach do muinntir Maghnusa do marbadh, .i. mac Domnaill, mic Féilimthe, mic Aonghusa Óic Ui Gallcubuir & mac Briain Caich, mic Domnaill Mic an Decanaigh.


Mac Maghnusa Meg Uidhir, saí cleirich & duine tuicsech, treighech do thaob Laitne & Ghaidilge & fer muirir moír & fer tighe n-oíghedh d'imchar, do dol d'éc in hoc anno.


Ruaidhri, mac Murchaidh Mic t-Suibni, do mharbadh do cloind a athar féin in hoc anno.


Uilliam, mac Andrias Meg Raith, duine saidhbir & fer thighe n-aighedh coitcenn & a ben d'fhagail báis a n-en ló co n-oidci.


Caitilín, ingen


Cuind Uí Nell, .i. an ben do bí ag O {fol. B 111b} Raighilligh, .i. Seaan & ag O Ruairc (.i. Eogan) iarum — ben dérca, doénnachtach — do dol d'éc iar in-Ongad & iar aithrighe in hoc anno.


{Slip A } Mac Uilliam Burc d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Emann & Seaan an Termuinn do rigedh d'á eis.


Mág Aonghusa d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Emann Buidhi, mac Aoda Mhég Aonghusa.


Cathal, mac Séimais, mic Pilib Mhég Uidhir, d'h-eg an bliadhan-si, saí duine re h-uaisle & re tech n-aidhedh.


Ros, mac Toirrdhealbaigh, mic Philib Mhég Uidhir, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Tadhg, mac Eogain Uí Fhíalain, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, adhbur maith fhir dhána.


Art Balbh, mac Seaain, mic Airt Uí Neill, do mharbadh le Toirrdhealbach, mac Donnchaidh, mic Briain Mhég Uidhir, a tigh Briain {Slip B } Óig Mic Donnchaidh, a m-Beallach Coille na g-Cuirridin.


Torrdelbach O Maoilechlainn do marbadh an bliadhain-si le cloinn Fheidhlimthe, mic Ruaidhri, Uí Néill.


Flaithbertach, mac Rúaidhri, mic Briain, mic Pilib Mhég Uidhir, do marbadh le h-Uaithne, mac Maghnusa Mhég Samradháin, ar sith.


Abb Lesa Gabhail d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Labhras abb.


O h-Airt d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Cormac O h-Airt, duine maith, greannmhar & do bo maith tech n-aidhedh & O h-Airt do dhenum d'Feidhlimidh O Airt ina ínadh & bás d'fhaghbail an bliadhain cétna.


Art ele, .i. mac Aedha Caeich, mic Neill, mic Airt, mic Eogain, mic Neill Oig Ui Neill, do marbadh an bliaghain-so le cloinn mic Aodha in Mullaigh felloníce.


{fol. B 111b con} Kal. Ian. for Cetaín & Bisex forre, l. uii., Anno Domini M. d. xx. uiii.


O Bríain, ri Tuadhmuman,


.i. Toirrdelbach, mac Taidg, do dhol d'éc íar caithimh a aísi nádurdha d'urmór ré sén & re sonus, re h-einech & re h-uaísle, re clódh a námhat & re cosnum a carat, innus nar' luidh nert Gall na Gaídheal eile ar a dhuthaidh re feadh a thigernuis. Ocus a mac do ríghad 'na inad, .i. Concubur.


Mác Carrthaigh Riabach, .i. Domnall, mac Finghin, tigerna o Charn co Corcaich, nech dob' ferr einech a Leth Mogha & ar nar' luid nert tíre na coicrichi, d'fhagbail báis an bliadhain-si.


Iarla Cilli Dara, .i. Geroit, mac Geroit, do ghabail le ríg Saxan & a beth fá reasta aige.


Ingen Ui Briáin, .i. Finnghuala, baindtigherna Tire Conaill, do dol d'h-ec iar n-Ongad & iár n-aithrighe — an ben as ferr do bí a n-Erinn a n-én aimsir ría féin do thaob Día & an t-shaogail, .i. Eímhear ar indracus & Úna ar einech & leug loghmar bhan Dáil Cais & cnú mhullaigh degban Eirenn uile — iar m-beth dá bliadhain ar xx. a n-aibit t-Shan Fronseis, a comhaill a feadhbhachta & ag denam dérci & doenachta & deghoibrighthi.


Conn, mac Nell, mic Airt Uí Nell, duine maith, uásal, budh ferr comhairrle & cendus-fedhna a comhfhocus dó & is minci ler' milled a naimde, do mharbadh le mac Airt Oíc Uí Nell, .i. Ruaidhri, iar na fhaghail ar becán buidne ac fágbail baili Uí Neill déis Cásc. Da mac Airt Oig h-Ui Neill, .i. Enri Balbh & Cormac, do chrochadh a n-Druim


Mor a n-digailt in Chuinn-sin.


O Ruairc, .i. Eogan, tigerna na Brethne, uaítne congmhala einich & engnama Ichtair Connacht & léomhan Cheníuil b-Fergna ar aigned, ar uaisle & soithech imchubaidh d'airdrighe Connacht ar cruth, ar céll, ar reacht, ar ríagail, d'fhágail báis iar n-Ongad & iar n-aithrighe & iar treablait toghaidhe.


{fol. B 111c}Mac Cráith Tearmuinn Dá Bheóicc d'ég in bliadhain-so, edhon, Ruaidhrí, mac Díarmada, mic Mharcuis, mic Mhuiris Méc Craith. Ocus dob' uasal in termunnach in fer-sin & dob' oirbhterach ar coiccrichaibh & dob' eccnaidh, eolach & do bo shuilber, subhaltach & dob' arsaigh ealadhanta & dob' fhear thichci aighedh gu coitchinn eter Ulltaibh é.


h-Ua Luinin d'écc, .i. Ruaidhrí, mac Matha, mic Phíarrusa Caím h-Ui Luinín, ollamh Mheg Uidhir re seancus. Ocus dob' aithneach, inntleachtach, ealadhanach é a n-dán & a seanchus, a filidhecht & a forus dhorchaidh. — h-Ua Cíanain Claín Innsi d'h-eg in bhliadhain-si, .i. Ruaidhri, saí re seanchus & duine le Día. — h-Ua Gallchobuir, .i. Toirrdhealbach, mac Tuathail


{fol. B 110d} (Kal. Ian. for Chédeoin, Anno Domini M.ccccc. 8. 10 20.(Seon O Croidhein, an t-en mhac cendoighe budh mó clú & ainm re congmhail tighe n-aoidhedh súas ina aimsir fen do bochtaibh Dé & da gach duine do lucht


riachtanusa archena & as mo do chennchaigh ina do reachaigh, a ég i Sligeach ina thegh fein 14 Marcii, ar m-breth buadha ó dhomon & o dheamhon. Ocus a bhen, .i. Una, inghiun Mic Diarmada Ruaidh, d'faghail bais isin m-pliadhoin ar a chiond, eter a cairdib h-i Muigh Luircc, ar n-Ongadh & ar n-aithrighe. Ocus gach neach légfus & éisdfius an challuinn-siu, tabraid bennachtain ar anmandoibh na lanamna remráite-sin adubhromur romhainn, do reir mar do chosnodur ós a lór doiph-sin go b-fiadhnuse do mhoran do doeinibh ag a raipe géreolus orra.)


{fol. B 111c con} Kal. Ian. for Aíne, l. xuiii., Anno Domini M. d. xx. ix.


Eoccan, mac Feidhlime Mic Maghnusa & a bean d'h-eg a n-én sechtmhain, .i. Grainne, ingen Concobuir Mhég Uidhir, .i. rí Fhear Manach.


Cormac O Luinin, .i. mac Deinís, mic Phiarrusa Caim, d'h-eg.


Síubhán, ingen th-Seaain h-Uí Dhroma, d'h-eg.


Persún Achaidh Urchaire, .i. Brían Rúadh, mac Seaain, mic in Espuic Mhég Uidhir, do mharbadh d'en urcar soighde a n-edragán eter muinntir na Cuile & muinntir in Machaire.


Cathal, mac Eogain, mic Aodha Mhég Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-se.


Inghen Mhég Raith d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Mairgreg, an bhen do bhi ag Cormac Ruadh O Mhuirghesa.


{fol. B 111d} Kal. Ian. for Satharn, l. xxix., Anno Domini M. d. xxx.


Gilla Padruicc, mac Cormaic, mic Airt Chuile Mhécc Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadhain-so. Ocus dob' é-sin fear a inmhe dob' ferr da cuala cach 'na aímser féin.



Aodh O Flandaccain, .i. mac Persúin Índsi, neoch do bhoí lán d'innscni & d'ealathadh & da gach uile th-subhaltin aircheana & do bo maith teach aidhedh, a ecc in bliadhain cétna.


Domnall, mac Briaín, míc Domnaill h-Ui Neill, do thecht ar creich andsa Machaire Steabhanach & crech do ghlacadh lais. Ocus an tir do breth air & a leanmhuin ar Slíabh Betha & mac Briain do filledh orra & brisedh ar in foír & ár di-airmhe do thabairt orra, du í n-gabadh ar da mac Eoccain Ruaidh h-Uí Neill & inar' marbadh triur do chloind Ruaidhri na Learrccadh & días mac Maghnusa Mic Mathgamhna & mac Enrí, mic Briaín & mac Emuind, mic Tomais Meg Uidhir, .i. Tomás na Cairrge & morán aile nach airmhtir sund.


Inghen Aédha Caeích Ui Neill, .i. Una, .i. bean Taidg Buíde mhic Meg Craith, .i. mac Ruirigh, mic Diarmada, mic Marcuis Meg Craith a h-ecc.


{fol. B 112a} Kal. Ian for Domnach, l. x., Anno Domini M. d. xxx. i.


O Flannagain (Mághnus O Flánnagáin) Tuaithi Ratha d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Maghnus, mac Ghillebert, mic Cormuic, saí dhuine re h-uaisle & re tech n-aidhedh.


Cormac Mac Maghnusa, mac Cathail Óig, mic Cathail Medhonaigh, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si. Ocus nír' aithnech duin 'na aimsir mac brughaidh dob' ferr inas é.


Innsoighidh do dhenum le Mhég Uidhir, .i. lé Cormac, a Cinél Feradhaigh, d'ar' chrech an tír. Ocus toír do bhreth air & mac Meg Uidhir do brisedh forra & mac Briain, mic Domnaill Ui Neill, do marbadh leis & daine aili nach airímhter sunn.


Tuathal O Neill, .i. mac


Uí Néill, .i. mac Airt, mic Cuinn, do ghábail leis O Neill, .i. le Conn, mac Cuinn.


Sluaighedh leisin n-Gíuisdís Saxanach & le h-Iarla Chilli Dara & le maithibh Gaidhel Erenn a Tir n-Eogain ar tarraing Uí Domnaill & Neill Óig Uí Neill & t-slechta Aodha Uí Neill. Ocus Tir Eogain do loscadh leó o Dhun g-Cal gu h-Abhainn Mhoir & caislen nua Phuirt an Fhaillegain do brisedh leo & duthadh Briain na Mocheírghi do crechloscadh leo & Muinechan d'fhagbail folam ré n-ucht. O Domnaill & Níall Óg do dhul a cend an t-sluaigh Ghallda h-isin gu Cinn Aird & caisdiall Chinn Airtt do brisedh leó. Ocus O Neill do beth, sluagh dí-armhe, re n-ucht & nar' lamhadur a dhul teris-sin a Tir n-Eoghain & do impodur na sluaigh-sin, leth ar leth, dia tighibh fó bhuaidh coscair, gan sith, gan osadh, ag Ua Neill friú.


Ruaidhri Gallda, mac Uí Neill, do ghabail leis Ua Néill, .i. le Conn, mac Cuinn.


Conn, mac Seaain Bhuidhi Még Mathgamna, do marbhadh le Mág Mathgamna & le cloinn Briain Még Mathgamna.


Eogan, mac Ghilla Padruic Oícc Mhég Uidhir, do marbadh lé n-a derbrathair féin, .i. le h-Emann.


Baile Uí Donnghaile d'innsoighidh an bliadhain-so le Níall Óg O Néill & in baile do ghabail leís & mac Uí Néill do ghabail ann, .i. Seann, dalta Uí Donnghaile & eich & édaíl an baile do breth dó fáraon ris.


Aodh Óg, mac Tomais, mic Tomais aile, mic an Ghilla Duibh Még Uidhir, d'h-eg an bliadhain-so, ar m-breth bhuaídhi ó dhomun & o dhemhan.


Mág Uidhir do dhul, sluagh, a Tir Conaill ar tarraing Uí Domnaill & a dhul ar


Maghnus O Domnaill {fol. B 112b} dóibh & urmhór an tíri do crechloscadh leo, idir thigibh & arbur, ider buaibh & chaiplibh & gac ínnile olchena. Ocus Maghnus do beth, sluagh, ar faighthi Chaisléin na Finne an uair-sin & marcsluagh mic Uí Domnaill & a chlann do thecht thar Finn anall a coinne in t-sluaigh. Ocus Mág Uidhir & a mac & clann Uí Domnaill da n-ínnsoighidh & imruagadh do beth acu & do bualedh eich & daine etorra. Ocus do b' é crich an imruaigthe brisedh ar mharcsluagh mic Uí Domnaill & a cur ar Sgairbh Bechoigi da n-aindeoin & Mág Uidhir do ímpodh día fhaslongport fa bhuaidh cc-cosgair. Ocus Toirrdhelbach, mac Donnchaidh, mic Briain, mic Filib Még Uidhir, do mharbadh d'aon bhuille ga ar an ímruagadh-sin le marcach do Muinntir Ghallchabuir & a thabairt beo dia bhaile féin & bás d'fágbail fó cend tri n-oidhche dó ann, íar m-buaidh Ongtha & aithridhi.


Inghen Mhég Raith d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Fínnghuala, an bhen do bhi ag Giolla na Naom O Uiginn.


Conn Modurra, mac Airt, mic Neill, do marbadh la Níall Óg, mac Cuinn, mic Nell, an bliadhain-si.


Semmus O Flandagáin, .i. mac Persúin Indsi, neach do bí lán d'innscni & d'ealadhaín & do bo maith teach n-aidedh, d'ég in bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 112c} Kal. Ian. for Luan, l. xxi., Anno Domini M. d. xxx. ii.


Tomas, mac Iarla Chille Dara, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. aon macámh na Midhi & duine dob' ferr aithne ar gac ealadhaín í n-a aimsir fein.


Cormac, mac Mhég Uidhir, do ghabail a feall le cloinn Uí Néill, & le Fer Dorcha h-Ua Néill & le Feidhlimidh Doibhlínech,


mac Airt, mic Cuinn Uí Néill, & cuid do mharcsluagh mic Még Uidhir do marbadh ann, .i. Uilliam, mac Díarmada, mic Cormuic Mic Gaffraigh & in Ghilla Ballach, mac Enrí Buidhe Mic Gaffraigh & daíne aili nach áirímter sunn. Ocus cuid aile do marcsluagh Cormuic do ghabail faraon ris ann, .i. Ros, mac Neill Mic Caba & Eogan, mac an Diarmada-so adubhramar romainn. Ocus gidh íad clann Uí Neill ann, fós ní réidh tangadur o'n dáil-so: do buailedh & do loitedh urmhór a muinntire. Ocus is íad-so na maithi do bhói a ponc bhais ar imchar leó ann, .i. mac Uí Neill, .i. Feidhlimidh & Roibhilín Mac Domnaill & daíne aili nach áirímter sunn.


Crecha mora do dhenam le Maghnus O n-Domnaill a g-Cúil Mhég Tigernáin.


{fol. B 112d} O Cerbhaill, .i. Maol Ruánuigh — an t-aon Ghaidhel dob' ferr gart & gaisgedh, ágh & oirrdercus, uaisle & atharrdha & an t-é d'ár' bhuidhech dáma & deóraidh, eícsi & ollamhaín, uird & ecclusa & an t-é is mo do thinóil & do thidhlaic o aimsir Briain Bhórama anuas: cuingidh congmala Caich & sduir cert, cobsaidh, acinedhach & buachail tenn, taisdil na d-treabh & mal medhrach, mórdhalach Muman: leag loghmhur & geam charrmogail & inneoin fhorais & uaithne oir na n-éilech — a ég íar m-buaidh Ongtha & aithrighe ina mhórlongport féin. Ocus a mhac do oirdhnedh í n-a ínadh dia éis, edhon Fer gan Ainm.


Eoghan, mac Tigernáin Uí Ruairc, do mharbadh leis O Mail Mhiadhaigh & lena braithribh a Mainistir na m-Brathar Minur í n-Druim Dhá Shiaar.


Seaan, mac Pilib, mic Toirrdhealbuigh Mhég Uidhir, do marbadh an


bliadhain-si le Domnall, mac Mhég Uidhir, .i. mac Chon Chonnacht, mic Chon Connacht, mic Briain, mic Pilib Mheg Uidhir, d'en sathaidh do sgín.


Mac Mhég Samradháin, .i. Domhnall Ócc, mac Domnaill Bhernaigh, do mharbadh d'én bhuille ga du Aithne, mac Maghnusa, mic Tomais Meg Samradháin.


An Ingen Dubh, ingen Mhég Raith, d'h-eg an bliadhain-sa, .i. ben an Dubhaltaig Mic Domnaill: .i. ben shuairc, shubháltach, ghreanmar.


Mag Samhradhain d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Tomás, mac Maghnusa Meg Samradhain; .i. taisech dob' ferr da tainic a Teallach Echach re cuimne cáigh.


Comarba Fidhnach d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Brian O Rodacháin.


Enrí Aimreidh, mac Briain, mic Cuinn Uí Néill, do ghabail les O Néill, .i. lé Conn, mac Cuind.


Cormac O h-Ulltachanain, .i. oirchinnech Achaidh Bethe, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Tomas Mac Amlaibh, .i. mac Cormuic Mic Amlaibh; Gilla na Naom, mac Airt Mic Gaffraigh, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 113a} O Domhnaill & Mag Uidhir do dhul a cenn an Ghiusdis th-Shaxanaigh gu Droichead Atha & a gnothaidhe do ghenum & a toigheacht fo bhuaidh día tigibh dorighisi.


An Giuisdis gu na th-Shaxanachaibh & Goill na Midhe do dhul a Tir Eoccain & sluagh Ghaidhel do eirghi amach ina coinne, mar ata, Níall Og O Neill & Mag Uidhir & O Raighilligh & Mag Mathgamna & slicht Aodha h-Ui Neill & slicht Aodha Buidhe & Clanna Rughraidhe do 'n taobh a tuaigh 'gadam doibh 'ga tuirimh. Acht do impoadur Gaidhil Letha Cuind uile ar O Neill 'munn am-sa, achtmadh becc. Rangadur na sluaigh-so, leth ar leth, gu Dún Gheanainn a coinne


a cheile, gur' brisedh & gur' blaghadh, gur' muradh & gur' mughaighedh, gur' toirnedh & gur' trascradh, eter chrunn & cloich, eter tighibh & teccar, eter duinedh & deccharus, in baile, gu nar' aithgin Gall na Gaidhel, da faca roime ariamh, ar in tres lá e. Do h-indredh & do h-innarbadh, do dilghiedh & do dilaithridhedh, do loiscedh & do lainmhilledh in tir uile a or gu h-or leo. Do-chuadur almha & innile thire h-Ui Neill gu h-imshlan ar fainnel & ar fordul, no gu rangadur Sliabh Betha, mhic Naói. Do leanadur na Gaidhil-so adubramur romhaind íat, no gu rucadur orra & do thóccbhadar ín bhorumha dhoairme-so leó, no gu rangadur amesc Ghall. Do boi mart ar in m-bonn & mart gacha bhond ag Gallaibh in oidhci-sin. Do-rinnetar Goill & Goidhil a cadach & a caradradh, a cuir & a cumartha, do cheangal re cheile ar lo. Do impádur Goill da n-duintibh & Gaidhil día n-deghbhailtibh gu m-buaidh coscair & araile. {fol. B 113b} Is and do bhai O Domhnaill in uair-sin & Mac Domhnaill na h-Alban & a fheacht ina fhochair, ag gabail neirt a Cuigedh Medhbha.


Creacha mora & airccthi aniarmartacha do dhenumh do Niall Óg O Neill ar Roibhilin Mac Domhnaill & a tabairt a Feraibh Manach leis.


Iarla Cille Dara do thoighecht a n-Erinn i n-Errach in bliadhain-so, edhon Geróid Óg & fedhmanntus in righ do thabhairt do leis gu cend x. m-bliadhan. Ocus gairm do chur ar in n-Giusdis Saxanach da tharraing gu baile Atha Cliath & in Comairle Mhor do shiughudh ann & in Saxanach do chur, do


dhruim cert Ghall, gu baile in rígh do righisi fo mhela & fo mhasla mhoír.


Mac Uibhilin, .i. Geroid, mac Ualtair, do mharbadh a feill le Mac Ruaidhri an Ruta & le mac Domnaill Chlérigh Uí Cathain a tempull Duna Uó & Conchobur, mac Enrí, do mharbadh & do loiscadh an aghaidh cetna.


Clann Uí Néill, .i. Ruaidri Gallta & Tuathal, do crochadh leis O Néill, .i. le Conn, mac Cuínn.


Feidhlimidh, mac Eogain Boichd Uí Neill, do ég an bliadhain cetna, .i. an fer thug minna nách tiucfedh sluagh Conullach a Tír Eogain ré n-a beathaidh nach muirfedh ech, no duine, dib & do comuilledh sin.


Piarus, mac Sémuis, .i. Iarla Urmuman, línd a tinóil, do techt a crich Ele & Urmuman & Baile an Gárrgha do losgadh lais. Ocus ag impodh tar a n-ais doibh, clann Ui Cerbuill do breith orra ag Ath na Darach Caime. Gréim anbfoil do cur orra & ár dí-rímtha do tabairt orra & na aidhme allmurdha is mo le' r' gabsat trén & treisi do béin dibh, .i. a n-gunnadha. Ocus do len for tormuch anma d'on ath-sin, .i. Ath na Fadbcun. Ocus do benad fós móran da n-ór & da n-arged dibh & a lon & a cartacha & a n-eocha, achtmad begán. Ocus as e an la-sin do shunnradh torchair O Cerbuill.


{fol. B 113c} Kal. Ian. for Cetain, l. ii., Anno Domini M. d. xxx. iii.


Mac Diarmada Mhuigi Luirg (.i. Diarmaid an Einigh) do marbadh le cloinn a dherbhrathar féin a feall.


O Cíanain d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i.


Aodh Dubh.


Uilliam O Corcrain d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. sai chléirigh & duine maith ealadhna.


Donnchadh, mac Rémainn, mic Maoilechlainn Mic Gaffraidh, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. duine maith oirechd do muinntir Meg Uidhir.


Feidhlimidh Bacach, mac Néill, meic Cuinn, tigherna Triana Conghail, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si.


Diarmaid, mac Domhnuill Uí Shuilleabáin — O Suilleabain Beirre — fer dilta dámh & deóradh, éiges & ollamhan Erenn, do ég isan m-bliadhain-si.


Fínghin Laighnech, mac Diarmada, mic Domhnuill Meg Cárrthaigh, do ég isan m-bliadhain-si.


Crimthánn, mac Geruilt, mic Domnuill Riabhaigh Caómhánaigh, do marbadh a féall lé n-a derbhbhrathair fein, .i. le h-Art m-Buidhe, mac Geruilt, an bliadhain-si.


Sligech do gabail a feall — mar nár' sailedh — la Sil Concubhuir, .i. la Tadg Óg, mac Taidg, mic Aodha, mic Cathail Cárraigh, an bliadhain-si.


Murchadh Ruad, mac Taidg, mic Bríain Ui Bríain, do marbadh le Domnall (.i. Cleirech), mac Concubhuir, mic Toirrdealbaigh Ui Bríain, isin bliadhain cédna.


Maidm do thabairt ar Mac Diarmada Mhuighi Luircc an bliadhain-si leis O Concabuir Ruadh & lena mac, .i. Toirrdhealbach Ruadh & le Ruaidhri, mac Mic Diarmada.


Maidm do thabairt ar Cloinn Aodha Buidhi & ar Alasdrand Carrach, mac Mic Domnaill, an bliadhain-si le Mac Uibhilin.


Feidhlem Dubh, mac Gilla Padruicc, mic Emuinn Mhég Uidhir, cenn-feghna maith & fer tighi aidhedh, a écc an bliadhain-si.


Rémann, mac Sémais, mic Pilib Mhég Uidhir, do mharbadh an bliadhain-si le Cloinn Gaffraidh fá mhnái Chormuic, mic Donnchaidh,


mic Rémuinn Mic Gabhfraidh.


Mathghamain O Carmaic d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, sáor maith, onórach & fer tighi aidhedh coitcend, fa bhuaidh Ongtha & aithrighi.


Emann, mac Cuind, mic Neill, mic Airt Uí Neill, do marbadh an bliadhain-si le Mág Uidhir (.i. Cu Connacht) & lena cloinn, .i. Cormac & Brian — .i. saí chinnfeghna & duine maith, uasal an fer-sin — sechtmain a n-díaígh h-Samhna.


{fol. B 113d} Da mhac Fheidhlimthe, mhic Ruaidri Bhacuigh Uí Néill, do mharbadh an bliadhain-si, .i. Eimer & Níall, lé Maghnus O n-Domnaill.


Righ Saxan do dhul a n-aghaidh chredim & moran do nethibh saebha do dhenam do a n-aghaidh na h-eglaisi.


Kal. Ian. for Dardain, l. xiii., Anno Domini M. d. xxx. iiii.


Esbuc Clochair d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Padraig Cuiliun.


Mac Domnaill d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Rugraidhi: saí n-einigh & n-engnuma an fer-sin. Ocus Mac Domnaill do dhenam da derbrathair, .i. do Ghilla Espuic.


Bicaire Claoin Ínnsi d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Rémann, mac an Oirchidecain Mhég Uidhir.


Seaan, mac Uaithne Uí Raghalligh, tígherna Cloinn Mathghamna, do mharbadh a bh-feall an bliadhain-si lé cloinn Uí Raghalligh, .i. Toirrdhealbach & Brian, clann Ferghail.


O Gallchabhair d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, .i. Emhann, mac Eóin, mic Tuathail.


Ruaidhri Carrach, mac Cormaic, meic Aodha Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg an bliadhain-si, duine maith, uasal, guaisbertach.


Iarla Cilli Dara, .i. Geróid, do dhul fá ghairm righ Saxan ín bliadhain-si. Ocus dob' e damna na togharma-sin, .i. imchosaídi imdha do cur do Ghallaibh Erenn


fair tre aibhle a aindlighedh & égcora orra, gu madh h-í comuirle do-rinne in & maithe Saxan an t-Iarla do cur a tor Lunnuinne a n-oirchill {fol. B 114a} a mhillti. Imthusa meic & oighre an Íarla, .i. Tomos, mac Geroid: íar n-a cluinsin-sin, is í comairle ro chinn féin & a combraithre & a cairdi Gall & Gaidheal: comaonta cogaidh do dhenamh a n-agaidh an righ. Iar cluinsin na comairle-sin dh' airdespac baile Atha Cliath & do prieoír Cilli Maighnend d'espag na Midhi & do móran aile nach áiremter sunn, ag a roibhi cuid do 'n Íarla do cur a n-áit a millti, do ghabh egla adhbal mhór íat, ínnus gur' fhágbhadhur a tighernus & a cuírti & a caisléin & gach uile maithus aile día roibhi acu gan ímcoimédh, gur' theithset a h-Erinn co h-athlamh, anurmuisnech, égcobhsaidh do dhul a Saxanaibh ar uaman & ar imeagla mic an Íarla d'á cur docum báis a n-dighail a athar. Imthusa airdespuig bhaile Atha Clíath, do berar ós aird do ghluais roime ar síubal oidhchi d'fagbail Erenn & gan acht uathadh da muinntir maraon fris. Ocus, ag dul a luíng a m-Beínn Edair dó, rugadur muinntir meic an Íarla fair & do gabadh léo h-é gan fhechemh día pridhiléitt, no día cádhus & do chuiredh drochar anbhoil fair & rugadur leó h-é co h-Ard h-Aidhin, a comfhoigsi do Chluain Tarbh. Od'chúaladh mac an Íarla an ní-sin, bá deach lais: ní derna fosadh, no comhnuidhe, no gu raínic co h-airm a roibhi an t-Espag & tug ar a muinntir gnim íngantach, aníarmartach, étrócair, tre 'nar' dibhtha mes & clas & mórthóradh, sidh & soinend & soaimsir an tan-sin, .i. cethrumna cudruma, coimthesgtha do dhénam do 'n Airdespac. Gu madh é sin bruíne an chogaidh adubrumar.


Gnim amgi,


urcodeach do-rínedh a Feraibh Manach oidhche fheil Martain do shunnradh; .i. Maghnus Buídhe h-Ua Duibhgenain, soi seanchaidh, do thachtadh ina thaigh fein & do mhuchadh & do fholach lena mnai fhein & le Brian, mac Tomais, mic Toirrgealbhaigh Mhég Uidhir. Fir na fínghaile-sin do dul fa 'n tír & Brian do teichidh a n-Oirghiallaibh. Ocus Flathbhertach, mac Philib, mic Thorrghealbhaigh, do ghabhail na mna-sin & do ghabhail deisi dilmhaineach eile do bhi fa 'n fínghail-sin & a toirbert do Mhag Uidhir & Mag Uidhir do losgadh na deissi-sin {fol. B 114b} a n-en lo. Ocus in bhean do bhi torrach o n-a fer fein, a cur a prisun no gu rug si in toirchis-sin & a crochadh fa deredh. Días derbhbhrathar in Bhriain-sin da leanmhain a n-Oirghiallaibh & a mharbadh leo a feill. Ocus is mairg do ni fínghal, no feall, gu brach a n-dhiaigh na fíngaile-sin & a fheabhas do dighladh h-i tre mhírbale De & Mhartain.


Kal. Ian. for Aíne, l. xx. iiii., Anno Domini M. d. xxx. u.


Aedh, mac Domnaill, mic Enri, mic Eoghain Ui Neill, sai chinn-fheadhna & fear lan d'uaisle & d'eineach, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Sluaghadh leis h-Ua Neill gu Trian Congail & caisdel Edain Dubhcharge do ghabhail do air chloínn Aedha, mic Neill & a thabairt do Níall Óg, mac Neill, mic Cuinn.


h-Ua Raghalligh, .i. Ferghal, mac Seaain, mic Cathail Uí Ragalligh, neoch fa lan Eire uile da gradh, etir chealla & tuatha, ar feabhas


a uaísle & a enídh & a dhaenachta, d'h-eg fa buaigh Ongtha & athrighe.


Mag Uidhir, .i. Cu Connacht, mac Con Connacht, do dhul ar creich a Cinel Feradhaich & creach mór do thabairt leís o 'n tír & o Chlochar. Ocus ní fhuair se toir in la-sin. Clann Eoghain Ruaidh Ui Neill da leanmhain an oidhce-sin & Mac Gabhfraidh, .i. Feidhlimidh, mac Briain, mic {fol. B 114c} Uilliam Mic Gabhfraidh, do marbadh leo air leargaidh Locha Séarchaidh, air n-a fhadhail ann, began do dhaíníbh, air fadogh thenígh & air marbadh mhairt do 'n creich.


h-Ua Dobhilen, .i. Seaan, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si do 'n fhiabhrus.


Sluaghadh le Taedhg, mac Taeidhg, mic Aedha, gu Madh n-Eine & in Magh do losgadh leo. Ocus fuireach doibh ínn oidhche-sin air in Magh & mac Ui Domnaill, .i. Donnchadh Cairbreach & clann Ui Buighill & clann Mheg Fhlannchaidh do dhul reampa an oidhche-sin air Sgairbh Insi in Fhraith. Ocus nar' thogbhadar ceann do thorrach in t-shluaigh, ceann do thogbhail doibh do dheredh in t-sluaigh & moran dibh do ghabhail & dream do mharbadh. Mac Ui Ruairc, .i. Brian, do chur theachta chum Mheg Fhlannchaidh da innesin dó gu rabha sith aige re Taedhg Óg & da radh ris na braighde-sin do lígan do dhruim na sithe-sin. Mag Fhlannchaidh do ligan na m-bhraghad-sin uile & aíssig imshlan do thabairt doibh arna mharach.


Gilla Padraig, mac Pilib, mic Emaínn Mheg Uidhir, d'h-ech.


Eigneachan, mac Domnaill Ui Domnaill, do mharbadh a b-feall le cloínn Ui Bhuighill in bliadhain-si.


Fínghal & feall granna do dhenam da oglach & da constabla gradach fein air mac Iarla Cille Dara & a bhaile, .i. Magh


Nuad, do reicc & do tharbírt do na Saxanachaibh & bardaghadh in baile ina colladh & forgla na m-bardagh do mharbadh ina colladh & cuigír no seisir do chleirchibh & do shagartaibh do mharbadh ann. Ocus, mar do-chuaidh acu air ín m-baile, do thugadar in fer-sin do thairbhir in baile dhoibh a fiadhnaise fhir inaíd in righ. Ocus do fiafraghidh de ca fad do chainneochfadh se in baile, man' tairbhrigh se é. Ocus adubert gu cuinneomhadh gu ceann m-bliadhna. 'N-a dhiaigh-sin do fíafraighídh de cred do-rínne mac an Íarla aír fa 'n-derna se feall ar a thígherna. Ocus adubert sin nach derna ni 'sa bíth riam budh místi leis. Ocus do h-imordadh air gu n-derna se moran dithe do Ghallaibh fare mic an Íarla & adubhradar na Saxanaigh gur' chora dosan feall do dhenam orra fein, nac tug en ní dhó, na feall do dhenam air mac an Íarla do thug moran dó. Ocus as i breth do-rugadh fair gac ní d'ar' gealladh do do {fol. B 114d} thabairt da athair, o' s e nach derna feall no meabhal & in fer do-rínne in míchongill & an fheall granna air a thigherna do chur


cum báis, air cesta gu n-dighnedh tuilledh orrasun, no air neach aile, do 'n míghnim-sin. Ocus do-rínedh cethre cethramna de-sin. Ocus is mairg do dhenadh feall, no finghal, no meabhal gu brach, mar da dheonadh Dia in míchonghill-sin do dhul mar sin. Ocus beannacht do 'n fhir do-rug in breth-sin.


Cogadh etir Mhag Mhathgamna & slicht Aedha Ruaidh Mhég Mhathghamna.


Slicht Aedha Ruaidh & slicht Aedha Uí Neill do-thiacht ar creich ar Mhag Mhathgamna & creacha mora do dhenam doibh & h-Ua Condhálaigh do mharbadh leo.


Cormac, mac Donnchaidh Mic Gabfraigh, do mharbadh le claínn Eoghain Ruaigh Uí Neill & Gilla Padruich, a derbrathair, d'h-eg in bliadhain-sin.


Aodh, mhac Uí Fhlannagáin, do mharbadh a bh-feill in bliadhain-si lé cloinn Pilip, mac Briaín Mégh Uidhir, .i. Sémus & Pilib Ócc, an Domnach ré b-féil Petair & Poíl.


Mac Suiphne Bóghuine do mharphadh lé mac a athar & a mathar féin a bh-feill, .i. lé Níall, lá féili Petair & Poíl.


Mac Iarla Chille Dara, .i. Tomas, do ghabhail gu h-olc leis na Saxanachaib tareis arrcisse do chur air & a thiachtain 'na ceann leis an arrcis-sin & a chur soir chum righ Saxan.


Sluaghadh do dhenam do Mag Uidhir & d'inghin Mic na Míghi, .i. do mhnai Ui Dhomnaill & a n-dul do chumnadh leis na Saxanachaibh & le fer-inaid in righ, .i. le h-Uilliam Sgeimhíltan.


Uilliam fein do ég um Nollaig-sin a n-Droithid Atha & Mag Uidhir do th-fhilliudh o na Saxanachaibh da thir fein & nach bh-fhuair se fein, no ingin Mic na Míghi, sluagh Gall leo cum Sligigh .


Plaigh mor & galar breac fo Erinn in bliadhain-sin.


Síuban, ingin Chuínn, mic Enri, mic


Eoghain Ui Neill, bean Mhaghnusa Ui Domnaill,d'h-eg.


Gilla Coluim h-Ua Eogasa & Aengas, mac Emaínn Mheg Craith, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 115} Kal. Ian. for Satharn, l. u. Anno Domini M. d. xxx. ui.


Clann Mheg Uidhir, .i. Cormac & Brian & Domnall & slicht Seaain & Semais & Ruaidhri Chaeich Mheg Uidhir do dhul air cogadh air Mag Uidhir a cinn Neill Oig Uí Neill. Ocus creacha chlainne Tomais na Carrgi do dhenam do chlaínn Mheg Uidhir um fheil Brighide & creacha mora do dhenam do claínn t-Shemais & do chlaínn Ruaidhri Chaeich a Cuil Mhec-Tigharnain air Chlaínn Ghabhfraidh & creacha mora eile do dhenam do shlicht Airt Uí Neill 'sa Chuil chetna & creacha eile do dhenam do Niall Óg & do chlaínn Mheg Uidhir ar slicht Flathbertaidh Mheg Uidhir. Ocus Eogan Buidhe, mac Aedha, mic Gilla Phadruich, mic Fhlathbertaich, do mharbadh ann le Cormac Mag Uidhair & daeíne eile, leth ar leth.


h-Ua Concubhair do gairm do Taedhg Óg, mac Taeidhg, mic Aedha, in bliadhain-sin.


Magnas Mac Mathgamna, abb Cluana h-Eois & Taedhg, mac Bríain Caich Ui Chasside & Eogan Buidhe h-Ua Chasside & Adham Mac Murchaidh & in persun Mac Ubhaid & in persun Mac Somairle — hii omnes moriebantur hoc anno.


Creach eile do dhenam do Níall Óg & do Chormac, mac Mhég Uidhir: a sgeimledh do dhul o Chuil Mhec Tigharnain gu Doíre Bhrosga & gu Clain Ínís & dith


mor do dhenam doib air cheallaibh & do 'n tuaith in tire.


Slicht Airt Ui Neill do dhenam creichche a Lorg & Pilib Balbh, mac Cathail, mic Eogain Mheg Uidhir & Donnchadh, mac Uilliam Dhuib Uí Mhanchain & Conchubhar, mac Fearghail Uí Mhanchain & da mac Feighlímidh Ui Mhaela Duin do mharbadh a toraidhecht na creiche-sin.


Mag Fhlannchaidh, .i. Fearadach, do ég do 'n galar bhreac.


Niall Mag Ruaidhri & Donnchadh, a derbhrathair, do eg do 'n galar cetna.


Manistir na m-Brathar bhaile Ui Ruairc do losgadh & cupla brathar do losgadh inti, .i. Eremhan h-Ua Domnaill & mac Mael Seaclaínn Mheg Samradhain & moran dighbhala do 'n tir uile do dhenam inti.


Mag Craith Termaínn do throsgadh air chlaínn Aedha Caich Uí Neill, .i. air Fhailghi & air Mhaelechlaínn. In clann-sin & gach comluadar da bh-fhuaradar do dhenam creicche ar Mhag Craith & mac Mheg Craith, .i. Se{fol. B 115b}mas Buidhe & Nícolas, mac in Priorach Meg Craith, do mharbadh leo in la-sin a n-dighailt in troisgi-sin.


Seaan, mac Eoghain Ruaigh Uí Neill, do ghabhail le h-Art, mac Enri Bhailb Uí Neill & a thairbirt do Mhag Uidhir & Mag Uidhir & Clann Ghabhfrait d'a chrochadh.


Clann Iarla Chille Dara, .i. Semas & Uater & Oliber & Ristard & Seaan, do bheth a ceann fir inaid in righ, .i. Loord Línard, a cur leis a n-aghaidh mic a n-derbhrathar in n-athar fein, .i. Tomas. A n-ghabhail uile a n-aenfecht & a cur a Saxanaibh


& dar linno nach maith do frith sin.


Righ Saxan do dhenam chasaide air in m-bhannrighain gu n-derna si adhalltras & a cur cum bais trid-sin & a ceann do bhuain dí & nar' th-fhill se fein o n-a sheachran credim.


Flann Mac Con Mídhe, ceann caeraidhechta moíre, do mharbadh ar Trian Conghail le h-Albanachaibh.


Gilla Easbaig Daeíneachair, mac Mhic Domnaill na h-Alban, a bheth ag denam mhorain anatechta ar fud Triana Conghail.


Níall Óg, mac Neill, mic Cuinn, do thínol in tíre & amas do thabhairt orra & Gilla Easbaigh fein do mharbadh & da fichit, no tri, da maínntír farís.


Mac Domnaill na h-Alban a dhul d'h-eg (.i. Alastrann, mac Aeon Cathanaidh).


h-Ua Cathain do dhul ar creich air Mac Ubhelín. Rabhadh do dhul cum Mic Ubhelín & in tír uile do thínol dó & Albanaigh & a n-dul gu folaieach a n-inadh arithe. h-Ua Cathain do ghabhail creach in tíre & a cur roime. Mac Ubhelín do thegmhail daibh 'na n-arrcis & brísedh orra & na creacha do bhuain dib & moran da maintir do mharbadh & nar' th-fhillidar gur' loisgedh teach Ui Chathain leo.


Tomas Ballach, mac Anrías Mheg Craith, & Eoin, mhac Briain, mic Torrdhealbaigh Mheg Craith & Diarmaid, mac Seaain Mheg Craith, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Sluaghadh do dhenam leis h-Ua n-Domnaill um Mhag Uídhir, &


um Níall Óg h h-Ua Neill & um chlaínn Ui Ragalligh & a n-dhul a n-Íchtar Chonnacht & a m-beth etir Dhuibh & Dhrobhais in cet oidhche. h-Ua Domnaill da fhuagra do 'n t-shluagh farareachadh & lucht comheta do chur etorra & in sluagh Connachtach do bhi tinolte ina n-aghaidh. Aedh Buidhe, mac Ui Domnaill, do cur dhroinge do shlicht an Easbuig Ui Ghallchubhair cum comheta & h-Ua Buighill do dhul, began da mhainntir farís, a bh-fhoraire. In da fhoraire fein do thegmhail da cheile & Uath Buighil do mharbadh gu tubaisdeach etorra d'en buille do gha. {fol. B 115c} In sluagh do dhul trid a cheile uime-sin &, man' bheth feabhus ann edragain, gu tuitfidh moran etorra fo bhas Ui Bhuighill. In sluagh do dhul gu Tir Fhiathrach & a m-bheth annsin ocht la, no noi, ag milliudh in tire. Clann Ui Domnaill & Mag Uidhir & clann Ui Raghalligh do dhul, ocht xx., no noi, marcach, gu Tir Amhalghaidh. Moran dighbhala do dhenam dhoibh fo mhainístir na Maighne & creacha mora do thabairt leo cum in t-shluaigh. In sluagh do th-fhilliudh tareís Ui Domnaill do dhenam sithe etir in Easbach Baired & clainn t-Sheaain a Burc. Imruagadh minic do beth etír na sluaghthe-sin & ní mor n-díghbhala do-rínneadh etorra. h-Ua Domnaill do tiacht da thigh gan sith gan ossadh.


Sluaghadh leis h-U Neill ar Niall Óg h-Ua Neill fa in Cargín & fa Mhachaire in t-sheanchaislein. Moran arbha do mhílliudh dhoibh. h-Ua Neill do dhul asa-sin gu h-Oireacht Ui Chathain & gu Trian Conghail. Niall Og da dhul gu Locht Taighi Uí Neill & a beth ló gu n-oidhchi


a losgadh ann & ag mílliudh an tire. Clann Uí Neill & Mag Aenghasa do breth orra, toir throm. Ocus Mag Aenghasa fein do bheth 'na rofhear eich & e fein & Níall do bhualadh a ceile gu mor & Mag Aenghasa do ghabhail annsin le Níall & lena mhaínntír & le mac Mheg Uidhir do bhi faris, .i. le Cormac. Níall do th-fhilliudh slan da thigh fa bhuaigh cosgair.


Cormac Óg, mac Cormaic, mic Thaeidhg Mhec Carrthaigh — sgel mor & easbaidh romor d'Feraib Erínn uile; fear dob' fhearr smacht & riaghail & dob' fhearr do chínn eaglaise da raibhe a n-Erínn re n-a línn fein — do dhul d'eg in bliadhain-si fa buaigh Ongtha & aithrighe.


Feiglímidh, mac Feidhlímidh Ui Ruairc, d'fhadhail bais a m-braídhdenas a m-bhaile Briain Ui Ruairc in bliadhain-si.


Donnchadh, mac Tigernain, mic Eoghain Ui Ruairc & Tigernan, mac Taeidhg, mic Eogain cednna & Seaan, mac Cuinn, mic Tighernain Fhínn Ui Ruairc, do mharbadh a b-fheill le Domnall Ruadh, mac Donn{fol. B 115d}chaidh, mic Donnchaidh Ui Ruairc.


Gilla Dubh, mac Aedha, mic Ruaidhri Ballaigh Ui Chonchubhair, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


O Ruaircc do ghairm do Bhrian O Ruairc gairid beg roim Nollaig in bliadhain-si.


Toirrghealbach, mac Osgair, mic Taeidhg, do mharbhadh le claínn Eoghain Ruaidh Ui Neill in bliadhain-si.


Huone Mac Uaid, persun Cuil Maine & a bithcarr & bithcair is persun & oirrcinneach Cille Sgyre & dob' e-sin persun dob' fhearr da g-cuolomur a n-Erinn, gu n-dubairt in fer dana:

    1. Persun Cylle Sgire,
      Ceand fine, no féle,
      Is fairsind urlar a thaidhe,
      Ceand uidhe gacha cleire
— do ég Saatharn Minchásga in bliadhain-si.



Kal. Ianair for Luan, l. xui. Anno Domini M. d. xxx. uii.


Macanamha, .i. Taedhg, do dhul d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Sluaghadh leis h-Ua Neill air Níall Óg. Níall & a chaeraidhecht do theicidh for shleibhtib Thire h-Aedha & fo Thearmann Mheg Craith. h-Ua Neill da leanmhain & a sgeimhledh do dhul gu Port na Garbh Arda & gu Cois Deirgi & aircthe mora do bhreth leo. h-Ua Neill ampersir; Níall do dhenam sigha in la-sin feín & aissig do dhul air na creachaibh uile & Mag Aengasa, do bhi a láimh ag Níall, do thabairt asna crechaibh du O Neill & cardis-Crist do dhenam etir h-Ua Neill & o n-a chlaínn re Niall. h-Ua Neill do th-fhilliudh da thigh gu meanmach, agintach.


Art Og, mac ín Phriorach Mheg Aenghasa, do mharbadh in bliadhain-si.


Alexandar, mac Mic Domhnaill, .i. mac Rubhraighi, do dhul d'eg in bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 116a}Brian, mac Cormaic Ui Chianain, soei fhir thed, do dhul d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Semas Ruagh Sabhaeis do tharraíng Shaxanach aír mac Senecín Sabhaeis & mac Sénecin do mharbadh leo & se fir dheg da mhaínntír simul fris & a chaisdel do gabail leó.


h-Ua Domnaill, .i. Aedh, mac Aedha Ruaidh Ui Domnaill, do dhul d'ég a n-dheredh shamhraidh na bliadhna-so. Ocus ní taníg o Bhrian Bhoraimhe anuas righ dob' fhearr smacht & riaghail 'nas e. Ocus h-Ua Domnaill do dhenam da mac, .i. do Mhaghnas.


Mag Uídhir, .i. Cu Connacht, mac Con Connacht eile, ín fear is mo do ghabh tren air Eoganachaibh & air Chonallachaibh & air Oirgiall & air Bhreifnibh & aír gac comarsain da raibhe 'na timchill,


do mharbadh a bh-fheill le Flathbertach, mac Philib, mic Thorrdhealbaigh Mheg Uidhir & le claínn Fheighlímidh Dhuib, mic Gilla Phadruig Mheg Uidhir & le mac Gilla Phadruig Oíg x. die Octobris.


Clann an Íarla Mhoir, .i. Semas & Oleuerus & Ristard & Seaan & Uater, & Tomas, mac an Íarla Óig, do di-cheannadh le Saxan in bliadhain-si.


Saxanaigh do thíacht a m-Breifne Ui Ragilligh ar siubal & moran da maínntir do mharbadh & mac Ui Raghilligh, .i. Brian in Dubhthari do mharbadh leosan.


Feall ghranna do dhenam do chlaínn Ui Fhlannagain, .i. do chlaínn Gilla Ísa, mic Thorrdhealbaigh, .i. Torrdealbach & Muírcertach, air Muircertach, mac Gillibert Ui Fhlannagain. Ocus Día do t-impog air lucht na feille & iad cuig fír dheg & gan a mhaínntir eile acht cearthar. Muircertach, mac Gillibert, tareis a bhuailte gu mór, imchecht ar eigín do & gur' mo in dighbhail do-rínne se no gach a n-dernadh air.


An Íngin Dubh, ingin Ui Domnaill, .i. bean Olíuerus Burcc, do dhul d'eg in bliadhain-si.


h-Ua Gairmleghaidh, .i. Emann Dubh, d'athrighudh in bhliadhain-si & h-Ua Gairmleghaidh do dhenamh do Rubhraidhe.


Teampoll Macaire na Croissi & teampoll Cille Sgire do losgadh in bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 116b} Maidhm mor do thabairt du Ath Chonchubhair Fhailghi air Shaxanachaibh & air in Iustís Saxanach. Ocus in íustis do cur air marbadh do na Saxanaibh. A teampoll da losgadh air cesta gu fuíthi re n-aireamh iat & taníg tre fertaibh & tre mhírbhulibh De gur' loisgedh iadsan uile & nar' loisgidh in tempoll.


Art Og, mac Airt, mic Cuinn Ui Neill, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Kal. Ian. for Mairt l. xxuii. Anno Domini M. d. xxx. octauo.


Aedh Buídhe, mac Aedha, mic Aedha,


Ruaidh, mic Neill Ghairbh, mic Torrghealbaigh an Fhína Ui Domnaill, soei chínn-fheadhna & fir leanan na h-eighsi & in fer fa lan fir Erínn uille da ghradh, do dhul d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Cathaeir Modartha, mac Ui Raghalligh, saei chínn-fheadhna, do mharbadh lena Saxanachaibh in bliadhain-si.


Cathaeir, mac Mheg Fhlannchaidh, [gap: erasure/extent: half line] do dhul d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Barun Dealbhna, tigerna mor do Ghallaibh, do dhul d'eigi do in bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 116c} Semas Ruagh Shabhaeis do mharbadh le claeinn Senccin Sabhaeis etír Nollaig & fheil Brighde in bliadhain-si.


Brian, mac Neill Oig Uí Neill, do dhenam ínnsoighdhe air Níall, mac Cuínn, mic Neill Uí Neill, a caisdel na h-Oghmaidhe & sith & carrdis-Crist etorra & in caisdel do ghabhail doibh gan fhís & Níall fein, sgel mor, do mharbadh ann & Eoghan, macamh óg do budh mac dó, do mharbadh ann & Eogan, mac Emaínn Mic Somharle & Emann, mac Gilla Phadraig Mic Somharle, do mharbadh ann.


Fínghal ghranna do dhenam a Teallach Eathach, .i. Torghealbach Ballach, mac Tomais Mhaeil, mic Feidhlimídh Mheg Samhradhain, do ghabail lae cum cardisa-Crist do dhenamh re slicht Taeidhg Mheg Samradhain & teachd a ceann a chele dhoibh gu sithchanta. Do mharbh Torrghealbhach ochtar acu, .i. ceathrar da n-dhaeinibh uaisle & ceathrar eile faru & ceathrar leanam neamurchoideach. Ocus ar teacht do Fhlathbertach, mac Philib, mic Thorrgherlbhaigh Mheg Uidhir, orra, do thoirbhir siad dho in chrannog do bhi acu & do chuir Flathbertach a bharrdaegha fein uírre & do bhi si aigi feadh raithe, no gu bh-fhuair Semas, mac Philib, mic Bhriain Mheg Uidhir, a brath dho & gur' ghabh h-i & gu bh-fhuair edail mhor uírre. Semas


fein do mharbadh leosan fa ceaan x. la 'na dhiaidh-sin.


Niall Caech, mac Gerailt Ui Dhocharthaigh, do mharbadh a bh-fheill le claínn Fheidhlímidh, mic Conchubhair Charraigh Ui Dhomnaill.


h-Ua Flannagain Tuaithi Ratha, .i. Gilla Isa, mac Torrghealbhaidh, do mharbadh le Gilla Padraig, mac Magnasa Ui Fhlannagain & le claínn Gilla Issa Ui Fhlannagain & a mac, .i. Torrghealbadh, do mharbadh leo a teampoll an Achaidh Moir 'sa lo cednna.


Seaan, mac Domnaill, mic Airt Mheg Uídhir, do dhul d'eg, .i. tigerna na Leth Trian.


In Decanach, mac Airt, mic Lochlainn Ui Gallchubhair, do dhul d'eg.


Anabla, ingen Mheg Craith, .i. bean Tomalthaigh Mheg Uinnsinain, d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Sluaghadh leis h-Ua n-Domnaill gu Tir Fhiathrach & creacha mora do dhenam dhó & bualadh cladaich do dhenam orra.


Maidm mor do thabairt do chlaínn Ui Thuathail air Shaxanachaibh in bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 116d} Feall ghranna do dhenam do chlaínn Bhriain Mheg Fhlandchaidh air mac Meg Fhlannchaidh, .i. aír Thaedhg, mac Fearadhaidh & carrdis-Crist etorra: a mharbadh le tuaith chonnaichch.


Clann Philib, mic Torrghealbaigh Mhég Uidhir & slicht Gilla Padraig Mhég Uídhir & a m-buainidhe, .i. clann Eoghain Ruaidh Mic Shuíbhne, do dhul ar creich air claínn Mhég Uídhir in tres la do Cínncighis. Creach cille & tuaithe do ghlachadh dhoibh a purt Dam Ínnsi. Clann Mhég Uídhir do breth orra air baile Concubhair, tuarim xx. marcach & a creach do bhuain dibh & iad fein do mhaidhmachudh. Da mac Eoghain Ruaidh, .i. in Dubhaltach & Eoghan Ruadh, do mharbadh ann & in tres mac & mac Murchaidh, mic Eoghain Ruaidh, do ghabail ann & tuilledh tri fithid do mharbadh ann, um mac


Ghilla Dhuibh, mic Thorrghealbaigh & um mac mhic Airt, mic Cormaic, mic Airt Chule.


Sluaghadh leis h-Ua Raghilligh gu Cnoc Ninthi, air tarraing ingine Ui Raghilligh & chlaínne Mheg Uidhir. In Cnoc & Baile Uí Mhanchain & Clann Amhlaimh & Cill Naale do losgadh leo.


Niall Mor, mac Airt, mic Aedha Ui Neill, saei chínn-fheadhna, do dhul d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Rémann, mac Colla, mic Ruaídhri, mic Aedha Ballaigh Mic Domnaill, do dhul d'eg in bliadhain-si.


Sluaghadh leis h-Ua n-Domnaill gu Sligeach & Slígech do ghabhail doibh gu h-athasach & a n-dul asa-sin fa chaislen Ui Ghara & mac Ui Domnaill, .i. Níall Garbh, do mharbadh annsin d'aen urchur do ghunna. Ocus neart mor & tren do ghabhail doibh air Ichtair Connacht & t-fhilledh da tigh.


Sluaghadh leis h-Ua Neill eodem tempore gu Feraibh Manach & ordínas Gall simul fris & dream do na Saxanachaibh. Ocus a n-dul gu h-Innis Sgeillín & in caisdel-sin do ghabhail doibh um fheil Mo Laissi & comnaidhe cethre la do dhenam doibh annsin. Ocus Feighlímídh Caech, mac Uí Neill & corachadh marcsluaigh & corachadh Albanach & a lód uile d'fagbhail annsin. h-Ua Neill féin do dhul gu baile Uí Ruaircc & nach rug se air {fol. B 117a} chreachaibh. Ocus in tír do losgadh leo air a t-fhilliudh & caislen Ínnsi Sgeillínn do bhrissidh dhoibh & a m-beth da la, no tri, 'sa tír. Ocus Mag Uidhir do thiacht, moran daeíne, ina ceann & h-Ua Neill do th-fhilliudh da thigh gu meanmnach.


Duine maith oireacht, .i. Feighlímidh, mac Gilla Padraig Bhuidhe Mheg Ualraigh, air caitheamh fhorgla a aeíse, do mharbadh le Domnall, mac Mheg Uidhír & le claínn


Donnchaidh Mhaních Uí Mhanchain oidhche Sin Lauras. Domnall fein do ghabhail airna marach & tri míc Donnchaidh Mhaních do mharbadh a n-dighailt in cet mharbhtha-sin.


Tairmchrith mor do thiacht 'san aidheor a Feraibh Manach a tossach an fhoghmhair & cith mor clochshneachta do chur ann & gac ní re' r' bhain in cith-sin do na gortaibh, do mhilled uile iad.


Sluaghadh leis in Íustís Shaxanach gu Leth Cathail & mainístir Dhuin do losgadh leo & taissi Padraig & Choluim Chille & Bhrigde do bhreth leo & dealbh Chatrina. Ocus in caiptin Saxanach do breth na deilbhe leís gu faithche caisléin Duin A Droma & e fein do dhul 'sin chaislen & poll do bheth 'sin caisdel & in fer-sin do thuitim ann trid mhirbhuile De & Catrina & gan a fhís osin gu se.


Dealb Muire bhaile Atha Truim & Croch Naem bhaile Ui Bhogain & in Bhachall Issa do losgadh leísna Saxanachaibh in bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 117b} Kal. Ianair for Cetaín, l. ix.. Anno Domini M. d. xxx. ix.


Sluaghadh leis h-Ua n-Domnaill gu h-Ichtar Connacht & gan t-fhilliudh dó no gur' thabaigh se cis tri m-bliaghan orra & no gu tug se a m-braighde leis.


Mac Domnaill Galloglach do dhul a ceann slichta Aedha Ui Neill do chogadh air h-Ua Neill & Art, mac Mhíc Domnaill, do dhenam ghreissi air mhuinntír Feighlimidh Caeich Ui Neill & noenmar, no deichnemhar, do doeníbh & tri h-eich deg do mharbadh & do losgadh doibh. h-Ua


Neill do thínol a shluaig & a triall gu h-Ard Macha do dhighailt na greissi-sin. Mac Domnaill do thíacht a ceann Uí Neill & sith do dhenam rís.


h-Ua Domnaill do bheth a m-baile Ui Neill fo Iníd na bliadhna.


Feall ghranna do dhenam a n-Oirghiallaibh, .i. Rubraídhe, mac Remaínn Óig Mheg Mhathgamna, do dhul a Mainistír Mhuineachain & siubhal aír ag Brian na Mocheirghi. Brian da thabhairt asa mainistir amach — & carrdis-Crist dó rís — & a mharbadh gu lochtach. Ocus as e fein do thaníg amach dh'a dheoin fein deis anacail.


h-Ua Neill, .i. Conn, mac Cuinn, mic Enrí, mic Eoghain, do bheth fo Chaisg na bliadhna-sa a n-Dun na n-Gall, a m-bhaile Ui Domnaill, .i. a m-bhaile Mhagnusa, mic Aedha, mic Aedha Ruaidh & sith daingin do dhenam doibh re cheile re n-a línn fein fo minnaibh mhainistreach na m-Bhrathar, fa chur re cheile a n-aghaidh gac aein.


{fol. B 117c} Tuilledh ele dó ghenamh isin m-blíadhain-so, .i.: Corbmac Mhég Uidhir, in t-aen mac righ dob' fhearr lamh & uaisle da raibhe ina comaímsir, do mharbadh lena lucht lenamhna fein, .i. le Cobhthach Mac Samhradhain & le Muinntir Dobhilen & le slicht Aedha, mic Pilib, xxui. die mensis Aprilis.


Sluaghadh leisin Íustís Saxanach ar h-Ua Neill um Bealltaine & a m-beth da oidhche a n-Ard Mhacha & slicht Aedha Ui Neill & Mac Domnaill d'iarradh air gan baile a patruin fein do mhilliudh, no do losgadh & in Iustis do ghabhail a comarle iar sin & osadh coecaise do dhenam doibh ris h-Ua Neill.


Semas, mac Tomais, mic Cormaic


Mheg Uidhir, do mharbadh leis in Gilla n-Dubh, mac Cathail, mic Eoghain & le Ruaidhri, mac Rubhraidhe Mheg Uidhir.


Semas, mac Domnaill Mheg Uidhir & triur da mainntír simul fris do mharbadh le slicht Domnaill Ui Neill & le claínn Murchaidh.


Domhnach Mor Mhaighi Clair do losgadh eter theach & theampol, acht aen teach in t-shagairt.


Torneach & teinnteach is mo d'a n-dearnadh riam roime a mí mheadhon in t-Samraidh-so, do mill moran do na gorthaibh & do 'n bhlath.


Piarurus Ruag Builter, .i. Iarla Urmuman, d'h-eg in bliadhain-so.


h-Ua Briain, .i. Concobur, mac Taidhg Ui Briain, d'h-eg in bliadhain-so.


{fol. B 117d} Kal. Ian. for Dardain, l. xx. Anno Domini M. d. xl.


Clann Ui Buighill, .i. Concobur & Niall Ruagh, do tuitim re ceille a n-Errach na bliadhna-so.


Abb Arda Macha, .i. Gilla Padraig O Donnguilli, d'h-eg in bliadhain-si.


Graine Og, ingin Ui Uiginn, .i. ben Fedhlím Ui Doibhilen, d'h-eg an bliadhain-so.


Seaan, mac Donnchaidh, mic Remainn Meg Uidhir, do mharbadh le Domnall n-Glinnach O Neill um fheil Padraig na bliadhna-so.


Da mac Briain, mic Domnaill Ui Neill, .i. Domnall & Feidhlim, a nh-eg in bliadhain-so.


Aedh Gruamdha, mac Uilliam, mic an Espuic Ui Gallchabair, .i. fer ler' tuit O Buighill, do marbadh le Clainn m-Buigill.


h-Ua Neill do tiacht


a Feraibh Manach & Mag Uidhir do denam doibh do Sheaan, mac Con Connacht Meg Uidhir, gan ced do Gilla Padraig Mag Uidhir do bi 'na Mag Uidhir & é a martra moir. Trosgadh lae feil Muire mor do-righnidh sin.


Seachan, mac Cuinn h-Ui Domnaill, do marbadh le clainn Murchaidh Mic t-Shuibhne na Thuathand an bliadhain-si.


{fol. B 118a} Clann Ui Domnaill, .i. Donnchadh Cairbrech & Eignechan & Seaan Luirg, do thiacht a cend Ui Domnaill le h-arrcis in Caluaidh. Ocus na tri Mic Suibne & in da h-Ua Fhirgil & h-Ua Domnaill da n-gabhail & do crochadh Seaain (.i. mic Briain, mic Aodha Ballaigh).


Oedh Mac Domnaill do dul d'h-eg.


Tomas Mac Magnussa, .i. in t-Afisdel, do dul d'h-eg.


Plaig do beth a n-Arda Muinntire Luinin & Neime O Luinin d'eg & a bean & clann.


Pilib Og, mac Pilib, mic Briain & mac Neill Gairb Ui Domnaill do thiacht ar creith a Muindtir Feodachain & Domhnall Óg h-Ua Doibilen & clann Cormaic Mic Almunain do crochadh doibh & daine maithe uaisle do marbadh leo, .i. Torrdelbach, mac Tomais Maeil Mic Samhraghaín & Fer Dorca, mac Aodha, mic Tomais cetna, do marbadh ann.


O Dochardaigh do dul d'h-eg an bliadain-so, .i. Gearailt, mac Domnaill, mic Feidlím Ui Dochartaigh & O Dochartaigh do denamh d'Fheilim, mac Concubhuir Carraigh.


Sluaghadh do denam leis h-Ua n-Domnaill & leis h-Ua Neill docum Gall & bailte do brisad doibh ann, .i. baile Atha Ría & an Uaimh. Ocus an sluagh Ghoidhel do filliudh & foslongport do gabail a Fern Magh. Ocus an Ghiustís Saxanach & maithe Gall da leanmain & brisedh ar na tiarnaibh


Goidhelach & moran loind & d'edail Gall fein do buain dib and. Ocus Mag Aongusa do marbadh and & Mac Mael Craibhe, .i. Gilla Padraig & Mael Muire Meirgach, mac Eogain Ruaidh Mic Shuibhne, do marbadh fos and.


Niall Og h-Ua Buighill do marbadh le Concubur, mac Ui Buigill.


Dundara Mac Caba, .i. mac in Gilla Duibh Mic Caba, .i. consubal slichta Pilib Meg Uidhir, d'h-eg in bliadain-so.


Mac Samhraghain do marbadh a feall an bliadhain-so & h-Aithne do righadh ina ínadh.


h-Ua Caside d'h-eg in bliadhain-si, .i. Gilla na Naem, ollumh slichta Pilib Meg Uidhir.


Da mac Aodha Mergidh Ui Neill, .i. Conn, mac Aodha & Domnall Dainechair, do marbadh re Macc Uibelín, .i. Rudhrai Macc Uibelin, a taebh afhos do Bel Fersti & e a n-dul ar siubal a n-Aird Uladh & iatsan ar {fol. B 118b} m-beth a toraidhecht fair[gap: text illegible]


Kal. Ian. for Satharn l. i., Anno Domini M. d. xl. i.


Ruaidhri Bacach O Neill, .i. mac Enri Oig, mic Enri Móir, mic Eogain, mic Neill Oig, .i. in fer do marbh Coin Connacht, mac Enri, mic Eogain, a feall, a h-eg an bliadain-so.


Ruaidri O Casside, .i. ard-dechain Clochair, d'h-eg in bliadhain-so. Ocus is é do scribh in lebur-sa pro maiori parte. Nech bui lan do ecna i n-gach uile eladhain co h-aimsir a eitsechta, eter dligedh & diagacht, fhisigecht & fellsaime.



Kal. Ian. for Domnach, l. xii., Anno Domini M. d. xl. ii.


{fol. B 118d}Kal. Ian. for Luan, l. xxiii., Anno Domini M. d. xl. iii.


{fol. B 118b}Kal. Ian. for Mairt, l. xxix., Anno Domini M. d. xl. 9.


Giolla Gruammdha O Flannagain, .i. mac Aodha, mic in persuin Innsi, mortuus est. Ocus tabradh in t-i leigfes bendacht for a anmuin.


Kal. Ian. for Dardain, l. xxi., Anno Domini M. d. l. i.


Persun Innsi, .i. Emunn O Flandagáin, neoch do bí lán d'indscne & d'ealadhain & da gach uile t-subhaltin aircena & do bo maith teach aidhedh, a ég in bliadhain-si.


{fol. A 77a}Anno Domini M. d. lx. iiii.


Tomas, mac Olifer, mic Geróid Iarla, fer a aosa dob' fherr lámh & daonacht do Ghallaibh Erenn, d'fhagbail bais an bliadhain-si. Ocus is doilech d'aos eladhna Erenn in bás-sin.


{fol. B 117b}Kal. Ianair for Aine, l. xii., Anno Domini M. d. lxxx.


Ingean Con Connacht, mic Con Connacht eili, d'eg: bean desearcach, deigheinigh re bochtaib De & re damaibh & re cliaraib & re deoraidhuib & re gnathgeaogeachaib, re filedaib & re ollamuib, ro gac duine d'ar' gnath beth ag cuindcid d'iarraig ar feadh Erann, — bas maith la Ongta & aithride, do reir creitaigta Catailce, d'faghail di. Ocus go dearnaig Dia trocaire ar a h-anmuin, o denfhas se sin ar meid a gnmomradh. .i. bean Briain, meic Aodha Óig Meg Maghnusa.



{fol. B 117d}Kal. Ian. for Domnach, l. xuiii., Anno Domini M. d. lxxx. iiii.


Brían, mac Donnchaidh Meg Uidhir, in mac righ dobh' ferr eineach & enghnamh, gal & gaisccedh & dob' fherr aíthne ar gach n-ealadhain, a eg in bliadhain-si. Ocus tabradh in t-i leighfes bendacht air a anmuin.


{fol. B 107d}Kal. Ian. for Cetain, l. x., Anno Domini 1586.


Xx. ui. lá do mhi October, Eoghan Ulltach, mac an Doctura, .i. Donnchadh, mac Eoghain, d'h-eg an bhliadhain-si: én oide & én saói Eirenn re leighis.


{fol. B 117a}Kal. Ian. for Aine, l. ii., Anno Domini M. d. lxxx. 8.


Mac Remuinn Breithfnenigh Meg Uidhir do marbadh eiter da fheil Muire, .i. Giolla Padraig. Ocus a dol re Mag Uidhir do roime-sin & a tuitim re sluagh Uí Domnaill: .i. saoi bíataigh & fear tige-aigheadh & duine do cosnum a cuid do 'n tír i nn-gach en ceim, mar ta ceannus-feadhna & dol a ceann Saxanach gac re la ar son an tire.


{fol. B 117d}In Giolla Dubh, mac Seáin, mic Pilib Meg Uidhir, do marbadh d'aon orchor péiléir lé Saxanchaibh do bí ag Oirgíallaibh, ar n-dol do mac Meg Uidhir, .i. Aodh, mac Con Connacht, mic Con Connacht, mic Con Connacht, ar creich orra. Ocus brisedh ar Oirgíallaibh & ar Saxanchaibh doibh, gan dioghbáil doibh fein, acht in duine maith, uasál-sin, .i. mac Seáain.


{fol. B 118b}h-Ua Concubhair Sligigh, .i. Domhnall, mac Thaoidg, mic Cathail Óig h-Ui Concubhair, do eg in bliadhain-si.