Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition

Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na Núachongbála

Author: [unknown]

Table of Contents

Background details and bibliographic information
The CELT edition as a single file

section 1


Gilla Cóemáin: Hériu ard inis na rríg

section 2

p.491 MS folio 129b 45

{MS folio 129b} Gilla Coemain cecinit. Attá sund forba fessa

section 3

p.496 MS folio 130b 20

{MS folio 130b} Gillae Coemain cecinit. Analad anall uile

section 4

p.504 MS folio 131b 35

15640] {MS folio 131b} Fland Manistrech cecinit.

section 5

p.509 MS folio 132a 50

{MS folio 132b} Fland cecinit.

section 6

p.516 MS folio 133b 10

15990] {MS folio 133b} Mael Muru Othna cecinit.

section 7

p.524 MS folio 135a 25

{MS folio 135a} Mac Cosse fer legind Ruis Ailithir cecinit.

section 8

p.533 MS folio 136b 10

{MS folio 136b} Gilla Mo Dutu cecinit.

section 9

p.563 MS folio 141b 25

{MS folio 141b} Dublitir hua Uathgaile cecinit.

section 10

p.574 MS folio 143a 35

{MS folio 143a} Gilla in Chomded hua Cormaic cecinit.

section 11

p.588 MS folio 145a 50

Ailbe: Úar in lathe do Lum Luine

section 12

p.590 MS folio 145b 15

{MS folio 145b} Fland cecinit.

section 13

p.592 MS folio 145b 45

CLanna Ailella Uluim uill

section 14

p.594 MS folio 146a

Senchán Torpéist: A Pair ri sil nEogain Móir

section 15

p.597 MS folio 146a 45

Trí Fothaid Elgga cen chron

section 16

p.598 MS folio 146a 50

18380] {MS folio 146b} Ailill Ulom cecinit.

section 17

p.602 MS folio 146b

Ailill Ólomm: A Maccáin ná cí

section 18

p.608 MS folio 147a 50

Dub Dá Thúath: Diambad messe bad rí reil

section 19

p.613 MS folio 148a 20

{MS folio 148a} Fothad na Canone cecinit

section 20

p.621 MS folio 148b 50

{MS folio 149a} Fothad na Canone cecinit cu Aed Ordnithe.

section 21

p.622 MS folio 149a

{MS folio 149a} Mo Lling cecinit.

section 22

p.623 MS folio 149a 15

{MS folio 149a} Fithal & Cormac cecinerunt.

section 23

p.625 MS folio 149a 35

A Chormaic coisc do maicni

section 24

p.627 MS folio 149a 50

Teist Chathail meic Finguine

section 25

p.629 MS folio 149b 20

19220] {MS folio 149b 25} Diarmait mac Cerbaill cecinit.

section 26

p.632 MS folio 150a 10

19295] {MS folio 150a} Fland Fina cecinit

section 27

p.633 MS folio 150a 20

{MS folio 150a} Cinaed hua Artacain cecinit.

section 28

p.635 MS folio 150a 45

{MS folio 150a} Fland cecinit.

section 29

p.637 MS folio 150b 25

19430] {MS folio 150b} Fland mac Lonain cecinit.

section 30

p.663 MS folio 150b 50

{MS folio 154a} Ossin cecinit.