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Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na Núachongbála

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ed. by R. I. Best and M. A. O'Brien

proof corrections by Maurice O'Reilly

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Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na Núachongbála: Author: [unknown]


Gilla Cóemáin: Hériu ard inis na rríg

    1. {MS folio 127a} HERiu ard inis na rríg.
      magen molbthach na mórgním;
      nocon fitir duni a diach
      conos fúair Bith hua Lamíach.

    2. 14665] Ladru is Bith Fintan fáthach
      .l. ingen ingnathach;
      lucht ro chétgab Banba bind
      .xl. la ria ndilind.
    3. {MS folio 127a 5} Atbath Cessair do thám trait.

      14670] tíar i Cúil Cesra a coícait.
      don robanuch ruathar gand.
      atbath Ladru i nArd Ladrand.
    4. Atbath Fintan fath fíre.
      sin Mumain do mallchrine.

      14675] Bith ina sléib lúaided seirc.
      marb de chumaid a oenmeic.
    5. Oenbliadain déc datta in blad.
      iar ndílind.ccc. mbliadan;
      {MS folio 127a 10} don Hérind galaig can glór.

      14680] conas ragaib Partholon
    6. Partholon puirt Gc glan grind
      .ccc. bliadan baí i nHerind.
      co n-erbailt de thám iar tain
      .ix. mile ra hóensechtmain.

    7. 14685] Óentricha bliadan can brón.
      ba fás Heriu iar Partholon;
      co toracht Neimed anair
      dar muir cona mormaccaib

    8. p.472

    9. {MS folio 127a} Cethri meic in laích don lind.

      14690] Starn Fergus Ardán Annind {MS folio 127a 15}
      dochoid Neimed éc de thám.
      fichi cét i crích Liathán.
    10. Lecht Stairn sin debaid duind
      la Febail i Cés Choraind

      14695] marba de gallind ni chél.
      Annind & Iarbonél.
    11. And sin luid Fergus ria chlaind.
      {MS folio 127a 20} coro bris Cathraig Conaind.
      dorochair Fergus na feirg

      14700] la Morc mac Deiled drechdeirg.
    12. Da cét bliadan blad cech druing
      ón maidmsin Cathrach Conaind;
      co tancatar clanna Stairn
      assin Gic uathmair acgairb.

    13. 14705] Sé bliadna déc is da cet
      re árim. ní himmarbréc
      {MS folio 127a 25} ro chaith Neimed cona chlaind.
      coro toglad Tor Conaind.
    14. Coic íg rissin muriucht mass.

      14710] tancatar dar muir morglass;
      hi tri longsib ni fáth fand
      Galiuin Fir Bolg Fir Domnand.
    15. Flaith Fer mBolg Rudraige in rí.
      gabais for Tracht Rudraigi;

      14715] i nInbiur Slaine na srían.
      Slaine re Feraib Galian.
    16. {MS folio 127a 30} Fir Domnand co trí rígaib.
      lam des fri Herind n-íraig;
      Sengand Genand & Gand.

      14720] gabsat Irrus datta Domnand.

    17. p.473

    18. {MS folio 127a} Óenchóiced ic Feraib Bolg
      cóiced Fer Galían cen anord;
      & tri chóicid in rand.
      rucsat Fir datta Domnand.

    19. 14725] Doratsat in cethrur cain.
      rígi nHerend dia mbrathair;
      conid é Sláne sáer seng.
      cétrí ro gab tír nHerend.
    20. {MS folio 127a 35} Estid ri haidid cach fir.

      14730] ra ainm & ra amsir.
      coro innisiur dúib uile.
      rigu Fotla foltbude.
    21. Bliadain do Sláne don laech
      corod marb galar garbgaeth;

      14735] adnacht i nDumu Sláne
      cétrí Herend echbáne.
    22. {MS folio 127a 40} Dí bliadain Rúdraige ruith
      co n-erbalt issin ardBruig.
      Gand Genand marba de thám

      14740] .iiii. bliadna a flaith forlán.
    23. Cóic bliadna Sengaind iar sein.
      co torchair la Fiachraig.
      cóic bliadna Fiachrach finnaid
      conid romarb ruadRindail.

    24. 14745] Sé bliadna Rinnail don raind.
      rod marb Odbgen mac Sengaind;
      {MS folio 127a 45} Odbgen ro chaith a cethair.
      dorochair la airdEchaig.
    25. Eochu mac Eirc in rí raith

      14750] .x. mbliadna a flathius lánmaith;
      é sin cétrí do rind
      ro gaet ar tús i nHerind. H.

    26. p.474

    27. {MS folio 127a} Nuadu Argatlám na n-ech.
      rod marb Balar Balcbemnech

      14755] .xx. bliadan a flathius
      ós Herind i n-ardmathius
    28. {MS folio 127a 50} Bres mac Eladan meic Néit.
      ropo ruiri co roméit
      .uii. mbliadna dó nir fota

      14760] éc atbath don ruadrota.
    29. {MS folio 127b} Ro giallad do Lug don láech.
      da fichet bliadan barrgáeth;
      mórecht doringni Mac Cuill
      bás hui Dían Cecht i Caíndruim.

    30. 14665] Eochu Ollathair íarma.
      cethri fichit findbliadna.
      bás in Dagdai derg na ndrend
      dond erchor tarlaic Ceithnend.
    31. {MS folio 127b 5} Deich mbliadna don Delbaeth dil

      14770] co torchair do láim Chachir
      x. mbliadna Fiachach findgil.
      coros marb Eogan airdInbir.
    32. .IX. mbliadna fichet malle.
      Mac Cuill Mac Cecht Mac Grene;

      14775] tri meic Cermata co n-úaill
      i rríge os Banba bratrúaid.
    33. Dorochair Mac Grene gel.
      i Taltin la hAmairgen;
      {MS folio 127b 10} Mac Cuill la Éber inn óir.

      14780] Mac Cecht do laim Herimoin. H.
    34. Bliadain. i rrige 'ma róen.
      d'Hérimón is d'Ébiur foltchaem;
      co torchair Eber iar tain
      do láim Herimóin imglain.

    35. p.475

    36. 14785] Hérimón airdairc cen on. {MS folio 127b}
      ba leis ind Heriu a óenor
      ré secht mbliadan déc don dos.
      éc atbath i nArgetros.
    37. A thrí meic.iii. bliadna ar blad

      14790] co bás Mumne i mMaig Crúachan; {MS folio 127b 15}
      Luigne & Láigne na lland.
      ro marbtha i cath Aird Ladrand.
    38. Lechta cethri mac Ebir.
      la Iriel Fáid finnfénnid;

      14795] lethbliadain a flaith nir mór.
      Aer Orba Fergna. Feron.
    39. Iriel Fáid fiched gail gaíth.
      a.x. remes in rolaích;
      {MS folio 127b 20} co n-erbailt i mMaig Múade.

      14800] de galar olc oenúaire.
    40. Ethriel mac Irieoil na n-ech.
      cert.xx. bliadan buidnech
      co torchair i rRaírind rúaid.
      do laim Conmail chlaidebrúaid.

    41. 14805] Conmael mac Ebir cen ail.
      cétflaith mórBanba a mMumain.
      árim trí ndeich mbliadan bras.
      co torchair la Tigernmas
    42. {MS folio 127b 25} Tigernmas ba trén a rig

      14810] .uii. mbliadna ar secht ndechib;
      co n-erbailt issin tám thend.
      i torchair ár fer nHerend.
    43. Eochu Étgudach amra
      .iiii. bliadna ós brecBanba;

      14815] ní dalb i cath Temrach tricc.
      rod marb Cermna mac Ébric.

    44. p.476

    45. {MS folio 127b} Cermna Sobairche seol mbil.
      dá mac Ebric meic Ebr
      {MS folio 127b 30} da fichet bliadan co mblaid.

      14820] cétríg Herend a Ultaib.
    46. Aided Sobairche na dún.
      la Echaid Mind darin múr
      aided Cermna sin chath cas
      la Eochaig Find Faeburglas

    47. 14825] .Xx. bliadan blad co n-aíb. {MS folio 127b 35}
      flathius Echach meic Conmaíl
      Fiacha Labrainni na llerg
      ro marb Echaid Faeburderg.
    48. Xx. a cethair cen chaimme

      14830] ba flaith Fiacha Labrainne;
      docer rí fene Fabair.
      i cath Slébi Belgadain.
    49. Bliadain fora deich fa dó
      fot flatha Echach Mumó'

      14835] co torchair in caemdos cain.
      lasin nOengus nOlmucaid
    50. Sé bliadna fa dí in tucaid.
      ba rí in tOengus Olmucaid
      {MS folio 127b 40} docer i Carmon in chleth.

      14840] la hEnna n-adbol nAirctech
    51. Arim noí mbliadan fa thrí
      d'Énna Airgdech don ardrí
      rod marb Rothechtaid mac Maín.
      i mMaig rúaid Raigne rocaín

    52. p.477

    53. 14845] Ré chóic mbliadan co mblaid. {MS folio 127b}
      ro giallad do Rothectaid
      dorochair la Setna nArt
      issin Chruachain cetna Connacht
    54. {MS folio 127b 45} Cóic bliadna do Setna Art

      14850] docer in rí rá romac
      niru maith in mac mílib tor.
      dia athair a sarugod
    55. Xui. bliadna fa chethair.
      flaith Fiachach fialchrechaig

      14855] Fiacha flaith sochair na slog
      dorochair la Munemón
    56. Munemón .u. bliadna ar blaid.
      fat flatha meic Cais Chlothaig.
      {MS folio 127b 50} atbath rí Dairbre do thám

      14860] i mMaig Aidne immelbán
    57. Arim deich mbliadan can brón.
      do mac morgarg Munemón
      docer Ailderg Dóit in raith.
      la hOllomain i Temraig.

    58. 14865] Trícha bliadan fora deich. {MS folio 128a}
      co éc Olloman étsid;
      rí na n-éces ard a rath
      ca ndernad cétfess Temrach.
    59. Tren a mac Finnachta Fáil

      14870] a deich thucad na degdáil;
      i mMaig Inis do thám trá
      fuair crád rí milis Macha.
    60. Mac d'Ollomain Slánoll súairc
      .x. mbliadna a.uii. for sóerchuairt;

      14875] atbath cen chloemchlód for dath {MS folio 128a 5}
      i mmedón tige Temrach.

    61. p.478

    62. {MS folio 128a} Trí secht mbliadan buan in rath.
      ro chaith Gede Ollgothach;
      co torchair Géde in garta

      14880] la Fiachaig mac Finnachta.
    63. Fichi bliadan blad cen geis.
      fat flatha Féic for longeis;
      docer rí Cera na clad.
      i cath Brega la Berngal.

    64. 14885] Berngal mac Gede in gáeth grind {MS folio 128a 10}
      da bliadain déc a daglind;
      ro thairind sin gleicc a gail.
      Ailill mac meic d'Ollomain.
    65. Ailill .uii. mbliadna fa dó

      14890] degmac Slánuill ni saebró;
      fúair aided la Sírna.
      la ríg Temra toebidna.
    66. Temair Fáil fúair charait caím.
      dia toracht Sirna slattchaín;

      14895] a thrichait cét láech iar ló {MS folio 128a 15}
      ro scar ríge ri Ulto:
    67. Ro chaith Sírna co sríanaib.
      re tri sectaib soerbliadnaib;
      aided Sirna slechtaib.

      14900] i nAlind la Rothechtaid.
    68. Rothechtaid ro thairind rot.
      remis .uii. mbliadan mbithboc;
      oc Dún Sobairche ósin tsál
      ra loisc in tene geláin.

    69. 14905] Gabais Ellim co ngíallaib {MS folio 128a 20}
      ríge os Herind oenbliadain.;
      dorochair Ellim co n-aíb
      la mac Ailella Olchaín.

    70. p.479

    71. {MS folio 128a} Árim.ix. mbliadan namma

      14910] ro giallad mac Ailella;
      dorochair Giallchad gart grind.
      la hArt Imlech mac Ellim.
    72. Árim sé mbliadan fa dó
      d'Art iaram ní himmargó;

      14915] la Nuadait Fáil fichtib bla. {MS folio 128a 25}
      dorochair Art Imlecha.
    73. Aided Nuadat rofess lib.
      la Bress Rig mac Airt Imlich;
      cethri deich bliadan bríge.

      14920] ro feith Nuadu nertríge.
    74. Noí mbliadna Bressi na mberg.
      rapo mór tressi a thrénredg;
      aided meic Airt inn airm chrúaid.
      i mmulluch Cairn chaiss Chonlúain.

    75. 14925] Cethri ráthi rúthi cath. {MS folio 128a 30}
      dond Eochaid urdairc Apthach;
      docer Eochaid Átha Lúain.
      la Find mac Bratha bratrúaid.
    76. Bliadain .uii. mbliadna fo thrí

      14930] fot flatha Find Formaíli;
      aided ind Find chétna chlé
      la Sétna mbind. mac Bresse.
    77. Setna airegda arsaid.
      dorat chrod do chetamsaib;

      14935] certfichi bliadan cen brón {MS folio 128a 35}
      coro riagad la Simón.
    78. Simón Brec sé bliadna ar becht.
      rop é in t-iarla cen anrecht;
      la Duach Find mac Sétna sláin.

      14940] fuair ing éca mac Aedáin.

    79. p.480

    80. {MS folio 128a} Ed deich mbliadan co mbladaib
      ro chaith Duach mac Indaraid;
      dorochair rí Cláre i cath
      i mMáge la Murethach.

    81. 14945] Muredach mí for bliadain {MS folio 128a 40}
      robo rí co rogiallaib;
      fuair Muridach celg tria chath
      la hEnna nDerg mac Duach.
    82. Da bliadain déc réil a rath.

      14950] ropo rí mac déin Duach;
      marb cuinnid cach liss cuimnig.
      i Sleib Miss co morbuidnib.
    83. Noí mbliadna riaglom réil bla.
      Lugdach Iarndond meic Énna;

      14955] dorochair in ruri rán. {MS folio 128a 45}
      i rRaith Chlochair la Sirlam.
    84. Sírlam saiged slúag Muimnech.
      da n-ocht mbliadan brecbuidnech;
      fuair a thairbirt sin tress.

      14960] la Eochaig n-airdairc nÚarchess.
    85. Eocho Úarchess ard a flaith
      .uii. mbliadna a coic ro chaemchaith
      dorochair rí Banba ar blaid.
      ri maccaib calma Congail.

    86. 14965] Eocho & Conamg co ngail. {MS folio 128a 50}
      da mac Congail Chostadaig;
      bátar da rechtiarla in raith.
      réu. mbliadna i comflaith.
    87. {MS folio 128b} Eochu Fidmuine na fergg.

      14970] docer la Lugaid Lámderg;
      .uii. mbliadna do Lugaid lainn.
      iar sin ros mudaig Conaing.

    88. p.481

    89. {MS folio 128b} Conaing mac Congail cleth glan.
      {MS folio 128b 5} níro n-ómnaig rí riam;

      14975] fichi ro chaith for cach leth.
      coro marb Art mac Lugdech.
    90. Art mac Lugdech laechda a gluinn.
      bliadain a cóic i Caíndruim;
      dorochair Art sin debuid.

      14980] la Fiachra mac Muredaig.
    91. Mac Airt oenbliadain déc daith.
      Ailill Find féta in fírlaith;
      dorochair i cath Odba.
      la Argatmár imcholma.

    92. 14985] Ro chinset a céim curad. {MS folio 128b 10}
      Eocho Lugaid laechcurach;
      co cend .uii. mbliadan dar sál.
      ro innarbsat Argatmár.
    93. Eocho mac Ailella Find.

      14990] ro marb Argatmár imgrind;
      rí Carmuin Clare & Cliach.
      i nÁne na n-armsciath.
    94. Arim trí ndeich mbliadan mbán.
      ro giallad do Argatmár;

      14995] ro scarsat ria gargblaid nglain. {MS folio 128b 15}
      Duach Ladgair & Lugaid.
    95. Lugaid Laidech ro lín mag
      .uiii. mbliadna a bríg for borrfad;
      docer craeb chumnech in Cairn

      15000] la hAed mbuidnech mac mBaduirn.
    96. Áed mac Baduirn nós Banba.
      árim tri secht saerchalma.
      bás ríg Maige cruaid Cétne.
      i nEss Rúaid na roécne.

    97. p.482

    98. 15005] Dorochair Dithorba dond. {MS folio 128b}
      {MS folio 128b 20} risna cuanaib i Corond;
      xx. & bliadain glan gle.
      rí for fíannaib Fáilinse.
    99. Fiche & a .uii. co mblaid.

      15010] do Chimbáeth mór mac Fintain;
      Cimbaeth cáem cétflaith Emna.
      éc atbath rí roThemra.
    100. Remis .uiii. mbliadan co mblaid.
      dia éis iaram don rigain

      15015] Macha co mbertaib na mbergg. {MS folio 128b 25}
      coros marb Rechtaid Rigderg.
    101. Rechtaid ro chaith fichit féig.
      mac Lugdech Laidig lángéir;
      rí Clochair is Chind Maige.

      15020] dorochair la Ugaine.
    102. Ugaine maith miad nglan.
      flaith cethri deich dagbliadan;
      ní cian os bruinne in Braga.
      ro marb buille Badbchatha.

    103. 15025] Da bliadain Loegaire Luirc. {MS folio 128b 30}
      i rrige os Banba brecbuic;
      ra lochrad in chraeb cen chol.
      la Cobthach Cáel i Carmon.
    104. Cobthach cóic .x. bliadan mbúan.

      15030] ro riarad in rí rorúad;
      coro loisc tene isin tig.
      ic ól na flede ic Labraid.
    105. Labraid Loingsech laech ro chaith
      .ix. bliadna déc co degmaith;

      15035] Labraid Bérre cosin mblaid. {MS folio 128b 35}
      ro marb Melge mac Cobthaig.

    106. p.483

    107. {MS folio 128b} Ro chaith Meilge maith a lí
      .uii. mbliadna déc ba degrí;
      dorochair dar bord cia bé

      15040] sin chath la Mog Corb Cláire.
    108. Mog Corb a mMumain cen meirgg.
      mac meic Rectaid Rígdeirg
      docer coemdoss Cind Mara
      la Óengus hua Labrada.

    109. 15045] Oengus Ollam a hocht déc. {MS folio 128b 40}
      dorat socht for slúag saerGc.
      docer rí Edne cen ail
      la mac Meilge meic Cobthaig.
    110. Mac Melge Irireo án.

      15050] remis ocht mbliadan bithlán;
      la Fer Corbb mac Moga Cuirb.
      docer rí Broga in brecduirnd.
    111. Bliadain ara deich d'Fir Chorb
      ropo ruithnech a rígdordd;

      15055] dorodbad inn omna ard. {MS folio 128b 45}
      a rron dlig Conla clethgarg.
    112. A cethair fa chóic cen cheo.
      remis irdairc Irereo;
      sin Temraig mogda cen mair.

      15060] atbath Conla hua Cobthaig.
    113. Cóic bliadna.xx. fria ré
      Ailella na ardrige;
      Amathair mac Fir Chuirp caiss.
      é ro glacc in duirb drechmais.

    114. 15065] Deich mbliadna fo trí i tuilg Te {MS folio 128b 50}
      mac Fir.Chuirp i comrige;
      docer la Eochaig co n-aíb.
      Amathair Flidais Foltchaín.

    115. p.484

    116. {MS folio 129a} Fiche acht sé bliadna ar blad.

      15070] ba rí Eocho Altlethan;
      co torchair tíar inna thaig.
      la Fergus fíal Fortamail.
    117. Fergus fúair óenbliadain déc
      maith ro ríarad in rogéc;

      15075] docer bid cumnech in cath.
      la Oengus Turmech Temrach.
    118. {MS folio 129a 5} Trí fichit bliadan co mblaid.
      d'Oengus Turmech i Temraig;
      ba sním ri cuane Chnuic Breg.

      15080] éc ríg Tuage & Talten.
    119. Cóic bliadna na ré cu rrath.
      Conall cialla Collomrach;
      Nia Segamain ro múdaig.
      fer feramail findChodail.

    120. 15085] Fuair Nia Segamuin. a secht
      osind Érind cen andrecht;
      {MS folio 129a 10} dorochair in carpdech cass.
      la hEnna nAirgdech n-amnass.
    121. Enna Airgdech ardd a blad.

      15090] ro chaith cethri chóic bliadan;
      rí Banba docer i cath.
      la Crimthand calma Coscrach.
    122. Cethri bliadna Crimthaind chaiss
      ósind Herind immelglais;

      15095] docer rí cumraide in Chairn.
      de laim Rudraige rogairb.
    123. {MS folio 129a 15} Rudraige rí Fáil co mblaid.
      secht deich bliadan de bliadnaib
      brath is bét do Banba bind.

      15100] éc atbath i nArgatglind.

    124. p.485

    125. {MS folio 129a} In Fintait Már a mMumain maith.
      a noí don churaid chomdaith;
      dorochair mar ro fírad
      lasin mBresal mBodíbad.

    126. 15105] Bresal Bodibath co becht
      .ix. mbliadna ós Herind a nert;
      {MS folio 129a 20} docer rí Cualnge con trait.
      do láim Luagne meic Fintait.
    127. Lugaid Luagne léir a blad.

      15110] cen buadre tri chóic bliadan;
      dorochair hua Airt Imlig.
      do glaic Congail Chláringnig.
    128. Congal cóic bliadna déc dóig.
      do mac Rudraige romóir;

      15115] lasin Duach Dailte Dedaid.
      fúair tráig & tromdebaid.
    129. {MS folio 129a 25} Duach Dalta Dedaig in daig.
      i rríge os Temair tholgaich;
      x. mbliadna da smacht immach.

      15120] coros marb Fachtna Fathach.
    130. Fachtna fichi acht a cethair
      do mac Rossa i rrigbethaid;
      la Echaid Feidlech mac Find.
      docer in rí de ruadrind.

    131. 15125] Ré da bliadan déc búan breth.
      {MS folio 129a 30} ro giallad Eocho Feidlech;
      isin Temraig mongaich maith
      fuair dig tonnaid in t-ardflaith.
    132. Cóic bliadna déc dó iar sin.
      15130] d'Eochaig bithe dia bráthair;
      noco bréc in scél dia chlaind.
      ra loisc tene i Frémaind.

    133. p.486

    134. {MS folio 129a} Eterscél fer rigda in raith.
      fuair cóic bliadna co bithmaith.

      15135] docer rí na recht do rind.
      la Nuadait Necht i nAlind.
    135. {MS folio 129a 35} Aided Nuadat i cath Chlíach.
      la Conaire na cóemsciath;
      níro chaith acht da ráthe.

      15140] i flaith Herend ardbláthe.
    136. Ardflaith Conaire for cách
      .uii. ndeich mbliadan co deggnáth;
      bás ríg na llaech sin Brudin.
      la Incél Caech crechdulig.

    137. 15145] Cóic bliadna do Themraig tricc.
      cen rurig ndedgair ndianglicc;
      {MS folio 129a 40} co n-érracht Lugaid Ríab nDerg.
      ropo thalchair a threnredg.
    138. A sé fichet do Lugaid.

      15150] co n-ébailt do thromchumaid;
      Conchobor bliadain a band.
      noco torchair la Crimthand.
    139. Crimthand cáem clíarach ro chaith.
      sé bliadna déc co degmaith;

      15155] co n-ébailt aithle a echtra.
      mac Lugdech in laechrechta
    140. {MS folio 129a 45} Lánrí Corpri Chind Chaitt chrúaid.
      osin Temraig tailc tondbúain;
      .u. bliadna a rath asin raind.

      15160] éc atbath athair Moraind.
    141. Maith flathius Feradaig Find
      .xx. & a dó a daglind;
      is bét cuimnech i lLeith Chuinn.
      éc uí Luigdech i lLiathdruim.

    142. p.487

    143. 15165] Tri bliadna ríge co rrath. {MS folio 129a}
      d'Erind fo nirt Fiachach;
      {MS folio 129a 50} la Fiachaig Find búair ferda.
      dorochair rí roEmna.
    144. {MS folio 129b} Bá rí Fiacha for fíannaib.

      15170] a secht déc do dagbliadnaib;
      docer i mMaig Bolgg barrglass.
      la Ellim ord imamnass.
    145. Árim da ndeich d'Erind áin.
      rodos feith Ellim imláin;

      15175] rí crúaid Cnucha i cath Aichle.
      fúair trucha & trenaithbe.
    146. {MS folio 129b 5} Tuathal tren .xxx. ro thecht.
      ro thend cricha trí choemnert;
      isin tress for lár Line.

      15180] ro marb Mál mac Róchride.
    147. Cethri bliadna ro thecht Mál.
      ro marb Feidlimid imnár;
      a noí is fír sin.
      naco n-erbailt mac Tuathail.

    148. 15185] A sé fichet cen tathair trait
      ro chaith Cathair hua Cormaic
      {MS folio 129b 10} dorochair rí Tuage thes.
      la féin Luagne na lluamchless.
    149. Cond cóic bliadna fa chethair.

      15190] ba íarla co n-airlechaib;
      dorochair Cond cláir Mide.
      la mac Máil meic Rochride.

    150. p.488

    151. {MS folio 129b} Ro chaith Conaire a chliamain
      .uii. bliadna & oenbliadain;

      15195] dorochair flaith Femin find.
      do láim Nemid meic Srobcind.
    152. {MS folio 129b 15} Art mac Cuind calma ro glacc.
      in Banba fri ré trichat
      ro mudaig ciarbo chara

      15200] Lugaid i cath Mucrama.
    153. Lugaid mac Con mac Lugdech
      .xxx. bliadan balcbuidnech;
      la Ferches mac Commain cain.
      fúair forrain is frithargain.

    154. 15205] Fergus Dubdetach cen dianblaid.
      cen ecnach ri oenbliadain.
      {MS folio 129b 20} dorochair gilla na nglacc
      i cath Chrinna la Cormac.
    155. Cormac cethri deich datta.

      15210] ro feith in laech lamfata;
      ro mbáid i Tig Clettig crúaid.
      cnáim ind íaich ettig innúair.
    156. Eocho Gunnat ro giallad.
      i nÉrind ed oenbliadan;

      15215] ro mudaig glacc in gossa
      Lugaid mac meic Oengosa.
    157. {MS folio 129b 25} Árim sé mbliadan da deich
      ro giallad Carpre cuinnid;
      sin Gabair cid trúag linni.

      15220] ro madaid Ruad Rorinni.
    158. Ro gabsatar na Fothaid.
      bliadain os Banba bothaig;
      dorochair Fothad Cairptech
      lasin Fothad findAirgdech.

    159. p.489

    160. 15225] Aided Fothaid iar fingail. {MS folio 129b}
      i cath Ollorba inbaig;
      {MS folio 129b 30} Fiacha iar Fothud feith latt.
      secht mbliadna déc ar fichet.
    161. Fiacha fuair dig tonnaid tra.

      15230] i cath Duib Chommuir la Colla;
      .iiii. bliadna Colla iar cath.
      conid romarb Muridach.
    162. Muridach Tirech a deich
      degmac Fiachach cu fírbreith.

      15235] ic Dabull la mac Cruind cain
      dorochair hua Cuind Chodail.
    163. {MS folio 129b 35} Coelbad bliadain blad cen brón.
      ro marb Eocho Mugmedón;
      A ocht d'Eochaid ní bréc sain.

      15240] co ndeochaid éc i Temraig.
    164. Tri bliadna déc datta in barr.
      nirbo fota do Chrimthand;
      fuair dig nimnid ina thig.
      ra siair ra hingin Nemid.

    165. 15245] Fiche bliadan fora secht
      maroen do Niall ra nert;
      {MS folio 129b 40} ni dalb os Muir Icht elach
      ro marb Eochaid ardfledach.
    166. Cethri cóic bliadan 's a trí

      15250] ro giallad do niurt Nath Í;
      i Sléib Elpa na n-arm n-án.
      ra loisc in tene gelán.

    167. p.490

    168. {MS folio 129b} Sé rig déc se fichit ríg.
      ria tiachtain Patraic co fír;

      15255] dar éis Sláne na ngal ngrind.
      {MS folio 129b 45} is é lín ro gab dar éis Herind.
    169. Heriu.,


{MS folio 129b} Gilla Coemain cecinit. Attá sund forba fessa

    1. ATtá sund forba fessa.

      15260] fer nHerend cen ancessa;
      remes cech ríg ro gab gíall
      o Loegaire co laechBrían.
    2. Loegaire andar lem ro gab
      .xxx. rathmar robliadan;

      15265] Ailill Molt maith ro giallad {MS folio 129b 50}
      fri ré fichet findbliadan.
    3. {MS folio 130a} Cóic bliadna fichet ferr de
      do Lugaid mac Loegaire;
      xiiii. 's a deich.

      15270] remis Murchertaig merggich.
    4. Óenbliadain déc i Temraig thair.
      Tuathail Mael Gairb gascedaig;
      xx. mar giallmait día chlaind
      ba rí Diarmait mac Cerbaill.

    5. 15275] Domnall is Fergus na fled {MS folio 130a 5}
      Baetan is Eocho uchtgel;
      Ainmere in coiced cen chess
      .uii. mbliadna riam a remess.
    6. Óenbliadain fri ól meda.

      15280] do Baetan mac Nainneda;
      A ocht fichet fuair debech
      in tAed mend mac Ainmerech.
    7. Aed Sláne is Cholmán Rímid
      .uii. mbliadna don dís dírig;

      15285] .uii. mbliadna díb ba dimdach {MS folio 130a 10}
      in tAed amnas Uairidnach.

    8. p.492

    9. {MS folio 130a} Tri bliadna Mail Choba chaiss.
      a .xu. Subne sulmaiss;
      .xxx. bliadan cona mblaid

      15290] Domnall mac Aeda echtaig.
    10. Conall Cáel is Chellach Cairnd
      a dó fichet fo desgairm;
      Blathmac & Diarmait dil
      .x. mbliadna don da brathair.

    11. 15295] Cóic bliadna Sechnasaig sluind. {MS folio 130a 15}
      a secht Chind Fáelad echduind
      certfichi bliadan blada.
      d'Fínnachta mac Dunchada.
    12. Ocht bliadna Longsig ro laim

      15300] a .ix. Congail Chind Magair;
      Fergal mac Maele Duin daith.
      oenbliadain déc don degflaith.
    13. Oenbliadain Fogartaig aird.
      a cóic Cinaeda cathgairg;

      15305] uii. mbliadna Flaithbertaig Fáil {MS folio 130a 20}
      .ix. mbliadna Aeda Alláin.
    14. Xx. do Domnall Dala.
      do mac massech Murchada;
      .uii. mbliadna fa míad immach

      15310] ba rí Níall fianna Frassach.
    15. Secht mbliadna cen feirg.
      Dondchaid meic Domnaill drechdeirg.
      a .xxuii. aile.
      ropo rí in tAed Orddnide.

    16. 15315] Cethri bliadna déc cen don. {MS folio 130a 25}
      sin Ráith Chloen do Chonchobor
      xui. co tremuin
      Neill Cailde na chertdegaid.

    17. p.493

    18. {MS folio 130a} Secht mbliadna déc derg in daig.

      15320] Mael Sechnaill meic Mael Ruanaid;
      cethri bliadna déc ic dáil fíach.
      ro baí in tAed fergach Findlíath.
    19. Fland mac Mael Sechnaill foúair
      .xl. iarna comfúaim;

      15325] acht teora bliadna sin Brug. {MS folio 130a 30}
      cen anaill do Niall Glundub.
    20. Cóic bliadna fichet i flaith.
      Dondchada meic Flaind lánmaith;
      Congalach mac Mael Mithig.

      15330] a deich don ríg rochrichid.
    21. Cóic bliadna & fiche fós
      Domnaill Hui Néill co naebnós;
      tri bliadna ar fichet cen raind.
      do Mael Sechnaill mac Domnaill.

    22. 15335] Da bliadain déc Bríain na mbend. {MS folio 130a 35}
      iar ngabail giall fer nHerend;
      alchaing gai glaiss a glacca.
      rí Dáil Chais ba curate .A.
    23. Cia beith cách i costecht riss.

      15340] nidat ardena anfis;
      fiss a rrand is rígda in scél.
      fis a cland is a cenel.
    24. Deich ríg o Chonall cheolach.
      se ríg déc o dagEogan;

      15345] ix. ríg o Aed Sláne slán. {MS folio 130a 40}
      uii. flathe do Chlaind Cholmán.
    25. Oenrí a mMumain móir marcaig
      & oenrí a Connactaib;
      oenrí a Cairpriu cass a graig.

      15350] na trí tromflathe a Temraig.

    26. p.494

    27. {MS folio 130a} Deich rig Conaill Gulbain gairg
      cussu rancatar rígbaird;
      Ainmere is Baetán na mbreth.
      & Aed mac Ainmerech.

    28. 15355] Mael Coba & Domnall dess. {MS folio 130a 45}
      Conall. Cellach na cathchless;
      Longsech is Chongal na crech
      díb ra forbad Flathbertach.
    29. Xui. ríg Eogain na n-all

      15360] Murchertach & Domnall;
      Fergus & Baetan bil.
      Eochaid is Cholmán Rímid.
    30. Aed Uairidnach Subne Mend
      Fergal Aed Allán úarchend;

      15365] Niall Frossach Aed ind Ordain. {MS folio 130a 50}
      Niall on Challaind chlartholgaig.
    31. {MS folio 130b} Aed Findlíath fer amar Lug.
      & a mac Niall Glundub;
      ranic co gerenach Gall

      15370] in rí dedenach Domnall.
    32. Ix. ríg im Aed Sláne sluind.
      síl Diarmata meic Cerbuill;
      Blaithmac & Diarmait delb glan.
      Sechnasach is Chend Fáelad.

    33. 15375] Finnachta ba fata a thóeb. {MS folio 130b 5}
      Fogartach & Cinaed;
      glaccach na corrga sin cath
      marcach Cnogba Congalach.
    34. Uii. ríg do Chlaind Cholmáin Móir.

      15380] Dondchad Domnall in degóir;
      Conchobor Mael Sechnaill sen.
      Fland & Dondchad detgel.

    35. p.495

    36. {MS folio 130b} Mael Sechnaill in sechtmad flaith.
      a cnucc Usnig uasalmaith;

      15385] oenrí a mMumain maith a chíall. {MS folio 130b 10}
      ro gabsat Ulaid a Brían.
    37. Oenrí a Connachtaib na cath.
      in tAilill Molt imchonach;
      oenrí a Cairpriu na clíath.

      15390] Tuathal Mael Garb na ngallscíath.
    38. Loegaire & Lugaid lond.
      calma a cath 's a cumlond;
      Diarmait mac Cerbaill na ceil.
      flathe Temrach in triarsein.

    39. 15395] Ocht ríg cetrachat co cend {MS folio 130b 15}
      i n-ardrígi na Herend;
      o thánic Patraic i part.
      co torchair Brian na mbreccbratt. A.
    40. Cóic bliadna déc is sé chét

      15400] flathius na ríg ni robréc;
      o Loegaire Liss Loga.
      co díbad Briain Boroma. A.
    41. Rí nime noebdo cach gein
      mac na barrfinni a Bethil;

      15405] tria ladraib mo lám ro lass. {MS folio 130b 20}
      a grád imm anmain attas. A.,


{MS folio 130b} Gillae Coemain cecinit. Analad anall uile

    1. ANnalad anall uile
      o thús bethad barrbuide;

      15410] aisneidfetsa sund sein.
      cosin n-amsir ndedenaig.
    2. Sé bliadna .l. gním nglan.
      míle ar sé cétaib bliadan;
      {MS folio 130b 25} rímim ar is rús cen ail.

      15415] co dílind o thús domain.
    3. Da cét a dó nóchat nár
      o dílind co hAbram;
      o Abram noí cét ní scíth.
      xl. a dó co Duíd.

    4. 15420] O Duíd co Brait ni bréc
      .lxx. a trí cethri chét;
      o Brait co Crist caín a bla.
      a noí coicat ochtmoga.
    5. {MS folio 130b 30} Tri míle bliadan ní bréc

      15425] da bliadain coicat noi cét;
      co gein Meic Maire tall tair
      anall o thús domain
    6. A dó sechtmogat seól nglan.
      acht is ar míle bliadan;

      15430] o gein Crist co bliadain mbáin
      sechtmaide uate enair.
    7. A cethair fichet fír dam
      & cóic míle bliadan;
      {MS folio 130b 35} cosin mbliadainse is blad brass.

      15435] oro delbad domun drechmas.

    8. p.497

    9. {MS folio 130b} Da cét mbliadan cosin mbúaid.
      co mesc Tuir noithig Nebrúaid;
      o dílind . acht deich mbliadna
      is derb duit ciano riagla.

    10. 15440] A dó .lx. saer in bríg.
      o mesc in Tuir co flaithNín;
      bliadain ar fichet o sain.
      co Abraam cosin n-athair.
    11. {MS folio 130b 40} Lx. bliadan cen nach mbrón

      15445] o Abrám co Partholón;
      diara gaib in n-inis find.
      tri chét bliadan iar ndílind.
    12. O gein Abram eól dam sain
      co tarmthecht Mara Romuir;

      15450] da bliadain cóic cét co cert
      diaro baded sluag Egept.
    13. Isind amsirsin radit raind
      ra toglad tíar Tor Conaind;
      {MS folio 130b 45} & luid Srú sair for fecht

      15455] dochum na Scithia a hEgept.
    14. Medon flatha Ascathias sain.
      tarmthecht Mara ruaid Romair;
      da cét bliadan dara éis.
      dered flatha Lapades.

    15. 15460] Hi flaith Lapades léir blad.
      ruc Uesoges in sluagad;
      & tanic sluag as lia
      na degaid asin Scithia.
    16. {MS folio 130b 50} Isind amsirsin ane.
      15465] tosach neirt na Cichloscthe;
      {MS folio 131a} isin amsirsin cid ord bind.
      trebsat Fir Bolgg Erind.

    17. p.498

    18. {MS folio 131a} Octmoga bliadan dia éis.
      ba rí in talman Tutanes;

      15470] is na ré ro gabsat tair
      Gaedil isna Gaethlaigib.
    19. Isind amsirsin ci atber.
      rognid cath Maige Tured;
      {MS folio 131a 5} isinn amsirsin cen goí nga.

      15475] ra toglad Troí Troianna.
    20. Themas ba hé ainm in ríg
      boí i comamsir do Duid;
      is and luid i n-úir in rí
      i n-amsir duir Darcelli.

    21. 15480] Darcellus ba flaith na fond.
      dar thríall Solom a thempoll;
      i mmedon flatha ind fir find.
      tancatar Gaedil i nHerind.
    22. {MS folio 131a 10} Astiages abb cen fell.

      15485] dar airged Ierusalem;
      tiugflaith Med maith ra molad
      i comflaith is Nabcodon.
    23. Darcellus Solom na sleg.
      i comamsir is Meic Miled;

      15490] ccccc. acht fiche dia n-eis
      Nabcodon Astiages.
    24. Sirna rí Temra na tor.
      i comflaith is Nabcodon;
      {MS folio 131a 15} and fechta fáth ngaile.

      15495] cath Móna truim Trógaide.
    25. Tricha trí chét o sain ille.
      co tús flatha Ugaine;
      deired flatha Pers blad nglicc.
      tossach flatha meic Pilip.

    26. p.499

    27. 15500] Sesca tri chét mbliadan mbil {MS folio 121a}
      o flaith aird Alaxandir.
      coro genair Mac maith Maire.
      & o flaith Ugaine.
    28. .Uii. mbliadna cain.

      15505] o gein Crist bás Conchobuir;
      {MS folio 131a 20} a dó .xxx. at o sein ille
      co bás cróda Conaire.
    29. Uii. cét cain.
      o bás Chonaire cheolaig;

      15510] issin Bruidin borb a blad.
      co torchair Tuathal Techtmar.
    30. Da bliadain .xxx. at iar sain.
      iar marbad in tuirc Thuathail;
      co bás Cuind Cetchathaig cain.

      15515] issin tulaig i Tuadamair
    31. A sect trichat iar Cund chrúaid.
      co cath Muccrima mongrúaid;
      {MS folio 131a 25} i torcratar mór a ngal.
      Cian. Cormac. is Eogan.

    32. 15520] .Uii. mbliadna .l. at cen chrád.
      o chath Mucrima na mmál.
      co torchair Find leo ciar fell.
      do rennaib tri mac Urgrenn.
    33. Cóic bliadna .xl. cain

      15525] iar marbad Find a hAlmain;
      co maidm Duib Chommair calma.
      lasna Collaib cathchalma.
    34. {MS folio 131a 30} Cóic bliadna o sein ille
      co discor Emna Mache.
      15530] 's a cethair derb lib.
      co bas Muridaig Tírig

    35. p.500

    36. {MS folio 131a} O bás Muridaig Mide.
      oc Dabull na ndondbile.
      .l. bliadan acht bliadain.

      15535] co tuttim Neill Noigiallaig
    37. Fiche bliadan fora secht
      oro scar Niall ria nert;
      {MS folio 131a 35} co toracht Patraic barr Breg.
      do chobair cland Mac Miled.

    38. 15540] Uiii. mbliadna .l. derb dait.
      o sen co estecht Patraic;
      ó bás Patraic comul ngle.
      trícha bliadan bás Brigte.
    39. Fiche bliadan iar mbás Brigte.

      15545] cia cure risnach lánchinte;
      bás Tuathail Mael Gairb co ngráin.
      bliadain ria n-estecht Chíarain.
    40. {MS folio 131a 40} Certfiche o sen ille.
      co cath Cuile Conaire;

      15550] sin bliadainsin radit raind.
      bás Diarmata meic Cerbaill.
    41. Tricha bliadan tri bliadna.
      cóir o sen dola iarma;
      co bás meic Fáeidilmthi i nHí

      15555] is co estecht Grigoríí
    42. Fichi bliadan iar mbás hu Chuind.
      co cath Slebe Toad Truim i
      {MS folio 131a 45} and ro marbad mór in chrech.
      Mael Coba gal chét clerech.

    43. 15560] Bliadain ar fichet fil uad.
      co maidm catha Raith roruaid;
      eistecht Mo Chutu léim nglan.
      bás Failbe Flaind flaith Muman.

    44. p.501

    45. {MS folio 131a} Fichi a cóic o sain i scél grind.

      15565] cosin mortlaith dar Herind;
      dia mbath Diarmait. Blaithmac bán.
      Fechin & Ailerán.
    46. {MS folio 131a 50} Cóic bliadna coicat gním ngle.
      co cath n-armach nAlmaine;

      15570] and dorochair Conall Mend.
      & Fergal flaith Herend.
    47. Secht mbliadna 's a deich derbaig.
      anall o marbad Fergail;
      {MS folio 131b} co cath Uchbad imram nglan.

      15575] i torchair Aed Mend mac Colgan.
    48. Ó chath Uchbad mor in bét
      .uii. mbliadna ní himarbréc;
      bás Aed Alláin co ngail.
      and ro bíth i Seredmaig.

    49. 15580] Fichi bliadan ni blad bán.
      o dorochair Aed Allán;
      {MS folio 131b 5} co bás ríg Mide bethaig.
      Domnaill Mide mórcrechaig.
    50. X vel is bliadain ci atber.

      15585] o bás Domnaill Dromma Den;
      co tabairt Cenandsa cen chath.
      do Cholum Chille cheolach.
    51. X vel bliadan acht bliadain.
      o sein is réil in riagail;

      15590] badud Turges. marbad Néill.
      is éc Feidilmthe fortréin.

    52. p.502

    53. {MS folio 121b} Xxx. bliadan da bliadain.
      {MS folio 131b 10} ó bás Neill Chaille chliaraig;
      co tres Mugna mór in cath.

      15595] i mbíth Cormac is Chellach.
    54. Ocht mbliadna iar sin co bás Flain
      dar giallsat Gaedil is Gaill;
      trí bliadna iar n-éc Flaind Fáil.
      bás Néill meic Eda imsláin.

    55. 15600] Ro marbtha malle ra Níall.
      Conchobor Flaithbertach fial;
      {MS folio 131b 15} Mael Mithig. Mael Maire in mál
      & Áed mac Eochocan.
    56. Fiche bliadan a cóic cen chair.

      15605] ó bás hú Neill Noigiallaig.
      bás Dondchada Mide maill.
      senathair maith Mael Sechnaill.
    57. Tricha bliadan tri bliadna.
      ó bás ardríg na n-iarla;

      15610] co bás Ragnaill cosin rath.
      tall i tedmaim na Temrach.
    58. {MS folio 131b 20} Certfichi bliadan cen brath.
      ó maidm torachtglan Temrach;
      cosin cath i nGlind Mámma.

      15615] i mbátar cind chnesbána.
    59. Cethri bliadna o sen ille.
      cur chured cath na Craibe;
      o chath na Craibe 's a deich.
      co bá Bríain meic Cennétich.

    60. 15620] Noí mbliadna iar mbás Bríain.
      éc meic Domnaill ina díaid;
      {MS folio 131b 25} a dó .xl. céim nglan.
      o sain bás Dondchaid Muman.

    61. p.503

    62. {MS folio 131b} Da bliadain ní bréc i ngliaid.

      15625] o éc Dondchaid meic Bríain;
      cath Saxan seol nglaine.
      i torchair rí Lochlainne.
    63. {MS folio 131b 30} Cóic bliadna o sen ille.
      cosin mbliadainse innosse;

      15630] sechtmad uathaid slicht sádal.
      for enair ra hannalad. A.
    64. A dó .uii. ndeich ar míle.
      o gein Crist cia chomríme;
      cosin mbliadainseo ci atber.

      15635] i torchair Diarmait durgen.
    65. A Christ a grían os cach gurt.
      airchis dom anmain im churp;
      {MS folio 131b 35} nirop seng do thairbirt dam.
      bud irdairc lem th'annálad. A.,


15640] {MS folio 131b} Fland Manistrech cecinit.

    1. RIg Themra dia tesband tnú
      adfessam a n-aidedu;
      do thaidbsin a ndrechach ndil
      co hamsir Echach Feidlig.

    2. 15645] Eocho Feidlech find fine.
      nirbo theidmnech timcride;
      tathaim i Temraig cen tnú
      {MS folio 131b 40} iar ndebaid fria mórmaccu.
    3. Eochaid Airem eraim ndaith.

      15650] ort i Fremaind in firlaith;
      ba tigban dia ríge ra.
      la Sigmall Side Nenta.
    4. Ina ndíaid ba rrí cia rel.
      mac hu Iair Eterscél;

      15655] la Nuadait Necht na slúag sen.
      docer i mMaig muad Maisten.
    5. {MS folio 131b 45} Atberat Lagin na llecht.
      robo rí ced Nuadu Necht;
      a aided cen chobraind cain.

      15660] ni fogbaim i scríbennaib.
    6. Conaire Mór mad cert cin.
      slecht cona slóg i mBrudin.
      iar tírfeirg. toglaig in tríuin.
      la dibirg n-omnaig nIncíuil.

    7. 15665] Mac Tri Find Lugaid Riab nDerg.
      ba cubaid cial a chruadcherd;
      {MS folio 131b 50} ro marbsat in mbuadching bil
      na tri Ruadchind do Laignib.

    8. p.505

    9. {MS folio 131b} Lánrí co mborrthorud búan.

      15670] in Conchobor Abratruad;
      iar Lugdaig lonchor na lland.
      nóco torchair la Crimthand.
    10. {MS folio 132a} Co torach ar certblai caín.
      Étair dia echtrai ingnaid;

      15675] Crimthand coelbalc cload chath.
      nocho n-erbailt mac Lugdach.
    11. Lanrí Corpre Coraind cain
      athair Moraind morbrethaig;
      atbath in Cattchend cen chath.

      15680] su ba fortend Feradach
    12. {MS folio 132a 5} Feradach Find Fechtnach Fáil.
      ercad cech n-ing co n-ilgráin;
      ba bét cen brath brón na baind.
      éc atbath mac coir Cremthaind.

    13. 15685] Cend Gaedel Fiatach Find Fáil.
      in t-oenfer cen imbarbáig;
      niro chomthaig risnach cair.
      noco torchair la Fiachaig.
    14. Fiacha Finnolod for nech.

      15690] nirb immomon étualngech;
      {MS folio 132a 10} ciarbo rí co rréimim rath.
      rod mbí Ellim mac Conrach.
    15. La Tuathal triathach iar tain.
      la mac Fiachach Finnolaid;

      15695] fer adfédim fiad cech claind.
      docer Ellim i nAchaill.
    16. Tuathal Techt cen tam co tlí
      ro slecht i nDál Araidi;
      lasin ngein co ngrád gleir gle.

      15700] la Mál mac réil Rochride.

    17. p.506

    18. {MS folio 132a} Ro gab Mál Temraig na tor.
      {MS folio 132a 15} ro selbaig dar sarugod;
      uair rabo rogarb iar tain.
      conid romarb mac Tuathail.

    19. 15705] Mac Tuathail Tectmair na treb.
      Feidilmid Rechtaid rogel;
      ro thathaim na thúaith coa thaig.
      athair Cuind chruaid Chetchathaig.
    20. Ba cend Cathair croda cain.

      15710] cen tathair for Temarmaig;
      {MS folio 132a 20} robo rí in gáeth gle.
      coro mbí laechrad Luagne.
    21. La Tuaith Amrais oll athach.
      docer in Cond Cétchathach;

      15715] la Tipraiti co mbáig bí
      la hoa Máil meic Rochridi.
    22. Ro gab gialblaid cech druing de.
      a chliamain Cuind Conaire;
      co torchair cen temel timm.

      15720] tíar la Nemed mac Srobcind.
    23. {MS folio 132a 25} Slecht la Mac Con cen chacht cned.
      cen re dlecht Art Oenfer;
      a díth ro dámair sin chath.
      dia mbíth do lágain Lugdach.

    24. 15725] Lugaid i Temraig cen tart.
      coros terlaic do Chormac;
      ra chroch cen bréic coa thír thes.
      in goth néit tarlaic Ferches.
    25. Fergus Dub Detach na ndrend.

      15730] ba rí in sétach snedeng;
      {MS folio 132a 30} co torchair cen brinda mbalc.
      i cath Chrinna la Cormac.

    26. p.507

    27. {MS folio 132a} Docer Cormac hua Cuind chais.
      fordarc cech druing dronamnais;

      15735] robbo glétráig tríuin cen trait.
      dia ngcíuil iachcnáim na bragit.
    28. Ba Eochaid Gunnat ro glacc.
      in cumat ro thecht Cormac;
      uair ro crád ro cáin ria cath.

      15740] coro gáb de láim Lugdach.
    29. {MS folio 132a 35} La Corpre comramach cían.
      flathius forbarach fírian;
      caín cing for orba a ré
      i tóeb grind Gabra Aichle.

    30. 15745] Án flaith Fothud Cairpdech crech.
      corod caith Fothud Airgdech;
      maíti in tAirgdech a díth de.
      la Cailte i crích Cruithne.
    31. Ced Fiacha Sraptene imrá

      15750] triathbla tailcthreibe Temra;
      is cath Duib Chommair cía thois.
      fodrorraich ní cath Chnámrois.
    32. {MS folio 132a 40} Colla Uais uas chianbla chain.
      cethri bliadna ó Airgiallaib;

      15755] den bruig ba bét ciaro bá
      luid éc iarna innarba.
    33. Os Dabull diglach na ndrend.
      la cóiced n-irach nHerend;
      docer in ceolach cét crech.

      15760] Muridach treorach Tírech.
    34. {MS folio 132a 45} Triallais Coelbad mac Cruind chain.
      caenmag bá Cuind Cétchathaig;
      coro chluí a brétho a blaid
      in tEocho mac Muredaig.

    35. p.508

    36. 15765] Marb iarna rígad don tslóg.
      Eocho mínglan Mugmedon;
      ro fírad cid cruth aile.
      ro scríbad issin Scálbaile.
    37. {MS folio 132a 50} Siacht cert nGaedel cosin ngail.

      15770] Cremthand mac faengel Fidaig;
      do neim ní dalb dronggeng díur.
      rod marb Mongfend a derbsíur.
    38. Do Niall Noígiallach anair.
      tucad soerfiallach sobraig;

      15775] de Muir Ict ni bethu ba.
      ro mbí Eocho mac Enna.
    39. Oc Elpa tria airec n-áig.
      rod n-erca saiget gelain;
      Nath Í trenseng cosin tlí

      15780] ciarbo é Herend oenrí R.


{MS folio 132b} Fland cecinit.

    1. {MS folio 132b 5} RIg Themra toebaige iar tain.
      óa flaith Loegaire lendglain;
      co tres mBríain nád búir dia mbá

      15785] adfes duib a n-aideda.
    2. Atbath cen cheilg nglanfer ngle.
      uas leirg Lagen Loegaire;
      {MS folio 132b 10} don gaethgréin cen gargmuir ngrind.
      eter Albain is Herind.

    3. 15790] Ailill maith Molt mac Nath Í
      ba flaith for Colt in caemrí;
      co torchair ba bét i cath.
      ac cóiciud Lagen Lugdach.
    4. Oc Achud Forcha ugrach.

      15795] bás meic Loegaire Lugdach;
      cen moltho thall na sund de.
      de forchu thrum thentide.
    5. {MS folio 132b 15} Murchertach ro berta blaid.
      mac Erca mac Muredaich;

      15800] i Clettiuch co ngráin gním gle.
      rod báid fín ra loisc tene.
    6. Tuathal Mael Garb ciarbo rí
      rod marb oc Grellaich Eltí
      Mael Mór cen laice fria lá

      15805] aite degrach Diarmata.
    7. Diarmait mac Cerbaill chuanaich.
      din Bregraind bláith bithbuadaig;
      {MS folio 132b 20} Aed Dub i rRaith Bic bil báin.
      ro gaeth co tric na thigdáil.

    8. p.510

    9. 15810] Domnall delbda deil co ngus. {MS folio 132b}
      fri forlond ferda Fergus;
      éc ros caithi icúa taich.
      da mac maithi Murchertaich.
    10. Baetan ro bethaig gart nglan.

      15815] is Eochaid mac a brathar;
      ros mochbí im diangarta dám.
      clothrí Ciannachta Cronán.
    11. {MS folio 132b 25} Ainmere mac Sétna sing.
      aidlide éca imrind;

      15820] ro ndacht cen dergnus dál de.
      Fergus mac náir Neilline.
    12. Ro gáetgáb cen grad im ga.
      Baetán mac nár Nainneda;
      fodrorraich forlond féne.

      15825] i comlond da Chumméne.
    13. Aed mac Ainmerech na n-ed.
      in fael fadberech firgel;
      {MS folio 132b 30} ba holc a ordd dia dúr dul.
      ort i nDún Bolgg la Brandub.

    14. 15830] Colmán Rímid rí cen locht.
      forlán fírdil fíretrocht;
      cen troit iarna thocrád tra.
      rod loitt Locan Dilmana.
    15. Aed Sláne fri sograd sel.

      15835] ardí gormnár gelGaedel;
      rod mbí Conall cuimni de.
      mac Suibne oc Loch Semtide.
    16. {MS folio 132b 35} Aed Allán álte raen rath.
      fris ráte in tAed Uairidnach;

      15840] ro chacht éc cen chobrainn cain.
      mac Domnaill meic Murchertaig.

    17. p.511

    18. {MS folio 132b} Mael Coba cele gluinn gal.
      i cath Slebe truim Toad;
      fuair duilge drend dú ro ba.

      15845] la Subne Mend mac Fiachna.
    19. Suibne co slogaib dia sloí
      do tharraing brónaig brennai;
      ro marbad in gaeth co ngail.
      la Congal Caech mac Scannail.

    20. 15850] Domnall ro chaith caemna crech. {MS folio 132b 40}
      mac Aeda meic Ainmerech;
      iar cét cath co cóemlí chend.
      éc atbath oenrí Herend.
    21. Cellach mac Maele Coba.

      15855] cen ellach n-aith n-imgona;
      foruacht fria blada sin Bruig.
      uacht na haba fodrorraig.
    22. {MS folio 132b 45} A bráthair Conall Cael cass.
      mor thorand trén triathamnas;

      15860] airchel co ndíanblait ar daig.
      docer la Diarmait Ruanaid.
    23. Blaithmac Diarmait dáena de.
      da mac saerAeda Slane;
      don mortlaid malartuind mir.

      15865] i Calatruim i mBuagnig.
    24. Sechnasach mac Blaithmeic buain
      crechlasrach cathglicc comgluair;
      {MS folio 132b 50} Dub Dúin din chúain Chorpri chaiss.
      rod búail tria oirgni ernbais.

    25. 15870] Ro thathaim in tan ba trú {MS folio 133a}
      a brathair i nAircheltru;
      úar ro gaelad tria gním ga.
      Cend Faelad la Finnachta.

    26. p.512

    27. {MS folio 133a} La Congalach cáem cen chair

      15875] & la Aed mac nDlúthaig;
      oc Dollud direchtga dath.
      ro bíth Finnaechta Fledach.
    28. {MS folio 133a 5} Loingsech mac Oengusa uill.
      ba toirsech i cath Choruind;

      15880] ro tenna co trocha a thli.
      la Cellach Locha Cimmi.
    29. Congal Bregrusa na mblat.
      mac find Fergusa Fanat;
      tess Temair de thám cen tláis.

      15885] coro ndedaig dál dianbáis.
    30. Docer Fergal find a gné
      i cath erglan Almaine;
      {MS folio 133a 10} lasin nglórgargg co ngairm gal.
      diarbo ainm morard Murchad.

    31. 15890] La Cinaed calma cen chair.
      la mac n-amra nIrgalaig;
      fúair ing Fogartach na feb.
      i Cind dronaltach Deilgthen.
    32. Hi cath Dromma Corcain cais.

      15895] ro mbraith de olcdáil ernbais;
      Cinaed cathnertnach mal chiss
      la Flaithbertach mac Longsich.
    33. {MS folio 133a 15} Flaithbertach mac Longsich luind.
      comsid cathchlechtach comluind;

      15900] argg foúair. dorchad ndatha.
      i nArd molthach morMacha.
    34. Aed Allán co crothaib cned.
      dorochair i mMaig Sered;
      ba borrband balc for blada.

      15905] la Domnall mac Murchada.

    35. p.513

    36. {MS folio 133a} Bebais brónamaill mbratha.
      mac móralaind Murchada;
      {MS folio 133a 20} hoa Dermata dergtha cland.
      diarbo degdalta Domnall.

    37. 15910] Niall Frossach fri griangart ngle.
      fíalmac fossad Fergaile;
      atbath in rí de deoin Dé
      oc dul d'Hí dia ailithre.
    38. Dondchad mac Domnaill drechaig.

      15915] comthach comlaind cruadchrechaig;
      contuil in tétgorm co thich.
      dia luid éc éclond Usnig.
    39. {MS folio 133a 25} Oc Áth da Ferta fúair mairg
      mac Neil rúaid rechta rogairg;

      15920] Aed fó méla forsin maig.
      iar n-era for Mael Canaig.
    40. Conchobor cnedmas cara.
      mac dían delbglan Dondchada;
      tathaim tríath tine co thaich.

      15925] i nÁth Mide morglonnaich.
    41. Ro báided Níall níabtha cland.
      i n-uisciu chiartha Challand;
      {MS folio 133a 30} de rod ngíul tar glorbla ngle.
      in Níall ciúin cróda Calle.

    42. 15930] Mael Sechnaill slecht sluinn co sain.
      de chlethchlaind Chuind Chétchathaig;
      art éc iar mbuadaib blaide
      mac Mael Ruanaid rogaide.
    43. Aed Findlíath fiched gail.

      15935] nirbo thimthríath troichnemail;
      co n-abad cen glónbrath ngainn.
      oc Druim ograch Inasclaind.

    44. p.514

    45. {MS folio 133a} Fland mac Mail Sechnaill uallaich.
      {MS folio 133a 35} barr uas brethraind bithbuadaig;

      15940] cen nach mbrath mbrogainech mbil.
      atbath órainech Usnig.
    46. La Sittriuc nGále co ngráin.
      iar n-áne iar n-imforráin;
      hi fích Átha Clíath co cul.

      15945] ro bíth in Níall glan Glúndub.
    47. Dondchad de dind Mide maith.
      fonnchath fine in firflaith;
      {MS folio 133a 40} cen chath cen choll nglond co ngail.
      atbath in dond oll Asail.

    48. 15950] La gaethu Gall gairgge gen.
      & la laechu Lagen;
      docer Congalach cet cland
      oc Taig glondbladach Giugrand.
    49. I nArd mínMacha maith cell.

      15955] aidid fírflatha Frigrend;
      cen dodraing ndéin ndedgair nguil.
      Domnall Huí Neill níamadbuil.
    50. {MS folio 133a 45} Mael Sechnaill Slemna rop sen.
      for trebchlaind Temra is Talten;

      15960] ó Mac Dé díanglan ro det.
      ré teora mbliadan fichet.
    51. Etertudchaid Brían na mblad.
      grían de thulchaib tíarMuman;
      ba glé ro giallad a glacc.

      15965] ra re trí mbliadan deac.
    52. Brian co mbardlí uas barr Breg.
      ardlí Gall & Gaedel;
      {MS folio 133a 50} ar torcc tromm ba galar garg.
      ort la drong nDanar nDanmarg.

    53. p.515

    54. 15970] Dorís ro rígad cen raind. {MS folio 133b}
      ria mmís Máel sirglan Sechnaill;
      cia té flaith fénnend co fí
      conid é Hérend oenrí R.
    55. Nan coma óa firard Flaind.

      15975] Mael sona sirglan Sechnaill;
      a Christ ron cruthaig hi crí
      corop suthain ar n-ardrí R.
    56. {MS folio 133b 5} Ro faith Nín. Cir. Dair. dia éis.
      ro faith Solam. sáim Xerxes;

      15980] Alaxandir glorda a gal.
      Octauin croda Céssar.
    57. Suthain flaith fail uas nélaib.
      bithboe. bithbeu. bithmeraid;
      m nert acht Mac Dé de.

      15985] na rrí na recht na rige. R.
    58. Rossá Fland cen dígla dreinn
      mac ind fir lígda legind;
      {MS folio 133b 10} for nem rop dil dithig Dé
      riachtain richid i rríge. R.


15990] {MS folio 133b} Mael Muru Othna cecinit.

    1. CAn a mbunadas na nGaedel
      gair cloth ngledend;
      can as tarla tondgur dilend
      dochum nHerend.
    2. Citne in ferand inro threbsat
      tuir fer Féne;
      {MS folio 133b 15} cid dosfuc i terce tíre
      do fuiniud gréne.
    3. Ciarso thucait rodos foglúais

      15995] rém do thastiul;
      in do theched
      nó in do chenach vel in d gasciud.
    4. Cia de as dilsiu doib for domun
      ind a taedin;
      dia n-anmnigud ina n-atreb
      Scuitt nó Gaedil.
    5. {MS folio 133b 20} Ciamdis Fene
      atbertha do anmand dóib;
      & Gaedel a ndosgleid

      16000] can dosroid.
    6. Bid nus rélfasu
      damsa corba tirech;
      daig it eolach
      i sreith senchasa Mac Miled.
    7. Mad ail do Dia bid inniu duit
      níba márach;
      {MS folio 133b 25} ord senchasa Mac Miled
      feib ro relad
    8. Rígmac Nóe náir Iafeth

      16005] is uad ar ciniud;
      do Grecaib dún
      conar mbunud conar ndligud.
    9. Don treib is amru ro gabsat
      flathius fuilech;
      for bith broenach
      o thurcbáil gne coa fuined.
    10. {MS folio 133b 30} Flaithem cróda
      ro gab in mbith nglesach nglegrach;
      Nembróth a ainm fer las ndernad

      16010] in Tor dermar.

    11. p.517

    12. {MS folio 133b} Luid Fénius chuice asin Scithia
      for sluagad;
      {MS folio 133b 35} fer airegda ecnaid eolach
      bruthmar bagach.
    13. Ba oenberla boí isin domun
      inro gabsat;
      da bérla déc ar tri fichtib
      tan ro scarsat.
    14. Scol mór la Faenius ic foglaim

      16015] in cech ergna;
      fer ard adma
      ro bíd co amra in cech berlu.
    15. Bretha mac do Faenius Farsaid
      ba dúal cobrath;
      ár cumtach in Tuir la tuaith talman
      Nél darograd.
    16. {MS folio 133b 40} Rancatar scéla co Foraind.
      la mét ngretha;
      Nél mac Faeniusa ica filet

      16020] berla in betha.
    17. Bretha Nél fades i nEgipt
      féin nguirm nglése;
      dobreth ingen Foraind
      dó dar ése.
    18. Ruc Scotta scíth
      mac do Néol ar ndul i nÁegipt
      {MS folio 133b 45} err cét catha
      Goedel Glass fír flatha fegelt.
    19. Féni o Faenius asambertar

      16025] clú cen dochta;
      Gaedil ó Gaediul Glas garta
      Scuitt o Scotta.
    20. Síd mór i mbátar la Foraind
      la méit n-úabair;
      ropdar duanaich i ndálaib
      ropdar sluagaig.
    21. {MS folio 133b 50} Slúag Tuathe Dé léices Foraind
      úad ar omun;
      {MS folio 134a} gebes fora slicht

      16030] co dremun co Muir Romur.
    22. Bátir Foraind a lín uili
      adbul cairdde;
      térna Túath De
      da tír niros báid ind fargge.
    23. Atraigset clanna Niúil ferg Foraind.
      combtar brónaig.
      {MS folio 134a 5} dáig nach dechatar don digail
      lasin coraid.
    24. Cid in tan na terna Foraind

      16035] don riad raenach;
      tuatha Egept
      ecla la claind Neóil dia ndaerad.

    25. p.518

    26. {MS folio 134a} Tallsatar liberna Foraind
      a tír trebsat.
      in n-aidchi uair
      dar belach Mara Ruaid sairset.
    27. {MS folio 134a 10} Raiset sech Indé sech Assia
      ar don fessid.
      don Scithia co mbríg n-uasail

      16040] da tír fessin.
    28. For muncind Mara Caisp gabsat
      cethirn dílis;
      foracsat Glass in Coronis
      ar muir Libis.
    29. Luid Srú mac Esrúi iar tanaib
      ba cen miffri;
      {MS folio 134a 15} timchell atúaid trom co dathe
      Slebe Riffi.
    30. Ro gab a nGolgatha gaethach

      16045] comol grianda;
      anais and a chland cen digna
      da cét mbliadna.
    31. Do Chreit do Sicil ros rersat
      ros ri tinrem;
      sech Colomna Hercuil adbuil
      d'Hespáin indlib.
    32. {MS folio 134a 20} Ba mBrechtracht
      dorala co lucht a theglaig;
      cetna marb dia cheniul chongbaid

      16050] beba Slemnaib.
    33. Ua Deatha ruaid don rigraid
      rigda in forand;
      gebes Espáin in fer foroll
      intí Bregond.
    34. Brigantia ainm na cathrach
      na cét n-airech;
      {MS folio 134a 25} Tor mBregoin a ssaide in subach
      forsa suided.
    35. Sairtuaid as Tur atchess Hériu

      16055] do iath Lumnig;
      fescur gemrid
      fosfuair Ith mac Bregoin buidnig.

    36. p.519

    37. {MS folio 134a} Ba mBréntracht
      dorala co lucht a theglaig.
      cetna marb dia cheniul chongbaid
      beba Slemnaib.
    38. {MS folio 134a 30} Sairdes bretha Ith i nEspáin
      iarna brígaib.
      trén dollotar

      16060] meic mil Mile dia digail.
    39. Dond Colptha Amairgen Glungel.
      fer trén tírech.
      Ír sceo Éber
      Herimón se meic Miled.
    40. Mac Ítha Lugaid caín crechach
      coscrach cathach;
      {MS folio 134a 35} dar ler lethan
      dolluid do dígail a athar.
    41. Huí Bregain bruthmara beoda

      16065] feib ros rime
      Blod. Corp. Cualnge.
      Rigbard Tigern mac Brige.
    42. Batar cethri athig fichet
      nirbo uabor.
      ic irraí na rríg cen baigul
      forsin tsluagod.
    43. Sluindfetsa dúib uili a n-anmand
      mar dosraeraig
      iarna n-arim

      16070] boí dias díb i fail cech oenfir.
    44. Aidne Aile Assal Mitte
      Morba Mide
      Cuib. Cliu Cera Sair Slán Lige
      Life Line.
    45. Ligen Traig dollotar Aire
      Nai Dess Aine
      Fea foruair mínlaech mbrogai
      Femin. Fera.
    46. Fosdailset cland Breogain buidnech

      16075] ba gen míbail;
      comtís fognaimthe na trénfir
      dona rigaib.
    47. Ruc Cruithne mac Cinge a mná uadib
      róssair ndírech;
      inge Tea
      ben Herimóin meic Miled
    48. Mór saethair césait uili
      for cach mbuadre
      {MS folio 134b} la mná Bresse la mna Basse

      16080] la mná Buaigne.

    49. p.520

    50. {MS folio 134b} Banba a Sléib Miss cona sluagaib
      siriuch tuislech
      Fótla i nEblinne asnach
      Hériu i nUisniuch.
    51. A docorsat Tuatha Dea
      tria chert clithach
      {MS folio 134b 5} o tír tidach
      dar noí tonnaib don lir lethan.
    52. Ro gab Herimón co lleith in tsluaig

      16085] iar n-urd tolgdai
      timchell atúaid ba gen mergle
      d'Inber Cholpthai.
    53. Ro gab Dond cosin leith aile
      iar n-urd innaiss.
      ba marb ic ascnam cen chomais
      descert hIrraiss.
    54. {MS folio 134b 10} Co tuarcbad carn la lia a cheneoil
      as lir lethach
      sentreb tontech

      16090] conid Tech Duinn de dongarar.
    55. Ba hésin a hedacht adbul
      dia chlaind chetaich.
      cucum dom tic tissaid uili
      iarbar n-écaib.
    56. Ic Inbiur Scene ro scuirset
      scél cen dúnad
      {MS folio 134b 15} sruth dían dermar
      inros fothraic Fíal ben Lugdach.
    57. Ros dailset fo Herind oraig

      16095] mar atberid.
      gníset córa fri Firu Bolg
      fri claind Nemid
    58. Nís bátar mná soirbe soíre
      cea no glea;
      ar ngait a mban
      gabsat clemnas Tuath Dea.
    59. {MS folio 134b 20} Dobreth dóib leth cech arba
      co muir medbas.
      iarsin charddine chóir chomdes

      16100] iarsin chlemnas.
    60. Ro gab Herimon in tuascert
      dú dia ciniud.
      cona séntus cona solud
      cona ndligud.
    61. Cona ndúnib cona cathaib
      gairge regthe.
      {MS folio 134b 25} cona ndebthaige tria oibbne
      cona cethre.
    62. Ro gab Eber descert nHerend

      16105] ord ro chinnius;
      cona utmaille can chommus
      cona binnius.

    63. p.521

    64. {MS folio 134b} Cona buadaib cona huile
      cona aege.
      cona dersaide tria dúre
      cona chaíne cona dene.
    65. {MS folio 134b 30} Do chlaind Herimoin do Lagnib
      luath co clochda;
      Leth Cuind Connacht

      16110] Niall fasse Níal ind Fochla.
    66. Fothart na Dési Mog Láma
      la cur Cualnge;
      fir Dál Riatai
      Corcu Rinne is Corcu Roeda.
    67. Rigrad clainne Echach uili Domblen
      tuir do télaib
      {MS folio 134b 35} & rigrad Airgiall á Buichne
      co Loch Febail.
    68. Fir Da Gial o Gin co Coraid

      16115] cen nach ndímess.
      degmeic Maine Bresail Fiachraig
      Dallán & Domlen díles.
    69. Dubne Dolus temen
      Fothud Airgnech
      Aendia Trennia
      Coennia Carpdech.
    70. {MS folio 134b 40} Corpre Arad Arad Tíre.
      Arad Cliatach.
      Latharn Baentraige in Manaig

      16120] Dal Find Fiatach
    71. Fodla Corpre sceo Tratraige
      ba toirm tírech;
      sluag balc buadach
      munter Herimoin meic Miled.
    72. Maiccne Ebir
      Eoganachta uili ardait;
      Áni Loch Léin.
      Casel Cloendabair Ross nArgait.
    73. {MS folio 134b 45} Eochu Raithlinne cen drongad

      16125] caín culad;
      Eoganacht cech dú i tát
      la brigu Muman.

    74. p.522

    75. {MS folio 134b} Mathe Dál Chaiss Dal Cein cetaig
      co ngail irgnai
      Dál Moga Dal Cuirc Dal Caeta
      Galing Delnai.
    76. Tratraigi cech dú i tát
      Lugni im dualait.
      {MS folio 134b 50} Lugaid Láge
      16130] Luguirne & Mogo Nuadait
    77. {MS folio 135a} Nuall clainne Lugdach meic Ítha
      olltond rudrag
      Erne Arbraige Músca Bascan
      meic Lugdach.
    78. Lugaid Orcthe
      Lugaid Gala derga oen aible.
      rí Dúin Chermna Berre
      Lugaid Laigde.
    79. {MS folio 135a 5} Lán in Heriu

      16135] do chlaind Ír meic Míled midir
      Rudraige rí Fachtna Fathach
      cona ciniud baide.
    80. Ciar a cheithern
      Conmac cona maine muach;
      Corcu Dallan Corcu Eoluim
      Corco M'Ruad.
    81. Dál mBúain Chonfind
      comil sergen serb ngossa;
      {MS folio 135a 10} Mog Roith ressa

      16140] ciniud Fergusa meic Rossa
    82. Ríge o Factnu Dál nAraide
      ercda dogair;
      secht Laigse Lagen co febail
      na secht Sogain.
    83. Síl Conaill Glaiss
      meic Éich ba ercdaid ogra;
      do Maig Fothaid do Maig Uisnig
      do Maig Mogna.
    84. {MS folio 135a 15} Do Maig Sulide do Fernmaig

      16145] do Maig Mache
      d'Inbiur Buasse bruchtait srotha
      do iath Aiche.
    85. Eocho Maireda in maitre
      miad n-ordd n-ingnad;
      diamb orba Lindmuine laendrech
      uas loch lindglan.
    86. Laechrad síl Rígbaird meic Bríge
      báig cen gainne;
      {MS folio 135a 20} Corc Oiche cloe cloth cen timme

      16150] Dál saer Selle.
    87. Seomuit ni duit do muntir Bregoin
      ciapsa magen.
      Gabraige ricca Uí Thairsig
      Galeoin Lagen.

    88. p.523

    89. {MS folio 135a} Léir ro thuirmisemar ar crónic
      cia no ngleed
      inti medon & tossach
      & dead.
    90. {MS folio 135a 25} Derb lem cip é rodos ríme

      16155] o ro gabad Heriu.
      cona faigbe ní ba fíriu
      na bas leriu.
    91. Leor lend lenmait a sanaisnís
      rofes tulad;
      munter Bregoin feib atberar
      can a mbunad. C.


{MS folio 135a} Mac Cosse fer legind Ruis Ailithir cecinit.

    1. 16160] ROfessa i curp domuin dúir. {MS folio 135a 30}
      cóic cressa caíne comthúir.
      da úarda co nglaine gné
      dá mesraigthe im thentide.
    2. Tentide dar medón cuirp.

      16165] talman tene na thromthuirt;
      da uarda i n-immul túaid tess.
      dá mesraigthe imman rothess.
    3. In mesraigthe thuaid fó nim.
      iss é iss attreb do doenib;

      16170] is é ro delig Dia dían. {MS folio 135a 35}
      i trenaib o Muir Thorrían.
    4. Tri ranna in domuin tíar thair.
      tri ranna i tát sil Adaim;
      tri ranna ra delig Dia.

      16175] Euraip Affraic is Asia.
    5. {MS folio 135a 40} Asia írmaith ar cach leth.
      on rígain ro hanmniged;
      Asia ba hainm di thair.
      ben ro gab ríge ind airthir.

    6. 16180] Asia ni terc thair a tí
      dar airther in mesraigthi;
      bec nach ruc leth le na slait.
      o Eoraip is o Affraic.
    7. Atuaid anair is aness.

      16185] atá in muir imma mórchness;
      nos dedland sruth Danai aníar.
      Muir Méoit is Muir Torrían.

    8. p.525

    9. {MS folio 135a} Tossach ro samlus di thair.
      tír i fail pardus Adaim;

      16190] tír innach éicen fúr fled. {MS folio 135a 45}
      tír immo tá múr tened.
    10. Ón tírsin co sruth nInd síar.
      ind Indía cona mormíad.
      atúaid o Sléib Chucais cain.

      16195] co muncend Mara Romair.
    11. Rofess a mmaith as cach aird.
      a mágneit a hadamaint;
      a margaréit a hur i n-or.
      a hór is a carrmocol.

    12. 16200] A hoenbennach for cai gnáith {MS folio 135a 50}
      a gaeth fethamail fírbláith;
      {MS folio 135b} a helifaint co mbríg bil.
      a bbúain fa dó i n-oenbliadain.
    13. Parthi is Assardai ardda.

      16205] Persai is Meda mórgarga;
      o Ind síar saigit na fir.
      co tuind trebair tromThigir.
    14. O Muir Ruad ragaid dar ré
      fothúaid co tír Arcáne;

      16210] issin tírsin ní dál diss. {MS folio 135b 5}
      ata in lia silinetis.
    15. Aráib co mirr co túis thair.
      co faenic in morsáegail;
      ó hochsail Romuir trén tricc.

      16215] o Thigir co sruth nEufrait.
    16. Caldei is Babiloin bailc.
      eter in nAráib arddait;
      & Mag Sennair fothúaid.
      i ndernad in Tor Nebrúaid.

    17. p.526

    18. 16220] Ni haisc atát tair na fir. {MS folio 135b}
      {MS folio 135b 10} eter Eufrait is Tigir;
      & Chucais feib as lia.
      is tuatha Mesopotámia.
    19. Siria fri Eufrait aníar.

      16225] co mothor Mara Torrían;
      o Egipt fethit a fóit.
      fothúaid cosin Capadóic.
    20. Fri Magena atuaid a thréin.
      fri Capadóic fri hArmein;

      16230] Faenicia fintar i fus. {MS folio 135b 15}
      anaes ina hathfocus.
    21. Felistina cusin gloir.
      and sin atát meic Iacoib;
      Naphathi friu andess co tend.

      16235] & tuatha na Saircend.
    22. Sodomdai o sain siar nach slán.
      Amalech Ammon Moab;
      Sier tíar is Madian tair.
      {MS folio 135b 20} toeb ri toeb is Muir Romuir.

    23. 16240] Ind Egip co ngaire gním.
      is torthechu cach degthír;
      i lleth ri sruth Níl fodess.
      fri Affraic a comaidchess.
    24. O Sléib Chucais sair fothúaith.

      16245] fri hor inn ocíuin innúair;
      ni haisc atá fóir na fer
      ó Muir Chaisp cussin n-airther.
    25. Isind airthersin cet gal.
      {MS folio 135b 25} atát Serdai co sírblad;

      16250] fobith atá fidbad and.
      do nach ingnad inn oland.

    26. p.527

    27. {MS folio 135b} Bactri & Dacia rofes.
      tuaid don Scithia a comaidches;
      isin Scithia atát gríba glend.

      16255] ic comét óir is glangemm.
    28. {MS folio 135b 30} Ó sain siardess im chend Caisp.
      ata Hircáin ní hardaisc;
      tír i tá Tigir luath lond.
      & panathir breccborr.

    29. 16260] Brug Ulbhania tenne tóit.
      o Muir Caisp cusin Meóit;
      rofess a treba tíar thair.
      fuilt gela fora ndoenib.
    30. Uigir ar hur Chaisp ria gáir.

      16265] eter Armein is Albáin; {MS folio 135b 35}
      Meoit ri hArmein aníar.
      i comaithchess nach rochian.
    31. Pentisiria tuaid cen brath.
      eter in muir immechtrach;

      16270] is Albán co ngairge gné
      & tír na Cíchloscthe.
    32. Colochi gelban dosfuil.
      etarru is in Cimermuir;
      in Muir Chimerda condric.

      16275] fodess fri Asia mblathBic.
    33. In Assia Bec fethit áitt.
      Bethain. Frigia. Lith Galait;
      Pilip. Licia. Troe co mblaid.
      Isuria. Paria. Pilip.

    34. 16280] Capadóic ria anair ni diss. {MS folio 135b 40}
      ria anair Muir Popontidis;
      ria ness a Cimer nglúair ngle.
      connice in Muir nAigide.

    35. p.528

    36. {MS folio 135b} Céisair ar hur Mara hÉig.

      16285] Germáin uad síar ria glanréir;
      o Germáin siar cosin muir.
      Sidon cona chomaidchib.
    37. Gabsat or in mara móir.
      cusin nEgipt o Sidóin;

      16290] anair noco chlé da cniss {MS folio 135b 45}
      tuatha De beit im rofis. R.
    38. Affer dorat ainm fria rád.
      mac do Chethuir is do Abrám;
      dond Affraic ar cumne cned.

      16295] ó clithra ro hanmniged.
    39. Ainm di Libia on gáeith grind.
      na da sitlend co himrind;
      vel ón mathair guthbind gle.
      Agena ríg Afraice.

    40. 16300] In t-ocían anair ria cness. {MS folio 135b 50}
      frisin nEthioip anairdess;
      {MS folio 136a} & aness is aníar.
      & atúaid Muir Torrian.
    41. Acus anairtuaid sruth Níl.

      16305] & Egipt maith mórmín;
      i lleth fri hEgipt iar sís.
      Libia caem Cirinensis.
    42. Bend Tropail Trogaeth atchiat.
      ar comair Mara hAdríat;

      16310] o Sirtib Móra fodess. {MS folio 136a 5}
      cussin nEthioip tremdirges.
    43. Otá Sirti Móra síar.
      ra hor mara co hacían;
      Tripolitana nach dis.

      16315] Bistacium Stiugis.

    44. p.529

    45. {MS folio 136a} Numedia cu nirt a haig.
      Maritana Tingitain;
      a fat fodess is fothuaid.
      isind Affraic áin ardglúair.

    46. 16320] Sruth tic dar Affraic aníar. {MS folio 136a 10}
      a sleib Athlaint ond acían;
      is Dara a ainm ica bun.
      mad tair is é a ainm Nuchul.
    47. Teiti tair fo thalmain trell.

      16325] i nEgiptacthaib láncend;
      Nílus os Chamse síar.
      a ainm co roich Muir Torrian.
    48. Ón tsruthsin fodess co mmuir.
      Ethioip in datha derbduib;

      16330] dar desciurt nAffraice ind aird. {MS folio 136a 15}
      co slíab nIsper is Athlaint.
    49. Is ri sruth aness atá
      topor úar o tic lanlá;
      's é te cid cían on muir.

      16335] o laiges ind fíradaig.
    50. Is ri sruth atúaid atá tír.
      i tat slebi Arascín.
      tir n-onagri is gaem co mblad.
      tír nathrach is oenbennach.

    51. 16340] In tírsin cia beith dia fat. {MS folio 136a 20}
      is tír nathrach is dúrdrac;
      aes na carat comrad cain.
      tír lomnan de thorathraib.
    52. In mír ótá slíab fodess.

      16345] dond Affraic ar rothess;
      ní himda a bláth cibé atcheth.
      o sléib fothúaid tír thortech.

    53. p.530

    54. {MS folio 136a} Tír fer ndub co n-immud glóir.
      tír cen ainmne cen onóir;

      16350] co mbrethir bailb cá tacer.
      {MS folio 136a 25} tír da tarat ainm Affer. A.
    55. Eoraip blasta co mblaid.
      ingen gasta Agenoir;
      airm cussu rucad i slait.

      16355] is í tuc ainm dond Eoraip.
    56. Muir ina timchell rofess.
      atúaid aníar aniardess;
      aness anair ní naidm súail.
      & sruth Danoe anairtúaid.

    57. 16360] Is ed rochlunim cach dia. {MS folio 136a 30}
      at é tuatha na Scithia;
      Elain. Dacia. Gothia géir.
      Germain tíar ic sruth ardRéin.
    58. Tracia. Mesia. Pannoin. Réit.

      16365] siar co sruth Réin ar mórméit
      toeb ra tóeb do deiss Danuib.
      ó Chonstantin on Phontmuir.
    59. Tír i fail mathgamain mall.
      immad sucuin is cristall.

      16370] immad n-ettech co tric. {MS folio 136a 35}
      o thic adaig sollsigit.
    60. Greic o Thracia feib as lia.
      fadess co Muir Cifalia.
      co sruth Réin is ed atchíat

      16375] síar. sech rind mara Adriat.
    61. Attaici a hairther thair.
      túath mór fail immon Athain.
      Achaia ria andess i fus.
      dian cathir Corinthus.

    62. p.531

    63. 16380] In Arcáid ría anair ni ceist. {MS folio 136a}
      i tá cloch dian ainm asbest.
      {MS folio 136a 40} onas geib tene tri bruth.
      nochon etar a díbdúd.
    64. Cessair o Chorinth cu nglóir.

      16385] fothúaid cussin Macidoin;
      tír i fail immad ngai nglass.
      tír in maith marcachass.
    65. Macidóin is Dalmán dron.
      im rind Adríait cen imrol;

      16390] hIsteir o Dalmain cu Réin {MS folio 136a 45}
      fodes cu Slíab nAilp n-ardréil.
    66. Ind Etáil sairdes Asia.
      Slíab Ailp eturru is Gallia;
      muir ina timchell a muirn.

      16395] otá Libaist co Libuirn.
    67. In Róim co hurgna ara lár.
      cathir chunla na Román;
      a tuatha cusin muir mer.
      ar cach leth ina timchel.

    68. 16400] Tri srotha tecait a hAilp.
      {MS folio 136a 50} siar darin nEoraip ardait;
      {MS folio 136b} sruth Réin siartúaid arragair.
      sruth Liguir i sruth Rodáin.
    69. Tair eter Liguir is Réin.

      16405] atá Gallia Narbonéin;
      eturru tíar créit ra chreit.
      atá Lugdon is Belgeic.
    70. Equitáin mór cona míad
      o Ligir co Muir Torrian;

      16410] co sruth Rodáin issin tsléib. {MS folio 136b 5}
      siardess co sleibi Peréin.

    71. p.532

    72. {MS folio 136b} Espáin o sléib Perein síar
      tuaid de toeb Mara Torrian;
      muir ina timchell cech dia

      16415] acht i lleth sair ri Gallia.
    73. At é tuatha gabait gláim.
      Gallia. Petic. Tingitain
      Terraconensis ra clé
      Lucitain túath Cartaigne.

    74. 16420] Inis Bretan brug co mbúaid {MS folio 136b 10}
      inis Erend ria aníartúaid;
      arin acian síardess i sía
      eter Espain is Gallia.
    75. Tír suairc subach setaib sreth.

      16425] tir ar fetair meic Miled;
      tír na cliath ngablach co nglóir.
      tír is tarbach rofess on. R.


{MS folio 136b} Gilla Mo Dutu cecinit.

    1. {MS folio 136b 15} ADam oenathair na ndoene.

      16430] duine ro delb Dia na ndám;
      iar ndenam na ndúl ro rígad
      d'fegad rún ro silad slán.
    2. Iar cruthad Adaim aird úasail.
      asna thucad asa thaib;

      16435] de dogniad Eua fíal ergna
      ros lín miad merda cen main.
    3. Síl Adaim is Eua ailli
      aisneidfet a mbantrocht becht.
      {MS folio 136b 20} dia foglaim co rréil im rannaib.

      16440] i céin dia clannaib co cert.
    4. Innesat uaiti don bantrocht.
      sin bairdni i mbrecfaither nath.
      d'asnéis da clannaib is dia ceilib
      im rannaib reidib co rrath.

    5. 16445] Ni thalla i llittrib na llaídib.
      na labarthaib co néim nóis;
      turim ban in betha buidnig.
      no sretha co sruibnib sóis.
    6. {MS folio 136b 25} Mar nach derna nech riam romum

      16450] rátur rand do dréim nar daer;
      cumnigthi gérat na gábud.
      gebat ota Adam oen. A.
    7. Adam. Seth. Sili caid Cain.
      cétchethror fer silta slúaig.

      16455] Eua Olla Pib is Pithib
      sin bithin búain.
      ro chlandsat claind sírfind sochraig
      ria ndilind dochraig iar n-úair.

    8. p.534

    9. {MS folio 136b} Eua oenben Adaim adbail.

      16460] Olla setig Séith cen locht. {MS folio 136b 30}
      Píb ainm do mnai Cain chintaig
      sin rasin nir imgaib olc.
      Pithib ben Sili na solud
      gili na cobur a corp.

    10. 16465] Catafolo fia rofetar
      findben fos Cain claenchend.
      impi in eóit luchair in lennán.
      ba duthain pennan na pell.
      bí Noeua don bili barrglass.

      16470] ro fig in n-abras cen fell.
    11. {MS folio 136b 35} Ambia ingen Chain cholaig
      diar chuani torathair thall.
      Percoba ben Noe co nnári
      cen choi cen gári ba gand.

      16475] copa Séim ba comsech 'ca cáemfir
      toirsech ca coíniud a cland.
    12. Olla setig Séim bláith bíthi.
      ben Chaim Oliuan o haís.
      commam Iafeth Oliuane.

      16480] na tarat bari for baís.
      marba oc tiprataib fer gni.
      sin mairt mna bat gléri ar gaís.
    13. {MS folio 136b 40} Ingen luchair Latin Belait.
      ben Faeniusa Farsaid find.

      16485] dóib ropo mac Nél na noídin.
      Nél ba hathair Gaedil grind.
      bás Belbraiti rofes feli.
      do thes na gni sin glind.
    14. Scotta ingen Foraind bladmair.

      16490] ben Niuil. mathair Gaedil Glais
      o ro gabsat sloind Gaedil glana
      oegid dar moing mara maiss.
      & Scoitt o Scotta sciamda
      ria lotta nir thiamda tais.

    15. p.535

    16. 16495] Cesair ingen bulid Betha. {MS folio 136b}
      {MS folio 136b 45} ben Fintain meic Bochra búain.
      Bith is Ladru nir lucht legind.
      tucsat ucht i nHerind úair
      co coicait ban dírim daidbir

      16500] tan ria ndílind gailbig glúair.
    17. Bantrocht bláith Partholoin cumnig.
      Cichbun Cermnat Nerbgind nár.
      Iafa Edgnat in tslóig saidbir.
      {MS folio 136b 50} dóib nirbo dadbir cech dál.
      16505] atbath buiden na mbarr mbudi
      {MS folio 137a} 's a cland 's a curi do thám.
      Tamlacta ón tamgail ros tectaig
      & dia lechtaib ar lár
    18. Eua Cera Medar moltair.

      16510] Macha min sochraid ro seirc
      samuil ria samthuili ndemin.
      banchuiri Nemid ind neirt.
      Cera i crich Connacht na cairddi.
      is Eua i tír Charpri cheirt.

    19. 16515] Liber Libist Cnucha chialla. {MS folio 137a 5}
      cóem Etar Fuat furend éim
      cóic rigna Fer mBolg mbuidnech.
      a n-ordd ba cuimnech i céin.
      is o Chnucha in chairn is cubaid

      16520] a ainm arin tulaig tréin.
    20. Fuat setig Sláne grib gasta.
      ra Gand Etar co mbríg búain
      ra Sengand Libist nach lenaind.
      {MS folio 137a 10} Cnucha commám Genaind glúair.

      16525] Liber gel churaid in chomóil.
      ben Rudraige romóir rúaid.
      selb in trén ar tuind cen tacha.
      dia gluind féin in fatha fúair.

    21. p.536

    22. {MS folio 137a} Mná delbda Tuathe De Danand

      16530] a ndermat ni dlegar dím.
      Eriu Fotla. is Banba bruthmar.
      drong amra guthglan na ngním.
      tri ingena finda Fiachrach.
      mná gilla mbriathrach na mbríg.

    23. 16535] Commám Cetair Eriu fuilech. {MS folio 137a 15}
      fer Fótla. Detar nar thim
      ben Etair tria thogairm tarba
      ba é a comainm Banba bind
      cland Cermata gnímrad gnímach.

      16540] rigrad mac Miled ros mill
    24. Nemain Danand Badb is Macha
      Morrígu no bered búaid.
      Etan co luinni is co lluathi.
      Be Chuilli na tuathi thúaid

      16545] bantuathecha Tuathe De Danand {MS folio 137a 20}
      is me nos canand co crúaid.
    25. Etgen degben Duach cen anacht.
      athair clemna Magmóir maill.
      Ben Echach ba hardiu sestan

      16550] Tailtiu car chaill.
      i Caillid Cúain sét dar sluagaib
      mór cét co tuagaib ro thaill.
    26. Pea dianand Ethne ergna.
      Eithne ben Chéin treoraig thailc.

      16555] mathair Loga in dagfir déinmig. {MS folio 137a 25}
      ingen Balair Bemnig bailc.
      Balar mac Doid meic Néit nertmair.
      fir móir os méit Ectoir aitt.
    27. Ingen Moga Ruith mét Tlachtga.

      16560] trenben meic Simoin na set.
      uathi don martra ros mudaig
      Tlachtga for tulaig na trét.
      Fuamnach Midir marb co hecain
      garb di & d'Étain a hét.

    28. p.537

    29. 16565] Englecc ingen erdairc Elcmair {MS folio 137a}
      {MS folio 137a 30} Ogniad ingen Midir maith
      Brí Bruachbrecc a hingen aile
      nár inled i mbraini braith.
      Englecc Loga nár loit labra.

      16570] mathair meic in Dagda daith.
    30. Echtgi Uathach urscail angi.
      ba ingen in Dagdai duind
      Boand ben Nechtain co nithaib
      ros certaig i crichaib Cuind.

      16575] mac Labraid leir Lesbricc Nectain. {MS folio 137a 35}
      fir threin trestricc lechtaig luind.
    31. Da Chaech ingen Ceochair clunid
      Ceochuir glicc gel glún na gad.
      ingen Genaind meic Triuin Tarbig.

      16580] Clidna chiuin na gargthig grad.
      ainm uathi for tuind na tarma
      dia sluind co calma iarna crad. A.
    32. Mna móra mathi mac Miled
      ras mill miad in betha bricc

      16585] uair is feidm crichid rachlunid {MS folio 137a 40}
      mithig a turim co tricc.
    33. Scotta Scéna Fáis dur dulig.
      Delsairi Tea nar thláith
      Fial ben Lugdach móir meic Itha.

      16590] cían cumnech i crícha cáich
      Odba Díl da ingin Miled
      dia síl ros rimed do raith.
    34. Herimon. Eber. Ir. uasal.
      Amargin Colptha. Dond dian

      16595] Lugaid mac Itha meic Bregoin. {MS folio 137a 45}
      ditha cen mebail a míad
      is uathib ni cranna is cuman.
      clanna na curad cid cian.

    35. p.538

    36. {MS folio 137a} Di sétig Herimoin adbail.

      16600] Odba Tea Temra nar gand
      Tea mathair Iréil úair eoalaig
      in tslúaig dírim treoraig thall.
      Irial Fáid ra uathaig. Eber
      flaith firfíal fener narb fand.

    37. 16605] Tri meic Herimoin ra Odba. {MS folio 137a 50}
      oen dib Mumni mór a mes.
      {MS folio 137b} is dias co cuibdi cach cangni.
      Lugni & Lagni na les.
      & ainm o Odba chomláin

      16610] arin tulaig thondbain tes.
    38. Ingen Aeda Macha Mongruad
      mummi Ugaini nar nár
      ben Chimbaíth chetaig meic Fintain.
      co hécaib nir imgaib ág.

      16615] is lé Emain is Ard Macha. {MS folio 137b 5}
      garg glond a catha co gád
      .uiii. mbliadna buí i rrigi rechtmair.
      cialla ros claí rectaid rán.
    39. Ingen rig Frainc Cesair chaem chruthach

      16620] commám Ugaini co n-aíb
      a tríar ingen Áni is Pasi.
      Muresc cen tassi maith maín.
      Ethni Amlabur cuirp chomthaig
      mathair Luirc is Chobthaig Caíl.

    40. 16625] Ben Labrada Longsig línmair. {MS folio 137b 10}
      laích ro loisc Chobthach ciar chol.
      ingen rig Fer Morca Moriath.
      diarb athair Scoriath na scor.
      is ó lágnib a láech Lagin.

      16630] nir maeth ar magin a mmod.

    41. p.539

    42. {MS folio 137b} Cland Fergusa Gnai Maer Medar.
      mná Etair Béthech Marg.
      Bethech ingen Chremthaind Chualand.
      {MS folio 137b 15} ro degthuill mór n-ualand n-ard.

      16635] mórmac Ugaini féin Fergus
      co méin is co mergus garg.
    43. Margo mórben Aís meic Etair.
      Aís ba hathair Duind na ndúan.
      Aís athair cen terca tallmán

      16640] Elta don maig barrglan búan.
      Oro ráded Mag an Elta.
      tan do tham slecta na sluag.
    44. {MS folio 137b 20} Ben Echach Aireman Étain.
      Ésa a ingen olc a hord.

      16645] ainm uathi for uachtur inaid.
      cairdes tria chinaid ra chorb.
      Mess Buachalla ingen Ésa.
      tria thindrem bésa bad borb.
    45. Mathair Conairi Móir moltair.

      16650] Mes Buachalla maith in mind
      ua da hathair siur da mathair
      úa d'Étaín fathaig ind find.
      {MS folio 137b 25} Lifi ingen Chanand Churchaig
      farrán a furthain do lind

    46. 16655] Lifi ben Deltbunni dorchai.
      dálim Chonaire cen cheilg.
      mac side Druchta in Danair
      brúit bruchtada os dabaig deirg.
      is o Liphi Life Lagen

      16660] fúair fichi fandfer a feirg.
    47. Díl ingen Lugmanrech latir.
      {MS folio 137b 30} laechben Telchonn in drúad dein.
      ingen ríg Fer Falga firthair.
      gríb gel lamda rintaig réil.

      16665] rád in drúad nar liach do liathad
      i cath Chliach sciathach co scéim.

    48. p.540

    49. {MS folio 137b} Tuag ingen Chollomrach Conaill.
      Conaire ro n-alt glan grés.
      Fer ros tuc asin Temraig.

      16670] gel hí & genmnaid a bés. {MS folio 137b 35}
      cid trén a tairim ri Tuaig Inbir
      ainm fuair on ingin ro ges.
    50. Ruad rígingen Mane Milscoith
      meic Duind Desa datta a lí

      16675] ben d'Aed mac Labrada Lesbricc
      nírb anfala esglicc hí
    51. Ingen Echach Aireman Tethba.
      tendben Noísen Nectain náir.
      {MS folio 137b 40} nech ni thabrad frettech furri.

      16680] Ettech ainm dia mummi máir.
      úathi ainmnigther Cend Ettig.
      is cell isin chretim chaid.
    52. Cland Echach Uchtlethain Croind
      commam Echach Feidlig fois.

      16685] mathair Meidbi croda Cruachna.
      glórda fuachda ria cach froiss.
      is mathair mór na Find Emna
      {MS folio 137b 45} triallsat clod clemna do chois.
    53. Sessiur ingen Echach Feidlig.

      16690] fintar a n-anmand ar oen
      Mugain Medb co lleithni is Lothra
      Derbriu. Ethni is Chlothru chaem
      a n-anmand is cell cia chanam
      uadib i saband ni saeb.

    54. 16695] Secht Mani mórmeic Medba.
      maicni Ailella cen ét
      {MS folio 137b 50} triar aile diar delbus degnath.
      ro Fergus selbach na sét.
      {MS folio 138a} a n-anmand Ciar. Corc is Conmac.

      16700] ba triar torc borrbalc ni bréc.

    55. p.541

    56. {MS folio 138a} Mani Mingor. Mani Morgor.
      Mani Mathremail nar mall.
      Mani Athremail na n-éitecht
      is Mani Mó Epert and.

      16705] is Mani Mór Congeib Uile.
      Mani Andoe ruiri na rand.
    57. {MS folio 138a 5} Óenmac Eithni fein rofetar.
      Furbaide Fer Mend na mberg
      cland Chlothrand is na Find co fubaib.

      16710] dar lim is Lugaid Riab nDerg.
      meic Echach thres ra dál dochur.
      Bres Nár. is Lothur na llerg.
    58. Ingen Buirg buredaig Érni
      on ainmnigther in loch lir.

      16715] is Cruachu o Chruachain chrodeirg.
      {MS folio 138a 10} ruathair moir co mórfeirg mir.
      Cruachu inailt d'Étain adbail
      narb écain ar talmain tig.
    59. Commam Ailella Find Flidais.

      16720] Fergus in lennan ra lúaid
      ma tánaid ra milled maccrad.
      ra cinned cnapgal co cruaid.
    60. Eochu Salbuide co srianaib.
      sóeringen dó Nes co neim

      16725] mathair Chonchobuir meic Cathbaid. {MS folio 138a 15}
      in borrthoraid rathmair réil.
      ní mac Factnai Fathaig etir.
      ciaros gnathaig gletin ngéir.
    61. Mugain ben Chon chobuir Chroda.

      16730] ra Conall Lennabair laind
      ingen Eogain meic duind Durthacht
      nir deólaid cumthacht ria claind.

    62. p.542

    63. {MS folio 138a} Feidelm Foltlebor is Phasi.
      findmna Loegaire co lór.

      16735] Fásí thall nar tairind catha. {MS folio 138a 20}
      cland d'Ailill mac Matach mór
    64. Deictir ingen chialla Chathbad.
      caemmathair Con Culaind crúaid
      ingen Feidlimid ben Noisi.

      16740] Derdriu na boísi cen búaid
      scelaigi is chruttiri cubaid
      Fedlimid in bunaid buain.
    65. Niab ingen Cheltcair ra Cormac.
      Cormac Cond Longas dar lind.

      16745] Setanta fer findsleg forbaind. {MS folio 138a 25}
      a ben ingen Forgaill find.
      Emer is Cu Chulaind cherdda
      co clú chumaing Delga osin dind.
    66. Doruama is Findabair féta.

      16750] findmna Celtchair ro clecht gail.
      Bríg Brethach a thres ben bulid
      rofes arna thurim thair.
      Dún Da Lethglass dún cíuin Celtchair
      {MS folio 138a 30} dun in triuir chertglain cen chair.

    67. 16755] Ben Chethirn meic Fintain fuilig.
      Findbec ingen Echach óil
      Indel ra Uislind mac Durthacht.
      cu cuslind cu cumtach cóir
      a cland Noisi is Andle is Arddán.

      16760] gaisi is gairbi garcár dóib.
    68. Findigi fós ingen Echach
      ra hEogan mac
      cuanna Cathbaith
      {MS folio 138a 35} ben Amargin dathglain druind.

      16765] is mór doduing ro derlaig
      athair Conaill Cernaig Claín.

    69. p.543

    70. {MS folio 138a} Londchade cland Echach Echbéoil.
      Irial a mmac Glunmar garg.
      Buan ben Mes Gegra ciar dimbúan.

      16670] na tres n-ergna dinduar n-ard.
      ingen ríg Ossairgi arnaid.
      tuc brosnaigi ar almaib alt.
    71. {MS folio 138a 40} Feidelm Noíchruthach nert curad
      ri Cairpre Nia Fer cu fí

      16775] laeches latar nert a hachni.
      mathair Erca is Achli hí
      cland Chonchobuir for lind latha
      comlund cach catha na clí
    72. Achall ingen chunnail Chairpri.

      16780] commam Glain meic Carbaid chaeim
      nó chommam Echach meic Carbaid.
      methach do marbaib nar maín.
      {MS folio 138a 45} ainm uathi ar tulaig ac Temraig.
      cubaid i llebraib a llaíd.

    73. 16785] Caegmen Chonganchnes mac Dedaid.
      a dí mnaí Mis & Nem
      cliamain Caeir. is Maireda moltair
      caindelda fortail in fer.
      o Nim na fuath Ferta Nimi.

      16790] ra dlechta a lligi ras len.
    74. Ingen choir Chonchobuir
      Blathnat blathach ben Chon Rui.
      {MS folio 138a 50} nó ráb ingen Fidaig Fathaig
      {MS folio 138b} ben midaig nar gnathaig goe.

      16795] acci ra athlaig iar togail
      i cathraig Codail ro bóe.
    75. Morand mór Manannach málla.
      mathair Chon Ruí rígda réil
      ingen meic Gunsigi in gascid.

      16800] fir tundsidi in tastil tréin
      siur Echach diar ben Tear treorach
      gér chrechach ceolach i céin.

    76. p.544

    77. {MS folio 138b} Oengus Ossairge mac Crimthaind.
      {MS folio 138b 5} Cindnit a mathair cen meirg.

      16805] ingen Dari Duind meic Dedaid.
      sund bari co ndebaid deirg.
    78. Darera is Ruamail ríg Lagen.
      lanamain rigda co rrath
      ro alsat Lugaid Riab nDerg.

      16810] ba cían a comferg i cath
      no ro halt i n-iathaib Ulad
      fo sciathaib nar dubad dath.
    79. {MS folio 138b 10} Crifang Montriduir. Der Forgaill.
      dias d'Albain is do Lochlaind luind.

      16815] da mnai Lugdech mer meic Echach
      ó siltar síl clethach Cuind.
    80. Nar Thuathech di thuathaib Cruithnech
      di chlaind Lóith meic Dáiri déin.
      mathair Chrimthaind in chind chlechtaig.

      16820] is Feradaig ind Fechtnaig féil.
      {MS folio 138b 15} vel 's í mathair Chrimthaind Clothna
      ataig imthruim romtha réil.
    81. Ben Fiachach Findolaid Eithni.
      Ethni Imgel beoda a bág

      16825] mathair Thuathail na ngnim ngargmar
      ingen ríg Alban na n-ág.
    82. Ingen Scáil Bailb Báni banflaith
      ben Tuathail Techtmair na tor.
      {MS folio 138b 20} mathair find Feidlimid follain.

      16830] na dind nochor dimbaig dol.

    83. p.545

    84. {MS folio 138b} Siur Feidlimid Rechtaid rigdai.
      rigan rignaidi can raind
      Feidlem Derg ra atlaig tiachra
      mathair tri mac Fiachna.
      ro bechtaig briathra co bind.
    85. Fithir is Dárini datta.
      di dagingin Tuathail tall.
      mná Echach meic Echach adblig.

      16840] brethach for Lagnib na lland
      {MS folio 138b 25} díb ra boí in bóroma o Lagnib
      tóroma do changnib cland.
    86. Ingen Oengusa Múisc Ethni.
      Ethni Sithbacc ben Chon Corbb

      16845] mathair Meisin Cuirbb is Cairpri.
      nir sesil uird airgni a n-ord.
    87. Mór mathair Thipraiti Thirig.
      'ca torchair Cond na cét cath cróda
      ben Bresail meic Cirb na n-echór

      16850] cen merg cen methol cen brath.
      {MS folio 138b 30} Mac Máil 'car toit Tuathal Tectmar
      co rath
    88. tri meic Cuind na cet cath cróda.
      Crinna Condla & Art. Oen

      16855] triar ingen ni dalb lanlac.
      Sadb & Sarait & Moen.
      dib gairm goi bindi cen brinna
      ainm cilli & Crinna cóem.

    89. p.546

    90. {MS folio 138b} Ro Saidb síl Ailella atchluintir.

      16860] na Cairpri ri Sárait síar
      {MS folio 138b 35} meic Imchada ind ernmais ferda.
      na Ferguis merda ra Maín.
      tria bríg bunaid glacc na gona.
      Lugaid mac Moga ras maíd.

    91. 16865] Clanna Ailella aird Óluim.
      is oenmac Macniad Meic Con.
      is é ém síl Saidbi saíri
      na caingni caími cen chol.
      ingen Eogabail fogebim.

      16870] Áni ben d'Ailill cen on.
    92. {MS folio 138b 40} Fiacha Mullethan mac Eogain.
      Eogan mac d'Ailill na n-ard
      Moncha a mathair ingen Tretain
      ú Gregga tria brethaib bard

      16875] vel is ingen drúad Díl nar dorcha
      slonnud mín Moncha na mbárc.
    93. Sárnat ben Chonairi chetaig.
      caemmathair na Cairpre cían.
      ras tuc cen temel mar thaircim.

      16880] Nemed mac Srabcind na srían
      {MS folio 138b 45} ciar gáib cliamain Cuind na ceilid
      do láim luind Nemid na níam.
    94. Eocho Cairpre richet romór.
      ríg Óengus ainm Cairpri Múisc.

      16885] Ailill Cairpri Baschain bladmar.
      mór d'aschoib damrad ro duisc.
      cland Conaire maith meic Moga.
      mór raith bad roga ra ruisc.
    95. Ethni Ollamda cland Cathair

      16890] commám Cormaic meic Airt.
      {MS folio 138b 50} Echtan ainm da mathair medraig.
      ro thlathaig i Temraig thailc
      {MS folio 139a} ingen Oirc Áchai ibraig.
      flathi dia hidnaib ciab airc

    96. p.547

    97. 16895] Is indemin maicni Ethni. {MS folio 139a}
      vel inn í Feidel teist cen tnú
      mathair Chairpri in chumal Lagnech.
      cuman is caingnech a clú
      vel inn í Ciarnath 'cun broin borddaig

      16900] nirb fóil ra forbair a brú
    98. {MS folio 139a 5} Murni Muncháem maith a monor.
      mathair Find fiannamail flaith.
      do síl Taidc meic Nuadat nertmair
      ingen ríg rechtmair in raith

      16905] nucu chured forlond furri.
      is Bodball a mummi maith.
    99. Smirnat Mongfind. Albi Gruadbrec
      Badamair co mblaid nár briss.
      is iat sin mná Find co fedaib.

      16910] nar thim ra cnedaib a cnis. {MS folio 139a 10}
      Áni ingen Find ben Echach.
      gaini grind a rethach riss.
    100. Funchi find ingen Náir miad.
      meic Urmóra d'Arbrib Cliach

      16915] mathair na trí Fathaid fuiglech
      do sochor Muimnech na míach.
      nó is ingen Bénni Britt Funchi.
      glicc ceilli chaidchi in cach fíad.
    101. {MS folio 139a 15} Callech Bérri búan bind bunaid.

      16920] ben Fathaid Chanand na cét.
      Tea ingen Maicniad na mothur.
      ba siur na Fothud adfét
      ben Find meic Regamain Raignig
      segamail sadbir a sét.

    102. p.548

    103. 16925] Sciath ingen Lugdech co llánméit. {MS folio 139a}
      meic Oengusa Find rofes.
      ba mac Fergusa Dub Détaig.
      {MS folio 139a 20} ra chuir ra cetaib a chnes.
      ben cen mairg co méin ras massig

      16930] Taidg meic Chein Chassil cen chess.
    104. Ingen Fubdairi find Ailech
      ardríg Alban ni slicht saeb
      ben Echach ra gnathaig glonna.
      mathair na tri Colla cáem.

      16935] anmand funedach na fairend.
      Muridach. Cairell is Áed.
    105. {MS folio 139a 25} Úathi ingen Findchain málla.
      mathair Fraíchfir Fortréin trell.
      macside Fergusa Foga

      16940] ar ergnus ba toga tend.
      ina amsir ra fedain fuilech.
      Emain ra cuired dar cend.
    106. Mná Echach Mugmedoin maerdai
      Mongfind Ernach gasta in géc.

      16945] siur Chremthaind crúaid gein ra gnathaig
      {MS folio 139a 30} fúair neim don brathair ro bréc.
      Cairend Chasdub na mbríg masglan
      ingen ríg Saxan na sét.
    107. Trí meic Echach móir ra Mongfind.

      16950] Mongfind ingen Fidaig féil.
      Fiachra. Ailill. Brian a Bairind.
      is Niall ri Cairind co céil.
      meic Mongfindi iar fáth ba sídaig.
      {MS folio 139a 35} guth gnáth nar crichaib o chéin.

    108. p.549

    109. 16955] Da Chonall Cairpre cas Enna. {MS folio 139a}
      Eogan úais Loegaire láith
      Maini na miad ní da dignib
      do Niall ri Rignaig in raith.
      cland Meda meic Rosa ruanaid

      16960] Ros mac Trechim duanaib daith.
    110. Commám Conaill ingen Echach.
      Eocho murgeni maith méin.
      {MS folio 139a 40} Corpre co fuataib ba fuilech
      mathair Lugdech dondaes déin.

    111. 16965] Inniu. Innecht ba dias delbda.
      da ingen Lugdech in luirg.
      Inniu ben Neill in druing dagduind.
      Innecht ben Chruind badruind buirb.
      mathair meic Néill Noigiallaig

      16970] Fiachach fein caemfial uird.
      {MS folio 139a 45} Cichurid mac Cruind Cáelbod iar mbreith Dabla.
      ba leis in Banba 's a buirid.
      Innecht a mathair cen chalad.
      o fuil Glend Arad in Ruit.

    112. 16975] Ethni ergna ingen Chonrach
      commám Dá Thi miad nad gand.
      mac dóib Ailill Molt in milid
      ba torc dara thirib thall.
    113. Ingen chóir Chairpri Daim Argait.

      16980] Angas ben Nad Fraích co fír. {MS folio 139a 50}
      ingen Echach fial Brí Éle
      ben Dath Í co ngéri gním;
    114. {MS folio 139b} Oengus mac Nad Fraich fer uallach.
      Angas a mathair maith mall.

      16985] vel is ingen ríg Bretan Manand
      Fochand fír a tadall tall.

    115. p.550

    116. {MS folio 139b} Ingen Chremthaind Ethni Uathach.
      Enna a senathair cen locht.
      ben Oengusa meic Nad Fraích fraíchaig

      16990] laích eter laichaib cen locht.
    117. {MS folio 139b 5} Feradach Feidlimid. Cathair.
      Cond. Art. Cairpre Liphi Luirc.
      Fiachraig. Muredach. tend Temra.
      Crimthand cend Cerna & Cuilt.

      16995] nucu slonnend senchas sétchi
      na n-erchas can éitchi cuirp.
    118. Morfeisiur coica cen chretim.
      cethri chét ro thurmius trá
      co ceilib co clannaib coraib

      17000] im rannaib móraib na mná. Adam. {MS folio 139b 10}
    119. Benam ra senchassaib saerchland.
      na saerban creitmech cen chrád.
      uair is co bunad bríg bermait
      cech ní is dír dlegmait do rad. A.

    120. 17005] Angias ingen Tassaig threbair.
      Tassach mac Liathain cen locht.
      locharn Loegaire ba hamra
      aegaire Banba nar bocht.
    121. {MS folio 139b 15} Ingen lond Loegaire Lasar.

      17010] Lugaid Cali a céili cas
      mathair Chuirc na n-aball n-étlach.
      Bolga Manand Bret nach brass.
      Core do chlaind Loegaire is Lugdech.
      aenaige ac buidnech na mblas.

    122. 17015] Marb ingen ríg Saxan srethach súairc.
      ben meic Néil cáem ci atcheind.
      {MS folio 139b 20} mathair Muredaig meic Eogain.
      fir thuredaig treoraig theind.

    123. p.551

    124. {MS folio 139b} Mórmac Muredaig meic Eogain.

      17020] Eogan mac Néil ro thend tuaid
      Murchertach mac Erca in roairm.
      do síl Erca Loairn luaith.
    125. Cumman Muni mathair Thuathail.
      Tuathal Maelgarb na ngním ngrind.

      17025] mac do Charmac Caech mac Cairpri.
      {MS folio 139b 25} borrslatt baeth na bairddni bind.
      ingen Dalbrónaig siur Brigti.
      Cumman in fuilt filti find.
    126. Ben Fergusa Cerrbeóil Corbach.

      17030] cland Mani Lagnig co laid.
      Diarmait a mmac mór cen merbuill
      danad sód mac Cerbaill chaím.
      úa do Chonull Chremthaind chrechach.
      mac Neil meic Echach co n-aíb.

    127. 17035] Mugan ben Diarmata datta. {MS folio 139b 30}
      degingen Chonchraid meic Duach.
      a cland Colmán is Áed nach fellad.
      cráeb chomlán do thennad túath.
      dib cland chland na ríg rádi.

      17040] síl Aeda Sláni na slúag.
    128. vel combad mathair cheirt Cholmain.
      cland Brenaind Daill cáid na cross
      {MS folio 139b 35} Erc co comthaitnim na clúmi.
      do Chonmaicnib Cú atchlos.

    129. 17045] Brea ingen chaem chlothach Colmáin.
      Colman mac Nemain co neim.
      mathair Cholmain Bic cen búani.
      ben glic o Dún Suani sein.
      Aedammair Delgnach tren trebar

      17050] Tratraigech allata oen
      ben ra thothlaig. cuani caibni.
      mathair Guairi Aidni féil.

    130. p.552

    131. {MS folio 139b} Ben Mael Dúin mathair Chongail
      {MS folio 139b 40} cland Nechtain Lassar ro lass

      17055] ben Duach Irlochra thall derbaim.
      Land ingen meic Cerbaill chass.
    132. Da mac Murchertaig meic Erca.
      Eochu Find Domnall echt ard
      ingen Duach a mathair.

      17060] cnuasach nir gnathaig in garg.
      cend Connacht. Dui Tenga Umai
      no thennad budai do bard.
    133. {MS folio 139b 45} Sétna sétmar athair Ainmerech.
      Aed mac Ainmerech cen ail.

      17065] mathair Aeda Brigit brothach
      ingen do Choltuch cen chair
      macside d'Ailill Aird Ladrand.
      'ca tairind is grafand gail.
    134. Ingen find Fiandamla Brigit.

      17070] breith in bunaid trén ro thréic.
      cland Echach oenal co n-allud
      Aedan is Brandub cen bréic.
    135. {MS folio 139b 50} vel is ingen Feidlimid Findléith.
      {MS folio 140a} Feidlem a mathair cen mairg.

      17075] Feidlimid mac Cobthaig rí riathrach
      meic Dáth I meic Fiachrach aird.
    136. Eithni ingen in Daill Brenaind.
      ben Aeda Sláni na sleg
      Diarmaith Dunchad. Conall Congal.

      17080] Maelodur dia fognad fled.
      is í sein a cland co cuibdi.
      is barr eter buidni Breg.

    137. p.553

    138. {MS folio 140a} Ronait ingen Aeda Sláni.
      {MS folio 140a 5} saerchéli Colmáin cen chol.

      17085] mathair do Mael Duin is d'Aelind
      aed a ruin nir thairind tor.
    139. Suithchern ingen Aeda Bennain.
      ben Lonain meic Indnig find.
      rosfuc uad mac Cailchin Cuanach

      17090] tria chailchend tuagach nar thim.
      da gaí chró ciar dodán dochair.
      Lonan dorochair dia rind.
    140. {MS folio 140a 10} Ingen fial Feidlimid feta.
      findmeic Thigernaig nár thláith

      17095] Dámnat áeb na gni a gellám
      ba ceili d'Aed Bennain blaith.
    141. Cland d'Áed ra Damnait maith moltair.
      Mael Duin Congal. Cummain grind.
      Mael Canaig ba fer co fírneim.

      17100] Mór Muman ben Fingein find.
      ingen Mal Tuili Tolnat
      {MS folio 140a 15} ben Máel Duin na mborbslatt mbind.
    142. Ronsech rigan airdairc Airgiall.
      diarb ainm Maelodor nar mall

      17105] a n-ingen Mael Teglaich thoga.
      ben Ferguis Choba na cland.
      Fergus mac d'Aed mór mac Mongan
      dorat for slúag trommar thall.
    143. Eriu ingen do Mael Teglaig.

      17110] is don trenfir do Fergus ro an.
      {MS folio 140a 20} a fer Ailill Arda Ciannacht
      garga na gillacht ro gab.

    144. p.554

    145. {MS folio 140a} Bríg ingen Árcha meic Cairthind.
      commám Domnaill bíthi in ben

      17115] a mmac Aed Uairidnach Allán.
      búarimda dar farran fer.
    146. Damnat degingen mór moltair
      Murchada Luirc indar lind.
      ben ro gnathaig gaíni dligthig.

      17120] mathair Maele Fithrig find.
    147. {MS folio 140a 25} Garb ingen Eoganach Nellen.
      níabmathair Fiachna rofes.
      Fiachna fial ri Ulad adma.
      do chrí churad calma atchess.

    148. 17125] Ingen Furudráin meic Bécce.
      ben Fiachnai meic Demman déin.
      do chlaind ríg Ua Tuirtri tuirmech.
      Cuman Dub cuimnech i céin.
    149. Ingen do Chummain Dub Lacha.

      17130] lennán Mongáin maith a cland
      {MS folio 140a 30} Colgo Conall. ba lucht lathair
      Caintigern a mathair mall.
      ingen meic Demmáin Dub Lacha
      na ngellam cen tacha thall.

    150. 17135] Land ben Aeda aird meic Ainmerech.
      ingen d'Aed Guair na torc.
      a cland Domnall roga rorand.
      Mael Coba & Conall Cloc.
      vel is mathair mall don triur threorach.

      17140] Land a siúr nar cheolach cnocc. {MS folio 140a 35}

    151. p.555

    152. {MS folio 140b} Ben Domnaill direcra Duansech
      Dathnat ben Chellaig co cían.
      Ornath ben Gúairi meic Colmain
      meic Cobthaig Colmain na clíar.

      17145] rap í sein Deoch Laidgneain lingil.
      ingen ardgér Fingin fial.
    153. Ben Diarmata rigda Ruanaid
      rathmar Temair thenn in main.
      {MS folio 140a 40} ba ingen d'Aed Builg mac Fingin.

      17150] áeb chuirp don firgil cen aír
      ra rathaig is ra selbaig sochair.
      mathair Chernaig Sotail saír.
    154. Buach ben Chana móir meic Gartnain
      glegain ingen Illaind féil.

      17155] grad Cana is Créidi co cuibdi.
      plág dedi is a cuimni i céin.
      Gelgés ingen Gúair ben Chon Chongelt.
      {MS folio 140a 45} mer im mond a lomserc réil.
    155. Ingen do Mael Duin mac Aeda.

      17160] ardríg Muman na sreth sóirib
      Guas ceili Cuain meic Conaill
      a nnúaill nirbo dodaing doirb.
      flaith Hua Fidgenti ger guasi
      ro len inn uasi dia oilb.

    156. 17165] Cathal mac Finguine findaid
      findrí Muman mór a meirg
      a ben can chennach co culchair.
      {MS folio 140a 50} Cellach ingen Dunchaid deirg.
      {MS folio 140b} Cellach ardda úa Conaill ceolach

      17170] garg sodaing seolach a selg.
    157. Murgel Mugain Be Báil chialla.
      Caintigern. cethror cen chleith.
      is iat sin mna Cellaig Cualand
      fo bennaib buaball ic fleid.

    158. p.556

    159. 17175] Mac Dunchaid Finnachta Fledach. {MS folio 140b}
      fer Der Forgaill fáth fiss.
      {MS folio 140b 5} is d'ingin Chongail do Chonaind
      d'ormáin ba chomchoím nir chliss.
      Congal Cendfota ba hUltach

      17180] tendaca cumtach a chnis.
    160. Ba sí ingen chétna Congail.
      Conchand ropo chommám cháid.
      ben meic Blaithmeic blaith rig Ulad.
      nir thréic a bunad na báig.

    161. 17185] Ingen meic Mael Choba Cellaig
      Cacht ropo chommam co céill
      {MS folio 140b 10} ba ben Maele Dúin meic Fergail
      meic Maeli Duin ergnaid féil.
    162. Ba ben Irgalaig meic Cinaid

      17190] curad cróda ro biath bran
      Murend ingen Cellaig Cualand.
      eter dremmaib gualand nglan.
    163. Cuan mac Amalgaid arnaid.
      Ornath a ingen in duind.

      17195] ba ben fir echrasaig míngil
      Sechnasaig meic Fingin uill.
    164. {MS folio 140b 15} Ingen Ernain a crích Conaill
      ceili Fergail ba flaith fial.
      Fergal fínslatt aeb cen farran.

      17200] a firmac Aed Allain riam.
      Aed Niall Frosach Fergal féidim
      bat ríg ar Herind iar Niall.
    165. Domnall mac Murchada Midi.
      mac Alpin ro imred ór.

      17205] ba mathair mall Domnaill delbda
      {MS folio 140b 20} cland Chomgaill do Delbna Móir.

    166. p.557

    167. {MS folio 140b} Niall Frossach co frossaib argait.
      ardmac Fergail calma ar creich.
      Áthechda mathair Néill nertmair.

      17210] ingen Chéin chertglain cen chleith.
    168. Albini ben Domnaill datta.
      Dondchad a mmac. mór in flaith.
      ingen d'Ailill Ardda is d'Órind
      ní chelim in morind maith.

    169. 17215] Dunlaith degingen meic Longsich {MS folio 140b 25}
      meic Flaithbertaig. ben Néill na niam
      a mmac Aed Orddinti ergna
      aeb orcheilti ferda fíal.
    170. Ingen Chathail Be Báil brigach

      17220] ben Dondchaid meic Domnaill déin
      a cland ria cuanaib na caemdoss.
      Mael Ruanaid is Oengus éim.
      Cathal ainm ríg Ulad amra
      {MS folio 140b 30} bríg is bunad Banba o chein.

    171. 17225] Fogartach find flaith Hua Fiachrach.
      fialmac Mael Bresail cen brath
      mac Cathail Cummascach cárna
      ardríg Airgiall calma a cath.
      ingen d'Aed Ordan a mathair

      17230] cen chorbbad ro rathaig rath.
    172. {MS folio 140b 35} Fland flaith Breg. Niall Caille clíarach
      cland Meidbi cen changin cruin
      d'ingin Inrechtaig ra urmais
      mac Muredaig Durluis duir.

    173. 17235] Flaith Fer Cúl Cathal atchuala.
      Cathal mac Fiachrach co fír.
      ainm da ingin Aróc órda
      cíar lánóc fa glorda a gním.
      mathair Mael Sechlaind co sluagaib

      17240] do chlethchlaind Mael Ruanaid ríg. {MS folio 140b 40}

    174. p.558

    175. {MS folio 140b} Mathair Aeda Findléith.
      find Gormlaith gellan a llí
      ingen Dondchada meic Domnaill.
      corrthara nir dodraing di.

    176. 17245] Land ingen Dungail meic Fergail.
      ardríg Ossairgi na n-ech.
      ráid ria mathair maill cen merfaill
      Flaind meic Mael Sechnaill na sreth
    177. {MS folio 140b 45} Cinaed mac Alpin úais Alban.

      17250] ingen do Mael Muire maith
      mathair Domnaill meic Flaind léitmig
      is Neill Glúnduib déitgil daith.
    178. Ingen Muredaig meic Echach.
      oenríg Ulad Gormlaith garg

      17255] a cland Cummascach ní chelim
      Cummascach mac d'Elind ard
      {MS folio 140b 50} Domnall mac Aeda féil Findléith
      a cheim co imthréith ni thard.,
    179. {MS folio 141a} Derbail degua Aeda Oirdnidi.

      17260] ócben Lannacáin nar lond
      ingen do Mael Dún co ndemni.
      dar daer Cul Dremni na ndrong
      a cland Cellach is Mael Findna
      rapo theglach gilla nglond.

    180. 17265] Eithne ingen Aeda Findléith.
      a fir Flannacan is Fland
      {MS folio 141a 5} a mmeicc Mael Mithig na midól
      Mael Ruanaid na tinol tall.
    181. Mathair Eochucain meic Aeda.

      17270] Ablach ingen Domnaill gáeth.
      Domnall mac Becci cen bini.
      slat chéti Lini na llaech.
      Eochocán lond lethrí Ulad
      drech don bunad nar báeth.

    182. p.559

    183. 17275] Muredach Amalgaid uasal. {MS folio 141a}
      Aed Eochocan nar dis
      {MS folio 141a 10} ingen Maele Duin a mmathair.
      meic Aeda co fathaib fis.
    184. Cland d'ingin Atíd meic Laigne

      17280] laechAed mac Longsig co llí
      Dunlaith ra Domnall mac Aeda.
      mathair Neill meic Aeda hí
      Niall mac Aeda ordan Ulad
      borbgal na curad i crí

    185. 17285] Mathair Matudain meic Aeda
      ingen Lethlabair cen locht.
      {MS folio 141a 15} bíthi brígach in ben Barrdub
      gel gnímach cen adbur n-olc.
    186. Murchertach mac Neill cend Casil.

      17290] Cellach mac Becce cen brón.
      meic d'ingin Anbéith meic Aeda
      for magreid Moena na nglór.
    187. Mathair Diarmata meic Cerbaill.
      curad na nOssairgech n-éim

      17295] is Taidc meic Conchobair chrichaig
      {MS folio 141a 20} aird olchonaig dithaig déin.
      ingen Mael Sechlaind duind duanaig
      do chlethchlaind Mael Ruanaid reil.
    188. Gormlaith glangein Flaind meic Conaind.

      17300] ceile flatha Gaedel grip.
      a cland Dondchad mac Flaind línmair
      Gormlaid co rraind gnímraid glicc.
    189. {MS folio 141a 25} Ingen Laind is Maela Muiri.
      maith in ben Lígach fria lind

      17305] a cland Congalach caem crichid
      is Aed mac Mael Mithig in mind.

    190. p.560

    191. {MS folio 141a} Cland Eithne ingine Fergail.
      Fergal mac Domnaill na ndám.
      Murchertach mac Néil co mmathius

      17310] nar léic a flathius re lár
      mac fir órbaríg cech dala
      Congalaig aga na n-ár.
    192. {MS folio 141a 30} Mathair meic Congalaig Domnaill
      Deichter do Beollan bá cland.

      17315] Beollan mac Ciarmaic cleth chatha
      ri Descirt Breg bratha Gall.
    193. Cacht cland Dondchaid móir meic Cellaig
      caemríg Ossairgi 'con tuind.
      mathair fir forbaraig borrfaid.

      17320] ú Chongalaig Dondchaid duind.
    194. {MS folio 141a 35} Hua Congalaig maith a mathair.
      Murchertach mór ngliad ro glé
      Ragnailt ingen Amlaib arnaid.
      tria gairbair nir garbaig gné

    195. 17325] Cland Congalaig meic Mael Mithig.
      dar mac Congalach ar cind
      Der Báil ra gnathaig dil daidbri.
      mathair ríg Hua Falgi find.
    196. {MS folio 141a 40} Mathair Domnaill Hú Neill nithaig

      17330] níamda Gormlaith na ngnaí ngnáth
      sil Culennain meic Mael Brigti.
      cusin sréib chinti sech cách.
      cland ríg Conailli na corthar.
      is foraindi a mborrfad is a mbág.

    197. 17335] Ingen Matudain meic Aeda
      Echrad ba halaind a dath
      ruc Murchertach mac dein Domnaill
      Hui Neill in chomlaind sin cath.

    198. p.561

    199. {MS folio 141a} Creschumal Dumat d'Uib Mane.

      17340] mathair Flaithbertaig na lles. {MS folio 141a 45}
      Murchertach Hua Neill nemnig
      na géill na gemlib atches.
    200. Murgel mathair ardrig Ailig.
      diarb ainm Glún ra Lár ba laech.

      17345] Murchaid Hui lathbertaig laidig.
      rathnertaig maínig nar máeth.
      cland Taidc meic Conchobuir chrechaig
      {MS folio 141a 50} borrfadaig brethaig nar báeth.
    201. Ingen Aeda aird Ú Chellaig
      17350] cind Hua Mani mór nar mer
      {MS folio 141b} mathair Thaidg meic Cathail Chruachna
      i cathaib ba fuachda in fer.
    202. Cland Taidg meic Cathail na caemdúan.
      Der Báil bec di bith ra blaiss.

      17355] mathair Aeda Hui Neill inn aenig.
      caema a geill na gemil glais.
    203. Glun Iairn is Mael Sechlaind saidbir.
      a saermathair Dunlaith druin.
      {MS folio 141b 5} Murchertach mac Neill a hathair.

      17360] i céim ra cathaib ra chuir.
    204. Ingen Erchada ben bulid.
      Bé Bind mathair Briain na mbreth.
      Erchad mac Murchaid cen chorracht
      rí Descirt Connacht na crech.

    205. 17365] Cland Murchada meic Find Gormlaid
      gasta gein ríg Lagen léir.
      a mmeic mac Briain Dondchad degmain
      {MS folio 141b 10} is Sitriuc mac Amlaiph feil.

    206. p.562

    207. {MS folio 141b} Callech ingen Dunlaing dúanaig.

      17370] demin mathair Braín na mbard.
      Braen rí Lagen mac Mael Morda
      aeb na ndagfer nglorda ngarg.
    208. Da Baetan. Mael Coba. Conall.
      Colman. Congal Blaithmac blaith.

      17375] Suibni Sechnasach. Mael Fithrig.
      {MS folio 141b 15} Longsech Flaithbertach. Aed comsech cáich.
      Conchobor Cinaed Cend Faelad
      Fagartach faemad nar thláith.
      ní sloind senchas tre gním ngribda.

      17380] mna na rríg rigda do ráith.
    209. Guairi. Crimthand. Cuanu. Comgan.
      Cummain Breccan bec a briathra cen baís.
      cland Chalmain cu rathaib díni
      {MS folio 141b 20} co ndathaib aíbi o n-aís

    210. 17385] Uii. mbliadna .xl. córa
      .c. is míli na ngním nglan.
      o gein Crist is cuibdius
      coro thurmius buidni na mban
      .xxui. cetain kalann

      17390] nírb ecain in tallan tan.
    211. Gilla Mo Dutu ro dluthaig
      in duainsea nucu sreth sáeb.
      i nDaminis na rad radmar.
      {MS folio 141b 25} & na ndán ndathglan náem.

      17395] senchas ban nach baeth ar bádud
      ro gab leth o Adam oen. Adam.,


{MS folio 141b} Dublitir hua Uathgaile cecinit.

    1. REdig dam a Dé do nim.
      co hémid ní indeithbir;

      17400] érniud mo chesta is gnim glan.
      corop espa olloman
    2. {MS folio 141b 30} Adam is Eua angbaid.
      cétdias ro thecht corpanmain.
      ro chetaig Dia dóib malle

      17405] tusmiud co cóir a clainde.
    3. .L. mac ic Adam án
      is .l. ingen ard imslán;
      ro faemsat bith cnes ri cnes.
      ciar chloensat in carddes.

    4. 17410] Trén ros étlá in bith buide.
      ro bréctha tria banchuire;
      {MS folio 141b 35} ciaro rigsat ríg na reb.
      nír sílsat díb acht sesser.
    5. Triar mac triar ingen cen ail.

      17415] do chlaind airegda Adaim;
      uathib ro silad in slúag.
      diar linad domun dimbúan.
    6. Cain. Seth. & Sili.
      na tri meic cen mórmiri;

      17420] Pib. Olla. Pithib. cen brath.
      in triar ingen imuallach.
    7. {MS folio 141b 40} Píb ainm do mnaí Cháin chain.
      Olla setig Séith sirglain;
      ben Sile solustusa a nniab.

      17425] Pithib forusta firfíal.

    8. p.564

    9. {MS folio 141b} Sessiur sin ri seir snama.
      uallcha áille imslána;
      ro línsat na treba thair.
      do chlaind Eua & Adaim

    10. 17430] Ro mallach Dia Cáin cruaid.
      is cach óen no geinfed úad;
      {MS folio 141b 45} é féin ro thimmairg co trén.
      triana fingail for Abél.
    11. Fuacair ar in Comdiu cáid.

      17435] do chlannaib Séith co saerbaig;
      nir faema duine díb.
      ingena cloína Cain.
    12. Uair thancatar dar timna.
      na fir uallcha essidna;

      17440] cuire ro chraid diliu dron.
      ros baid uile acht oenochtor.
    13. {MS folio 141b 50} Noe 's a trí meic cen mebail.
      co séitchib saergelaib;
      ochtur do síl Séith cen sal.
      17445] nar faemsat Cain cnedmar.
    14. {MS folio 142a} Sem. Cam. Iafeth na n-iath.
      tri meic Noe meic Lamíach;
      a trí mná gribda glana.
      Olla Oliua Oliuana.

    15. 17450] Coba setig Noe noemglain.
      Olla ben Séim sírsaeglaig;
      ben Chaim Oliua in loga.
      ben Iafeth Oliuana.
    16. {MS folio 142a 5} Is iatsin lucht na hairce.

      17455] co sult is co saerslánte;
      gabsat cen aithbe cen fell.
      in domun aithle dilend.

    17. p.565

    18. {MS folio 142a} Bliadain dóib issind áirc fuair.
      os diamair mara mongrúaid;

      17460] céin buí in diliu adbar n-áig.
      os dreich in talman tondbáin.
    19. Sechtmad fichet dia festa.
      ar aíne ar cor bissexa;
      {MS folio 142a 10} i teirt cailne mai miadaig.

      17465] luid eiste re certbliadain.
    20. Or fég Noe for cech leth.
      in tír luchair lantorthech;
      do cech thaíb cid bad dattu.
      ro foíd a trí mormaccu.

    21. 17470] Tuc d'Iafeth in nEuraip n-áin.
      tuc do Sem Asia imsláin.
      issin Affraic cen tar tes.
      ro lín Cam a caladchnes.
    22. {MS folio 142a 15} Ro mallach a athair án

      17475] in macsin dian comainm Cám.
      conid é ar chloíne ro chind.
      cáin na ndoene íar ndilind.
    23. Uad ro genatar co ngail
      goborchind is fomoraig.

      17480] líne luchrapan lerda.
      is cech duine dodelba.
    24. Doine na da cend co col.
      is da corp i comchengol;
      {MS folio 142a 20} is na oenchossaig odra.

      17485] is na gulbnig gergorma.
    25. Cech duine ata thair cen chend.
      ac imthecht a glind i nglend;
      a bél bán asa bruinne
      do chlaind Chaim co roluinde.

    26. p.566

    27. 17490] Cethri meic mathe oc Chám chass. {MS folio 142a}
      ri hág & ri hernmas;
      Caus fo bruth na n-esgal n-án.
      Mesram is Fúth is Chanán.
    28. {MS folio 142a 25} Na Ethiopacda uile.

      17495] nom geib grain ria ngormduibe;
      do chlaind Chauis meic Chaim na cles.
      on tsruth cosin sál sairdes.
    29. Clanna Futh meic Cáim do céin.
      ro linsat in clár comréid;

      17500] lucht na hAffraice as cech aird.
      co slíab n-athlait nAthlaint.
    30. Egeptacdai im sruth Níl náir.
      do chlannaib Mesraim meic Caim;
      {MS folio 142a 30} otá sruth Nuchuil anes.

      17505] co Muir Torrian na tromtress.
    31. Sech morthuatha Cannán chruaid.
      eter anes & atúaid.
      's iat cland Channain itchluine.
      ind fir falláin foltbuide.

    32. 17510] Óenmac dec Cannain chliaraig.
      meblaig mergig mormiadaig;
      ro línsat tír 'nar garb grian.
      o Muir Marb co Muir Torrian.
    33. {MS folio 142a 35} Tuc Dia dith do cech thaíb tair.

      17515] for claind ind fir chloín chuilig.
      oro thairngir a thír trén.
      do chlaind anglig Israel.
    34. Co Muncend nGaditan nglúair.
      o sruth Eufráit anairtuaid;

      17520] ro silsat o Chám na cnet
      .x. primchenela fichet.

    35. p.567

    36. {MS folio 142a} Ro iadus gabail Chaim chain.
      issin chamair chetsamain;
      {MS folio 142a 40} i tír na llaignech co lléir.

      17525] cencop anmech ní amreid. R.
    37. Ro linsat in nEoraip n-aird.
      clanna Iafeth maith morgairg;
      fuaratar d'uaslecht o Dia.
      conid leo tuascertleth na hAsia.

    38. 17530] O sleib Imáí sin tuir thind.
      siartuaith co sruth Danaim;
      & in Scithia cen chain.
      ri claind Iafeth enechnair.
    39. {MS folio 142a 45} Ind uair niras talla thair.

      17535] clanna Iafeth inmain;
      ra trebsat Eoraip cen raind.
      síar ra seolsat a seolchraind.
    40. Otá sleibte Rifi rúaid.
      risna Gaethlaigib atuaid;

      17540] cosin traig Lescbáin lectaig
      issin nEspain n-imechtraig.
    41. Ocht meic Iaféth na n-áth.
      ní imthigtís etarthrath;
      {MS folio 142a 50} Gomer. Magoch. Madai mas.

      17545] Iaban. Tubal. is Tiras.
    42. Massoch Masséca na sreth.
      ic dul séta ba saethrach.
      {MS folio 142b} uadib ra seolta na slúaig.
      dochum nEorpa. anairtúaid.

    43. 17550] Galatacdai mar atgén.
      do chlaind glegasta Gomér;
      isat bladaig a frecrai.
      do chlaind Magoich na Scithecdai.

    44. p.568

    45. {MS folio 142b} Síl Madai Meda míne.

      17555] ro hailte re hardríge;
      {MS folio 142b 5} Iondai na ngrian nglan.
      o Iaban ro gensetar.
    46. Celtíberdai nít ciallai.
      hIberdai & Hespandai;

      17560] is o Thubal ro thaitne.
      bunad na trí n-ardaiccme.
    47. Capadócdai ó Massoch mín.
      imda torud na tromthír;
      sil Tiras Traiecdai thair.

      17565] cen chnetecla for conair.
    48. {MS folio 142b 10} Ibad is Báad co becht.
      da mac do Magoch morchert;
      doruacht a sírblad dar sál
      ó Iabad rigrad Román.

    49. 17570] Faenius mac Baad ní bréc.
      meic Magoch min na tromthét;
      nocor athair cen ecna.
      senathair na Scithecda.
    50. Is dia sil Gaedil glana.

      17575] ropsat aígid agmara.
      {MS folio 142b 15} gabsat ar slúag féigseng Fáil.
      rige Herend a hEspain
    51. In mac aile Magoich maith.
      Ibath airegda in t-ardflaith;

      17580] mac doside Alanius án.
      athair Franc & Román.
    52. Is uad Saxain cen sure.
      & Bretain barrbude;
      & Albannai arin maig

      17585] isin Assia airtheraig.

    53. p.569

    54. {MS folio 142b} Tri meic ic Alan cen brón.
      {MS folio 142b 20} Arbon. Negua. Isicon;
      ro silsat mór ciniud cáem.
      tair i nn-inud na n-ardnáem.

    55. 17590] Ro gon mór gelua da gáib.
      óenmac Negua mcic Alain;
      ni chathed caslus calaid.
      Saxus o tát Saxanaig
    56. Nocho dentais gleic na glor.

      17595] cethri meic ic Isicon;
      {MS folio 142b 25} Romanus. Francus i fus.
      Albanus & Britus.
    57. Fúair o chach cadus is cháin.
      Romanus o tát Romáin.

      17600] Francus o tát Frainc co fír.
      ni denad saint im saebgním.
    58. Albanius ba mac málla.
      senathair na nAlbanna.
      mór do gliccus ra chertaig.

      17605] Britus o tát firBretnaig.
    59. {MS folio 142b 30} Is airegda ar cech tráig.
      clanna airegda Iobain;
      is leo cech treb thíar.
      i n-insib Mara Torrian.

    60. 17610] Sloind cóic prímchenela déc.
      o Iafeth ní immarbréc.
      donítis tétnais co trén.
      i n-ecmais a fochenel.
    61. Comlín clainne Iaféth aitt.

      17615] eter Asia & Eoraip.
      {MS folio 142b 35} ni fagbat Gaedil co gle.
      do síl oenfir i n-oenre. R.

    62. p.570

    63. {MS folio 142b} Clanna Séim is iat is lia.
      i n-airechas na Scithia;

      17620] o sruth Gaind a ngle ra grian.
      leo cen raind co Muir Torrian.
    64. Coic meic ic Sém sochla in síl.
      riu ni gabtha fo chomlín;
      Elam na da nglassúl nglan.

      17625] Luide Asur is Aram.
    65. Arifaxat ard a feb.
      ciarbo garg nirbo glemer.
      {MS folio 142b 40} fuair elathain is acra.
      senathair na Callacda.

    66. 17630] O Muir Romuir cosin rúin.
      cu sliab Cucais cu sliab Tuir;
      is ra claind Séim cach slige.
      ni chél ar cach ardfine.
    67. Elam ba cruaid crand a gai.



      17635] Assúr o tát Assardai;
      {MS folio 142b 45} Sirecdai o Siram na slúag.
      airecht na n-ilad innuair
    68. Cethri meic Saram na sreth.
      ros orddaig Isu anglech.

      17640] sloind i fus ria scur na scél.
      Us. & Ul. & Gether.

    69. p.571

    70. {MS folio 142b} Mess in cethramad mac mín.
      armither acon ardríg;
      ciarbo chland fir ónnai ar caí

      17645] uad atát na Eonnai.
    71. {MS folio 142b 50} Us mac Saram sochla in rí
      o tát Traconitidi;
      Armíannai airdairc in dám.
      o Ur erdairc enechnár.

    72. 17650] Arcannai is émech a ferg. {MS folio 143a}
      aicme na curad croibderg;
      rosiacht co Bethil a mblad
      o Gethil ro genatar.
    73. Clanna Sarain meic Séim sain

      17655] o chéin rodos cualabair;
      Ro gabsat ninglind i ngait.
      a sruth Ind co sruth Eufrait.
    74. {MS folio 143a 5} Sala no bid or re att.
      mac alaind Arfaxat;

      17660] mac do Sala airbert ard.
      toísech na trenfer trengarg.
    75. Fallec is Iachtan cen ail
      da mac Ebir ingenglain;
      Éber mac Sala na slat.

      17665] Sala mac Arfaxat
    76. O Éber mac Sala ille
      ainmnigter na hEbraide;
      {MS folio 143a 10} is glé ruc ónTur.
      berla nÉberda a oenur.

    77. p.572

    78. 17670] Trí meic déc ic Iachtan án {MS folio 143a}
      ic fir na n-airer n-imslán.
      is leo cech rind is cech rían.
      o sruth Ind co sruth nAcian.
    79. Elimúdad Saliaph slán.

      17675] Isarmath Iare imnár;
      Adumar Adastal ard.
      Decla. Ebla feig firgarg.
    80. {MS folio 143a 15} Abimel Sala sút.
      mairg risa mbia a sáergrúc;

      17680] Ofir ropo garg a gal.
      Ebila ard Iobab.
    81. Clanna Iachtan tarbig thair.
      ind fir chairdig crechlongaig
      niros lamsat lucht ba lia

      17685] ro gabsat ucht na da India.
    82. Atát im sruth nEufrait n-ard
      in t-airecht rigda rogarg;
      {MS folio 143a 20} in cech thir thend im Thigir.
      is díb cend cech ardenig.

    83. 17690] For cuit clainne Cannain chóir.
      ind fir airegda ardmóir
      atát ní sét cen slaide
      da treib déc na nEbraide
    84. Secht cenela fichet feg

      17695] i n-ecmais a fochenél;
      atát do chlannaib Seim sein.
      noco chel ar Gaedelaib.
    85. {MS folio 143a 25} Tricha cenel Cáim cholaig.
      a coic dec Iafeth oraib;

      17700] trí noí cenel Sém na slat.
      is a dó sin sechtmogat.

    86. p.573

    87. {MS folio 143a} Doib ro mesctha na berla
      d'imdugud a mórergna
      a dó .lxx. at ni suail.

      17705] ic tairmesc in tuir Nebruaid.
    88. Ba hoenbérla co sain
      ic claind airegda Adaim;
      {MS folio 143a 30} cia cairm i mbai sídmag selb
      diarb ainm gribda Garthigern.

    89. 17710] Oros fuc Éber on Tur.
      ni glemer in gnathugud;
      ora thidnaic ro len de
      berla n-airdairc nEbraide.
    90. I cind deich mbliadan iar sin.

      17715] arricht la Fenius Farsaid;
      in berla bélblasta bind.
      Gaedelg gleglasta gniim.
    91. {MS folio 143a 35} Niro rigius reim dar recht.
      ro figius féin co fírchert;

      17720] craeb choibniusa clainne Nóe.
      cen aíb ndoilgiusa ar oenchae.
    92. Missi don chuachmaig on chill.
      Hua Uathgail ó Uissenglind;
      rom fuca sech sáebi snéid.

      17725] torud aíni in Rig roreid. R.


{MS folio 143a} Gilla in Chomded hua Cormaic cecinit.

    1. {MS folio 143a 40} ARÍ richid reidig dam
      tria gné n-eimid n-eladan
      aithle na cesta ndúr ndub.

      17730] iar n-urd túir a tuaslucud.
    2. Amal ra chansam cech cert.
      diaid i ndiaid ní lathar lesc;
      ica n-érniud iar lurg lir.
      cóir iar n-urd a n-innisin.

    3. 17735] Tuaid sin Scithia scél ngle
      cetna ragbad riam rige;
      {MS folio 143a 45} Tanais in rí óc út
      i comremis ri Sarúc.
    4. Tempul de marmair grind glain.

      17740] is d'órlecaib logmairib
      uasin tur cu cían cuimnech.
      ragní Nebroth nertbuidnech.
    5. Iss ed ra theich cu Persaib.
      Nebroth fuachda in fersin.

      17745] tuc forru ar tús adrad ed.
      co fír sirbuan sirthened.
    6. {MS folio 143a 50} Cétdruí in domuin ri fath fiss.
      doba ainm Torastris;
      darochara Nín mac Béil.

      17750] in druisin amnas co n-aithcheil.
    7. I n-amsir Fer mBolg os Bóinn.
      & Ioseph meic Iacóib.
      {MS folio 143b} cétsílad gort Gc co ngus
      darba rí Canét ar tus.

    8. p.575

    9. 17755] Rasil cruthnecht cu lluath lir. {MS folio 143b}
      in t-itech tren Triptolim
      {MS folio 143b 5} i rre a othard aca.
      & air mac Cermata.
    10. Isind amsirsein cetna

      17760] cid cian fúair Procida
      > frith Moísi tair thall
      fínemain óc olacrand.
    11. Cétidpairt Ioib in dám dron.
      tuc Cicrops tria chomnacol

      17765] Niuba tairr fáen ri fer
      rap í in cháem a chetmunter
    12. Ba cétmunter don mnai maith.
      Ínachus alaind ardlaith
      a cétmac d'Ioib demni de.

      17770] ba hé Ápis éside.
    13. {MS folio 143b 10} Is é in macsin cen chor cirt
      ra cetadrad i nEgipt;
      ba hé in sétserc ri sretha.
      fuair cétrecht is cétbretha.

    14. 17775] Olim iar nErcoil ra ngrinoaig
      Iphitus mac fial Frixoin.
      .xxx. bliadan ni bréc so
      is chethri chet eturro.
    15. Tarquinn Diumsach cuing catha

      17780] fuair glassu fuair carcracha.
      {MS folio 143b 15} Tuillius Ostillius flaith fuir
      cétrí ro chaith cetchorcair
    16. Lucius Luculus ri rán
      diarb ainm imper co n-ardgrád

      17785] meda cen gairbi im gol.
      tomus talman do thuscurnud.

    17. p.576

    18. {MS folio 143b} Marcus Tullius Tiro trén
      a thrí mug Cicir cu ngnim ger
      ra glés gupu píanta penn.

      17790] tuc ar nutu nuascribend.
    19. {MS folio 143b 20} Silais fínemna i rRóim réid.
      Dioclitian ra choisc o chéin
      ro léic Probus fial ferda
      sílad Francach fínemna.

    20. 17795] Satuirn ra commuid a chlais
      mac Polluir i sleib Chucais.
      adnacht Mercuir ri lecht lia
      i nErmopolim Cipria.
    21. Uenir ic inis Cipir.

      17800] Mairt isin Tráic trenChicil.
      {MS folio 143b 25} Liber Pater dema de.
      isin Teba ata saide.
    22. Hercoil i tír na Tiri
      ra loisc tríana lonchridi

      17805] Aesculapius ra fis fuir
      ro hadnacht i nEpiduir.
    23. Airi ra loisc Hercoil ard.
      daig ro gab galar gaethgarg;
      assu leiss cech deilm dub dall

      17810] inda teidm do trenfulang
    24. {MS folio 143b 30} Oléna ainm a fir
      gabair Ioib re innisin;
      Achilochus Tribonna tall
      athair mathair murduchand.

    25. 17815] Ulixes tuc céir na chlúais.
      ra iarraid cu lléir lúathguais
      rapa gné soraid co sert.
      ras conaig tria chelgairecht.

    26. p.577

    27. {MS folio 143b} Na Harpi ra selsat saint

      17820] clanna Íli is Adamaint
      {MS folio 143b 35} ra phiansat laech garg cu ngail
      Fimus mac ard Agenair.
    28. Ras tafniset uad feidm fis.
      Zethus caem is Calais

      17825] coinsi niro faít feidm dóib.
      meic ittecha Achiloin.
    29. Cetfochund togla na Troe.
      de ra ás ní immargóe
      dond ubull óir slicht rasia.

      17830] ra inscríb dóib Discordia.
    30. {MS folio 143b 40} Cét traiged fat ind eich craind
      iarna thomus lathar laind
      .l. a leithet can tlathi.
      sesca iar cóir chomármi.

    31. 17835] Ulixes mac luaith Lirta.
      a mathair ard Anticla;
      cid truag dorochair do láim loir.
      meic tholgair Thelamoin.
    32. Aided in Cresa co cert.

      17840] iarna iarraid is anbecht
      {MS folio 143b 45} aided Aenias garb in gus
      isin chath ri Mesapus.
    33. Dindíma vel Danna dil
      ingen ardríg Insi Cicir;

      17845] a mathair in gairb 's in glain
      Pirr meic Achil ardglonnaig.
    34. Ingen Eline re ndrúis.
      & ingen Menelaus;
      Erminois in gasta grind

      17850] is impi ro marbad Pirr.

    35. p.578

    36. {MS folio 143b} Cetéligudsa Téis meic Péil
      {MS folio 143b 50} co lluid Elend ledeta léir;
      dasall úad Paris mac Priaim
      is na Gemini tria gliaid.

    37. 17855] Tarthatar aís Hercoil óig.
      tri meic aille Herimoin
      {MS folio 144a} tarraid in triar cétna cain.
      Gic ar Tróe ca trentogail.
    38. {MS folio 144a 30} Cethri bliadna iar Troí gním gaeth

      17860] cu tomaidm Locha Da Chaech;
      Cermna Sobairche derb días
      i rre Samsoin is Aenias
    39. Eocho Múmo mó cech bríg
      i n-amsir datta Dauid;

      17865] secht mbliadna Dauid garb gal {MS folio 144a 5}
      diar marbad in luathleoman.
    40. In .xi. calaind mae.
      ra tuismed Róm arind róe;
      Cobthach Coel sund rí gaeth gar.

      17870] rí thair Teglad Fallasar.
    41. I rré Chambasses meic Cir.
      cétreod i n-inis Sicil;
      Almon ra thuit ar tús dano.
      i nEtail ra Troiano.

    42. 17875] Ocht cét míli laechda lór {MS folio 144a 10}
      cethri fichit mili mór
      sé mili co méit co mblaid.
      esbaid Gc o Troianaib.
    43. Se mili déc monar ngaeth.

      17880] tri fichit mili morlaech
      se chét mili ní bréc so.
      ár na nGc for Tróiano.

    44. p.579

    45. {MS folio 144a} Timchell ind áir adbail aird
      rolad forro is ni óenmairg.

      17885] in n-aidchi dochuatar Gic thair {MS folio 144a 15}
      arin Troe trénglonnaig.
    46. Cethri chet cethri mile.
      cethern Aeniais ardbríge;
      da cét cóic mili co mblaid.

      17890] cethern alaind Antenair.
    47. I rré Abraim mod mór.
      's derbda portach Partholon
      dered rigi réil rand gle.
      Nín meic Béil buisede.

    48. 17895] Is and darocht Neimed nár.
      {MS folio 144a 20} darbo rí Nín co niabgrád;
      Gand ri Deltadas ra glíus.
      is Dagda ri Mancius.
    49. Teglach Fallasar tair trá

      17900] dedenrí na nAsarda.
      flaith Assarda rap ferr de
      a ré i n-amsir meic Ugaine.
    50. Failet se muid sain mebair
      cummaiscit craeb ngenelaig.

      17905] totinsma daerchland ic dul. {MS folio 144a 25}
      i lloc saerchland re slonnud
    51. Torrchi mogad mod mebla.
      & dibad tigerna;
      serg na saerchland étig uath.

      17910] la forbairt na n-athechthuath.
    52. Míscribend do gne eolais.
      do lucht uilc in aneolais
      nó lucht ind eolais ní ferr
      gníit ar muín miscribend.

    53. p.580

    54. 17915] Cethri idbarta Ebir. {MS folio 144a}
      {MS folio 144a 30} loeg óir. úan argit oengil.
      aendind & lia luagmar
      cruthnecht alaind ilbuadach
    55. Oentriar bá caemiu cruth.

      17920] bátar and sund co saerbruth.
      Cermait. Furbaide mend n-óir.
      triathmac Oengus mac Úmóir.
    56. Tricha echsrían mbrotla mbrass.
      re tríchait mblaith mbretnas;

      17925] tuc Cermait can leithbi laind
      {MS folio 144a 35} do mac Ethni i n-eneclaind.
    57. Tricha colcad ón mnaí maíd.
      xxx. brothrach brecblaid caín.
      .xxx. cach cumtaig grind glain.

      17930] la hinailt finn fethamail.
    58. Tri fichit bliadan saer slat.
      secht mbliadna trena trichat;
      rab í fuin ba sona in snass
      ar seilb Loga i llanamnas.

    59. 17935] Cethri anmand in Dagdai. {MS folio 144a 40}
      iar ndligud a n-athgarma.
      Dagda. Dagan. Cratan cain.
      & Eochu Ollathair
    60. Da Billa ainm meschon mná

      17940] Nechtain meic luaith Labrada;
      triana chaibdel ni fáth fand.
      linges secha bruach Boand.
    61. Id Moraind cid léir ra lass.
      ní ní acht semind réid rindglass.

      17945] is rith ra reithed a rrind
      ina bun cu bulidgrind.

    62. p.581

    63. {MS folio 144a} Arthet fothecht ri fala
      {MS folio 144a 45} da mnai hui Diulchara
      ic Síd ar Femun uarach

      17950] tucsat dó in n-id n-ilbuadach
    64. Ré noí ríg déc diaid i ndiaid.
      saegul Moga Ruith ra gliaid.
      ó Ruth mac Rigo borr in blad
      co Cairpre lond Liphechar.

    65. 17955] Cráeb craind forbba i sleib Elpa. {MS folio 144a 50}
      do buaib Simoin is tsnechta;
      ed ro briss a lethrosc lór
      .x. mbliadna dó la Simon.
    66. Muccid Etersceóil hui Iair
      17960] a mucca remi is na diaid;
      {MS folio 144b} luid ar mesrud assa deóin
      isna Désib co Indeoin.
    67. Garid in trét ri tressa.
      and fo dairbri dairmessa.

      17965] darrocht in muccid cáem a chlú
      boí noidiu óc etarru.
    68. Gabaid Eterscel a lucht lir
      ina ucht in n-ócnaídin.
      {MS folio 144b 5} rofess bo hé a rád ratha.

      17970] iss éseo in Mess mórflatha.
    69. Is desin bo ainm in Mess
      do mathair Chonaire atches.
      iss é ras éit & ras ail
      in muccaid in mórbuachail.

    70. 17975] Assu ainm nessi derb de
      re marbad a móraite;
      ni hassu ainm ra fodaim
      oro fuapair fri thogail

    71. p.582

    72. {MS folio 144b 10} Conchobor ainm d'abainn fuil

      17980] i cóiciud cáem Choncobuir;
      is uadi sein ri solud
      do báe caem Conchobur.
    73. Ulaid dollotar lá ille
      i ndegaid na enlaithe;

      17985] dar Slíab Fúait réim cen robud
      .uii. carpait im Chonchobur.
    74. Cotlait aidchi i n-oen a mbrug.
      frith ar matain derb in dlug.
      {MS folio 144b 15} i mbrolluch Conchobuir chaim.

      17990] noedenan bec bulidchain.
    75. Asbert cách frith sund sét.
      icnad anta dun glangéc;
      atbert Conchobor tren tra.
      danrat for sét Setanta.

    76. 17995] Lug mac Eithlenn do beirn Breg.
      ra buí i ndeilb na noeden;
      ba hé in lórbladach ra raind.
      ba Cú comramach Culaind.
    77. {MS folio 144b 20} At é cethri meic Dedaid

      18000] cusa mbertar genelaich;
      Ailill. Dáre Braccan brass.
      & Futhi fail foltchass.
    78. Na tri Fothaid tri meic iat
      Feidlimthi meic móir Maicniat.

      18005] meic Gnathail meic Mair Maith
      meic Cairpri Nia inn aig ardmaith.
    79. Ár n-imrom Chonla Ruaid ré
      meic Cuind co tír Tairngire;
      {MS folio 144b 25} facbad Art oll a oenur

      18010] arse in Cond ar carrbaegul.

    80. p.583

    81. {MS folio 144b} Do choiciud Cairpri Nia Fer
      Forgall Monach mod miled;
      cach clessach na chanad cheilg.
      manach sein sin Gaedilg.

    82. 18015] I nArd Chaille cailti cle
      i Múscraigi Tri Maige;
      a chend síar ri Liaic Sinnaig.
      adnacht Find cu flathminnaib.
    83. {MS folio 144b 30} Glasdíc ainm do ar tús tind.

      18020] meic Morna tucsat fair Find;
      .uii. mbliadna dó i ndeilb doraid.
      fo Loch Riach fúair findcobair.
    84. Cétrith Find bo réim rogda.
      ruc riam re maccaib Morna

      18025] sech Loch nOrbsen o Loch Riach
      timchell Connacht na caemsciath.
    85. I Mag Coraind co Es Rúaid.
      lam ri Cuallig mBrefni mbuain;
      {MS folio 144b 35} ri táeb Sinna mairg ba mó

      18030] cu hEchtge n-aird i n-oenló
    86. Isind ochtmad bliadain
      ar tadall Temra Dath Í;
      ro marb bó lán lám
      do chaindil tuid o thimpan.

    87. 18035] Timpan ri cotlud ar cách.
      les cecha samna gnim gnáth.
      cecha bliadna buan brostud
      in chaindel cháem ar caemloscud.
    88. {MS folio 144b 40} Arsin gnim ra fae Find

      18040] ri Saidb sochraid massechmind;
      & Sadb do thaibthid treb
      ba Find cáem a cétmunter.

    89. p.584

    90. {MS folio 144b} Dalluid Find ra heicsi n-aird
      ar ecla Cuind claidebgairg

      18045] Cethern mac Fintain frecair
      rap é a aite airchetail.
    91. Tucait fianna Find iar feiss
      do digail Orcbeil éicis
      {MS folio 144b 45} in ben síde a Sléib Slánga.

      18050] rolai dó in gním ngargdana.
    92. Diara gab fiannas cu feib
      rap é a uide in n-aidchisin
      ó Brí Ele duthaig tor.
      cu Sliab Mairg meic Eidlicon.

    93. 18055] O Sléib Mairge gnímrad gand
      síar co Slíab Da Chích nAnand
      cu Inber Colptha ra chind
      ri hoiss Fiaclaig meic Conchind.
    94. {MS folio 144b 50} O Inber Colptha cuman

      18060] cu Sliab Slanga saerUlad;
      otá sein ba tolgda in tóir
      co Inber Colptha a chetóir
    95. Ra dith Find hua Fidga ic feiss
      i ndigail Orcbéil éicis;

      18065] tíar oc Cíchib comal ngrind {MS folio 145a}
      di sleig Fiaclaig meic Conchind.
    96. Da senrand rachuala Find
      i nDumu Chich uasa chind;
      ra gáet hua Fidga fossad.

      18070] dun rand díb ba dergthossach.
    97. Is neim in gae. tossach trén
      don rund aile nín aithgén
      {MS folio 145a 5} and rascuala iar ngním gaile
      aidchi samna sorchaide

    98. p.585

    99. 18075] Secht n-aige ic Sléib Blod meic Con. {MS folio 145a}
      cétfiadach Find feidm findron;
      cind .uii. mbliadan fo míad mind
      ic Abaill na Fian forfind
    100. Long lán d'ór d'argut agaa

      18080] tuc do in ben a Sleib Slanga;
      derb lind iss e cétchrod cain.
      tuc dond Féin re ardfodail.
    101. {MS folio 145a 10} D'Ernaib Cermna a mathair muad.
      Torba ingen hEich innuag;

      18085] Find mac Geoir mac dá mathair
      rí Lamairgi ind laechlathair.
    102. Is d'athair Chailti na celg
      bo ainm Lethi Lethancherd;
      Cailti tacrait lind laidi

      18090] mac sethar Find findchaemi.
    103. Ar bi bruth di echaib ríg Ruis
      do mnai ra comlund a chuiss;
      {MS folio 145a 15} and sin rucad Cailti cáid
      i n-oenuch corcra Colmain.

    104. 18095] Is é oenfer d'fíannaib Find
      cusa mberar genelach grind;
      in Cailtesin segda de.
      uad ra chinset Cailtraige.
    105. Ochtur do Chailti im chend Find.

      18100] Corra is ua Daim derg din lind
      Cas Cur Escrú & Aithni.
      Oll. is Nena Nuagnithi.
    106. {MS folio 145a 20} Is é sét is ferr fuair Find.
      fidchell Crimthaind landerb lim;

      18105] ras folaig Fiachra Fáil
      i n-airiur Chrimthaind Niad Nair.

    107. p.586

    108. {MS folio 145a} Glassi fuair Find fecht réil riam
      ní ní acht airget a findgrian
      brunnid sairdes sech in sce.

      18110] & is facus d'Albine.
    109. Atbert Ossín in sét séim
      is ingantu fuair Find féin;
      {MS folio 145a 25} is é cen daermuich daille.
      cochlan caemdluith Crothrainne

    110. 18115] Ór a indech airget fóe
      mín re cnes a chocoe;
      ba cú ba duine ba dam
      ra impud ra aitherrach.
    111. Fiu coicait cumal cipe.

      18120] ro gnith i Tír Tairngere.
      re trichait mbliadna i Maig Mell
      ri coicait cialla cemend.
    112. {MS folio 145a 30} Tricha sét ni gaes fir buirb.
      tall Find a craes in chorrbuilg.

      18125] iar nguin Glonda cunn áth oll
      is Leth Luachra na lluathbond.
    113. Tuscu Conall anda Corc.
      ar mac Lugdech lín cen locht
      tene i coclaid locht iar ló

      18130] iss ed ra chorc a chaemó.
    114. Adaig ra dlecht cúru chaín.
      riam de mummi Conaill chaím;
      {MS folio 145a 35} issind aidchi diamair dál.
      da iarraid a hoenuran.

    115. 18135] And fosracaib Conall cain.
      fo thairr coire sin coclaid;
      tancatar da héis garb gus.
      na hammiti sin dorus.

    116. p.587

    117. {MS folio 145a} Atrubairt ammit dilairc díb.

      18140] cia choillfet din muntir mín;
      is and asbert araile.
      a cotail fon chaemchoire.
    118. {MS folio 145a 40} Ar sin brunnid breo di thein.
      cora chorc a chluais nír cheil;

      18145] conad de dar gort re gairm
      ba Conall Corc a chomainm.
    119. Ar sin doroic mummi in meic.
      ba Lár a hainm cerb ammeit
      is de ba Corc mac Lara.

      18150] cerba Chonall caemdana.
    120. Láir ingen Maethaire mín
      meic Cliathaire re chomrím;
      {MS folio 145a 45} mummi Chuirc ní foichni faind
      de Chorco Chae hua Conaill.

    121. 18155] Tochmarca fessa ferr de.
      catha. togla. tinngene;
      iss e sin fri fute fecht
      in cuicde is lia i scelaigecht.
    122. Tri fichit findscél derb ndron.

      18160] dia fegthar in airchetol;
      se fichit findscél na Fiann
      foclas cech fili fíríal
    123. {MS folio 145a 50} Trícha forcumal nach fand
      & tri fichit forcumang;

      18165] lég o genair siar sair.
      isna scelaib Scottecdaib.
    124. Ac sein duit ocht fichit cest.
      rá ernisem ni mod mesc;.
      ra béim it múr os gin glain.
      18170] tall it rún a Rí richid. A.


Ailbe: Úar in lathe do Lum Luine

    1. {MS folio 145b} Úar in lathe do Lum Luine
      i lleith leinne ic Aige áin;
      is úar cid d'ingin ú Chuind
      foilces a moing a lloing láin.

    2. 18175] Is fris samlaim Lom Laine
      fri ibar Ratha Baile;
      fritotsamlor a Thethna
      frisin abaill a hAle
    3. {MS folio 145b 5} Aball Alinni arda

      18180] ibar Baile bec n-orbba;
      ce dobertar i llaide.
      nis tucat daíne borbba.
    4. Is fris samlaim Lom Laine
      fri dam dubartach Drigrend;

      18185] fritotsamlar a Thethna
      fri eilte Dromma Drigrend.
    5. Is fris samlaim Lom Laine
      fri slattaib findchuill Áille
      {MS folio 145b 10} is fris samlaimse Tethna

      18190] ri scathaib uachtair báinne.
    6. A Luim Laine in ranacais
      co lLicc da Berg ac Srub Brain
      ranacus Ferta Magen
      ra Suide Lagen anair.

    7. p.589

    8. 18195] A Luim Laine nacham luaid. {MS folio 145b}
      nacham thaidlet meschoin muaid
      mani betis Leca Luigdech Lis
      eoin bic Baile rot betis.
    9. {MS folio 145b 15} Cridserc mo menman míne.

      18200] ingen rig Temra tuade;
      & cridserc m'anman.
      gillanrad Alman úare. U.
    10. A Luim Laine nacham luaid
      a grain gaile a greit sluaig;

      18205] ma rop samlaidseo ar sét
      fodirfe ar n-éc i nnach úair. U.


{MS folio 145b} Fland cecinit.

    1. {MS folio 145b 20} Mugain ingen Chonchraid chain
      meic Duach din desMumain;

      18210] ro chren fialgarta cen feill
      ben Diarmata meic Cerbaill.
    2. Cachtsus rosacht in rigain.
      ba fossalt co firdígail
      uair ni tharmaltad a suth

      18215] co tarmartad a llecud
    3. And dolluid ba gialtach gnia
      ua feig Fiatach Finnia;
      {MS folio 145b 25} i n-iath mBregmaige co mblait
      coar ndegduine co Diarmmait.

    4. 18220] Dolluid dochum in ríg rúaid
      cen dochond is cen dimbuaid;
      nabad band bacalt a blad
      and rod n-attacht in rigan.
    5. Radsis ris ranic a less.

      18225] ní no íccad a hanccess;
      dia cloí bad gell co nglicci
      ar baí trell i n-ambriti.
    6. {MS folio 145b 30} Ros bennach Finnia féig
      combad chennach dia comréir;

      18230] assa chuch dorrodáil dig
      don mnaí forrain etrachtgil.
    7. Iarom ba halacht Mugain
      slanalt roda samsubaig;
      co mbert úan ropo deilm di

      18235] narbo dúal do deilb duni

    8. p.591

    9. {MS folio 145b} De ro dubaig dar gruad nglan.
      Mugain múad in morrigan;
      {MS folio 145b 35} ferr lea a fethim cen chlaind ceirt
      andas cethir do compeirt.

    10. 18240] Na síreclaig de ar Dia.
      ar in fírecnaid Finnia.
      tarraid cossecrad do brond
      in t-úan álaind etrachtoll.
    11. Iarom ba halacht in ben

      18245] ropo analt n-airmiten;
      é maccan ro lamnad de
      bratan álglan airgdide.
    12. {MS folio 145b 40} Audbrais do Finnian fondglan
      ar Dia dia ndegfognad

      18250] a bratán uas brí cia pé
      is maccan di dia eise.
    13. Dogníth la Findbarr fúaim nglan
      cumtach ndindmall ndegfethal.
      ba blattdál cen brón cia bé

      18255] do bratan mor Mugaine.
    14. Co mbert Mugain mó cech claind.
      do mac cóir chubaid Cerbaill
      {MS folio 145b 45} iarum os róen ruamach re.
      in nAed saer sluagach Slane.

    15. 18260] Segait for nert Fotla fia.
      feib dorairngert Finnia.
      in glonda glórda im gním ngaile
      clanna mora Mugaine. M.
    16. Is sí seo cen bétblaid mbrath

      18265] cétfaid araile senchad
      cona hollaltaib cen ail
      ba de Chonnachtaib Mugain. M.


CLanna Ailella Uluim uill

    1. {MS folio 145b} CLanna Ailella Uluim uill
      {MS folio 145b 50} uas daigerbla dechardruing

      18270] ba hé a llín co nglórmud gel
      da nonbur & oenfer.
    2. {MS folio 146a} Secht meic Sadba sluinte lat.
      co ngleic glanda galecrat.
      dingile druing detlad gail.

      18275] ingine Cuind Cétchathaig.
    3. A n-anmand cen bertbrón mborb
      Tidell Mercon Mog Corb.
      Eogan ro triall togail tlacht.
      Cian Conalb is Chass Cormac.

    4. 18280] A dó da cóic iarum and. {MS folio 146a 5}
      fó fóit fri fiadmod fedmand;
      co ngnathbrethaib & gail.
      ó mathrechaib écsamlaib.
    5. Uillend Errind athgnath oll.

      18285] Tigernach Mathrach Macoll.
      Mac Malleon ba a thli.
      Corba & Crochaini.
    6. Cethri hEchdaig aidbli ág
      fri srethblaid & sográd;

      18290] uas Chliu co tadbríg a treb. {MS folio 146a 10}
      ba fiu ardríg cech oenfer.

    7. p.593

    8. {MS folio 146a} Eochoid Fer Eich amra a gné
      Eochaid adma Oréne.
      Eochaid Bia bladach robba.

      18295] Eochaid togach Toebfota.
    9. Dibaide ind fian aichre alt.
      acht Eogan. Cian. is Chormac.
      nirb fand fri glanella gluind
      a chland Ailella Uluim. C.


Senchán Torpéist: A Pair ri sil nEogain Móir

    1. 18300] A Pair ri sil nEogain Móir. {MS folio 146a}
      {MS folio 146a 15} daimet cóir din longais duind
      Mac Con Eogan adbul gairm
      dá mac do Saidb ingin Chuind.
    2. Ailill Ólom eraim nglicc

      18305] geguin Eogabul tria airc;
      olc gním dogenai do rind
      ba hind docersat a maic.
    3. Fer Fí mac Eogabail áin.
      ní cóir ro sephaind in ceol;

      18310] in gubreth ro fuc in rí {MS folio 146a 20}
      docer indi ní fo déoid.
    4. Rucad gubreth for Mac Con
      ba col do Ailill a brath
      niro riaglad acht tria nert

      18315] ní baí cert na coir acht cath.
    5. Cath Chind Abrat ro mebaid
      for Mac Con. linaib agang;
      cind .uii. mbliadna ba hopund
      dofich Mucrama matand.

    6. 18320] Cath Chind Abrat uathmar ord. {MS folio 146a 25}
      roínis for Mac Con cid garg.
      dosroiffnetar meic ind ríg
      co tarlaic tír nGaedel ngarg.
    7. Cechaing i nAlbain co feirg

      18325] malle is Chathmal mac Cirp.
      mebdatar.uii. catha riam.
      is cían óbdar laechdai a bidg.

    8. p.595

    9. {MS folio 146a} Anais .uii. mbliadna fo greiss.
      i tír Alban almaib sess;

      18330] ciarbo mall dolluid anal {MS folio 146a 30}
      nirbo fand do digail gress.
    10. Ellach a cath ara chind
      i Muccrama mórtais gluind;
      .uii. meic a mathar ros ort

      18335] docersat im Art mac Cuind.
    11. Anais i Temraig iar sin
      .xxx. mbliadan conir gair;
      reraig Herind eraim nglain.
      rodas gab o muir co muir.

    12. 18340] Facbais Temraig erim n-oll. {MS folio 146a 35}
      Mac Con Lugaid erctais gluind
      lassin n-ócríg n-allmar n-aitt.
      la Cormac mac Airt meic Cuind.
    13. Celebraid d'Ailill iarna chrád.

      18345] Mac Con comairlid na slúag.
      iss ed dosfuc na cheird
      banna doreilg assa gruad.
    14. Erchur Fercheis ferais fair
      co tob Mac iar cech ngair.

      18350] gabais Maicnia mac dar Con {MS folio 146a 40}
      ort o Bannai co muir.
    15. Anais longais ina thír
      ar bríg ar borrfud ar báig;
      sech ní baí ni rabi riam

      18355] acht a ngiall fri Cassel cóir.
    16. Ba leo ríge Cassil chóir
      ro nasctis giallu cáich
      in ed batar ina thír
      niro recsat bríg na báig.

    17. p.596

    18. 18360] Ba da brathair co mbuaid {MS folio 146a}
      {MS folio 146a 45} a n-athri fri gnathblaid ngáid
      Lugaid Laigde lentais sluaig
      & in cruaid Lugaid Cál.
    19. Lugaid mac Itha cen ec

      18365] meic Breguin ro chricha cacht;
      fo gne glaine cen loi locht
      is é ba haire ba habb. A.


Trí Fothaid Elgga cen chron

    1. {MS folio 146a} TRi Fothaid Elgga cen chron
      {MS folio 146a 50} tri meic Lugdach meic Garbchon;

      18370] riasiu robdar Fothaid na fir
      cade a n-anmand in trirsin.
    2. Oendia & Caendia cing
      & Trendia ní chelim.
      It eat sin for cech och

      18375] a n-anmand na trí Fothad.
    3. Oendia in Cairpdech na cland
      & Caendia in Fothad Canand
      Trendia in tAirgdech atchid
      imda cairpdech 'con ardtrir. T.


18380] {MS folio 146b} Ailill Ulom cecinit.

    1. BEIR mo scíath sceo fri úath
      breo fri bruach bruichnech bedg;
      co rraib ar cliu Chormaic Cais.
      fornairt fri frais flannruad ferg.

    2. 18385] Fid fo coidled comfuaim ngliaid
      gualaire laích ludite frais;
      smerdnide smir guala guirm
      buale thiug tuirn tulcid ass.
    3. {MS folio 146b 5} Adlaichda a ascin ri fraig.

      18390] co ngaib óm fodbrond com ó
      dia mboí Cú Ruí na nirt niad
      ropad sciath dingbala dó
    4. Dítnid tri choicir i cath
      chroderg á clách cailgg fria fraicc;

      18395] talla mucc messa a caill choir
      is laind óir Ienas dia slaitt.
    5. Is lámaire laich i llurg
      co ngés badb dia burd dia blai
      {MS folio 146b 10} ri hadart tend tricc mad truit

      18400] ni gabat greim grip guip gai.
    6. Mo gai mo chlaideb mo scíath
      ar cech n-aí ni fiach fir thaiss
      ni duthracht fir maíthlaim meirb
      dom seilb for seilb Cormaic Cais.

    7. 18405] Ro choisc cumu mo chliathaig
      ní iarfaig Eogan mo chró
      fer détla Cass claidib glaiss
      bid lais cenco duthracht

    8. p.599

    9. {MS folio 146b} Mo da dergsleig mo chlaideb

      18410] mo scíath fo sceo cumale; {MS folio 146b 15}
      m'ech mo charpat mo chathbarr
      mo gathland inn umaide.
    10. Uch mo chride is cirbbide
      m'feoil da seche is sí om;

      18415] is seinm cruitte dara hamarc
      síd a charat ri Mac Con.
    11. Cluiche tond trethnach.
      bethir bethrach breo co neim
      {MS folio 146b 20} iarthar mná iarthar mairc mais


    12. [...]

      18420] gop con gop gai glais fomgeir
      tóeb do thabairt riu is dar timna
      iss é tigba intí dobeir.
    13. Dobiursa innamail coir
      tungim nóil fom arm dric dron.

      18425] connach córu dia charait
      toeb do thabairt ri Mac Con.
    14. Mac Con mac laechda Lugaid
      is ar phudair is deitchi;
      {MS folio 146b 25} ormsa imroet ulairt

      18430] imrubairt armo séitchi.
    15. Mo secht meic ros marb Mac Con
      iss e a ngol nglechrach ngarg
      Dub Mercon. Mug Corp. Eogan.
      Lugaid. Echaid. Dichorp. Tadc.

    16. 18435] Temair is athan cen Art
      imrualaid bratt dar grein;
      ro tharngirset na druide
      dosficfad uíge do chéin.

    17. p.600

    18. {MS folio 146b} Concicher Cass cluiche maith

      18440] dofaesat leis laich don leirg. {MS folio 146b 30}
      acht mad Mac Con & Cairpre
      ni fuil arna fairpre a feirg.
    19. Athnascfid Cass coma ngiall.
      bid lais riam rad co faidc

      18445] ó inbiur Atha Cliath chruind
      co Tech nDuind iar nHeirind aird.
    20. Apair ri Cass cunged smacht
      noco gnáth gart cen serbe
      {MS folio 146b 35} nucu maith ri acna bít géill

      18450] noco maith geill cen geimle.
    21. Is gat fás flaith cen giallu.
      ni laech meni trialla treóir
      nocon ed chobras na tíre.
      naidm na ríge ar cind in meóir.

    22. 18455] Is mairg ances a bidbaid
      inn inbaid do chora i llén;
      ní hí in chomairle mada
      iss ed roda scara in scél.
    23. {MS folio 146b 40} Tanic Art chucum d'iasacht

      18460] mo secht mac.
      da ternad Eogan ar set
      barfaelsaind éc mo sé mac.
    24. Mairg teit ar iasacht
      i cath is cor anma i mod.

      18465] ro mertsa dar es mo neirt
      aithle mo meic is Meic Con.
    25. Rom chachtsa cuma Eogain.
      dochuaid ar ciabair mo chiall
      {MS folio 146b 45} orom fadéin ro thrascrus

      18470] nach ocum fadéin ro thascius Cian

    26. p.601

    27. {MS folio 146b} Bad orbba claidib ocut
      atchluinfet Scuit sceóil a airm.
      nocho bia maith ar détin
      bad Cass ar écin a ainm.

    28. 18475] Ardomrullasa mo bith.
      atchiu is dom rith domraífes
      domní dríamail cacha tias
      in coí chías mo laíches.
    29. Scret ro rinn

      18480] cnet nach cinid sceo fri niad
      doí fri doí
      ferfaid broí beir mo sciath. B.


Ailill Ólomm: A Maccáin ná cí

    1. {MS folio 147a} A Maccáin ná cí
      ciaso dogra ara tai.

      18485] mo chride doslofa
      dia clorsa do chui.
    2. Dia clorsa do chui
      bid comrac da cua.
      meraid co tí brath

      18490] bid cond cach co húa
    3. Is úa dobeir cheird
      is sain cerd cech
      toich duit cidat ri
      toich duit cidat drui.

    4. 18495] {MS folio 147a 5} Is derb iss í 's fír
      fotracbad ar fán
      do baídathair baíd
      na toraig dot dáil
    5. Na toraig dot dáil

      18500] in bé thondgel toich.
      do mathair in maith
      co mbeba dot breith.
    6. Co mbeba dot breith
      do mathair in maith

      18505] osdo chind cen chleith
      ro boí i tind fri cloich.
    7. Ro boí i tind fri cloich
      Moncha ingen Díl
      coro genteasu i nn-uair

      18510] genemna do ríg.
    8. Biat risiu co derb
      doratad fort seilb.
      toisechu bia marb
      oldas bia meirb.

    9. p.603

    10. 18515] Biat mathi do chland {MS folio 147a}
      {MS folio 147a 10} bid airegda in drong
      bid roga for laechaib
      tracht i tecaib tond.
    11. Do nert o Thaig Duind

      18520] sair co Áth cruind Cliath
      bud é t'ainm la cach
      Fiachu Fer Da Liach.
    12. Dá liach deit a n-éc
      aróen ba echt mór.

      18525] t'athair is do mathair
      ar do banthaig brón.
    13. T'athair is do mathair
      da mórecht immaig.
      gáet in fer i cath

      18530] marb in ben dot breith.
    14. {MS folio 147a 15} Mo bennacht for Eogan
      ri Eogan a eó
      bennacht fora marb
      bennacht fora beo.

    15. 18535] In bennachtsin béus
      feib as dech atchuas
      dobiursa dia eis
      fort mullach anuas.
    16. Corbat nirt i fus

      18540] biat banna ria frais.
      corbat rí rofes
      i ndiaid Cormaic Caiss.
    17. Corbat cara sluaig
      corbat roga ríg

      18545] corbat cruithnecht chaem.
      corbat craeb co fín.

    18. p.604

    19. {MS folio 147a} For réli do chluith
      {MS folio 147a 20} biat forscailtech raith
      sochaide not riarfa

      18550] bid tú in Fiacha flaith
    20. Flathius oc do síl
      suba síd & sám.
      ith blicht buidne buadcha
      do thuatha ocdo grád.

    21. 18555] A gillai bic buíd
      ni fetursu dúad.
      ní thanic do chiall
      fotcicher i súan.
    22. Nim chicher i súan

      18560] tatham dual do bruc.
      marbad mo .uii. mac
      for Mucrama mucc.
    23. Ro marbad mo mac
      & mo sé meic.

      18565] diliu lim mo mac
      andát mo .uii. meic.
    24. {MS folio 147a 25} Mug Corb. is Dubmercon.
      Dichorb. Eocho ard.
      ropdar croda cruaid

      18570] Lugaid & Tadg
    25. Diliu limsa Eogan
      andat ciarbat ile
      rop é smir mo chnama
      rop hí in chuslend cride

    26. 18575] Rop é cond mo slúaig
      rop é mo choll ciúin
      rop é cuit mo bél
      rop hí mo chruit ciuil

    27. p.605

    28. {MS folio 147a} Am cumthach dia éis

      18580] nidam tualnge duis
      am aneoil dia eis
      is todiúir mo gnúis.
    29. {MS folio 147a 30} Domrigne losc lén
      ató im thost im thnúth

      18585] ro léic mo da láim
      ro chraid mo da súil.
    30. Rop eó úasind fid
      ropo rígda ind rail
      in tan atracht Mac Con

      18590] a dlom ferge fair
    31. Bid fiu da Mac Con
      in cundscle darat
      a mathair dind ulc
      cen brathair cen mac.

    32. 18595] Mo mind ríg mo rígscíath
      {MS folio 147a 35} mo chlaideb rim gó
      mo chathmerge cenand
      ro thairc ferand fó
    33. Beo thimnaim do Chass

      18600] bid cuibrend cu sliss
      biat ecla ria Cass
      amal tein for criss.
    34. Bid claideb ri slaide
      bid craide re hír

      18605] daig bidat gai géra
      fogena dia síl.
    35. Cartfait clanna Iareoil
      dia coille dia clár.
      gentair amal turcu

      18610] losfait amal grán

    36. p.606

    37. {MS folio 147a} Nicon gébthar friu
      {MS folio 147a 40} for domim na ngleo.
      ríge n-uathmar n-ecnech.
      laechda leitmech leó

    38. 18615] Rolaus cian i cein
      ardo charait i mbrón.
      cid é Cas mo leoman
      rop é Eogan m'ór
    39. Rop fortrén mo greim

      18620] cach crich arbam cend.
      niro thullius buide
      ropom tuire tend.
    40. Dom thuathaib co tricc
      nir threicius dom smacht

      18625] ni thubat a meic
      i n-agid mo mac.
    41. Ni mór foracbus
      eter da romra rian.
      for clár na trí coiced

      18630] coicfer narom giall.
    42. {MS folio 147a 45} Cach giall i ngemil
      cach gillchaide i nglass
      cech echtach cach angbaid
      i slabraid ros nass

    43. 18635] Cach sodomna ríg
      da rígflaith a láim
      a chomet ar glinne
      coro chinne a dáil.
    44. Cach doerchland cach merlech

      18640] na marbthar a rrec.
      triar oc ríg dia n-altram
      gebend carcar cepp.

    45. p.607

    46. {MS folio 147a} Cach cintach nach coiscther
      cech bithbinech braith.

      18645] o gebind co cuthi
      ó chuthe co croich.
    47. Ro chertus for Lagniu
      lánéraic glais gluind
      ní moídet in n-ammus

      18650] tarras is ro thuill.
    48. {MS folio 147a 50} Tucus ri toeb criche
      cia heraic bad mó
      dub dés is dub tuinne
      .c. n-unge is .c. mbo.

    49. 18655] Ri cech mbaethlach báes
      ri cech mbidbaid bás
      ri cech trén a thalam
      ri cech truag a thlas.
    50. Is é in tecosc cóir

      18660] tecoscim dom síl
      conid ferr a mochbás
      anda rothlas ríg.
    51. For rig a Fiachu
      iarsna dosceóil deit.

      18665] narop dál co n-attail
      a maccain mo meicc. A.


Dub Dá Thúath: Diambad messe bad rí reil

    1. {MS folio 147b} DIAmbad messe bad rí reil
      nocho chingfind ceim dar cert
      nochon isligfind dom smacht

      18670] combad chomaltach mo recht.
    2. Ciapsa raithenach im rath
      nipsa conderclech ar creich
      ní innisfind i fail ban
      in scél bad áil dam do chleith.

    3. 18675] Ni cen chimmbedu no beind {MS folio 147b 5}
      do maccaib Fer Lugach lonn
      muire icna bít géill i ngill
      is é in lind i coire toll.
    4. Tecosc Cormaic is cor ngaeth

      18680] ar Cairpre Liphechair luath
      in chrech do chudnud na ngiall
      a n-as dech do triall na túath.
    5. Tairnem na diumsa ro dlecht
      is cert ro chan dún in bricht

      18685] connach fagbad foisam latt {MS folio 147b 10}
      cid do mac no thisad fritt.
    6. Rí Lethi Cuind cungid chain
      co ríg Cassil cruind na cuan
      na tucsu do ar Ruadán rán

      18690] is ferr trú anda truagan truag.
    7. O tharnaic comairli ind noíb
      nirb amnirt aicned don ríg.
      rop ferdu in t-apstal ond íath
      fossugud na ngiall ina tír.

    8. p.609

    9. 18695] Inas ferr flatha fria ré {MS folio 147b}
      {MS folio 147b 15} firinni trocaire tua.
      inas messo d'inchaib ríg
      sechmell ar fír fuilled gua.
    10. Trí gáre buada do ríg

      18700] ina thir ro fiabsat feib;
      {MS folio 147b 20} gair choscuir chruaid.
      gair molta muaid. gair im fleid.
    11. Tri gári dimbuaid do flaith.
      gáir glám dia guin cid cian gair

      18705] gair a ban i nnamat maidm
      gair a muntire iar maidm fair.
    12. Sluindfet a thrí buada ar bith
      cech ócthigirn for rith raith
      fognom n-oiged airet bís

      18710] tirgnam do chill cís do flaith
    13. Tri meth ócthigirn mass ed
      cairig na thech cech than
      a banchumal im raind ris
      & urland a liss d'ar.

    14. 18715] Cech ardiumsach ra buí riund {MS folio 147b 25}
      is fán athissech fa rír;
      uasliu cech rád rí cech slán
      is ferr cech dal dia tic síd.
    15. Inas gurmu rudrad ríg.

      18720] gím do dáil dath funchi fúar
      fordath lúi lon lugi ban.
      bláth brunni ban brosnad gual.
    16. Gilithir firinni ic flaith
      scraiph sceas tond taidbsi lir;

      18725] taitnem bruit gési ri gin {MS folio 147b 30}
      bláth snechtai ar sleib snaschur sin.

    17. p.610

    18. {MS folio 147b} Saithech cech ainmnetach aitt
      cech meic a chiall acht co tic;
      dar éis a cuind di cech mnaí

      18730] o ca ch sin atlaí a gaís nglic.
    19. Cetharda dlegair do flaith
      corop maith do siu & tall
      síd i tuathaib termon cell
      aisc for fell fortacht na fann

    20. 18735] Is ferr síd sochocad sruith {MS folio 147b 35}
      ni ar lín óc brister cath
      ferr id éra astas ech
      a ellma as dech do cech rath.
    21. A rrigni is messu don gaís

      18740] amal concren suthi sos
      dond abba benair in cís
      cid fota fegair cech nos.
    22. Druth cech mer miannach cech baeth
      {MS folio 147b 40} brocach cech saeth serb cech gnath.

      18745] gel cech nua. lond cech scíth
      ní hinunn frith fogeib cach.
    23. Is cert caich amal a nert
      celid serc ainble & olc
      noco bí tuli cen tart

      18750] is súail ní is budi ri bocht
    24. In bith is bith cáich ar úair.
      ní fil flaith acht Fiado fír
      curi cen chend cruit cen cheis
      samail na tuath deis a rríg.

    25. 18755] Is suí cech sothinchoisc slán {MS folio 147b 45}
      cen gair cech fan imtheid len;
      athig i comairli ríg
      mairg tír i tic in scél.

    26. p.611

    27. {MS folio 147b} Scriss fora mét ni geib greim

      18760] ni cluchi mad tind ra tuind
      tren talam cech bali is tend
      uasliu in cend andait na buill.
    28. Doberar faill for mbec mbuair
      atchota mac trebar tír.

      18765] is fiach o geltair ri nech {MS folio 147b 50}
      is fairchi breth briathar rig
    29. Ro scailed do chach a ord
      is borbb nad aithgiuin a cheird.
      ferr uma cech aicdi aird
      18770] cé théit muga. ní geib meirg
    30. {MS folio 148a} Mac ind abbad issin cill
      is e grind gonas mo chíall;
      mac in trebthaig issin tír
      mac ind ríg do naidm na ngiall.

    31. 18775] Mac in tair a llus in táil
      do chumma in chláir ina chirt.
      mac in goband cosin ngúal
      ass e a dúal dechrad dia slicht.
    32. {MS folio 148a 5} Mac in chornaire fon corn

      18780] mac ind laích a llus na n-arm
      mac in chlerig arin cuairt
      do gabail co suairc na salm.
    33. Mac in chruittiri fón cruitt
      iss ed nachass luitt moalle.

      18785] mac na cerdda cosin céir
      mac in lega leic liaig de
    34. Mac in timpanaig na tét
      iss e a bés gabail gres glan.
      {MS folio 148a 10} mac in murige cosin muir

      18790] mac inn airim icond ar.

    35. p.612

    36. {MS folio 148a} Mac ind filed cosin dán
      mac in druith a llus glám ngér
      mac in medamain cen meth
      cach conorruith breth a bél

    37. 18795] Mac ind foglada con ulc
      a purt for a port tiar is tair;
      Mac in chírmaire a llus chír
      mac in chirb is é a bés guin.
    38. {MS folio 148a 15} Ni rodam nad beir a roí

      18800] ní suí nád athgiuin fa dí
      is don bratan dothaet eó
      is don maccan dothaet rí
    39. Nacham ruca Demon leis.
      For a clais tened cona thess

      18805] rach ara theiched timchull cross
      siu doneither in mess. D.
    40. Firinni flatha rofess
      tress dobeir na catha for a cess.
      {MS folio 148a 20} dobeir in mblicht sin mbith.

      18810] Dobeir in n-ith is in mess. D.


{MS folio 148a} Fothad na Canone cecinit

    1. Cert cech rig co rréil
      do chlannaib Néil náir;
      Acht triar ni dlig cert

      18815] dia raib nert na laim.
    2. Abb Aird Macha móir
      rí Cassil na clíar;
      {MS folio 148a 25} rí Temra na drúib
      a hein duib in tríar.

    3. 18820] Tuatha Temra truimm
      airchinnig a chell.
      o flathib cen iarair
      acht riaguil a cend.
    4. A meic Néil cu nós

      18825] a Aíd is réil rús
      do thuatha fadéin
      tuc dot reir ar tús.
    5. Geib lat giallu caich
      corbat fiadu féig;

      18830] corbat comsid coisc {MS folio 148a 30}
      cech toisc mam teig.
    6. Na geib sid cen gíall
      for a tair do lám.
      a n-umle na tuath

      18835] narop guach do dál.
    7. Cid inmain in tuath
      bid imguin ri scáth.
      Co rrabat a ngéill
      it laim fein sech cach.

    8. p.614

    9. 18840] Tabair gemeal cruaid {MS folio 148a}
      for cimbid do chein
      ar is ferr a lecht
      anda a thecht cen réir.
    10. {MS folio 148a 35} Dena coinmed cruaid

      18845] do sluaig ar cech aiss
      dena ingilt ois
      narbat timtheirc tais.
    11. Cid brathair do rig
      o gebthair a giall.

      18850] acht coro thechta thech
      na saer nech ar biad.
    12. Bó geiles in fer.
      dam aires in tír.
      mucc ithes in mess

      18855] uadib fess do ríg.
    13. Do chis is do cháin
      do thabach co crúaid
      dlegair sin do ríg
      eter tír is tuaith

    14. 18860] Na cuinnig do chis {MS folio 148a 40}
      for duine na fael.
      is ferr uad a lleth
      anda a meth mar oen.
    15. Na cella cen cáin

      18865] rit reimes raith reil
      co rabais ós chach
      & cach dot reir
    16. Na cocair in fell
      na hacair for cill

      18870] madat firen flaith
      biaid cech maith rit lind

    17. p.615

    18. {MS folio 148a} Cennaig in mes mór
      & tess i ngin;
      cennaig ith & blicht

      18875] for slicht cech rig reil. {MS folio 148a 45}
    19. Cen gubreith do breith
      for saich nach for maith
      acht in changen fir.
      is dir do rig is do flaith.

    20. 18880] Eter chill is tuaith
      eter tuaith is tír.
      timmairg cach ria mod
      narop om do mír.
    21. T'anmchara fadein

      18885] t'almsana na láim.
      cid clerech glan gaeth
      cid laech cid fer graid.
    22. {MS folio 148a 50} Cádus don aes graid
      a nnárus dod réir.

      18890] a comet ar mnaib
      a degmeic nair Neil.
    23. Na clerig do reir
      na helig a ndáil
      a rrige do Niall
      18895] a ngiall ina láim.
    24. {MS folio 148b} Almsa menic maith
      don relic dan toich
      do Phatric do Dia
      bale i mbia fa chloich.

    25. 18900] Sin Macha na lleic
      cell cech ratha ruit.
      rit remes co bráth.
      eigem na gad cluic

    26. p.616

    27. {MS folio 148b} Na tróetar do guth

      18905] nar étar do brath.
      na bí bliadain meith
      {MS folio 148b 5} cen chreich vel cen chath.
    28. Dia no tecma crech
      a frecra co moch.

      18910] coro mara choidche.
      amal choirthe cloch
    29. Na bí i mbaegulan braith
      t'oenurán it boith.
      a orddan a Aíd

      18915] na tabair taíb ri troich.
    30. Echt Mael Móir nad mall
      nir gním cóir ro chind.
      marbad Tuathail tréin
      co torchair féin ind.

    31. 18920] Colmán Rímid riam {MS folio 148b 10}
      ort a mílid féin
      tabair sin dot óid
      & óig a chéill.
    32. Cland Eogain cen chleith

      18925] erraid deoraid daith
      onóir cech fir díb
      marbad ríg no flaith.
    33. Do brathir is do meic
      nos tathaig fot chuit.

      18930] ciarbot mathi miadaig
      ciarbot riaraig duit
    34. Cairpre Conall Cass
      no mmolam cen geiss
      cosa mbia na mbaig

      18935] bíit dot laim deiss. {MS folio 148b 15}

    35. p.617

    36. {MS folio 148b} Cland chaem Colla Uais
      clanna Cein do grís.
      i cath is a cléith
      dot laim sceith cen scis.

    37. 18940] Clanna Eogain aird
      na lleomain don leirg.
      rit chnes i cath cruaid
      cia na fúair a feirg.
    38. Clanna Colla Fo Chrí

      18945] na cóic fonna féig.
      tossach dóib ria cach
      bít for scáth do scéith.
    39. {MS folio 148b 20} Amsaig Ailig uill
      a lloss chlaidib chaim.

      18950] dot chomét co gúr
      bít fort chúl do Gaill.
    40. Ainech coitchend cáich
      co forcend co féig
      cen diultad ri nech

      18955] ciabia leth i teig.
    41. Na tuatha do chosc
      corbat luatha lesc
      do thathi chruid neic
      da mbeith ina teist.
    42. {MS folio 148b 25} Cech olc dogní in tuath

      18960] cluin a rí na rrath.
      feig a chéil cen chron
      ort a chol sech cach.
    43. Aes gráid in cech cill
      co saidbir is co soimm

      18965] cen dith bruit na bíd.
      eter mír is loimm.

    44. p.618

    45. {MS folio 148b} Athnugud na cell
      tria rathmunud mind.

      18970] crabud ecna óg
      libuir lór rit lind
    46. Cen mebail cen meing
      cen debaid mad cam.
      {MS folio 148b 30} cen chlerchi do cheilg

      18975] cen feirg risin fand.
    47. Cen chongnam fri trén.
      acht fognam co fír.
      co rraib rige réil
      ocut fein is cot síl.

    48. 18980] Na toisig fot smacht
      cidat noisig nirt.
      cia beith olc na crí
      connach tí for beirt.
    49. Secht n-ingena ríg

      18985] ic timdibi thuath.
      ic feis ri cach mbaeth
      cid lesc ri laech lúath
    50. {MS folio 148b 35} Gemel cruaid i coiss
      is riag ruad ri haiss

      18990] cuithe salach súg.
      carcar cúl ri claiss.
    51. Usce faebur feith
      tene baegail braith
      is iatsin dogní sid.

      18995] re ré cach ríg maith
    52. Cipe dogné in ngait
      bid mor a mela duit
      mad dia fagba a dín
      i tig ríg no chluic

    53. p.619

    54. 19000] Cech merlech borb baeth. {MS folio 148b}
      {MS folio 148b 40} a erlech co lluath
      itt suil co dig brod
      dia ngabthair crod uad.
    55. Dia no tecma slait

      19005] do bachla is do chluic
      i cein ce ro aithe
      niro caithe a cuit.
    56. Can sadaile súain.
      a sarduine sair

      19010] dia ndechais for cúl
      caide dún do main.
    57. Ar th'agid do nós
      a dagfir co ngais
      do rige for as

      19015] amal ás for th' ais
    58. {MS folio 148b 45} Cid étar cid úain
      cen écen ar mnáib
      cid ail cencop áil
      bíd cáin arna gáib.

    59. 19020] Na bíd laech cen arm.
      narop maeth a muirn
      nar dech fo mebail.
      narop debaid duirn
    60. Cen chinaid for mnai

      19025] do reir dliged Dé
      athair meic no fir
      iss ed atbeir me.

    61. p.620

    62. {MS folio 148b} Cid ben dogné drúis
      for tuaith vel sin chill

      19030] acht intí dogneth
      {MS folio 148b 50} na marbthar nech ind.
    63. O ré Cormaic caiss
      meic Airt uasal áin
      dlegait Ulaid ríam

      19035] gabail giall rit laim.
    64. Ni thic dím inniug
      nach innocht
      nach ambarach co becht
      cia no beindse dís

    65. 19040]

      fis do chís co cert. C.


{MS folio 149a} Fothad na Canone cecinit cu Aed Ordnithe.

    1. EClais Dé bí
      leic di a n-as n-ai.
      bid a cert for leth

      19045] feib as dech ro boí
    2. Cech firmanach fail
      fora cubus glan
      dind eclais dan dir
      gnid amal cech mod.

    3. 19050] Cech dilmain iar sin
      fil cen recht cen réir
      cet cia dig ri báig
      Aida nair meic Néil.
    4. Is í in riaguil chert

      19055] sech ní mor ní bec.
      fognad cách a mod
      cen on is cen ec. E.


{MS folio 149a} Mo Lling cecinit.

    1. ROchuala

      19060] la nech legas libru
      intí ances in mbidbaid
      iss é fessin as bidbu.
    2. Rochuala
      la cech nduine nod léga

      19065] cech óen arric slabraid
      for ríg cin cech a ndena.
    3. {MS folio 149a 10} Ro scribad a libru Dé
      ní tu ro marb acht is é
      tucad diles braith do chach

      19070] dogoa bethaid vel brath.
    4. Moinach Casil comadas rí
      lasa marbtar drochdoene
      atá Mumu lais i ssíd
      rop maith Dia don dagríg

    5. 19075] Ro ansat na drochdoene
      oro marbtha a ceile.
      bendacht Crist for ríg roda croch
      ba moch canait a séire.
    6. {MS folio 149a 15} Diambad rim contuased rí

      19080] ropad ní a chland dia éis
      drochdaíne lais dochum bais
      ilar degdoene ma méis.
    7. Timmairg na doene trena
      airchis na doene truaga

      19085] tol Meic Dé cech a ndena
      iss e do less rochuala. R.


{MS folio 149a} Fithal & Cormac cecinerunt.

    1. .F. NIba me
      linfes do neoch dara thráth.

      19090] gel cech nua lond cech scíth
      ní hinund frith fogeib cach.
    2. .C. A Fithail
      ebair coirm cid iar lithaib.
      ní íath dochor for rathaib

      19095] fathaig cid fir nach Fithail.
    3. .F. A Chormaic
      co mmét ualle & airdairc
      cetlud ríg rodar n-inlaig
      {MS folio 149a 25} condar dimdaig diar tarbairt.

    4. 19100] .C. A Fithail
      an ris condar sídaig
      bid contracht for muir mór
      bíd ítu ar n-ól a Fithail.
    5. .F. Nimda muad

      19105] atbersa frit co llór lúath.
      {MS folio 149a 30} iss ed is messu fuair laech
      bith oc tigernu gaeth guach.
    6. .C. Atbersa cid olc ra nech
      ní chélsa friar ndebech;

      19110] iss ed is messu tic tech {MS folio 149a 30}
      amus anaith airbirech.
    7. .F. Ni thibér
      serc do neoch nacham chara.
      noco tairniubsa mo brig

      19115] cid cian om thír domrala.

    8. p.624

    9. {MS folio 149a} .C. Ór oc rigaib co rogail
      otá tossach in domain.
      is lesc lemm beith cen amus
      & ro charus m'folaig.

    10. 19120] .F. Niba me {MS folio 149a 35}
      gebat om ríg bethad cé
      iar ndigna óir & ech.
      cia beith nech niba mé N.


A Chormaic coisc do maicni

    1. {MS folio 149a} A Chormaic coisc do maicni

      19125] na rabais i n-athmius aicmi.
      ni mad bi ni mad chine
      nad choisc a bronnfine
    2. Biaid uair bud aithrech in baes
      {MS folio 149a 40} nit ain taithlech na togaes

      19130] not chraibdet im do thola
      do meic uaibrecha ingora
    3. Is firbriathar otá nem.
      ni throetha nach condarcel.
      ni cech cnú focing dia croíb

      19135] nibo du nach ríg robaíd.
    4. Muridach do mac ingar.
      dil lat Cairpre Liphechair
      mani tairberafod gus.
      ni gebat do chomarbus

    5. 19140] Cech rí nad choisc a maccu. {MS folio 149a 45}
      iss ed arbí de taccu.
      tairnit ind ríg dia ngalaib
      methait na meic iarmartaid
    6. Do meic do mogaid do gs

      19145] rothlas riu nocho robes
      ní maith mac ríg cen rige.
      olc moín mog cen bithdine

    7. p.626

    8. {MS folio 149a} Do mogaid & do maic
      nacha subaig a meic Airt;

      19150] coisc do mogada dot réir.
      cuir do maccu ar crich i ccein.
    9. Cech ara la
      >et immach
      {MS folio 149a 50} ni rolá tuatha Temrach.
      ní tharda i rréir neich aile

      19155] do rígna do rechtaire.
    10. Mad comflathius duit rit chlaind
      nít bia acht saegul oencraind
      Rí ro delb nem násad n-ait
      noco ro baedh a Chormaic.

    11. 19160] Fiachnai mac Fergnai mogad
      fúair solad ní tá dolad;
      is dia réir atat in maic.
      ni duit fognad a Chormaic. C.


Teist Chathail meic Finguine

    1. {MS folio 149b} Teist Chathail meic Finguine

      19165] rí Muman co metaide
      rechtaige cen chrechtaige
      tathaige & clothaige
    2. Teist Chathail meic Finguine
      rí Connacht co cathaige.

      19170] in tan do bidis uchaige
      miadaige & menmnaige.
    3. Teist Chathail meic Finguine
      {MS folio 149b 5} ardrí Ulad ollbladach.
      cain cech mís ní dimbladach

      19175] uad sain do Crist comramach.
    4. Teist Chathail meic Finguine
      ardrí Temrach toebglaine.
      ar cech nduni ndilmaine
      frecra mingar moerdaide.

    5. 19180] Teist Chathail meic Finguine
      rí Lagen cu lergaigi.
      ri cairdi ba cairdidi
      ri namtib ba mergide.
    6. Teist Chathail meic Finguine

      19185] ríg cland Conla cosnamach. {MS folio 149b 10}
      ra écnach nír thuislidach
      aicned fedil fostodach.

    7. p.628

    8. {MS folio 149b} Teist Chathail meic Finguine
      ríg Dési cu ndáeltengthaib.

      19190] rí Cláre ra gnimcengail
      cen cáin ara chaemchellaig
    9. Teist Chathail meic Finguine
      ríg na ndúni ndondbladach.
      ri Aine nirb imnedach

      19195] can cháin ar crod comdedach.
    10. Teist Chathail meic Finguine
      ardrí Herend iathaige
      adiu nuchu fríthaide.
      nech a fiú ar clar Cuachmaige.

    11. 19200] Lucht admolta Cathucáin. {MS folio 149b 15}
      ond úair tictis ina thír;
      nucu teigtis assa dáil
      arin ruirig batis ríg.
    12. Secht mbali Cathail cen cháin.

      19205] cusa tictis slóigchanain
      ma rafetur tacair cóir
      abbair dóib a Ónucáin.
    13. Ráith Móri & Glennamain

      19210] tuag Les Lethisil lindsig
      {MS folio 149b 20} cathir is cul Maelachaid mbil
      & Sencha in sét sinsir
    14. Lucht lenamna Cathucáin
      riu ni denad borblachas;

      19215] rasaigtis nir thiamda
      ria cind bliadna i portachas.
    15. Is bec sin da chomramaib
      a ónmit is gním gesta.
      a incin tanic in tráth
      is brath dun des a testa. T.


19220] {MS folio 149b 25} Diarmait mac Cerbaill cecinit.

    1. Mairg thochras ri clerchib cell
      mairg rosniarthad tind i tend;


    2. Is missi ra buí arin chirt
      cia rom thrascrad is tre fert

      19225] cia tát fir thalman im thaig
      isat calma na clerig.
    3. Dia fadein dobeir datha
      & grada ardflatha.
      {MS folio 149b 30} is dligthech ic ríg breth

      19230] cech ríg bretach firinnech
    4. Is iatsum ro gab na salmu
      uair is doibsium is calma
      ram chursetsa can chairdi
      do chirt Banba barrairdi.

    5. 19235] Mairg brisses cath can chóri
      ar marcachaib canoni
      ni n-icfa taithlech din dail
      bud aithrech ind immaráin
    6. Leis da ochair tul i tul

      19240] isind eclais dianid dlug;
      bud nenaid cu brath a lucht
      cen tenid ara primpurt

    7. p.630

    8. {MS folio 149b} Biaid Temair d'eis a fir
      ergeabait uilc indligid.

      19245] bud fota a othrus a fir
      cipe thochras ri clerchib.
    9. Biaid cen buachail Inis Fáil
      aithli nuachair maith d'fagbail;
      {MS folio 149b 40} rí bud ferr atúsa tra

      19250] acht ni thanic ni thicfa.
    10. Acht nir airgius duni riam
      ciambad imda a seit sa biad
      niro mathius a olc do thrén
      & nir forrgius fortren.

    11. 19255] Banba cid bladach in ben
      ric a less feiss ra degfer
      ni conair dia congul
      menip ard a bithlonnud.
    12. {MS folio 149b 45} Massech damsa hísi a fir

      19260] massech missi dond ingin
      raba missi a nuachur cóir
      d'ingin alaind Herimoin
    13. Clerig rom chursetar di.
      du chirt Fotla fonnairddi

      19265] nigfit a mbróca na tig
      na ríg óca indligtig.
    14. Diultfaitir a fairchi ind
      cacfait coin ina chaemchill
      {MS folio 149b 50} i mbali Ruadain ima raith

      19270] égem cecha oentraith.
    15. Aire rom dilsig mu Rí
      mac maith Mairi ingini
      ora gabsat na cuiri
      salma ardda escuine

    16. p.631

    17. 19275] Dindgnai Herend ard a mblad {MS folio 150a}
      immun Lia Fail ina fégthar
      a mbith i fás & i fán
      iss ed i ngellas Ruadan.
    18. Temair can tenid can tech

      19280] ina trascud na clerech;
      missi cen rigi cen rath
      truag in líni dedenach.
    19. {MS folio 150a 5} Cid olc damsa bud olc dóib
      Ériu dom ési fo bron;

      19285] fotha digla inni ara tat
      im smacht rigda do chomiat.
    20. Is missi ra boí arin choir
      & siatsom ar ecóir.
      curom dilsig Dia do nim

      19290] i tochur risna clerchib.
    21. Cath ra clerchib mairg ra chuir
      ropad ferr a bith na fuil
      {MS folio 150a 10} nucun faigbe giallu ass
      mairg triallas is tochras. M.


19295] {MS folio 150a} Fland Fina cecinit

    1. IN rigan ecnaid óg fial.
      tochur ria noco degciall
      cia beith i n-esmud inglan
      dia hescur ní hergithan.

    2. 19300] Cliath ra heclais mairg dogní
      do neoch dan áil a chaimchlí
      feodaigid aigid is chlí
      curid a nert ar nephní
    3. {MS folio 150a 15} Crinaid aicmi na fer mborbb

      19305] digbaid a n-aicmi cid ard;
      tochur ri clerchib olc ordd
      is ri clerchib na camlorg.
    4. Súg na ecailsi ógi
      mairg na n-ib i n-ecoiri.

      19310] is adart uilc is fír trá
      is malairt cuirp & anma.
    5. Cích na críni mairg na n-ib
      dobeir díni fa gné duib
      {MS folio 150a 20} cipe na ndenand nach dlig

      19315] a ferand i nnim ni fuil.
    6. Feodaigid in tene in crand
      cid caem a blath is a barr
      nucun foirend óicín and
      conid dub doti in t-ardchrand

    7. 19320] Loscid in tene in crand úr
      o fageib a arddatúd;
      is é in tene cen dibad
      inn eclas inn ardrigan. IN.


{MS folio 150a} Cinaed hua Artacain cecinit.

    1. 19325] A Chloch thall for elaid úair. {MS folio 150a 25}
      Bute búain meic Brónaig báin;
      ropsa mind ar tressa tóir.
      dia mba i cind meic Nessa náir.
    2. Ciapsat náma dó rot chelt

      19330] .uii. mbliadna lána rot alt.
      dia luid do digail Ríg recht
      is and forríth a lecht latt.
    3. {MS folio 150a 30} Laech fris ralais commaid chain
      fuair lat lom tonnaid iar sain.

      19335] for mac Cathbath coínsit fir.
      dális dig di nathraig neim.
    4. Nemnech dotuc Cet aness.
      a tress ard Ailbe fria aiss;
      cend ríg Emna orgsi leiss.

      19340] a inchind Meis Gegra glaiss.
    5. Datarlaic dar arach uad.
      Cet mac Matach fri gliaid nglóed
      {MS folio 150a 35} on Muni rofitir cách
      co hAth Daire Da Baeth.

    6. 19345] Scoiltis dít ba mór gním
      mullach in ríg rigi giall;
      ar is é ba ferr do laech
      darsa taitned gaeth is grian
    7. A ndorairngered duit ot aís.

      19350] mairg a Lagnech i mba gnáis;
      nira scarais frisin rig ráin.
      co fargbais i ndáil bain báis.

    8. p.634

    9. {MS folio 150a} For Lettir Lamraigi luimm
      {MS folio 150a 40} rot gialsat druing na fian find;

      19355] dot gleo frit chomthach ba gand
      co torchar and assa chind.
    10. Fotroilsig Rí ro delb nem.
      do mac Bronaig uas Brí Breg;
      in dún daingen inatt ail

      19360] i fail ilar angel ngel.
    11. O conattail fritt cen brath.
      Buti co rrath ruamnai cloth.
      {MS folio 150a 45} tairnit duit in tsluaig for ruth
      coro chloemchlais cruth a chloch. A.

    12. 19365] Inchind Meiss Gegra sin chath
      ropo gleo fri demnu troch;
      a dart Buti co tí bráth
      bud é th'ainm la cách a chloch. A.


{MS folio 150a} Fland cecinit.

    1. 19370] INN eól dúib in senchas sen
      ainm cech rig ro gab Chasel;
      o chreitim glondchar in gnim
      {MS folio 150a 50} co Dondchad mac in ardríg.
    2. Oengus mac Nad Fraich fodlad brait

      19375] is é ro chreit do Patric;
      Feidilmid i mMaig
      ro gab i ndiaid Oengusa.
    3. Eochu iar Feidilmid co feib
      & Crimthand. iar nEochaid;

      19380] Fergus iar Crimthand rocloss {MS folio 150b}
      & Garban iar Fergos.
    4. Amalgaid iar nGarban garg.
      Aed iar nAmalgaid imard;
      Coirpre iar nAed no indled gail

      19385] Fingen iar Corpriu Chasil.
    5. Cathal iar Fingin fúaim nglan
      & Failbe iar Cathal
      {MS folio 150b 5} Cuan iar Falbe co fál
      & Moenach iar Cuan.

    6. 19390] Cu cen Mathair iar Moenach.
      Colgu iar sein Dondchad crechach;
      Finguine ba suairc a baile
      Etarscel iar Finguine.
    7. Cormac iar sin soilsi a gart

      19395] & Cathal iar Cormac;
      Artrí iar Cathal caem a chlí
      is Olchobor iar nArtrí

    8. p.636

    9. {MS folio 150b} Olchobor iar sin suairc in mod.
      {MS folio 150b 10} Algenán iar nOlchobor.

      19400] Mael Fathartaig fodlad graig
      Cend Faelad ina degaid.
    10. Dunchad iar Cind Faelad find.
      Dub Lachtna iar sin suairc in mind;
      Finguine iar sin suilsi a grad

      19405] cu Cormac mac Culennán.
    11. Cormac iar sin soillsi a gart
      is Feidlimid iar Cormac.
      {MS folio 150b 15} cíarb écair a ainm immach
      Cend Gecain iar Cormac.

    12. 19410] Lorcan iar Cind Gecain glan
      ro gab murigecht Muman;
      maith in fer ros gab iar sin.
      Cellachan cendfind Casil.
    13. Dochoid Fer Gráid mac Clerig

      19415] i rrige Casil chemnig;
      & ros gab ar écin.
      Mathgamain mac Cendétig.
    14. {MS folio 150b 20} Ro innsaig Brian Banba mbind
      ar ríge Chasil chendfind;

      19420] & is é thall a mbarr
      do choic coicedaib Herend.
    15. Iar tesbaid Briain cosin mblad
      baí Mumu na mórchosnam
      coro rígad and iar sain

      19425] Dungal mac Mael Fotartaig.
    16. Ros gab gilla glaccas slúag.
      catlas i Casiul chlethruad;
      {MS folio 150b 25} rop comthach d'Herind uili
      Dondchad mac Briain Bóruimi. IN.


19430] {MS folio 150b} Fland mac Lonain cecinit.

    1. MAIccni Echach ard a ngle
      im Niall im chanaind Cairne;
      im Fergus frossaib rinni.
      im tri maccu Mongfinni.

    2. 19435] Maith fer Fiachra feochair gal
      diarbo mac Na Thí tolchar
      {MS folio 150b 30} Brian ar Banba brollach
      frisrand Ailill anglonnach
    3. Aichri tri ríg rot a ngal

      19440] maniptis ingrai do Chrimthan
      gabsat a cert cein buí thair
      for cuairt ardríg i nAlbain.
    4. Ailill Brian breo dremon
      Fiachra find foltlebor

      19445] randsat Banba balc tóla
      i trí cuibrend chommóra.
    5. {MS folio 150b 35} Cechaing cuccu Crimthand cass
      co n-uaill co n-ír co n-ernbass.
      cachtsus cách co llaechraid lais

      19450] i nInis ndualaig nDornglais.
    6. Dolluid mathair mac nEchach.
      in bríg Mongfind márbrethach;
      gaid cairddine cor glinne
      do ríg daigrech Dárinne.

    7. 19455] Dombert o húr na hindsi.
      dochum digi domillsi
      docer mac meic Dáre de.
      {MS folio 150b 40} de thonnud triin tremse.

    8. p.638

    9. {MS folio 150b} Mór gním doróni tria gus.

      19460] brath hui Dáire tria diummus.
      ba dé fertha fáth co saíre
      cath cruaid Corad Coenraige
    10. Goíta Fiachra fer togach
      maidsi moga messchorach

      19465] ba hé tress rí adgeb guin {MS folio 150b 45}
      de slóg Dromma Eogabuil
    11. Eo dega deirg druing ar dreich
      mac meic Muridaig Tírig.
      nirbo thriamuin ciarbo thrú.

      19470] co tuc Muman mórgiallú
    12. Maicni fer fichsetar cath
      fri Fiachraig tarsin srath.
      fail coic deich dóib doí fri doí{MS folio 150b 50}
      im fert Fiachrach i foroí.
    13. Cethrur do síl Breguind báin.

      19475] ro linsat Herind ollgraid.
      Eber. Ír. Lugaid nar lac
      Is Herimon in t-ardmac. M.


{MS folio 154a} Ossin cecinit.

I cath Gabra ro marbad Oscur & Cairpre Liphechair

    1. {MS folio 154a 45} OGum i llia lia uas lecht
      bali i téigtis fecht fir;

      20160] mac ríg Herend ro gaet and.
      do gae gand os gabur gil.
    2. Tarlaic Cairpre aurchur n-airc
      do muin a mairc maith is tres;
      gair siu condristais a sciss
      20165] {MS folio 154a 50} Oscur ro bí a lam dess.
    3. {MS folio 154b} Tarlaic Oscur irchur n-oll
      co fergach lond immar leó
      coro marb Corpre hua Cuind
      riasra giallsatar gluind gleó

    4. 20170] Amansi mora na mac.
      fúaratar a mbás don gleó;
      gair siu condristais a n-airm
      roptar lia a mmairb inna mbéo;
    5. {MS folio 154b 5} Missi fodéin isin tress

      20175] leith andes do Gabair glaiss;
      marbsa .l. laech fo dí
      is missi ros bí dom baiss.
    6. Arpetend carbach fo chruch
      i nn-inaim ba ruth dom rog;

      20180] ro marbaind torc i Caill Cháid.
      no sárgind én áith im og. O.
    7. In t-ogum út fil isin chloich
      imma torchratar na troich;
      {MS folio 154b 10} da mmared Find fichtib glond

      20185] cian bad chuman in t-ogom. O.