Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition

Táin Bó Cúalnge from the Book of Leinster

Author: Unknown

Table of Contents

Background details and bibliographic information
The CELT edition as a single file

Text 1

p.1 MS folio 53b

Incipit Táin Bó Cúalnge

Text 2

p.4 MS folio 55a

Text 3

p.8 MS folio 56b

Text 4

p.21 MS folio 62a

Text 5

p.33 MS folio 68a

Text 6

p.35 MS folio 68b

Text 7

p.36 MS folio 69a

Text 8

p.37 MS folio 69b

Text 9

p.43 MS folio 71a

Text 10

p.46 MS folio 72b

Text 11

p.48 MS folio 73a

Text 12

p.49 MS folio 73b

Text 13

p.49 MS folio 73b

Text 14

p.49 MS folio 73b

Text 15

p.50 MS folio 74a

Text 16

p.52 MS folio 74b

Text 17

p.53 MS folio 74b

Text 18

p.54 MS folio 75a

Text 19

p.57 MS folio 75b

Text 20

p.58 MS folio 75b

Breslech Maige Murthemne so sís

Text 21

p.60 folio 76b

Text 22

p.63 folio 78b

Text 23

p.67 folio 79b

Text 24

p.67 folio 79b

Imroll Belaig Eóin and so innossa

Text 25

p.67 folio 79b

Tuige im Thamon and so innossa

Text 26

p.68 folio 79b

Text 27

p.69 folio 80a

Cinnit Ferchon and so innossa

Text 28

p.69 folio 80a

Text 29

p.71 folio 81a

Comrac Fir Dead in so

Text 30

p.100 folio 88b

Text 31

p.100 folio 89a

Text 32

p.104 foilio 90b

Text 33

p.105 folio 91a

Fiacalgleó Fintain and so innossa

Text 34

p.106 folio 91b

Ruadrucce Mind and so innossa

Text 35

p.107 folio 91b

Airecur nArad and innossa

Text 36

p.107 folio 91b

Bángleó Rochada and so innossa

Text 37

p.108 folio 92a

Mellgleó nÍliach and so innossa

Oisligi Amargin i Taltin and so annossa

Text 38

p.109 folio 92b

Imthúsa Chon Ruí meic Dáire sund innossa

Text 39

p.110 folio 93a

Sírrobud Sualtaim and so innossa

Text 40

p.136 folio 104b

Text 41

p.136 folio 104b