Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition

Lebor na Cert

Author: unknown

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section 1


section 2

p.46 MS page 197a

Do sochar Chondacht andso sís amal ad-féd Benén

section 3

p.60 MS page 198a

Císsa ríg Ailig acus a thuaristal andso .i. a chísa-son ó thuathaib & a thuaristal -son dóib-seom.

section 4

p.72 MS page 198c

Do seanchas Airgiall andso

section 5

p.84 MS page 199b

Do othraib et do thuaristalaib Ulad inn so

section 6

p.94 MS page 199d

Do dligead ríg Theamrach and so

section 7

p.102 MS page 200b

section 8

p.114 MS page 201b

section 9

p.120 MS page 201c

section 10

p.122 MS page 201d