Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition

Mac Carthaigh's Book

Author: [unknown]

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The CELT edition as a single file

Annal MCB1114

Annal MCB1125

p.14 folio 4a

Annal MCB1138

p.26 folio 7a

Annal MCB1150

p.30 folio 8a

Annal MCB1160

p.42 folio 12b

Annal MCB1174

p.58 folio 13a

Annal MCB1184

p.72 folio 16b

Annal MCB1200

p.80 folio 18a

Annal MCB1212

p.88 folio 20a

Annal MCB1222

p.90 folio 20b

Annal MCB1232

p.96 folio 21a

Annal MCB1248

p.100 folio 21b

Annal MCB1306

p.104 folio 22b