Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition

Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na Núachongbála

Author: [unknown]

Table of Contents

Background details and bibliographic information
The CELT edition as a single file

section 1


Incipit Cath Ruis na Ríg

section 2

p.780 MS folio 178a 20

Sanas Cormaic

section 3

p.782 MS folio 180a

{MS folio 181a}Fland Manistrech cecinit.

section 4

p.785 MS folio 181b 10

Fland Manistrech: Cind cethri ndíni iar Frigrind

section 5

p.788 MS folio 182a 20

Ascnam ni seol sadal

section 6

p.791 MS folio 182b 10

Aní doronsat do chalmu

section 7

p.797 MS folio 183b 15

A Ngluind a n-echta a n-orgni

section 8

p.803 MS folio 184b 15

Mide magen clainne Cuind

section 9

p.810 MS folio 185a 60

Síl Aeda Sláne na sleg

section 10

p.815 MS folio 186a 10

Immacallam in dá Thúarad

section 11

p.833 MS folio 188c 60

Cathcharpat serda

section 12

p.835 MS folio 189b 40

Do nemthigud filed

section 13

p.838 MS folio 190b 5

Na Trí Fothaid

section 14

p.840 MS folio 190b 60

Inis Dornglais ro gab Crimthann

section 15

p.840 MS folio 190c 15

Temaile fáid Miled Espáin

section 16

p.841 MS folio 190c 40

Mugdorn ingen Moga Duib