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Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na Núachongbála

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R. I. Best and M. A. O'Brien

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2. Second draft, revised and corrected.

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    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na Núachongbála. R. I. Best and M. A. O'Brien (ed), first edition [xvii + 356 pp.] Dublin Institute For Advanced StudiesDublin (1965)


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Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na Núachongbála: Author: [unknown]


Incipit Cath Ruis na Ríg

{MS folio 171a} INam i mbai Conchobor i nEmain mínétrocht Macha ár cur chatha na Tana lais. Conna baí bíad ra
22630] tholathar dó & connar chotail co sám. & connaro {MS folio 171a 5} ataim do neoch d'Ultaib cid donrat samlaid ri tremsi na teora coícthiges. & atchuas d'Ultaib anísin .i. Conchobor do bith i sergg & i sírgalar. & conna baí biad ra tholathar dó & connar chotail co sám. & connaro ataim do neoch d'Ultaib cid donrat
22635] samlaid. {MS folio 171a 10} And sin doringned tinól & tochostul ac Ultaib co hEmain minetroct Macha. & ra comarliced accusom dano. Cia bad chóir do choibsegud na cnedi ra cnedaig ríg Ulad. & in galair buirb ras básaig. & ros bánaig ra tremsi na coicthiges. Conn a baí biad ra
22640] {MS folio 171a 15} tholathar do & connaro ataim do neoch d'Ultaib cid donrat samlaid. Iss ed ro raidsetarsom uili dano corop é in nech ros ail & ros n-irthócaib .i. Cathbad druí degamra.

Ro luid reme dano Cathbad druí degamra co hairm i mbai {MS folio 171a 20} Conchobor & cíís déra folcmara forruada fola corbo fliuch blae &
22645] brunni dó Airchisis Conchobor do déor Chathbaid. Maith ám and sin amo phopa Chathbaid ar Conchobor. cid dotgní tursech dobbrónach domenmnach. Ro fail ám a morabba damsa sain {MS folio 171a 25} ale for Cathbad. Na fetar ca cned rat chnedaig. & ca galar borb rot básaig. & rot bánaig ra tremsi na teora coicthiges. Fail áni a
22650] morabba damsa bar Conchobor. dáig damriachtatar cethri ollchóiceda Herend. & tuctha leosum a n-áes ciúil & airfiti & {MS folio 171a 30} admolta combad lériti na hairgni. & combad moti na hurbada. & ra loscit ar ndúnaid & ar ndegbaleda connach arddi íat nas a n-airidni & a n-immellaige. & barroebris dano Ailill & Medb cath
22655] {MS folio 171a 35} formsa. & rucad láeg mo bó fadéin a purt éicne uaimse. & is samlaid ro boí ca rád & atbert na briathrasa and.

    1. Ro fail limsa domna bróin
      dia festasu a Chathbaid chóir
      Ulaid uile aidble gal

      22660] nirbo chommairge d'óendam.

    2. p.762

    3. {MS folio 171a} Ra thinóil Medb aníar.
      ingen Echach ciarb anríad;
      {MS folio 171a 40} co ruc lé búar & brat.
      & ór & arget.

    4. 22665] Ra airgestar Medb co mín.
      co dún Dáire na ndegthír.
      co Dún Sescind ciped de.
      co Dún sirglan Sobairge
    5. Ni farggaib nar coiciud chain

      22670] múr vel bale can argain'
      na dún na maítís coscur.
      {MS folio 171a 45}vel múr cana díanloscud.
    6. Mo damsa is dam dond Dáire
      ma láifeit óic ilgaire;

      22675] nocho raba riam mac bó
      man mó donither d'anró
    7. Ni lia esbaid daim na bó
      acaind i coiced Emnó
      na esbaid laich da dluig

      22680] arna fothrucud na fuil. F.

{MS folio 171a 50} Maith ám a m'anam a Chathbaid bar Conchobor Cade do chomairlisiu dún. & is amlaid ra baí ca rád & atbert na briathra.

    1. {MS folio 171b} A Chathbaid comairle dún.
      donringni mertain mírún.

      22685] térna Medb assin chath glé
      iss ed am rar medairne.
    2. Nirbo chóir do Meidb don Maig.
      tinol ar cend mo daim;
      ciarsa dam co nda mbeind óir.

      22690] beth acum nirb furóil.

    3. p.763

    4. {MS folio 171b 5} Cembad é a damsi bad mó
      irb furail di láeg a bó;
      áeg ar mbó féin fath amne
      irbo chóir a iarraid foirne.

    5. 22695] Meir is forni im laeg ar mbó
      uc ingen Echach anró;
      ithig dún dul da dígail.
      ar Meidb barsin mórrígain.
    6. {MS folio 171b 10} Ra díglais chena co crúaid.

      22700] a Chonchobuir chlaidebrúaid;
      brissiud catha cuman lem.
      bar cethri choicid Herend.
    7. Noco chath na tuitt rí redg.
      ar cruadbach ar comferg;

      22705] sluag do thérn am a cath chain.
      bothait rí mat ruanaid.
    8. {MS folio 171b 15} Súail nach ed domgní marb.
      mo tharbga ac troit na dá tarb;
      meni thí mo throitse de.

      22710] & mac Matae Murisce.
    9. Meni thaeth Ailill is Medb.
      lemsa man dáilse co derb;
      atberim rib aidblib tuir.
      mebais mo chride a Chathbaid. A.

22715] {MS folio 171b 20} Is hí mo chomairlese duit ale bar Cathbad. anad din chursa. Daig at garba na gáetha. & at salcha na sligeda & at móra na haibni & na huscida. & at gabalta lama láech ra den am dunad & dindgna i {MS folio 171b 25} crichaib echtrand. & an dún in tsín co tudca samratta chucaind. corop cerchaill cach fót feránach. corop suntaich ar seneich. Corop
22720] séitrig ar serraig. Corop slána ar fir da fuilib. & chnedaib a haithli {MS folio 171b 30} chatha Thanad Bó Cualnge. Coro gairdi na haidchi ri fot & ri foraire & ri freccomas i n-iathaib bidbad & i críchaib echtrand. Is amlaid ra boí ca rád & atbert na briathra.


    1. {MS folio 171b} R. Ni hinam inrim errach.

      22725] is fúar gabél gáethach.
      garfit ili Elga
      airderg in bith
      {MS folio 171b 35} bebsat buale febra fáebra.
      fanna mila marta.

      22730] trena uile aperóil
      oenach morc maimthi
      moaigsem ri céim nítha
      connach inaim inrim erracn. N.

& an dún ale bar Cathbad dáig ní fuil tár do t inchaibsiu and
22735] {MS folio 171b 40} sin. Dáig echlach ras ruc i n-aithed & i n-élúd uaitsiu tri lár catha fer nHerend síar sechtair. & da ructha can digail bad chotamus do chétamus fair sin. Acus faítti fessa & tecta uaitsiu chena cot {MS folio 171b 45} chairdib écmaissi .i. Co Conall crúaid coscorach commaidmech cathbuadach claidebderg co airm i fail ac tobuch a chisa & a chanad
22740] i crichaib Leódús i n-insib Cadd & i n-insib Or. & i críchaib Scithia & {MS folio 171b 50} Dacia & Gothia & Northmannia ac tastel Mara Ict & Mara Torrián & {MS folio 172a} ic slataigecht sliged Saxan. & faítte fessa & tecta uait no cot chairddib écmaisse co iathaib Gallecda co Gallíathaib na nGall. .i. Co Amlaíb Ólaib hua Inscoa rig Lochlainne. Co Findmór
22745] {MS folio 172a 5} mac Rofir co ríg sechtmad rainni de Lochlainn. Co Báre na Sciggire Co dunud na Piscarcarla. Co Brodor Roth. & co Brodor Fiúit. amp {MS folio 172a 10a} co Siugraid Soga ríg Súdiam. Co Sortadbud Sort co ríg Insi Orc. Co secht maccaib Romrach Co hIl co Ile Co Mael co Muile. Co {MS folio 172a 15a} Abram mac Romrach Co Cet mac Romrach Co Celg mac Romrach
22750] {MS folio 172a 20a}Co Mod mac Herling. Co Conchobor coscarach mac Artuir meic Bruide meic Dungail. co mac ríg Alban. & Clothra ingen Conchobuir a mathair.

Cia do ragad risin tectairectsin bar Conchobor. Cia do ragad {MS folio 172a 10b} and bar Cathbad acht mad Findchad mac Conchobuir and sut. &
22755] Aed Cáem mac Conaill Chernaig. & Oengus mac Oenláma Gábae. {MS folio 172a 15b } & Cano Gall do múnud eoluis dar muncind mara & mórfairge dóib. Is and sin ra lotar sin rompu dar muncind mara & mórfairgi co {MS folio 172a 20b} hairm i mbaí Conall Cernach i críchaib Leodús. & condnoathatar dano na scela ro batar accu do Chonall. Ferais dano fálte fri


22760] {MS folio 172a 25} Findchad mac Conchobuiramps. & dobretha a láim dara bragit & dobretha teora póc do. Is and dano barridnachtatarsom dósum Táin Bó Cualnge do breith a hUltaib. Sceinnis a chridi cruaid colomda Conaill a miduactur a chléib. immar thoirm tuinne trethanglasi {MS folio 172a 30} ra tír. Atdirsa brethir am bar Conall mad da mbeindse i crichaib
22765] Ulad conna bertha in táinsin can digail bad chotamus don chetamus fair. Is samlaid ro baí Conall dano & fessa & furic arna ndén am {MS folio 172a 35} dó and sin. & ba gléire descad & ba aibbgetus a hóla and sin. amp robretha Conall in fleidsin do mathib Ulad. & faítte dano fessa & techta uad coa chairddib écmaisse fo iathaib Gallecda co
22770] Galliathaib na nGall. Is and doronad tinól & tochostul leosum {MS folio 172a 45} dano. & ro hellamaigit a llonti leosum dano. & ra. glinnigit a llonga & a llaídeng. & tancatar co hairm i mbaí Conall.

Is and confaítti nonall fessa & techta uad co iathaib Ulad. conná {MS folio 172a 45} betis Ulaid i n-etarlén rithalma ar cind a mbidbad & a nnamat &
22775] a n-echtrand. Is and sin rogniad comairle la Ultaib dano. & darónait fessa & fuireca leosum dano. Dogensa fled ar Cu Chulaind {MS folio 172a 50} i n-accill & i n-airichill Conchobuir ac Dún drechsolus Delgga. Dogensa fled mórchaín móradbul aile bar Celtchair mac Uthechair {MS folio 172b} i n-accill & i n-airichill Conaill Chernaig meic Amairgin ac
22780] Carraic Murbuilg. Dogensa no fled morchain móradbul aile for Loegaire ac Inbiur Seimne thuaid.

{MS folio 172b 5} Ra ergitar tra in tromchoblach mór muride amal at rubramar ba Chonall Cernach mac Amairgin. & ma Findchad mac Conchobuir. amp ma Aed Caem mac Conaill Chernaig. & ma mathib Lochlainne. &
22785] tancatar rempu immach bar Sruthair na Maile Chind Tiri. & {MS folio 172b 10} atraacht glassanfud in mara móradbuil dóib. & atraachtatar a róin & a rossail & a chorrcind & a chenandáin & ilríana in mara moradbuil dóibsium dano. Is é tressi inn anfaid ra érig dóib coro rainned in coblach i trí Tanic trian dib ma Chonall Cernach
22790] {MS folio 172b 15} mac Amairgin. Co Carraic Murbuilg. Tanic trian aile ma maccaib Romra co hInber Semni. Dolluid in trian aile mo Álaib hua Inscoa ríg Lochlainne. & ma Findmór mac Rafir ríg in sechtmad raind {MS folio 172b 20} do Lochlainn. & ma Báire na Sciggiri a dunud na Piscarcarla. amp dollotar sain co Tráig mBale meic Buain. co hInber Linni Liiach-
22795] ainne. Is in tansin ro lluid Conchobor reme cóicfiur & tri fichit ar noí cetaib co hInber Linni Luachainne. & ra hecrad tech n-óil & {MS folio 172b 25} airaibniusa leis i nDún drechsolus Delga. Nirbo chian do Chonch- obor dia mbaí and co facca na corrgabla siúil & na longa luchtlethna.
22800] & na pupla corcarglana. & na merggida alle illdathacha. & na confingi {MS folio 172b 30} catha. & na síblanga gorma glainidi & na hidna áig. Maith and sin


{MS folio 172b} a degáes dána sa thís. Tabraid curu & tenta & trebairi damsa. Maith a thríath & a thigerna bar Sencha mac Ailella. cid má tá latsu sain. Mét far ndolaid & far murir dam far Conchobor. Febus
22805] {MS folio 172b 35} mo chommain crichi & ferainn & forbbaid foraib. Febus mo chommain sét & maíni & indmassa foraib. Nabad furáil dam na ticfad d'ulc & do maith dam ón chind bliadna ca chéile sibsi na {MS folio 172b 40} remúr & na airichill dam. Maith a thríath & a thigerna bar Sencha mac Ailella cid ma tá latsu sain. Nad fetarsa am bar Conchobor
22810] act manip íat in Galián Lagen. vel in Mumni mór Muman. vel choiced Ól nEcmacht dariacht and. acht is midlán Inber Linni Luachainne. {MS folio 172b 45} & Traig Baile meic Búain. Atiursa brethir ám bar Sencha mac Ailella. nach tarmchillend Herind óclách do neoch dobeir a láim i llaim tigerna nach aichnid damsa. & mad iat fir Herend bes and
22815] iarfatsa sossad catha forthusom no co cend cían coícthigis for {MS folio 172b 50} mís. Acus mad iat do charait écmaisi bes and a iathaib Gallecda & {MS folio 173a} Galliathaib na nGall. ba ferr son letsu cach maín. Dambad iat bar Conchobor rapad lugaiti bar n-eneclannsi.

Is and sin ra luid reme Sencha mac Ailella co airm i mbaí in
22820] {MS folio 173a 5} tromchoblach mór muridisin. & ro iarfach dano díb. Cia dothaet and. Iss ed ro ráidsetarsom dano corbo iat carait écmaisi Conch- obuir ro batar and. Tanic remi Sencha co hairm i mbaf Conchobor. Maith ám a m'anam. a Chonchobuir. iss iat do charait écmaisisiu {MS folio 173a 10} failet and sút a íathaib Gallecda & a Galliathaib na nGall. Cid tra
22825] acht nir chutulsa do Chonchobur in Heriu etir ra mét leis a brotha & a bríge & a báige. & ro mebaid loim cráo & fola dara bél sell sechtair. & in cháep chró & fola ro boí fora chride is sí ro sceastar ra halt na huairesin.

{MS folio 173a 15} Maith a Chu Chulaind bar Conchobor gabtar latt gabra Maige
22830] Murthemni. Indliter carpait chethirríad forro. & tabar lett mathi Lochlainne i carptib & i cethirriadaib co Dún drechsolus Delga. {MS folio 173a 20} Corop fa dreich ríg Lochlainne ecairther in tech óilseo & aíbniusa. Is and ro gabait gabra Maige Murthemni & ro hindlit carpait & cethirriada forro. & rucait i n-agid ríg Lochlainne. & tucait iat co
22835] Dún ndrechsolus nDelga. & ra falmaiged in bruiden la Conchobor. {MS folio 173a 25} Corop fa dreich ríg Lochlainne ro hecrad assa aithle hí & ra ergitar iar tain rannair fri raind accu & dalemain fri dáil. & ro


{MS folio 173a} dáiled in fledsain for mathib Lochlainne. corbat mesca medarcaíni. {MS folio 173a 30} In n-uair ropo thressiu flaith firu. & ba comrád cacha dessi & cach
22840] thrír díb. ra curit ina n-aitib & ina n-imdádaib & ina cotaltigib iat. Ro canait ciúil & airfiti & admolta dóib. & tarrassatarsom and co solustrath éirge arnabarach.

Ro érig im Conchobor mochtrath arnabarach. & tucad Cu {MS folio 173a 35} Chulaind da saigid. Maith sin a Chu Chulaind bar Conchobor.
22845] Tabar in deired fledi fail acut do mathib Lochlainne corop budechaiti íat. & faitti fessa & techta uait fó iathaib Ulad cu hócaib Ulad. Frithálter leosom no a carait Gall a Galliathaib na nGall. Co {MS folio 173a 40} ndigiursa co hInber Linni Luachainne. Co ngabthar sossad & long- phort lim and. Ráid dam dano risna tri coicait senorach senlaech
22850] ro failet ina ligi aísi fá Irgalach mac Maclaíg meic Congaile meic {MS folio 173a 45} Vudraige ár ndichur a ngascid & a n-arm. Ráid damsa riu tiachtain lem in fectsa & in sluaged. combad da réir & da comairle donethea é Messi da rád riu bar Cu Chulaind ni ebber & a ndul ní mesti lem dano.

22855] {MS folio 173a 40} Is and ra lluid Conchobor reme issin rigthech romór i rrabatar na senóraig & na senlaich. Is and sin tuargabtarsoin a cind assa {MS folio 173b} n-atib & assa n-imdadaib ra facsin in ríg rosclethain romóir. amp nirbo chutulsa dano dóibsium a menma. Suail nach farroeblangatar in bruiden i rrabatar díb. Maith a thríath & a thigerna bar iatsom
22860] {MS folio 173b 5} cráet rot astraig & rot imluaid chucainni indiu. Nach cualabairsi ar se in sluaged combágasa tancatar cethri ollchoiceda Herend chucaind da tucsat a n-aes ciúil & airfitid & admolta leo. combad leriti na hairgni & combad moti na hurbada. & ra loscit ar ndúnaid {MS folio 173b 10} & ar ndegbaleda connach airddi iat nas a n-airidni & a n-immellaigi.
22865] & rop áil damsa dano sluaged combága chuccusom. & combad dabar reirsi & dabar comairle donethe in fecht & in sluaged. Gabtar ar {MS folio 173b 15} sengabra latt & indliter ar sencharpait co ndechsum in fectsa & in sluaged latt. Iss and ro gabait a sengabra leosom & ro hindlit a sencharpait. & táncatar rompu co hInber Linni Luachainne. in
22870] n-aidchisin. & rocuas do chethri ollchoicedaib Herend sain. & ro {MS folio 173b 20} chrithnaigsetar tri tonna Herend remisin in n-aidchisin .i. Tond Chlidna. & Tond Rudraigi. & Tond Tuage Inbir. Is and sin folluid Eochu mac Lucta remi co clannaib dílsib dorecartachaib Dedad co
22775] Temraig Luachra anairtúaid. Is and sin Ailill & Medb co {MS folio 173b 25} Cruachanráith Connacht. Is and sin falluid Find inac Rosa rí


{MS folio 173b} Galían co clannaib Deirg imme co Dinn Ríg ós Berba bansolais. Is and falluid Carpre Nia Fer co Luagnib Temrach imme co Temraig. {MS folio 173b 30} Is and sin ra comarleiced comairle ac Eochu mac Luctai & ac
22880] clannaib Dedad .i. Cach beó da aissec & cach aissec da beó imden am a chríchi & a feraind do Chonchobur mac Fachtnai. Fathaig .i. Sond i nn-inad cach suind. & gríanan i nn-inad cach grianain. Teg {MS folio 173b 35} i nn-inad cacha tigi. Bó i nn-inad cacha bó dam i nn-inad cach daim. & in Dond Cualngi fair anúas. Comleithet a aigthi do dergór
22885] do Chonchobor don chursain. & can sluaged combáge d'insaigid fer nHerend.

Is and sin dano ro faitte fessa & techta ó Eochu mac Luctai {MS folio 173b 40} co Ailill & co Meidb risin comaidsin. Docúas do Ailill & do Meidb anísin. Ro gabtha gólám dontí o tuctha na comairlisin. Uair
22890] in n-airet bes ocainni nech risba heitir erdorn claidib & sciathrach {MS folio 173b 45} scéith do gabail fó brágit ní raga dósum in chomasain. Nad orgenamarni fortsu in chomairlisin a merddrech. út bar Ailill. Dáig ni mmó ar cuitni dá ícc sain anda cuit cech fir do chethri {MS folio 173b 50} ollchoicedaib Herend do neoch ra buí for sluagud Tana Bó Cualnge.
22895] At fua limsa ón bar Medb. Cia do ragad risin techtairechtsain bar Ailill. Cia ar Medb. acht {MS folio 174a} Dorn Ibair hua Cipp goband. & Fadb Darach hua Omna. Mebais a fáitbiud gáire for Fergus. Cid dobeir th' orfáiltius bar Ailill. fail a morabba damsa sain bar Fergus. Duni is mó is bidba

{MS folio 174a 5}

Is and sin dano ro faitte fessa & techta ó Eochu mac Luctai {MS folio 173b 40} co Ailill & co Meidb risin comaidsin. Docúas do Ailill & do Meidb anísin. Ro gabtha gólám dontí o tuctha na comairlisin. Uair
22890] in n-airet bes ocainni nech risba heitir erdorn claidib & sciathrach {MS folio 173b 45} scéith do gabail fó brágit ní raga dósum in chomasain. Nad orgenamarni fortsu in chomairlisin a merddrech. út bar Ailill. Dáig ni mmó ar cuitni dá ícc sain anda cuit cech fir do chethri {MS folio 173b 50} ollchoicedaib Herend do neoch ra buí for sluagud Tana Bó Cualnge.
22895] At fua limsa ón bar Medb. Cia do ragad risin techtairechtsain bar Ailill. Cia ar Medb. acht {MS folio 174a} Dorn Ibair hua Cipp goband. & Fadb Darach hua Omna. Mebais a fáitbiud gáire for Fergus. Cid dobeir th' orfáiltius bar Ailill. fail a morabba damsa sain bar Fergus. Duni is mó is bidba {MS folio 174a 5}
22900] d'Ultaib barsin bith do Meidb da saigid. Uair cenco dernad d'ulc ríam vel iaram friu. acht mad Mend niac Salcholgan do goin bar Renaib na Bóinne ropad lór d'ulc dó & cid ed bar Fergus {MS folio 174a 10} ni hecal dó ní don chursa & teigedsom and. dáig nit feltaig airecta in luctsain. Is and sin tancatarsum rompu co Temraig.

22905] Is and sin falluid Find mac Vosa rí coicid lámdeirg Lagen co {MS folio 174a 15} clannaib Deirg immisium co Temraig fathúaid co airm i rrabi a brathair Carpre Nia Fer. & atchúas dóib na comadasain. & ra comarléiced acu cia do ragad risin tectairechtsain. Iss ed ro raidsertarsom combad é Fidach Ferggach Feda Gaible. dáig fer
22910] {MS folio 174a 20} fathach fíamach fírglicc é Is and r lotarsom rempu fathúaith co airm i mbaí Conchobor. & ro innisetarsom dó na comasain .i. Cach beo da assec & cach assec da beó imdénam a chríchi & a feraind {MS folio 174a 25} do Chonchobur mac Fachtnai & sond i nn-inad cach suind. & grianán i nn-inad cach grianain. teg i nn-inad cach thigi. bó i nn-inad cacha
22915] bó dam i nn-inad cach daim. & in Dond Cualnge fair anúas.


{MS folio 174a} Comleithet a aigthi do dergór do Chonchobur. & can sluaged combáige d'insaigid fer nHerend don chursa. Amlaid baí Conchobor {MS folio 174a 30} cá n-acallaim & atbert na briathra.

    1. Can as tancatar na techta
      sund do chéin
      {MS folio 174a 35}
      22920] in slainnid damsa bar n-echtra
      in dam réir.
    2. Tancamar ón Chruachain chróda
      nach bec blad
      cucutsu a Chonchobuiramps chóra
      crúaid do gal.
    3. Tancamar ra himluad n-athisc
      dait a rí'
      á Meidb is a Ailill amra
      calma a crí

    4. 22925] Slainnid dam bar n-athisc n-amra
      nach bec blad
      a cheithern rogasta raglan
      cipé chan. C.

{MS folio 174a 40} Atbiursa brethir ám bar Conchobor connach gebsa comaid dibsin. naco raib inad mo phupla cacha cóicid i nHerind feib ro saidsetsom a pupla. a mbotha & a mbélscálana. Maith a Chonchobuir bar {MS folio 174a 45}
22930] iatsom Cáit i ngabaisiu sossad & mórlongphort innocht. I rRos na Ríg ás Bóind bansoluis bar Conchobor. Dáig nír cheil Conchobor riam bara namait bail i ngebad sosad vel longphort. conna hapraitis combad ecla vel uamun doberad fair cana rád.

{MS folio 174a 50} Is and sin ra lotarsom rempu co Temraig fades co hairm i mbaí
22935] Carpre Nia Fer. & Find mac Rosa. & batnoathar dóib na scélasain. {MS folio 174b} Maith and bar Carpre Nia Fer mad cucainni dobera Conchobor & Ulaid a n-agid. ticed Ailill & Medb nar furtactni & nar forithin. Mad sechoind digset i coiced cendfind Connacht ragmaitni na furtachtsom. & na forithin.

22940] {MS folio 174b 5} Is and sin dano ra lotar na techtasin rompo co airm i mbaí Ailill & Medb. & an uair rancatar ro gab. Medb. ac iarfaigid scél díb. Is amlaid ra buí ca rád & atbert na briathra.

    1. Can tecait na techta.
      slainnid dam far slecta

      22945] co Conchobor Cairn.
      in n-anand i nEmain
      {MS folio 174b 10} in flaith cusna fledaib.
      vel inn ed tic do debaid
      i ndegaid a tairb.

    2. p.770

    3. 22950] {MS folio 174b 12} Nochon anat Ulaid.
      nocho chert na cubaid
      damait d'airecht Breg.
      niba crecha gairdi
      naco roisset fairggi

      22955] naco ndernat airgni
      far Carpre Nia Fer.
    4. {MS folio 174b 15} Beit ina rith romaind
      ticfat a cind da colaind
      mad da tí a thig.

      22960] biatsa sund i mbalib
      can locht is can anim.
      dáig is lór lim Lagin
      i n-agid ind fir.
    5. Da torset meic Magach

      22965] in slúag brotla bágach
      bud croderg a llamach
      {MS folio 174b 20} i cath Ruiss na Ríg.
      Da tora rí Macha.
      saifitir a datha.

      22970] claifitir a ratha
      tairnfithir a brig;
    6. Da torset ar sluaigni.
      tinólfaider úanni
      bid condalb in cúani

      22975] i fir catha can. C.

{MS folio 174b 25} Imthúsa Conchobuir tanicside reme dírrám slóig móir co Accaill Breg & co sligid mBreg. And barrecaim Ailill flathbriugaid dosum and. Maith and a Chonchobuir bar Ailill. Cid in dirram slóig móir rofail it egaid & cid ass áil latt dol.

22980] {MS folio 174b 30} Co rRoss na Rig ás Bóind bansoluis and so. bar Conchobor Noco glinnigthi duitsiu sain ale bar Ailill acht is foenglinni. Daig ron fuilet in Galían & Lúaigne na Temrach and sain bardo chind. {MS folio 174b 35} Geiss damsa dola dom chonair ale bar Conchobor & geiss dam dola i cath can lín. Gabar sosad & longport acainn and so fodectsa
22985] bar Conchobor. Sáitter ar sosta and so & suidigter ar pupla. Gníter


{MS folio 174b} ar mbotha & ar mbélscáláin. Dentar irgnam bíd & lenna. Dentar {MS folio 174b 40} praind & tomaltus. Cantar ciúil & airfiti & admolta acaind and. Is and ro saittea a sosta & ro suidigthea a pupla. rognithea a mbotha & a mbélscálain. ra ataithé a tenti. Doringned urgnam
22990] {MS folio 174b 45} bíd & lenna. Doronait gretha glanfothraicthi leo. & ro slemunchirtha a fuilt. ra minglanta a cuirp. Ro caithed praind & tomaltus leo. amp ro canait ciúil & airfitid & admolta leo.

Maith and sin a Ultu bar Conchobor. in fagum acaib nech dig {MS folio 174b 50} do midem & do mórdescain barin slúag. Ragatsa bar Féic mac
22995] Follomuin meic Factna Fathaig. Is and sin luid remi Féic mac Follomuin meic Factna Fathaig. Co rránic co Dinn na. Bóinne {MS folio 175a} bánsoilsi. Ar sain ro gab ac midem & ac mórdescain arin slúag. & ceisis a menma cu mór forthusum 'no. Ragatsa fathúaid innossa {MS folio 175a 5} bar Féic co hairm i failet Ulaid. & inniasat dóib in slúag do bith
23000] icom fuatechtsa. Ticfait Ulaid atúaid. Gébaid cách a lathir catha & comlaind & comraic dib. Niba mó a nós na allud na erdarcus damsa in chathaigthe assa aithle andá do cech oenfir {MS folio 175a 10} d'Ultaib. & cid damsa na curfind mo chomlund a chetóir romum. & ra lluidsium reme innund dar inber na Bóinne. & tuc bleith
23005] mulind tuathbil forthu. Tuc a n-airthiur fora n-iarthur. & a ndesciurt fora tuasciurt. & ro gairset in slúag i n-oenfecht immisium. {MS folio 175a 15} & ni forulngither dósom beith i cind in tslóig romóir. & tanicsium romi d'innaigid inn inbir dara tanic innund. & ní hed barroe- blangair dosom itir ón. acht ra lingestar saebléim isin mBoind
23010] {MS folio 175a 20} mbansoluis. Mara boí inber bud domni a cheili ara Bóind ro lingestar sáebléim and coro thib tond tairis. Coro báded sin lindsin can anmain etir. Corop búan & corop marthanach da éis a innchomartha. Corop Lind Féic ainm na linni inro báded.

Rop imgen ra Conchobor & ra Ultu ro boí in fersain na écmais.
23015] {MS folio 175a 25} Maith ém a Ultu bar Conchobor. in fagaimse acaib nech dig do midem & do mórdescain dam barin slúagsin. Ragatsa and bar Daigi mac Dega de Ultaib. & ra luid reme connici in tulaig tigernais {MS folio 175a 30} cétna as ur na Boinne bánsolsi. Ro gab ac midem & ac mordescin in tslóig. & cessis a menma & a aicned & a innithim forthu fon cumma
23020] {MS folio 175a 35} cetna. Ra baí ca rád na cétna. ragatsa fathúaid ám bar ésium & inniasat d'Ultaib na slúaig do bith i comúaitecht út. Dorosset Ulaid atúaid. Gebaid cách a lathir catha & comlaind & comraic. & niba mó a nós na allud na irdarcus damsa in chathaigthe anda do cech oenfir díbsium. & ragatsa d'innaigid in tslóig coro churiur


23025] {MS folio 175a 40} mo chomlond romom. Is and sin do lluidsium dar inber na Boinne innund. & ro mesc barin slúag é & ra theigsetar na slúaig immisium do dib lethib 'no. & bognítha guin galann de. co torchair accu.

{MS folio 175a 45} Ba imgén ám ra Conchobor ro bátar sain. Maith ám a Irgalaig meic Maclaig meic Congaile meic Rudraige. in n-abbrai cia as
23030] chóir do thechta do midem & do mordescin barin slúag. Cia do ragad and ale bar Irgalach. acht mad Iriel gascedach Glunmar {MS folio 175a 50} mac Conaill Chernaig. Acht is Conall ar choscor é is Cu Chulaind ar chlessamnacht. Is Cathbad druí degamra ar chéill & ar chomairle. Is Sencha mac Ailella ar síd & ar soberla. Is Celtchair
23035] {MS folio 175b} mac Uthechair ar chalmacht. Is Conchobor mac Fachtna Fathaig ar rígdacht & ar rosclethni. ar thinlucun sét & maíni & inmass. Cia do ragad acht mad Iriel. Ragatsa and ale bar Irial.

{MS folio 175b 5} Is and luid Iriel reme connici in taulaig tigernais cétna ós ur na Bóinne bansolsi. Gabais ac midem & ac mórdescin in tslóig.
23040] Nir cheiss a menma na aicned na innithim forthusum itir. Atetha a tuarascbáil leiss co hairm i mbaí Conchobor. {MS folio 175b 10} Cinnas a m'anam a Iriel bar Conchobor. Atdiursa brethir ám bar Iriél dar limsa na fail áth for abaind. na lia for tilaig. na chend róit na sliged bar crig Breg vel Mide nach lán dá ngraigib & da ngillaib.
23045] {MS folio 175b 15} Andar lim at lassar rígthigi di leirgg a tlachtga & a n-errid & a n-éttaid bar Iriel. ro ráid Conchobor.

    1. In fir a n-atfiadat na fir.
      a Iriel galaig glungil;
      teora catha for clár chliu.

      23050] arar cind i comnaidiu.
    2. Atát i ceilg ardo chind.
      issin ross imthéit Boind;
      teora catha clainne Deirg.
      lassait mar lassair dar leirg.

    3. 23055] {MS folio 175b 20} Na techta dachuatar úan.
      da fis ca lín atá in slúag;
      ni thicfat sund miad nar lac.
      is e a fír a n-arfiadat. In.

Maith a Ultu bar Conchobor cade far comairle dún in tibirther
23060] {MS folio 175b 25} in cathsa lind. Is i ar comairle ar Ulaid anad co tisat ar treóin


{MS folio 175b} & ar tóisig & ar tigernmais & ar fulngidi catha. Nirbo fata inn irnaide dóib & nirbo chían in chomnaide co faccatar tri carptig dá n-innaigid. Buiden dá cét déc i comair cecha carptig díb. Is {MS folio 175b 30} iat ro baí and sain triar degaesa dána d'Ultaib .i. Cathbad drui
23065] degamra. & Aithirni Algessach. & Amargin in fer dána. Maith a ócu bar Conchobor cade bar comairle dún. Is i ar comairle ar iatsom anad co tisat ar treóin & ar toísig & ar tigernmais {MS folio 175b 35} & ar fulngidi catha. Is and sin ra ansat. Nirbo chían in chomnaidi & nir fata inn irnaide. Co faccatar tri cairptig aile da n-insaigid.
23070] & buiden trí chet dec i comair cacha carptig. Is iat tánic and sin. {MS folio 175b 40} Eogan mac Durthacht. & Gaíne mac Daurthacht & Carpre mac Daurthacht.

Cade bar comairle dún a ócu bar Conchobor. Is í ar comairle ar iatsum anad co tisat ar treoin & ar tóisig & ar tigernmais & ar
23075] fulngidi catha. Ro ansat. Nirbo chían in chomnaidi & nir fata {MS folio 175b 45} inn irnaide. Co faccatar tri carptig aile dá n-insaigid. Is iat tanic and sin. Tri meic Connaid Buide meic Iliach .i. Loegaire Buadach. & Cairell Coscarach. & Aed Anglonnach. Buiden cethri chét déc i comair cach carptig díb.

23080] Cade bar comairle dún a ócu. Is i ar comairle ar iatsum anad. {MS folio 175b 50} co. tisat ar treoin. & ar toisig & ar tigernmais & ar fulngidi catha. Nad orgen amarni foirbsi siii a ócu. Dáig atá trian slóig Ulad sund. {MS folio 176a} & ni fail acht trian slóig fer nHerend and sút. bar Conchobor. Cid dún na tibrimmis in cath.

23085] Is and sin atraacht Conchobor & ro gab a chatheirred catha & comlainn & comraic imme. Atraacht trian slóig Ulad laisium 'no. {MS folio 176a 5} & lotar dar inber na Boinni innund. & atractatar na slóig aile dóib ar ndul dar inber na Boinne innund. & ro gab cách díb ar slaide & ar slechtad araile. far foirtched & far foillged. conna baí
23090] {MS folio 176a 10} samail Ulad ra halt na huairesin. Acht na beth rúaddaire romór bar lár machaire & na gabad mórslúag na farrad. & ra étlaithé a cháel & a mín in feda ass. & ra factha a railge rúada romóra da éis. Is amlaidsin ra slaidit a ngillai óca aitedchasum. & a n-aesócbad. {MS folio 176a 15} conna raba acht a curaid & a cathmilid & a ndegláith gaile da n-éis.
23095] Cid tra acht nir barulngither da ngillaib óca aitedchasum. Na cor memaid roscbéim rígdaide díb triasin cath fothúaid.

{MS folio 176a 20} Is and sin ra tuairced inn Óchaín scíath Conchobuir coro gésestar. Coro gésetar trí tonna Herend .i. Tond Chlidna. & Tond Rudraige.


{MS folio 176a} & Tond Tuage Inbir. Coro gésetar scéith Ulad uile inn uairsin.
23100] Cach óen ra boí ara nguallib díb & ina cairpdib. {MS folio 176a 25} Is é in lásain barrécaim d'Ultaib tidacht immach. & barrecaim Conall i rremthús resna sluagaib. Acht cid airchind ra betís eich bad luaithiu ná eich Conaill and. Niro lam nech d'Ultaib aiged a ech na charpat do thabairt sech Conall. Iss and sin ra
23105] {MS folio 176a 30} chonncatar glasláth Ulad gnúis Conaill cucu ra halt na uairesin. & ra ansatar. dáig rap anad fa inneoin leo. & rapo doss díten & rapo buinne bratha. & ropo lám i n-uachtur leo Conall. Dáig ba demin leo ni fil inad i faicfithé gnúis Chonaill ara teichfithe and.

{MS folio 176a 35} Is and sin ra lotar fón fid ba comnessam dóib. & ro benatar
23110] dairbre glasdarach i lláim cech fir. & ro redigsetar inad da ndornaib intib. & tuargabtar rian -aiss na glasgesceda darachsain. & tancatar maróen ra Conall i cend i chatha. {MS folio 176a 40} Is and sin barrecaim á rig Ulad tri traigid techid do breith assin chath fathúaid. Dercais & fégais Conchobor dara aiss & ra. chonnaic
23115] gnúis Conaill da saigid. Maith a Chonaill bar Conchobor in cath bar th'oesam & bardo chommairge. Atiursa brethir ám ar Conall {MS folio 176a 45}combad assu limsa in cath do thabairt m'oenur a chianaib. andá in maidm do fossugud innossa. & dimbúaid do ríg cóicid farsin mbith a facciáil i mmaidm vel i mmórthechiud. & is samlaid ro
23120] boí Conall & atbert na briathraso and.

    1. {MS folio 176a 50} Dimbúaid fir
      frithrosc madma.
      maidm ria ngnúisib.
      ócbad n-essairm.

      23125] gillanrad diairm.
      dichra fedma
      fuidb do anocht.
      follogod féile.
      {MS folio 176b} rith fri geltaib.

      23130] gair ri dogur.
      dál ri dimbúaid. D.

Is and sin selais Conall in claideb aithgér. iarlebur assa intig bodba. & dobert cocetul a chlaidib barna sluagaib. Atchloss rucht {MS folio 176b 5} claidib Conaill darna cathaib cechtarda ra halt na huairesin. Cid
23135] tra acht feib rachualatar cocetul claidib Conaill. ra chuclaigetar a


{MS folio 176b} crideda. & ra luamnaigsetar a ruisc. & ra bansatar a ngnúisi. & ra scuich cách dara ais díb ina inad catha & comlaind & comraic. Cid tra acht is and sin ra dercastar Conall dara aiss. & rachonnairc da innaigid Mes Dead mac Amairgin. Maith a m'anam bar
22140] Conall a Meis Dead in cath ar th'oesam & ardo chommairgi. Is {MS folio 176b 15} ucht ra mórdilind alt neich mar sein itradsa ale bar Mes Dead. Is and dercis & déchais Mes Dead mac Amairgin dara ais. & rachonnairc da innaigid Ánruth Mór mac Amargin. In cath bar th'oesum & bardo chommairgi a Ánraid Móir meic Amargin. bar Mes Dead
23145] {MS folio 176b 20} coro cherddaind mo búraig ferge & mo thigardail mbodba farna sluagaib. Is saiget i coirthi alt neich mar sein i trathsa ale bar Ánruth Mór mac Amairgin.

Is and sin fégais Anruth Mór mac Amairgin dara aiss. & atconnairc {MS folio 176b 25} Feithen Mór mac Amairgin. Maith a Feithin Móir meic Amairgin
23150] in cath for th'oesum & ardo chommairgi. Coro cherddainse no mo búraig ferge. & mo thigardail mbodba forna sluagaib.

{MS folio 176b 30} Is and sin ro dercastar in Feithen Mór mac Amairgin dar ais. Atconnairc da innaigid in Fethen Bec mac Amairgin. In cath for th'óesam & ardo chommairgi a Fethin Bic meic Amairgin. ar
23155] in Feithen Mór coro cherdainse nio buraig ferge & mo thigardail mbodba. forna sluagaib. Is essarcain cind fri hallib ám alt neich mar sain ale ar in Fethen Bec.

{MS folio 176b 35} Is and sin fegais in Fethen Bec dar aiss. Atchonnairc Atherni Algessach da saigid. In cath for th'oesam a Atherni Algessaig
23160] for in Fethen Bec. coro cherdainse no mo buraig ferge & mo thigardail bodba forna sluagaib Ba chuta dom seilbse sain ale for seilb neich n-aill n-aile.

{MS folio 176b 40} Cid tra acht iss and sin atchondairc Atherne Algessach Cu Chulaind da saigid. In cath bar th'aesam a Chu Chulaind bar Aitherni
23165] Algessach. Ba chuta damsa ón ale bar Cu Chulaind. inund són & daic dím. Act doberimse mo brethir ris ar Cu Chulaind nach {MS folio 176b 5} fail do Ultaib nech dobera a agid formsa assin chathsa arnad tressiu slaidfetsa cach fer d'feraib Herend. na cach fer díbsium. Is and rabert Cu Chulaind béim da lorgfertais barna sluagaib. corbdar
23170] comardda comchuibdi iat. Imthúsa Conaill sund innossa. Tanic fona sluagaib. & dobert {MS folio 176b 50} cocetal a chlaidib forru. Co torchratar deich cét fer n-armach {MS folio 177a} leis. Rachuala sain Carpre Nia Fer cocetal claidib Conaill Chernaig. & nir brulngither do Chairpriu Niaid Fer eside itir. Naco
23175] tanic reme co hairm i rraibe Conall. & tucastar scíath fri scíath &


{MS folio 177a 5} dóit fri dóit & einech fri einech & ro gab cách díb oc slaide & oc slechtad araile. Co clos glóbéim scéith scéith Cairpri Niad Fer fá déis claidib Conaill. & dariachtatar na trí rígfilid ro batar oc ríg Themrach da fortacht & da forithin .i. Eochaid Eolach. &
23180] {MS folio 177a 10} Diarmait Duanach. & Fergal Fianach. & ra chommoratar in tigardail i cend Conaill. Fegais Conall forru. Atdiursa brethir ám bar Conall menbad filid & áes dána sib. dogebad sib bás & aided limsa a chianaib & úair is rábar triath & rabar tigerna berthai {MS folio 177a 15} far mbáig cid damsa nach dígelaind foraib 'no. & dobert béim
23185] din lorgfertais chatha boí na láim dóib co topacht a trí cindu díb. Is and sin dariachtatar buden cóic cét déc do Luaigni na Temrach {MS folio 177a 20} co tancatar eter Conall & Carpre Niaid Fer. Co rucatar leo é ar lármedón a catha fodéin. Ro gab Conall ac slaide in tslúaig co dremun & co barbarda co uathmar & co dícheillid. coros cuir úad
23190] {MS folio 177a 25} ina n-ágib minta. & ina cethramthanaib fodalta. Co torchratar deich cét leis ar larmedón in chatha.

Rochuala sain rí Temrach. & nir borulngither dó beith oc éistecht ra rucht claidib Conaill. & tanic reime co lármedón in chatha {MS folio 177a 30} co torchratar ocht cét laech lánchalma leis. Co rocht co airm i
23195] rrabe Conchobor. & dobert scíath fri scíath & dóit fri dóit & einech fri einech dó & ro thuairgestar a scíath for Conchobor .i. in nOchain sciath Conchobuir. & feib ro geisestarside ro geisetar {MS folio 177a 35} scéith Ulad uile. Maith ám a Ultu. nad fetarsa cosindiu ar bad chalmu in Galian Lagen na Lúagni na Temrach andathisi.

23200] Is and sin tanic Loegaire Buadach mac Connaid Buide meic {MS folio 177a 40} Illiach budin trí chét oclách. Commorais a thigardail i cend Cairpri Niad Fer. Is and sin luid Fintan mac Néill Niamglonnaig buiden cét oclách coro mór a thigardail i cend Cairpri Niad Fer.

Is and sin tancatar deich cét ar fichit cét din Galián & di Luagni
23205] {MS folio 177a 45} na Temrach & tuargabtar leo Cairpre Nia Fer i llármedón a catha fadéin.

Is and sin cunnis Cu Chulaind barna sluagaib & bar Carpre Niaid Fer. & dolluid da insaigid. & tuc sciath ra sciath dó & tuc dóit fri dóit. & einech fri einech.

23210] Is and sin ra immir Carpre Niaamps. Fer a nert for Coin Culaind & ro íad a da laim dara armaib ammaig. & tarlaic rout n-urchair {MS folio 177b} secha [...]ar catha Galian. Is and sin roluid Cu Chulaind


{MS folio 177b} trisna sluagaib immach can fuligud can fordergad [...] Is and barécaim Láeg mac Riangabra dosum & a airm sénta degniathi
23215] {MS folio 177b 5} Con Culaind ina láim .i. in Cruadín cotutchend & in Duaibsech eclach. Is and sin ro gab Cu Chulaind in Duaibsech .i. a sleg fadéin ina láim. ra boc & ra bertaig hí ra chroth & ra chertaig. & tarlaic rout n-urchair uad di 'no. d'innsaigid Cairpri Niad Fer. {MS folio 177b 10} co tarla na ucht & na brunni. coro thregd a chride na chlíab coro
23220] raind a druim. dar dó Ni ranic a chorp lár inn uair dobert Cu Chulaind side da saigid & co topacht a chend de. & crothais a chend risna slúag iar tain.

{MS folio 177b 15} Is and atraacht Sencha mac Ailella & ra chroth in craib sída & ra ansatar Ulaid. & dollotar in Gálian fa Find mac Rosa. &
23225] dobertatar scíath dar lorg dara n-eis. & ro lenastar Iriel gascedach {MS folio 177b 20} Glunmar mac Conaill Chernaig iat. & ro gab ac slaide & ic slectad in tslúaig fades cach ndíriuch. Is and sin ro impá Fidach Fergach Feda Gabli ris. & dorat comlund ar áth dó Fata in rigi doberat Ulaid foraind ar cóiced Lagen. Conid de atá in Rigi Lagen arinn
23230] abaindsin. {MS folio 177b 25} Is and sin dano lotar Ulaid co Temraig rempu in n-aidchisin. & tarrasatar and co cend secht lathi na sechtmaine. Corop i cind sechtmaine rachualatarsum culgaire na carpat. & bascbennech {MS folio 177b 30} na n-ech & tetimnech na tét. & glondbéininech na claideb. &
23235] muadmuirn in mórslúaig dochum in baile. Is é ra buí and Erc mac Carpri. & mac Feidilmi Noíchruthaige ingini Conchobuir. & dobrethasum a chend i n-ucht a senathar. & comnattacht tír {MS folio 177b 35} a athar fair. & bachotasum anísin á Chonchobor. Maith a meic ar Conchobor beir mo bennachtainse & bí dom réir. Is amlaid
23240] ra boí ca rád & rabert na briathrasa.

    1. Beir mo bennact bí dom réir.
      na dena féin frithbeirt frind;
      da tuca dún tend fri tend
      {MS folio 177b 40} is derb lem dafaethais lind.

    2. 23245] Na cocthaig ra Coin na cless
      na cuir tress for slicht do sen.
      narat ruibther im raind crích.
      immar bíth Carpre Nia Fer.

    3. p.778

    4. {MS folio 177b} Do gessaib ríg Temrach tair.

      23250] a flaith Cermna can ni clé
      {MS folio 177b 45} airdairc scél scaílter fa chách
      cocad ruind co bráth ce bé B.

Doringned síd eter Erc mac Cairpri & Coin Culaind. & tucad Fínscoth ingen Con Culaind do mnaí dosom. & tancatar i cind
23255] {MS folio 177b 50} sechtmaini do dechain inn áir. co hor na Boinne. Bamarni lathi and so & ba dulig cor ristí ro boí and .i. ri Carpre Niaid Fer & ba {MS folio 178a} esbach comrac ris. & menbad Chonall is forainne bad róen. amp ro ráid na briathra.

    1. Bamar lathi romda rind.

      23260] i túaith.Temrach tess Boind.
      baí freccomas ós ard feirt
      ar ar sibthib baí ecrait.
    2. Munbad Conall Cernach clóen
      {MS folio 178a 5} ropad forainne bad róen

      23265] arin leirg leith i fus.
      is aire ro gabsum fos.
    3. Ba escomol comrac fris
      dichor Cairpri do chlár fiss.
      sochaide am rodas cloe

      23270] cossin laithesin ros bae. B.

{MS folio 178a 10} Tancatar rempu co Temraig aris. Maith ám inti ro boí and so cona brathrib. Rapa leosum Heriu. & atbert na briathra.

    1. Trí meic Rosa Ruaid in rig.
      gabsat in tír buidnib sel.

      23275] Find i nAlind Ailill i Crúaich
      Carpre thuaid i Temair Breg.
    2. {MS folio 178a 15} I nn-oenfecht comterbtis a ngnim
      a triar brathair im cach gleó
      i n-oenfecht dobertis a mbáig.

      23280] ba crithail óenmucci leo.

    3. p.779

    4. {MS folio 178a} Batar na tri n-uatnib óir
      ina tilchaib buan in balc.
      is bern ina congaib catha.
      o fochera in tres mac. T.

23285] {MS folio 178a 20} A hain slúaged catha Findchorad. & in tromlonges timchell i Connachtaib. & Cath na Macraide.


Sanas Cormaic

{MS folio 179a} Fuirim gein toracta tairet aicned n-oll o Adam co n-imthet tre cach n-amsir n-adamrai co betha bráth. berid aicned
23290] {MS folio 179a 5} enbetu di cech duil derb disin óen conie. cosin oenduine ndeden bías co brunni brátha.

Aliter Turigein .i. toeraegeini .i. gein nerae .i. gein ngainethar {MS folio 179a 10} .i. a da choiss reime. & a chend fó deóid. Dobeir dí a thurigeinsin do chosmailius breithe .i. canaid in brithem fásach fíraicnid &
23295] {MS folio 179a 15} roscad filed da chossin inna breithe insin a cend fa deóid .i. in testimoin canone. Inde dicitur. Ni ní nech breth berair {MS folio 179a 20} rád iar legund léir leraichther nad fri canóin cáid cumtastar. nad fri apstal n-uasal n-ascaider. nad fri Spirut Náem nertar conid cád cach rét co canone comfí.
23300] Teist .i. a nomine testis. {MS folio 179a 25} Taurad .i. taur. cech tírim. & suth & sín. Taursuth .i. sín tírim. Torc .i. nomen do chridiu. ut Etan ingen Dian Cécht dixit. Ní {MS folio 179a 30} fó indam dom mo thuircc .i. mo chridi im chliab co fil for crith. Trefoclae .i. tri foccuil bite indi .i. da foccul di molud do brith
23305] {MS folio 179a 35} for culu iiid imderggtha. dofarci an tress foccul .i. foccul ind imdergtha & aire.

Taurthait .i. taurrachdath .i. arosc reire .i. foceirrdi aurchur {MS folio 179a 40} n-úait do ermaisin nach rét. Tocuirethar opund a n-anmannae ara chend & gonti. nó dentai no marbthai i rrec dii tairriuchtsin
23310] iarum asrubrad taurthat. {MS folio 179a 45} Tigrathas .i. tiugaurradass .i. tigba cach ndedenach. is he dí is tigradas as tiugaurrad intí scaras frisin mmún fo deóid.

{MS folio 179a 50} Tugen quasi togen .i. a toga. Aliter. Tugen .i. tuge én. ar {MS folio 179a 55} is de chrocnib én find & ildathach dognither in tugen filed coa {MS folio 179b} criss de braigtib cailech lochend. & da currcib coa cend suas.
23315] coa bragit. & rvel

Tap .i. pound .i. bidg inde est ni beir tap tigradas is aitte {MS folio 179b 5} dichíallathar tassec opunn.


{MS folio 179b} Tamlachta .i. támslecta .i. tám ro selaig duíni sin maginsin .i.
23320] {MS folio 179b 10} in duineba mór. Totegtís na tuatha i mmuige móra. co mbítis i n-oenmagin béus ria n-ec .i. fo bíth a n-adnacuil isna muigibsin. oinafib nad beired in duineba. Ar mad cách ar núair bed marb ina magin fessin. ni bértais dia cellaib. ar ni chumgitís in t-uaithed {MS folio 179b 15} no bíd i mbethaid a tarrud. inde Tamlachta nuncupatur.

23325] Tendál .i. tene dál .i. dál co tend .i. cosin tenid i nn-ataither {MS folio 179b 20} in tendál.

Ussarb .i. bás. inde dicitur isind Amrath Chon Ruí ríg ro det ro ussarb nUltaib .i. ro det do Ultaib a bás.

{MS folio 179b 25} Udmad .i. ud & damnad .i. crann ar lías .i. gobenn gaibthir
23330] forsin cethrae co ndamnaiter a n-úde i cumung. Udim .i. nomen dond roi tarsa tét a crand bís darsin cléith ocon {MS folio 179b 30} udmad.

Úr. tréide fordingair. úr chetmus .i. talam & úr cech nuae. amal asmberar immb úr. Úr dano cech n-olc. inde dicitur isna
23335] {MS folio 179b 35} Brethaib Nemed lán do síathach cach n-úr .i. cech n-olc Uch. ab eo quod est ucha .i. clungat. Ubull quasi abull Aball im o burgg Etale dianid ainm Abellum {MS folio 179b 40} .i. is ass tucad síl na n-aball prius.

Uimm .i. uma.
23340] Uinci etha .i. uaitni etha. {MS folio 179b 45} Ucht osnae .i. hucht osmenta .i. smuainiud smuaines .i. scrútan scrútas in fili a n-airchetul. in baile dí i scrutan is do is ainm {MS folio 180a} ucht osnae. Finit


{MS folio 181a}Fland Manistrech cecinit.

    1. CIa triallaid nech aisnis senchais

      23345] Ailig eltaig
      d'éis Echdach áin. is gait a chlaidib
      a lláim Hectoir.
    2. Ermor neich ro iarfaig uli
      o Mael Choluim.
      Eochaid iar cund
      ro sluind ria sund do druing Dobuill.
    3. {MS folio 181a 5} Derb ma ro iarfaig cia sóer
      doroni Ailech.
      ni cheil Eochaid armslán airech.

      23350] Garban is graigech.
    4. Cia ro bui aice ca denam
      Imchell finer.
      is Garban sóer oa Gairb o gáel
      fáel no figed.
    5. Fég cia las ndernad iarum
      in gním glanda
      {MS folio 181a 10}in fer las tucad a domna
      i ndel Dagda.
    6. Da n-iarfaigther

      23355] cia fochond ara ndernad
      a meic im lecht
      condailt ro fecht in fert febglan.
    7. Fegthar cid dia n-apar Ailech
      airdairc aitir.
      dond ail tuargaib Corrcend Cicuil
      torged gletin.
    8. {MS folio 181a 15} Geguin Corrgend mac Flatheman
      o Chruach clunid
      Aed ard amra

      23360] ropo mac don Dagda dulig.
    9. Dia ndechaid Aed co mnai Corrgind
      inna lepaid
      ba holc opair
      uair nach fer cotaig ro chetaig.
    10. Cechaing Corrgend
      iama chrád for lár a thaige
      {MS folio 181a 20} coro marb Aed iar n-aeth aile
      ba báeth bine.
    11. Batar oic Herend co iarair

      23365] amra in luctsin
      cona fuaratar dond fechtsain
      isind lucsain.
    12. Oirggther or cách na hanagar
      daig na nderna
      ní tha a díth ol in Dagda
      fo bíth Temra.

    13. p.783

      {MS folio 181a 25}
    14. Acht tocbaid in marb ro mudaig
      fora muinseom
      ferr dún trá trell dia thoilseom

      23370] anda a guinseom.
    15. Co rraib fo mela fon marbsin
      cen nach caemna
      {MS folio 181a 30} co fagba licc bas bert búada
      for lecht nAeda.
    16. Arigis líc os Loch Febail
      ba feidm feinned
      co tuargaib súas
      co crúas chórad uais in t-einer.
    17. Ed asbert oc breith ind eire

      23375] dar sreith slige.
      ach ach do ail
      is do sain domaid mo chride.
    18. Coir cid Ailech do rád ris
      ol in Dagda
      corop ed ainm in dindgna
      airm i tarla.
    19. {MS folio 181a 35} Techt Neit mac Indui Ailech
      brathair athar.
      & Nemain a ben brethach

      23380] na cned cathach.
    20. Corop Ailech Neit asberthar
      o cech duine.
      gibis glaine
      or is leis ind inis uile.
    21. Iarfais nech and
      cia díne ro gab in inse
      tan doringned in gním glandsa
      osind lindsea.
    22. {MS folio 181a 40} Lánmemor lim

      23385] it Tuatha Dé Donand drongaig.
      cona ngaib cona scíathaib
      cona congaib.
    23. Cia rí ro buí for Herind uile
      acht in Dagda druine
      ni chlune nach n-amra n-aile.
    24. An amser i ndernad in dindgna
      demni dolaid
      tomsech trebaid

      23390] in tres amser torsech domain.
    25. Dorócht mór ndine do Ailiuch
      i mbíd Imchell
      {MS folio 181a 45} ailig airmend
      co tánic in fairmend Frigrend.
    26. Frigriu mac Rudi rúaid roglain
      co n-úaill ergnaid.
      tuc la hór a Alpain ergnaid
      óg a ernaig.

    27. p.784

    28. {MS folio 181a}
      23395] Ergnaid in cerdd
      diarbo aindir Ailech imgel
      ciarbo do Fubthaire fondgel
      ropo ingen.
    29. I n-athiud dofuc dar muir mac
      Rudi rathaig
      {MS folio 181a 50} iar cnis chlochair
      rop fochaid cen fis dia hathair.
    30. Atraacht Fubthaire dia iarair
      ciarbo indsa

      23400] glicc in bandsa
      co toracht con ice in dindsa.
    31. Do sin bretha isin daingen
      nglúair ngraigech
      uair ba debech
      ro fucad Ailech i nAilech.
    32. {MS folio 181b}And ba huamon ri Fubthaire
      Frigriu Fothart
      Fiacha Sroptine rod n-anacht
      noco toracht.

    33. 23405] Tech daringned
      and má mnaí la Frigrend foglaig
      ropo ergnaid os roi rebraid
      ara roblaid.
    34. {MS folio 181b 5} Rogníd do dergibur drumnech
      iarna dlugu
      co ngargbrut glór
      de arggut de ór de umu.
    35. Ro hecrad do gemmaib glainib
      gním ro nglenón

      23410] ba samail trá
      adaig & la na medón.
    36. Mad ngiuil di sein Ailech Frigrend
      fegaid findchill
      {MS folio 181b 10} Ailech Néit ni tréic tre thairthim
      Ailech Imchill.
    37. Ní fil i crí
      rofessad cach ní acht Dia
      ríaguil rea
      Rofitir o chianaib cia. C.


Fland Manistrech: Cind cethri ndíni iar Frigrind

    1. {MS folio 181b}
      23415] CInd cethri ndíni iar Frigrind
      forraig gleogal
      Ailech ágmar
      ro gab anrath airech Eogan.
    2. {MS folio 181b 15} Eogan mac Néill
      ro rígad i nAiliuch iaram
      uaig arrálad.
      ri ré da fichet buan bliadan.
    3. Baí Muridach and dia éis o
      dún ni dichet

      23420] fialglan fethet
      ri ré cethri mbliadan ficet.
    4. Fichi fa dí
      do Murchertach mór Mac Erca
      clethail chachta
      & a cethair co certa.
    5. {MS folio 181b 20} Certfichi a trí
      do Fergus do Domnall cen deochaid
      a .uii. do Baetán co mbrethaib
      & d'Eochaid.

    6. 23425] Oenocht mbliadan
      do Cholgain mac Domnaill dírig
      cobrad n-eolaig
      la trí secht do Cholmán Rímid.
    7. Oenocht mbliadan
      do Aed Ollán mac Domnaill os iathbla
      {MS folio 181b 25} dá secht do Subni Mind mórtha
      mac find Fiachna.
    8. Fég a dó do Máel find Fithrig
      iarna iarair

      23430] Ernain. mac Fiachnai in fénnid
      ré sé bliadnaib.
    9. A sé fo chethair do Chrundmáel
      mac saer Subni.
      cen locht do Fergus co foibdi
      a .uiii. umli.
    10. {MS folio 181b 30} A deich do Mael Duin mac Mael Fithrig
      mar ro faemad
      Fland let ós lind.
      a .xuiii. do mac Cind Faelad.

    11. 23435] Sé mís do Erthaile o Chrundmael
      cétaib cure
      gaine gaile
      sé mis do mac Maile Tuile.
    12. Tri secht mbliadan
      do mac Maile Duin do Fergal
      {MS folio 181b 35} clandad chomram
      tri .uii. do Aed Alláin na n-ergal
    13. Erbb úait.uii. cóic do Niall Frossach
      cia fuair forrán

      23440] a .x. daena
      do Mael Duin mac Aeda Allain.

    14. p.786

    15. {MS folio 181b} Oen ar trichait do Aed Ordnide
      naro fubthad
      dá dó cen rúin
      do mac Máele Dúin do Murchad.
    16. {MS folio 181b 40} Mad Niall Caille
      mac Aeda Orddnide airig.
      xx. a trí os laechMaig Lí
      ba rí Ailig.

    17. 23445] A cóic fá thrí
      do Mael Duin do mac Aeda ind Orddain
      a trí da secht
      do Aed Findliath fecht ni terc torcaib.
    18. Triallais Murchad mac Mel Duin
      ré .uii. mbliadan.
      {MS folio 181b 45} réil ro rélad
      conna gebad acht a giallad.
    19. Gabais a mac
      Flathbertach fri ré .ix. mbliadan

      23450] comrand caemfer
      malle & Domnall dianglan.
    20. Domnall iar sin
      fria .ix. déc fri dúrdul
      fial in fáelur malle
      & Niall Glundub.
    21. Gabais Niall for Temraig tírig
      ríge riarglain
      {MS folio 181b 50} Flaithbertach i nAiliuch Eogain
      teora bliadnaib.

    22. 23455] Noí mbliadna déc
      do Fergal mac Domnail dela.
      a .u. iar céin
      do Murchertach mac Néil neda.
    23. Teora bliadna déc do Domnall
      cona degblaid.
      i rríge Ailig co hergnaid
      riasin Temraig.
    24. {MS folio 182a} Tarraid Flaithbertach is Chond is
      Tadc co taigib

      23460] re ré .u. mbliadan co mbladaib
      ar mag Ailig.
    25. Oenbliadain déc
      do Murchad Glún i lLár lainech
      iar ngreis galach
      cen anad ropo leis Ailech.
    26. {MS folio 182a 5} A .uiii. do Domnall Ú Néill i
      nAliuch ergnaid
      firu fo dlaib
      iar mbeith i rrígu for Temraig.

    27. 23465] A trí fó thrí
      do Fergal i rrige Ailig.
      tri cóic la hóen
      eret ro gab Aed ind ainig.

    28. p.787

    29. {MS folio 182a} Trícha bliadan
      do Flathbertuch Hu Néill nemthruim
      Aed and ro thriall.
      málle & Niall mac Mael Sechnuill.
    30. {MS folio 182a 10} Sé rig déc dib
      ro gabsat for Herind ule

      23470] na ríg aile
      fuaratar bríg o cech dune.
    31. Díb Murchertach & Domnall
      Fergus fírdil.
      Baetán na ndám
      Eochaid is Cholman Rímid.
    32. Rím Aed Uaridnach Subne Mend
      is Fergal fossad
      Aed Ollan riam
      & a brathair Níall Frossach.

    33. 23475] {MS folio 182a 15} Fég Aed Ordnide is Niall Caille
      cetaib comland
      Aed Findliath fial
      in Glundub Niall & Domnall.
    34. Derb ro sechnus drem na llethríg
      ciabtar lanfir
      ardgus n-eolaig
      connachas tarddus i n-arim.
    35. A cóic cethrachat do rígaib
      ro gab Ailech
      {MS folio 182a 20}
      23480] ó Eogan fíal co toract Niall
      na ngiall ngraigech.
    36. Gébas Ailech
      armothá i rré arbia
      acht dréch ros foid
      ni fitir nech coich na cia. C.


Ascnam ni seol sadal

    1. {MS folio 182a} AScnam ni seol sadal
      iar sain slicht cen breobail

      23485] co n-écsem cen didail
      do gnímaib síl Eogain.
    2. {MS folio 182a 25} Ba remib ro mebaid
      nirbo debaid tua
      cen brath briathar goa

      23490] in cath i Sleib Chua.
    3. Ba remib ro mebaid
      cath Segsa for Duaich.
      ili a ngluind gnoaig
      daig betis cruaich.

    4. 23495] Cath cruaid co nnirt armach
      ar búaid tuath líth Luignech
      {MS folio 182a 30} nirbo lén in tarrgrach
      for Eogan mBél mbudnech.
    5. Cath Cúle. cath Uchbath.

      23500] ardd bruthgal bág toche.
      cath Dromma. cath Dathe.
      cath Ache. cath Oche.
    6. Im chath Chind chruaid n-aithle.
      Lasnadó cen lethbe

      23505] i torchair cain craebdus
      Oengus & Eithne.
    7. {MS folio 182a 35} Im chath i nDún Chethirn
      lethfeidm laech rod len i
      cath Roith ni rad ndétla.

      23510] cath Detla con teni.
    8. Cath i torchair Ailill
      Inbanna ruad roglach
      taccomol glond claidbech.
      Aed Fortamail fodbach.

    9. p.789

    10. 23515] {MS folio 182a} Forlond co ndathi.
      cath Elli nad chlethe.
      cath Slemna co sithi
      cath Lifi. cath Lethe.
    11. {MS folio 182a 40} Lotar .uii. cét armach

      23520] uadib angbaid dulad
      tucsat iar triall Lagen.
      cét ngíall a tir Muman.
    12. Trenchath Insi Áne
      for sluag nAlban n-ulach

      23525] i farcbad bét bladach
      fairend tri chét curach.
    13. In cath oc Áth Medóin
      milib glond garg tarbe
      lathe mbratha mbodba

      23530] {MS folio 182a 45} cath Atha Da Chairne.
    14. Gabsat iar troch togairm
      sodbraind coscair comlaind
      i nDruim Ríg rád n-imlaind
      luid bág for mac nDomnaill.

    15. 23535] Geguin oenfer uadib
      ard arim no sechid
      .xx. deich flathib
      la sé deich do dechib.
    16. Fer co riab cen sodain

      23540] do guin ba gargg dune
      deorata ngaile
      míl Europa uile.
    17. {MS folio 182a 50} Eól dúib a ndoringni
      mac Néill Ailig airgnai.

      23545] Aed Finni co fodbai.
      i cath Cilli Ua nDaigri.

    18. p.790

    19. {MS folio 182a} Deich cétaib co n-úagai
      iar sétaib ro síni.
      don debaid conrúali

      23550] mebaid for cóic míli.
    20. Gabsat riam ind ríg rogaig
      bríg mbladaig bectai n-airig
      {MS folio 182b} selad forrán co feraib
      ria nAed n-ard nAllán nAilig.

    21. 23555] Art athnertach ind úabair
      Flathbertach dín cech deoraid
      dorimmart gairgiu tólaib
      i nInsi n-ólaig Eogain.
    22. Ardrí Alpan art Arand

      23560] bag barand brúthi bairend
      {MS folio 182b 5} tuc aníar dar srían rudach
      tri choícait curach Cairell.
    23. Cechaing Aed aidchi n-oraig.
      foraib ba sáer imrulaid.

      23565] ros marb fri Fergna fairend
      acht Cairell lucht a churaig.
    24. Cath aile i nOscur uallach
      ba broscur bladach bágach.
      for Fland nGoan ro raíned

      23570] ro maíded arna barach.
    25. {MS folio 182b 10} Reraig roí roríg ringthi
      for mac Longsig lúaith laimthi
      ba cloí dia icimúaill chaidchi
      di airdi oenuair aidchi. C.


Aní doronsat do chalmu

    1. 23575] {MS folio 182b} ANí doronsat do chalmu
      clanna Eogain.
      cia 'meradid
      ní etat a arim eolaig.
    2. Inn eol dúib cath Slebe Cua
      clú co certa
      {MS folio 182b 15} mebaid cen brón
      ria Murchertach mór mac Erca.
    3. Ocus cath Ocha
      for Ailill Molt is mó gessib

      23580] triathach tossach
      i torchair hua Fiachrach fessin.
    4. Ocus cath Gránne for Findchath
      fegait eolaig
      ria Murchertach co clú cáemfir
      ria n-u nEogain.
    5. Cath Cell Osnaid for sluago Muman
      is mó sechme
      {MS folio 182b 20} i torchair Oengus co n-achri
      & Eithne.

    6. 23585] Ocus cath Inde for Illaind
      i mbíth glanfer
      fraech for feraib
      isin debaid fri laech Lagen.
    7. Is cath Delgga
      cath Mucrama ba mór glondalt.
      cath i Tuaim Drubi dia ndrengat
      for slúag Connacht.
    8. Is cath cegsa
      i torchair Duach Tenga Uma.

      23590] {MS folio 182b 25} mebaid ria Murchertach Mena
      ba mór guba.
    9. Is cath Culi cath Dromma
      troeta flathi.
      cath i mMaig Airb
      & in cath i nArd Machi.
    10. Cath Almaini
      cath Chind Eich & cath Ailbe
      ro bris in tríath
      & in cath i n-iath Adni.

    11. 23595] Is cath Detna
      i torchair Ardgal mac Conaill
      rige ferand
      la cath Átha Sige sonaim.
    12. {MS folio 182b 30} Serbchath Slebe
      Eblinne for mathe Muman
      is for Echaid Sremm i farcbad
      ilar cend curad.
    13. Certfichi cath
      is a dó ro rath rele recta

      23600] ro briss cen brón
      Murchertach mór mac Erca.

    14. p.792

    15. {MS folio 182b} Cath Slicige
      ria Fergus ria nDomnall ndruimnech.
      ni scél scenmnech
      i torchair Eogan Bél buidnech.
    16. {MS folio 182b 35} Cath Culi Conairi i Cera
      riana fairind.
      craeb chem chrobang
      i torchair Aed & Ailill.

    17. 23605] Cath Cule Dremne for Diarmait
      demni scélaib.
      i cét caínid
      dona trenaib.
    18. Is cath Mona Daire Lothair
      co llín Chruthne
      im Aed mBrec co mbríg docersat and
      secht ríg Cruthne.
    19. {MS folio 182b 40} Cath Gabra Lifi for Lagniu
      immaid chomland.

      23610] ollgus imgand
      mebaid ria Fergus ria nDomnall.
    20. Cath Slemna ria Colman Rímid
      na roraind.
      and ba dodaing
      do cheniul Eogain & Chonaill.
    21. Is cath Slabri
      for Brandub mac Echach ollguirm
      caem in forran
      ro briss Aed Ollán mac Domnuill.

    22. 23615] {MS folio 182b 45} Cath Slebe Tuad ria Subne Mend
      for claind Conaill
      toga trebaind
      i torchair Mael Coba Coraind.
    23. Cath Ratha Both ria Subne beos
      rodas broena.
      ollband ága
      mebaid for Domnall mac Aeda.
    24. Cath for Cummascach ria Crundmáel
      cetaib cumne

      23620] {MS folio 182b 50} for mac Ailella cen anble
      ria mac Subne.
    25. Ocus Conall mac lond Longsig
      réil a reimend.
      roba garggním
      i rrubad mac ardríg Herend.
    26. Cath Slebe Fúait
      ria Fergal dos fanair foí
      {MS folio 183a} dluthach nglee
      i mbíth Tnuthgal is Cú Roi

    27. 23625] Cath Findabrach
      for laechraid Lagen na luamland
      áeb na Herend
      i mbíth Aed mac Cellaig Cualand.

    28. p.793

    29. {MS folio 183a} Cath i torchair
      Inrechtach argg Connacht cnedmar
      mac Dúnchaid dúir
      la mac Mael Dúin la Fergal.
    30. {MS folio 183a 5} Cath in Oscair ria nAed Ollan
      cosinn ollgail

      23630] i torchair Fland Goan co nglanbail
      mac crón Congail.
    31. Cath Maige Ítha
      ria nAed for clanna Conaill
      foglaid feraind
      i rrubad mac Congail Conaing
    32. Cath for Airgiallo i fích Fiachrach
      naro omnus
      ba guban ngarb
      dia rubad oco charn Congus.

    33. 23635] {MS folio 183a 10} Cath Insi Áne for slúago
      Alban ulach
      ba bét bladach
      i farcbad lucht trí .c. curach.
    34. Cath Focharta
      for coímu in Chóicid nad chromthar
      og in t-anfad.
      i rrubad Aed Rón is Chonchath.
    35. Is cath Uchbath
      for laechraid Lagen lín orggain

      23640] Bran and ro bíth
      & Aed mac Colgain
    36. Cath Fraechmaige
      is cath Átha Medoin magdai.
      {MS folio 183a 15} ba bráth bodbai
      ced in cath oc Áth Da Charnai.
    37. Cath Irchara
      la Mael Duin nad charad cuindeilg
      olband aebda
      for Domnall mac Aeda Muindeirgg.

    38. 23645] Cath Clóitige
      ria nAed Ordnide ro eta.
      foroll fuacra
      forsin Domnall crodond cetna.
    39. Cath Dromma Ríg
      ria nAed for Claind Colmain comlaind.
      {MS folio 183a 20} co n-alt imrind
      i torcratar da mac Domnaill.
    40. Diarmait Odor
      & Finnachta na fodbrand
      gle n-imrall

      23650] derb roptar é a n-anmand
    41. Ocus Fallamain fial fuiglech
      ba dían degrach
      ropo garggnim
      inro bíth mac ardríg Temrach.

    42. p.794

    43. {MS folio 183a} Cath Sailtere
      ria Murchad muad ba mó gresaib
      cruadach cossair
      i torchair Mael buadach Bresail.

    44. 23655] {MS folio 183a 25} Cath for Danaru
      i nDaire Chalggaig nad chumthar
      fial in tairchel
      mebaid ria Niall is ria Murchad.
    45. Cath Maige Ítha for Gullo
      co ngnim gainne
      flaith fial Finne
      rodas cinne Níal cían Caille.
    46. Cath Leithe in Chaimm ria Níal Caille
      na slúag saindían

      23660] {MS folio 183a 30 } cuman comdian
      for rig nUlad for ríg nAirgiall.
    47. Atrullai ass
      rí Ulad mac Echach uamnach
      rig Airgiall ule i n-árbach
      acht mac Ruadrach.
    48. Ro bítha and tri meic Cathail
      cetaib cennach
      Cummascach Congalach corrach
      & Cellach

    49. 23665] Cath ria nAed Findliath for Gullo
      i nGlind Aichle
      {MS folio 183a 35} co rrabatar fó sár theichle
      iarna aithbe.
    50. Amnas cath Locha Febail
      ria nAed Arad
      cian bas cuman
      i rrubad da trian na nDanar.
    51. Andso in cath cerbb
      for Conaillib cerdd co nglanbríg

      23670] burbbu borbgnim
      mebaid for Ulto is for Anbith
    52. Doidngiu in cath i Cill Ua nDaigri
      andá cech dodaing
      {MS folio 183a 40} cen dianblait and
      Diarmait & Flann mac Conaing.
    53. Cath Gulbain Guirt ria Niall nGlundub
      ní gnim sruthe
      rig Connacht cáem doscomart
      im Mael Cluche.

    54. 23675] Cath Maige Uatha ria Fergal
      ferad flandbríg
      and ro scaíl badb
      dia rrubad Mael Garb mac Garbíth
    55. {MS folio 183a 45 } Cath ria mac Néill
      i mBairind i mbitha oaic
      ríg Gall na ngarglond.
      Aufer Albdon mac Roailt.

    56. p.795

    57. {MS folio 183a} Cath ria Murchad
      for Connachtu cen nach caemna

      23680] Cathal Cruachan
      i mbith is mac uathmar Aeda.
    58. Cath Formaili riam for Conall
      Cloen cen chisu
      {MS folio 183a 50} is for sluag Gall ngarg. i rrubad
      arg Mael ard Ísu.
    59. Cath Maige Nathrach ria nGlún
      i lLar os lógaill
      ni dál deróil
      i farcbad ár Cheneoil Chonaill.

    60. 23685] Cath Maige Glaiss
      ria n-ú Néill for clanda Conaill
      faen fua baraind
      ua cáem Conaing Gilla Colaim.
    61. {MS folio 183a 55} Cath i n-iath Ulad
      ria Murcherdach mac Domnaill
      i fargbad sluag Arad án
      iar crád Chomgaill.
    62. Cath Craíbe Telcha for Ultu
      ria nAed Arddaig

      23690] eochair orddain
      i torchair Eochaid mac Ardgair.
    63. Ocus Cu Dulig a mac is
      Garbith glondchar
      {MS folio 183a 60} luinde londbarr
      Dub Tuinne I omnall is Dondchad.
    64. {MS folio 183b} Na catha dedencha dremna
      a Dé dúlig
      i torcratar fir cena n-arim
      fora nglúnib.

    65. 23695] Cath Tracta Eothaili armid
      céim cen chorracht
      ro bris Ardgair ua na mallacht
      for slúag Connacht.
    66. Cath Maige Lenai na llurech
      ria slúag Ailig
      {MS folio 183a 5} cruaid in chomraind
      foruair mac Domnaill a aidid.
    67. Cath Corre Cullen na cuanart
      for Claind Conaill

      23700] nocorbo thimm
      ro deligthe a cind ria colaind.
    68. Cath Maige Lenai ro lamad
      ba leor derbaid
      Domnall co rrath
      ro briss in cath oc Ath Ergair.
    69. {MS folio 183a 10} Cath Craind Crichid
      ria Feraib na Craibe atchuala
      for Feraib Luirg
      ro brissed ropo chuaird chuanna.

    70. p.796

    71. 23705] {MS folio 183b} In ruac i mMaig Adar úane
      ria n-óa Lachlaind
      ní riachtatar chill
      ro batar cind iarna n-athraind.
    72. Olc ro batar Gaill in dune
      a Dé demin
      nocorb olc lim
      a mbeith cind ar chind ros tenid.
    73. {MS folio 183b 15} Cath Cind Chorad
      ria nDomnall mac Ardgair inmain

      23710] i torcratar fir cen anmain
      isind imguin.
    74. Cath for Ulto
      ria mac meic Lochlaind ind lacha
      Dond Slebe seng
      tucad a chend co hArd Macha. A.


A Ngluind a n-echta a n-orgni

    1. {MS folio 183b} ANgluind a n-echta a n-orgni
      batar infir
      is lia turim
      connachas clunid o filid.

    2. 23715] {MS folio 183b 20} Fecht ro buí Muridach mac Eogain
      and i mbaegul
      ina thalgud.
      osin tracht ágmar a oenur.
    3. Ba and dolluid
      Eocho Abratchain mac Écuind.
      co mbert in mac
      co tart fo thlacht ina thétluing.
    4. Dar trethan trom
      ro fuc in goll leis in ngilla

      23720] na crích cranda
      fúair gním ngalla o ríg Crinna.
    5. {MS folio 183b 25} Cinged issin sliab
      co tabrad fiad in dian drechach
      téitgel triathglan
      dó ba hecen biath ad Echach
    6. Ingnad in gnim
      don mac cen lín cen choin celig
      ar luas a choss
      tarrachtain oss isna slebib.

    7. 23725] Sechtmain .uii. mís
      & uii. mbliadna boí amlaid
      {MS folio 183b 30} darsin lindmuir
      co tanic inbuid samraid.
    8. Slecht leis iar sein
      Eocho do rúadgním a roairm
      dia beirt bindgil
      tuc Eirc ingin Loairn.
    9. Lán ind Heriu
      do gnímaib sil Eogain Ailig

      23730] co mbuaid bladaig
      oc saigid ni suail ro sainig.
    10. Slecht .lx. ríg & da coicait
      ruirech rathach
      {MS folio 183b 35} brechta brígail
      mac Erca i ndigail a athar
    11. Im fer co riab
      nad chloitis catha na cure.
      gleorgda glaine
      im mil Europa ule

    12. 23735] Orgain na Cliach
      o Luachair co Cassel Muman
      im iath nArad
      on triath ro thogal mag Muman
    13. {MS folio 183b 40} Mor gním Ainmere mac Setnai
      nirbo snedbéim
      gledgus glemin
      dofuit la Fergus mac Crundniaíl.

    14. p.798

    15. {MS folio 183b} Ni lugu in scel
      Conall Cael no chanad dublaíd

      23740] ergnus n-imléir
      doceir la Fergus mac Crundmaíl.
    16. Cid arg Airgiall
      Dunchad mac Ultan na orbbo
      {MS folio 183b 45} Mael Dúin dordmass
      rod ciúir i nDún forglas Forgo.
    17. Fecht aile dó
      dorat for triuno tuath tetchill
      ba broscur bríg
      loscud na ríg i nDún Chethirn.

    18. 23745] Clothrí Ciannachta Cenn Faelad
      and ro anmaid
      {MS folio 183b 50} cond Cruthne crích
      & Dungal mac scíth Scandail.
    19. Selaig Fergal
      flaith Féic follnastar for Bregmnaig
      ni Franc forbbaig
      acht is Conall Grant ua Cernaig.
    20. Conaing Cnogba
      mac Amalgada co n-ainiuch.

      23750] la Aed nAllan
      fuair in fael farran i nAiliuch.
    21. {MS folio 183b 55} Ort leiss Tommaltach mac Dunechda na ndiberg
      cen aichnius cuir
      & Flaithgius mac Duib Diberg
    22. Dochuaid Aed síar co Tír Da Glass
      ba gnim n-achar
      caem alt i céin
      taeb. acht a réir o Chathul.

    23. 23755] Cechaing Niall Frossach secht cétaib
      cian bas cuman
      {MS folio 183b 60} iar triall Lagen
      co tuc cét a tír Muman.
    24. {MS folio 184a} Mad Aed Ordnide ros
      cacht fri coemgrís.
      sadbrite in rí
      ort Lagniu o trí sinn oenmís.
    25. Mór in siriud
      ó Áth Chlíath co Carn caem Cornáin

      23760] teri am imslán
      iar n-argain im germaig Gabráin.
    26. Garg in chrech dorat dar Ultu
      cen nach sena
      {MS folio 184a 5} ganna grianna
      rosiacht o Banna co Brena.
    27. Troethais cu
      Essa Ruaid co rrogail rolaind.
      marbsat a slóig
      Rogallach clainne cóir Conaill.

    28. p.799

    29. 23765] {MS folio 184a} Cond clainne Cein
      Cumnascach mac Tuathail tolgda
      la Murchad már
      dorochair ardrí án orbba.
    30. Ardrí Herend
      Niall Caille la chobair daidbre.
      {MS folio 184a 10} is turim fír
      ro sudig da rig for Laigniu.
    31. Lanorggain leis
      Mide co Bondammair mbechda.

      23770] ní drend dochla
      Fer Cell & Tethba.
    32. Ro briss Aed Findliath for Gaillu
      i nIthu achar.
      Alpdu for tuind
      ro élai a llung a athar.
    33. In tAed cetna
      ro folaig Gaillu in gormthorc
      ros cacht fo cháin
      is dorat lám dara longphort.

    34. 23775] {MS folio 184a 15} Lamair Lorcán
      mac caem Cathail ciarbo bine
      ro and brónbríg
      in tan ro dall morríg Mide.
    35. Morarggain Maige &
      Mide miduill
      trebar ros túir
      otá Belach nDúin co Sinaind.
    36. Slecht leis Flannacan fial feithmech
      in dían debthach

      23780] rí Dáil Araide nos othrad
      mac án Echdach.
    37. {MS folio 184a 20} Orggsit in Gaill
      Insi Dar Gargrend na curchach
      ciaptar arntha
      uile ro narbtha la Murchad.
    38. Muridach mac Maele Duin din
      nAirther n-aebda
      glacc na ngormland
      ro bíth la Domn all mac Aeda.

    39. 23785] Ardrí Airgiall
      Mael Duin mac Fergaile ind forlaind
      rothuir na rand
      dorochair la Fland mac Domnaill.
    40. {MS folio 184a 25} Dochuaid Niall Glundub co Grellaig
      Elte i nEchdruim
      leis ar oenlus
      dorochair Oengus hua Mael Sechnaill.

    41. p.800

    42. {MS folio 184a} Slecht la Fergal
      ár nGall i nGlind Gerg co nglasse.

      23790] da fichet déc ni dám disse
      i n-ár Asse.
    43. Assin Taltin inbaid oenaig
      ed adfédem
      dréim dar firu
      ro chacht mac Neill firu Herend.
    44. {MS folio 184a 30} É féin dia n-éis
      ro chacht i n-oenuch na n-ollchar
      co slán salmchar
      araí ciarbo chrad do Dondchad.

    45. 23795] Do sein dolluid co firu Fotla
      finnu fialu
      dune as dánu
      corra gaib ule a ngiallu.
    46. Conos tuc iarum do Dondchad
      molbthar massib
      ellach n-ossaid
      ro chossain im Chellach Casil.
    47. {MS folio 184a 35} Cathroíniud riam forsna Gaullu
      co Snám Aignech

      23800] nirbo bét and
      na da chét iarna n-airlech.
    48. Ort leis Gamandrad Locha Cuan
      co n-echtaib umal
      torcaid anad
      co horgain Arad is Ulad.
    49. Ulaid iar n-ír
      & na Gaill im gním ngretha
      ba trian trucha
      lotar ass síar co Sliab Betha.

    50. 23805] {MS folio 184a 40} Ro briss mac Néill forro do léir
      lith cen chaemna
      for Amlaíb argg
      is for Matudán mac n-ard nAeda.
    51. Ar da fichet
      & da cét cend rochlune
      díb co Rige.
      isna gabala ile ule.
    52. Ort leis in tríath
      Torolb ro tríall cach rían rethach

      23810] tollais trocha
      dia mboí i llongais Locha chach.
    53. Oirggis Insi Gall in gargrí
      ba gním nglegrach
      {MS folio 184a 45} nirbo dograch
      tuc a forbach i tír Temrach.
    54. Troethais Ciannacht Glinne Gemin
      ní gn ím ngoa
      Goach do guin
      is de contuil mac Duib Roa.

    55. p.801

    56. 23815] {MS folio 184a} Ro airgset Gaill glóir Ard Macha mór
      imma sniib.
      mac Neill ni bréc
      ro marb for sét da cét diib.
    57. {MS folio 184a 50} Dith leis ríg Loegaire laindrig
      linib ilaeb.
      nirbo dogairm
      in caur i diarbo chomainm Cinaed.
    58. Ba cruaid in céim
      ruc mac Néill Conaing in chumtaig.

      23820] sar for sét seng
      ar trí .c. cend leis do Ultaib.
    59. Dochuaid hua Neill i mMide múad
      mó cech dechraind
      co clú chlothbind
      coro dall hua Mael Shechlaind.
    60. {MS folio 184a 55} Selaid Murchad
      mathe fer nÓl nÉcmacht n-ollalt
      míne mennat.
      & ro gab rígi Connacht.

    61. 23825] Caemua Cerbaill
      Laidgnén Locha Uatne foraill.
      in del delbglan
      dolluid la Fergal mac Conaing.
    62. Cechaing Aed Ailig for creich i
      mBrefni bladach.
      leis cid cían cuairt
      dorochair Niall ua Ruairc rebach.
    63. {MS folio 184a 60} Ro slecht Conaire ocon cheti
      in caur cetna.

      23830] Matudán már
      is and forurim ág n-éca.
    64. {MS folio 184b} Éclond aicme Énna Oengus
      ardd a chonggaib
      docer la síl Eogain ammail
      ciarbo ollam.
    65. Ardrí cheneoil Lugdach laindrig
      luadit gormraind
      rodas bruí síl Eogain n-imrind
      tri uí Domnaill.
    66. {MS folio 184b 5}
      23835] Degrí Derluis
      dothutim im Furadrán fuatlán
      Cú Chaille chrúaid
      & romac in ruaid Ruarcán.
    67. Rí hua nDorthaind
      Maelán docer leo i rroí chatha
      i tessaig thrucha
      ro bith flaith hua mBresail Macha.
    68. Mandrais Flaithbertach fial
      na ngíall nglacban
      {MS folio 184b 10}
      23840] las rubad fael
      Cú Ulad is Aed is Artán.

    69. p.802

    70. {MS folio 184b} Ard hua Canaind Caille Conaill
      cirrsit claidib.
      rotrén reraig
      coro ndedaig Aed Ailig.
    71. Anrad aile
      Mathgamain clainne Céin calma
      ba fial fodla
      dorochair la Niall n-ard n-amra.
    72. {MS folio 184b 15}
      23845] Árim a crech
      ní étann nech ní nach ada.
      cid as aidbli coro áirmi
      gainmi in mara.
    73. Meraid co bráth
      a n-adchoad do chach dia nglonnaib
      ní ara n-écnach
      ní écind cétmad dia nglonnaib.
    74. Fland fer legind ó Manistir
      rod mór Dia.

      23850] iss é dosróna
      dia n-iarfais nech croda cia. C.


Mide magen clainne Cuind

    1. {MS folio 184b} MIde magen clainne Cuind
      {MS folio 184b 20} forod clainne Néill nertluind.
      cride na Banba bricce
      Mide mag na mórchipe.

    2. 23855] Mór ríg ro gab for Mide
      eter fine is anfine;
      oro gab for Inis Fáil
      longas mac Miled Espain.
    3. O amsir Hérimoin ain

      23860] co hamsir Nuadat Find Fáil;
      o amsir Nuadat ille
      {MS folio 184b 25} co amsir n-aird nUgaine.
    4. Ó Ugaine ule anall
      co Echaig Feidlech Fremand;

      23865] ó Echaig amra inn athach
      co Cond calma Cetchathach.
    5. Ó amsir Chuind co cét cath
      co clannaib Néil meic Echach
      ra clannaib Néill o sein ille

      23870] in magsain mag mór Mide. M.
    6. Conall cétrí clainne Néill
      {MS folio 184b 30} ro gab ós Mide mongréid.
      .uii. mbliadna déc dó don dund
      coro n-ergab éc opund.

    7. 23875] A secht fichet oc fledaib
      d'Fiachaig mac Néil na degaid
      coro chloemchlae ni dalb daith
      forin maig oc Carn Feradaig.
    8. Ardgal mac Conaill na crech

      23880] secht mbliadna os Mide magnech
      deog a topur éca itib
      {MS folio 184b 35} i cath Detna la Lagnib.

    9. p.804

    10. {MS folio 184b} Mane mac Cerbaill Cluana
      .xu. bliadna drechbuada.

      23885] iter troche
      sin maig i cath Chlo enlocha.
    11. Diarmait mac Cerbaill chrechaig.
      xx. bliadan 's a cethair;
      ardruri Mide na mmed

      23890] i mMaig
      ra losced
    12. {MS folio 184b 40} A.iiii. Colmain Móir mo raith.
      meic Diarmata ba degflaith
      Dub Sloit Cruthnech mac Trenz
      ro marb do rind ruadbera.

    13. 23895] Bliadain ar .xx. iar tain
      do Cholman Bic dia brathair.
      dorochair flaith caem na crech
      la Aed mac n-ard nAnmerech
    14. .Uiii. mbliadna 's a deich cen táir

      23900] ro feith Suibne mac Colmain
      ro marb Aed Slane na sleg
      tair ocon tsale thondgel.
    15. {MS folio 184b 45} Tri bliadna fa dó don dus
      do mac Colmain d'Fergus

      23905] fríth ilach dó fo dered
      i cath birach Blattened.
    16. Oengus mac Colmain chetaig
      ro glacc in mBanba mbétaig.
      uii. mbliadna dó iTemraig thall

      23910] a bás ro derlaig Domnall.
    17. Conall Guthbind mac Subne.
      a coic fa chethair tre chuibde
      {MS folio 184b 50} cora ben a dianblaid de.
      Diarmait mac Aeda Slane.

    18. p.805

    19. 23915] {MS folio 184b} Sé bliadna déc co demin
      Mael Doid mac Subni serig.
      forracsat a daíne thair
      i Cnoccaib Maele Doaid.
    20. Diarmait mac Airmedaig áith.

      23920] ui. Bliadna .xxx. nir thláith
      ro thascair in Bregach brass
      Finnacta Fledach foltchass.
    21. {MS folio 184b 55} Fiche bliadan nir fata
      do Murchad mac Diarmata

      23925] darochair sin alt iar tain
      la Conall Grant hua Cernaig.
    22. Diarmait Airmedach iarma.
      Aed Colggu cóic certbliadna.
      .iiii. ríg Mide na mmed

      23930] ro marbtha oc Bile.Theined.
    23. Domnall mac Murchada móir
      .ui. bliadna .xl. cóir.
      {MS folio 184b 60} tuc Dia dó flathius fata
      co n-erbailt hua Diarmata.

    24. 23935] {MS folio 185a} Niall mac Diarmata in daig derg
      flaith Mide na lomlerg.
      .ui. bliadna i rrígi rebach
      co torchair la Muredach-
    25. Murchertach mac Domnaill dían

      23940] di bliadain don flaith lánfíal
      rop é rí in borrfaith cen brath
      nóco torchair la Dondchad
    26. {MS folio 185a 5} Dondchad mac Domnaill na ndrech
      ropo leis Temair tollmech.

      23945] xxx. bliadna dó derb lend
      co n-erbailt iarla Herend.

    27. p.806

    28. {MS folio 185a} Oenbliadain i rrigi réil
      do Domnall mac Dondchaid déin
      tair i táeb na halla

      23950] darochair la hectranna.
    29. Muridach mac Domnaill daith
      cunnid in chomlaind choicdaig.
      {MS folio 185a 10} tri bliadna ós Chluain Chobthaig cain
      ro ndorchaig éc anapaig.

    30. 23955] Diarmait mac Dondchaida daith
      bliadain i flaithius firmaith.
      i mmudu dochuaid con chaill
      tiar i cath Ruba Chonaill.
    31. Conchobor caem. a mathius

      23960] ós Herind.i n-ardflathius.
      is éc atbath rí in Broga
      degmac duanach Dondchada.
    32. {MS folio 185a 15} Deich mbliadna i flaithius nar fóen
      dó do Mael Ruanaid rocháem

      23965] atbath mac Dondchaid dil
      rí in borrfada 's in bissig.
    33. Dí bliadain flaith in meic maith.
      dar éis Mael Ruanaid in raith.
      ro marb na brethlaind co mblaid

      23970] Mael Sechnaill a derbrathair.
    34. Mael Sechnaill saer a Slemain.
      uii. mbliadna déc na degaid.
      {MS folio 185a 20} atbath iar mbuadaib co mblaid
      mac Mael Ruanaid co rogail

    35. 23975] Lorcan mac Cathail na crích
      dí bliadain i flaithius fríth
      rí for Midi mall na miach
      coro ndall Aed Findlíath

    36. p.807

    37. {MS folio 185a} Dondchad hua Conchobuir chrúaid

      23980] da sé mbliadan band for búaid
      la Fland in tochuir cen tar
      dorochair mac Eochocan.
    38. {MS folio 185a 25} Fland mac Mel Sechnaill amra
      .xuii. bliadna os Banba;

      23985] cia tír naro threnglacc trell
      noco n-erbailt rí Herend.
    39. Hua Mael Sechnaill cen omon
      tri bliadna do Chonchobor.
      malle ro Niall nGlundub ngel

      23990] dorochair grian na nGaedel.
    40. Domnall mac Flaind fuair bliadain
      eter Chluain is chorrLiamuin
      {MS folio 185a 30} rod marb ciarbo glond co ngail
      Dondchad dond a derbrathair.

    41. 23995] Donchad cen bét cen binne
      fuair éc i n-echMide.
      fúair iarla Crinna ba cet.
      ui. bliadna finna fichet.
    42. Fuair Oengus airdairc cen ail

      24000] iarna athair oenbliadain.
      .xxx. cét lín a chatha
      co n-erbailt mac Dondchada.
    43. {MS folio 185a 35} Dondchad mac Domnaill diamra
      ro chaith .iiii. oenbliadna

      24005] ro marb flaith gót in gossa
      Fergal óc mac Oengusa.
    44. Fergal fuair ráite co rrath
      coro n-indarb Congalach
      oc Luain Iraird co cliaraib

      24010] nínro n-uair acht oenbliadain.

    45. p.808

    46. {MS folio 185a} Oenbliadain aile do Aed
      do mac Mael Ruanaid ro cháem.
      {MS folio 185a 40} fuair bás na chomland chatha
      la Domn all mac nDondchada.

    47. 24015] Domnall bliadain co ba thrí
      bord ro Liamuin in lethrí
      bét do chlaind Chobthaig cliaraig
      éc meic Dondchaid drechmiadaig.
    48. Carlus mac Cuind meic Dondchaid.

      24020] remes .ui. mbliadan mborrfuid.
      and dorochair hua Flaind Fáil
      ait i rrollsat Gaill crithgair.
    49. {MS folio 185a 45} Murchertach riagla lat sain
      .iiii. bliadna fo chethair.

      24025] fuair forlund ic Druim Chriaig cain
      la Domnall mac Congalaig.
    50. Cóic bliadna do Mide maith
      fás cen tige cen degflaith.
      Fergal ro chrechaig cech claind

      24030] ra dered flatha Domnaill.
    51. Coic bliasna .xl. coir
      flathius Mael Shechnaill echmóir.
      {MS folio 185a 50} rí mórMide co millse
      ec atbath issin ChroInse.

    52. 24035] Mael Sechnaill Got a cethair
      éc olc ra scar ra bethaid.
      uii. mbliadna Rena rubnib dán
      cosin cath i mMóin Milán.
    53. Domnall dí bliadain a band

      24040] co torchair la Mael Caland.
      roba rí Midi na mmol
      dia éis ro gab Conchobor.

    54. p.809

    55. {MS folio 185a 55} Dar éis Domnaill delbglain dil
      ro gab for Temraig tírig.

      24045] di bliadain .iiii. deich dron
      iss ed ro feith Conchobor.
    56. Conchobor magMide maith
      nachorb anfine in ardflaith.
      do láim Murchada meic Flaind

      24050] dorochair hua Mael Shechnaill.
    57. Secht ríg da fichet ríg rúad
      iar Con all Breg ni bec slúag.
      {MS folio 185a 60} co Conchobor na ngním ngle
      is é lín ro gab Mide.M.


Síl Aeda Sláne na sleg

    1. 24055] {MS folio 185b} SÍl Aeda Sláne na sleg
      dia sásar mór ríg ragel.
      innisfet ara mathius
      a n-aided a n-ardflathius.
    2. Ba flaith Aed Slane na slat

      24060] ré choic mbliadan cethorchat
      co torchair in rí do rind
      la Conall ngasta nGuthbind.
    3. {MS folio 185b 5} Conall Loeg Breg ós Boin bricc
      a cethair don ríg roglicc.

      24065] dorochair i cath Odba.
      la Oengus n-óc n-ardomna.
    4. Conall Cerna & Clettig
      cóic bliadna ós cach banlettir.
      lasin Conall nGuthbind ngle

      24070] dorochair oc Loch Threithne.
    5. Ailill Crundere cliaraig
      .iiii. bliadna acht oenbliadain.
      la Conall nglic glan
      {MS folio 185b 10} dorochair oc Ath Go an.

    6. 24075] Gabais Diarmait Blaithmac bán
      a cóic ficet ni furáil
      da ardrí Herend uile.
      ros marb in teidm tondbuide.
    7. Conaing mac Congaile Cuilt.

      24080] iii. bliadna os Boind bláthbuic;
      co torchair isin debaid
      la Diarmait mac Airmedaig.
    8. Sechnassach mac Blaithmeics braiss
      .ui. bliadna os Bregmaig barrglais.

      24085] {MS folio 185b 15} Dub Dúin rí Corpri co rath
      leis dorochair Sechnasach.

    9. p.811

    10. {MS folio 185b} Sé bliadna Chind Faelad aird
      meic Blaithmeic buadaig bithgairg.
      dorochair rí Cairn Chachta

      24090] issin maidm la Finnachta.
    11. Finnachta fichi bliadan
      báe in Heriu ca ardriarad;
      i nGrellaig Dollaid co ndath
      dorochair la Congalach.

    12. 24095] {MS folio 185b 20} Congalach a .iiii. cluin
      co n-erbuilt i Taltenbruig.
      bliadain i flathius Néill na ndath
      coro marb in cáem Irgalach.
    13. Irgalach mac Conaing cain

      24100] .uiii. mbliadna d'éis meic Cernaig.
      dorochair Irgalach án.
      tess oc Inis Mac Nessán.
    14. Da bliadain ós Bóin bladaig
      d'Amalgaid mac Congalaig.

      24505] dorochair la Conall gle
      {MS folio 185b 25} tair oc Cill scothair Scire.
    15. Conall Grant hua Cernaig crúaid
      .ui. bliadna ós Bregmaig bratruaid.
      dorochair i lló in madma

      24110] la Fergal na findBanba.
    16. Bliadain Fogartaig na feb
      co torchair i cath Delgthen.
      rí Fotla & rí Fabair
      la Cinaed mac Írgalaig.

    17. p.812

    18. 24115] {MS folio 185b} Cinaed .u. bliadna fá dó
      ós Herind nf himmargó
      {MS folio 185b 30} ro marb Flathbertach find Fáil.
      i cath Dromma caiss Corcáin.
    19. Conaing Crach costid ri sain

      24120] .x. mbliadna aile os Bregmaig.
      fuair aidid la Aed ciar fell
      i ndorus Ailig Rigrend.
    20. Se bliadna ruirac co rogail
      Inrechtach mac Dungalaig.

      24125] i nDún Chromtha cétaib gal
      and dorochair la Dungal.
    21. {MS folio 185b 35} Dungal Cnogba co cliaraib
      a sé fa dó acht oenbliadain.
      i cath Emna Macha i mmaig

      24130] dorochair mac Amalgaid.
    22. Uiii. mbliadna radit na raind
      do Chongalach mac Conaing.
      Dondchad co rath co rogail.
      rod marb i cath Forcalaid.

    23. 24135] Uiii. mbliadna co cath Liac Find.
      dó do Diarmait ba deglind
      {MS folio 185b 40} i ndígail abbad Tuilén
      dodrat Dondchad i nderglén.
    24. Dá ndeich sé bliadna ar bladaib

      24140] do flathius Flaind meic Congalaig
      oc Manistir Móir molaim
      dorochair hua caemChonaing.
    25. Cernach hua Congalaig caiss.
      sé bliadna os Taltin toebglaiss.

      24145] dorochair i taig Cnogba
      la Cinaed cruaid comchalma.

    26. p.813

    27. {MS folio 185b 45} Cinaed dar ési Cernaig.
      a sé déc i tromThemraig.
      ic Dún Sinche ria samain

      24150] rod marb hua cruaid Congalaig.
    28. Cummascach da bliadain i fos
      flaith os Bregmaig na mbendchros
      i nDaim Liac Cíannain canair
      marb hua ciallmair Congalaig.

    29. 24155] Cinaed coic bliadna cia bé
      co ár torsech Treote.
      {MS folio 185b 50} coro baded mac meic Flaind
      lasin flaith la Mael Sechnaill.
    30. Secht mbliadna fichet sain sluind

      24160] ropa rí Fland mac Conaing.
      i cath Chilli Hua nDaigri a díach
      dorochair la Aed Findlíath.
    31. Fichi bliadan a cóic cen chrád
      mac Cellaig find Flannacán

      24165] dorochair la sluag Gall gargg
      i mmulluch Cerna chlaidard.
    32. {MS folio 185b 55} Secht mbliadna Mael Finniain áin
      degmeic luchair Lannacáin.
      ic Inber na mBárc

      24170] atbath hua cháem Congalach
    33. Tri choic bliadan bil
      da brathair do Mael Mithig

      Lorcan cen len
      rod marb Fland mac Mael Finnéin

    34. 24175] {MS folio 185b 60} uii. mbliadna Flaind cosin cath
      i torchair la Hu Echach.

    35. p.814

    36. {MS folio 186a} Aed mac Mael Mithig miadaig
      niro chaith acht dí oenbliadain
      dorochair Aed in Broga

      24180] la Oengus mac nDondchada.
    37. Congalach in t-iarla in t-abb
      ro chaith .uii. mbliadna fichet.
      la slúag Lagen & Gall
      dorochair oc Taig Giugrand.

    38. 24185] {MS folio 186a 5} Glanfiche bliadan co mblaid
      do Domnall mac Congalaig.
      oc Taig hua mBuiden mbrogda
      docer culen caemChnogba.
    39. Oenbliadain Dondchaid na ndám

      24190] co torchair la Claind Colman.
      di bliadain Murchertaig maill
      co torchair la Mel Sechnaill.
    40. Íarra lat iarmothá sein
      a baird Fintain a eolaig;

      24195] {MS folio 186a 10} or nach fail sunda co se
      saegul síl Aeda Slane. S.


Immacallam in dá Thúarad

{MS folio 186a} ADna mac Uthidir de thúathaib Ól nÉcmacht ollam Herend i n-écsi & filidecht. Atacomnaic mac laiside .i. Néde. Luid
24200] iarum in macsin do foglaim écsi i nAlbain co Eochu Echbél. & ro buí i farrad Echach corbo eolach i n-écsi.

{MS folio 186a 15} Luid laa and in gilla co mbuí for brú mara. ar bá baile fallsigthe éicsi do gs lasna filedu for brú usci. Co cuala in gilla fogur issin tuind .i. córus cainiuda. & torsi & bá ingnad leis. Rola iarum in
24205] gilla bricht forsin tuind coro fallsiged dó cid ro mboí Co tárfás dó iar sain conid ac caíniud a athar ro buí in tond & co tucad a {MS folio 186a 20} thuignech do Ferchertne file. & ro gab ollamnas. i nn-inad a atharsom .i. Adnai.

Luid iarum in gilla dia thaig & adfét dia aite .i. do Echaid. &
24210] asbertside fris eirg do tír i fectsa. ni thalla adar n-écsi ar ndís i n-oenbale. uair forosnaí th'eicsi duit it ollam ar eolas.

Luid iarum Neide reme & a trí brathir leis .i. Lugaid. Cairpre. {MS folio 186a 25} Cruttíne. Docuridar bolc belce dóib for conair. Asbert fer díb. cid dia n-apar bolc belce. Uair na fetatar lotar for culu co Echaid
24215] co mbátar mís aice. Lotar for conair doridisi. docuridar simind doib. Asbert fer dib. cid dia n-apar semind. Uair na fetatar lotar for culu coa n-aiti. Documlat úad i cind mís aile. Docuridar {MS folio 186a 30} gass sanais dóib. Uair na fetatar cid dia n-eper gas sanais. tiagait for culu co Echaid co mbatar mís aile aca.

24220] Oro íctha dóib trá a cesta documlaiset do Chind Tíre. & luid iar sin do Rind Snóc. Documlaiset iarum a Purt Ríg dar fairgi. corra gabsat i rRind Roiss. as saide for Semniu. for Latharnu. for Mag {MS folio 186a 35} Line. for Ollorbai. for Tulaig Roisc. for Ard Slébe. for Craíb Telcha. for Mag nErcaite. for Banna. iar nUactur. for Glend Rige. for
24225] Tuathaib Hua mBresail. for Ard Sailech fris raiter Ard Macha indiu. for Sídbruig na hEmna.

Is amlaid dano documlai in mac & craeb airgdide uaso. uair iss {MS folio 186a 40} ed no bíd uasna hanrothaib. Craeb óir im uasna ollamnaib. Craeb umai úasna filedaib archena.

24230] Documlat iarum dochum Emna Macha. Docuridar dano Bricriu doib. forsind aithche Asbertsaide friu dia tuctais a lóg dó ropad Néde bad ollam Herend. triana chomairle & triana impide. Dobert {MS folio 186a 45} Neide lenid corcra do cona cumtuch oir & argait. Asbert Bricriu


{MS folio 186a} ris dula coro suided i n-inud ollaman. & asbert riss ba marb Fer-
24235] chertni. & ba hand baiside fri Emain atuaid oc tuidecht écsi dia éicsinib.

& asbert dano Bricriu ní geib fer amulchach ollamnacht i nEmuin Macha. ar ba naídentasom araí n-aisi. Gabais Neide lán a duirn dond eór & focheirt brict fair conid ed dommuned cach ba ulcha
24240] {MS folio 186a 50} baí fair. & luid co ndessid i cathair ollaman. & gabais a thugnig imme.Tri datha na tugnigi. .i. tugi do ittib én ngel ar medón. frosbrechtrad findruine forind leith ichtarach dianectair. & fordath fororda forind leith uachtarach.

Luid Bricriu iar sain co Ferchertni. & asbert ris. Ba dirsan
24245] a Ferchertni do chor a hollomnacht indiu. Ro gab fer óc airmitnech {MS folio 186a 55} ollamnacht i nEmuin. Na lond Ferchertne fri side. & luid is tech rigda co mbaí forsin irlár. & a lám forsin gabail. condid and asbert. Ciasu file. fili.

Loc tra dond immacallaimsea Emain Macha. Amser dano di
24250] amser Conchobuir meic Nessa. Persa dano Nede mac Adnai de Chonnachtaib. vel is de Thuathaib De Danand dó amal atbeir féin issind Immacallaim. macsa Dana. Dán mac Osmenta & c. amp {MS folio 186b} Ferchertne fili. do Ultaib. Tucait a denma .i. tuignech Adnai do thabairt do Ferchertni ó Meidb & ó Ailill. iar n-éc Adnai. Co
24255] tanic Neide mac Adnaí a hAlpain amal atrubrammar co hEmain co ndessid i cathair ollaman. co toracht Ferchertne istech & co n-epert ic fascin Nédi.

{MS folio 186b 5} CIASU FILI FILI IMMA LI TUGEN—CO N-ALLI. .i. Cia suí filed imma llaigend in tuigen co n-álli.
24260] DODONAIRB IAR CETUL CHRETH. .i. dodonasbénand iar cantain a aíi. a éicsi. LA DECIM FELMA C. .i. Is amlaid atchiim conid mac foglamma. FÉR DES ROGREIND
24265] .i. Is de ra orddaig a greind dond éor. {MS folio 186b 10} I N-AIRB CHRETH CHETAIL .i. in bali ata á cantain a écsi. CIASU FILE FILE NEIT .i. cia suí filed in fili as Nede. vel in file notlach.
24270] Ni chuala cuich inní meic Adnai


{MS folio 186b} i. ní chuala co n-immud fessa. vel ni chuala combad ní etir mac Adnai.

NI CHUALA CO SOLMFIS. .i. ní chuala co fiss solam aice.
24275] Mell suide dar ninu Néde. {MS folio 186b 15} .i. Is aíbind in suide i ndessid Néide. vel dano darmo littre is melta Nede don tsuide i ndessid .i. suide i cathair ind olloman. Rad n-onórda in so atbert Nede fri Ferchertne. Arsan. A mmo sruith.
24280] .i. a mmo suí ind raith. Suí coisc cach suí .i. is súthemail tecosc cech suad. Suí cech anim aisc {MS folio 186b 20} .i. dlegair de suid aisc cech aneolaig.
24285] Asecha riasiu rofiastar .i. dena ar sofégad riasiu dogné feirg rind. Cia aisc. Cia súg .i. cia súg aisci móri fogebi form. Fo chen cid sathchíall suthe
24290] .i. Is mochen limsa docheilsiu áith súthemail a Ferchertni. Séim anim ocnait. mani chiastar ceird. {MS folio 186b 25} .i. Is étrom vel is bec ind anim do neoch a bith óc menip cesti fora eladain. Cing mál
24295] .i. cémnig a uasail innas as dligthechu. Mithadbait .i. is míthaidbsiu sain innossa. Mitharfaid. & is míthasselbad o chíanaib doratais form.
24300] Domairbir fiadfath co rrubec {MS folio 186b 30} .i. dorónad mo thairbert do biud & séot ar m'foglaim órbam bec. Ro selai delai fir muaid moínig .i. ro denusa sini ind fir maith moínig. ica rabatar moíni na hecisii. Echu
24305] Ceist a gillai forcitail can dodechadais. N ede. N i handsa. A sail suad .i. a comaitecht suad.


{MS folio 186b} A commur gaíse {MS folio 186b 35} .i. asin baile a tá comimmad na gaíse.
24310] A forbthib fio .i. assin baile a tá forbthecht in mathsia A lluachair throgan .i. assin baile i fil lí chóir na heicsi. vel trogan ainm do turcbail deirg na grene sin matin.
24315] A caillib .i. a noí collaib na Segsa. Crínmond {MS folio 186b 40} .i. crethmon .i. creth aí & mon cles. a caillib dí assa mbenaiter clessa na súad tanacsa.
24320] A cuardaib ane. .i. a caí uird inna fíraíi. inna fíréicsi. Asmidetar fír iar febaib .i. do réir a n-eolais. I forcantar fírinni.
24325] .i. i mbrithemnaigther fírinni. I funethar gó .i. i fescrigend gó I fegaiter datha .i. find i mmoltar. dub i n-aerthar. & rvel
24330] {MS folio 186b 45} I nuigter dana .i. immon foglaim. Os tussu a mmo sruith can dollod. Ferchertne Ni handsa. Iar colomnaib aíse .i. iar colomnaib sé áes in duni.
24335] Iar srothaib Galion .i. Boand. uair is ic Laignib atá & atibseom sruth immais eiste. Iar síd mna Nechtain. .i. ainm do Boind ben Nectain. Iar n-ól dí digi inmais dosom {MS folio 186b 50} a Boind dodechaid.
24340] Iar rig mna Nuadat .i. iar nirt filidechta Nuadat .i. Nuado Necht ainm filed do Lagnib. & is dó ba ben Boand. IAR FUTHIUR GRÉNE .i. iar ndegthír inna haí grianda .i. inna heicsi.
24345] Iar n-adbai escai


{MS folio 186b} .i. Rofitir in n-adba i mbí int ésca i llo. & in grían i n-aidchi. vel {MS folio 186b 55} iar n-aidchi thanic. issin ló deside tánic.

Iar srinci óic .i. iar sreing uaim inna haf óci. vel inna hai as forcthe. vel iarmo
24350] sreing oic .i. nomen alicuius partis paruae quae sit in ore infantis in utero matris. cuius nomen est srinci.

Ceist a gillai forcitail cia th'ainmsiu. Nede Ni handsa. Robec
24355] .i. i persaind. Romór .i. i n-eolas. Rothet .i. réid im étail mad gudi nod gesta. vel ro thatnid uaimse. Rochtot
24360] {MS folio 187a} .i. ro chotut é ri écin fair. Rosre tened .i. am rossir amal tenid. vel roseich cucut minchrecad amal tenid. Tene feth .i. Tene na haí .i. foclad co n-imdergad.
24365] Fogroll sese {MS folio 187a 5} .i. fogur oll in tsofessa ocum. Sopor somma .i. am topur co n-immud eolais. Slocrech dána.
24370] .i. claidim aí mo dána. Droncherdach .i. am díriuch im eladain. Co teinm a tein .i. co tenmnech amal tenid
24375] Os tussu a mmo sruith cia do ainmsiu. Ni handsa. {MS folio 187a 10} nessu célaib .i. nesso ciallaib. Cur fethach
24380] .i. am cóir ic fethugud aí foaisnís .i. o fir adgair. Freisnis .i. o fir adgairther.
24385] Fochmorc foruis


{MS folio 187a} .i. ata fiss finnitnech acum dia n-athchomarter dim. {MS folio 187a 15} Fíthe cerda .i. dluthaim eladain. Comrar dana.
24390] .i. cométaim d n. Dramm de muir .i. is dírim in muirse na hecsi. Ceist a gillai forcitail cia dán dognísiu. Ni handsa.
24395] Romna rossa {MS folio 187a 20} .i. romnad aigthe ic aerad. vel ic molad co tí a nnáre im thidnacul sét dond filid. Rind feola .i. fáebur áere i feóil intí na tincand immo dán.
24400] Fonoch feile .i. fonige na hagthe tria molad. Foscnad anbli .i. nemnári oc cungid neich. {MS folio 187a 25} Altram creth
24405] .i. foglaim écsi. Cluith do thúr .i. in lucht in mbf enech do thúr. Tochmarc fáth .i. fochmarc inna heicsi.
24410] Cerd cach mbél. .i. eladu cech duni do foglaim ar dáig forcitail caich. Bruud n-immais {MS folio 187a 30} .i. scailid immad rofessa do chách. Imscothud n-insci
24415] .i. séim scoithes a indsci conna bít faidb furri. ImsciNg bic .i. biim i llepaid immalle fri ríg. Búar súad .i. airchetla beca. vel airchetla mora. ara tabraiter bai do suid,
24420] Sruth fail {MS folio 187a 35} .i. aiste imda. vel immad na hecsi. vel fál gotha cáich. vel Inis Fáil. Forcital n-imda .i. fogla im do écsinib. Áil ríg risi rede
24425] .i. is áil dona rigaib na scéla taitnemcha uaimse.


{MS folio 187a} Os tussu a mmo sruith cia dán dognisiu. Ni handsa. {MS folio 187a 40} Foram cotaith .i. forsemnigud do chungid seoit & bííd.
24430] Costud sída .i. álim síd do chách .i. brithemnas do chach.

Sretha fairne {MS folio 187a 45} .i. seoit do fairind .i. srethugud a dáme for fecht féle .i. cétadaig aígidechta duni do thig a cheli conid lánbiathad dliges iarum in
24435] n-aidchisin. acht corop deithbir no n-imluade. & a biathad iarna dáim & iarna grad & iar n-úasli & iarna lín. Gnáth les immorro dó {MS folio 187a 50} cech tan rachas o sain immach. ní dlig acht lethbiathad & ni dlig cid éside menip ra deithbir dig.

Fochoid ocnóe
24440] .i. is fo chataid biim con ríg co mbiim i n-amsa. Noud cerda .i. erdarcaigim eladna. Cossair ócríg .i. biim for comdergud fri ríg.

24445] {MS folio 187a 55} Riascad Boinne .i. indsce ind immais docing iar mBoind .i. Ro ascim na cnú docuridar Boand .i. cnoi ind immais.

Briamon smethrach {MS folio 187a 60} .i. bri briathar & mon cles .i. cles briatharda sin dognítis ind
24450] {MS folio 187b} filid .i. cenéle nemthiusa in sin .i. smitt a chluasi do gabáil inna láim .i. amal ná fil cnáim and sin. is amlaid na fil enech vel nert acontí écnaiges in file.

Sciath Aithirni .i. áer & glám dícend & áilges. Ailges .i. gudi ail dobertis ind
24455] {MS folio 187b 5} ollomain for cech oen dia túaith im sechtmad lóig a einig cech aín iarna grad & iarna thochus do thabairt dia ollomain dílis do chind airm & étaig. dó ria techt i tír n-echtrand. Bá hí im a chommaín sin ond ollomain .i. tobuch dia thuathaib a cruid dar cocríchaib {MS folio 187b 10} dia n-argtis eat .i. tria rennaib áer & glám ndícend bale i femdebtais
24460] im assec tria brectrad molta. ar rosegat renna na n-aer conair nach rochet renna na n-arm.

Erraind n-ais a sruth buais .i. is uais ind rand rosiacht ar immad a dagfessa .i. ollomnacht {MS folio 187b 15} Barand immais


24465] {MS folio 187b} .i. is lia ind rand immad in tsoais fil acum .i. na .uii. n-asti. bííd a bara forsintí nom cráide co ndenand a aír. Aicde menman. .i. do réir menman cáich no mmolaim. Minairbe cerd
24470] .i. aiste beca. Costud réil {MS folio 187b 20} .i. sídugud solusta do chach. Rissi ruada .i. scéla gaiscid & imdergtha cáich riana briathraib.
24475] Rout noithe .i. erdarcaigim aisti iar setaib dligid. Némain i fothud .i. is gilidir némaind aní fothaigim. Furiud fáth
24480] {MS folio 187b 25} .i. fethnaigthir seoit damsa. Iar nath .i. iar n-asti. Ceist a gillai forcitail cid fotlaimtherso .i. c'eret not luamnaigther. Ni handsa.
24485] i mmag n-aesa .i. i forlethet aísi thegim. I sliab n-oíted .i. i n-ard na oíted .i. i n-óclachas. i fiadach n-aise
24490] {MS folio 187b 30} .i. issin n-aís fathaig i tucand nech fátha. i lluna threith .i. i llenmain ríg inna magrianan. I nn-othrai .i. i n-adbai. uathuinni .i. i n-adbai úre & chloche .i. úath úir &
24495] ond cloch. Eter othain & a chend .i. eter in n-adnacul & in mesrugud. Eter cath & a fuath {MS folio 187b 35} .i. sídugud eter lucht in chatha. & iss ed is fuath issin chath na
24500] hairm. vel eter fid & a imscothad. & eter fid & tech .i. conara. eter imda & airidi. Eter triunu Tethrach .i. eter na treono Tethrach .i. ainm ríg Fomore. {MS folio 187b 40} Eter sostu siloin


24505] {MS folio 187b} .i. eter na sostuda i silend cach .i. taige na mbriugad. & rvelvel silóin .i. imda dessi & tríir. vel síloin .i. sil daglaech. vel siloin .i. ili sceo oen. Eter sruthu íuil .i. eter srothu ind eolais imdai .i. ind forcitail.
24510] Os tussu a mmo sruith. Cid fotlaimtherso. Ni handsa. I sliab ngraid .i. i n-uaislidetaid na ngrád. {MS folio 187b 45} I commuin fáth
24515] .i. commuin na foglamma. I fuithriu aesa iúil .i. fothir ind aesa iúil .i. uasail. I n-ucht n-osnai .i. i n-ucht na sona .i. na rríg & na mbriugad.
24520] I n-inber raithe .i. i n-inber ind ratha .i. i n-ollomnas. I n-oenuch thuirc thréith {MS folio 187b 50} .i. i n-oenach meic ind ríg .i. clúim & cholcid. & rvel I fochataid fer nai
24525] .i. is fo chataid na fer nua .i. na rríg nua biim. vel fo chátaid na scíath ferna. I fanu folerbad fal romiad .i. is fán i mbíd immad na fer romiadach i mbás. {MS folio 187b 55} Ceist a gillai forcitail. Cisi chonar dollodsu.
24530] Ni handsa. for clar find fessa .i. for clár da less .i. in loc asa téit ind noídiu. For cúl tréith .i. ulchi fri ulchi frisin ríg biim .i. i frithchetfaid ina imdai.
24535] For fidrád n-ais {MS folio 187b 60} .i. iar cach aís i n-araile vel for fathrath ind fessa nuíi. na hecsi. For drumni daim inn air {MS folio 187c} .i. for drumni in daim aires in n-aír. For soilsi samlaam
24540] .i. mo dán trén amal solsi ind laí samraid .i. in tan bís caín domnach is menic m luan alaind ina diaid. For maethla matha. {MS folio 187c 5} .i. forsna maethla mathi .i. mess & torud. vel na .uii. n-aiste.


{MS folio 187c} For dructu déa.
24545] .i. ith. vel cenele forcitail. For unce n-etha .i. uate ind etha .i. becan do arbur la biad n-aile dó vel for óenchoí {MS folio 187c 10} ind iatha .i. ind feraind.

For ath n-uamain
24550] .i. for in n-aí n-áith is uamon la cách .i. ind écsi. For sliastai sadbai .i. sliasait fri araile frisin ríg in tsoadbai i mbí i tig midchuarda. {MS folio 187c 15} Os tussu a mmo sruith cisi chonar dollodsu. Ni handsa.
24555] for echlaim Loga .i. is e Lug arránic óenach & liathróit & echlaisc. For luani mban mbaeth .i. for lonloingiu ban vel chiche ban ro diul.

For folt feda
24560] {MS folio 187c 20} .i. for dagalt feda & déich & réime & rvelvel cranna gai. For cend ngai .i. i commaid ríg ar 's é is chend isin táth. vel claidib .i. techta n-anruda. For fuan n-argit
24565] .i. etach co n-argut. {MS folio 187c 25} For creitt cen fonnad .i. eich cen charpait. vel for creit in dána. For fonnad cen chul .i. for carpat cen chlaine.

24570] For trian fessa Meic ind Óc {MS folio 187c 30} .i. ní fitir cuin atbela & cia haided no mbérad & cia fót forsa n-epelad. vel fot geni & fot a bais & adnacuil

Ceist a gillai forcitail cia doaisiu mac. Ni handsa.
24575] Macsa Dana .i. im macsa ica tá dan. Dan mac Osmenta .i. iarna múnud damsa co úais. {MS folio 187c 35} Osmenta mac Imráti.
24580] is tuisechu in t-imradud oldás in. munud uais. Imradud mac Rofis


{MS folio 187c} .i. is tuisechu in sin oldás imrádud a foglamma o neoch. Rofis mac Fochmairc {MS folio 187c 40} .i. is tuisechu in dagimchomarc forin fis oldás in fis do bith oc
24585] neoch. Fochmorc mac Rochmairc .i. is tuisechu in roimchomarc ón magisteroldás a dagimchomarc on descipul deside. Rochmorc mac Rofessa
24590] {MS folio 187c 45} .i. is tuisechu in rofis do bith oldás in roimchomarc. Rofis mac Rochuind .i. is tuisechu do neoch rochodnaige aice andas foglaim do denam aice. Rochond mac Ergnai
24595] {MS folio 187c 50} .i. is tuisechu etargna vel intliucht do bith aici oldás codnaigi do thasselbad dó

Ergna mac Ecnai .i. Is tuisechu do neoch in t-ecna do bith i n-anmain oldás a thasselbad.

24600] Ecna mac na trí nDea nDana. na tri dei Dana. tri meic Brigti banfili .i. Brian & Iuchar & Úar tri meic Bressi meic Eladan & Brigit banfile ingen in Dagdai Móir ríg Herend a mmathair. & ainm dóside in Ruad Rofessa atberar sund. vel Cermait & Dermait & Aed.

24605] {MS folio 188a} Brigit banfili ingen Rúaid Rofessa. .i. ainm don Dagda. Ruad Rofessa mac na n-ule ndana .i. {MS folio 188a 5} mac oca mbí in dán uile. Is aire dano beres Nede a genelach cosin luctsa ar is occu ro buí suithe na hécsi co comlán. A dualus a aíse dano atbeir Neide conid mac cech oen dibseo diaraile. ar
24610] is é in t-athair leis intí bís i rremthechtas. & is é in mac intí bís i tiarmoracht.

{MS folio 188a 10} Os tussu a mmo sruith cia doaisiu. mac. Ni handsa. Macsa fir ro buí nad rogenair
24615] .i. Ádaim. Ar adnacht i mbrú a mathar .i. i talmain. Ro basted iarna écaib .i. i césad Crist.


24620] {MS folio 188a 15} Arnaisc a chetgnúis .i. is é cétgnuis dochuaid i mbás peccaid. Cétlabrad cech bí .i. á Iachtad cech mairb
24625] .i. ach. Ailm irard a ainm. .i. is uasal & is ard a ainm .i. ailm .i. Adam. {MS folio 187c 20} Ceist a gillai forcitail. in filet scéla latsu. Filet écin. Scela mathi
24630] muir thorthech .i. im iasc & rvel Tracht ruirthech .i. Roirthach do longaib & bárcaib. Tibid fidraid
24635] {MS folio 187c 25} .i. bolga in blátha. Techtait fidlaind .i. tiagait ass na lanna co ff .i. in gentliucht. Fechait oblaind .i. ablanna & corp Crist.
24640] Asait ithgoirt .i. Asaid ith isna gortaib. ili becha maíni {MS folio 187c 30} .i. immad maíne bech. vel is imda somaine issin bith. Bithsorchi
24645] .i. solus. Síd subach .i. fáilid. Sam sogar .i. is dagthorthech in samrad.
24650] {MS folio 187c 35} Sluaig rathaig. .i. gabait rath o ríg & doberat diarailib .i. d'aes dána. Ríg griandai. .i. solustai. Gafs adamrai
24655] .i. admórdai. Echtraid cath .i. Regait ass na catha. Cách dia cheird


{MS folio 188a} .i. fora eladain ndligthig.
24660] Fir d'fogail .i. do dénam gaiscid. {MS folio 188a 40} Gs for mna .i. nná fri druine. Munbrec láith
24665] .i. latir grega i n-imriadaiter. Muín gárit .i. gárit maíne dona filedaib dar cend a n-aiste. Laith lán {MS folio 188a 45} .i. bid comlán in flathius i mbiat sain.
24670] Lán cach cerdd .i. bid comlán cech eladu. Caín cach fó .i. taitnemach cech maith isind amsirsin. Fó cach scél.
24675] Scéla mathe. .i. is maith cech scél atchuas anuasana. {MS folio 188a 50} Os tussu a mmo sruith in filet scéla letso. Filet écin scéla uatha olc amser bithbias. i mbiat ile cenna.
24680] i mbiat úate enig. ar bebait bí banmessu. .i. epelait na henig ona beoaib. iar firmessamnacht. {MS folio 188a 55} Biaid búar in domain dithoraid .i. cen lacht vel cen dáir. Dichrechnaigfit fir feile
24685] .i. nare vel guth cen einech. Friscichset midaig morflathe {MS folio 188a 60} .i. friscuichset as na mmórflathe móra vel miadacha. Biat olca fir. Biat uati rig
24690] .i. iar ndligud. {MS folio 188b} Biat ile anflathe. Bit dala athisi .i. biat imda daini co n-aithis forro. Bid ainmech cech duni.
24695] Dobebat iar curiuch carpait .i. epelait ass na carpait iar cóir fích. Conmelat n amait Niallmaige


{MS folio 188b 5} .i. Ériu. Niam fir febaib
24700] .i. ni hanacol do neoch a firinni nach a thochus. Fessaiter im chella cathasa .i. fichfiter catha ac cosn am na cell. Bid furside cech dán. Bid furglide cech
24705] Ragaid cech oen assa richt .i. assa dirgidetaid. {MS folio 188b 10} la úaill & dímmus. cona fogentar feb .i. tochusa.
24710] na haes .i. sinsirecht. na enech .i. im eneclaind. na hordan
24715] .i. im grád. na dán .i. im filidecht. na forcital .i. im legend.
24720] Forbrisfider cech trebar .i. gabail a eille ond áes dímaínech. Bid pauper cech rí {MS folio 188b 15} .i. bid bocht cech rí cen chuind tairismi oca .i. tri cuind tairismi dlegair don ríg oca .i. tri puirt.
24725] Dimicnigfider cech sáer .i. cech socheniuil. Conutastar cech dóer .i. conturcebthar cech drochcenel. Cona aderthar Dia na dune.
24730] {MS folio 188b 20} Dobebat flathi ria n-anflathaib. la fursmalta fer ndubga .i. la formailt na fer oca mbít na gai duba. Dobaidfither cretem .i. cen adrad Dé Ro fuasnabthar adbarta
24735] .i. cen tabairt edbart. Focichsiter solaig


{MS folio 188b} .i. cemnigfiter for sailgib na n-ecailsi a gait estib. {MS folio 188b 25} Docichliter cella. Forloscifiter ecailsi.
24740] Arfássaigfiter culi cessachtaig .i. cen biad intib. Airdibada dochell blatha .i. mess & to rud. Artisat toraind audbretha
24745] .i. Toitsat ass na toraid triasna gubretha. {MS folio 188b 30} Adbeba cach a choí .i. epelaid cach a choíi. a chuaird gemrid fora doercheli .i. fora dóerbiatachu. ar ni biat aci biataig. tria olc na hamsire.

Forcichret for collaib coin congala. Co tossnófa cách fora dáim
24750] tria duba & díbi & dothchernas. {MS folio 188b 35} .i. cach fria daim dia marbad .i. im anfalti & im dailus. & im dothidnacul.

Attach ndaibri & dibi & dothchernais fri diaid in domain dedenaig .i. Ragaid cách i mmunigin a daidbri & a dothchernais. i nderiud
24755] domain. Dala ile fri aes cerd {MS folio 188b 40} .i. tair imbárach vel innairther. Fochiura cách cainte do chániud dara chend .i. cennaigfid cách cáinte do imcháined dara chend.
24760] Dobera cach crích for araile. .i. ar dochill. Echtrannfaid fele for cach dind. connach ain lepaid na luge {MS folio 188b 55} .i. fellfaid cach for inti bias ina lepaid. Genfaid cach a chomaithech.
24765] Mairfid cach brathair araile. Genaid cach a choimthechtaid di chomol & comlongud conna bia fir na enech na hanim and.

Immuscredfaifet duthernai {MS folio 188b 50} .i. immuscraidfet drochthigernai ara lín.
24770] Immusnaerfat anflathi .i. lécfit a n-aír La anfeth cach duba. Doirtfiter grada .i. tusliud.


24775] {MS folio 188b} Dorromnaibter clerchechta. .i. brécairecht. Dimicnigfiter suid. Sóifit ceóil co bachlachu. {MS folio 188b 55} Sóifid fiannas i cella & i cleirchiu
24780] .i. étaige amsaide vel cumri. Saifither ecna i ssaíbretha .i. gebthair ciall ecoir ass. Soifid dliged flatha for eclais .i. Rath do thabairt dond laith a eclais.
24785] Sóifid annach i corraib bachall .i. i n-aes ngráid. {MS folio 188b 60} Sóifid cech lanamnas i n-adaltras .i. i rreib irgarthaib. Soifid roúall
24790] .i. sechtair. {MS folio 188c} & roimtholtu i mmaccu aithech .i. grád Fene vel chille. Sóifid rodíbi & rodochell & rochessacht i córaidi .i. i mbrugaidib cen chathim cen tidnacul.
24795] Combtar duba an-anai. {MS folio 188c 5} .i. co mbatar dorchi. Sóifid rodruine i n-ónmite. & atchessa .i. athcisaige. Co sailfiter etaige cen líga
24800] .i. co n-aicfiter étaige cen datha .i. cen imdenma óir is argait. {MS folio 188c 10} Soifid esmbretha i rrigu & tigernu .i. soibbretha & fingala. Sóifid digaire & rosire i mmenmain cech dune .i. menma mór.

24805] Conna fogenat mogaid na cumala a comdedu conna cechlat {MS folio 188c 15} ríg nacha cocerta. conna coistifet ind airchinnig fria manchu & a mmuntera.

cona fodena in císaige craic a dligid dia flaith .i. abbad do erraid.
24810] conna fogena in manach dia dilius. cona fodema in ben brethir {MS folio 188c 20} a cétmuntire uaste. conna fogenat. meic & ingena a n-athre. nach a mmathre. cona urerset felmaic a fithithre.


{MS folio 188c} Sóifid cách a dán i saíbforcital & i saibintliucht do chungid {MS folio 188c 25} derscaigthe dia fithithir corop maith lasin sosar bith ina suidiu.
24815] & a sinser uasa chind. conaba imdergad lasin ríg vel lassin tigerna ragas do sainól vel sainithe ar belaib a chele fodngena. vel ar belaib {MS folio 188c 30} a dámi & a thascuir dodisia.

Conaba imdergad lasin fer trebtha bith ic longud iar n-iadad a thaige frisin fer cerdda renas a ainech & a anmain ar bratt & ar {MS folio 188c 35}
24820] biad. co sáife cách a óil fria cheile oc sainól & oc sainithe. Co llinfa rosant cach ndune. Co rirfe in fer uallach a enech & a anm ar lóg oenscripuil.

Dichrechnaigfither fele. dínsémtair popuil.
24825] dibdabtair flathi. {MS folio 188c 40} dinsémtair gradai. digradaigfider domnach. diromnaibter littre .i. saebchiall estib. vel cena ndathug.ud.
24830] Dichlannaigfitir filid .i. conna biat filid acht baird nammá Forbuascaigfider firinni {MS folio 188c 35} .i. fíroscaigfider ass ind firinni. Forosnaibter gúbretha in domain dedenaig.
24835] Forloscfiter torthi iarna tadbsiu. iar la tola n-echtrand & daescarslúag. Biaid forlucht for cach bruig. Brogfaitir cricha i rroilbi. {MS folio 188c 50} bid romag cach rofid.
24840] bid rofid cach romag. Ar fogena cach lín a muntire. .i. biaid a ord i mbreith a muntire i calad. Ticfait iar sein tedmand ili ancride. Atcha ellma uathmara.
24845] {MS folio 188c 55} Lochait bledmand crand .i. biaid dorchatu and in tan blaidfait na craind ic maidm. Gaim dullech. sam subach .i. dorcha.
24850] fochmuine cen messu. errach cen blathu.


{MS folio 188c} marta la nuna .i. gorta. {MS folio 188c 60} .I.edmand for cethraib.
24855] bedcacha.


Cathcharpat serda

{MS folio 189a} ATchondarc and carput féig foduirn fethamail findruine. co llús co llúas co llangliccus. co pupaill uanicda Co fertsib {MS folio 189a 5} findruini. Co rrothaib finduma. Co creitt uraird dírig drésachtaich
24860] dásachtaig caemchnessairt cholggfata. cholggatchain. Co carput chraeslethan chraesluath. ar da n-echaib cróda comardda. At {MS folio 189a 10} íat bágaig bruiche bolgruisc. At é dronchobcha. At íat cendbeca cruindbeca baslethna. leslethna. Cruich lúig. At iat redgcaig bedgaich bolgsróin bruinnideirg co lluas ainle vel chliabaig dar cétroí
24865] {MS folio 189a 15} vel side gaethe dar cend magdaire machaire. Is é tricci & tarpigi & trebarluas connagat na eich ardmora aibinni atchonnarc amae.

Atchonnacc and araile ech luath lutlugmar luglemmennach. {MS folio 189a 20} maignech tairngech fulud cetharchrua. lúth buada beres conbenas. Aíblech tened trichemruaid taitnes dar craes a globarchind.
24870] Dofuil araile and ech cenand cael coscrundfata seng seta seredchael. {MS folio 189a 25} casmonggach chaschairchech drondub dualach dualbras irforad ard imamnais.

Dofuil sin charputsin laech foltfind foltlebor nirt chomsid {MS folio 189a 30} cumachtaig. lainech derg daigerla na láim. hí ar derglassad
24875] anflaith uas én etarluamnaig uasaib dó Dofuilet tri fuilt arin laechsin. folt dond fri tuind. folt find iar n-irmedón. mind n-orda {MS folio 189a 35} ra tuigedar. Uii. tibri cechtar a da grúad.uii. ruithni cecha tibri dibside. uii. meic imlesain cechtar a da rosc. rind glasgorm gér lais. Uii. meóir cechtar a da lám. Dofailet araile cechtar a
24880] {MS folio 189a 40} da choss. Fuan casscorcra imbi. Mílech óir deirg issin brutt osa bánbrunnichair. Dofuil léine slemunchael sítaide i caustul ra gelchness dó Dofilet cethri léinti fichet tarsibsin ammuig {MS folio 189a 45} anechtair. ar is iatsin bít ri baccaib & refedaib dósom. Dofuil cathchris comlaind imbi. Congeib ó chond a leisi co holl a ochsaille.
24885] Dofuil inar fandchlechtach forórda immi. neoch mar imfúaig {MS folio 189a 50} snáthat d'ór iarna írbrunniud vel d'argut arna sochumtach. Dofuil bernfuathbróc srethach sróllaide cona cimais de banór bricc ria sechtair. Congeib ar tiug a bánsliasat co cumtuch a chuirp. {MS folio 189a 55} Dofuil cathbarr cirach clárach comecartha do gemmaib solusglana
24890] do chumtuch ingantach tiri Arabiae .i. críchi na Sorcha. a ferand mín Manannam doberthe dosom do ascid flatha. Dofuil bopulsciath {MS folio 189a 60} dub delgnach díchummais. cona deich findbolggaib fichet findruine.


{MS folio 189b} cona imlind airaird ordaide cona slaitt comthind chreduma cona bil aithgéir argdidi. cona loss imthróm iarnaide. fedagin fail co
24895] {MS folio 189b 5} cuired i talmain hí do chur ber & sleg & saiget & rend & arm & faebur. Cona slabraig linig loga dar gelgualandchur dó Dofail claideb claslethan cruaidgér cona da traigid n-imchumside eter {MS folio 189b 10} da n-og n-imfaebair dó Co feit co cruas co colgdirgi. co llethad finna fri barrfoth. ra gére & áithe & eltnadacht dó Co truaill
24900] {MS folio 189b 15} féta fichthi finddruine. co n-imscing airgdide co cumtuch órda. Da sleig crandmóra cendglassa cúicrindi curatta laiss. is iat nemnecha faeburgoirti co crú dia ruamnaitis rind. Co súanmib {MS folio 189b 20} ruisc rogaid. tria fagaib na crand ciaburderg.

Ara comsid círdub i n-airinuch in charpait. Cochullbratt sróllaide
24905] {MS folio 189b 25} imbi. Clár gemnide do lííc logmair congeib dara béletan conid dín ar derdain & donind dó, na léic bréic tessaidechta na inorbairt gni chuci. Crand casmongach na láim. magarscís echraide.

{MS folio 189b 30} Samalta lim ra trí airdi ind echradsin. elta duben ós chind arbaige. vel ra cáer tentide. vel ra cith snechtaide. ba samalta lim na fóit
24910] tarrruada tairrdergga curit i cleithe firmimenti ic drecma erma {MS folio 189b 35} darsin mag. Ba samalta lim fri sponcaiblig teined trichemrúaid taitnes dar craes glóbarchind dóib.

Flesc arggit gil i lláim ind arad ic sobrostugud na hechraide na {MS folio 189b 40} tiagat céim forddail acht ammar as dess & as less & as licht lassin
24915] óclach atchonnacc. At.


Do nemthigud filed

{MS folio 189b 45} DO nemthigud filed i scélaib & i comgnimaib in so sís da n-asnís do rigaib & flathib .i. uii. coicait scél .i. coic coícait de primscélaib {MS folio 189b 50} & dá coícait do foscélaib. & ní hármiter na fosceóilsin acht do chethri
24920] grádaib tantum .i. ollam & anrath & cli & cano. Acus iss iat so na prímscéoil .i. Togla. & tana. & tochmarca. & catha. & uatha. & {MS folio 189b 55} imrama. & oitte. & fessa. forbassa. & echtrada. & aithid. & airggne.

.i. It iat so trá na Togla .i. Trechuairt Tigi Lir. & Tunide Tige {MS folio 189b 60} Burig. & Smutgal,Tige Duma. & Deochair Tige Cathbath. & Togail
24925] {MS folio 189c} Tige Nectain. & Togail Bruidne Uí Dergga. Togail Bruidne Broin meic Briuin. & Togail Bruidne Huí Duile. & Togail Bruidne da Choca.

.ii. Tána tra in so .i. Táin Bó Cualnge. Táin teora n-erc Echdach. {MS folio 189c 5} Tain Bó Rois. Tain Bó Regamain. Tain Bó Flidaisi. Tain
24930] Fraích. Tain Bó Fithir. Tain Bó Faílín.,I ain Bó Gé Tain Bó Dartada.Tain Bó Craebain.

{MS folio 189c 10} iii.Tochmarca in so sís. Tochmarc Meidbe.I ochmarc nEmire. Tochmarc Ailbe. Tochmarc Etaine. Tochmarc Faefe. Tochmarc Feirbe Tochmarc Finnine. Tochmarc Grene Finne.Tochmarc
24935] {MS folio 189c 15} Grene Duinne. Tochmarc Saidbe ingine Sescind.Tochmarc Fithirne & Darine da ingen Tuathail. Tochmarc mna Cruinn. Tochmarc Eithne Uathaige ingine Crimthaind

.iiii Catha dano in so .i. Cath Maige Tured. Cath Talten. Cath {MS folio 189c 20} Maige Mucrima. Cath Dromma Dólach dara díta Cruthnig. Cath
24940] Maige Rath. Cath Coraind. Cath Cláire. Cath Toíden. Cath Temrach. .u. Uatha im in so .i. Uath Angeda. Uath Ecalsa. Imchummair. {MS folio 189c 25} Uath Belaig Con Glais. Uath Licce Blada. Uath Maige Uatha. Uath Maige Imbolg. Uath Beinne Etair. Uath Locha Lurgan. Uath Dercce Ferna. Uath Úama Crúachan.

24945] {MS folio 189c 30} ui. Imrama dano in so .i. Imrom Maele Duin. Imrom Hua Corra. Imrom Luinge Murchertaig meic Erca. Longes Breg Léith. Longes Brecain. Longes Labrada. Longes Fothaid.

{MS folio 189c 35} Oitte dano in so .i. Aided Con Ruí Aided Con Culaind. Aided Fir Dead. Aided Conaill. Aided Celtchair. Aided Blai Briugad.
24950] Aided Loegaire. Aided Fergusa. Aided Chonchobuir. Aided Fiamain.


{MS folio 189c} Aided Mael Fatharlaig meic Ronain. Aided Taidc meic Cein. Aided meic Samain.

{MS folio 189c 40} Fessa im in so .i. Fess Tige Fir Blai. Fess Tige Bichair. Fess Tige Tulchinne. Fess Tige Trichim. Fess.Tige Lí Fess Tige Line.
24955] {MS folio 189c 45} Fess Tige Guit. Fess Tigi Gnaair. Fess Tigi trí mac Demonchatha. Fess Tigi Auscle. Fess Tige Mell Dolaig. Fess Cruachan. Fess Emna. Fess Alend. Fess Temra. Fess Dúin Bolgg. Fess Dúin Buchet.,

{MS folio 189c 50} Forbossa dano in so .i. Forbais Fer Fálga. Forbais Etair. Forbais Aichle. Forbais Dúin Bárc. Forbais Dúin Binne. Forbais Fer Fidga.
24960] Forbais Life. Forbais Ladrand. Forbais Dromma Damgaire. {MS folio 189c 55} Echtrai im in so .i. Echtra Nera Echtra Fiamain. Echtra Con Ruí Echtra Con Culaind. Echtra Conaill. Echtra Conchobuir. Echtra Crimthaind Nia Náir. Echtra Macha ingine Áeda Ruaid. {MS folio 189c 60} Echtra Nectain meic Alfroinn. Echtra Ailchind meic Amalgaid.
24965] Echtra Find i nDerc Ferna. Echtra Aedain meic Gabrain. Echtra Mael Uma meic Baitain. Echtra Mongain meic Fiachna.

{MS folio 190a} Aithid im in so .i. Aithed Mugaine re Fiamain. Aithed Derdrinne {MS folio 190a 5} re macaib Uislenn. Aithed Aefe ingine Eogain re Mes Dead. Aithed Naise ingine Fergusa re Nertach mac ui Léith. Aithed mna Gaíeir
24970] meic Deirg re Glass mac Cimbaetha. Aithed Blathnaite ingine Puill {MS folio 190a 10} meic Fidaig. re Coin Culaind. Aithed Grainne re Diarmait. Aithed Muire re Dub Ruis. Aithed Ruthcherni re Cuanu mac Cailchin. Aithed Eirce ingine Looirn re Muridach mac Eogain. Aithed Díge {MS folio 190a 15} re Laidcnén. Aithed mná Ailella meic Eógain re Fothud Canann

24975] .xii. Airgne dano in so .i. Argain Maige Cé Gala mac Febail. Argain Átha Hí Argain Dune Dubglaisse. Argain Dinn Ríg. Argain {MS folio 190a 20} Atha Cliath. Argain Duine Delga. Argain Tuir Chonaind. Argain Ailig for Néit mac Indui. Argain Belcon Breifne. Argain Cairpri Cind Caitt for saerchlannaib Herend. Argain Echach fora maccaib.
24980] {MS folio 190a 25} Argain Chaille Chonaill. Argain Donnán Ego. Argain Maic Da Thó Argain Mac Magach. Argain Side Nenta. Argain Sratha Cluada. Argain Sleibe Soilgech. Argain Ratha Rigbaird. Argain {MS folio 190a 30} Ratha Ruis Guill. Argain Ratha.Túaige. Argain Ratha Tuaisle. Argain Ratha Tobachta. Argain Ratha.I.imchill. Argain Ratha
24985] Cuinge. Argain Ratha Cuillend. Argain Cróchan. Argain Cathrach {MS folio 190a 35} Boirche. Argain Ratha Blai. Argain Ratha Gaila. Argain Ratha


{MS folio 190a} Uillne. Argain Ratha Náis. Argain Benne Cé Argain Ratha Granaird. Argain Ratha Búirig. Braflang Scóine. Aigidecht Artúir.

Is amal phrímscéla dano ármither na scelasa sís .i. Tomadma
24990] & Físi & Serca. & Sluagid. & Tochomlada .i. Tomaidm Locha Echach. Tomaidm Locha Éirne. Fís mná Nemid. {MS folio 190a 45} Fís Conchobuir. Fis Cuind .i. Baile in Scáil. Fis Fursu. Serc Callige Berre do Fothud Chanand. Serc Dubi Lacha do Mongan. Serc Gormlaithe do Niall.

24995] {MS folio 190a 50} Sluagid tra so .i. Sluagad Augaire Móir co hEtáil. Sluagad Dath Í co Sliab nElpa. Sluagad Neill meic Echach co Muir nIcht. Sluagad {MS folio 190a 55} Fiachna meic Baítáin co Dún nGuaire i Saxanaib. & primsluagid Herend archena.

Tochomlod Partholoin dochum nHerend. Tochomlod Nemid co
25000] Herind. Tochomlod Fer mBolg. Tochomlod Tuathe De Danand. {MS folio 190a 60} Tochomlod Míl meic Bile co Espáin.Tochomlod Mac Miled a hEspáin i nHerind.

Tochomlod Cruithnech a Tracia co Herind. & a thochomlod ó {MS folio 190b} Herind co Albain. Tochomlod Longsi Fergusa a hUltaib.
25005] Tochomlod Muscraigi de Maig Bregoin. Tochomlod na nDési ó Themraig. & Tochomlod Clainne Echach Mugmedóin a mMide. amp {MS folio 190b 5} Tochomlod Céin ó Chassiul. & Tochomlod Dail Riatai i nAlbain. & inní ro hort & ro bíth & atbath. ni fili nád chomgne comathar na scéla uile.,



Na Trí Fothaid

{MS folio 190b 10} NA trí Fothaid .i. Fothad Airgtech & Fothad Carptech. & Fothad Canann. Oendé & Cloendé & Trendé a n-anmand.Tri meic sin Fainnchi ingine Náir meic Aurmora do Aradaib Cliach. & Téite {MS folio 190b 15} ingine Maicniad meic Lugdach meic Dáre Deirg meic Gnathaltaig
25015] meic Nuadat Necht meic Sétnai Sithbaicc. Bert Fannchi emnu {MS folio 190b 20} .i. tri fermaic. Atberat araile do Ibdachaib do Ultaib a mbunadas .i. da mac do Iriel Glúnmar. Forc & Imboth. Fosracaib Rectaid Rigderg i nAlbain. Ro maidset catha remib comtar fasa crícha {MS folio 190b 25} mára i nAlbain coro giallsat do Rechtaid Rigderg. A quibus Tuatha
25020] Forc & Imboth. i nAlbain. Dollotar .lll. anair co ngabsat Cluichri Cliach & ní fortaat. Gabsat crích Mani & Fiachrach Aidni. & crích {MS folio 190b 30} mBascind a comarbus a senathar Echach meic Luctai .i. Uathni & Éli. dí ingin Echach meic Luctai. Tír nEile otá Sinaind sair & {MS folio 190b 35} fodess.Tír nUathni otá Sinaind siar & fothúaid co Dergderc. Conid
25025] ó anmannaib na mbansin dogardar a cenela. Ár dolluid in dara {MS folio 190b 40} n-aí .i. Éile co hÉli Rigderg conid de dogarar Éli. Luid dano araile .i. Uathne co Fergus Foltlebor conid de dogardar Úaithne. & ro batar cethri níaid do chlaind aicce .i. Uathnia & Drúthnia. Caínnia & Deochnia.

25030] {MS folio 190b 45} Tri meic Nuadat Nécht. Gnathaltach sen athair na Fothud. & Baiscne senathair Find. & Fergus Fairge senathair rigraide Lagen. amal asbert Find.

    1. Na tri Fothaid
      {MS folio 190b 50} firsat Macnia Lugdach luind Daire Deirg.

      25035] daig garg. Gnathaltach.
      gair nith Nuadu Nécht.
    2. Di gablai gelfine
      Galioin Find fir Umaill.
      {MS folio 190b 55} argg tricc Trénmór.

      25040] triur saer sanb Soailt.
      sofer bríg Boiscne
      boda nar Nuadu Necht.

    3. p.839

    4. {MS folio 190b} Lond Lugaid. Find file. Ros Ruad.
      rupthe Fergus fiadu Fairge.

      25045] {MS folio 190b 60} falnath nia Nuadu Necht
      nind niamtha nath. N.


Inis Dornglais ro gab Crimthann

{MS folio 190c} INis Dornglais ro gab Crimthand mac Fidaig for maccaib Echach Mugmedoin Dochuatar meic Echach Mugmedoin {MS folio 190c 5} for [...] iar tain i mMumain iar n-éc Crimthaind meic Fidaig.
25050] co tartdad cath do [...] .i. cath Corad Caenraige cor [...] siar & coro gonad Fiachra mac [...] Acus is é ros gon Máge Messchor {MS folio 190c 10}ach co n-erbailt i Foroí coro hadnach [...] Coíca giall tucsat meic Echach aníar iar mbrissiud in chath [...] I cind mís iarsin chath robo m [...] Coro hadnacht na géill beo [...] ind ríg. Is iar
25055] {MS folio 190c 15} sain ro gabad Dún Daire da Bróc Caílle Galeng for bru [...] & Ailella. Co rrucad Ailill i ngiall [...] & coro marbad Ailill and lasin ríg

Temaile fáid Miled Espáin

Temaile fáid Miled Espáin d [...] druim Témaile. is é ro inni [...] {MS folio 190c 20} Espáin tuirthet a chlainne co br [...] profetia eius baile,Themaile.
25060] uoc [...] Tolomrad assin bailesin cen deg [...] i nHerind .i. baile {MS folio 190c 25} Beaid. & fer [...] & Sirnai. & Assail. Temaile o [...] Slúag de Liniu. sluag di Liu. & r [...]

A Cín Dromma Snecta so sis

Asberat senchaide boí longes ingen [...] Ebríb ar cind mac
25065] {MS folio 190c 30} Miled i nHeredo rála anfud mara issin n-ocian de Muir Tirrén co ndasralatar i nHerind. Bátar [...] re maccaib Miled. Asbertatar iarum fri maccu Miled ba tochu dóib a tir fein & ni treic fitís {MS folio 190c 35} cen tinscra friu ar chardes doib. Is de at fir crenda mnáa i nHére co brath


Aír imchrenait lanamna isin domun olchena Abratruad gilla Conchobuir meic [...] Ergab gilla Fergusa. meic Roig [...] Calbmether gilla Celtchair. {MS folio 190c 40} Cromm Slige gilla Conaill Cernaig.
25075] Garbrétach gilla Cormaic Cond. Longes Fuibne gilla Eogain meic Durthacht. Trotgal gilla Fergusa meic Leti. Balcbend gilla Ailella meic Matach


Mugdorn ingen Moga Duib

{MS folio 190c 45} Conan gilla Find.

    1. 25080] Mugdorn ingen Moga Duib
      de chuiciud Ulad ardmuir
      cétben ra meil bróin mbind.
      ria mnáib
    2. Nabal in ben fiad cach slóg.

      25085] {MS folio 190c 50} ba cumal la Partholon.
      Nabal tuc na seotu ille.
      Nabal tuc na hindile.