Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition

The Death-Tales of the Ulster Heroes

Author: unknown

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The CELT edition as a single file

tale 1


The Death of Conchobar

tale 2


Aided Chonchobuir

tale 3


Version B from MS. 23. N. 10 (R.I.A.), p. 1

tale 4

p.14 MS page 1

Version C from the Liber Flavus Fergusiorum, fo. 105 a 1

tale 5

p.18 MS page 1

Version D from the Stowe MS. D. 4. 2, fo. 54a3.

tale 1

p.22 MS page 1

Aided Lóegairi Búadaig

tale 2

p.22 MS page 9

Version B from Mss. 23. B. 21, p. 176, and 23. G. 21, p. 142 (R.I.A.)

tale 1

p.24 MS page 9

Aided Cheltchair maic Uthechair from the Edinburgh Ms. LX, p. 9, and the Book of Leinster, p. 118a.

tale 1

p.32 MS page 11

Aided Fergusa Maic Róich from the Edinburgh MS. XL, p. 5.

tale 1

p.36 MS page 6

The Death of Cet mac Mágach

tale 2

p.40 MS page 8

Version B