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Celtic Scholars series: Rudolf Thurneysen

Old and Middle Irish texts online at CELT, edited/translated by Rudolf Thurneysen

Select bibliography of Thurneysen's writings

1857: born March in Basel (Switzerland)
was pupil of both Windisch at Leipzig and Zimmer at Berlin; also studied under Gaidoz at Paris
1887: became Chair of Comparative Philology at the University in Freiburg
1909: published Handbuch des Alt-Irischen. Translated by D.A. Binchy and Osborn Bergin with title A Grammar of Old Irish, still in print
1911: visited Ireland
1912: Zu irischen Handschriften und Literaturdenkmälern published
1913: to Bonn
1921: Die irische Helden- und Königsage published "with help from the Irish Language Department of Dáil Éireann"
1923-1931: published articles in Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie and Proceedings of the British Academy on Old Irish (Brehon) Law 1940: died.

John Ryan, Rudolf Thurneysen: 1857-1940, Studies 29 (1940), 583-90.

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