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Whitley Stokes

Irish texts available on CELT, edited by Whitley Stokes

Select bibliography of works of Stokes

1830 February 28: born in Dublin; educated St Columba's College, taught by Denis Coffey, from Munster; through his father's interests got to know John O'Donovan, George Petrie and Eugene O'Curry.
1847: entered Trinity College Dublin, graduated B.A. in 1851.
1851 October 9: became student at Inner Temple; called to the bar in 1855; practised in London until 1862 when he left for India visiting Madras and Calcutta.
1859: published "Irish Glosses from a MS. in Trinity College, Dublin" published.
1860: "A Treatise on the Liens of Legal Practitioners" published; as was A Mediaeval Tract on Latin Declension, with Examples explained in Latin and the Lorica of Gildas, with the Gloss thereon and Glosses from the Book of Armagh by the Irish Archaeological and Celtic Society, for which he received the gold medal of the Royal Irish Academy.
1861: "Powers of Attorney" published.
1862-1865: in India made secretary to the governor-general's legislative council and then secretary to the legislative department.
1864: edited and translated the Cornish mystery "Gwreansan Bys" (Creation of the World).
1865: married Mary Bazely by whom he had two sons and two daughters; Hindu Law Books published in Madras.
1874: edited and translated "The Life of St. Meriasek".
1876: Middle Breton Hours published in Calcutta.
1877-1882: law member of the council of the governor-general.
1877: made C.SI.
1879: appointed president of the Indian law commission; made C.I.E.
1882: left India for London.
1884: married Elizabeth Temple (d.1901).
1887-1888: Anglo-Indian codes (two volumes) published, with supplements.
1909 April 13: died in London.
1910: his daughters present his library of Celtic volumes to University College, London.

Dictionary of National Biography

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