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Anglo-Irish poems of the Middle Ages: The Kildare Poems

Author: [unknown]

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Poem 1

The Land of Cokaygne

Poem 2

MS fol 6v

Five Hateful Things

Poem 3

MS fol 6v


Poem 4

MS fol 8v

Song of Michael of Kildare

Poem 5

MS fol 10r


Poem 6

MS fol 20r

Fifteen Signs before Judgment

Poem 7

MS fol 21v

Fall and Passion

Poem 8

MS fol 31r

Ten Commandments

Poem 9

MS fol 32r

Christ on the Cross

Poem 10

MS fol 28v

Lollai, Lollai, litil child

Poem 11

MS fol 32v

Song of the Times

Poem 12

MS fol 52v

Seven Sins

Poem 13

MS fol 22v

Piers of Bermingham

Poem 14

MS fol 51v


Poem 15

MS fol 62r

Repentance of Love

Poem 16

MS fol 58r


Poem 17

MS fol 58v