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Donate to CELT

It may surprise you, but CELT needs long-term funding to survive. For its day-to-day business, UCC and the History Department give much-appreciated benefits in kind, such as rooms, computer support, website maintenance, etc. For the rest, we have to manage with donations. So if you would like to make a donation, or if you know someone who might wish to do so, you would make CELT, and CELT's many friends, very happy.

To make a tax effective donation from the USA, the UK, or Ireland:
(1) UCC Foundation has established a charitable foundation in the US which enjoys full 501 (c) tax clearance. This Foundation is known as 'The Irish Educational Foundation Inc.', and US residents wishing to make a tax effective contribution to the CELT project within UCC are asked to forward the donation to

Mr Bill McNally
 The Irish Educational Foundation Inc.,
Bingham Dana & Gould,
150 Federal St,
Boston MA 02110. 
Tel.: 617-951-8546
Fax: 617-951-8736.

Please state that the contribution is for CELT in the History Department.
Mr McNally will forward a receipt which can be submitted with the individual's tax returns, and UCC will subsequently acknowledge each contribution.

(2) From the UK and Ireland:
Please get in touch directly with the UCC Foundation Office, stating that your donation is for the CELT Project.

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