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James Connolly

Chronology of James Connolly

5 June 1868 James Connolly is born in Edinburgh, Scotland.
c.1879: He began employment at printing works.
1882: He joined the Second Battalion of the Royal Scots Regiment; he was stationed first at Cork, later in Dublin.
1889: Connolly deserted the army and fled to Perth, Scotland.
30 April 1890: He married Lillie Reynolds from Dublin.
May 1895: He became Secretary of the Scottish Socialist Federation.
May 1896: James Connolly left with his family for Dublin to take up employment as paid organizer of the Dublin Socialist Club.
1897: Erin's Hope published.
21 June 1897: took part in a demonstration commemorating 1798, and was arrested; Maud Gonne paid a fine for his release.
1901: The New Evangel published.
1901 and 1902: On lecture tour in Scotland and England.
1902: Connolly toured the USA on behalf of the Socialist Labor Party.
18 September 1903: He sailed for the USA, leaving his family in Dublin. He became involved with the Socialist Labor Party on the east coast.
1904: His family joined him in America
1908: He was appointed organizer of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).
1909: Socialism Made Easy published.
1909-1910: 11-month-tour of the USA.
1910: Labor in Irish History published in USA.
26 July 1910: Connolly arrived back in Ireland.
1915: Re-Conquest of Ireland published.
1915: "Acting General Secretary", Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU).
1916: He took part in the Easter Rising at General Post Office, Dublin; and was arrested.
12 May 1916 : James Connolly was executed by a firing squad.

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CELT has about 20 texts by James Connolly. More texts by him are available online at the Marxist Archive.

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