Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition

Bethada Náem nÉrenn

Author: [unknown]

Table of Contents

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Life 1

Life of Abban

Life 2

p.10 folio 150b

Life of Bairre of Cork

Life 3

p.21 folio 128a

The Life of Berach

Life 5

p.43 folio 87a

The Twelve Apostles of Ireland

Life 6

p.98 folio 71b

The Life of Old Ciaran of Saighir

Life 7

p.109 MS page 243

Life of Ciaran of Saighir

Life 8

p.121 folio 153b

Life of Coemgen (I)

Life 9

p.127 folio 277b

Life of Coemgen as written by a monk named Solomon who was his own disciple