Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 19


If the matter be caused by choler, there is great heat (?)807 present, and acute tingling pain, though not of long duration, neither is there great heaviness, as the humour whence it arises is light. The colour of the skin tends to yellowness or a clear red; for in the grief caused by red blood, the colour of the skin is darker red than the hue of the body prior thereto, and is relieved by applying cold things, and aggravated by hot.


If the urine be high-coloured and thin, the pulse swift, the faeces yellow, and the season summer, the patient young with a choleric complexion, i.e. lean, brown (?)808 and light, and make use of foods that increase red bile (i.e. eat choleric foods) 809 and be more afflicted at the hour of choler than at any other [then it is evident that choleric matter is at fault].