Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 18


If it be caused by sanguine humour, there is great pain in the head, and heaviness according to the amount of the matter; the skin ruddy, except the pain be deep-seated, and therefore [Galen] says, the pain804 of the body signifies excess of humours, unless it be too deep-seated; the urine is red and thick; the pulse rapid and full; and the pain is greater at the time of red blood, than at any other season. If it be spring time, the same is the more certain;805 and if the sick man favour foods that increase sanguine humour, and be wont to be jolly806 with a cheery laugh (?), have a plump body without being fat, and see red objects in dreams, and the age agree with red blood, then it is evident that the matter is caused by sanguine humour. The hip cramp (sciatica) produced by sanguine humour, causes pain as far as the knee, and some times to the soles of the feet, the which the letting of a vein helps, provided it be done straightway.