Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 10


Prognosis of him on whom is smallpox. It may be said that the white pustules are best when they are few and large; for they come out easily739 the fever accompanying them is low, and lessens on their being opened. If they be white, large, and dense in number and do not come one after the other, then it is less serious, than if they come by degrees.740 If they be white, small and hard, close together, and come out with difficulty, it is bad, for they are produced by thick matter, which kills often quicker than they can be ripened. Should the pustules appear now, and go in again, and be purplish741 accompanied by weakness of the force, it typifies death; if the force be strong, there is hope of escape,742 and it is better that the fever743 precede the pustules than that they come first and the fever after.