Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 37


Item a remedy approved in a hot case. Take the juice of plantain, and liverwort, and fill it almost full in an earthen pot, the which is closed with a thin hide, and tied up tight. Put ashes on the hide, and put it in an oven, having taken the bread from out of it; make a low fire beneath the sides of the pot to keep the heat in the oven,711 and open it thereafter, when it is boiled, and filter, to extract its juice from it; add sugar, and give to drink early and at bedward, which cures, as I have proved on a man whom no other remedy helped; and on giving a little spikenard with it, he passed a gallon of urine on the first day, on the second day another, and another gallon on the third day. I permitted him, not to drink during


that time, but to have a piece of candy in his mouth.712