Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 32


Then make an emplaister for the stomach of these herbs: [rx ] mint, wormwood, mastich, camomile flowers, cumin soaked in vinegar, betony, roots of lily, roses and sour bread. Do not apply another to him the following day, but let him do this exercise early on rising (?);702—let him


lie prostrate, and turn often from one side to the other, and, let him rub himself often with his hands,703 or let him mount a while on a horse that carries him gently, and when he comes down let him walk in a sandy level place. If he sweat, dry him, and put him in a place where the sun is hot, and let his head be well covered; or he may be put in hot sand, not in a hot oven, as do the people, for there were against that, that he would suffocate, unless his head were outside of it.