Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 28


Item this electuary697 is frequently given: [rx ] sanders drachm 2 of each; ivory and charred ivory turnings, drachm 1½ of each; cubebs ounce ½: if there be great heat present, drachm 2 of each seed of the four great cold seeds, and drachm 2 of endive seed; portulaca, lignum aloes, nutmeg, drachm 1½ of each; and 1 lb. of sugar, the which to be made with water wherein is boiled andivia. Let him use a good measure of it at dawn, but not at bedward, save when he have not supped; for it is not meet to give medicine to the liver, except when the stomach is empty, as is best possible.698 Sometimes I put in spikenard, in place of lignum aloes, the which electuary I have proved in the case of many people,699 and it is a special secret of my own which should be neither prepared for or taught to any one but on first receiving the price of treatment, for it cures within a short space.