Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 22


Of the cure of dropsy here, the which is twofold: proper and common. The proper consists in varying many species (spices?)676 and herbs proper to it, and arranging meetly for the cure. The common remedy consists in drawing off the watery fluid, and drying it up. Constantine says this drawing off is done in four ways. The first, by giving things that excite the urine, such as spikenard, and cassia linea; the second by drawing off the wateriness by sweats, by vomiting, and by clysters, which are made of agaric and juice of iris.677 The bath for drawing the sweat678 is made with sulphurous679 or sea water, or by the fumes of water wherein are boiled pellitory, lovage and bran, or by hot ointments, as arraton abatis and agripa.680