Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 16


Note that there is no doubt that every dropsy produced by cold can be cured, whereas Serapion659 says no man may be cured of a hot dropsy. I say, this is true as regards its own nature, but it may be cured by skill; or else I say thus: that hot dropsy is not cured but with difficulty and great labour, the force of the patient being strong, and he having a good strong complexion. Or else I put it this way: dropsy can be cured at its inception, and when on the increase, but this is not possible660 later than the static period. This doctor661 says, he has


seen people in every kind of dropsy who had a waist measurement of 25" more than their wont, whom God willing, he cured; but he took no one of them to cure him for certain, as it is not proper in this case to promise, except on condition. Should a man suffer from madness and dropsy befall him, it cures the causes of the madness, for the dropsy662 moistens it (?) according to Averroes.