Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 14


If a cough seize him who has the swelling, it is a hopeless sign.655 And Serapion says, it is a bad sign, should


ill-coloured, evil-smelling sputum come with the cough. And to this I say, there are two varieties of cough, a dry cough, and a moist, according to whichever it is produced by, rheum, or the matter of the disease. If it come from rheum, it is not deadly,656 but it is, if produced by the matter of the disorder; therefore Hippocrates says, if the cough follow the swelling it is injurious, but not if it precede it. Serapion657 says when the matter of the disease (i.e. the swelling) has the dominance, so much that it causes constriction of the chest and breathing, it is a sign of death, before the end of the third day.