Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 12


Prognosis of dropsy. Averroes says tympany is the worst form, but Avicenna648 maintains that ascites is the most


malicious, hyposarca the slightest, and tympany medium. And to this I say, tympanites is the most malicious form, and the hardest to cure of them all; for it is produced by (weak) cold that weakens the heat, and by restless649 heat. Therefore many a time, nor leech, nor physician knows what he should do, for if he apply hot things thereunto it increases the matter in the liver and stomach, and causes extreme thirst: if cold things be applied the windiness is retained, and the limbs fatten, and if he put cold things on the liver it increases flatulence for the liver helps the stomach to digest, and if the liver be weakened, the digestion is weakened, and from this is produced flatulence. But ascites is worse than tympanites, as regards accidents,650 or it may be said, ascites is worse as regards internal cure, and tympanites, as regards external,651 for the swelling is in the stomach, and if it be cut in the thin part, it is death without a doubt.