Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 19


If it be produced by melancholy, let it be digested in the following manner:— [rx ] Take roots of radishes and water plantain,609 lily, peony, equal quantities of each; bruise, and soak in vinegar and wine for a day and a night. Then take sage, and mountain sage, and great germander, thyme, calamint, cinquefoil, hyssop, a fistful of each; drachmi of anise and seed [...] fennel seed, yellow flag; ouncei of nutmeg ouncei½ of cinnamon; ounce1 of borage flowers, and ounce1½ of ashen wood bark and ounce1½ of bark of aspen; and 1½ lbs of honey; and boil in water wherein is quenched red-hot iron. If the weather be hot, and the person young, hart's-tongue may be mixed with it; and that is syrup of radishes. If it proceed from sanguine humour, let it be digested with oxymel diuretica, or pliris dianthos; diacastoreum in cold age and cold weather, after purging.