Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 16


The proper regimen is carried out by four things.602 The first of them, is the digesting of the matter; the second, its expelling; the third, the converting of the remains of the matter to its contrary;603 the fourth, the correcting of the accidents. The first of these is accomplished by things that transform the matter;604 and let this digestive syrup be made to that end. [rx ] Fennel seed, parsley, wild carrot, anise, sage, mountain sage (lavendula), calament, primrose, betony, southernwood and avens: a fistful of each; ginger, pellitory, burdock, long and black pepper, dried rue, aristolochia, laurel berries, mustard, gentian; drachm i of each. Stamp, and boil, and strain them, and make thereof a syrup as is meet with honey.