Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 13


The second thing is accomplished by medicaments possessing virtue and specific properties that comfort the nerves; as wolf's lard which comforts the cold nerves, and the dregs of oil made from flax, and agaric; and other moderate operations, such as laurel oil, and oil of costus.596 And he says, treacle597 is good in every disease of the nerves that comes from cold, if it be boiled in water of anise, and leaves of rue, and sage, the which avails in every season against these diseases. Mesue says, it is good at the beginning of these sicknesses, as it digests and thins the matter, and corrects the malice of the cold complexion;598 they avail after the digestion, as they purge, and disperse the remainder of the matter, and have specific properties for comforting the nerves: the proper amount to give thereof is drachm 1½.