Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 8


If the paralysis come from an imposthume, it is accompanied by fever, with hardness in the member, and the pulse is obscure, weak and disorderly, the urine is white, thin, and sometimes like the urine of a brutish beast;587 another time it is high-coloured on account of disease of the reins, or fever, or other illness that accomplishes588 it. The sick side is cold and freezing, as though it were in ice, and the other healthy side, hot as though it were on fire; sometimes the eye gets smaller, and the mouth becomes crooked; at another time the hand shakes on account of the conflict there is between nature and the disease, as Galen says; for the heaviness and matter of the disease press down and the weakened force cannot resist it altogether, but it does what it can and gives a heave upwards, but since it cannot keep the weak member


in its own proper place, forthwith it i.e. the member trembles.