Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 8


Item apply a poultice of pigeon's droppings, and honey, to the back of the head, which relieves it greatly. Item if he have some sense,546 and desire to take a remedy, it is sufficient to cure if he drink mustard and beaver powder and mint juice frequently; and let galbanum and stag's horn be burnt, and let its smoke go up under his nose on waking. And if he have a little of his reason, let the matter be digested with a syrup, in which shall be put sage juice, and betony, and rue, and mint, calamint, anise, fennel seed, cummin, nettles, seed of rue, vinegar, a little honey and sugar. If the fever be acute, give him a little of the syrup in which maidenhair has been boiled. If it be slight or the matter composite, give syrup of violets, and digest with oxymel of squills.