Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 7


Note, it is necessary for lethargics, that people talk loudly in their presence. Tie their extremities tightly, (and) rub their palms and soles hard; and let their feet be put in salt water up to the middle of their shins, and pull the hair and nose, and squeeze the toes and fingers tightly, and cause pigs to squeal (?)543 in his ears; give him a sharp clyster at the beginning of the case, in which is hiera picra Galeni, centaury, southern wood and wormwood, and the like, and open the vein of the head, or nose, or forehead, and draw blood from the nose with the bristles of a boar.544 Put a feather, or a straw in his nose to compel him to sneeze, and do not ever desist from hindering him from sleeping; and let human hair, or other evil-smelling thing, be burnt under the nose. Apply moreover the cupping horn between the shoulders, and let a feather be put down the throat, to cause vomiting, and shave the back of the head, and rub oil of roses and vinegar, and smallage juice thereon. On the imposthumes consolidating on the third day, or the fourth, take castoreum, and juice of red mint(?), water, vinegar and smallage juice, and let them simmer together, and rub them on the back of the head, so that they,


and the matter therein, are digested,545 or soak a cloth in it, and apply to the back of the head, and change frequently.