Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 4


If the matter be compound and phlegm be dominant,


the sleep is the heavier thereof, and the patient is taciturn, and dislikes moving,534 and keeps his eyes closed as though he were devoid of life. If choler be strongest, then the patient is restless and sleepless,535 and keeps his eyes open, gazing at one object for long. If both these humours be equal, the symptoms will be intermediate. If produced by phlegmatic humour only, the patient is yawnful at the beginning of the matter, and he suffers from an excess of saliva, and heavy sleep, and keeps his eyes and mouth shut, and if these be opened, he forgets to close them. The faeces are frequent, copious and moist, and the pulse and breathing scant and oppressed,536 and if the sufferers from this disease be addressed in a loud voice, and called by their proper names, they answer;537 but if permitted they relapse into sleep without delay, and that is not real sleep, but heaviness and stupor.