Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 81


Cold imposthume of the womb is cured by vomiting, by an attractive clyster, and by agaric; and digest the matter with fennel roots, smallage, maiden hair, caeterach, pollitrich, plantain roots, and scabious, a fistful of each of these; columbine, pimpernel, daisy, mulberries, fumitory, hypericon (?), half a fistful of each of these; a quart of liquorice, one ounce of fennel


seed, half an ounce of camomile seed or flowers,519 and a drachm of violet flowers. Make a syrup of this with water and let it be used early, at noonday, and at bedward, and this syrup cures every imposthume and felon in cold weather, and delivers from poison; and from the columbine it is named. It is also good in hot weather provided one thing, that the cold things be increased in hot weather and the hot lessened. Violet water is good in the case of every hot imposthume mixed with nightshade (?)520 and roses, and therefore bear this in mind for the use of every imposthume, except the imposthume of the brain called phrenesis.