Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 80


Hot imposthume of the womb is cured515 by letting the vein of the liver,516 and the vein called saphena, for the catumenial flow is withheld therein in this tumour: cause vomiting afterwards, and make a tisane in which are boiled violets, and coltsfoot. Let the patient consume but little food and drink, and make long vigils, and place sweet-smelling things in the place wherein she is. Then put cassia fistula in her remedies;517 boil mallows, flax seed, and plantain,518 and mix oil of roses therein, then soak wool in it, and apply the wool thereto. Let it be ripened with mallows, and dactylis (?) and with gander's fat and barley meal; and put it as an emplaister on the share and the place where the pain is. If it be ripe, break it with figs and mustard, and with droppings of goats or doves, and clean the ulcer then with honey water.