Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 69


Let us speak now of imposthumes of the testicles;494 sometimes the vessels harden, and imposthumes appear on them,495 and (from this) there is swelling in their own substance at other times there is swelling496 in them because of rupture and this has the appearance of an imposthume, but it is not so. And the following is the cause of it: Est aliquando sperma, quod est in via, non habens completum exitum; sicut accidit illis, qui loquuntur cum mulieribus, & tangunt eas, amplexantur fortiter, cupiuntque coire, & tamen desiderio non satisfaciunt. Aliquando accidit induratio propter equitationem incommodam equi succusantis, vel propter saltum super sellam ascendendo, ante vel post sellam, super lignum. Aliquando propter pollutionem nocturnam inchoatam & impeditam.’’

[R. A. 930]