Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 67


Item if peacock's droppings be applied, it breaks, ripens, and heals the anthrax. Item bruise daisies between two stones, and put them on it and raw yolks of eggs, and burnt salt mixed well, and this will break it by the end of the third day. Item bruise pimpinella, along with linaria, the which is very potent in this case. Item bruise scabious along with lard, it is approved potent in this case, and clean the spot then, with juice of smallage, and pure honey,490 and wheaten meal. If the pain be intolerable, take lily roots bruised and boiled in water, and apply them, or roots of lily and daisy, with


white of egg, and add a healing powder of mastyche, dragon's blood, roses, and the like. If it be desired to draw the matter from a noble member to an ignoble one, rub with juice of savory,491 from the place where the felon is, to the place where it is desired it should go, and apply a resolvent poultice to it then.