Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 56


If repletion be the cause of that drawing, and if it come from sanguine humour, let a vein; and if it be because of the malice of another humour, purge him with a purgative or by vomiting. If both be responsible, let those three things be done; and let the drawing be done to the member that is farthest from you opposite it, such as, if there be a hot imposthume on the eye,463 apply the (cupping) horn, along with scarification, to the back of the head; for this purges the matter, and draws it strongly in the opposite direction. Galen464 says if there be an imposthume on the right hand, let the blood be drawn to the left; and vice versa,465 regarding the right, that is, if it be the right foot let (it) be drawn to the left foot.466