Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 54


Note, imposthumes have antecedent causes, such as repletion459 and primitive causes, i.e. external causes, such as a fall, a blow, or the bite of an animal. The imposthumes that are formed from primitive causes are sometimes formed with repletion of the body, and at other times without it, although there is local plethora in the member wherein is the imposthume, the which plethora is caused by the dispersal of the matter to the member. And this dispersal is caused by the repletion of the whole body, or by that of a member that is near to the imposthume, or by the strength of a member that expels its excess to another weak member, and the tying460 of the members together helps to this end, or the wideness of the passages. Sometimes the cause of the drawing of the matter to the place of the imposthume is the hot evil complexion of the member, for attraction is the property of heat.