Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 24


Note, imposthumes are generated in the internal members, as they are in the external, and some of them kill suddenly on account391 of the nobility of the humours, and the members and the violence of the fever and the pain; such are diseases of the heart, and its imposthume: other things kill more slowly, such as imposthumes of the liver, the spleen, the reins, and the stomach. There are other things again that have special names, such as imposthume of the ribs, called pleurisy, and this is why it is so called: — pleur in Greek is the same as easna in Latin (sic)392 and in Gaelic, and ‘sis’ is the same as position, therefore it is called pleurisis from its position on the rib, or near if, on the midriff. Peri-pneumony,


i.e. imposthume of the lungs. Frenzy, i.e. imposthume of the brain.