Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 50


Item let rose water, or any other water, be poured suddenly about his face, the which avails in the paroxysm, although it does harm thereafter if it remain long on his body, as in the case of syncope caused by crude humours and by fear.333 For that increases the crudity of the matter and keeps it and the spirit inside, and therefore the water shouid be poured on him suddenly and not be permitted to remain on him. Sometimes the water should be poured on gradually and allowed to remain, as in the case of syncope caused by joy, or by fiux; thereafter he should be made to vomit, and rub the nose334 and shoulder-blades, and fumigate them, and the belly,335 according to Galen.336 Cold water avails poured suddenly in this case, because of the shock which excites the heat, but337 it were better then to excite


it by rubbing and sweet odours. In a cold case, however, resulting from repletion, it is not good338 to pour the water at first, but at the end, not on account of the complexion, but of the shock it gives. Then let sweet-smelling things be applied in this case,339 such as sanders, violets, and nenuphar, placed in a linen cloth; but in a cold cause add lignum aloes and laudanum. If it come from phlegm, give alipta moschata, and rub the extremities, and especially when the matter comes from repletion. If the matter come from poison, give tormentil with wine or milk in it, or nuts with figs, and warm juice of milfoil. Put a broad stick between his teeth, and call him loudly by his proper name,340 and give treacle to him, and diamargariton and wine.