Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 42


If the matter come from choler, let it be purged with violet, tamarind and cassia fistula; for Avicenna says, tamarind comforts the heart in people of evil complexion with a tendency to choler, for it moderates the heat of choler, and cleanses it by the laxative power it has. In the same way, myrobalani comfort the heart when there is depression present or weakness from thinness of the blood. For Avicenna says, they cool according to complexion, and according to force they purge the burnt matter therein. Similarly rhubarb comforts the heart by relieving the liver first, as the heart is life to the liver, according to Aristotle.319 The following are the composites that purge choler: violet-sugar, diaprunus,320 diarhabarbarum, and electuaries of juice of roses.