Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 39


The second thing mentioned is accomplished by the varying of digerents according to the changes of the peccant matter. If sanguine humour be responsible,309 digest the matter with borage and bugloss, by making a syrup of them, and with syrup of roses, in which is put black sanders and camphor; and take their flowers, and put them in a linen bag. If choler be responsible, digest the matter with syrup of borage, bugloss, violets, and nenuphar to which is added sanders, and roses and camphor, and take the flowers of these herbs [...]310 after


putting them into a bag. If phlegm be responsible, digest it by syrup of borage and bugloss, and by oximel of squills,311 in which is put nutmeg and marjoram; and let him smell312 an apple made of the sperm of the whale, and lignum aloes, and nutmeg. If melancholy be responsible, digest it with syrup of borage and bugloss, and syrup of fumitory, and with oximel of squills in which is lignum aloes, and cinnamon, and gariofil.