Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 26


I say that the heart endures serious disease often, that is, it suffers it a short time, but not for long, as do the other members, for the heart does not suffer a heavy illness, except from a slight cause.287 I say also, an imposthume can be on the heart, but it does not suffer it to be confirmed therein, for death comes without delay before the static period; and therefore, I say that pain seizes the heart for a time, but constant pain does not seize it; or it could be said that the heart suffers pain through ‘sympathy’ with the other members, and the union (?) therewith, and not from its own proper disease.288 It can be said that the heart does not contract an imposthume in its own substance, for if it did, its own function would be impeded, that is, life, and death would come. For Avicenna says, the heart contributes to every member, and does not receive from them.289