Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 19


There are three signs of the weakness called syncope, prognostica, demonstrativa and memorativa. These form the prognosis: trembling of the heart, the colour of the face changing to an unnatural hue, the pulse fluctuating to slowness, and cold of the extremities. These are the demonstrative symptoms of syncope: want of sensation and motion, and the hue of the face as of one dead. These are the symptoms as to memory: the things which recall and signify the internal and external causes already mentioned. If syncope come suddenly without external or internal cause, that is a sign then that it is caused by diseases proper to the heart itself, and this form is bad and is fatal.278 The patient should be asked if he feel density or rarity of the heart, or heat or cold, and the causes can be recognised therefrom. If it come from poison, it is recognised by a bad taste in the mouth, and by other symptoms of poison.279