Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 13


I reply secondly,263 that it is into the heart that life comes soonest of all the constant members, although not of the fluid members, such as the spirit and the humours, according to Averroes. Or else I say they could come together, that is


to say, that the heart is prior as regards sovereignty, and that the spirit is prior as instrument, and is the root of the instruments264 of the heart. If it be said that it is the work265 of nourishing that is first used (?), and therefore the liver is prior, I answer that the liver is (merely) the first to exercise (?) the first (i.e. primary) function, and not (first) by priority of universal dominance266 and dignity, for there the heart is prior, nevertheless as regards the priority of partial dominance,267 the liver, the brain and the testicles are prior; that is, they are principal as regards dominance and superiority of office. There are many principal members, such as the stomach, and the lungs, for Galen says there are seven principal members, according to the number of the seven planets.