Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 50


Item a laxative clyster is good for them, of oil of


violets or common oil, in order that the bowels may be kept relaxed, and if necessary give a little senna, as it is good for the sight. Item if fattening236 be desired, take pitch and soften it between your fingers beside the fire, and apply it to the sufferer after bathing, and change it often, the which draws the blood to the surface of the skin. The bath that is desired for fattening, should be taken after food, before the digestion is complete, unless the closing of the veins or an imposthume be feared. In that case, let them be rubbed with oil of roses or lilies, and again apply the pitch, and repeat often; otherwise let the body be slapped frequently with little rods,237 and apply a poultice of pitch; and it is right to do this in order to fatten the members that have gone to wasting: and both the bath and the emplaister should be local. Note that vinegar is not suitable for lean old men to take, nor any acid things, as they reduce flesh. In the same way winelees, which people take often as a laxative, and old people should only take a little, as they are but lights ready for extinguishing.238