Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 46


Regarding his first reason, when he says milk is cold, I say that there are two cold parts in milk and one hot; namely, the butter, which is more nutritive in that way, than when it is separated from it, for the whey helps it to penetrate; and the curd


stimulates the strength when it is not separated, though the danger is that it curdle in the stomach. If this be prevented, it is good, for it is hot as regards the butter, though the other two parts be cold. I say regarding the other two, that they can be saved from corruption by salt after it has been put into the body on digesting it well; for it is not good any other way. This is soon recognised by the weight, the contortions (?) and the like. With regard to the third reason, I say that there are not three substances actually present in milk, but only theoretically and potentially (i.e. in latency); and it is all the better for this, as the whey helps to penetrate before the butter, and clears the passage of urine and faeces; while the curd is present in latency225, and helps the weak members.