Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 39


Item in this sickness the following are good: maidenhair, mint, pollitricum, together with liquorice and mallow flowers, also roses along with the large, cold seeds, and sugar. Rub salt and vinegar to his veins and feet, and wash them with sally and vine leaves. A laxative clyster is good in hectic fever, of violet oil and salt. Rub violet oil round the midriff,


and soak a linen cloth in cold juices and lay it thereon. It is not meet to cool that part too much, lest it provoke the cough. Put lettuce, poppy and coriander in their food. Cold air, produced naturally or artificially, is useful here, and is all but sufficient cure. In all hectic fevers where a man cannot take food, it is good to give a clyster made of cullis of chickens and capons, together with beef-tea, as216 the attractive force draws away from the navel. This is clear in pregnancy; that is, it draws back (?) in the intestine called jejunum, for the clyster goes so far, and not beyond, except by violence.