Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: [unknown])

section 35


Item take barley or wheat, and boil it well in milk, or water, with many snails,204 and feed the hens thereon; in this way they are good for lean people, as they fatten them. Item fatten a capon on the flowers of a tree that bears fruit in the first month205 of summer; the which is good for sufferers from hectica. Item make small portions206 of figs, and give to the hens to fatten them. Piglings207 and flesh of kids roasted, can also be given in this sickness, on taking off the hard, outer parts (crackling) that are on them; and flesh of lambs and kids208 is good here; and I do not say to give meat to them, except that which has been mentioned hitherto.